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Chapter Directory 63 Bahuyoujie
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Yi Yi said, because the prince did not have to go to the palace for ‘have illness’, Yang Ling was able to sleep for a while. Chunyue's bright sunlight reflected through the window paper, and it was spreading on his quilt, the light was soft and bright.

     Youniang nestled in his arms like a kitten, sleeping soundly. A jet-black hair concealed half of her delicate face, and on her pretty and delicate face, long eyelashes with charming curved lines were quiet and slightly rhythmic.

     Her matte and delicate face is very attractive. Although the corners of her eyes and eyebrows still exude a kind of childishness and purity, they already have the smell of a new woman. Yang Ling looked at the little Nizi in her arms with pity, curled her arms gently to rest her head, not daring to move too much, for fear of awakening her.

     Yesterday, I told her that she didn’t need to wake up early to enter the palace. At this time, seeing her still sleeping peacefully, Yang Ling realized that these days came from getting up early and entering the palace and felt miserable, but she awakened herself every day. Every time she woke up, the food was done. Not only did she get up early, but she was always worried about these things in her heart and fell asleep, and her body must be more tired.

     Despite being tired, Youniang woke up after a while. She opened her eyes and saw that her husband was already awake. She spit out her tongue in embarrassment and said, "Oh, the grandfather is already awake? Really, my concubine has overslept."Yang Ling saw that she was about to get up in a panic, she stretched out her hand to hold her shoulders, smiled and said, "These two said, you got up too early, at night... you cleaned up and slept too much. Tonight, anyway, I don’t have to go so early today, so let’s take a break."

     When Youniang heard him talk about Fengyue, an imperceptible blush floated on his face. He glanced at him with shame and joy, then agreed, snuggled into his arms gently, and said coquettishly: "Well! I have been for these two days. I don't know what happened, especially today I feel that my bones are sour and soft, and I don't want to move. When I was at my parents' house, I had to get up and practice martial arts every day, but now I am getting lazy.

     Yang Ling heard her say that her body was sour and too lazy to move, hurriedly said: "Why? But got the wind?" While talking, she touched her forehead, her forehead was slightly wet, but it was cold and not hot.

     Youniang has always been strong and has never loved getting sick since he was a child, so he didn't go to his heart. It is said that these two sayings have just broken melons, and the acquaintance needs to ask too much. This is ashamed to say, so he laughed softly: My concubine has been practicing martial arts since he was a child, and she has been tough, and she is really going to catch a cold. I can go to the doctor to prescribe a few pills and take a few patches."Yang Ling touched her forehead and didn't have a fever, so she was relieved, and saw her lazy and melancholy beauty, full of bride-to-be style, that rare charm is very different from the past handsome childishness. Gradually, he pulled her closer, and said with a smile: "Come on, Xiang Gong will help Youniang get a massage to relieve fatigue."

     The hand in the quilt slipped into Youniang's little clothes irregularly, groped to her soft and delicate chest, and gently touched it, Han Youniang quietly whitened him, and a faint blush on his face.

     Youniang was silent, with a dizzy face, and Yang Ling fumbled in her arms. She felt uncomfortable after being touched by him for a while, but she felt tired, but an unspeakable tiredness made her not want to move. Gasping and groaning: "My husband, stop making trouble, didn't you say you have to go to the palace again? Get up quickly and gargle and dress, I'll cook for you."

     Seeing her ashamed, Yang Ling couldn't bear to push her, and kissed her lightly on the cheek, hehe smiled and said, "You can rest when you are tired, and you will just eat something casually on the road."

     Where is Youniang willing to support you, put on your clothes, and asked: "My husband, when I came back yesterday, Liu Biao asked you to go to Fusi in Beizhen. What do you do? Are you not with the prince now?"Yang Ling took advantage of her to get up, took a picture on her plump buttocks, and smiled: "But the official rank with the jinyiwei must be assigned a mission. Admiral Zhang is afraid that I will be flawless in handling official duties, so he temporarily gave me one. The idle messenger is responsible for the official documents of Nanzhen Fusi.

     Youniang swiftly pulled his hair, gave a soft "Oh", and asked with his face sideways: "Msang Gong, what does Nanzhen Fusi take care of?"

     Yang Ling said: "The Nanzhen Fusi is in charge of Weizhong's criminal names and military craftsmanship. The criminal names are those who convict people. Military craftsmen, such as the craftsmen of armor, ordnance, rockets, fire guns, and even warships and chariots. All belong to Nanzhen Fusi."

     The criminal name Yang Ling said is only responsible for the sentencing of those who committed crimes in Jinyiwei. Ordinary officials and generals who commit crimes are still under the jurisdiction of the Three Laws Department. Therefore, the scope of responsibility of Nanzhen Fusi is a bit like a small military court . As for the management of military craftsmen, it is of course a very important department if it is left in the modern era, but the management of these skilled workers in that era was nothing remarkable.

     Youniang naturally didn't understand this. Yang Ling finished breakfast and told Youniang to rest on the Kang if she felt uncomfortable. He carried a pre-prepared baggage and ran to the back door of the capital slowly.Shi-Chen (two hours) is still early, but shops are already open nearby here. At that time, the social status of business people was still very low, but the huge profits of doing business made people jealous. Therefore, some hereditary heroes Xunqing sent home stewards to open shops in the name of personal stewards near the imperial city Hougener. In fact, investment, operation, and profitability are all in their hands, and a bazaar selling mid-to-high-end products has spontaneously formed here.

     Yang Ling was in a tea shop near the harem gate, ordered a pot of tea, ordered a plate of melon seeds, and waited while drinking, and waited for half a Shi-Chen (two hours), only to see the palace gate open. A dozen eunuchs drove a few waterwheels out of the palace gate.

     The Inner Palace often went to Yuquan Mountain to collect high-quality spring water for the emperors and concubines to drink. Although it is usually set out before dawn, it is common to come out at this time, so the tourists and businessmen who bustling with activity don't care.

     Yang Ling took a closer look and saw that some of those eunuchs lowered their heads slightly glancing to left and right. One of the young eunuchs was standing by the tall wheel of the waterwheel, looking around with thirsty eyes, Yang Ling At a glance, he recognized that this person was Zhu Houzhao and hurriedly greeted him.Zhu Houzhao was wearing the clothes of a small eunuch and was looking in all directions, Yang Ling came up and pulled his sleeves, whispered: "Prince". Zhu Houzhao was taken aback. He looked up and saw him. He couldn't help but feel happy. Yang Ling hurriedly waved his hand to silence. Liu Jin was also standing beside Zhu Houzhao and smiled slightly when he saw Yang Ling.

     Yang Ling walked with them for a while with the baggage on his back and came to a furniture store. This store brought in high-quality wood from all over the country. It has hired many carpenters and can meet the requirements of high official and noble persons. It makes different styles of furniture, so there is an aisle next to the shop, where you go into your own wood products factory.

     Yang Ling pulled Zhu Houzhao, Zhu Houzhao knew it, and when the people were not paying attention, he followed Yang Ling and turned around. Yang Ling took two steps and saw that there was no one in the surroundings. Then he stopped and turned around to talk. , When he saw the person following Zhu Houzhao, his eyes were straight, and he was surprised: "What...what...all father-in-laws are here?"

     It was agreed yesterday that Liu Jin and Zhang Yong accompany Zhu Houzhao to take the opportunity to leave the palace with a water truck. Gu Dayong and Ma Yongcheng used to cover up in the East Palace. Gao Feng, Luo Xiang, Wei Bin, Qiu Ju did not And make.Because these eight tigers are not all old people, some are young eunuchs in their early 20s. If they are too conspicuous to follow, secondly, they are afraid that Zhu Houzhao will be caused by them. Zhang Yong and Liu Jin are mature and serious, and the other has a deep scheming. They came to take care of them. It was relatively safe. Unexpectedly, at this moment, the eight people did not pull out, and all of them came out of the palace.

     Wei Bin was surprised when he saw Yang Ling, he hehe smiled and said, "Don’t worry, Yang Xianggong, the emperor just visited the prince last night. Besides, there is a military emergency report to enter the palace today. When the Shangshumen are discussing matters, they have to visit the Chunwei examination room with people from the Ministry of Rites and the Ministry of Households.

     Yang Ling gave a wry smile, he understood that these people would not let it go when they saw the opportunity to please the prince. Yang Ling had no choice but to say: "Several father-in-laws said that too, but... the official didn't know beforehand, so he only prepared three sets of clothes...".

     Qiu Ju hurriedly said: "It's okay, we all have our own clothes." He looked around and saw that there were only occasional people passing by at the intersection, and he didn’t pay much attention to it. He hurriedly took off the eunuch’s robe and took off his hat. He wore an ordinary scholar’s clothes and a scholar scarf on his head. It's fast. He was originally an eunuch, lacking masculinity, and wearing this suit, although his skin was a little darker, he really looked like a scholar with inactive limbs.Zhu Houzhao, Liu Jin, and Zhang Yong were not so long-winded because they had Yang Ling prepared their clothes. The others changed their clothes and stood in front of them. The three also hurriedly changed their robes. The uniform of literati dress. Fortunately, at the time of the Spring Festival, the scholars from all over the country gathered together to gather the capital, and the whole city of Yanjing was full of scholars, and it would not be suspicious.

     Yang Ling asked: "Prince, shall we go to the Ministry of War now?"

     Zhu Houzhao went out of the palace, like a bird leaving the cage. In the old days, when he went out of the palace, his father occasionally took him under the protection of many guards. Don't go to some scenic places with no sign of human habitation. When he came out, he was like a countryman entering the city. It was fresh everywhere. If he went to the Ministry of War now and wanted to go to other places to play, it would definitely be useless. He would not go now, so he waved his hand and said: "No Busy, not busy, let's shop around first."

     Yang Ling had no choice but to accompany him around in the market. Zhu Houzhao saw that many things sold on the market could not be seen in the palace, so he liked it very much. This little guy Wu has a nice surname. Seeing other people bargaining, he is so dim and missing. He can't help but feel itchy for a while. When he sees things he likes, he can't help asking the price, and then learns to talk about the price.Although he doesn't understand the price, most of the Eight Tigers are familiar with them. Zhu Houzhao didn't take it as a fool with them. Yongcheng was in charge of daily shopping in the palace. Although he was not the chief eunuch, the silver in his hand was enough to spend. To please the prince, as long as Zhu Houzhao talked about the price, he immediately paid for it.

     A few people strolled in the market of Huangchenggen for less than one Shi-Chen (two hours). Eight eunuchs were connected to Yang Ling. Everyone carried something on their shoulders and carried everything on their shoulders, even Zhu Houzhao himself. He slung a roll of silk, two bags of tea leaves in his right hand, three sets of pearls hung around his neck, and a large beautifully shaped porcelain plate with lotus goldfish embedded in his left hand, which seemed indescribable.

     Although those merchants are humble, they are all sent by big families to be in charge. They have seen a lot of people in the world. Look at these people with the virtuous surnames of the nouveau riche. They thought they were rich people from the countryside. They earned them money and paid for them. It is inevitable to show some contempt.

     Zhu Houzhao had a good time. As for their faces, he didn't bother to pay attention. He was tired of shopping at the market, and he felt that the things he had just bought were too obstructive. Looking back, Liu Jin and Yang Ling looked even more embarrassed than him, and Zhu Houzhao burst into laughter.He thought about these eight people who were waiting in the palace, and there were no relatives in Jingli, so he said to Yang Ling, "I am very happy to have fun today. I wanted to walk on the street again, just carrying these things. It’s too inconvenient. Didn’t you just come to the capital? These things are right as our gifts to you. Let’s go to the street to get a car, let’s deliver the things to your house, and then go shopping.”

     Yang Ling was overjoyed when she heard that, but she didn't expect to have a windfall with the prince shopping. Zhu Houzhao buys things based on personal favorites, regardless of the price, so these things are all kinds of things, the more suitable ones are only worth more than 20 wen, but the expensive ones are worth more than 300 taels. The few people carry these things together. There are thousands of them, and among them there are things like rouge mirrors. I take them home and go shopping for Youniang to save time.

     He was happy in his heart, and he was polite in his mouth, and quickly humbly said: "Prince prince, this is not appropriate. These are all things you like. Even if you want to reward the ministers, the eight father-in-laws should be worthy of everyone."

     Zhu Houzhao heard a smile and cursed: "Don't get rid of it, they eat from the palace, take the palace, and they don't even have a home. What use are these things given to them? Go hire a car."

     Zhang Yong also said with a bitter face: "Yang Xianggong, don't refuse, my body can hardly stand it anymore, alas, this jar didn't feel so heavy just now, now it can't slip away anymore."Luo Xiang, Wei Bin, and Qiu Ju nodded repeatedly. Although they were all slaves at their orders, they hadn't done much work. They were tired and exhausted after carrying the things for a long time, and they didn't dare to buy the things the Prince bought. Throw it away, and now I just hope to get rid of these things quickly. As for whom to give, it doesn't matter.

     Therefore, Yang Ling and Zhu Houzhao stood shoulder to shoulder and squeezed the crowd to the street. Due to the large number of people, these eunuchs were afraid that Zhengde would lose, and they were used to guarding them in four fronts and four backs, with their waists slightly bent, looking like they were waiting for a childe to go out.

     But their dressing is also like a scholar, and it seems a bit weird to be seen. Unconsciously, the group of people lined up in two columns, carrying everything in disorder, and went to the bottom of Yang Ling's home.

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