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Chapter Directory 107 Talk About The Feast
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Yang Ling has never brought soldiers. Fortunately, all the generals under him climbed up veteran of a hundred battles. Yang Ling just taught them the theory of know one and understand half and integrated them into their combat experience.

     Since there are only five hundred pro-army members left, he can barely deal with it with his abilities. Yang Ling did not train the five hundred pro-army members according to the method of soldiers, but the method of training officers.

     There are many of these people with high military quality. Once taught by the generals and boldly supported by Yang Ling, attacks, defenses, retreats, ambushes, detours, internal lines to external lines, and outflanks are all tactical and tactical. Looks like it.

     However, at Zhengde Emperor's age, he can't understand so much for the time being. In his eyes, he can't wait to fight the enemy himself with a sword. It's fun. Now Yang Ling's army is a firearm, Yang Ling dare not let him take risks. However, Zhengde fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms, who had never seen this scene before the rumble of gunfire and bursts of gunfire, couldn’t help but said: “I will perform martial arts in the ban after I get married. The firearms are too sharp. When the time comes, the swordsmen and spearmen will be deployed, and you will fight with me."Yang Ling replied vaguely, letting this energetic little emperor practice martial arts and military training may not be a bad thing. At the beginning, there may be a lot of squabbling elements. If he deliberately defeated him several times, according to the surname of the little emperor who refused to admit defeat, he would definitely study the book of war.

     Yang Ling thought of these divergent thoughts in her heart, but the banquet was pressed in her heart, and now she was not in the mood to think so much. Let me attend the banquet? What am I talking about? If you know what the world will look like five hundred years from now, would you dare to stand on the Tsinghua platform and gesticulate while talking to the professors?

     Yang Ling was so sad, until the Zhengde Emperor sent away the happy Zhengde Emperor with a smile, Yang Ling frowned and returned to the mansion. Entering the garden of the Houyuan, the two maidservants saw the master coming back, and hurriedly stepped forward to meet. Yang Ling nodded without thinking, looked around, and asked, "Where is the lady?"

     The maid, Gao Wenlan, was originally the nephew of Gao’s family. Yang Ling couldn’t bear to let her do some rough work. She stayed in the inner courtyard and became the maid-in-chief. I went to the garden to pick vegetables and will be back soon."Han Youniang can’t stay free. There is a large vacant lot in the backyard of the Gaojia’s inner garden. Youniang looked at it as a pity. She opened up more than an acre of land and planted many fresh dishes. At the beginning, she only dared to gesticulate while talking. , not to question, quite indulgent, so I changed into rough clothes and went to battle in person.

     She is more proficient in farming work than the girl in this mansion. With her careful attention, the vegetables in the field are grown very well. The fresh vegetables used in the mansion are grown by her own every day.

     Yang Ling groaned, walked into the inner study and sat on the chair, looking at the glittering jewels to delight the eye of the thread-bound book on the shelf, suddenly thinking that when Wei Xiaobao was about to enter the palace, Chen Jinnan asked him for the two thick stacks of martial arts secrets. , Yang Ling couldn't help laughing wryly.

     A blue shadow flashed at the door, and there seemed to be a figure passing by lightly, Yang Ling did not notice. Immediately after that, the person flashed back, and said in surprise: "Master is back?"

     Yang Ling looked up and saw that the beautiful maidservant in Tsing Yi was Yu Tangchun standing at the door. She seemed to have just dried her clothes, with her sleeves half rolled, revealing two white jade wrists like snow lotus roots. Fendai, but still beautiful to make people dazzled.

     She saw Yang Ling's armor unremoved, and there was no joy on her face. She greeted him eagerly, "Master, what's wrong with you?"How can Yang Ling say that he is going to the examination room, is this scared? He hurriedly smiled reluctantly: "Well, no, I just went to the mountain to accompany the emperor to play soldiers, and I was a little tired."

     Yu Tangchun was relieved. He couldn't help but smile, and walked lightly: "The master is in good shape, so he wore such a heavy armor to go up the mountain, no wonder." Yang Ling should have changed his armor while returning to the camp, just because he thought Something happened, and after sending Zhengde away, I was closer to the house, so I came back directly.

     Yu Tangchun said: "Master, let the maid let you relax and take a break." Yang Ling stood up, frowning and said: "I said you don't need to call yourself a maid, why do you still say that?"

     Yu Tangchun untied his armour and tied the silk ribbon for him. After hearing that his pretty face blushed for no reason, he lowered his eyes shyly and said, "The maidservant hasn't yet the emperor's wedding."

     This Nizi was ashamed to say directly, and turned to the emperor's wedding. Anyway, everyone now knows that the emperor's wedding is Yang Ling's wedding. Yang Ling couldn't say anything after hearing the shame.

     His armor is well-made, not only exquisite and handsome, but also very heavy. The middle part of the book case is full of books. Yu Tangchun folded it up on tiptoe and wanted to put the armor on the high grid, but he couldn't pass it up, so he squatted. Place the lower body underneath.Yang Ling looked at her back, curvy and charming, wearing a close-fitting blue-shirt maid's clothes, this squat, her buttocks are round and round, like the lines drawn by compasses, the lines are indescribable, and her heart can't help but jump. Turned his eyes, sat back in the chair and picked up the book at random to read.

     Suddenly his shoulders sank, Yang Ling turned his head, and saw two slender palms on his shoulders gently massaging his shoulders. Yang Ling remembered the fate of Su Sanguai, who was destined to fall into the dust in the original life source. Marrying a businessman as a concubine, experiencing a prison disaster, and finally marrying Wang Jinglong, as to whether she will be happy after becoming the third concubine of Wang, then I don’t know. Anyway, the story ends successfully.

     What about now? This well-behaved and beautiful woman came to herself due to an unexpected turn of events. Wang Jinglong went to Tai Ling instead, what is her fate? Who will live in the future?

     Yang Ling suddenly held her hand and asked softly: "Su San, how old are you this year?"

     Yu Tangchun was pressed by the back of his hand, and he couldn't help but blush and replied: "I was only 7 years old when I bought a balance of gold. Now my maidservant is 15 years old."

     "Fifteen", Yang Ling's heart moved and asked: "Do you remember your family? See you again if you have a chance."

     Yu Tangchun quickly said, "The maidservant has no family!"Yang Ling couldn't help being dumb. Then she remembered that she had been sold to the hospital by her parents for a few hundred yuan. She was seven years old at that time, how could she not remember? If there is no hatred in my heart, how can it be possible?

     Yu Tangchun's body got closer, and said in a low voice: "The maidservant was born in a cold, and fell into the dust. I forgot how he came and where he was going. Since entering the door of the Yang Family, I met the master and the maid, the maid. My son is like a fairyland in the sky, happier day by day, and now the Yang Family is my home, and you and your wife are my relatives."

     As she approached, Yang Ling suddenly felt a strange feeling on her shoulders with only a thin robe. It was so rich and soft, yet soft and beautiful. Yang Ling immediately realized that it was her sex, his The heart couldn't help but pounding, and the tactile nerves all over his body seemed to be concentrated on the right shoulder.

     Ziyi felt the wonderful feeling of sex, soft, with a surname. She was only fifteen years old. Is it possible that the stunner matured so early?

     It seems to be getting hotter, and the clown outside the window is so annoying, why is there no wind at all?

     Yu Tangchun said that she was emotional, and she said unconsciously: "Sister Youniang told us your concerns, sir, you are willing to think so long for us. Xue'er and I don’t know how grateful we are. We have never been seen by others. Looks, who would think so for us?"Yang Ling felt a cold on the back of his palm, and the crystal tears had fallen: "Life is like a dream, Yu'er only hopes that she has suffered for so long and can have a beautiful dream. The length of the dream, who will I know how to care about it. Don’t you know that when Jinfengyulu meets, you will win but there are countless people? How can the master have such a strange idea, you don’t know... Don’t you know that Yuer’s heart was given to you long ago?"

     I can hear a jade who is delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade whispering in my ear, who can have a heart as hard as a stone? Yang Ling temporarily put aside the annoying secret in my heart, just wanted to turn around to comfort her, but with only a movement of his shoulder, Yu Tangchun had already realized that he was cuddling too warmly, and could not help but let out a soft cry and bounced away. Body.

     Yang Ling turned his head and saw this beautiful woman who was famous in history. She looked at him affectionately with tears in her eyes, but her rosy and shy cheeks were filled with a sweet smile that seemed to come out of honey, a gentle and graceful look. appearance.

     A wave of pride suddenly rose in Yang Ling's heart: This beauty that has been passed down through the ages can be conquered by me, what am I afraid of? Is this banquet so terrible that I can't conquer a few old people?

     He stood up abruptly and grabbed Sister Yu's hands. As soon as Yu Tangchun's hand was clenched by him, his eyes suddenly became fascinated as if the water was coming out, and the little red mouth was also half open and half closed, and his body was soft.I saw Yang Ling grabbed her pair of catkins and said affectionately: "Yu'er".

     Yu Tangchun's heart was beating, and it took a long time before he moaned in his throat: "Huh? Old master"

     "Go, help me find all the history books, sir, I am going to study all night today!" Yang Ling said with high morale.

     Yu Tangchun: ""

     ************************************************** ***************************************** The banquet finally reopened.

     The heavens play hard advice, so the Hanlin bachelors and the inspectors who wrote the blood book flick dust off sb's cap, elated and excited: How can an emperor who does not open a banquet be considered a good emperor? Now that the gods and Buddhas in the sky are influenced by their spirit, the emperor finally returned to the right path of Mingjun.

     However, the news that Yang Ling, a member of Shenjiying, was also going to participate in the banquet stunned them again. Jingyan is a place where hundreds of civil and military officials preach to the emperor. Great Ming never stipulated that military commanders could not participate in the banquet, but there was never a military commander who took the initiative to participate in the banquet. Yang Ling is a Confucian general, but that knowledge is not enough Are you qualified to show your skills at the banquet?

     If the emperor wants to give him military power, he must be pampered and reused, that would be tolerated. This banquet is a sacred place for civil servants. Is it also for people like him? This is the most serious provocation!The Zhengde Emperor reopened the first sutra banquet, so it has attracted much attention.

     The imperial court, the inspectorate, and the James Mansion, including the Chinese officials of the DPRK, are just like when they entered Beijing to rush for the exam. Quoting the classics, staying up all night, a piece of text was deliberated and deliberated, deleted and deleted, and finally written brightly colored Decorations, the back of the ripe as a melon that rolls from its vine, must amaze the world with a single brilliant feat, let Yang Ling head and face filthy with grime.

     In the Palace of Wenhua, Shi-Chen (two hours) was full of officials before Shi-Chen (two hours). It was even more lively than it was in the previous dynasty. Anyway, Zhengde Emperor opened the Chinchilla. Today is the banquet. All civil and military officials can participate. Also came to watch the excitement.

     The banquet is reopened today, and the three cabinet bachelors also attach great importance to it. Liu Jian, Xie Qian, and Li Dongyang are appointed as the faculty members of the same knowledge. All were present, the lecturer was Yang Tinghe, a scholar from Zhan Shifu, and the exhibitor was Lun Wenxu, an academician of Hanlin.

     This pomp was unprecedentedly luxurious. The chief eunuch Wang Yue personally led the two chief eunuchs and eight small yellow gates, and held the Jingshi Ziji to set up royal cases and lectures. When he arrived at the Wenhua Palace, he saw many military generals, and also the old Wang Yue. Shocked. He has served four generations of emperors, and he has never seen so many generals who come to participate in the banquet. It is said that there are many generals who only write their own names. What are they coming to join in the fun?Although Wang Yue is a high-ranking person, the head of the inner minister, he controls the East Factory and the West Factory, but he is loyal and devoted and has no ambition. Although Dai Yi is his favorite person, he heard that Dai Yi concealed the first emperor. Wang Yue’s grief and anger were not under the Zhengde Emperor because of the water seepage in the mausoleum. Therefore, the chief eunuch was sent to jail. Wang Yue never heard, not to question, always staying out of the matter. Because of his attitude, he had a friendship with Dai Yi Fan Ting of the East Factory didn't dare to act blindly without thinking, so that Zhang Xiu was also afraid of the head, terrified of the tail to save Yang Ling.

     Now that Dai Yi is released from prison, he has secretly held a grudge against Wang Yue watch with folded arms, but even though this old Wang Yue is the spy chief, he is very honest, without even noticing it.

     The Palace of Wenhua was originally the world of civil officials, but the number of military commanders in Beijing today is not less than that of civil officials. It is indeed the first time since the founding of Great Ming. Therefore, the civil and military officials follow the rules of the previous dynasty. The left temple stands for civil officials and the right temple stands for military officials. , The head of civil servants is respected by Liu Jian. Although the military commander ranks Liu Daxia first, but the small third-rank ginseng general Yang Ling stands in front of the hall, regardless of his rank, the generals faintly retreat half a step, and all the stars cup themselves around the moon like hug in front.Excited! Long face! Today, the general can finally straighten his back and enter the Wenhua Palace. As for the knowledge of General Yang Shen, don’t think that these generals are illiterate and lack the heart. I have inquired about him in advance. How about Yang Tinghe, a prodigy and talented scholar, has praised him. Isn’t that bad?

     Yang Ling stood there with his scalp, making up his mind to say more than less, and resolutely not to say what he didn't understand, and just talk nonsense when he caught the opportunity. To talk about the Zishi Dianji, it doesn't even enter a single aperture, except for knowing that "three people must have my teacher", and I can’t recite a few words. You can’t fight, talk about the head office of Dashan. Right?

     That's why Yang Ling is dressed in armor and handsome, his feet are not only standing on the ground, his eyes seem to be closed, and his expression is as calm as water. If he is worthy of a big beard, he will not even look at him and think who will give the statue of Emperor Guan. Brought it up.

     The internal officer Liu Jin and others were so embarrassed by Yang Ling's recount of foreign experience. It was true that he had learned Chinese and Western knowledge and knew everything, so he came up with such a bad idea. Zhengde Emperor listened blindly, and once listened to the banquet. When the time came, it was the first time to become exhilarated to attend a class in the Temple on Earth.Zhengde Emperor ascended to the hall and was promoted. After the three bows and nine percussions of the hundred officials, the guards with swords carried the lecture to Zhengde's Long Shuan. The official Hongyu gave a lecture. Lun Wenxu and Yang Tinghe gave the first sutra banquet because of Zhengde Emperor. As a lecturer, I didn't have a long story. I just talked about the significance of the Hongwu Emperor's opening of the banquet and the emperor's learning from the Confucian classics with a hundred officials.

     Yang Shousui, the new minister of the Ministry of Industry, immediately went out to class and talked about the Four Books and the Five Classics. His remarks were drawn up a long time ago. When he said, quote the classics, circulate and frustrate. With big bull eyes waiting to see all the generals at war, they yawned, and even Zhengde Emperor's eyes straightened.

     Finally, Yang Shousui's fatigue bombardment stopped, and another veteran Xinyang talented Wang Hua came up. Wang Hua used to connect Zhongjieyuan, Huiyuan, and Tanhua, and almost even reached Sanyuan. That knowledge is nothing to say.

     Mr. Wang also memorized Yu Yong after the poor, an eight-legged essay unceasing torrent, and even Yang Ling, who pricked his ears, wanted to find something out of it, was tired.Yang Ling could not help but sighed secretly: these people [zhi1], 愛[hu1], 者[zhe3] and also [ye3] (four grammatical particles of Classical Chinese), they talked about moral articles, and occasionally touched reality. Thousands of years ago, the world pattern and power distribution faced by the saints are very different from those of today. It is meaningless to make a mechanical feast. The so-called banquet is really boring, and it’s hard to be a child of the old Zhu family. How can you bear it for so many years?

     After Wang Hua finished speaking, Yang Fang went into battle bare-breasted again. His son Yang Lin and Wang Jinglong framed Yang Ling. Although there were three scholars who pleaded with him, he said that his son would never change things, be greedy for vanity, and followed him up. Zhengde didn't punish him, but ordered to slap Yang Fang severely.

     Who doesn't believe in his son? What's more, Yang Fang originally thought that Yang Ling was flattering, he was a villain without learning or skills. Yang Fang coldly glanced at Yang Ling who stood upright and not to glance sideways, twisted his two sloppy eyebrows, and said loudly "Just now Lord Yang and Lord Wang talked about the Four Books, Five Classics, and the Way of Saints. After the scriptures are finished, the ministers will come to talk about history.”

     "Your Majesty, since ancient times, emperors ruled the world with morality and education, and used civil and military as arms to govern the people. Therefore, if you choose to be capable and close to the virtuous, you will become a holy monarch. Pleasure, neglect of political affairs, leading to the villain in power and government [***].The emperor Ling of the former Han Dynasty favored the ten permanent servants, Emperor Wu of Liang was superstitious in Buddhism, and Huizong of Song Dynasty favored Tong Guan and Cai Jing, and was indulged in amusement. , The admiral rebels, leading to the death of the country, this is regarded as the ring of the posterity! "

     The Zhengde Emperor yawned and said in a godless eyes: "I don't open the banquet, you cry and open the banquet, I opened the banquet, is it about these so-called history?"

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