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Chapter Directory 223 Cousin
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

The stalls in the factory are very acquainted. Today, the factory supervisor has just returned home. They listened to Liu Biao and Wu Hanchao's report. They were relieved when they knew everything was safe for the adults. No one came to bother them.

     Yang Ling's family had a reunion dinner in the warm spring-like warm pavilion. The three wives and concubines looked forward to their husband's return, and saw Tang Yixian who had been missing for a long time, and they were full of joy.

     In the hall, the five beauties have thick hair like ink, scent of snow muscle, beautiful and full of beauty, each is good at fragrant, warms the heart and delights the eye.

     Yang Ling sits in the center. After bathing and changing clothes, he is full of vitality. Yuer and Xue'er persuaded him not to drink, but Gao Wenxin and Tang Yixian held cups to persuade him, but he couldn’t save his face. After drinking water and wine, Yang Ling's handsome face was slightly flushed, and Youniang was still distressed and snatched Yixian (an immortal)'s cup with resentment, and Yang Ling was able to get rid of the powerful lethality of beauty and wine.

     After the meal, Yang Ling drank a cup of rock sugar and white fungus bird's nest soup. The maid served the green and fragrant West Lake Longjing, Yang Ling leaned on a brocade cushion, drinking tea and chatting with a few beauties about their trip to Datong story.Tang Yixian also interrupted and laughed occasionally. When talking about the ventriloquist in the'Xinshenglou' to seduce Wang Long, Yu Tangchun and Xue Limei remembered this little girl living in Datong as slaves and servants. They felt sorry for them, and sat next to her. The sweets and candied fruit kept stuffing into her mouth, just trying to do everything to make up for her suffering in the divorce.

     Tang Yixian didn’t know it, but when he remembered that he had hooked Wang Long, he fell in love with Huang Xiaowei and insisted on buying him as a child. Thinking of Zhengde’s stinky expression at the time, Tang Yixian couldn’t help but feel happy. , Puffed his cheeks and laughed out loud.

     Gao Wenxin looked at the warm and happy scene of Yang Ling's family, and his heart was slightly sour. They are still 15-16 year old girls who are just like buds, but there are people who love and love, and they have been two years old. But she is alone, lonely and cold.

     If he said he had no intention of himself, but during the trip to the south of the Yangtze River, his affection for himself did not seem to be false. If this is not the case, even if I admire him again in my heart, how can I open my heart to him as a slave at the beginning?

     But this enemy is so hard-hearted, he knew it so long ago, it was better than a shot.

     At this thought, Gao Wenxin could not help but blushed quietly.Han Youniang was whispering to Xianggong, talking about the funny thing after the farewell: the pepper in the warm cellar has already seen red, Xue Limei thought it was delicious, so she picked one and threw it into her mouth, so hot with tears. As a result, the ripe tomatoes are as bright as agate. Seeing how lovely it is, Xue'er love sth too much to part with it, I moved a pot back to my room, but I didn't dare to taste the taste anymore.

     Yang Ling heard it funny, and said smoothly: "Silly girl, didn't the grandfather tell you that the tomatoes are rich in nutrition and delicious? If you eat one, Xue'er won't be afraid?"

     Han Youniang looked at Xianggong tenderly with a pair of lacquer eyes, and said softly: "The fruit is just ripe, not afraid of spoiling. Youniang wants to wait for Xianggong to come back and taste it together."

     Yang Ling listened to feel a rush of excitement. Today’s Youniang brocade garments, jade meals, grace and temperament are no longer the immature and innocent girl in the past, but her love and attachment to herself are still shared by the cockroach. Han Youniang with a bowl of rice.

     Yang Ling couldn't help holding her hand gently, and the two stopped talking, only smiling at each other.

     Gao Wenxin saw it and felt bitter. She didn't want to see the love again, so she leaned forward and said, "Little Sister Youniang, my lord has just returned to the house today. I have been tired all the way. You should rest earlier. I will go back.""Sister is leaving?" Han Youniang stood up with Xue'er and Xue'er. Tang Yixian smiled and jumped out and said: "Where does Elder Sister Gao live? Do you want my little girl to send you?"

     Yu Tangchun pulled her back, three pairs of beautiful eyes glanced at Yang Ling, Yang Ling coughed, got up and said, "It's getting late, I'll send it off, Xian'er wants to go to Elder Sister Go play at Gao's house, and it won’t be too late to visit tomorrow."

     Yang Ling was in the front, Gao Wenxin avoided the second half step, and the two silently left the warm pavilion and walked to the backyard.

     Today, when Yang Ling is back to the house, the courtyard is decorated with lanterns and colored banners, shining brightly like day. After walking for a while, Yang Ling sighed as if listening to the breeze. Gao Wenxin stopped and said quietly: "My lord is tired all the way, Wenxin dare not have any work to send me away, please come back."

     As he said, he walked forward and gave a graceful ceremony, his eyes drooping, and he turned and walked deep into the backyard.

     Yang Ling was startled and blurted out: "Wenxin, are you angry with me?"

     Gao Wenxin stopped and turned around. The pearl satin skirt shook off its hem, revealing a pair of slender legs wrapped in snow white silk trousers. His knees were straight, which was unspeakably beautiful.

     "How dare I? Where do you come from?" Gao Wenxin raised his eyebrows, and the snow-white jade rose slightly.Yang Ling laughed softly: "Silly girl, I can't tell if you are angry or not? But I can't guess that this is just coming back. Why are you so worried?"

     Gao Wenxin felt sour, and her eyes suddenly became dim. Yang Ling panicked, and hurriedly took two steps to ask: "What's wrong? But when I was not in Beijing, someone bullied you? Ah! Is it Li enumerate man again? Come to trouble you?"

     Gao Wenxin glanced at him with tears, sniffed, and suddenly said, "No, I'm just thinking, it's March."

     Yang Ling nodded in surprise: "Yes, what's the matter then?"

     Gao Wenxin smiled narrowly before his tears were dry, and his smile was indescribably charming: "That's still seven months away! The concubine remembered the majestic uncle and the chief admiral of the factory, after another seven. I have to cover my head and sit in a sedan chair in the first few months.

     "Huh?" Yang Ling remembered a joke, did Wenxin take it seriously?

     Seeing him, Gao Wenxin seemed to be relieved, her body twisted, her slender waist and long legs were staggered, and she went away.Yang Ling stood there for a while before returning to Nuan Pavilion with a wry smile. The family chatted for a while. The night was getting dark. Yang Ling took Youniang and went back to the room. Han Youniang took off his robe and sat on the edge of the bed in tulle trousers. She loosened her hair, took off her stockings and embroidered shoes. Two white and greasy little feet were exposed in her trousers, and her appearance was pure and lovely in her soft and charming appearance.

     Yang Ling felt hot in her heart, walked over to embrace her and kissed her gently on the cheek, and smiled: "My Youniang is so cute, the grandfather can't wait to swallow it with saliva."

     Han Youniang only wore a moon white coat, wrapped in a pair of exquisite and plump little jade rabbits on his chest. The skin on his chest and neck was extremely smooth, and even his round shoulders were fleshy.

     She was dizzy by the affectionate words of her father-in-law, and her pretty face suddenly turned red. Yang Ling saw two pots of persimmons with many branches and leaves on the windowsill, and clusters of crystal clear red fruits were hidden between the green leaves. She couldn't help but surprised and said: "Really mature? That's it, that's it."

     He walked over and picked one off, washed it in a copper basin, and wiped it dry with a silk handkerchief. Then he walked back to the bed and sat opposite Han Youniang. The bright red fruit under the candle light was moist and lovely. It was very touching. Yang Ling sniffed After sniffing the smell, he handed it to Youniang's lips and said happily: "Come on, you taste it, it tastes beautiful".Han Youniang pursed her lips and shook her head, Yan Ran said, "Take a mouthful, Youniang," she said, her eyes shining with weird shame.

     Yang Ling smiled slightly: "This little guy also understands fun." He opened his mouth and took a bite of the flesh, then gently leaned towards Youniang. Han Youniang didn't move, his chest was rising and falling, and Rich's lips opened and closed slightly.

     The lips were touching, they were cool, sweet and greasy. Yang Ling didn't want to use any romantic means, so he touched gently. After a while, the tip of the tongue gently pushed the lips of Youniang away, and the juice and The pulp flew over gently.

     Han Youniang closed his eyes and screamed, and the trembling breath was so greasy, Yang Ling removed his lips, and saw Youniang spit out a small tongue and gently moistened her bright cherry lips, licking off a drop of juice, that action Mei De resemble nature itself.

     Yang Ling looked stunned for a while, leaned over, licked her lips, and then rubbed against her slippery neck for a while, licking her sensitive ears, breathing quickly, and Youniang's body temperature gradually rose. When she is tall, she trembles softly: "Msang, my family can't serve you now."

     Yang Ling woke up, he overcame his own impulse, hehe smiled and said, "Msang-gong is just to make friends with you. Come on, your body can bear it, let's rest early."Being physically close to each other, Han Youniang has noticed the changes in his body. She glanced at Xiang Gong apologetically and said in a low voice: "Xiang Gong, you have been out for so long. Yu'er and Xue'er are as deeply worried as me. When you come back, the grandfather must not favor one another, and the concubine cannot serve her husband. The grandfather should sleep with them tonight."

     Yang Ling’s lust was really provoked by Youniang, but he was afraid that Youniang was too worried, so he hesitated and shook his head: "I’m back this time, I will definitely not have the opportunity to leave the capital for a while. Come to Japan, Fangchang, we husband and wife I don’t see you too many times, and I’ll just talk in the long night.”

     Han Youniang smiled "hee" and covered his lips mischievously: "Since I know that Fangchang is here, why bother to let the two sisters blame me for occupying the elder sister? Does the wiser still want people to use the method that is not female? "

     Yang Ling's face blushed when she heard the old things, Han Youniang smiled and said: "If the family lives in harmony all affairs will prosper, the two sisters' affection for you is no less than that of Youniang, Youniang is pregnant. There is no movement in their stomachs, no words are spoken, and their hearts are empty. Come on, please go."

     Yang Ling nodded, ate the persimmons with Youniang, coughed, served her to lie down, chatted with her by the pillow, and felt sleepy, then put down the curtain cage for her, blew out the candlelight, and walked quietly Came out.Yang Ling came to the right yard, saw Xue Limei's door half open, and a ray of light appeared in the room, so he walked over, opened the door and saw that the maid Yuner was about to come out with the bucket. Busy to see her, Yang Ling hurriedly pointed her lips to stop her, and then whispered: "Xue'er just took a shower?"

     Yuner said "Yes," "Yes, Madam just took a shower."

     Yang Ling smiled and waved his hand: "Go ahead and cover the door for me".

     Yun'er blushed, nodded shyly, walked out quietly on tiptoe, and gently closed the door. Yang Ling entered the inner room, and saw a slender shadow behind the screen next to the bed, wearing clothes.

     Yang Ling admires Xue'er's figure through the glass screen. She is slender and curvy. She has a lace-up dress, and when she is bent over, her little cute buttocks are arched, sticking very close to the screen, which is spherical. The buttocks are indescribably moving.

     Yang Ling couldn't help but laughed and said, "Don't wear boots, you will have to take them off later."

     There was an exclamation from behind the screen, and then Xue Limei came out with an incredibly joyful expression, calling out: "Master, why are you here?"

     Yang Ling saw that Xue Limei was only wearing obscene trousers, the almost transparent soft Luo Yi was close to her body, revealing the delicate flesh of the skin, her neckline was not buttoned, the delicate collarbone and the smooth chest skin, water drops Crystal clear.Further down, a pair of moist and moist small breasts, the crescent-white dress ups and downs, although not very plump, but faintly squeezed out a soft white cleavage, you can see him feel a rush of excitement.

     Xue Limei didn't expect the master to come to sleep in her room tonight. She was pleasantly surprised. She moved to Jindun and said, "Master, please sit down. Wait until the concubine cleans up and changes clothes before serving the master to sleep."

     Yang Ling pulled her arm and screamed her tenderly. The little buttocks sat on his lap. Yang Ling played with the smooth, soft and sweet breasts on her chest and chuckled softly. : "Let's take care of it, tomorrow will be cleaned up."

     At this moment, the door opened with a "bang", and a girl said in a cheerful voice: "Sister-in-law Xue'er, I'm coming!"

     Yang Ling dumbstruck watched Tang Yixian standing at the door holding a pillow, with one hand still in Xue Limei's bra. After a long time, Tang Yixian yelled "Yeah", turned and ran out while running. Jiao said: "Cousin Merry, the door is not closed, it will cause people to have needles."

     The door closed again with a "bang", and Yang Ling was stunned for a while, before not to know whether to laugh or cry, authentically: "Why did this girl run in?"

     Xue Limei bit her lip and laughed, then stood up and said: "People thought that the master would not come tonight, because I hadn't seen Xian'er for a long time, and I had asked her to come to sleep with him. Who would have expected it?"Yang Ling slapped her sturdy butt violently, and said grotesquely: "It's just that you'll be the one to blame. Thanks to her coming early, and coming a moment later, I really have no face to see people."

     Xue Limei laughed sweetly, pulled him into the bed, smiled and spread his legs and sat in his arms boldly in an ambiguous posture. He whispered and said: "How do people know that the master is coming tonight? You have to stay with Sister Youniang."

     Yang Ling scratched her nose and said, "It's not your sister Youniang who pampers you, for fear that I will leave you two girls in the cold."

     Xue Limei was taken aback, wrapped his arms around Yang Ling's neck, pecked on his lips, and exclaimed: "Xue'er He De He Neng, married to such a lovely mate. Such a pitiful sister".

     Yang Ling spent the night in her room, mostly borrowing from bedtime. Because of her age, she rarely talked about other things. He couldn't help being touched. He gently hugged Xue Limei's willow waist and said, "Don't To be stupid, it should be me, Yang Ling, He De, how can I be able to win the favor of these beautiful women of all kinds of charms. I will behead my head in the field. You will not hesitate to die for me. From that moment on, our whole life They are closely linked together, I love Youniang and I love you."Xue Limei's eyes overflowed with tears of joy. She wiped the corners of her eyes, suddenly burst into laughter, twisted and jumped off the ground, and put on her shoes and said: "Master wait for me, I'll call Sister Yu, Youniang My elder sister has a lady-like manner, Jade Jade is modest and Gongliang, Xue'er can't ignore self-love!

     Before Yang Ling could stop it, Xue Limei had shaved hair and ran out wearing only her little clothes. Fortunately, this is the Yang Family's inner house, and there is no male servant to wait for it. Otherwise, Mrs. Xue'er will inevitably be happy.

     Xue Limei came to Yu Tangchun’s room and did not call, he opened the door with a smile and rushed into the interior room, yelling: "Sister Yu slept early, hehe, hurry up and follow me to serve the master Ah! Xian'er?!"

     Tang Yixian, Yu Tangchun and Xue Limei grew up together since childhood, as close as one's hands and feet, although the past events were forgotten, but the intimacy was regained as soon as they met. One night’s conversation was like years of tiredness. Friends, she rushed to Xue Limei's room and saw that her cousin was making love with Xue'er. She ran out ashamed and thought about not going back to bed alone, so she came to Yu Tangchun's room.

     Yu Tangchun's surname is indifferent, and she is still young, not very keen on sex, but her love for Yang Ling is not weaker than that of others. Now that she reunited after a long absence, she naturally wants to have a sleep with her husband, but Xian'er rushed forward excitedly, how could she leave her out?Tang Yixian looked at Xue Limei, and looked at Yu Tangchun, who was in a dilemma. He straightened his eyes and said: "Cousin and cousin are so romantic. I'll leave it to Youniang sister. Don’t ask cousin to catch Ding again later. I rushed around, and I went back to the room."

     Tang Yixian pursed his mouth and hugged the pillow and hummed away. Yu Tangchun and Xue Limei looked at each other and suddenly laughed relative to each other, both of their pretty faces were as beautiful as pomegranates.

     The lotus-colored tulle trembles lightly, the huanghuali wood embroidered bed, half willing and half unwilling to be stripped by Xue Limei, Yu Tangchun, leaning on the couch with three points of shame, the white and smooth jade body is as soft as water , Na Wanwan fragrant buttocks are white like piles of snow, compact and firm, and the smooth skin is crystal clear and tender like transparent jade, full of attractive bombs.

     With the movement of her gaze, a little halo of soft white skin gleamed on the snowy skin of her hips, following the edge of her breasts to outline an extremely moisturizing arc, really an extraordinarily beautiful woman.

     Although Xue'er is similar to her sisters, Yu Tangchun is still ashamed to move. She blushed and watched Xue'er take off her clothes, her light body leaned on Yang Ling, her mouth falling from his forehead and cheeks. Up, chest, all the way down

     "God! Xue'er is so bold. No wonder the master likes Xue'er so much. He will live with her as soon as he comes back." Yu Tangchun looked at Yang Ling's pleasant and comfortable expression, and couldn't help feeling more and more competitive. Thoughts.Courageously, her waist was twisting like a snake, and she got close to Yang Ling. Yang Ling spread her hands around her slender waist, gently rubbing the smooth and soft buttocks, Yu Tangchun let out a cry , Her cheeks are like rouge, she can't help but breathe with her small red mouth open, but her bare hands hold up a tight and pink cream and put it into Yang Ling's mouth

     One night is absurd, one night is romantic.

     Wake up early in the morning, Xue Limei served Yang Ling, dressed neatly, with a brocade around his waist, a four-clawed golden dragon robe, and a golden jade belt inlaid with rhino horns. Yu Tangchun gave him a bun and hair, and wore a black silk head. Go to Nuan Pavilion and have breakfast with Youniang and Yixian (an immortal).

     Tang Yixian's eyes widened and looked left and right, looking up and down for a while, looking straight at Yang Ling.

     Han Youniang also discovered Tang Yixian's abnormality and said strangely: "Xian'er, what's wrong?"

     Tang Yixian laughed dryly: "Nothing, nothing", she hurriedly lowered her head and drank the porridge, but she couldn't see how her well-mannered cousin was so brave. He actually woke up in the glowing spirits early in the morning. The rumors are untrue.************************************************** ************************************ Yang Ling came to Wumen early and saw the chariot Much more than before, I looked carefully and discovered that there are many princes and ministers and aristocratic families who do not need to go to court, all dressed in neat clothes and standing in front of the door.

     When Yang Ling saw Miao Kui and Zhang Yong, the two eunuchs who were supposed to be serving in the harem were also standing in front of the door. He felt a little strange. He was about to step forward to say hello and ask questions. Jingyang bell rang, the meridian gate opened, guarding the army. The leader led twelve lieutenants and appeared in front of the palace gate.

     When the following Wubai officials filed in from the left door, and the clan princes from the right door, they crossed the Jinshui Bridge and went straight to the Hall of Supreme Harmony. Entering the main hall, I saw Liu Jin standing in front of the throne, and the golden melon warriors on both sides of the main hall stood upright.

     After a while, I just listened to the sound of ear-splitting elephants from outside the hall. Listen to the sound up here, down there, for fear that there will not be more than ten. Then the tiger roars and the leopard roars, and the civil and military officials listened to a while shaking , The hall suddenly became chaotic.

     There are many types of Great Ming emperor ceremonies. If tigers, leopards and elephants are used, it is a grand ceremony to promote the dynasty, but if more than six elephants are used, it is a "Great Dynasty Meeting." It will be implemented easily. This absurd little emperor has just returned to Beijing. What is he going to do again?Li Dongyang, Jiao Fang, and Yang Tinghe all looked at Yang Ling in surprise. Yang Ling shook his head in confusion. This time even he didn't know what the Zhengde Emperor had in mind.

     Liu Jin stood aside and shouted loudly: "The emperor is in the court, and every official sees you!"

     Baiguan stopped their doubts for a while, and they all knelt down to pick them up. The Zhengde Emperor, wearing a red dragon robe and a golden pearl dragon crown, boldly ascended the imperial stage. Yang Ling secretly looked around and saw that Zhengde Emperor looked like a mischievous child, glanced at the officials with provocative eyes, brushed his sleeves, sat on the dragon chair, and said, "The officials are flat!"

     When all the ministers got up, Zhengde slightly nodded to Liu Jin. Liu Jin whistled and shouted in a shrill voice: "Li Dongyang, Jiao Fang, Yang Tinghe, Yang Ling, Zhang Yong, Miao Kui, come forward and listen to the seal!"

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