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Chapter Directory 227 Please Open The Sea
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Yang Ling listened to Jiao Fang's words, silently toasted and sipped wine, without saying a word for a long time.

     Jiao Fang put the jade chopsticks horizontally on the plate, watching him quietly, not a word or movement waiting for Yang Ling's choice. There was silence in the room. After a long time, Yang Ling suddenly filled his cup with wine, and said with a chuckle: "Gu Lao every word is like a pearl, after hearing your words, Yang Ling has benefited a lot. I am not in charge of the four towns. The handsome talent of the general army can assist the emperor, hehe, but tackle a difficult job."

     When Jiao Fang heard that a big stone fell to the ground, he hurriedly took the cup with a smile and said happily: "An adult who has a talent for saving the world is a minister of the emperor. It is a blessing for an adult to think like this, and also a sect. Fortunately, Jiao Fang is willing to follow the adults and build a lot of achievements, to advance and retreat together, and not leave!"

     With a clear sound of "dang", the jade cup lightly touched, Yang Ling and Jiao Fang toasted the cup in one gulp, then smiled at each other. The folds of Jiao Fang's face were unfurled freely. He rolled up his sleeves to spread vegetables for Yang Ling, and smiled happily, "Do you want to return the tax rights to Grandpa Liu?"

     Yang Ling feigned angrily: "Lao Jiao Ge just gave one's bare heart into sb else's keeping with Yang, but now he still refuses to be honest with each other?"Jiao Fang laughed, and then said solemnly: "Then the underlings will speak bluntly. The adults are suddenly promoted and appointed. Among them, Liu Gong, the supervisor of courtesy, must push the wave and add to the billows. The emperor is a goodwill, but Liu Gong It’s putting the adults on the cauldron and making the Juelu official position as fuel, and the Chaozhong Baiguan is the one who lifts the fire. Is that correct?"

     Yang Ling's gaze flashed, and he praised: "Lao Ge has unique eyes and draw blood on the first prick. Liu Jin is the internal minister, the memorial to the officials, the border documents, the appointment and dismissal of officials, and the sacred orders, all through his hands. Almost half of the emperor’s home, if the world’s taxes are handed over to him, then his status is not only to play a critical role, but to call the wind and summon the rain.

     However, the tax supervisor was originally in the control of the Superintendent of Li and Li. It is a fair thing for the official to give up the tax power and return it to the Superintendent of Li and Li. Moreover, the emperor’s favor for him is no less than that of me. Kick away, there is no reason to get to the table, even the emperor can't pass the level."

     "The official promised that the Ministry of Households and the Superintendent of Li and the Superintendent of Taxation should be in charge of the taxation supervisor. At that time, he was trying to persuade Li Dongyang to support the lifting of the sea ban. Now it seems that there is another advantage. With this piece of fat, a local official is watching, and if Liu Jin is not allowed to take over the power, he will not be able to deal with me."Jiao Fang said happily: "Very good, but there are two things that are difficult to do. The courtiers of the elder Tuogu from the Central Government have many criticisms of the emperor. The emperor gives all power to the adults in order to get rid of the constraints of the elders. The adults do not want to dominate power Although the Zhenzhu is loyal to the emperor, he will inevitably fail the emperor's goodwill in doing so, and the emperor will be unhappy in his heart. How to resign the taxation power of the adults should be carefully considered and find a proper reason.

     Also, the adult’s strategy of killing three men with two peaches may not be able to hide it from the outer court and the inner court. How to do not a word or movement to avoid their suspicion, it is even more difficult. Does the adult have a case? "

     Yang Ling smiled slightly, and said, "It's difficult to say, and easy to say is easy. Now the snow melts, and the flowers on the street can slowly get drunk! Just change the floating name and sing lightly."

     Jiao Fang was startled, stroked his beard and pondered for a moment, and then said slowly: "Let's hug Hongcui, romantic, life is smooth. Youth is a moment. To bear with the floating name, change the floating name and sing quietly. Liu Sanbian repeatedly failed the test. , The fame of seek but fail to get, I wrote this poem to laugh at myself. Since then, I am indulged in wine and beauty. The adults are proud of the spring breeze, why?"When Jiao Fang said this, her eyes flashed, and she suddenly stroked her palms and said: "Under the sect, I understand. The promotion to the ranks, the spring breeze, and the indulgence of emotions. It was originally a common problem of young people. Adults just reached the weak crown, so this is the best way. It is natural, but it will never lead to suspicion. On the contrary, it will make people underestimate the adult's ambition. I believe this move will dispel many people's intention of the consequences.

     Furthermore, poetic and passionate is not a big offense, and impeachment will not hurt the roots of adults, and this kind of thing will not cause the emperor’s jealousy, and thus lose the emperor’s favor. The adults can use this excuse to'reluctant' The land surrendered the tax supervisor. Since the tax supervisor was taken back by themselves, who else would doubt it? Haha! Liu Gong will want to take it, the adults are beat sb at their own game, wonderful! "

     Yang Ling smiled and said: "Well, this official committee is forced to hand over the power of taxation, and the emperor will be troubled, so he will inevitably give his condolences. At that time, what if I suggested that the Ministry of Households and the Superintendent of Rites take charge of the taxation?"

     Jiao Fang also showed a jealous smile and replied: "The emperor naturally has nothing to accept. Even if the Ministry of Households and the Superintendent of Rites knew the adult's idea, they would only think that the adult was unwilling and wanted to take the opportunity back. Your lord delighted to (do sth, idiom) a peach that he gave away?"The two of them laughed loudly, and then they deliberated on the details until they were sure that there were no mistakes. Yang Ling said, "Opening seas and commerce is pressing in on one's eyelashes, and I will also visit the Li University Scholar To discuss some matters, there is a list here, and Mr. Ge will take it for a thorough review. It must be done within half a month."

     As he spoke, he took out a note from his sleeve and gently pushed it in front of Jiao Fang.

     Jiao Fang took a look, and suddenly saw rows of ministers' names, she couldn't help but raised her head in surprise and looked at Yang Ling suspiciously.

     Yang Ling leaned over to face each other, pointed at the name above, and studied carefully with Jiao Fang. While listening, Jiao Fang kept in mind. The two discussed for a long time before Yang Ling got up and said, "I will go to Li now. At the scholar's residence, I will mention Master Li on this matter and ask him to help. Elder Ge, just let it go!"

     ************************************************** **********************************'Xiangyun Tower' is now being upgraded to the mighty Wuhou and Dragon Tiger General Yang Ling, Mrs. Yang has signed up. Before sunset, the restaurant was cleared. Several masters in the'Xiang Yun Lou' who usually only gave instructions in the back kitchen all put up their aprons and kicked themselves into battle today. Yang Ling's family invited the Jingshi Brothel Zhongse Yishuang The amazing red robbers performed art to accompany the wine. The protagonists have not yet arrived, and the buildings are full of Yingyingge and Yanyan. The sound of silk and bamboo continues.These red girls are all pretty ladies in their twenty-eighth age, each of them has delicate skin, misty temples, light makeup and beautiful, charming.

     One of these girls will be invited, they are all the most valuable, rare beauties for those looking for a fan. In their identities, even Wang Sun Childe can't easily invite them to make an announcement, especially with such a group of females who treat them like ordinary girls.

     However, Yang Ling's current status is really extraordinary. A young, handsome, young and ambitious man, such a condition, even these normally tall and top girls can't help but feel good. You know, Yang Houye's two concubines are both from the "Shihua Pavilion". Isn't their reputation and worth better than those two yellow-haired girls? If you can be matched by Lord Hou, it would be reaching heaven in a single bound, and you will leap over the dragon gate.

     So the girls dressed up early and rushed to the restaurant. For a while, the whole building was full of beauty unmatched in her generation. If it weren’t for the Xiangyun Tower to clear the scene early in the morning, which Jiujuzi would think at first glance To the Nine Heavens Wonderland.

     Most of the guests Yang Ling invited were not low-ranked, so he came very early. The girls who had already rushed to see this Lord Hou wearing a large-sleeved gown with aquamarine satin, slender, with red lips and white teeth, handsome and elegant, coupled with the temperament he was used to developing boss people around, it was really frustrating.The girls looked at the flames in their eyes, and they were trying to use their own methods to attract the attention of Lord Hou, not wanting to be like his shadow. As soon as Yang Ling appeared, a sedan chair arrived. It was about fifty years old and three strands a year. The short-bearded man entered the Xiangyun Building with a sullen face, and pulled the handsome little Hou Ye into the private room. He stayed behind closed doors and hated the girls' silver teeth.

     Yang Ling sat in the elegant room, tilted Erlang's legs, be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time, drank chewy tea, looked at Mou Bin, smiled and said: "Mu Master, used to be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time Admiral Zhang Xiu was sent to prison in a short time. At that time, success or failure was about life and death. He was calm and calm. Now Grandpa Liu is just provoking Shao Zhen to imprison him, giving the adults a color. Why should he be so worried?

     Mou Bin smiled bitterly: "My lord is proud of the spring breeze, how can I understand my feelings?"

     He sighed faintly, and said, "If it's only about my life and death, Mou's brows won't be frowned. Alas! I must have known about Mou and Liu Jin's affairs. Jin Yiwei is the emperor's imprison, a detective. In the case of the Criminal Division, mortals must not change one word in their confession. They must act as the emperor. I hate Liu Jin for hating Dai Milling’s confession and scolding him as “eunuch”. He actually relied on power and forced me to tamper with the confession!

     Jin Yiwei is a reading force law division, directly playing to the emperor, how can I be held hostage by him? Liu Jin retaliated with private grievances, and Mou was about to sue him to the emperor! "Yang Ling glanced at him and shook his head and said, "It is easy to get Shao Zhen to get out of prison! The magistrate of Weibei Town, the magistrate of Jinyi, Liu Gonggong can put him in jail, but he dare not do anything to him. The officer will send him a step, Shao The lord came out. It’s difficult to participate in Grandpa Liu! Forcing Mr. Mou to delete the word “quan eunuch” and tampering with the confession, the emperor would only laugh when he heard it, and would not touch Grandpa Liu’s hair!"

     Mou Bin's eyes flickered after hearing it, as if he had something to say. After a while, he couldn't help saying: "I heard that Gu Dayong had offended the emperor and was removed from the post of Dongchang factory. The successor recommended by the emperor to the emperor was Dai Yi, the former eunuch chief who sent Jinling?"

     Yang Ling nodded and said: "Exactly, Dai Yi did not participate in the annihilation of Wang Yue and others. He was originally innocently affected. He has been in the ceremonies for many years and is familiar with the affairs of the East Factory. Now the emperor is working in the East Factory to fight the Maitreya cult. You need a capable leader, and Dai Yi is really the right person."

     Mou Bin smiled, and paused for a while before he said: "Duke Dai was imprisoned with the adults at the same time in the Feng Shui case of the Emperor Ling. It can be described as a friend in times of tribulations. For the kindness of the support, Grandpa Dai succeeded Dongchang Factory, and he would definitely vote for it and repay it with Li. Dongchang was originally under the supervision of Si Li, with Liu Jin’s strength, it is hard not to avoid this situation. Will remember to mention it."Yang Ling smiled secretly in his heart, and Mu Bin couldn't lower his face to ask for help directly. This is because make insinuations has differentiated his relationship with Liu Jin. At this time, pulling Jin Yiwei completely to his side is beneficial to him, but at what price? Help them impeach Liu Jin?

     Impossible, this crime can't take down Liu Jin at all. If you go out and fight Liu Jin publicly for power now, you will destroy your own concealment plan and put yourself in the open.

     The first major thing to do now is to open the sea to trade. The emperor is keen on this. Liu Jin dare not publicly oppose the risk of losing the emperor’s favor, but if he is secretive, he will use his hands and feet to set up Shibosi to trade. There are some errors in the port, and officials who were originally dissatisfied with the lifting of the sea ban will take the opportunity to counterattack, and major events will die.

     However, there are still many places to rely on Jinyiwei in the future. Jinyiwei has more than ten subordinates all over the country, but it is an extremely powerful force. Mou Bin has to ask himself for help today, can he push them away? What reason should you use to comfort him?Yang Ling frowned slightly, and suddenly direct and plainspoken: "Master Mou, Master Mou, Master Mou, Master Shao, and Brother Qian Jiangnan have always intersected each other, not hiding anything he knows, not stopping before he has said it through Brother Mou, open and candid, is a man of open and candid. We don’t have to bend and wipe our feet when we deal with each other. Just talk about what you want your brother to do."

     Mou Bin's face was faint, and he said bitterly, "If this is the case, then Mou will speak out.

     He coughed and cleared his throat, and said, "I will never change Dai Milling's confession. The ups and downs of this matter are already known to everyone in the city. If this word is altered, Jin Yiwei will lose his reputation and never change. I can't look up. Since the Supervisor of Li and Li returned the case file, Mou decided to bypass the Supervisor of Li and Li and personally send the case file to the emperor."

     Yang Ling not to accept as correct shook his head and said: "This sentence of'Quan Eunuch' will not have any effect on Liu Jin. Maybe the emperor still thinks that Gong Gong Liu is loyal and credible, so he will be criticized. Is it worth it? "

     Mou Bin’s face was solemn, and his eyes were dignified and authentic: "The man has done something and hasn’t done something. The case has long been concluded. What is written on the file is no longer important. Liu Jin is now fighting for his authority. What Mou wants to protect is the dignity of Jin Yiwei! If I let go now, I can protect my personal future, but why should I confess to Brother Hundred thousand, and what face is there to be their admiral?"Yang Ling is silent, Mu Bin's persistence is a bit silly, but silly and cute, and silly and respectable.

     Doing something and not doing something is easy said than done, but what will be done? Haven't I also used a manipulative arm to resist Mount Tai tragically for the most valuable person in my heart and for the most valuable thing?

     He put down the teacup, narrowed his smile, and said with a serious face: "You are the admiral of Jinyi. It is not difficult to face the emperor directly. The difficulty is that the subsequent suppression by Grandpa Liu, what do you need me to do?"

     Mou Bin gave him a grateful look and said, "Mou also knows that with my strength, I offend him this time, and sooner or later the blatant sword and secret weapon will be destroyed in his hands, but I don't want to sit and wait for death. I am. I want to ask an adult to come forward and save Shao Zhen from the envoy. He is a good friend of mine for many years. I insisted on this matter. Old Shao just suffered it for me."

     Yang Ling nodded and said: "It's simple, I will bring it up when Grandpa Liu goes to the banquet. His goal is not Master Shao, I think he will sign."

     Mou Bin’s eyes were red, and he clasped his fists and said, “So, Mou thanked Mr. Yang. The second thing is to use an opponent’s own methods to obtain retribution. Liu Jin took Shao Zhenfu to jail, and he was accused of moving to the capital. Later, the land was forcibly confiscated and houses were purchased at low prices with power.These days, Mou also sent someone to investigate Liu Jin. He was responsible for supervising the construction of the Leopard House. He sent a large number of purchasers to various places to purchase materials and accessories. They all used the official identity to purchase on credit, and put the money allocated by the factory into his own pocket.

     Taking Qingzhou, Shandong Province as an example, several large stone factories transported 40 large ashlar materials to the capital. The masons and boatmen did not receive one cent. The people he sent offered rewards for catching beasts. The local hunters caught three tigers and transported them into the leopard house. The hunter was killed by a tiger and killed four people. He was not paid a penny. The local seeing discontent, the relatives of the deceased carried the corpse and paraded in the street to complain, and he was procured by his Qin sect to disperse the matter.”

     Yang Ling said flatly: "He built the leopard room for the emperor. I heard that the leopard room fits the emperor's heart. The emperor scolded him after hearing this. It is possible to order him to pay the money, but he won't be dealt with for it. ".

     Mou Bin's eyes were dimmed when they heard that there was another thing they found out, but if they were involved in this matter, they would definitely offend another big man, but if they didn't say it, there would be no strong evidence to resolve the immediate crisis. How is it good?Mu Bin pondered for a long while, gritted his teeth and said: "There is another thing, Jiangxi has serious banditry. There are many rat thieves in the King Ning mansion, but the local government has failed to catch thieves. King Ning was furious and sent people to Beijing with large sums of gold and silver. , Requesting the restoration of the Three Guards of the Royal Palace, Liu Jin accepted a great gift from the King Ning Mansion. He heard that he was speaking for him in front of the emperor, accepting bribes from the princes, which is usually a taboo of the emperor. Look at this crime."

     "What? The King Ning government requested the restoration of the three guard horses?" Yang Ling Daqi quickly asked: "Liu Jin is talking about King Ning?"

     King Ning asked for the three guards because the thieves were rampant. Mu Bin didn't care about it. What he cared about was that Liu Jin accepted the favor of the king and spoke for the king.

     There is no emperor who does not respect of the consequences, his ministers and foreign vassals. Even with the generosity of the Hongzhi Emperor, if he heard of such a thing, he would definitely deal with it decisively by thunder means to restrain the officials. What matters is whether the request made by the vassal king is reasonable. The emperor's close ministers are a taboo. Even if the Zhengde Emperor has a little bit of emperor power, he will not be vague about this matter.

     Seeing that Yang Ling was so cautious, Mou Bin was fascinated, and nodded: "Exactly, the adults thought, can this matter take part in him?"Yang Ling secretly thought: "King Ning restored the three guards and rebelled. This is true. It seems that before he rebelled, Zhengde Emperor trusted him extremely. Now there is no basis for it. Chasing the wind and clutching at shadows To tell the emperor King Ning will rebel in the future, he must not believe it, anyway, King Ning will not succeed in rebelling, so there is no need to worry about it.

     Liu Jin did not have a good end in history. What is the reason? Is it related to King Ning?

     Yang Ling struggled for a long time and couldn't understand. Seeing that Mu Bin had been looking at him eagerly, he couldn't help but laughed bitterly, and said: "What the emperor thinks today cannot be treated by ordinary people. Will the emperor sanction Liu Jin for this? To be honest, I can't figure it out.

     However, this matter should not be kept from the emperor. Lord Mou, don't worry, and after I have learned the details, I will discuss with you whether to speak. Now, I will protect Master Shao first. As for the submission of the case file, if there is any action from Grandpa Liu, I will block it for you first. ".

     Mou Bin knows that no one knows the current emperor better than Yang Ling. If he says he is not sure, then this must be really unsure. Is Liu Jin so favored by the emperor? Even the taboo of his making friends with the feudal prince can't defeat him? As a result, he had no idea, so he nodded silently.The voices outside were noisy, and several adults came upstairs talking and laughing with each other. Yang Ling heard the voice and smiled to Mou Bin: "Mu, please, let’s drink and chat merrily today. As for you, I’m talking about it. I have to plan and move later, but now I can’t rush. I saw Grandpa Liu later.

     Mou Bin smiled and said: "You don't need to mention something, publicly talk and laugh about the knife behind the back, this shrewdness still exists in Mou."

     The two smiled at each other and walked out.

     ************************************************** *********************************** In-plant admiral Yang Ling is newly promoted to the mighty Wuhou and General Longhu, Therefore, in the "Xiangyun Tower", the eight tigers in the palace, the admiral of Jinyiwei, the imperial envoy Liu Yu of the right capital, the minister of the army Cao Yuan, and the official Zhang Cai of the Ministry of War, and the three major stalls of the internal factory were invited, and the three stalls of the internal factory As soon as the news came that all the leaders of the Middle School were invited to cheer up, the entire Jingshi was known by everyone.

     Yang Ling drunk refers to the relegation of a hundred officials in the dynasty, and is infatuated with the famous "Light Red Mansion" Huaweidu and the top brand of "Fengxiange" Red Girl Su Yue, so that the news of going to cheer for a few days, let Liu Daxian, Ma Wensheng and others despised it greatly. The young scholar's ambition and madness, so blatant and despondent, has long aroused the dissatisfaction of the imperial ambassadors. Some people began to search for evidence and want to impeach them.These few days, the memorials of continuing to remonstrate that the emperor should reflect on the imperial service, form an alliance with Doyan Sanwei, and worship the pets and believers are still in the palace like snow flakes. However, Zhengde Emperor is busy moving, these memorials are like throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea, and there is no reply. The supervisors became more and more courageous by this excitement, and the words on the memorial became more and more intense, and they literally criticized Zhengde as the No.

     Later, news came out from the Six Departments. Liu Jin prepared a few large boxes at the ceremonial guardian. Any memorials that were brought in that involved these aspects were immediately thrown into the boxes, and they were sent away when they were filled. It was never presented to the emperor, and the hundreds of officials were furious, and the memorials to impeach Liu Jin were continuously passed into the palace.

     In such a chaotic situation, Li Dongyang acquiesced, Jiao Fang presided over, and the court quietly changed.

     Hubu Shangshu in Hangeul, and Zuo Shi Lang and Hing Bu You Shi Lang followed the imperial decree and set off for the frontier gate to exchange business with Doyan Sanwei and Jurchen Buddies. It took less than two or three months to get back.Mr. Zheng, the Imperial Envoy from the Imperial Court, had outstanding political achievements and was a clean and honest official. He moved to the post of Guizhou Chief Envoy. Huang Wei, a bachelor of the Imperial Academy, Shaanxi Cheng declared that the political envoys participated in politics. The per capita expatriates are local officials with real power. With their talents and prestige, they are naturally fame follows merit, so there is no resistance or doubt. These adults all ride to take up an official appointment.

     There are also several old Dezhao Hanlin masters and officials leaders. Because of their hard work, Zhengde issued an decree to reward them, and gave them to the wealthy Lingluo, and escorted them back to their villages and provinces with the post office. After more than ten years of kung fu, either on official business, or relocation, or granting leave, more than 20 important officials of the central government left the capital.

     On the first day of the Zhengde Emperor moving to the Leopard Room, an unremarkable memorial was placed on his desk, on top of the high stack of memorials.

     The official title of the person who played the show is not high, just a small head of the household. The name is Yan Song. The memorial is voluminous and has four characters in the name of the opening: Please open sea ban!

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