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Chapter Directory 230 Fu Zhao
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

In March, Jisi said that it was the time for the queen to hold the "sericulture" ceremony. The silkworm altar at the north end of the Taiye Pool in Xiyuan was erected with a yellow curtain. Various sacrifices such as sheep, pigs and wine.

     The queen ate the zhai for three times, and then followed the deacon who entered the altar to eat the zhai for the first time in the female palace. By the time of the silkworm, Empress Xia got up early to set an example.

     A total of 10,000 guards of honor have been arranged: 5,000 guarding the surrounding area of the silkworm altar, and 5,000 guarding the queen. Empress Zhang walked out of the palace under the guidance of female officials. Behind her were two noble concubines, princesses, and noble relatives’ wives, wives and concubines of officials of the fourth rank of civil service in Beijing and third rank of military service, unmarried sisters, and thirteen. a girl's teenage years daughter.

     They are arranged in sequence, each with a maid, and the maid is holding a basket of picking mulberries, carried by the queen, brightly colored decorations, and a few miles of fragrance. Great Ming, the rare woman team in the world, is dazzling Go to the silkworm altar first. It's a pity to guard all the way, and ordinary people have no chance to see it.

     Youniang was originally light and healthy, but now his pregnancy is not very obvious. It is far from big-bellied. Wearing the three-tiered madam’s chiffon and robe, the figure is very good, and he is still more charming and charming. .The three sisters Yu Tangchun, Xue Limei, and Tang Yixian appeared hand in hand for the first time today. Yu Tangchun and Xue Limei also wore the robes of Mrs. Mingming. Tang Yixian wore a wooden red narrow-sleeved short skirt and a willow yellow long skirt. The four women meandering are extremely conspicuous in the crowd.

     The empress empress who walked far under the front canopy also thought of the cousin of Yang Ling, the cousin of Yang Ling, who will definitely show up. Only occasionally looking back, the fateful woman is like a cloud, and the ring wears Ding Dang. , But where to find her?

     The lord of the sixth house of the mother ritual world, she couldn't be sloppy at this grand ceremony, she had to endure the jealousy in her heart and walked alone in the forefront. At the side of the silkworm altar, Empress Xia dressed in a kimono, first ascended the altar to make sacrifices, then accepted the order of the woman to kneel down, and finally walked to the mulberry tree and stood on the hook.

     Next to him, the female officials of the Liushang Bureau looked around respectfully. One of them was holding a basket of mulberry-picking willows. Empress Xia raised the hook and picked three leaves. The female officer picked them up and put them in the basket. The ceremony, followed by two women of the first rank, one woman of the second and third ranks, picking five, nine, and twelve mulberry leaves according to their grades, ten thousand army and thousands of women brought thirty-four mulberry leaves collected formidable Dang rushed back to the altar of the Forbidden Garden, another life-seeking woman chopped up the mulberry leaves and fed them to the silkworm babies. The whole long and boring ceremony ended.Yongfu and Yongchun had been informed by Qiu Ju early, and the two princesses were secretly happy and prepared early. The brigade turned to the palace gate. When the women from all walks of life searched for their sedan chair to return to the palace, Yang Ling came with a team of cavalry, and he took the sedan chair to send his wife back to the palace. Tang Yixian was alone. A sedan chair followed his horse team.

     Then Yang Ling came to the princess's Chengyu, immediately bowed her body to give a salute, and said loudly: "The emperor is going to Tangquan, Jizhou, please accompany the princess and Princess Yongchun."

     The two princesses went out of the palace on the luxurious and huge eight-carriage. They immediately got out of the sedan chair. The two princesses had already replaced the complicated palace-dress in the sedan chair, and wore a light yellow pair of narrow sleeves. The two princesses wore the same blouse and close-fitting pleated skirt. Both princesses were slender, but thin and unobtrusive. They were so beautiful.

     The pale yellow Luo Chang set off their fair and moist skin is even more beautiful and tender. The two princesses cannot wear a bun before they are married, but the eldest princess Yongfu cleverly wears a cloud bun headdress, which is similar in shape to a married woman. Her pony bun is both playful and charming.

     Yang Ling waved his hand and raised the two-passenger sedan to the front. The two princesses got on the sedan and set off. This action had already alarmed the imperial wife who had not yet dispersed. For a while, Yang Ling was pretending to be arrogant. With the appearance of an unscrupulous official, the horse stabs the ground.Empress Xia heard the message in front of the palace gate, and was about to send someone to ask what happened. Yang Ling had invited two princesses. Three of the horse teams rode away in a small sedan chair. Empress Xia's small face was iron blue, and she brushed her sleeves. , And also ignored the few married women who were trying to talk to her, and immediately rushed into the palace to complain.

     The Zhengde's brigade was waiting outside the city. Yang Ling escorted the three small sedan chairs. First, he asked the two princesses to transfer to the sedan chair. One of the small school in the crowd was Zhengde Emperor. The two princesses knew that their brother would dress up as this one. Looks like, but I still feel fresh when I look at it, and I hide my lips and laugh.

     Zhengde glared at them, hurriedly waved his hand to let them get on the sedan chair, and then came to the Tang Yixian sedan chair. Zhengde said that he had not seen Tang Yixian for more than ten years. His expression was quite excited. He saw that Tang Yixian was well-dressed, which is the most popular style in spring for ladies in Beijing. The lining figure is exquisite, charming and attractive, and his eyes are a little straight.

     Tang Yixian heard that there was an emperor and two princesses on this trip. He was also a little nervous, but when he stepped out of the sedan chair, besides his cousin, the more than ten guards were all very familiar people who came back from the same road. Feel relaxed. Especially seeing the handsome and handsome in the crowd, Huang Xiaowei who looked at her foolishly, felt sweet again in joy.

     Yang Ling drove his horse forward, and ordered: "Start driving!"

     The car was reeling, and the brigade rushed to Jizhou.Princess Yongchun was young and felt bored in the car shop for a while, so she ran into Yongfu car, and the two chatted in the sedan for a while, Yongchun lifted the car curtain, raised her hand to Yang Ling, and said softly: "Yang grown ups".

     Yang Ling brought the horse to the front and leaned forward and asked, "What is the princess' order?"

     Yongchun lay down at the window and said curiously, "Master Yang, the emperor seems to like your cousin very much, but why does he pretend to be a guard? Who he wants to like, he will be declared into the palace with a paper edict, you It’s not difficult for your cousin to make a concubine."

     Yang Ling blinked and said with a smile: "Because the emperor hopes that Xian'er will really like him, instead of taking the people he likes into the palace as his emperor."

     Yongchun baffling looked back at Yongfu, but the little sisters still couldn't understand. Yang Ling raised his head and saw the singing birds on the branch beside the road. He raised his whip and pointed out: "Your Majesty, look at the pair of birds on that branch. They are together, not because of each other's status. Official positions, but just because they like each other.For a woman because of her noble status, it doesn't matter who she likes and who likes her. The important thing is whether the families are well-matched in terms of social status. Xian'er If there is someone who agrees with each other, but that person already has a true wife, she cannot marry in any way because of her status. Maybe she will marry a status worthy of her in the future, but she does not like it For people, love should succumb to status.

     And the emperor entered the palace to become a concubine with a paper edict. Although it is a matter of seek but fail to get in the eyes of many people, it does not matter to this woman whether she likes the emperor or not. It is for the emperor to come. Said that he obtained this woman by relying on the supreme power. He never knows if this woman really liked him. Isn't it very sad? "

     Yang Ling said solemnly: "Man is the spirit of all things, much more noble than this bird, but people's marriage is mixed with too much utilitarianism, too many other reasons. The emperor likes Yixian (an immortal), hope cousin I like him too, and I like him as a man, so I pretend to be a humble guard. As an emperor, things that could have been done easily are only because he respects love and the feeling of respecting the woman he likes. How many emperors and people who set up on high can do what he says today? The minister admires the emperor very much. He is the emperor and a man with a true surname!"With the wheels reeling, Yongfu behind Yongchun's shoulders fell into deep thought, thinking of the old aunts in the Ten Princes' Mansion, her heart suddenly filled with sorrow. Those imperial aunts look forward to meeting their husbands every day, but are obstructed by court officials and housekeepers, but now they want to come, how many of them really like the pillow people who are waiting for each other day and night? It's just that they have no more choices.

     Yang Ling said that the sorrow of ordinary women is just that sorrow has to succumb to utilitarianism and cannot choose the man he likes. What about royal women? Not only can they not choose the person they like, even the husband who doesn't like it can't meet like Cowherd and Weaver Girl. What sorrow is behind the emperor's noble scenery?

     She stroked her soft and noble tribute fabrics, looked around the gorgeous decorations in the car, and suddenly felt that a talent like herself was the saddest person in the world, and she couldn't help but envy Tang Yixian a little.

     Princess Yongchun put down the sedan curtain and smiled without sorrow: "Sister, it’s no wonder that the emperor favors Yang Ling. Hearing him, my sister is dizzy. No one is as good as a bird, and a bird is not as good as a person. I think he is not. What a good bird, hehe."

     Yongfu smiled slightly, but even You Xing faded************************************************** ***********************************Jizhou Royal Hot Spring, the emperor has arrived in a car battle.

     The entourage and those who had been waiting in the palace carried the emperor's belongings to the houses.

     The Huangluo umbrella cover from far away moved into the largest mansion palace, and then the two princesses' residences were placed.

     Tang Yixian has got out of the car and looked at the landscape here curiously. She turned her eyes and saw Zhengde was still staring at her, she couldn't help but muttered: "What are you looking at? A idiot!" The cheeks still felt a little bit shy and proud.

     Zhengde smiled and said, "The adults are setting up residences for the emperor and princess, and setting up a police station. Miss, please come with me. This is your residence."

     Zhengde took Tang Yixian into a small building with carved beams and painted buildings. Tang Yixian looked around and said: "So you are not the guard of your cousin. It's amazing to be a guard at a young age."

     Zhengde proudly said: "Of course, you didn't watch these guards listen to me? Although I am a small captain, the emperor loves me very much."

     Tang Yixian curled his lips and said: "Blow on you, be careful that the emperor is too fond of you, he has cast you into the palace to be an eunuch."Zhengde laughed dryly and was about to answer when a crisp voice called: "Ms Tang, I want to see you all the way."

     Following the words, Princess Yongchun hopped in. She was dressed in a tender yellow, beautiful face like a flower, like a jade birch, and her face was full of tenderness and innocence. Gu Dayong followed a few court ladies and eunuchs helplessly behind.

     Zhengde glared at her, and reluctantly stepped forward and said: "Meet Your Royal Highness Princess Yongchun".

     Tang Yixian was taken aback, and quickly bowed his knees to worship. Yong Chun had already ran over to hold her, and smiled and said: "No need to worship, no need to worship, Tang Yixian really (of a woman) lovely as a flower, the world is stunning, no wonder My emperor brother is traveling, Master Yang takes you by his side, and he spoils you very much."

     Zhengde snorted. Yongchun usually worshiped him. Today, this little girl was soaked in Tang Yixian's light and worshipped herself. She actually turned a blind eye and didn't tell herself to get up. Zhengde had no choice but to say, "See your Highness".

     Yong Chun gave him a narrow smile before he waved his hand and said, "No ceremony, flat body."

     She took Tang Yixian to sit on Jindun and chatted about the daily routine. Zhengde glared at Gu Dayong angrily, and said in secret: "You stupid talent, why did you bring Yongchun?"

     Gu Dayong rolled his eyes with his sleeves in his sleeves, helplessly rolled his eyes, and said to his heart: "President comes, how can I be a slave to stop her?"The two chatted for a while, and the eunuch in the palace had sent a few fruit cakes. Yongchun also rude, and shared it with Tang Yixian.

     There is fragrant tea in the silver pot, ginseng soup in the chicken ming pot, and apricot crisps in the cup. Princess Yongchun and Zhengde have a habit of eating snacks. While eating, she smiled and said: "Miss Tang, In the evening, let's go to Tangquan to take a bath together, and then play'leaf play'".

     Although Tang Yixian is also naughty, and Yongchun is very easy to talk, but the first time I saw the distinguished princess, he was still a little restrained, but leaned over and smiled and said, "Yes, everything depends on your Highness's arrangements."

     Yong Chun opened the Jin Ou and saw the deer milk steaming inside, her eyes widened in surprise, Zhengde couldn't help but laughed with some guilty conscience when she saw it. You must know that there are rules for eating in the palace. Deer milk can only be taken by the emperor. There are several old deer in this palace, and the milk is not half a cup every day. Except for the emperor, the queen is not allowed to take it. The emperor didn't make a tour, even if he abandoned it, he would never allow others to use it.

     This is Gong Wei’s rule. Yongchun naturally knew that she was not sensible when she was young, and her dignified princess was also crying for a long time. Only then did her father feed her a few spoonfuls against the rules, and she had to beg her, and the personal officer should not record it. Now the emperor Zhengde is generous, and he actually pleases Tang Yixian so much.It's a pity that Tang Yixian doesn't know this rule at all. Seeing the princess staring at Jin Ou, thinking she likes to eat this kind of thing, he hurriedly took the silver spoon and put it in the jade bowl for her. Yong Chun smiled, took it and sipped it, looking at standing The emperor on the side was full of triumph.

     ************************************************** *********************************** Yang Ling settled the residence of the emperor, and asked about the cloth along the mountain During the visit, I was about to go to the princess's place for another cutscene, and an inside guard hurriedly sought out: "My lord, there is a woman in mysterious clothes outside the palace, holding an inner factory token, please see my lord.

     Yang Ling is also a little strange after hearing this, how can there be women in the factory? His heart jumped, an umbrella holding an umbrella, like a Jiangnan woman walking by the water, suddenly jumped to his heart, and Yang Ling hurriedly followed the guard.

     When I arrived at the guard station at the foot of the palace outside the palace, I saw four horses parked outside, three of them were rugged and strong men, and the other was a woman in mysterious clothes. Her figure was also tall, but compared with these three men, It looks much petite and rich.

     As soon as she saw Yang Ling, she greeted Yang Ling and bowed gracefully: "Maid Chu Ling, see Lord Yang."As soon as the woman came in front of her, she felt a sweet scent of stamens, quiet but not scattered. She saw her tight sleeves and soft leaning, short boots, enchanting figure, and her skin was lined with black clothes, like a beautiful jade suet.

     Yang Ling was taken aback, and said in amazement: "Who is the girl? How can I hold my in-house token?"

     Chu Ling glanced at him with waves of irritation. Although slightly annoyed, his eyebrows were still like water. The style was so beautiful that Yang Ling realized that before she could explain it, he smiled and said, "You are what you are. The girl beside the stall!"

     Chu Ling smiled sweetly and said, "It's the maid, the lady wants me to bring news to the adults".

     Yang Ling happily moves the color, hurriedly said: "This is not the place to speak, you follow me."

     Not far from the door is the guard camp. There are several houses built. Yang Ling led her into a quiet room and quickly asked, "How about a girl?"

     Chu Ling Yanran said: "Take the care of the adults, and the lady is well. And the lady also asked the adults to care about another important matter. She has arranged it properly and will never go wrong. Please rest assured."

     Yang Ling flushed, and hurriedly turned away from the subject: "The young girl sent you here, but are everything ready?"Chu Ling said: "Yes, the special envoy of the Japanese King Wenya has arrived in secret, and the lady is accompanying them all the way to the capital. The maid is one step ahead. It is estimated that the lady will be able to reach the capital within five days."

     It is said that Emperor Ha has succeeded to the throne for four years. Last year, he changed the reign number to Yongzheng. The news of Central Plain was blocked, and he still habitually called him Wen. Yang Ling was taken aback after hearing this, Emperor Wen's special envoy? Cheng Qiyun is so careful that she doesn't even know the truth about her confidant maid? But it makes sense for her to be so careful. An inadvertence is a great sin. One less person knows the more safe.

     Yang Ling thought of this and responded vaguely: "Very good, after you go back, tell Ms. Cheng and ask her to stay in Tongzhou temporarily. When my offensive and defensive reach the last juncture, I will invite Ms. Cheng to go to Beijing to highlight the strange soldiers. Determine the outcome."

     Chu Ling said, "Yes, when the maidservant came, the young lady ordered that the two capitals are far apart. It is difficult to understand the situation of the capital recently. The young lady does not know how the adults are raising up. Please tell me something. The maid will reply to the lady. Have a good idea".

     Yang Ling paced with his hands under his hands, pondered for a moment, and smiled to herself: "Everything stops, and the official returns to Beijing two days later. He immediately asked the emperor to hold a ‘Great Dynasty Meeting’ and initiated a letter to the court to request the lifting of the maritime ban."When he saw Chu Ling hesitated, he couldn’t help laughing: "Ms. Chu Ling, I heard that as a girl, you and you have also studied military books with her. I’ll ask you, if you and I lead the army, you have four major risks. Defending, one of them has been quietly taken down by me, and even a loophole has appeared in the line of defense. The weakening of the decentralized garrison is very likely to be conquered by me one by one. If it is you, what should you do?"

     Chu Ling raised his eyebrows and said, "This is simple. Since I am the defender and I have been disadvantaged and the line of defense has loopholes, I will take the initiative to abandon other barriers and gather troops in the most dangerous place. Hold each other's arms and make the final battle." .

     Yang Ling praised: "Exactly, but the reason why this most dangerous level is difficult to attack is that you have natural dangers to guard, or the ten thousand mountains cannot be climbed, or the huge waves are based on the river, but if Suddenly, the sky became flat land one could gallop straight across, so what?"

     Chu Ling smiled bitterly: "My lord is not talking about the art of war, it's like fighting between two immortals. If this happens, then I will gather my troops in one place, but I will gather my troops and wait for you to slaughter them. The guard can delay more time."Yang Ling smiled and said: "So you revert to a girl, just don't worry. The officer will show the enemy's weakness before this hurdle, let them regard this as the only danger to rely on, and concentrate all the opposition forces here. At one point, by then, your squadron will stand out, and the natural danger will become a smooth route. They can only fail and wiped over the floor, and they will have no strength to resist, understand?"

     Chu Ling shook his head and said frankly: "The maidservant doesn't understand."

     Yang Ling laughed and said: "It doesn't matter if you don't understand, you just reply as a girl, she understands naturally after listening."

     Chu Ling smiled and said, "The young lady asked me to tell the adults that the very important event has been arranged. At the time, the maid didn't understand. The young lady also said that you only need to reply to the adults. The adults will understand after hearing this, but they will not think The adults and my lady are the same."

     She chuckles and said: "Then the maidservant will return. Finally, there is another word to tell. My lady said that when she came to Beijing, she also gave a gift to the adults. The adults will burst with joy when they see it."

     Yang Ling wondered: "What gift is so important?"

     Chu Ling smiled and said: "The servant girl doesn't understand. My lady said, "You can say it or not. If the adult said something that the servant girl doesn't understand, you might as well say it so that you don't understand it, haha"

     Chu Ling gave a lightly and skillfully salute, and said triumphantly: "Handmaid farewell!"()
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