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Chapter Directory 323 Sea Horse
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

The chair is an official hat chair with a unicorn pattern of the old Huanghuali in Hainan. The craftsmanship is not complicated, clean, heavy, and stands there like roots, but the person sitting on top is trembling constantly, as if the bottom is dressed. With the spring, it can be bounced at any time.

     Next to it is a desk with nothing special to look at, the style is deep and steady, the pattern is quaint and quiet, the wood color is dark, it is actually the precious red sandalwood, but it is swayed constantly by the man without mercy, as if at any time It will fall apart.

     Zhang Wenmian looked away distressedly, because Liu Jin punched it again.

     Liu Jin said bitterly: "Yang Ling ah Yang Ling! Why does this bastard have to have trouble with our family? When he steps down, he still has to shame me. The bamboo and blue water fetches the water, and Gu Dayong is done in vain!"

     "Bang!" With another punch, Liu Jin said in grief and anger: "Is Liu Jin a tailor in my previous life! I was destined to make wedding clothes for others?"

     Zhang Cai coughed, covering her mouth and coughing, and her robe sleeves stretched slightly to give Liu Jin a salute. She was still well-dressed with extraordinary bearing: "Why should Liu Gong be angry? Didn't we get what we wanted?""Get a fart! Inner factory, don't you know how powerful the inner factory is now? They are still doing business, which can be said to be profits pouring in from all sides. They have already occupied this financial path, and others want to squeeze in and grab it. It's hard to eat, but now Yang Ling has retired, but he has handed over the factory to Wu Jie. Who is Wu Jie? Isn't that the same as Yang Ling personally controlling the factory?

     Let’s talk about the Customs and Ships Department. He used a springboard when he got on the ship. He actually asked the official to be removed. If he didn’t do it, I wouldn’t be able to do it. It was the bastard Gu Dayong, who dominated the sea market. That is a fat and oily yamen. There are also four foreign armies and four foreign armies."

     Liu Jin was so annoyed that he couldn't continue, and took a big sip of the tea that the little girl handed over, panting heavily.

     Zhang Cai frowned and said in her heart: "What's wrong with the four foreign armies? Now they don’t fight and don’t need to mobilize troops. The least fear is that he is in power. It’s me who is sad. Yang Shen is Yang Ling and Li Dongyang. , Wang Hua and others jointly recommended. His Lao Tzu is Yang Tinghe again. Can I move this person? A little Seven-Rank has become my stumbling block. Whenever I don’t pay attention, just let He stumbled."Zhang Wenmian thought for a while and said: "Liu Gong, it seems that Yang Ling also has capable people by his side. Yesterday the emperor obviously favored us and wanted Yang Ling to be the country's master. Now if Yang Ling resigns resolutely, he will not be a prestigious country. Grandpa, even if we don't have to plan to pass the word to the emperor, sooner or later, the emperor will be able to remember and understand that Yang Ling is a love for power.

     His hand is indeed more favored by the emperor, and he has become the father-in-law of the country, and his glory is unlimited. However, he has given up his power and no longer becomes the opponent of the father-in-law. The father-in-law has seize total victory, why bother to be angry? "

     "Our family seize total victory? Where? Why didn't our family find that he gave up a little power?" Liu Jin said angrily.

     "Hehe, Liu Gong calms down his anger, please listen to the students. First of all, Yang Ling, the official, really resigned. Only relying on the old saying Enwei, how long can he restrain these subordinates? The reason why the county official is not as good as the current official, It is because the future of these people is in the hands of current managers who can influence him.

     Once this power is lost, his influence will not exceed half a year by relying solely on the prestige and favor of the old sayings, and by then these people will be unable to control it. Yang Ling became the national lord, glory, splendor, wealth and rank are endless to enjoy, but I don’t want to compare the length with him. Not to mention, this alone, you have won, and it is a seize total victory! ".Liu Jin's color softened. He glanced at Zhang Wenmian. He sat back on the chair and gently rubbed the back of his hand. His eyes flickered for a while, and then he nodded slowly: "Well, it makes sense. Looks annoying, but I can't help him. As long as he honestly becomes his father-in-law and stops being naughty with me, what can I be afraid of?"

     Zhang Wenmian added: "Judging from Yang Ling's arrangement, he also knew that the situation was gone and was doing deathbed struggle. What did he call Yang Yiqing to return to Beijing? Because his power was mainly the factory guard and the army, and he only relied on one Liu Yu. He was afraid that he was not the opponent of his father-in-law, so he was transferred back to Yang Yiqing, who was even more stinky, harder and more famous.

     At the same time, kill two birds with one stone, and let his other confidant, Wang Shouren, take the position, and Shun Shun as the top spot in Sanguan Town. But is a soldier of the Ministry of War, a servant of the Ministry of War, how can you win you? What's more, Yang Tinghe will have to fight with him when the time comes, and if the two Yang compete, Liu Gong will be able to reap where one has not sown.

     He transferred Yan Song to the south of the Yangtze River and recommended Yang Shen for the matter. He wanted to step down and leave a few powerful officers in the imperial court with this purpose, so that no one would take the tea cold, but he was missing the big tree. Shelter, how long can these grasses last? "The more Liu Jin thought about it, the more it happened. His eyebrows and eyes could not help but flew together. He grinned and said: "Wen Mian said that our family name is anxious, um, yes, as long as there is no Yang Ling, these people are not in our eyes.

     But I was still not reconciled. Yang Ling became the grandfather of the country. Although he has no power, this glory, splendor, wealth and rank can be enjoyed for thousands of years, being with Great Ming and benefiting all generations. Before leaving, he was overcast for a while, and I was stunned that the power he controlled was not on the sidelines, and I was not reconciled."

     Hearing this, Zhang Cai also agreed with Zhang Wenmian’s analysis. After thinking about it calmly, his thinking became quicker: "Father-in-law, the subordinates feel that Wenmian’s analysis makes sense. According to the subordinates, Yang Ling stepped down. It has a great influence on people of his faction.

     He was anxious to install these cronies because he was not sure that many officials would gather under his door after he stepped down. If the officials were not bad, these people would be at an impasse. The only choice was to abandon Yang and go to his father-in-law. Under the door. This will drive more people to join in.

     In the end, the few cronies that Yang Ling had put in will become one who is cut off from others in the middle of Korea, just like the current three-college bachelor, they have nothing to do. Even if they kept them in place, they didn't have the ability to cause trouble to the father-in-law. "

     Liu Jin listened to his analysis, the more he thought about it, the happier he was, nodding his head and saying yes.Although Yang Ling’s self-protection strategy is wonderful, it is based on his increasingly solid foundation of officials. His rise and fall is not relevant to the few people who share the same interests with him, but it is for many who rely on him. It was for officials who wanted to be promoted and wanted to find a big tree to enjoy the cold, but it was enough to make them betray Yang Ling and take refuge in Liu Jin.

     If these branches and leaves are all taken to Liu Jin's side, Yang Ling will leave behind a few lonely trunks, which can't reach the sky or the ground. They are the current three scholars, who are hung in the air and can't do anything. So scared?

     Zhang Wenmian has always been jealous with Zhang Cai, not convinced with each other. Now seeing him picking up his own bargain, Liu Jin is more eager to fight for favor, and he immediately said: "Now Yang Ling is down, justice should strike while the iron is hot. At the end of the year, it’s time to evaluate the performance of the officials in Beijing. Master Zhang is in charge of the officials. If you take the opportunity to evaluate the officials of the Yang Ling faction, you will surely let the guard see who they are. It is the towering tree of the current imperial court that can shelter him from wind and rain."

     "Hahaha! Absolutely, Wen Mian is really our little Zhuge, this trick is wonderful.""It's not right, father-in-law," Zhang Cai couldn't wait to kick Zhang Wenmian: this bastard, the villain is proud, and too confused, waiting for the hundreds of officials to come to the door, they have no retreat, and since then they have followed him. Go, if they make things difficult to oppress, they are forced to surrender without dying to Yang Ling, can this army be at ease?

     In addition, one's own method can also judge how sincere they are based on the order of the hundreds of officials, which can be quickly drawn in, and which are included in the outer camp. These are the brains of taking people away. How can you distinguish between good and bad? And how many people should you offend?

     Before he could explain the reason, Zhang Wenmian smiled coldly, and said in a weird manner: "Master Zhang, you are an official secretary, this is your business, what are you afraid of? Are you afraid of offending people or want to buy people's hearts? Ha ha, there is Liu. Father-in-law is here, who dares to do anything to you? Don’t give him a lot of power, can you vote for him so quickly? According to my opinion, adults only need to use this soft knife to frighten them and wait for the new year. It has changed, and all the civil and military forces of the Manchu dynasty go out to the father-in-law!"

     When Liu Jin was said to be fired up, he glared at Zhang Cai dissatisfiedly and said: "You, you have been an official for so many years, but you have become less courageous. Do as Wen Mian said!"Seeing Liu Jin's anger, Zhang Cai had to bite the bullet and said, "Yes, the officials obey orders!"

     Zhang Wenmian glanced at Zhang Cai triumphantly, and continued: "My father-in-law, Liu Jian, Xie Qian, Han Wen, and Liu Daxia, who used to be a conqueror of heroes, how wonderful? If they return to the court today, can they still have the prestige of the past? No. The loyal members of the party have scattered, the dragon has lost the cloud, the tiger has lost the wind, what momentum is there?

     It won’t take long for Yang Ling to end in this way. Gu Dayong can’t hold it anymore. It’s inevitable to bow to your father-in-law, so you might as well let it go. To say that the hard part is the internal factory. The internal factory was established by Yang Ling and would not voluntarily bow to the father-in-law. However, there is one thing, the father-in-law, you are the chief supervisor of the supervisor of courtesy, and the factory and health are under your jurisdiction.

     When Yang Ling was the factory supervisor, he had the right to go directly to Tianhe, and the public could not rule the factory. Who else has the ability to do so now? Wu Jie, the head of the big stall, did not become famous when he was in Jinyiwei; the head of the second stall, Yu Yong, is a famous gatekeeper. With these two pieces of waste, Yang Ling supported them to go smoothly.

     Now that there is no general in Shu, Yang Ling has used such two incompetent goods to guard his most important force. It can be seen that Yang Ling is also an exhaust one's limited abilities. As long as the father-in-law defeats these two people, the in-house factory is within easy reach. "Zhang Cai said nervously: "The lower official heard that the insider factory was set up because the emperor was not worried about Wang Yue, so don't set up a factory to suppress it. There is nothing to say about the father-in-law's favor in the emperor's heart. Yang Ling left the job, the inner factory It must be managed under your name.

     But you are in charge of the internal factory, but you have no right to change the internal factory supervisor. If they are determined and embarrassed by their father-in-law and Yang Ling is there, the emperor will not embarrass them too much. Therefore, it is better for the father-in-law to show his kindness to the newly promoted officials in the factory, win infiltration, and crack down on Wu Jie, Yu Yong and other leaders. The demonstrations, paint holding two brushes, and both kindness and power. After a year and a half, The internal factory is the finger of the father-in-law. "

     Zhang Wenmian said with an air: "Why do you have to work so hard? Go straight to the center and take over the factory. If Wu Jie and Yu Yongnao don’t leave, then don’t move! Lift them up high, hang them on the wall, and choose a few from the supervisor Powerful people go to the in-house factory to do stalls and take over their business and secret agents. The in-house factory is the stuff of their male counterparts, making them too late to resist. This is so-called lightning."

     Liu Jin said happily: "Wen Mian's plan is good, hehe, Yang Ling has been a young man, and he must be jealous if he is uneasy. Our family will help him to eliminate disasters and do good deeds."

     At this time, a small servant held a bunch of memorials, put them on the table, and said softly: "Father-in-law, this is the memorial sent by the hundred officials today."Liu Jin laid down the rules to present memorials to the emperor. First, they must be given to him in red posts, called "Red Books", and then reported to the General Secretary, called "White Books". This completely deprived the Secretary of General Affairs of the right to directly reach the heavenly hearing, and the Secretary of General Affairs' large yamen became the mail room of the Secretary of Justice.

     Liu Jin did this in order to deprive the Secretary of Communications of the power, but there is another reason. Liu Jin doesn’t read much. The scholars like to write memorials and they like how to write memorabilia. He looked strenuous, but he couldn’t understand, and he didn’t want to be so confused to present them to the emperor. So he came up with such a method. All memorials are in duplicate. , Send a copy to his private house in advance, so that he knows everything and can discuss with his men at any time.

     "Is there anything important?" Liu Jin asked smoothly.

     "Father-in-law, none of the posts sent by hundreds of officials had the word'urgent' written on them, but the top post was transferred by the Secretary for General Affairs, saying that this is an internal court affair and has nothing to do with the foreign court, and should not be registered and played by the Secretary for General Affairs. ".

     Liu Jin took the memo curiously, and there was a red envelope on the outside with "Repost Liu Jin" neatly written on it.

     Liu Jin was furious at the sight, "Oh!" The red sandalwood slubby table was hit hard again: "Damn! What a dare! The Secretary for General Affairs is getting more and more presumptuous!"Both Zhang Cai and Zhang Wenmian were taken aback. They didn’t know what happened in the court that caused Grandpa Liu to be so angry. The two hurriedly approached and saw that Grandpa Liu had not opened the memorial in his hand. How angry are you?

     I saw Liu Jin sneered and said, "Ma Qing, the general political officer, wants to do enough, so he dares to call our family name, huh! Is Liu Jin also called by him? San'er, take my post to pay a return visit Ma Qinggeng said that Liu Jin would like to thank him for transferring the memorial to me, and Liu Jin will pay a visit another day!"

     The young man even claimed to be, and retreated in a panic. It turned out that when the civil and military officials gave me a memorial to Liu Jin, the cover had to be written "Liu Eunuch personally, the official XX will pay his respects for the first time", and some people who took refuge in Liu Jin's sect were shamelessly writing "Go on top, get on the top "Si XX and XX", that is, Li Dongyang and others are also polite, only the Secretary General gave him the first turn, and I don’t know the rules.

     After the two of them were kindly persuaded, Liu Jin angrily opened the envelope and looked at the content of the memorial. Liu Jin immediately turned his anger into joy. He laughed and said, "It turned out to be the factory's zipper, hehe, leaving Yang Ling, They didn't even understand how to deal with the emperor. Wu Jie became the factory superintendent, but he didn't know how to thank the emperor and sent the paper to the Secretary for General Affairs in a confused way."Zhang Wenmian just persuaded Liu Jin to quickly take down the factory with lightning speed. Liu Jin went from evil to thunder, and immediately got up and said, "Come on, get ready for the sedan chair!"

     He smiled at Zhang Cai and said: "Our family will immediately go to the Leopard Garden to present this thank-you paper to the emperor. By the way, I beg the emperor for an decree. As long as the emperor opens the golden mouth, the internal factory will be placed under my jurisdiction. So we immediately arranged for manpower to take over the internal factory, overhead Wu Jie, and Yu Yong!"

     "Haha, Lord Weiguo, the emperor personally selected you as a matchmaker to recruit Princess Yongfu. This is the emperor's great trust. To say that, among the three of us, the Duke of Weiguo is the highest, and of course everything is only you. follow blindly. Shouning Hou Ye is the uncle of the country and Princess Yongfu’s close relatives. He is also more qualified to speak than our family. How do you recruit this messenger? Our family listens to the father-in-law and Lord Hou.”

     Bi Zhen is thin and thin, but his eyes are very energetic. He smiles, one on the left and one on the right, and he speaks very politely. Bi Zhen was originally the eunuch of Shangshan, because he was good at drilling camp, he was first promoted to be a young eunuch and then to a eunuch. Yang Ling used to walk in the palace and met this person, but they had never spoken to each other and were not familiar with each other.Shouning Hou Zhang Heling knew that this person was a typical smiling tiger. He was originally a rogue without learning or skills, vicious and merciless, and greedy for money. When Wang Yue came to power, he pleased Wang Yue and became the eunuch of Shandong Dezhou, Liu Jin from Yang After Ling took over the prison eunuch, he was the first to send someone to Beijing to give gifts to express his loyalty to Liu Jin, so he was promoted to Shandong guard eunuch.

     After Liu Jin ordered that the guard eunuchs of various prefectures and roads can enjoy the same powers as the local officials of the same level, he immediately responded and accepted the lawsuits without authorization, and used the extortion and blackmail of military and civilian property. Qingzhou’s Orion Compensation Case was due to His arrogant oppression provoked uprisings. Although Liu Jin mobilized the five guards and horses to brutally suppress the civilians, but also worried that Bi Zhen might cause serious trouble again, he was transferred back to the Superintendent of Rites.

     "Where and where, I am young and knowledgeable, and I don’t understand the rules of recruiting concierges. I heard that the original recruitment should be presided over by the minister of the Seri. It is to show the grandeur, this big idea has to be the masters of Shouning Hou Ye and Bi Gonggong," Yang Ling said in a hurry.Yang Ling resigned from a number of positions, dressed in a relaxed suit, and changed her python robes to the crimson robes of the government, making her even more powerful. Shou Ning Hou knew that even though he had no real power, he was still better than himself in front of the emperor. Besides, if two people did business together and made a fortune, it was a buddy. At the beginning, a little bit of happiness was long gone. He hurriedly smiled and said: "The Lord of the Country is recruiting the princess for the princess. This is an unprecedented event. Don't be polite. Seeing that the time is almost up, we should enter."

     "Well, father-in-law, Lord Hou, please, please." Bi Zhen jumped up and moved away the chair, smiling wholeheartedly.

     Three people are having morning tea at the Longxing Pavilion on the Qianmen Street in the Zhuwang Pavilion. This is the main location for choosing a horse for Princess Yongfu. Finally, three candidates are selected before they can be brought into the palace to invite the empress dowager and the emperor personally Take a look.

     Because it was early in the morning, the three men’s official sedan had a face-to-face meeting, and they went to the teahouse to have tea together. Seeing the crowds on the street, more and more people flocked to the'Zhuwang Pavilion' Get up and go downstairs.

     "Sixth aunt, help me see the stall, I'll sign up. What? Ten three cents, twenty five cents, okay, it's almost fine, if I am recruited as a scumbag, I won’t sell donkeys and roll around. A little empress with a dark complexion and a sweet smile hurriedly untied his apron and ran to the'Kings' Hall.Yang Ling sat in the sedan chair, her eyes straightened when she heard these words: Who are these people? How can a hawker who sells donkeys and rolls can also apply for the consort? Princess Yongfu Yang Ling remembered meeting her for the first time in the womb, her golden hairpin blew the screen, and when she was forced to carry the scapegoat for her by Yongchun, the traces of apology appeared in her soft eyes. I think of the beautiful girl in a yellow palace-dress in front of the Jiangshan Sheji Pavilion, accompanied by Celestial Master’s bright and moving smile when she steps down the steps. , Behind the curtain is like a princess Great Ming with noble temperament like a lotus flower. Suddenly, the image of the emperor, the beautiful girl set up on high, and an apron wearing black and white, holding a black bamboo clip in her hand. The face lads overlapped.

     The young man also yelled abruptly: "The donkey is rolling, ten three cents", this voice suddenly stopped the elegant sound of guqin. The sedan chair stopped abruptly. Yang Ling leaned forward, feeling a little irritable and annoyed. He opened the sedan curtain and said, "What's the matter?"

     Now Yang Ling is Wei Guogong, and Wu Hanchao was assigned to the Ministry of War. He only kept Liu Dabangmao by his side, and he was regarded as the chief of the family. Liu Dabangma stood up his chest and led a group of generals to protect the sedan chair.The flow of people in front was like a block, pushing and shoving, and the officials maintaining order wielded the whip splitting the head and covering the face. They went down and shouted: "Get out, get out of here, let the three impeached adults come in. Your mother, If you can't get in, you can squeeze in first for a fart, you want to be a eunuch!"

     "Ah, what do you say, you, if I become a concierge, my son, you will be punished by these words of your kid!"

     "Hey! Just your boy's surname? Go away. If I were ten years younger, I would have a better chance than you. Get out! All out!" The crackling of the whip wheel would not be true. The lashes of these five-city soldiers Ma Si's guards were good, and the whips were crisp and loud in the air.

     There is a sea of people, the person in the middle feels not touching the ground. Even though the sedan chair of Yang Ling and Zhang Heling is guarded in the center, it is also squeezed and shaken. Everyone is afraid that they will get out of the way and take the opportunity to be snatched by others. Frozen is that no one moved the place.

     Someone in the distance pulled off the banner of the restaurant, stood on a table and waved the banner, blushing and shouting: "how can this be so? Why aren't we Shanxi people allowed to sign up? This is unfair. I came to the station right after the third watch. Great Ming is the Great Ming of the world, and the princess is the princess of the world. Why should Yanjing households take priority?"There was a young man at the table triumphantly booing: "It deserves it, who told you not to inquire about the rules? You can't stand you! The election husband must first choose among the children of the officials and civilians in Beijing. If the election fails, then go to Guinei, Shandong, Henan to choose. If you can’t find anyone from these places, then you can choose another place, you, wait slowly."

     Another person persuaded me: "Forget it, brother, I was pregnant with Jimingyi, and I just came to Beijing to visit Beijing, and I came to register quickly, but I was forced to wait two more days and ranked third."

     The young man said angrily: "There is a chance for the third choice anyway, I don't think I can choose! Ay, fuck, who, I know you, you are obviously a beggar, what are you doing?"

     "Me? I am from Yanjing."

     The Shanxi fellow was afraid that he would be mad, so he jumped off the table and would hit someone. The beggar hurriedly pleaded: "Big brother forgive me, my brother forgive me, this is not just the lunch after you sign up? , The first choice has to be taken down, because I can’t read.”

     Yang Ling also almost jumped out of the sedan chair and hit someone. Who are these people, the audition returns to the audition, so you have to know oneself a bit? That is the emperor’s daughter, [***] in [***], the majestic Great Ming princess. You must be talented and look good. How can you choose a horse so casually? "The patrol ambassador led more than 20 government officials, cross five passes and slay six generals, squeezed in sweating profusely, crying and said: "Master Yang, or we can go in through the back door, the front door is no longer accessible. went".

     "Well, it doesn't matter if the front door is at the back door, why are you so messy? There are so many people who signed up, and there are many people who hold salted duck egg baskets. Are such people allowed to apply?"

     "Yes, father-in-law, as long as they are people from these four provinces, they are well-groomed, dignified, and have tutors. Anyone between the ages of fourteen and sixteen can be selected in the top three, regardless of their background and occupation. A princess’s horse was a duck farmer.”

     "The conditions are so lenient?" Yang Ling said grimly.

     The sedan chair backed away, and walked around towards the back door of the'Kings' Pavilion.

     Yang Ling had no confidence at all: "With so many people and all levels, when will the audition end? Can I choose a horse that satisfies Princess Yongfu?"

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