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Chapter Directory 328 Snowflakes Are Gradually Fascinating
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Liu Jin is not stupid. The zealots of Qingcheng are so worthy, and they will never come to him in a boring way. Liu Eunuch is unhappy. Pretending to be a posture, there must be a purpose. Is it because he wants to take refuge in me and ask for an upright background?

     Thinking of this, Liu Jin didn't hesitate and immediately bent over and took off his boots respectfully. Scholars are like that. They like to play tricks and put on airs. It doesn't matter. Liu Bei also pays attention to Maolu. What's so great about taking off my boots for you?

     It's like young people falling in love, sweet words coaxing girls burst with joy, you let me go east and I don't go west, enjoy the princess's style, when I become a dear, I sleep on top, eat in front, and wash the dishes. I am outside, short-term investment, long-term benefit.

     Who is Liu Jin? At the time of hiring, the madman Qingcheng took the initiative to send it to the door, and his reputation alone gave him a boost. Our family is a person who can be a master, how can we not even have this bit of aura?

     Liu Jin's hand touched his boots, Lu Shijie suddenly held his hand and said with a smile on his face: ‘Don’t dare, I’m just making a joke with Liu. Under Liu Gong alone, above 10,000 people, the Manchu civil and martial arts do not bow their heads, but being able to be such a courteous and virtuous corporal really makes Lu sincerely admire.Liu Jin stopped his hand, stood up and smiled: ‘Lu childe is a fellow of our family, and also a well-known talent in Qinchuan and Bashu. Liu Jin has been famous for childe for a long time. When we returned to our hometown to save relatives, we came and went in a hurry and didn't have a chance to visit childe. Now that childe is here, Liu Jin be pleased beyond one's expectations. It is really for Lu childe to pull the horse into the stirrups and grind off his boots. That is also a delighted to (do sth, idiom) ‘.

     Lu Shijie was so moved that he stood up quickly and said in a long way: ‘seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times, Liu Gong of noble character and unquestionable integrity, Lu Mou admires it.’

     "Oh, why are you so polite, please sit down, please sit down?" Liu Jin himself was also sitting in the main seat, waiting for the maid to put on the fragrant tea and retreat, then clenched a fist and coughed lightly, and inquired:'Lu childe When did you arrive in Beijing? ‘Lu Shijie laughed, his robe sleeves flicked, his movements were very elegant. It's a pity that I'm looking at the twelfth lunar month, and I can't hold a fan in my hand. Otherwise, the fan towel will be even more stylish.Lu Shijie laughed loudly, and his face was full: ‘Lu Mou sees the general trend of the world, the current court, who can speak and govern, and share worries for the emperor, will not think of Liu Gong as a second person. The emperor Liu Gongmeng trusts, the heavy responsibility is on his shoulders, and the power is overwhelming the world. It can be described as the spring breeze. However, He who gives no thought to far-flung problems soon finds suffering nearby (idiom, from Analects)., Liu Gong has the power of the world and the rule of the world, Is there something in your chest? ‘Liu Jin’s eyes flashed, and he smiled and said, ‘Liu Wen is willing to hear Lu childe’s advice! 'Lu Shijie said:' Liu Gong discusses prestige, talents, academics, political experience, not as good as Li Jiaoyang's three bachelors, thesis and martial arts, political achievements and achievements, and not as good as today's prestigious duke, but now Liu Gong is in charge of the world, is in the center of the world, and is in charge of the emperor. , How can the world take it? "

     Liu Jin nodded and said: "What childe said!" If the world is not willing to give in, why should he be cruel and tortured and create a 180-jin yoke to hold people down?

     Lu Shijie touched his knees and said: "Today the emperor is young and his surname is Xidanle, so he pays all the world's major events to Liu Gong. If Liu Gong cannot establish extraordinary merits and outstanding political achievements, it will not be enough to convince the people. If the emperor is young again A few years old, he cared about the affairs of the court, and saw that Gong Liu had nothing to do. At that time, even if his favor was undiminished, he would inevitably deprive him of real power.Give a spare job to let the public security enjoy the blessings and sustain life. However, the government has political enemies, and the administration creates enmity. If the father-in-law does not have this power, would he still want to live in peace and live forever? What Lu Shijie said happened to hit Liu Jin’s mind. He was an eunuch. Although he was favored by the emperor, he was unconvinced by foreign ministers. He relied on absolute power to conquer the officials with those who obey me and perish against me. Although this method works quickly, once it loses power, the rebound and revenge are bound to be the most fierce.

     In the eyes of foreign ministers, eunuchs are not as good as dogs. Honest people like Wang Yue have been proposed to be executed by the old Dezhao ministers like Liu Jian and Xie Qian. If you lose your power, you will not be beaten by them.

     Liu Jin immediately stood up awe-inspiringly, arrogantly, like a child who asks his teacher for advice, respectfully and authentically: "With childe's opinion, Liu Jin, in this situation, how should he govern, deter the officials, and conquer the world? Point to the maze."

     Lu Shijie picked up the tea and took a sip of it, nod one's head and wag one's tail authentically: ‘Is it hard to be in politics? How easy is the politics? It's hard to say, and easy to say. Those who are in politics must be aware of the interests of the people, the impermanence of officialdom, and the difficulty of being a man. Those who are in politics, those who can live in it, the strong win it, and the wise do it. Knowing what the people want is what a rich government asks for and is honest.'Speaking of dry mouth, Lu Shijie picked up his cup and drank tea. The confused Liu Jin pinched his neck and looked around. The two rows of family members were also full of baffling. Liu Jin secretly sighed: talents are talents. , Unpredictable, but unfortunately Zhang Wenmian is not there, and I don’t know what this talented person is talking about?

     He clicked his mouth, swallowed, and sat down with a smile: "Yes, yes, listening to the words of a wise man can be superior to studying ten years of books. Lu childe, Gao Cai, Liu Jin. It’s really hard to understand the true meaning of it, alas! What a pity, Childe is only a traveler to the capital, and cannot live here for a long time. Otherwise, Jin asks for advice day and night and uses it to benefit the people of Li, what a good thing.’

     Lu Shijie smiled slightly and said, "Gong Liu, I have been studying for many years, and now he is more than thirty years old. I also hope to be stable. I have a stable household, established profession and serve the court. I have a vigorous deed, but I want to be high. Qi, I wonder if Gong Liu would accept it? ‘Liu Jin was overjoyed, and he hurriedly learned the play words and politely bowed: ‘I have a solid wish and dare not ask my ears. If Lu childe is willing to be Jin’s wisdom curtain, Jin must be treated to the guest’.Liu Jin was also sincere, and immediately ordered a wine and a banquet to entertain Lu Shijie, and then invited Zhang Wenmian to accompany him. Although Zhang Wenmian is jealous of Lu Shijie's reputation and talent, he is not as disgusting as Zhang Cai, because Lu Shijie is also a person who has not entered an official position. In Zhang Wenmian's eyes, he has talent but no opportunity, and he also feels that the end of the world has fallen into humanity. So talking together is quite speculative.

     Two cynical scholars used wine as a guide, criticized current affairs, and degraded a hundred officials. They felt like I was giving up to others today. The more I drank the wine, the happier I was. Finally, Liu Jin, the owner and two staff members, were left behind. arms around each other's shoulders, sipping and swearing, very happy.

     Liu Jin smiled and just persuaded him to drink. Lu Shijie became more drunk and his tongue became bigger, so he began to scold Yang Ling blind as a bat (figuratively) irritably, and humiliated him in public in ‘Wang Zhuxi’ in Sichuan. In words, he cursed Yang Shen and others for not being straightforward and curry favor.

     Especially for Yang Shen, who was recommended to be an official and became an official, he kept mentioning it, and his jealousy was hard to conceal. He kept advertised that his talent was far above Yang Shen. This is Yang Ling blind as a bat (figuratively), I don't know the talent.Liu Jin was overjoyed and said in his heart: ‘it’s no wonder that this madman came to the door and depended on me. It turned out not to be for glory, splendor, wealth and rank, but to fight against his former friends and compete. Yang Ling reuses Yang Shen to insult him in public. With the surname of the Qingcheng madman, it is natural to fight back to this tone."

     Lu Shijie dealt with Zhang Wenmian and secretly observed Liu Jin's face. Lu Shijie was really moved by a dignified prime minister who was so respectful and respectful, but for persons who walk different paths cannot make plans together, Liu Jin’s ultimate goal is still for his own rights and interests. He said that he respected himself only because he could promote his rights. If he really offers a strategy that benefits the country and the country, will he still use it? Will he still be so respectful?

     Liu Jin secretly sighed: "Life's encounters are endless, Yang Ling Bashu and his entourage made me Liu Jin. First, I took advantage of the opportunity to be stripped of his power, and now he brought me a talented person into the scene. Haha, I just don't know this Lu Shijie. Compared with Yang Shen’s talents, who is Sun Bin and Pang Juan?” Lu Shijie sighed when he thought about it. “Liu Jin is sincere and courteous. However, there is no balance between right and evil. I, Lu Shijie, had no choice but to enter Cao Ying once. Pang Shiyuan’s.Liu Jin asked Shi Wenyi to send someone to Sichuan and Shaanxi to investigate all the whereabouts of Lu Shijie and the people he had interacted with in the past two years. Knowing the process of his grievance with Yang Ling, he finally relieved his heart. Lu Shijie became Liu Jin's confidant. With Zhang Wenmian messing with the water, and Lu Shijie pushing the wave and add to the billows, Liu Jin started a vigorous political reform at the end of the first year of Zhengde.

     In addition to firmly holding power, amassing large amounts of property, and accepting bribes, it is undeniable that with the assistance of Lu Shijie, Zhang Wenmian, Zhang Cai and others, many of his reforms are still beneficial to the Great Ming Empire, but Liu Jin Jin belongs to the seeking instant benefit person and has no patience to follow the prescribed order, and it takes years or even decades to implement a national policy.

     Coupled with the curry favor of the people he uses, and those who refuse to use it, no matter what decree Liu Jin issues, they will all resist. Even if the policies that are really beneficial to the court, they will only disturb the civil affairs when they reach the place. What a positive effect. If it cannot be implemented with appropriate methods and prudent steps, then even the correct policy will only have the opposite effect.

     Coupled with Zhang Cai’s unprecedented rigorous assessment of officials in the capital, and the rectification of pass like thunder and move like the wind from top to bottom, the cries of complaint fill the roads, Liu Jin used the guarantee to implement his own orders, It is to order the factory guard to crack down on all opposition.Liu Jin is like a huge earth roller. He wants to make a way out wherever he wants, regardless of whether it is a wilderness, a pond or crops, just press it straight down all the way. The grasping officials, corrupt mandarins and the incorruptible officials were kept in a cell. His criterion for judging guilt was whether he could execute his orders not one thread loose. 'storm clouds approach, the undercurrent is surging. Last winter, the little prince Tatar led tens of thousands of horses to attack the side, several grams of the city, the ruling and the wild shaking, the victims flocked to Beijing, but this winter, the wind and rain came from inside, from below, just like The volcano that is accumulating power has made people smell the sulfur, but no one knows when it will erupt.

     Perhaps, if a certain force is missing, a certain person, it may never break out. Or, it will break out when the eyes are full of barbarians and cannot be managed. Or, God will let another person emerge to meet a historic destiny to carry out this historical destiny.

     However, the person is still there, Liu Jin's tossing has not exceeded his grasp. He is waiting quietly, recuperating, waiting for the day of the general trend, waiting patiently for the prey himself to step into the death trap. Yang Ling.

     Yang Ling is really good at rest. You don’t need to go to court or govern, but occasionally go to the draft scene to order a mao and show your face. The training time is changed to the afternoon, and the sword training is changed to the evening. It is said that Yang Guogong has grown several catties of meat.According to Xue Limei, the little girl often complains these days that the master is getting more and more fierce, and she is often out of breath. So Yang Ling responded positively, and put her on top in a calm and rational manner, enjoying her ‘pouring candles upside down’.

     As for his two beautiful concubines from Shihuaguan, their waist strength is pretty good, but it may be due to a surname. Yu Tangchun has always been ashamed of him. Her slender waist is flexible and powerful, under Yang Ling's body. There is an endless aftertaste of strength when resisting the lingering, so that Yang Ling can only use more strength to hold down her soft jade body and stab her fiercely in order to make this little fairy feel safer.

     As for the difficult movement of'pouring candles upside down', it is necessary to maintain sufficient rhythm and skill. At present, only Xue Limei, who is light and soft, can barely achieve'where there's a start' with her amazingly elastic small electric motor. , there's a finish'.

     Yang Ling stayed in Youniang’s room last night. The original couples have a good heart. Being with Youniang is more of that kind of feeling like spring breeze, even if it’s affectionate, it’s like spring breeze and rain. I only feel it when I am with Youniang.When Yang Ling woke up early in the morning, Yang Ling was trying to hold her sweet wife to pull the housework, but Master Xiao Yang opened her throat and roared, and the two had to get up quickly. In one body, Yang Ling's position in the family has fallen to second place.

     ‘Early in the morning, a family is standing in the yard and setting off fireworks. Isn’t this sick? ‘Yang Ling murmured secretly.

     Mrs. Yang took care of him the most. The little guy was nestled in Yang Ling’s arms, tightly wrapped in a camel wool blanket, and covered with a plush tiger-skin hat on top of his head, showing only a white and tender skin. With a small face, a pair of lacquer eyes and shiny eyes, staring at the aunts who set off fireworks.

     Said to set him off fireworks, but Yu Tangchun and Xue Limei were screaming and screaming and playing happily than anyone else. Even Youniang became exhilarated to join in. Only Gao Wenxin was smiling, but she was less childish and gentle. Standing next to Yang Ling, tucked the quilt for the baby from time to time.

     'Ah, it's very cloudy today, don't set off fireworks, you should go to the flower hall to play the leaf card, the election of the horse is almost done, now there are more than 20 candidates left, I haven't been there for seven or eight days. Now we have to check it, that's all right, let's go back'.Yang Ling had just turned around holding his son, as if being pinched, the little guy pulled his throat open and cried, Youniang quickly dropped the fireworks and ran over, Yang Ling hurriedly turned around holding his son, and saw With the fireworks set off, Master Xiao Yang's eyes lit up, and his cry stopped abruptly.

     Yang Ling handed his son to Yudao, not to know whether to laugh or cry. Authentic: ‘What kind of broken child is this? If I don’t play with so many toys, I like to go out and watch the fireworks’.

     Han Youniang hugged his son, kissed him on the cheek, and said to Yang Ling Yanran: ‘Boys, isn’t it okay? Haha, if you want to be busy with business affairs, you can go, it's rare for Yuer and the others to have fun too. We will go back to the room after a while.

     'Well, it's going to be windy, don't stay outside for too long, be careful of catching the cold', Yang Ling left the back garden with amnesty, and immediately called Liu Dabangma in the front hall:'Get ready to go to the kings. Pavilion. ‘Liu Dabangma stood upright, and replied boldly: ‘It’s the grandpa, wait a moment, I’m going to call the guards’.

     Speaking of Liu Dabangmao, he turned around, his body resembling a javelin, his military appearance was so neat that he had never seen him before. Yang Ling was curious, hurriedly said: ‘Wait, big stick, you didn’t follow the rules when you were in the army, why are you holding your abdomen and chest so strict now? Now it’s no better than in the army, you don’t have to be so restrained.’

     Liu Dabangma grinned and said: ‘I’m not restrained’.He stretched the corners of his clothes, and smiled shyly: ‘Ms. Xiaoyun’s craftsmanship is good, but the clothes are a little smaller, so I’m afraid that I’m going to break the clothes if I don’t stand up straight.’

     Yang Ling laughed loudly when she heard it, and said: ‘Housekeeper, go call Xiaoyun out and measure the size of the big club. It just happens that the New Year is about to make her redo a set for the big club’.

     "No need, no need," Big Bangma quickly shook his head: "She makes a new set of compensation, and she only has that interest, but she dare not work too hard."

     Last time Liu Dabangma’s clothes were messed up by Yun'er, and they cut everything broken and in disorder with scissors, and then he washed him vigorously, and he insisted that his clothes were all bad, and they broke after rubbing. Liu Dabangchou knew it was an excuse, but he was not upset, so he ran to the backyard to find her theory.

     Xiaoyun is the girl next to Han Youniang, who is like the head of the National Palace. The servants and maidservants who are up and down don't help her to speak. As a result, Liu Dabangmao was not very angry. He ridiculed me, and suddenly became angry, and he opened his throat and cursed.When Han Youniang heard the news, he asked, knowing that someone around him was bullying the general of the nursing home. He summoned Xiao Yun to reprimand her, then gave her a piece of cloth and fined her to make a new set of compensation for the big club. on. Xiaoyun saw that Liu Dabangmao was awkward, only visually inspected his body, and left angrily. In the end, it was not sincere to correct him this time, but the clothes were still aggrieved.

     This was supposed to be the case, but the little sisters in the back house were idle and bored, and finally had a happy event. She could not help but often joke with Yuner about Liu Dabangma, and at first she could not help but feel ashamed and annoyed. Embarrassed, but things between men and women are so weird. I didn’t have this person in my heart. I couldn’t hold back someone mentioning this person to her every day, and they insisted on pulling them together, making fun of them more often. Liu Dabangma’s heroic appearance is really true. The reflection in Xiaoyun's heart.

     To say that Big Bangmao is now the chief of the family generals that the imperial government has allowed the government to equip, and the officer who earns salaries, the rank is 7th grade when in the army, if you really want to count it seriously, she is still not worthy of others. As soon as the girl had something in her heart, she became unnatural when she saw Liu Dabangma. Youniang and Xiaoyun were with her day and night, and gradually became aware of her thoughts. I mentioned it to Yang Ling in the past two days, and Yang Ling also had a heart to encourage her. So take the opportunity to give them another chance.Liu Dabangma led the generals to take out the chariots and horses, and Xiaoyun also took the ruler to the middle hall.

     Yang Ling smiled and said authentically:'Xiaoyun, I have nothing to say about the clothes and workmanship made for the big club two days ago. The big club is rare, but the size is a bit small. He wore it on his body and was afraid that it would break. They are both cautious and solemn, just his guy, isn't this a living suffering? Your craftsmanship, so I’ll trouble you to measure his body and redo a new set. This is also about to start the New Year, and the clothes are ready. I will ask you to pay you a new year gift.

     Xiaoyun blushed, and quickly glanced at the big club standing proudly under the hall, squatting down and said: ‘Master ordered, Xiaoyun should obey. ‘Yang Ling smiled and walked out, while loudly speaking: ‘Big mallet, go, let Girl Xiaoyun measure you, be quicker, and I’m about to enter the city’.

     Liu Dabang entered the middle hall coyly, and there was a group of buddies snickering from behind. The senior executives were so mature that he swam out like a yellow croaker before the big club entered the house.

     Liu Dabangmao has a big waist and a round waist. The poor girl Yun'er, who is petite, took a tape to measure his waist, as if she was holding his waist with a small hand. Not only was the girl blushing, but even the big Bangmao's face turned into The color of pig liver.After the girl finished measuring his figure, she squatted down to measure his feet. Liu said with a big stick and said: ‘You have to measure your feet too? ‘‘Well, my family’s rags are a bit of a rag, and I can’t do anything beside them. I’ll make you a pair of shoes. you are not willing? ‘Ms. Xiaoyun looked up at him.

     Liu Dabang scratched his head and said with a smirk: "Yes, why not, Miss Xiaoyun's hands are clever, this dress is densely stitched, if it's in my village, it's reckoned to be first or second best, she can do needlework Girl. ‘Xiao Yun pursed his mouth in a boastful smile, stood up and said: ‘You can’t make clothes with your hands, hehe, can’t you breathe? At the beginning, I was worried about getting bigger, this time I didn’t mean to fix you.’

     Liu Dabangmae said embarrassingly: "I know, no wonder Miss Yun'er is the silly and silly girl I grew up, Fei Liuzi."

     Xiaoyun smiled at his ‘puff’, gave him a blank look, and said, ‘Is it all the material? It’s costing others’ hands.’

     "Yes, yes, yes", the girl came closer, and Liu Dabangmao began to stammer. He swallowed, looked back, and suddenly took out something from his arms and stuffed it in Xiaoyun. In his hand, he hurriedly said:'I gave you this', and then ran out, and when he reached the entrance of the nave, he tripped on the threshold, staggered and fell into the guards.Miss Yuner gave a scream, and she was relieved when she saw that he was okay. She noticed that the guards were looking at her, so she hurriedly pulled her sleeves and concealed what was in her hands. 15-16 Riding the guards led the horse out At the palace gate, girl Yun'er gently and gently opened the sleeve of her other hand. As far as she could see, there was a small box smaller than a moon cake in her palm, but there were two small boxes that were piled up so thick. It is decorated with fine white flowers on the satin surface, with three small characters "Jasmine Fang" in the middle.

     A sweet smile bloomed on Yun'er's lips: ‘Who said he was stupid and crude, wouldn’t this also please girls? The rouge of "Jasmine Workshop" is very expensive, he was willing to "Yun'er's gentle and sweet smile, like a jasmine flower exuding a faint scent of a girl who is loved by others, even if it is ordinary Ordinary women, the charm that glows at that moment is noble and beautiful like a princess.

     The truly noble and beautiful princess, but not a little girl is happy yet.

     Princess Yongfu was originally the surname of resign oneself to adversity. Her own joy, her anger, what she wants and what she wants to reject, she must strictly abide by the rules and cannot easily express it. People from the past will always be an elegant and noble royal. princess.But she, also a woman, and a 15-16 year-old girl, how much worry and burden can she bear in her heart? The consort candidates that I saw in the backyard of the'Zhuwangguan' that day frightened her. She often had nightmares these days. Although the maids around her comforted her and said that it was only the primary election. The candidate for's must not be so shallow, and her heart is still be on tenterhooks.

     Especially when I heard that Yang Ling is now at home with his wife and concubine all day long, she went to the Leopard Garden and chatted with her brother when she was so bored. He seemed to be totally disregarded for his life, and Princess Yongfu felt even more angrily. Bi Zhen is an eunuch. Guoji only pays attention to the identity and status of the other party. He has to choose a wishful man. I am afraid that only Yang Ling can know what he wants and what kind of person he likes. Why does he not take me seriously? child?

     Palace Master Yongfu flicked his sleeves angrily. With an ouch from behind, Princess Yongchun flashed away with a smile, and said triumphantly: "Fortunately, the princess is agile, who is angry with my sister?"

     "Xiuting? The one who got up early in the morning? Why did you come so early?""Sister Confused, what are you thinking about? Xianger came to Beijing today. I have been looking forward to it for a long time. Xianger is more troublesome than me. I will not be bored with her. I will wait for her to come. I have seen the queen mother, mother queen and the emperor, and I took her to the yard to have a snowball fight. Sister, are you going?" Yong Chun asked with a smile while mixing the snow on his shirt.

     Yongfu sighed faintly, and said, "You, young people don't know how to feel sad, so they know how to play. Alas! Xianger, whether Xianger is here, if I really live in the'Ten Kings Pavilion', someone will come. Chat with me to relieve my boredom. I really envy Xiang'er now. She is also a princess, but she doesn't have to live in the'ten palaces' in the future according to the princess's rules."

     Princess Yongchun rolled her eyes and said, "I asked you to pick it yourself, you refused. Whoever got caught in the picture tells the eldest brother. He is the emperor. With a will, who dares not marry?"

     Princess Yongfu's pretty face was dizzy, she gave a light mouthful, and said, "What are you talking about, can't my sister get married? How can a daughter show her face to choose her husband? Nothing is a joke."

     She turned her head and said to Xiao Dingzi: "Xiao Dingzi, tell the royal dining room to prepare a table for them, so that the princess and Princess Yongchun are going to treat Princess Xianger."Xiao Dingzi agreed to go, and Yong Chun smiled and said: "Sister, I heard from Director Ma that there are only 21 candidates left for the candidates. That is really a lot of choices. The chief election official will be the final one. Choose, and then bring people into the palace. I heard that the emperor brother has already posted the list. Today is the last day, but now the threshold for signing up can be raised. You must have merit and fame."

     Princess Yongfu was at a loss, her heart throbbed, and she urged: "You said that you want to bring people into the palace?"

     Princess Yongchun pulled a long tone and said, "Sister Mingyue will be the finalist. Only those who are selected tomorrow will be eligible to enter the palace, not tomorrow."

     Princess Yongfu breathed a sigh of relief. She walked to the entrance of the hall and saw snowflakes blooming. Princess Yongfu held her small fist and said nervously to herself: "It's snowing today, the'Kings' Pavilion' shouldn't be too much trouble. Sister, ask someone to call Master Yang into the palace, I want I want me to huh? Ay, Yongchun! Yongchun?"

     Yongchun had already ran away, and shouted to her: "Don't ask for it, I'll call someone."

     Yong Fu put down his hand and walked two steps down the corridor, standing up against Ping Ting, staring at Bai Xue curling down. The plum tree's old stem is already sprinkled with snow salt.

     She stretched out her bare hand, and the snow fell silently into her palm, and quickly turned into a drop of clear water, full of tears in her daughter's heart.Yongfu couldn't help but sighed softly, and looked up, Xueluo was misty, and the palace was like a child.

     The rules in the palace are forbidden to walk quickly. You must shake three steps at any time to keep the palace solemn and majestic. On the imperial roads, regardless of those with umbrellas or cloaks, the palace people walked with their heads buried in the snow mist, silently announcing the complete arrival of winter.

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