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Chapter Directory 354 Take Advantage Of
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Jiao Fang twisted his beard and glanced at Yang Ling slightly. Yang Ling copied his hands and shook his head with a smile. He immediately stopped. At the suggestion of Liu Jin, more and more officials surrounded Wang Hua and Yang Tinghe, all of them were emotionally excited, insisting on asking Yang Tinghe Wang Hua to advise the emperor on behalf of the courtiers, and must prompt the emperor to publicly apologize for his rebellious behavior. .

     When Yang Ling returned to Beijing this time, he was determined to start a general offensive against Liu Jin. He knew that if Liu Jin was allowed to continue madness, there might be more reasons for his death, and it would be more certain to get rid of him, but the trip to Banzhou, Let him know to what extent the government of officials in some places has been corrupted. If Liu Jin is to wipe out the chaos in the DPRK, how many people will die. Although there is a certain risk in the shot now, and he is not even sure of winning, he has decided to do it now.

     To get started, you have to find a high-sounding reason. No matter what the ultimate goal of a political struggle is, there must be a dignified reason, a reason to see people publicly, just like these for gaining good names, venting private anger, and The politicians who took the opportunity to criticize Liu Jin all raised the banner of "filial piety and ethics". He also needed a grand cause.This reason, because Zhengde's made a mistake, because the scene where Baiguan took the opportunity to launch a trouble has been provided to him. Yang Ling, who is no longer General Lü Meng of the southern state of Wu in politics, immediately seized this opportunity. Take advantage of the trend and set aside four or two dollars. Who is the final winner of this grand meeting with various purposes? Where and who will the torrent eventually rush toward?

     Yang Ling was watching happily, and suddenly he was kicked on the heel. When he turned to look, he saw a little woman screaming at him, and then walked slowly. The girl was dressed in plain clothes and had a lovely face like a pear blossom. Yang Ling was startled for a moment before remembering that she was Zhu Xianger, the daughter of the Shu King and now the princess.

     Yang Ling baffling, looked around, hesitated, Zhu Xianger walked to the corner door of the side hall, turned his head and glared at him, then waved his head toward the hall and walked in first. Yang Ling followed suspiciously, and stood at the door and probed the probe inside first, for fear that Zhu Xianger would jump out of the cold from behind the door. Fortunately, a probe was seeing her standing in the hall, Yang Ling. Followed in with confidence.

     Yang Ling saw that there were only Zhu Xiang'er and the two little palace ladies standing in the corner of the temple, so he stepped forward and said: "Yang Ling has seen your Highness.Since Yang Ling exposed Zhu Rangjin’s conspiracy to preserve the name of the king of Shu, Zhu Xianger had no prejudice against him, but then Princess Yongchun gave him a heart demon, and met Yang. Ling, this little girl is always a little uncomfortable, especially today I want to urge Yang Ling to see Yongfu earlier, and Zhu Xianger feels even more uncomfortable.

     She said dryly: "The grandpa exempts the gift, um, the grandpa returns to Beijing, haven't you met the emperor and Princess Yongfu?"

     Yang Ling said: "Yes, I went back to Beijing yesterday afternoon and came to worship the Empress Dowager this morning. I have never seen the emperor and the princess alone."

     Zhu Xianger coughed and said solemnly: "Well, this Princess Yongfu is very concerned about the progress of Baiyi's construction and the preparation of the cost, er, sister Huang heard that you have returned to Beijing, and asked you to meet her at Huang'an, and ask them publicly. thing".

     When Yang Ling heard this, he was a little embarrassed and said: "Now? There is no emperor's will, it is not convenient. In that case, I will meet the emperor first, and then I will go if I ask the edict.

     Zhu Xianger was relieved when he heard it, with a slight smile on his face, and said: "No, the emperor gave an oral message last night. This princess asked someone to lead you there."Zhu Xianger called two court ladies and asked them to lead Wei Guo Gong to the imperial palace. Yang Ling was unable to refuse, so she had to follow the two court ladies and walked out of the hall. Some officials raised their arms and shouted and some were generous. With old words and some hair stands up in anger and tips off one's hat, Yang Ling can't help frowning in disgust.

     He can understand Zhengde Emperor's feelings of helplessness and contempt. If he changes to the emperor, I am afraid that he will be spouting smoke through the seven orifices of this group of bastards, and at least he will have to wait half of the big stick. As for it, it’s a big deal. Everyone is angry as if the country is out of the country. Those who do not have a plan are loot a burning house, but that’s all, it’s just the rotten confucians who are talking about it. Annoying people, can't wait.

     At this time, the voice was getting louder and louder, and the empress dowager could no longer bear it, and the two of them walked out of the hall with a calm face. The officials were talking and discussing the ceremony. After meeting the two generations of the mother of the country, Yan Neng was ignorant and stopped immediately. After talking about worshipping down, he immediately complained to Empress Zhang of the emperor's misconduct.

     Yang Ling stood under the side hallway, brushed his sleeves, and followed the two court ladies. Seeing that he was gone, Zhu Xianger hurried back to the Queen Mother and quietly pulled Princess Yongchun's sleeve. Princess Yongchun has always been with the Queen Mother and the Queen, unable to get away. At this time, the two queens are comforting the officials. Without taking care of her, she quietly took a few steps back, and then whispered: "Did he go?"Zhu Xianger wrinkled her nose and said triumphantly: "This princess is out, don't you stretch a hand and grab it?"

     Seeing that the mother and the queen were stubborn and insulted so much that they cried with snot and tears, Zheng Yushi and others were so kind to persuade them, "Go, let's go and see."

     Sister Yongchun has a deep affection, she pretends to tell her what her sister meant, but the queen mother pointed out that she married and chose the short-lived ghost Anye. Yongchun has always felt guilty and felt that she had harmed her sister.

     In front of the queen dowager, Yongfu openly stated that he liked Yang Ling and wanted to marry but was unavailable. In desperation, he chose to be a monk and avoid marrying. Yongchun, who learned about his sister’s intentions from Zhengde, even though he still doesn’t want to marry a group of concubines. Accept as correct, but decided to fulfill her sister and try to help her make opportunities.

     Yang Ling sits in a quiet Zen room, a cup of tea curls up, there is a faint fragrance in the room, like musk not musk, like chrysanthemum but not chrysanthemum, if there is floating silk, if there is nothing. Yang Ling's heart moved, this is like that daughter's fragrance. I couldn't help but think of Yongfu's elegant face, only thinking that she was tired of becoming a nun and brought her to cultivate, and her face seemed to have a few sad expressions, and a pair of bright eyes looked at herself faintly.While thinking about it, there was a faint sound of footsteps outside the door, but when they reached the door of the room, they suddenly slowed down. After a moment of silence, a woman appeared at the door of the room, dressed in a moon-white robe, and her hair was simply tied Behind the head.

     Yang Ling hurriedly stood up and said, "I have seen Her Royal Highness the Princess".

     The joy of joy in Yongfu’s eyes flashed, and then he smiled calmly, and said softly: "Duke, please take a seat. Although I have not yet become a monk, I can be regarded as a cultivated person. The title and honor in the world cannot be called. Duke of the country still ask me to cultivate fate.

     Yang Ling murmured in response, Yongfu made money, walked into the room, and whispered: "Guo Gong, please sit down, I am chanting for the Queen Mother in the Buddhist hall. Did you just return to Beijing?"

     Her robes are made of silk, light and pure, moon-white. The robes are very loose, but because they are very soft, they swing with the body when they walk, sometimes close to the body and sometimes separate. It can always be a glimpse of her delicate beauty. The curve of the delicate body is like a swaying lily, with grace and grace in the ethereal.

     This meditation room was empty, only a small red sandalwood table was placed in the middle, and three or two soft cushions were randomly placed, which looked like futons in a temple, but the cushions were extremely finely embroidered, but they weren’t from the temple.The two sat down on the soft cushion with their knees closed, with a small couple in between. Yang Ling curled his eyebrows and said, "I went back to Beijing yesterday afternoon, because Shi-Chen (two hours) was late, so I only came to the palace today. The Banzhou check has been completed. After I came back, I went to see Huang'an, and the overall plan has been completed. , The main part of the foundation is being built, now the sky is warm, and the construction is fast. I thought of autumn, the main nunnery can be built."

     While listening indifferently, Yong Fu lifted the teapot to refill Yang Ling with tea, then took out a jade burner from a few strokes, and put the spices in his hands. His movements were elegant and beautiful.

     Yang Ling glanced at Yongfu, and saw her low eyebrows and deep eyes, her complexion as calm as water, and the corners of her eyebrows and eyes were not a bit of sorrow. This moon-white robes set off the whole person like a fairy in the cloud, and she couldn't help feeling odd.

     Yongfu felt Yang Ling's gaze on him, and he didn't realize that the head was drooping. A red cloud rose from the cheeks and spread to the corners of the eyebrows and eyes. In the end, even the jade neck that was crystal clear and jade showed a little pink. Shy and shy for a while. Yang Ling didn't realize it was lost.After a while, Yang Ling must be godly, he coughed, straightened his face, and continued to tell Yongfu how much property he had confiscated, how much silver taels were after the sale and discount, and the current planning and construction of Baiyi Temple. That clear cough made Yongfu realize his gaffe, and he was busy listening, but he was in a daze for a while. Yang Ling sat beside her, but his voice seemed to be far away.

     Yang Ling was talking in a whisper, realizing that Yongfu's expression was in a trance, and she couldn't help but stop. The room was so quiet for a while that the heartbeat of the two could be heard. This sudden silence made Yong Fu suddenly raised his head, his clear and watery eyes were thrown at Yang Ling's face, his heart was cocoa, and the person who missed him was right in front of his eyes. He hadn't seen him for a few months, his face was not as he imagined. He was so haggard, but he seemed more energetic. The worries, worries, and misses of the past few months are concentrated in this deep glance, as if to directly see Yang Ling's heart.

     Yang Ling saw Yongfu’s eyes, and she felt stunned in her heart, and whispered in her mouth: "Princess..." Yongfu also felt astonished that she had been staring at others boldly for too long, and she looked away shyly, staring at the light in the furnace. The fragrant mist wafted up, and he whispered: "Autumn, the main temple in autumn can be covered."Yongfu seemed to have just woken up from some thought, and said softly: "Guo Gong has just returned to Beijing. I am very happy that you can come to see me. As for Xiu'an, I just listen to it, and you will be the master. ". After that, he glanced at Yang Ling very quickly.

     That gentle glance conveyed to Yang Ling's eyes all the unspoken, unspeakable, and unspoken thoughts of her daughter's family. Yang Ling was startled, faintly feeling that something was wrong, but again Can't think of a reason. He got up awkwardly and said, "I have just entered the palace today and have not seen the emperor. If there is nothing else, I will leave first."

     Yongfu was a little disappointed, but she couldn't think of an excuse to keep the customer, and pursed her lips, she bowed her head sadly and said, "Then I will send the country off."

     Yang Ling hurriedly said: "Don't dare, princess, please stop, er, layman, please stay, I am", Yang Ling arched his hand, and suddenly touched the bottom of the sleeve. The voice couldn't help but he hurried out from the sleeve. The bracelet said: "Ah, I was in Banzhou, and found this string of ruby beads is very cute, and I brought it into Beijing specially for your Highness."

     Yongfu’s eyes flashed with an incredible surprise, staring at the string of red beads, as if he wanted to reach out and take it, but then took it away, and said in a shame: "I am a cultivated person, what do you want this thing to do?"Yang Ling hurriedly said: "This is a string of rosary beads, Yang Ling found it by accident, and felt that it was the most suitable for His Highness, so he took the liberty to offer it, I hope His Highness will not dislike it."

     Yongfu hesitated when he heard the words, and then took it in his hand and said softly, "Thank you Guo Gong."

     Yang Ling hurriedly bowed and said: "I dare not dare, your highness stays, I retire."

     Watching Yang Ling hurriedly leave, Princess Yongfu sighed faintly, then looked down at the so-called rosary. Is this a rosary? It was clearly a chain of bracelets. She raised her sleeves and put the bracelet on. The slender and white wrists are a little exposed from under the clothes, like a tube of polished crystal beautiful jade. The string of red beads is set on the bright wrist. The white, white and red are all pink, indescribable. Mingyan.

     Rubbing the smooth and moist beads on her wrists, Princess Yongfu was in a daze: Autumn, fall will move to Yang Ling's mansion. Alas, I used to worry about the difference between the two in the sky and never had a chance, but now it seems that there is a chance, but he doesn't know his own mind, so how dare he go beyond the thunder pond? Just watched him a few glances, and scared him away. The general who was also a veteran of a hundred battles, he was a little courageous, really not a man, and he was so angry.But if he doesn't understand his own heart, he just gave him this beaded chain, how can he get close to him? Yang Ling Ah Yang Ling, I, Zhu Xiu Ning, is for you, but I even used the means of becoming a monk. Do I need to break this layer of window paper? Is it possible for me, the little nun, to put down her identity and seduce you?

     "Choosing, screaming", when he thought of this, Yongfu's face was flushed, and he was ashamed of himself.

     "What are elder sisters doing? Did you get tea stems?" Yongchun and Zhu Xianger rushed in recklessly, when they saw Princess Yongfu's ecstasy, they shy away.

     When her sister arrived, Princess Yongfu became even more shy, hurriedly said: "Nothing".

     "Nothing? The House of Internal Affairs is so brave. I haven't eaten the co-authored lesson. When my sister is a monk, what kind of broken tea does it serve? There are tea stems?"

     Princess Yongchun was so angry that she and Zhu Xianger just hid outside to eavesdrop. The sister was so warm, that Ming Ai had killed her, so she didn't dare to say a word, and hurried her to death. As a result, Yang Ling couldn't die. It was really irritating to give the Buddhist beads to his sister, he was quite willing to let his sister become a monk?Xiao Nizi was furious about this, and when she rushed in, she thought that the Ministry of Internal Affairs was serving her sister with bad tea. Princess Yongchun was pouting and she was angry. Suddenly she caught a glimpse of her sister's red light flashing on her wrist. She looked intently, and Yongchun couldn't help but exclaimed: "Sister, don't you want any jewelry? When will you wear it again? bead".

     Zhu Xianger grabbed Yongfu's hand and looked carefully at the ruby bracelet. Zé Zé praised: "Wow, crystal clear, red like blood, it is the best agate bracelet, so beautiful, it is rare that the grains are full and round, the size is the same. ".

     Yong Fu hurriedly lowered his sleeves, and said in embarrassment, "No, this is not a bracelet, this is a rosary that Master Yang gave me."

     Yong Chun asked blankly: "The rosary? Is the rosary worn like this?"

     Princess Yongfu blushed and her neck became thick, like a shrimp jumping into a pan. She flew into a rage out of humiliation and argued: "I said it is a rosary, it is a rosary, otherwise you say it is what?"

     Seeing that the emperor was going crazy, Yong Chun nodded hurriedly and said: "The rosary, the rosary, this is the rosary!"

     Zhu Xianger also pecked at the rice as if she was a little chicken, and said, "Yes, yes, it is a rosary, er, a rosary from Mr. Yang."The speaker was unintentional, and the listener was intentional. Princess Yongfu thought: Rosary, read Zhu, Master Yang read Zhu, does that mean? He was born as a scholar, and he must understand these methods of borrowing things to express feelings and wiping his feet.

     Princess Yongfu's heart was pounding again: If it weren't, it was a bracelet, why did he have to say it was a rosary? Could it be that he was suggesting something to me, but I didn't understand it?

     Yang Ling's words reverberated in her ears again: "This is a string of rosary beads, Yang Ling found it by accident, and felt that it was the most suitable for His Highness, so he took the liberty to offer it. I hope His Highness will not dislike it."

     Reading Zhu, matching, I hope I don't dislike it, oh, is he related in the same term? If that is the case, I did not say that he must be disappointed in his heart, I am really stupid!

     Zhu Xianger said inadvertently, Princess Yongfu thought about it, and she became annoyed again when she was worried about gains and losses.

     Yang Ling arrived in front of Yongfu, wondering if it was because of the guilt of her situation, she was cramped and unspeakable. Once she left the temple, her mind became flexible again. Yang Ling didn’t know what was going on in the Longevity Palace, so he hurried to take a look. Due to the ceremony, the worship activities were completely destroyed, and the officials were gone. Yang Ling asked the eunuch that Zhengde was now in Xi Nuan Pavilion, and was anxious Rush away.Zhengde was so mad at the make trouble without reason of these officials that he was dull and colorless when he met Yang Ling. Yang Ling comforted him and gave a brief introduction to the situation in Banzhou, and then asked for a few days of leave. By the way, Banzhou was detailed. The sentiment is sorted into a book, and then the imperial decree is handed over. Yang Ling spent the New Year even outside. When Zhengde Emperor had important things, Yang Ling would always be rushing around, and he felt unwilling in his heart. Naturally, he did not refuse.

     Yang Ling came out of the Palace of Heavenly Purity, walked around to the front hall, and deliberately took a look at Wuying Hall, Jiao Ge was really shaking at the door of the hall, and when he saw Yang Ling arrived, he turned around and walked into the hall. Yang Ling didn't say a word, and followed his footsteps.

     As soon as he entered the Wuying Hall, the elder Jiao Ge impatiently sent the eunuch out, and then asked anxiously: "Guo Gong, today's situation is not right. At first it was just a few angle for fame officials who were reprimanded by the emperor. Some fly into a rage out of humiliation, but later the Manchu dynasty's civil and military sentiments were fierce, which was clearly different. People who saw many Liu Jin also surrounded Yang Tinghe and Wang Hua and asked them to take the lead in admonishing the emperor. , Ill-intentioned".

     Every time Yang Ling comes, Jiao Fang has to personally pour tea for him. This time, she is really anxious. Those who are deeply worried and sick at heart can't take care of these etiquettes. Yang Ling watched him turn around in a hurry, couldn't help but smile: "Haha, I naturally know that you don't need to think about this matter, Liu Jin is willing to encourage support, can it be a good thing?"Jiao Fangqi said: "Guo Duke can see it? Then why don't you stop it? With your prestige and status, if you come forward to appease you, plus Yang Daxue and Wang Shangshu highly respect you, you will definitely respond, Liu How can Jin's annihilation strategy succeed? Now that those people have carried out all the principles of high-sounding, Yang and Wang are in their right position and cannot help themselves. They know that they are driving the sheep for the tiger, or even get caught in it. Do not agree.

     Ugh! According to my opinion, Liu Jin must be coveted by the Ministry of Etiquette, what can I do? The emperor was furious, and the academician Lee had not yet rushed back. Maybe Liu Jin can be one arrow, two golden eagles, and by the way, pull the Yang scholars down. If the Qing sect is completely defeated, the grand plan of the patriarch will be even more difficult to realize."

     Yang Ling smiled calmly, and said, "Old Ge, please sit down, why worry?"

     He flipped over the tea cup, and leisurely poured a cup of tea for the old Jiao Ge, pushing the tea over, while saying: "Why come here? I'm ready to do it!"

     Old Jiao Ge was startled and lost his voice: "Now? Li's bachelor hasn't come back, there is one less help. In addition, there is always a breakthrough. This is the time."

     His eyes flashed, and he suddenly said: "Does the grandpa also use the opportunity of a hundred officials to discuss rituals and force the emperor to commit crimes?"

     Yang Ling smiled quietly: "Exactly!"Old Jiao Ge suspiciously said: "Although the emperor today said it was a good intention, but what he said and did was contrary to the way of filial piety. The officials used this as a basis to put pressure on the emperor, with the same purpose but the same reason. In hand, there is no disadvantage.

     However, today's emperor hates others for coercion, and he is getting more and more resistant. Liu Jin also sees this, and wants to use the supreme power of the 95th Five-Year Plan to suppress the rituals held by hundreds of officials and take the opportunity to withdraw Qingliu. The bottom is broken.

     Guo Gong, one of the weapons in their hands is ritual and the other is power. What is the purpose of Guo Gong to intervene? How to make Liu Jin? I really can't figure it out, what should I do to bring the fire to Liu Jin? "

     Yang Ling laughed loudly and said: "Old Ge, I know you will have questions, I am afraid that you will not be able to calm down, so I will tell you. The current court, a ceremony, each with purpose, What was blowing was the eight-sided wind of the hundred officials, and it was burning the emperor's nameless fire. The fire was directed at the hundred officials, and it seemed that it could not attract Liu Jin."

     Yang Ling stood up and said: "Elder Ge might as well sit on the sidelines these days, don't agitate, stop, or participate, let the wind blow a little more chaotically, let the fire burn a little bit more, and wait for my decree to be upheld."

     The smile on his face gradually cooled, his eyes slowly sharpened, and he said one word: "At that time, it was the beginning of the final battle between Liu Jin and I in the Forbidden City."The role of the emperor is no greater than ritual, no greater rite than filial piety, and no greater filial piety than sacrifice.

     The Zhengde Emperor, on the other hand, was disdainful of this point. It violated the unswerving purpose of officials and scholars, and violated the moral bottom line in their hearts. Hundred officials captured the unfilial piety of the emperor and the way of losing the emperor. A powerful reason began to attack the emperor.

     Admonishment doctor Shu Fen said that the emperor was arrogant today, and he still didn’t know how to repent and felt unable to restrain one's anger. When he returned to the mansion, he was voluminous. The emperor debated filial piety, heavenly principles, and human desires.

     Speaking of this Shu Fen, few people know, but he mentioned a poem he later wrote: "A thousand miles to carry a book is only a wall, it doesn't matter if you let him three feet. The Great Wall is still here today, I don’t see the First Emperor of Qin." Just what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail.

     This dear man was not only brilliant, but also a man of filial piety. Later, his beloved mother died of grief and became ill, so he passed away. The word filial in his heart is greater than heaven. How can he tolerate the emperor's contempt for filial piety.

     Shu Fen is a doctor of the Imperial Academy and a consultant. In fact, many officials of the Inspectorate and the Imperial Academy work part-time with each other. Shu Fen’s memorandum was presented jointly by his colleague Cui Tong and others, so it was not only known from the palace and outside the palace, but also widely circulated among the people. Gentry students rushed to read it and praised it.Zhengde Emperor didn't play this kind of boring argument with him. Dr. Shu spent the whole night quoting the beautiful article written by the classics. Zhengde only took a flick of his finger and threw it into the corner.

     Shu Fen is a kind of stubborn scholarly temper. The more frustrated and courage he continued to write, his words became more and more intense, which made Zhengde Emperor a headache. As soon as he saw the word "Chen Shufen" on the cover of the memorial, he immediately memorialized it. Yihe, throwing at the corner disdainfully.

     The courtier's memorial, the emperor should not be so lightly insulted, otherwise the daily life record will be marked with a stigma that is difficult to erase through the ages, so Xiaohuangmen has also developed a skill. Throw it here, and it immediately feels like picking up bones. The dog swished over and picked it up quickly.

     Shu Fen’s frank comment on the emperor’s resistance immediately gained supreme glory among scholars. All the Hanlins and imperial envoys followed suit and strongly demanded that the emperor repented of self-blame and reflected on his faults. At the same time, a large number of officials continued to impose on Yang Tinghe and Wang Hua. Moral pressure required the two adults to take the lead in writing to persuade the emperor.At this time, Zhengde Emperor had a cold, which was quite serious. It turned out that when Baiguan went to the Changshou Palace to worship, Zhengde hurried over from the warm Xi Nuan Pavilion. His clothes were a little thin. The fine sweat on his forehead was blown by the wind and caught a cold. The courtier who was unable to tell good from bad was so angry that after a while back, he asked the queen dowager to call for a tactful reproach, suffocating his breath and causing a fire, so he was dizzy and unable to lie on high.

     The emperor’s limbs are sore and tired, and the ambassadors don’t know that the emperor is really sick. Even if it’s a real illness, can a cold cover up against filial piety? The job of the emperor is nothing more than courtesy.

     The memorials continued and Zhengde Emperor ordered the ceremonial supervisor. All these memorials will not be issued. Liu Jin heard the decree and dragged out the two big boxes and collected the waste paper happily, but this time he did not use any cards. To reduce the cost of various ministries to rectify the Hanlin officials, because he needed these nerds to create a momentum, and the momentum was increased. As the leader of Qingliu, Yang Tinghe and Wang Hua, who was in charge of the Ministry of Rites, had to come forward and provoked the ceremony. The banner of war.

     Supervisors and Hanlins are code characters originally, you stay, I will write again, the right to practice pen. There were more and more memorials, and the tone became more and more fierce. The officials of fish in troubled water and have an ulterior motive ignited inside, and connected everywhere, coaxing the nerds of the group of nerds who were delighted to (do sth, idiom) to take the lead.Yang Tinghe and Wang Hua are not unaware of the sinisterness contained in them, but this is an unexplainable reason. The emotions of Baiguan become more and more intense, and the emotions that have been suppressed by Liu Jin for a long time are finally gaining the advantage of reasoning. Next, Xiang Emperor completely broke out. They were proud and energetic, and finally recovered their long-lost sense of responsibility. They realized how important they were to the court and the country, in order to fight for the right to kneel and the opportunity to be loyal servants. , They fought.

     Yang Tinghe and Wang Hua couldn't bear the strong pressure of officials who came to the door to cry and pleaded day and night. The moral wind direction was no longer controlled by their power and personal prestige. The two discussed it, and they had to write a mild wording. The memorial, jointly presented in the Imperial Front.

     The Zhengde Emperor was really depressed. Those high-sounding reasons made him irrefutable, but he just couldn’t figure it out. Didn’t he just see hundreds of officials kneeling on the wet ground in cold water and kindly ask them to bow instead of kneeling? For such a thing, as if it is so serious, it seems that the sky is about to fall?The innocence is about to'collapse'. The academicians and the minister of rituals are admonishing, representing the cabinet and the yamen in charge of the ceremony. They also agree with the opinions of the hundreds of officials. In the first round, they won the stage name victory. The weather vane is now completely obvious. The picture shows that the letter began by accusing the emperor of violating human relations and etiquette and filial piety, and directly asking the emperor to commit a crime, reflect on himself, and correct his mistakes.

     Zhengde Emperor was getting better and he was still ill and went to court. At this time, his health was getting better, but he refused to come to court. He began to restore the trifle without respect that he had just ascended to the throne. Zhengde's attitude aroused greater anger among the officials and gave Gave them more reasons to attack.

     At this time, Lu Wan, governor of Xuanfu, entered Beijing, and his jurisdiction was close to him. He was the first group of governors who were ordered to return to Beijing to report on their duties. Originally, these great officials in Xinjiang had never encountered such a ridiculous thing, so there was some not to accept as correct for Liu Jin's order.

     But governor Yansui ignored Liu Jin's order, and the delay was not enough. Liu Jin sent Jin Yiwei directly to jail. Lu Wan was shocked when he heard the news, and rushed into Beijing all the way, but he was still late. In desperation, Lu Wan had to prepare another extra in addition to Zhongli. He came to see Liu Jin. Liu Jin accepted the gift and scolded him again. Kaien asked him to stay on the job for inspection, which he called'substitute job'. .This old man gave the gift, and the private affairs were done and the official affairs were not done yet. When he entered the capital, he always saw the emperor, but the emperor now sees no one, so he has no choice but to spend time in the court room every day. We are all familiar.

     Lu Wan didn’t know the inside story, but seeing that the situation in Beijing was so tense, Six Nine Qings were eager to give sth a try to follow Yang Tinghe and Wang Hua to write a letter in order to gain a good reputation, so he spoke to persuade him: "Masters, The emperor was young, full of sap, it was eats soft food, but refuses hard food, the ministers wrote a letter, the emperor was sick, so stalemate is so bad for the court, everybody is writing at this time, isn’t that pour oil on the fire?"

     When you think about it, you really can’t push the emperor too tightly. Although Liu Yu and Zhang Cai have become Liu Jin’s best friends, their idea is to let others be the first bird. If the other scholars don’t come forward, they will be fine. hand.

     Liu Jin was furious when he heard the news, and found someone to call the governor who had done bad things to the head. It was another scolding torrent of abuse. Poor Master Lu didn’t know the reason, but he treated it as a gift to Grandpa Liu. It was still too small, but all the money I brought was used up, so I had to borrow it from the owner and Xijia, and then accompanied the smiling face to Liu Jin.After receiving the gift, Liu Jin knew that he was unintentional. He planned to let him go, but he didn't expect that the probationary governor was worried. Think about the man from the Xuanfu, the native of the country. Can I take care of it, so I pay a visit and ask Yang Ling to ask Yang Ling to make peace on his behalf if the emperor wants to demote his official.

     Liu Jin was afraid that Yang Ling would do him bad. He had sent someone to stare at him earlier. When it was reported that Lu Wan went to Yang Ling’s doorway, Old Liu was furious again. Could it be that I am the prime minister of the court? Can't compare him to a prestigious man in the wild?

     Lu Wan was called out by Liu Jin again and scolded him. After these three scoldings, Lu Wanpi was almost squeezed out, and his old Liu still let people live? Anyway, Jing, I have entered, and the crime of being late has been exempted. What else can you do to me? If you can't be dismissed, I'll quit!

     Lu Wan has been an official for so many years. At that time, he was a bit of a book business and his blood surname was burned out long ago, but today he was agitated by Liu Jin’s repeated tossing, and Lao Lu did not kneel down to dress up. The grandson got up, stood up awkwardly, his neck was stubborn, and he turned away. Liu Jin has never seen such a beggar, but he was taken aback.After Lu Wan went back, he packed up his baggage and was ready to go. Unexpectedly, after waiting for two days, Liu Jin couldn't figure out why he met Yang Ling, and his attitude suddenly became so tough. Now he is about to deal with Wang Hua, but he doesn't want a new branch grows. Out of a knot something bad happened, so I didn't dare to move him.

     The governor of the dignified Xuanfu, he has nothing to do with so many important things in the place, and he can't walk away, and he doesn't know if he can be an official. He has nothing to do, so he has to spend the whole day in Beijing.

     High-level officials can maintain superficial calm in this way, but low-level officials have no scruples. They are not like high-level officials who have long-standing officialdom and respect. They have a long time in politics and can distinguish between the heavier and the less. They know the circuitous and euphemistic means of struggle. Er holding the book of sages and sages instilled a brain of scholars of "propriety, righteousness and shame", saying that the theory is good, but it is far from the level of "entering the world".

     The truth is in your own hands, so what are you afraid of? The emperor doesn't know the etiquette, does not obey the etiquette, and he is not a courtier at this time, and he is not loyal. When will he come out? Loyal ministers are not afraid of death, and they are not loyal ministers. High-ranking officials can't shirk their worries, so we will come forward ourselves.Huang Gong, a Jinshi in the eighteenth year of Hongzhi and the principal of the Criminal Ministry, asked for the drafts of Shu Fen, the number one scholar, and felt that he hadn't fully read the manuscript. He was afraid that the emperor would not be conscious enough, so he played a solo and gave Zhengde Emperor a stick. Favored minister Liu Jin began to expand the target. His memorial became the fuse of the Korean controversy, and the ceremony became a political discussion:

     "For example, today my Majesty only knows that there is a chancellor, and does not worry about your Majesty. I would rather disobey your Majesty than dare to resist a chance. The misfortune has already occurred, and your Majesty does not know yet. When the disaster changes, I fear that it will be too late for your Majesty to know! Your Majesty’s plan, please Chongzheng learn; open the way; rectify names and disciplines; exclude the lucky villains, otherwise, the fear of the country will be imminent! The minister knew that this statement would be intolerable by Annihilation, and he rebuked the minister for slandering the government, but Chen would rather speak bluntly and advise your Majesty not to be mistaken by Jian Cheng."

     Huang Gong is indeed loyal. He knows that he will be hit by Liu Jin. He is not uncommon to lose his life when he is dismissed from office. Lu Zhen, the driver of the car, saw that this memorial was righteous and his level of education was higher than his own, so he tore up his sparse manuscript and filled in his own name at the back. Other humble officials signed it after they saw it. Jointly played.This little official's critical tone was so intense that it was not inferior to the memorial written to Emperor Jiajing by the famous Crazy Hai Rui of later generations. Zhengde was so angry that there was nowhere to post it. This memorial was folded and Zhengde immediately grasped the handle: "I'm rude and reconciled? That's all, who told me to say the wrong thing and do the wrong thing? I reap what one has sown. I knew this before. Kneel to death your grandchildren! But you are too far away now, right? I just didn’t let you kneel down. Why is it so serious that the country will be defeated? Annihilation minister, who is annihilation minister?"

     The Zhengde Emperor approved Liu Jin to punish him. Liu Jin was furious when he saw Zhe. He sent Huang Gong and Lu Zhen to imprisonment by handing him to imprisonment and forced him to confess his guilt. Huang Gong said bluntly: "Life from official to official, most of them for 30 to 40 years, only those who stand on their own way and live for thousands of years. People of the world are willing to change this with one another!"

     The four of Lu Zhen responded. Liu Jin was furious. The first offenders Huang Gong and Lu Zhen were dragged to the court for one hundred, and he was punished to kneel for five times. The driver, Lang Lu Zhen, was weak and he was dragged back to prison after the fight. When he died, Huang Gong actually clenched his teeth to hold on, then knelt down and said five times, packed his luggage, and dismissed him for the people.The five heroes' righteous deeds swept the city, and the respect and respect of the scholars made more low-level officials be fired up. There are so many different things, and there are people who make a show of being very much in earnest. There is no heir to the emperor. I talked about the emperor’s two-year marriage, but the two concubines were never pregnant. If the emperor should be unpredictable, there will be misfortunes. I deeply worried and sick at heart to advise the emperor to set up an heir earlier and also hinted. Does the emperor ask an imperial doctor to see if he misses a major event? This is simply a suspicion that the emperor is ill. If he is not good enough, he can’t stand it if he is a man. Besides, Zhengde Emperor’s donkey temper, Zhengde Emperor more than one can bear. No, the courtier who cared about the emperor's younger brother was sent to the big jail and suffered a board. He had a meal of'fried pork with bamboo shoots'.

     The champion Shu Fen is full of spirit and is now the man (or woman) of the moment in the young and strong school. He wrote a long paper on the matter. After careful and careful analysis, he came to a conclusion: If you don't listen to the opinions of the courtiers and immediately reflect and review, you will end up like the king of the country or the Emperor Jianwen in the Five Dynasties.When the memorial was presented, Master Shu expected that he would be killed by the palace staff. After the memorial was written, the clothes were bought back, and the coffin was ordered, he was ready to do a funeral for himself. Unexpectedly, Zhengde Emperor was like a heavenly steed, soaring across. The skies' bizarre thoughts burst into anger and laughed, thinking that this nerd was a bit crazy, his brain was already abnormal, and he let him go.

     However, the civil and military officials who watched the movement did not know what the emperor was thinking. When he saw the emperor hit two groups of people, Shu Fen's even more irresistible memorial was okay. He thought that the emperor had begun to subdue, and his courage suddenly increased.

     Within two days, more than 100 middle- and low-level officials from the Liubu, Hanlin Academy, Dali Temple, Pedestrian Division, Six Sections, and Thirteen Dao, and the Metropolitan Procuratorate presented protests and exhortations to the emperor. They were all in the same tone. It is said that Great Ming Jiangshan is about to perish. If the emperor does not repent, he may die and there will be no place to find a corpse. In the capital city, the people's minds fluctuated for a while, and the officials had no intention of politics, and they all joined the baffling battle of discussing rituals, discussing politics, and then discussing heir.The unnamed fire of the Zhengde Emperor finally broke out. Zhengde, who has been unable to go to the court for many consecutive days, held a great meeting. He roared in court, be in a thundering rage, and the veins on his forehead were violent. Unhealed, I don’t know how to be sympathetic, and a group of small officials exaggerated and slandered. You all said that it is the gift of the monarch with me. Is this the gift of the minister? A bunch of bastards, you don’t want to kneel Is it? Then I want you to kneel down enough!"

     The more than one hundred officials who submitted the letter were all punished to kneel at the Meridian Gate. These low-level officials were not qualified to go to court, but now, like the civil and military officials of the Shang Dynasty, they go to work in the palace every morning with honor. Early in the morning, the chief officials of the yamen led them, and rushed to the Wumen in a neat line. Jin Yiwei began to kneel after the call. No meals at noon, but family members are allowed to deliver meals. They will kneel until the evening and then roll their names. The officials will lead them back and then disband.

     The cabinet, Liubu Jiuqing and other officials could no longer express their silence, and they wrote letters requesting the emperor's pardon. Zhengde Emperor still stayed in and not issued, and several officials continued to petition for pardon, including Wang Huan and other veterans. Zhengde replied: "Together Go to Wumen and kneel down!"

     The officials who were arrested in the big jail earlier also joined the penalty kneeling team with shackles. These officials knelt there during the day and chatted with each other nonsense. They went home and wrote memorials at night, but none of them gave in.Zhengde’s angry forehead hurts, Liu Jin weighed up sb's words and observe their facial expression, and said carefully: "The emperor, you punish these officials to kneel down. The reflection has passed, but they have no repentance. It’s a big joke that I’m sitting on my knees and chatting and joking, and there are tea and snacks beside me. It’s a big joke. In the opinion of the old slaves, it is better to use court battles against these officials, and forgive them for not daring to be so arrogant anymore. ".

     "Ting rod? More than a hundred people at the same time." Zhengde hesitated for a while, nodded and said: "Okay, I will teach these idiots a lesson. There are still tea and snacks on the knees. These tired guys, let It’s okay for them to eat some flesh and blood!

     Liu Jin was secretly happy, and repeatedly agreed, with a vicious smile flashing across his mouth. Yang Tinghe is quite annihilated, and Wang Hua, who pursues the doctrine of the mean, is even more annihilated. This pair of old skaters has never been the first bird. As a result, Liu Jin has been unable to counterattack his reactionary and planned for a long time. Cabinet, put in your own cronies.

     None of the people kneeling at the Meridian Gate are their own people. They are all the backbone of the Qing sect and the hope for the future. If dozens of them are killed by a meal, even if they know that there is a fire pit in front of them, Yang Tinghe and Wang Hua will have to Bite the scalp and jump in, the big thing is set.Liu Jin passed the decree. Jin Yiwei, Dahan General, Dongchang Fanzi, the brigade suddenly appeared outside the Wumen, a row of big men carrying the court sticks and torture sticks, and the officials kneeling there, drinking tea and snacks. After a moment of silence, they saw that the emperor wanted Shi Tingzhang.

     The eyes of these low-ranking officials lit up: the staff! How glorious! It represents noble loyalty. If you are killed, this obscure and unknown person will be recorded in history forever. If you do not die, you will be respected by the ruling and the opposition if you travel around the world in the future. Tingzhang is almost the same as the posthumous title of "Wenzheng" and the official position of the chief minister of the cabinet. It is the treatment of a person's life yearn for sth even in one's dreams.

     The firing squad was preparing vigorously. The masochists ate and drank enough, and all those who were convenient to go were packed up, waiting for the ass to be beaten. After hearing the news, the cabinet scholars and the six departments of Jiuqing asked the imperial court for pity. Before that, the two fast horses galloped out of Beijing and went straight to the western suburbs.

     Yang Ling has been paying attention to every move in the DPRK. Zhengde was badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire) by the officials. He was very clear about sth. Some reckless officials offended the world and lost their lives. He also knew. He was also anxious, but the timing was wrong. This attack was completely useless. Either he was dragged in and turned into an enemy of a hundred officials, or Liu Jin could easily defuse the offensive and lose this rare opportunity.He must be like a fox hunter, waiting with the utmost patience and waiting for the best opportunity, until the emperor and civil and military officials feel if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off. When you succumb, when you have the intention to eliminate it, but you can't withdraw, you can easily make a fortune with four or two.

     When the news arrived, Yang Ling was holding his son and was standing on the corner of the church to watch the scenery. Upon hearing the news, Yang Ling be pleased beyond one's expectations, the opportunity finally came!

     The Zhengde Emperor's move has shown that he will never give in. This kind of thing that some officials see is bigger than the sky is not worth mentioning in the eyes of the unruly Zhengde. Although the world thinks Zhengde is absurd, but Zhengde never did what he thought was ridiculous, because it was ridiculous in Zhengde's eyes to avoid the courtiers to kneel and commit the crime.

     However, when things have reached this point, they have been standing in a position of advancing, retreating and defending, allowing low-level officials to play the front line quietly, and the high-level officials who decide their deeds by their manners, the faction leaders must also have the intention to retreat. If this dungeon rod is beaten, the officials will be completely opposed to the emperor. As leaders, they have to go into battle bare-breasted and bite the bullet to seek justice for the younger brothers. The result is only two defeats. hurt.When both parties are doing their best and hoping to have a chance to separate themselves from their opponents, it is time for him to make his debut and turn the overall situation around.

     Yang Ling hurried back to the house with his son taking large steps, rushed to the back garden, called the Big Bangmao and Yun'er who were sitting behind the rockery holding hands and whispering, and handed his son to Yuner's hand and confronted Big Bangma Exclaimed: "Bonma, go, bring my father-in-law's horse and enter the city immediately!"

     Yu Tangchun hurriedly walked out of the flower hall after hearing the sound, stroking Ruyunxiu's hair and said: "Master, you want to enter the palace?"

     Yang Ling is majestic and majestic, like a general who is about to go to war, with high morale and said: "Yes, get my melodrama quickly, I will enter the palace immediately to make an order to the emperor!"

     Yu Tangchun hurriedly returned to the inner study room, took out a booklet that helped him clean up and handed it to Yang Ling. Yang Ling held it in his hand, patted it lightly, and said in his heart: "The rectification of the capital, from today, this is the first The big-character poster is posted, I don’t know who it is~~ First, bad, bad luck!

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