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Chapter Directory 355 Double Arrows
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Outside Wumen, Dongchang Fanzi, Jinyi Guards, and Dahan Generals have followed the prescribed order, and they lined up neatly, just waiting for the official to execute the sentence. At this moment, a team of strong riders galloped, their horses hooves on the bluestone board, thunderous.

     Jin Yiwei Qianhu Shi Wenyi heard the sound and saw a line of fast horses, and immediately brought a team of guards to greet him, put his hands on the handle of the knife, stood proudly, and shouted: "The front is the heavy land of Wumen, civil and military officials, dismount."

     As soon as he said this, he could see that the one rushing to the front was Yang Ling, only half a horse's head behind. He was a burly man with a black iron rod in his hand. The prospect was vivid in one's mind. Dare to be arrogant, Shi Wenyi turned around in fright and ran away, stunned the Jinyiwei officers and soldiers who were following him.

     Shi Wenyi ran a few steps and heard the sound of horses hooves getting closer and closer, worried that he might be kicked by the horses. He flashed aside hurriedly, but when he heard the horses hooves stop, he turned his head and saw that Yang Ling had stopped beside him. Next, he turned over and dismounted with a smile: "Master Shi, long time no see."

     Shi Wenyi saw that his soldiers looked at him with a rare look. He couldn't help but be ashamed and annoyed, but he didn't dare to be rude to Duke Wei, so he had to endure the air fork and salute: "I have seen the Duke of the country in a humble position Always good?"Yang Ling thought he was his own horse boy, and put the horse halter rope into his hand casually, brimming with enthusiasm and said: "Well, my grandfather is fine. Huh? What are so many officials doing here? Isn’t this to give the court stick? The court stick is not beheaded, and they are all delicious at the end. Why are there tea and water one by one?"

     Shi Wenyi had regained his composure at this time. Hearing the words, he deliberately ridiculed: "The Lord of the Country is taking good fortune at home, but the news of the DPRK is blocked. He told the Lord of the Country that these officials had offended Longyan and the emperor fined them. Kneeling, thinking about it, but these officials don’t know how to repent, and they make false statements. The emperor is furious and wants to give the court rod."

     Yang Ling as if nothing had happened, nodded and said: "I don’t understand the rules, it’s really time to be beaten, but the execution must be suspended. The imperial commissioner is about to go to the palace to punish the decree, and the report to the emperor involves these officials, and you Listen to the emperor's further orders."

     Shi Wenyi was dumbfounded: "Impressive? Lord of the country, are you imperial for the purpose?"

     Yang Ling blinked and said with a smile: "Yes, my country's father is in the wild, and I don't know anything. Master Shi is in the court, it seems that it is an eminent person has short memory. My country's father went to Banzhou to check the An eminent mansion, and it was imperial decree. , I am about to enter the palace to see the emperor and reply to the imperial edict."Shi Wenyi suddenly realized, but he was puzzled and said: "What is the matter with these officials when the country's official checked the resumption of Anfu's decree? Why should the execution of the humble job be suspended?"

     Yang Ling smiled coldly, and said indifferently: "Then, do you want my father to report to you first?"

     Shi Wenyi hurriedly said: "Ah, the humble post is just asking casually, the humble post dare not ask, dare not ask."

     Yang Ling snorted and said diffusely: "Bangma, watching here, the father of the country shall not be sentenced until the decree is restored."

     Shi Wenyi said with irritation: "Duke Guo, it is the emperor's will to impose court rods on these officials."

     Yang Ling squinted his eyes and said, "My country's prince knows that the emperor's decree has been a while, right? Are you still preparing? Now that the country's prince enters the palace to resume the decree, it involves hundreds of officials. Purpose?"

     Shi Wenyi snorted and said lukewarmly: "It's not a resistance to the decree. Even if it is to resist the decree, the Lord Guo has resisted the decree when he was studying in his status. That is not afraid. But dare not humble. So now, if Grandpa Liu is here to supervise the sentence, how can he dare to violate it if he is a small, well-dressed, thousands of households?"

     Yang Ling flashed his eyes and smiled and said, "Duke Liu? Ha ha, if Duke Liu gave the order, it will be difficult for you to be embarrassed by your country's father, but you will be tortured."He said this because his eyes were wrong, he had seen Liu Jin appeared, and quickly came up with a way to lure the tiger from its domain in the mountains.

     Liu Jin wears a blue-embroidered gown with a filial piety belt around his waist. He leads a group of small yellow gates. They come out from the corner gates. Some of the small yellow gates at the back carry chairs and some carry tea trays. It seems Liu Jin's use of punishment is similar to Fan Ting's back then, and he likes to show off. Yang Ling smiled slightly, dropped Shi Wenyi, then bowed his head and hurriedly walked towards the corner door.

     Liu Jin became exhilarated out of the palace gate and was about to enjoy a good show with a hundred buttocks in full bloom. Suddenly, Yang Ling hurriedly walked up, not feeling a little surprised, and hurriedly greeted him, put on a fake smile. Oops, I haven't seen you for a long time. Last time the grandpa entered the palace to pay homage to the empress dowager, our family presided over the ceremony, and we didn't even greet the grandpa. The grandpa has always been good."

     Yang Ling was startled, as if he had just noticed him, she raised her head suddenly, squeezed out a smile in a panic, and said, "Ah! It's Daddy Liu, fortunately, father-in-law is as healthy as ever."Shi Wenyi stretched his neck and looked at him, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth: "These officials keep on saying, Jie Jie Jie, clearly refers to Liu Gonggong. Liu Gonggong hates them for their bones. How can they let them go? Hey, Liu Gonggong The power of today is under one person, no one can match, the general, the general, who meets Grandpa Liu is not respectful, let you eat a turtle today, head and face filthy with grime, from now on knowing that you are already The phoenix with its wings, less show off one's military strength in front of me.

     He was secretly ruthless, yet he had not forgotten the horse boy's duties. He was still holding Yang Ling's horse halter rope. After Yang Ling and Liu Gonggong finished greeting, they kept walking towards the palace gate, Liu Jin Seeing him walking in a hurry, he felt something wrong instinctively, and quickly stopped and said: "Ah, Lord Guo, I haven't seen him for so long. Let's talk first. What are you busy doing?"

     Yang Ling laughed dryly and said: "Ah, it's nothing big, that is, the government of the country has been ordered to go to Banzhou to investigate the affairs of the Anan Mansion, and today he will go to the palace to rehabilitate the decree. Uh, I heard that the officials have offended the emperor, and the father-in-law is going to execute the sentence. Isn’t it? You’re busy first, you’re busy first, it’s okay to see that the emperor has turned in the imperial decree, hahaha, let’s talk about it later."The more Yang Ling said that there was nothing wrong, and the more eager to leave, Liu Jin became suspicious. When he saw Yang Ling under his feet, he even wished that he would hurry up to torture the Baiguan in front of Wumen, Liu Jin's doubts arose: "Isn't this just going to push me away? What is Yang Ling doing?"

     Liu Jin squeezed his chin to check the calculation and turned his head to look. Yang Ling was at the gate of the palace. After checking his waist card, he didn't have time to pick it up. He took it in his hand and walked into the palace. Liu Jin said, "This kid must have something. What kind of re-decree to check the Anarchy? This is something worth panicking when you see our family? Hey! You want to dismiss me and sue me for the crime? There is no door!"

     Liu Jin turned around and chased after him, and the father-in-law next to the supervisor of ceremonies cried out: "My father-in-law, isn't he going to declare a decree and execute his sentence? Where are you going?

     Liu Jin didn't look back, waved his hand and said, "Don't be in a hurry, let's go to the palace, and then declare the sentence."

     Yang Ling noticed that Liu Jin had followed, and his feet suddenly accelerated. Liu Jin had no doubts when he saw this: "He was in a hurry to enter the palace, it must be related to our family, could it be that Zhang Zhong still has something to do with our family? His hands?"

     Liu Jin hurriedly thought for a moment: "No, as soon as Zhang Zhong was arrested, all the evidence related to each other was destroyed."

     He hurriedly shouted: "Master Yang, slow down, slow down, our family can't keep up with you."Yang Ling sullenly walked straight, pretending not to hear, until Liu Jin yelled a few times, Yang Ling stopped as if he had just reacted, and said in surprise: "Daddy Liu? Why are you back? ?"

     Old Liu hurried over with panting, hehe, he smiled and said, "Ah, this is the case. The emperor said that every courtman outside the palace gate is thirty. When our family went to the Meridian Gate, the officials were fat, thin, and healthy There are weak, there are old and young, if there are 30 court rods, if there are 30 rods, I am afraid that some officials will not be able to bear it, so I want to ask the emperor whether to give favors outside the law and treat them differently."

     Yang Ling shook his head and sighed, and said, "Gong Liu, he is really kind."

     Liu Jin smiled and waved his hand: "Where and where, the inner court and the outer court are all the emperor's courtiers. It is convenient to meet each other."

     Yang Ling persuaded: "Do you still have to go with this matter? Wouldn't it be over if you send a ceremonial eunuch to ask for the will?"

     Liu Jin hurriedly shook his head and said, "How can these people do big things? It's better for our family to go safe."

     "Father-in-law is loyal to the country, admire, admire!"

     "Where, where".

     The two looked at each other and laughed, but although the laughter was smooth, there was no smile in their eyes.Seeing Yang Ling's helpless look, Liu Jin felt happier, so he took Yang Ling and talked about this and that triumphantly, heading to the Palace of Heavenly Purity. When we arrived at the Palace of Heavenly Purity, the emperor was not in the Xi Nuan Pavilion. After hearing that it was the emperor who went to the main hall, Yang Ling hurried away. Liu Jin is just like a conjoined person. Where do you go, I will go wherever you go. He refuses to relax for a moment.

     When the two arrived at the main hall of the Palace of Heavenly Purity, they saw that the hall was very lively. Not only did the two academics from the cabinet and the six nine princes, but also the senior officials who are usually qualified to discuss politics, congregate in one hall, a boiling cauldron of voices. . Liu Jin just rushed back to the Si Li Supervisor to transfer the troops, but he didn't know that all the Kung Fu officials had arrived at this moment.

     In fact, the sixth department was originally on the same street. As long as one was notified, it would not be difficult for these officials to arrive quickly. These officials also included Zhang Cai, Liu Yu, Cao Yuan and other Liu Jin party. They didn’t intend to really plead for hundreds of officials, but it would be too obvious if they didn’t come. Inconspicuous, not helpful, and not being blamed from behind, What can you have against it?

     Baiguan knelt on the ground and stood in a stalemate with Zhengde Emperor. Zhengde was driven mad by the group of officials who were pushing their noses and cheeks. They were determined to rectify them, but the officials worried that this would cause the officials and the emperor to become more confrontational and even affect them. When he arrived at the court, he insisted on asking the emperor to take his order back.Zhengde sits on the top not say a word, just not letting go. The emperor doesn’t show favor, and the civil and military officials just won’t get up. They are in a deadlock. Yang Ling and Liu Jin rushed in, shoulder to shoulder. The whole hall was full of kneeling officials. There were only two standing, no one could see. , One after another, glance at the two people.

     Yang Ling leaned over and said: "The minister Yang Ling has seen the emperor."

     Liu Jin was so busy and said: "Old slave Liu Jin has met the emperor."

     Zhengde and Baiguan were vomiting. When they saw the two closest courtiers arrived, they felt happy. hurriedly said, "Flat, why are the two Aiqings going to the palace together?"

     "Uh", Liu Jin hugged his waist and looked at Yang Ling, with a smug smile on his face, "I see what you want."

     However, Yang Ling gave a deep ceremony and said: "The matter of the minister is more cumbersome, so let's talk about it first."

     "Me?" Liu Jin stayed for a while, seeing Zhengde had moved his eyes to look at him, so he had to bite the bullet and take a step forward, eating Ai Ai and repeating what he had said to Yang Ling.

     Zhengde frowned, and said in his heart: "Didn't you persuade me to use the court battle? Why did you initiate kindness to intercede for them again? The hundred officials are really so indifferent?"

     Zhengde pondered for a moment and said: "If this is the case, then I am allowed, you can use punishment as appropriate."Liu Jin hurriedly knelt down and said: "The emperor is kind," but he secretly calculated: "In any case, a few have to be killed, otherwise Wang Hua and Yang Tinghe will definitely continue to be turtles."

     He bowed his head and got up, but instead of going down to the temple immediately, he quietly retreated to the side of the temple and waited for Yang Ling to speak.

     Zhengde said to Yang Ling again: "Why did Aiqing go to the palace, oh but for the purpose of investigating the decree of Anan Mansion?"

     Yang Ling hurriedly said: "Exactly".

     Zhengde glanced at the Baiguan who was kneeling under His Highness, smiled happily, and said, "Aiqing, tell me."

     Yang Ling hurriedly said: "Yes!", he took out a memo from his arms and began to read the unceasing torrent. This idea is terrible, Yang Ling things are not separated according to their size, and it’s a detailed description. At first, Zhengde and Baiguan heard that a small treasurer in An Dongchen was greedy for so much property, and felt I was shocked, but later on the string of numbers, the description of the added vinegar has begun to get tired of

     At some point, Zhengde Emperor yawned, opened his eyes and saw that Yang Ling had just turned another page, he couldn't help sighing. The hand supporting his chin was a little sore, so he changed another.

     Liu Jin was also confused when he heard it under the side pillar: "This is what matters to him? When did Yang Ling become a broken mouth woman, do you need to talk to the emperor about these everything in disorder details?"Jiao Fang looked in all directions for a long time, seeing the emperor insisting on refusing to let go, and the civil and military officials have been pleading for the tortured colleagues outside the palace, secretly anxious: "The messenger sent the letter to the palace long ago, how mighty The country is not yet there?"

     He didn't relax until Yang Ling appeared. At this time, seeing the emperor and riders tired and horses weary dragged by Yang Ling, his patience was gradually lost, Jiao Fang could not help but laugh, and after hearing a few more words, he suddenly coughed and got up. Said: "Duke Wei, the investigation of the Ancestral Mansion is just a trivial matter. You only need to tell the emperor the amount of the check, and the amount of silver will be converted. Now the emperor and the ministers are discussing a major matter. Shorter?"

     "Boom", there was a silent scratch, and the spiritual head of His Royal Highness Baiguan suddenly returned to him. Who didn't know that Jiao Fang was Yang Ling's person, and now he was in the opposite direction? What do you mean, Lao Jiao has turned to Liu Jin?

     Liu Jin was also stunned, blinking his eyes to lift his spirits.

     Yang Ling seemed to be taken aback, and asked, "Is discussing important matters?"

     "Yes", Jiao Fang immediately spoke, and then took the opportunity to briefly explain the reason for the matter from beginning to end. Jiao Ge is an excellent eloquent. Although his words are short, the conflicts and the focus of the dispute are clear.Yang Ling listened, not to accept as correct: "Hundred officials are kneeling here. I thought it was to pay homage to the Queen Mother and her elders. It turned out to be for this reason. What's really controversial? Simple things, but made too far is as bad as not enough (idiom, from the Analects). It’s really a fuss, and it’s necessary to gather a hundred officials, go to war?"

     When Zhengde heard the mental leader, he straightened up quickly and said: "It is exactly what I said, making a fuss and making a fuss. It is really baffling. I am annoyed for this reason."

     Jiao Fang hurriedly waved his hand and said: "Wei Guogong's words are wrong, the emperor's every word and action is related to the Jiangshan community, so the officials are cautious, and even if they are strict, they perform their duties.

     Yang Ling asked, "If you are a descendant, what should be the foundation?"

     Jiao Fang said: "Do your filial piety!"

     "If you are a minister of the monarch, what should be the basis?"


     "University Yang, Wang Shangshu, sirs, ah! Grandpa Liu is also here, do you think so?"

     The officials replied repeatedly. Seeing him fist and kick him, Liu Jin hadn't figured out his true intentions for a long time, so he was careful in his heart, but there is nothing wrong with this sentence, so he can’t help but answer. , He was afraid of falling into Yang Ling's trap, and didn't dare to say a word, so he nodded and said: "Yes!"Yang Ling spouted: "The emperor is sympathetic to his ministers. It is benevolence. The speech is lost, but it's just a small section. Why should you hold on? What should be the most important now? What is the urgent?

     The empress dowager has stopped the spirit for a long time. It should be a great funeral and send the spirit to Changping to be buried with Emperor Xianzong. This is the gift of the son of man and the filial piety of the son of man. However, the hundred officials grasped the emperor's failure, and continued to criticize and discuss the ceremony. The filial piety and filial piety have severely affected the operation of the imperial government. The emperor cannot be filial piety and his officials cannot be loyal. The state affairs are vain. Everyone is stubborn to show off their tongues. Isn't this neglect the root and pursue the tip? "

     The officials heard this in silence, Zhengde Emperor let out a big sigh, raised his brows easily, and a smile appeared on his face.

     Yang Ling leaned over and said: "In the opinion of the ministers, the officials asked the emperor to bow and introspect, and the emperor should also be ready to follow good advice, personally support the spirit, solemnly go out of the funeral, and support the emperor to Changping to show the emperor's filial piety. Well, the minister ordered to Banzhou to take the voice of the people, and there is something to report to the Emperor Ming."

     Yang Ling explained in detail the four major crimes against officials and bandits in Banzhou: corrupt officials, sacred sticks, ringing horses, and bandits, and those who entrapped the people. He said that he had witnessed the tragic scene of Ai Yuanwai’s family being forced to hang himself on the 15th day of the first month. Zhengde Emperor was also surprised and angry.Liu Jin stood under the pole with his toes, and arched up nervously: "Yang Ling really took advantage of the question. Is this to take the opportunity to fix me?"

     He clenched his fists and shrugged his shoulders, while quickly calculating his words, while waiting for Yang Ling to come to the point.

     Yang Ling then finished the description of the four crimes and talked about the emperor’s decree, ordering him to purify the local officials and eliminate all the evils, and enlisted the Banzhou ringleaders to put them in official positions. Banzhou therefore explained in detail the things about the peace. .

     After introducing all this, he went back to the current court dispute and said: "The emperor's crimes have been ruled out. The officials thought that we could start with purging the officials. This is the case in Banzhou. I know that no people in other places are deeply involved in this. In water and scorching fire? In this way, the emperor adopted the advice of his courtiers to make up for the mistakes made. The officials can also settle their political affairs, which is beneficial to the country and the people.

     Yang Ling lifted it high and put it down gently. The face was given to hundreds of officials, and the steps were given to the emperor. He wanted the emperor to be the grand burial of the empress dowager and help the spirits to prosper, so as to fulfill the filial piety of the descendants. This also proves that the emperor knew that there was a mistake. Make up for the sin of contempt of etiquette.Want him to reflect on this? Okay, isn't this also a reflection? Purging officials and punishing corrupt officials are routinely the only way for the court to govern the country. There are two magic weapons for Li Shimin to rule the world. One of them is the governance of officials. Who dares to say that such a major act is not a reflection and understanding and put it into action? The emperor admitted his mistake and took actual actions. Who will continue to make trouble? Isn't that pester endlessly, grandstanding?

     As for the emperor, what Zhengde Emperor was most angry about was that he was obviously kind, and at most it was improper. The officials said it was like the heavens and the earth collapsed. If he was forced to commit crimes, Zhengde couldn’t erase this. For the sake of face, I would rather break up, just refuse to accept this softness.

     Now he is asked to help Changping with the spirit. As the grandson of the emperor, he was supposed to give the spirit to the grandmother of the emperor. Now he is only raising his specifications. What's the matter, grandson helped grandma to support the coffin, and there was no price drop. Asked him to reflect on the changes, and the changes were made here. The changes were made to the elimination of [***] and the elimination of officials. Zhengde would naturally accept it.Although Zhengde is not afraid of the threats from the officials, but this matter is frozen here, but the words have fallen into the hands of others, and his heart is too annoying. Upon hearing this method is acceptable, Long Yan Dayue can't help but said: Ability, if all the officials are talking like this and don't worry about being sour and yin and yang, can I turn my face with them?"

     Zhengde even hurriedly said: "What Aiqing said is very true, I have agreed. What else can Aiqing say?"

     The group of officials look at each other in dismay, although they did not achieve their goals, but it’s not too bad that it can be resolved satisfactorily. Even if it is to rescue the more than one hundred butts outside the palace, they cannot show no understanding. of the times, continue to compete with the emperor, so the officials answered one after another: "The emperor is wise."

     Zhengde finally changed into a smile, and said kindly: "All the Qings are flat!"

     Liu Jin also let go of his mind: "It turned out that it was not a black accusation against me, but let him stir up so much, the Book of Etiquette can't be overwhelmed."

     Regrettably, Liu Jin suddenly thought of pursuing local officials, and his eyes suddenly became hot again: "This is a fat man. The whole body is fat. Purging the world. If this task is in my hands, then How many gifts do I have to receive, how many cronies should I put in, and how many people should I get?"Liu Jin immediately flashed out from the pillar and said loudly: "The emperor, Yang Guogong said this, and the old slave is in favor. When it comes to purge of officials, the old slave is favored by the emperor, and he is in charge of the ceremonial supervision and has three factories and one guard. Detectives are everywhere in the world, and it is right for this important task. The old slave is willing to share the worries for your majesty, bend to a task and spare no effort, until death puts an end."

     I often heard the ministers say these few words, and Old Liu Yi was so excited, he actually dragged a few words.

     Zhengde Emperor was about to nod with a smile, Yang Ling hurriedly took a step forward and said: "The emperor, the minister, means to clean up the world. It is not suitable to go to war at present, and it is not suitable to go to war at present. The best policy".

     As soon as Liu Jin volunteered, Yang Tinghe, Wang Hua and others became anxious. They were trying to stop them. When Yang Ling came forward, they were secretly happy, and stopped.

     Zhengde is getting closer to this future brother-in-law now. Zhengde's work depends on his surname. If he likes you, he can do whatever he wants. He thinks you hate you. You are just an egg, and he can pick out the roots.

     At first sight, Yang Ling objected, Zhengde didn't think he was disgusted, and asked: "Yang Qing has any good ideas, just say it."

     Liu Jin squinted at this bad friend, his teeth tickled with hatred.Yang Ling ignored him, and continued: "The emperor, Banzhou officials are like this [***], it's utterly corrupt. Most of the government officials are corrupt, and the thieves of the gods are rampant. In the prefectures and counties near the Jingshu, it may be difficult to find this. It’s because Banzhou's feng shui is not good, and all grassing officials and corrupt mandarins from all over the world have gone to Banzhou? Obviously not!

     Investigating the reasons, the minister thought there were two, one is that the guarding eunuch Zhang Zhong is the highest official in Banzhou. If the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked, he takes the lead in greedy ink and blackmails the people. Naturally, subordinates follow the example of their superiors, officials. We all have to learn."

     Zhengde snorted heavily: "This Zhang Zhong is really a guilty of terrible crimes to harm one party. If it weren't for Yang Qing's policy of easing simplicity and pacifying the people, I would definitely divide the body of him. Will spare him lightly!"

     As he said, he glanced at Liu Jin who was standing aside, and rebuked: "Liu Jin, guarded by the selection of the priests, should be carefully selected, like this sample of misbehaving, greedy and vicious people, it will inevitably harm one party if you put it in each government. , You are improper!"

     Liu Jin cursed secretly: "Did something get to my head? Just want to pull me out of it?"

     But facing the emperor, he dared not show any disapproval, and hurriedly knelt down and said: "The old slave convicts, the old slave convicts the guilt, the old slave manages the ceremonies, the ups and downs are complicated. He is well-behaved and docile, the old slave has no discerning eyes and does not understand people.Zhengde Emperor couldn't help but laugh, and scolded: "Wise eyes? What kind of eyes do you want? Enough is enough, then you will be with your heart." In one sentence, this sin was revealed.

     "Yes, yes," Liu Jin quickly got up and glanced at Yang Ling with a hint of triumphant provocation.

     Yang Ling said: "In fact, it's no wonder Grandpa Liu, there is no knowing what is in a man's heart, some people will never see through it all their lives. When Zhang Zhong was by the emperor, he was awed by the rules and majesty of the emperor. , Afraid of the law, naturally follow the rules and dare not make mistakes.

     When there is a place where the family is dominated and no one dares to control, people who are not greedy or evil will gradually breed greed and malice. This is the transition from good to evil. Zhang Zhong didn’t hide the wolf’s claws, but at that time he hadn’t grown claws for evil, and Grandpa Liu could not predict the past and the future, how he would have expected him Once the power is in control, what about break the law and commit crimes? ".

     Liu Jin feels that his hair is standing up a bit. He has also heard of the word honeyed words, a sword in the belly. Will Yang Ling say his kind words to help him out? He didn't believe that the sun came out from the north!

     Zhengde nodded again and again, and said, "Aiqing's words are reasonable, then according to your opinion, how should we purge officials?"Yang Ling said: "The saints are enlightened and do not give up the law; the Buddha's compassion also has a face as terrifying as a temple's guardian deity. Strict law and discipline are very important. But how to apply the law? The minister thought that prevention is worse than prevention. Take Banzhou as an example. , If Zhang Zhong still has the same fear of law and discipline when he was in the palace, why is this?

     It is precisely because of the loss of restraint and supervision that officials [***] are created. If the officials of the world were to be punished only by harsh laws, the suffering serious injury would be difficult to cure. After the new officials have taken over the power of the local government, they are the only ones who dominate, lose the sense of fear, embrace the psychology of luck, and will advance dauntlessly in wave upon wave and continue to embezzle. That way, corrupt officials are inexhaustible."

     Not only did Zhengde nod his head when he heard this remark, even the civil and military officials also nodded.

     The Emperor Taizu ruled the world with strict laws. He peeled off the skin and stuffed grass for sixty taels of corruption and stood up in front of the yamen to warn the officials later. Didn't they still follow the greed? These officials are also afraid that the emperor will really start a bloody and terrifying fight against corruption, which will cause chaos in the world.

     Yang Ling paused, and said astonishingly: "So, the minister thought that officials were afraid of the consequences, and corruption [***] is the responsibility of the supervisory officials. If there are six subjects and thirteen courses, the inspectorate, the Hanlin If the court, the inspector, etc. can perform their duties, then Zhang Zhongzhi and his like will always worry that what they do will reach the sky, and his evil deeds will be hidden from the emperor.Supervisors are the eyes and ears of the emperor’s law enforcement and the vanguard of the fight against corruption. Therefore, if you want to clean up the officials, you must first understand the basics. First, you must find out whether these yamen are mediocre, or corrupt, accept bribes, or be miserable, so that they can really play a role. Then Hai Jinghe Yan, the whole world at peace, refers to "waiting".

     Zhengde Da Le: "What a Yang Ling, this is to help me out! This group of rubbish officers are looking for my problems all day long. This is a good way. Didn't you let me reflect on my sins and correct them seriously? , Just introspect and change, and check how many upright and dirty officials are there for you guys who are full of compassion, duty, propriety and integrity. You deserve it if you lift a rock and hit yourself in the foot!"

     But what the officials thought was not so simple. Purging the six disciplines and thirteen ways, the inspectorate, the imperial court, and the inspectors? These yamen are the main battlefields of the tug-of-war between Yang Tinghe and Liu Jin. The forces of both sides are intertwined. Some yamen have Liu Jin's forces and some Yang Tinghe's forces have the upper hand. However, all yamen have opponents' men and horses, and they are stuck. However, there is still no winner or loser.To say that they haven’t done much lately, with Yang and Liu shooting cold arrows in the court, and I fired a cold gun in the fight openly and maneuver covertly, these officials’ yamen who belonged to each other’s camp were often caught The opponent found some handles to hit the impeachment and fell. The officials are all in conflict. How can they take the responsibility of the supervisor and the supervisor into consideration? To join hands to impeach the emperor today, is it the first time between them to suspend their troops and stop fighting in more than half a year.

     In such a sensitive time and in such a complicated situation, Yang Ling suddenly proposed to rectify Kedao. What is he going to do?

     Liu Jin and Yang Tinghe immediately became alert. Yang Tinghe stepped forward to find a way to stop it. Jiao Fang, who had been standing there like a dozing off, suddenly moved. The old guy rushed forward to Yang Tinghe and bowed. Said: "The emperor, the old officials thought it was wrong. The officials [***], looking back to the roots, the old officials also thought that we should start with the investigation of the science and technology, and the science and technology are unclear. Why is the official official? But this implementation is more than comprehensive. Officials in the world are easy, but there are still many scruples."

     Zhengde Emperor said with great interest: "Guys? What are your doubts? Mr. Jiao Ge said it.""Old officials follow the order!" Jiao Fang squinted his eyes, twisting his beard and said: "The emperor, the Supervisor of Science and Technology has the heavy responsibility of supervising hundreds of officials, inspecting counties and counties, and correcting wronged prisons. He is the official inspector. Now we need to investigate. They, who will investigate? If the officers are allowed to conduct self-examination and show mutual protection and care for each other, it will be completely useless for purge.

     If an official is selected from the DPRK to investigate, then the officer under supervision will in turn investigate the official responsible for the inspection. For so many years, officials have been under the supervision of the spokesman. Some officials will inevitably have some private grievances. Now they are asked to check on the road. The officials on the road will have an fear of the consequences, and it is difficult to guarantee that the officials sent to the investigation can Whether it is completely upright and does not hold personal complaints.

     As soon as this case is opened, from then on, the department officials will worry that the officials under their supervision will turn to investigate their cases at any time, and each other’s respect of the consequences, out of selfish considerations, will inevitably justify each other and lead to the corruption of the discipline."

     When this remark came out, the officials thought it was true. If this causes the supervisor to dare not speak, it is indeed embarrassing.

     The Zhengde Emperor also knows that although the officials are disgusting, they often take some trivial things like chicken feathers and garlic skins, but the Emperor Taizu set up the science and technology officials to have their own reasons, at least for now, there is no comparison. Their more reasonable methods of official supervision.Therefore, Zhengde couldn't help but hesitate to say: "Science and Dao Supervisors, open the court's words and deeds, survey the words and deeds of hundreds of officials, the relationship is important, but it should not be touched lightly."

     Jiao Fang is not the only one who has been secretly granted by Yang Ling. Yang Yiqing has already had enough energy to wait there. Although Yang Ling could not clearly predict the situation today, the general method and strategy were decided long ago, and only a slight correction is needed. This is naturally difficult for Yang Yiqing.

     Seeing this situation, Yang Yiqing, the servant of the Ministry of War, knew that he was going to go out, so he coughed and leaned forward and said: "The emperor, the prosecutor of science and technology, open the court's words and deeds, and investigate the words and deeds of hundreds of officials. It is really important. And for that reason Kedao has a great relationship with officials, so Kedao Wanwan[***] can’t, otherwise, how can we play the responsibilities of opening the way, investigating hundreds of officials, suing the court, and clarifying the law?

     The minister thought that what Yang Guogong said was extremely true, and Jiao Ge was very worried. In fact, as long as the method is used, the goal proposed by Yang Guogong can be achieved and the results that Jiao Ge worried can be avoided."

     Yang Tinghe is a talented person who has learned a lot and is loyal to his country. He is not open-minded enough. When Yang Yiqing first entered the court as an official, because of their tempers and surnames, they were full of youthful vigor. The arrogant and arrogant people, but also self-reliant and refused to bow their heads to each other, so they turned out to be the enemy.At this time, Yang Tinghe immediately sneered when he heard Yang Yiqing's mischief, and said with a sneer: "How can it be used? Shilang Yang talked about it for a long time. What Baiguan wants to hear is to know how you can use it. Unfortunately, Still unknown".

     There was a low snicker when the officials were neutral, and Liu Jin also enjoyed it: It’s good today, and the old man Jiao Ge didn’t know what medicine he took wrong. He sang a counter-tune with Yang Ling, and Yang Tinghe and Yang Yiqing started again. Trouble, you make trouble, you don't want to make trouble, the more troubled the better, it will be better if our house is in trouble.

     Yang Yiqing smiled slightly and said: "It's not that the officials are ignorant of ignorance and are arrogant. How to use it to get the law. The emperor is wise and wise. He already knows it well, and has done similar things.

     The emperor already knew it? When the officials heard the words, they looked at Zhengde in surprise. Zhengde was at a loss as he heard what Yang Yiqing said. The civil and military officials all looked at them, admiring and admiring them in surprise, their waists stiffened. The posture is also straightened.

     He straightened his waist and straightened his posture. The number in his heart hasn't come out yet, but it doesn't hurt him. He can bluff the chiefs of Doyan Sanwei and Jurchen Sanbu on Mount Baideng. , Can't fool these officials?The emperor Zhengde coughed twice, smiled pretentiously, and said: "Well, what Yang Aiqing said is quite true. I did think of this. Hehehe, it seems that all the Aiqing still don't understand, so just tell them. Just listen."

     Yang Yiqing smiled slightly, bowed and said: "The minister obeyed", then turned to face the ministers and said: "Everyone knows that Jin Yiwei specializes in serious crimes, but in order to restrict Jin Yiwei and prevent them from violating the law, he established Dong The factory supervised Jinyiwei, and then the West Factory supervised the East Factory. When the current emperor ascended the throne, he established an in-house factory to supervise the East Factory, interlocking and restraining each other to prevent a dominant family from acting alone.

     Nowadays, a hundred lawsuits govern the people, and science and technology supervise all officials. If they supervise each other, they will inevitably indulge each other because of the disadvantage of the consequences. However, if there is another person who will supervise the officials of the Ministry of Science and Daoism, and is not affiliated with the Hundred Officials of the DPRK, then this kind of lameness will not occur.

     For example, from among the honourable ministers and ministers, we select people who have both integrity and talent and have outstanding reputations to supervise Kodao. They are not officials in the DPRK, and they have no connection with Kodo and hundreds of officials, and their status is superb.

     In addition, Hundred Officials and Branch Dao are permanent, and the ministers and ministers who are ordered to supervise Ke Dao are selected at any time. The number of personnel is uncertain. After the job is completed, the decree will be handed over and returned. If necessary next time, the selected personnel may not be necessarily. To prevent them from interfering in the affairs of the state, and to profit from it, they can be justly judged.My Great Ming ministers and ministers are not allowed to serve as officials in the dynasty, but since the rule of the dynasty, the emperor has often selected people from among them and held specific positions, such as rebellion, investigation, and envoy. , And never chaos. Purging of disciplines is also a special case. The selection of personnel from the emperor's merits and the emperor relatives can be suitable candidates, and it is not a violation of the ancestral law. ".

     Jiao Fang suddenly realized, stroking his palms and admiring: "So, the old minister is dull, and the emperor is wise. This is a wonderful discussion."

     Wang Hua then left the class and said, "The emperor is wise, the minister agrees!"

     The crowd immediately followed a group of officials, and said one by one: "The emperor is wise, the ministers seconded."

     Zhengde took a look and said happily: "Since all the princes also agree with this method, look at the emperor relatives and the ministers, who can do errands by orders."

     Liu Jin was dazzled by this set of lost punches, and only now could he see the way. Zhang Cai and Cao Yuan were one step ahead of Liu Jin. They realized that Jiao Fang and Yang Yiqing had hidden murderous intentions. They immediately gave Liu Jin a wink. Unexpectedly, Liu Jin was staring at Yang Ling with suspicious expressions. Speculating on the true intentions of these people, they didn't pay attention to their winks at all.Seeing that the emperor also agreed, Zhang Cai knew that the matter was irretrievable, and was anxious, too late to consult Liu Jin's advice, and hurriedly went out and said: "The emperor, if this is the case, the minister recommends Cheng Guo Gong, Cheng Da Gong old Dezhao, with outstanding prestige, is worthy of this job."

     Among Xunqing, only the prestige and connections of Cheng Guogong can compete with Yang Ling, and he can block others' mouths if he proposes him. Besides, this husband is well versed in the way of protecting one’s body and never offends people easily. Even if he doesn’t get used to it anymore, he will not risk offending Liu Jin to punish Liu Jin’s people. If only a few people are caught and beaten. Beating, dealing with errands, then it will hurt the skin and not move the bones, it will be no big problem.

     Liu Yu also reacted at this time and realized Yang Ling's motives. Yang Ling worked so hard, not only to eliminate the fights, and to dissolve the danger of the punishment of the hundred officials at the Meridian Gate, but also to use the opportunity of the hundred officials to demand that the emperor’s crimes have been corrected, and to oppose the army. The power of Codori.

     Taking advantage of Yang Ling's opportunity to inspect the hunter on behalf of the sky and not in the capital, Gong Gong asked the officials to assess the officials, check the treasury, and rectify corruption. He has taken almost all the 18 martial arts and stood firmly in the cabinet. Kedao on one side had a place, making Kedao paralyzed and could do nothing.Li Dongyang and Yang Tinghe now have nothing to do with Liu Jin, and they even show weakness and give in. The reason is that Kedao has been unable to form a unified public opinion and can no longer influence the emperor. Yang Ling is to take the opportunity to rectify Kedao and drive out Liu faction. Yeah.

     The power of North Korea and China has always been in the hands of two forces. One is the official governance system that controls the ranks, assessments, awards, and rewards of officials, and the other is the departmental system that monitors hundreds of officials, inspects counties and counties, and corrects unjust prisons. If it is Yang Ling If it succeeds, Ke Dao returns to Li Dongyang and Yang Tinghe's hands, then they can fight against Liu Gonggong. After Liu Yu changed to Liu Jin Menting, he was always a little guilty and didn't dare to face Yang Ling, but thinking of this, he Regardless of that much, he hurriedly went out to play and said: "The emperor, this method is very good. The minister feels that although Cheng Guogong has prestige, he may not be suitable for his old age and frailty. As a royal family member, Zhang Heling can do it. Suitable candidates".

     Supervisor Yushi Wang Liangchen objected: "If you use Shouning Hou, it would be better to entrust Ma Duwei Cai Zhen as an imperial commission!" Cai Zhen married Yingzong's third daughter, Princess Chun'an, who has a very high seniority. Emperor Zhengde He had to call him his grandfather. He was also upright and vigorous, so he was naturally usable.Liu Jin hated it and wanted to scold his mother: "What kind of ideas are these idiots and trashers? It's better to let the emperor take his life back. You are opposed to it. If you object, our family immediately supports it. Maybe I'll persuade the emperor to change one's mind. Isn't this a foregone conclusion for your recommendation? If you send honorable ministers, how can you lose Yang Ling? Assholes, all assholes!"

     In fact, he had fallen victim to this group. As soon as Yang Ling made this suggestion, they wanted to oppose it, but it was unexpected that the old Jiao Fang, who had always been Yang Ling wave flags and shout battle cries, jumped out and sang the opposite. Jiao Fang is the cabinet. Bachelor, Li Dongyang is not there, Jiao Fang is the boss of the cabinet, and his position is much higher than them. You can't rush to talk with Jiao Fang, so I have to first see why Jiao Fang is "rebelling in the nest".

     Jiao Fang’s reasons were so powerful that even the emperor was shaken, so how could he use them to come forward? But who knows that Yang Yiqing has jumped out again. The scum of this scholar, a big soldier is really worse than Jiao Fang. When he speaks, he starts to make a fuss and says that the emperor has thought of a way, and then speaks for the emperor. The emperor admits that it was his idea. Now, there is no courage to refute it. Now that it has happened, it is only hard to fix it.Yang Tinghe looked on coldly, seeing clearly, he was fed up with Liu Jin's anger, he had long hoped to lift Yang Ling to counterbalance Liu Jin, of course he would not object to it. So even though he was very upset with Yang Yiqing, he still came out and said: "The emperor, there is a suitable candidate right now, why bother to go near and far? The minister recommends Yang Ling to investigate the science and technology road."

     A group of officials including Wang Hua, minister of the Ministry of Rites, Li Duo, minister of the Ministry of Rites, Wei Shen, minister of the Ministry of Justice, and other officials immediately responded in a swarm: "The minister seconded!" "The minister seconded!"

     In Zhengde's mind, Yang Ling is the best candidate. The recommendation of Yang Tinghe and others is exactly what he likes. Zhengde glanced at Yang Ling who had been standing beside him with his hands still, and said with a bit of regret: "Yang Qing, as everyone expects. Just tackle a difficult job.

     I know that you were still busy outside during the first month, and you really worked hard. Now you are in charge of the emperor's nunnery, so let’s do it, the emperor relatives, the emperor, the emperor relatives, the emperor relatives, you can find a few more helpers and you can relax.

     Yang Ling smiled faintly, glanced at Liu Jin with a sullen face, and said in a long way: "It is the duty of the minister to eat the monarch's luke, and it is the duty of the minister. The minister must spare no effort, clean up the discipline, please rest assured!"The embroidered mandarin duck pillows are stacked on top of each other, and Yang Ling lies high, with her hands resting under her neck, with a pleasant smile on her face. This is Yu Tangchun's boudoir. After the refurbishment of the Gongye Mansion, the storage room in the middle of the two houses was cancelled. The room was bigger and the embroidered bed was replaced by a bigger one.

     Sister Yu is dressed in a snow-like white robe, with her shoulders cut and a ribbon tied around her waist. She was squatting on the bedside washing her feet for Yang Ling. She was squatting there, inside the light gauze that was as thin as a cicada's wings, the edge of the light-colored tube top was graved with two attractive fat jade, the jade belly was flat and narrow, and the navel was fragrant. The roundness is simple, the waist is unbearable for a grip, and it is slender and white.

     The newly washed body has pink lips and pink lips. Although no rouge fingers are applied on the cheeks, it is as light as haze and pink pistils. A moist black hair is loosely draped down, and the pretty face is soft and charming. Presents a glamorous color.

     Such an extraordinarily beautiful woman and such a room full of spring light may not have been seen by others who have cultivated for several lifetimes, but Yang Ling's eyes stared at the top of the tent ignorantly without paying attention.

     Finally kicked off the prelude to the war, Yang Ling felt an inexplicable excitement in her heart. Maybe no matter how calm and peaceful the man is, there is a belligerent factor hidden in his heart. Victory in the first battle makes Yang Ling like drinking alcohol and getting drunk. The pleasure is no less than hugging a beauty like Yu Tangchun Xingyun Bu Yu, went to Wushan.Today I say one arrow, two golden eagles. First, avoid the heavy and light, and successfully rescue the hundreds of officials in the afternoon. Then he took advantage of the new situation and was ordered to investigate the branch and Dao Supervisor, and fired the first shot to launch a general attack on Liu Jin. Maybe he hasn't realized his true purpose yet, even if he realizes it, he has no time to make up for those loopholes.

     Using the power of purging Kodo to crack down on Liu Jin’s forces placed in Kodo is only the first. Their confessions and crimes will pull more grassing officials and corrupt mandarins into the water. At that time, a large amount of evidence and testimony were presented to the Imperial Front. The iron-clad facts will make it impossible for anyone to prevent the simple rectification of disciplines from expanding to the entire capital's official inventory.

     Afterwards, one clue and one piece of evidence will point to the ultimate culprit-Liu Jin. The fire to rectify the corruption of Kedao will be swept to Liu Jin. At that time, his own momentum was getting stronger and stronger. Throughout the inventory process, more and more allies will join in. Liu Jin, are you still up?

     It goes without saying that the benefits arising from it are self-evident. Take advantage of this matter to select a group of influential, powerful, complex backgrounds, and a broad network of the emperor relatives and honorable ministers to join their own camp to fight side by side, and build themselves from then on. Special status and personal connections in these two special forces groups.Liu Jin has committed too many evils, and has offended too many people. By then, how he would turn around. Yang Ling thought about it for a long while, but couldn't think of Liu Jin's chance to survive, and the smile on his lips became more relaxed.

     Wiped the water droplets on the old man's feet with a soft silk scarf, Sister Yu took a sneak peek at him. The smile on the old man's lips was good or bad, and it was heart-pounding. Did he think of any way to ‘paste the house’? Sister Yu's pretty face suddenly became more ruddy.

     Taking away the copper basin, taking off the acacia shoes, gently climbing on the bed, and snuggling in Yang Ling's arms, Sister Yu whispered in a shy, shy and clever eye: "Master, what is so happy? "

     Yang Ling stroked a soft mass on her chest, rubbed her lower limbs with her tender thighs lightly, and smiled: "Of course I am happy. Your master hasn't cross five passes and slay six generals for a long time. Try a series of battles. It’s like a good taste. But today, I’m majestic, one arrow, two golden eagles, hehehe, life must be full of joy, spring breeze is proud of horseshoes."

     "It turns out that the master is making this idea again." Sister Yu sipped in a charming manner, her eyes were full of smiles, and she said softly: "Master is capable of cross five passes and slay six generals, but you have to wait. Sister Lian'er is back, and she wants Madam and Sister Wenxin to be willing to do it again."Eh? I cross five passes and slay six generals, what is hindering them?" Yang Ling was taken aback and looked at Yu Tangchun in surprise.

     I saw Yu Tangchun's wonderful eyes with spring, his pretty face flushed, and he smiled softly at him: "But it's easy for this arrow to be a double mink."

     Her soft and boneless body fell on Yang Ling softly, her breath sprayed into his ears with rapid and hot breath: "My master is wise and majestic, and his concubine is weak in Pu Liu. He is embarrassed to cut the tarts, and I hope the master will kill twice ".

     "Hingming Shenwu? I'm still literate and virtuous, what is she talking about, did she misunderstand me?" Yang Ling recalled a bit.

     But seeing sister Yu's face in spring, her eyebrows and eye corners were full of flattery, but she raised her fragrant lips, pecked on his lips, then raised her fist, knocked a few times on the pink wall, and the night was silent. , Although the strength is not great, the voice is not necessarily low.

     Yang Ling was wondering, but she heard Sister Yu's voice calling: "I don't know how to be ashamed, don't listen to it, the master is calling you over."


     After a moment of effort, there was a "squeak", and the door rang, and a charming figure flashed in and walked around the screen before standing still. Yang Ling glanced intently and saw that Xue Limei was not afraid of the cold. She was only wearing a coat, holding a pillow in her arms and standing there blushing, revealing her snowy arms and jade strands.The light shone on the torn snowy skin, shining with brilliance. The close-fitting light-colored clothes, embroidered with a pair of butterflies dancing lightly among the flowers, the palm of the breast on the front of the chest is rounded to support a beautiful and charming curve, and it is directly against a tender yellow flower. A butterfly stood on it with its wings spread, seeming to flutter its wings.

     The snowy white waist that can be grasped well, and the straight and round thighs are slender and smooth as crispy, which makes people suddenly think about it.

     Yang Ling immediately opened the quilt when he saw this and called: "Crazy girl, come in quickly, be careful of catching cold."

     Xue Limei gave a "Oh", kicked and ran over, threw the pillow in, swished on the bed like a little ferret, got into the bed very dexterously, and scented into his arms , And immediately put his arms around Yang Ling's waist, and the two beauties, one on the left and the other, rushed to embrace him.

     "What a one arrow, two golden eagles, it turned out to be a double mink with one arrow." Yang Ling was very angry and funny. Two scented and smooth ** hugged him in the middle, and Yang Ling's body was anxiously hot. stand up.He opened his arms and passed under the ribs of the two beauties, stroking them gently on two of the same upturned and soft Wanwanxiang hips, staring at their pink lips, smiling squintingly, and puns. Authentic: "Hey, Yu'er, Lord, I will teach you a good boy. Just the three of us can pass five levels and cut six generals."

     Yang Ling raised his leg and kicked. In the voice of the two little beauties, the embroidered quilt let out a "whoop" and floated up like a cloud, and when it fell, the heads and faces of the three people were covered, endless spring light Just like a glimpse, and then, was turned over

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