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Chapter Directory 356 Wind Full Of Capital
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Hundred officials knelt for a beggar, causing the emperor and his ministers to disagree, and all major affairs of the country came to a standstill. And Zhu Houzhao, whose surname is mature and steady, once again showed his stubborn temper: I don't think I was wrong, and the sky is falling and I can't even think of me surrendering.

     In fact, the low-level bureaucrats are so tossing, their superiors, leaders, and these high-level officials are not unable to use their own influence and factional power to stop them, but let these younger brothers come out, which is the usual method of high-level officials, so that they can adjust themselves in time according to the wind Strategy, from exposing one's own purpose prematurely, to be free to come and go.

     Now that this matter has come to the end of a phase, the imperial court’s focus is also on the rectification of the roads that will begin soon, and the cause of the troubles was originally dominated by the officials of the roads, this is quite a bit of fire[*** ] Feeling that everyone settled down and began to prepare to deal with the purge, naturally no one made trouble.

     Liu Jin had an urgent consultation with Zhang Cai, Liu Yu and others. Now Yang Ling is attacking, they are defending, the position is the road, and the ammunition is whether the road officials have the handle, so they also took this opportunity to start to get nervous. , Asked the subordinates to be careful and don't let any handle fall into Yang Ling's hands.However, Yang Ling always pays attention to planning and planning in advance before declaring war publicly. The investigation of officials has already been carried out in full swing, because the initial care was to underestimate the energy of Yang Ling after going down the field, Liu Jin's mend the How useful pen after sheep are lost is unexpected.

     The first thing at the moment is naturally to bury the Queen Mother first, and when going out of the burial, use a scorpion car to serve the ash, and there are all kinds of things such as Luang, Jiuqi, Huangwu, Zuozhen, Yubao, Gu Chu, Banjian, Hu Ben, etc For the ceremonial guard, the number of funerals was as many as tens of thousands, and the officials of the public and the sixth palace of the imperial court were all arranged to carry out the ceremonies, and they stood in line to follow the coffin.

     Where the hearse passes, there are road sacrifices, and altars are set up for the imperial family members, the princes, the ministers of civil and military affairs, and the order women. Yang Ling's wives are also fully prepared and set up altars for worship. Emperor Xianzong's pure emperor Zhu Jianshen was buried in Maoling Mausoleum of Changping, and the Empress of Great Ming was to be buried together, so the emperor had to lead his cronies to send spirits to Changping.

     The imperial guards, the imperial guards, the imperial guards, the emperor relatives, the civil and military officials of Grade 3 or above, and the foreign envoys stationed in the festival, the brigade stretched for thirty miles, mourning the bells all the way. Go straight to Changping.Burial, cover up, welcome the palanquin to Xiangtang, and hold the final memorial ceremony in the funeral square in front of the mausoleum. Under the guidance of the Superintendent of Rites and the officials of the Ministry of Rites, the Zhengde Emperor cried and bowed before the spirit, then burned incense and prayed, and the funeral was over.

     Zhengde is really a young man who doesn’t know how to feel sad. He played like a filial son and grandson along the way. As a result, after the funeral, he regained his habit. Hearing Liu Jin said that Changping has Yinshan Tower, Gouya, Huyu, Baihujian, Suijiuyu and other landscapes. Famous places, immediately go to Yang Ling happily, and take these trusted friends to visit the WeChat.

     Yang Ling's forehead was full of things, and he was tight on Zhang Luo. Seeing the emperor suddenly came to look for him, he didn't know what was important, but when he heard that the evil spirit had gone wrong again, his nose was almost crooked. , Also ignored the monarchs and ministers' gifts, stared at him and didn't say anything.

     When the emperor Zhengde saw that Yang Ling's nose was not a nose or a face, he quickly ran away. He ran into Yongchun and Xiang'er halfway. They were very angry and chased them behind his buttocks until his palace.Whether he is a monarch or not, Yongchun crossed Xiaoman's waist and pointed to his elder brother's nose. Zhu Xianger didn't dare to scold him, but didn't care about Liu Jin. Apricot eyes scolded Liu Jin and scolded him. Now Zhengde is considered Anfen is now, honestly follow the schedule arranged by the Ministry of Etiquette, take care of all the funeral process, and then drive back to Beijing, finally did not make a major event that Baiguan went crazy again.

     Directly responsible to the emperor, without having to go through the "Royal Independent Commission Against Corruption" played by the Secretary for General Affairs and the Superintendent of Rites was established. Its name is'Royal Independent Commission Against Corruption'. Yang Ling took this name. One is that he can't think of a more majestic name, and the other is that he knows Zhengde's temper and puts on the word royal, which will make Zhengde a kind of A sense of intimacy, treating it as his own strength, just as he took in the generals of the four foreign armed forces as protégés, so he took special care of this unit.

     Although the power of this yamen is heavy, it is not a permanent establishment. It is only temporarily established when the emperor thinks it is necessary to check it, and it does not have any salary or salary. It is all recruited from the emperor relatives and ministers, so it is even There is no office location either.It just so happens that the Zhuwang Pavilion is now idle and useless. Yang Ling saw that it was spacious and free when she chose Princess Yongfu, so she asked to use it as a temporary office location, and carefully selected a group of princely aristocratic families and asked them to send people to participate. examine. Yang Ling chooses these people without considering their ability to do things. In fact, every princely aristocratic family has many descendants, and he can't force the surname to appoint who to send. He considers the social relations, connections and influences of the family. This is the signature of the aristocratic family.

     It is Yang Ling’s capable intelligence officers who really verify the officials, that is, the capable agents of the factory that Liu and Yang have been carefully trained by the two thousand households. These people were originally attached to the internal factories located in various places. The yamen are bright and dark, and they cooperate with each other, but the roster of these people is set up separately, and they are the real elites in the factory.

     As soon as the internal factory was handed over, this force immediately broke away. Their responsibility was to secretly verify and then hand over to the publicly established internal factory to arrest people and investigate. Therefore, the absence of the public banner of the internal factory does not affect their Action ability.

     Early in the morning, Yang Ling rushed to the Hall of the Kings. Today is the period when the aristocratic families of the various ministers sent people to establish the Independent Commission Against Corruption. Once at the Hall of the Kings, you will see endless stream of horse and carriages, continuously, which is better than the last time the princess recruited The horses are still lively.Although there were a lot of people last time, I was able to drive in. This time it was either a horse or a sedan chair. Yang Daguan waited eagerly outside until the five-city soldier Ma Si patrolling the city ambassador personally led people to direct traffic and passed Yang Ling instructed and set up a road card, four gates, four streets, front and rear, left and right, and four streets in one direction. This solved the traffic problem.

     Yang Ling also wondered in her heart: Only 80 people were recruited, why are they crowded like this?

     He was even more surprised when he entered the Hall of the Kings: Today is the establishment of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, and it is not recruiting consorts again. Why are these children here?

     In the hall, there were sixty or seventy young men with brocade robe, jade belt, oily noodles, sitting or standing, laughing and joking. The next few cases were full of tea, snacks, dried fruits and dried meat. These people were younger than 18 years old and younger. In the thirteenth or fourteenth period, one by one with soft skin and tender flesh, at first glance, they are the aristocratic family members who live like a prince.

     Is this to organize an effect tour? Yang Ling's eyes straightened, and his mind paused for a moment before he realized: The princely aristocratic family has a big family and many descendants, who is not selfish? Who does not plan for their own future? Yang Ling couldn't offend, but right now, Liu Jin was even more offend. It might be possible for the two to win the court battle.Sending some grandchildren's maotou here to deal with Yang Ling's messenger. If you really have a relationship with Liu Jin during the investigation, if Yang Ling fails, then the elders can come forward to show that you don't have any In support of Yang Ling's meaning, I gave a generous gift and called the child to Liu Jin to kowtow. When he scolded him, everyone laughed and laughed.

     Yang Ling looked so angry and funny: "These princes of the aristocratic family are not fuel-efficient lamps. I looked down on them. Fortunately, I didn't expect to rely on them to investigate the science and technology. Help Young Master Yangzi? But you want to stay out of the matter, that’s impossible. It’s just right to have a bunch of Maotou boys. The aristocratic family children are above the top and have a violent temper. They are all habitual little suns at home. I want you to really help Isn’t it easy for me? Want to play see the wind and set the helm? The little guys are tied to me, so I’m not afraid that you will not be too old!"The establishment of the Yamen is very simple. Yang Ling just gave a brief speech, telling them that they belonged directly to the emperor. The investigators were some corrupt officials of low rank. After cheering, this was chaotic on the surface, but inside. Another set of rigorously organized yamen established the Independent Commission Against Corruption. It’s too clean. There is no funding and no uniform clothing is issued. Only branches are set up for them. Departments for investigation, detention, interrogation and other links have been established. Selected officials with better family backgrounds and elders, and then handed out all the water and fire sticks, shackles, and other things that were coming from the criminal department's yamen.

     These young masters were born with noble titles, and were appointed to a certain director and a certain secretary. They were all very novel and happy. They were dressed in splendid clothes, thin and like bean sprouts, but they held them in their hands. With a water and fire stick, the jade belt is pinned with a pair of iron chains. Others look ridiculous, but they even walk horizontally and feel that they are very powerful.

     Yang Ling smiled slightly when he saw it: Randomly punching the master, there are these young masters who do not follow the routine, Yanjing City is waiting to be swept by the dust of my broom!

     Science and Dao, the six disciplines of officials, households, rites, soldiers, criminals, and engineering are all given to the matter. The Metropolitan Procuratorate and the Thirteen Dao Supervision Yushi are Dao, and the total number of the two yamen is less than 300 people, and the Great Ming supervises more than 100,000 local officials.Most of the disciplines are small officials, the six disciplines are only a positive seven-rank, and generally only the seventh-rank, which is similar to a county magistrate. The Supervisor Yushi is also the Seventh Grade. Although their ranks are small, they can impeach first- and second-rank members. This is a great invention of Zhu Yuanzhang.

     Since ancient times, the hierarchy has been strict, and it has always been supervised from top to bottom. Only high-ranking officials supervise and restrict lower-ranking officials. However, Zhu Yuanzhang hit on sth new. In addition to hundreds of officials, he set up a special science and technology road, "understand the high", "use the small to control the big", "internally and externally maintain the relationship", and you can directly report to the emperor.

     "Inferior position" is because the official is small, so the idea of cherishing the future is small, and will not have much scruples because of "high post and generous salary", and will not behave like the official "old fritters". law and violate discipline Approval, perfunctory prevarication, and “weight” can give full play to its supervisory role because of its authority to be able to rectify and govern.

     Therefore, Kedao not only possesses the ability of public opinion, it is in front of the emperor. Underneath, Kedao officials have a lot of power, and they are highly regarded by local officials and afraid of the consequences.

     At this time, the censors of the Inspectorate are working. Their duties can be said to be busy, or they can be said to be very leisurely. It all depends on whether you are working hard. If you look at it with your eyes, you will have nothing in your hands. , It’s just drinking tea and mixing every day.After Liu Jin's monopoly of power, the power of the Science and Technology officials was dismantled. The Science and Technology officials were divided into three factions. One is Qingliu, and Liu Jin is powerful and can only forbear it temporarily; the other is a Hunyu who holds a sinecure, hoping to get it someday. This expatriate escort made it possible to save money for the elderly and wait for the court’s usual official condolences, and the first-level officials will return home for the elderly.

     The third faction is ambitious, unwilling to be left in the cold, and cast to Liu Jin's sect as the scum of the dog that barks. However, as a result, Shilin looked sideways, and was immediately isolated by the other two factions, and the smell of being overwhelmed by spit stars was uncomfortable.

     Since the Song Dynasty, the most important ritual and famous teaching. For scholars, "starving to death is extremely small, but losing one's wits is big". Scholars, especially the historians and Hanlin officials who can be regarded as the example of Shilin Qingliu, take refuge in Liu Jin. An eunuch is no different from a woman. Therefore, when Yang Ling started with Kedao, some people were excited, and some were worried, and the Hall of Kings became the spotlight again.

     Suddenly, the quiet inside of the Superintendent’s Court was scratched, and the censors who drove out of the house discovered that the Supervisory Court had rushed into a strange team, a large group of childe brothers, carrying water and fire sticks and shackles in their hands. With the detainee's fire stick, he rushed into the courtyard happily, ignoring the obstruction of the guard at the door.Supervisor Yushi Chen Zhongkun frowned, and suddenly felt that the boy in front of him was more familiar. After a closer look, he recognized that he was the little Hou Ye Luo Youwei of the Anguo Hou Mansion. What is it for?"

     Luo Youwei smiled authentically: "What, what, what, what?"

     He turned his head and asked the person next to him halfway through. Zhang Xiaozu, the son of Jianchang Hou Zhang Yanling, was only thirteen years old, so he was quite obedient. Yang Ling's story was quite clear, and he hurriedly replied: "It is Yushi Li Tongqin."

     Luo Youwei hurriedly laughed and said: "Yes, Li Tongqin, who is called Li, came out. After careful verification by the official, this person was greedy and broke the law, and the evidence was conclusive. On the order of the grandfather of Weiguo, he had to detain this person for investigation. what?"

     Zhang Xiaozu replied: "Investigate and collect evidence!"

     "Yes, investigation and evidence collection, hurry up, don't delay this childe's work."

     Li Tongqin? That was Liu Jin’s godson. Liu Jin now has seven godsons. Li Tongqin is one of them. He is only five years younger than Liu Jin, but he doesn’t know how to be ashamed. For godfather, but this relationship is really helpful to him. In the Inspectorate, even Zuo Du Yushi dare not offend him easily. Yang Ling took him the first move? The public censors were in an uproar: Yang Guogong really went to Liu Jin.When Chen Zhongkun heard this, he immediately took joy in calamity and delight in disaster, pointed at the crowd, and said, "This is Lord Li".

     Luo Youwei shook his shoulders and walked over, looked up and down a few glances, and asked, "Are you Li Tongqin?"

     Li Tongqin has heard their conversation, but he doesn't know what happened to Yang Ling's hands. He flushed and said: "Yes, the official is Li Tongqin. This official is impartial in law enforcement, honest and clean, Xiao Hou Ye On what crime was I arrested?"

     "It's not a catch, it's an investigation and collection of evidence," Luo Youwei rolled his eyes impatiently: "This officer has conducted careful investigation and collected evidence carefully. You are corrupting the law, and the evidence is conclusive. You are on the orders of the prestigious state."

     Li Yushi sneered: "Meticulously investigate and collect evidence? Little Houye, you just couldn't even call my name."

     Luo Youwei's face flushed with sarcasm, and a group of dudes behind laughed booingly, and his face was even more unbearable. He is also a childe who drives an eagle and a dog and goes to the brothel on horseback. How can he bear this kind of ridicule? , He immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation and cursed: "What's wrong with the name? I know you are guilty. You are a shameless old man. You dare to challenge your grandfather and bring Go and take away, I still can't cure you if I don't believe it!"This person has a bunch of buddies from the official aristocratic family, all of them are in the same group. At this time, two immediately rushed out, one left and the other pinched Li Tongqin's arm, Yang Ling originally just asked them to take the person back. Under investigation, they didn't care about the difference between investigation and arrest. These guys of all depths immediately put an iron chain around Li Yushi's neck and led him away.

     Li Tongqin was furious, and roared: "The officer is the superintendent, and the superintendent is not guilty. You can't arrest me! Even if the prestige is here, you can't take this official away! You ignorant brats, keep your word. Road, sin is damaging to the country, are you not afraid of being punished?"

     I don’t know who is behind him who shot him on his ass, cursing: "Fuck your mother’s salted duck eggs! When you don’t understand? The innocence of the supervisor means that you are rumored to be innocent, and you will not be investigated if it is not true or correct. If you say that you play a grandfather and cheat the people, don’t break the law!"

     These princes and grandchildren usually follow the compass and go with the set square and go with the set square in front of the elders, but they are generally greeted by others. Not only are they arrogant and arrogant, but they are also full of swear words. Reasonable? A group of little hooligans kicked and slapped like a donkey, and got rid of the old gangster Li Tongqin.It was the first time that all the Yushi saw such dumbstruck, one by one dumbstruck. Someone scolded angrily: "Let a bunch of ignorant kings and grandchildren check out the Kodo? It's just a foolish act. If Wei Guo Gong can't get it Reliable evidence, the officer must take a copy of him! It's insulting and too insulting to be gentle!"

     Next to Liu Jin, the party feels like if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves, and they have responded after hearing the words, but the Qing genre takes joy in calamity and delight in disaster, and his face is full of yang and yin. The waiter who has always been boring, finally got the spirits this time, and started whispering to inquire about Li Yushi's poetic and passionate, which patron of the court, and how did he cheat the people?

     Li Yushi suffered a lot along the way, but the more fierce he screamed, these young masters of fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth had a temper. Seeing that Li Tongqin and this group of people had nothing to say, they had to keep silent. I only hope that someone will send Liu Jin a letter as soon as possible and find a way to rescue him.

     When I arrived at the Hall of the Kings, I went to the dark interrogation room and made a splash. The eight blazing butter lamps were lit at the same time, and the white paper cover of the trumpet shot all the light toward him, reflecting Li Tongqin’s eyes. I can’t concentrate my energy at all. The young masters in charge of the interrogation hide in the dark, and think this kind of game is more interesting than going to temple fairs, fighting poems and drinking.Naturally, Yang Ling would not allow them to mess around all the time. He put two of his own people in these childe brothers. On the surface, they assisted the police officers in questioning the case. In fact, they are the ones who really have the solid information and lead the interrogation process. people.

     It turns out that there is a surname Feng in Tongzhou, everyone is called Feng Xier. This person has a sacred pupil, a romantic and smart, skin like jade, [***] good song. This person is often invited by rich gentlemen and tycoons. In the masculine Great Ming, this tycoon is naturally wine-lover's heart is not in the cup. Bai Yueli wants him to sing softly, curl up and dance, and he can’t avoid a round in the night. When the moon is the couch, the jade rabbit is female and the vajra beats the pestle.

     Feng Xi'er was very much loved by some wealthy gentry, and often brought into the house, and even kept him back for half a month. This person is both a man and an amazingly beautiful appearance. For a long time, the big family wives and concubines he seduce and play with are countless, but he was raised in a deep boudoir as a woman by the rich gentry.

     This person became more and more courageous and triumphant. Sometimes he went back to the theater and talked to people about the poetic and passionate of these deep house compound drunkenly. It stunned the people who heard it, but no one dared to talk to the gentry. It's extraordinary, it may not be a good thing to report a secret.Unexpectedly, there are many night road trips and eventually hell, Feng Xier was once invited to the Fuzhong singing hall by the rich gentry of Tongzhou, Shen Changming, who specializes in car and horse business. Backyard flowers. Feng Xier was bold enough to seduce Ms. Shen's family. The two secretly communicated the music and formed an affair. Ms. Shen, a girl who had not been out of the pavilion, was pregnant because of this.

     Feng Xier knew about this and was very scared, so she asked in private, got a pair of tiger and wolf medicine, and asked the girl to take it. As a result, the fetus was beaten, and the girl was bleeding. Breathe one's last. Things broke out. Feng Xier was usually picked up and sent to him. It was very glorious. The gentry and landlords regarded him as a treasure. In fact, he was just an actor played by people. What reputation and status were all praised by these people. Come out, once turned around, worthless.

     Feng Xi'er was reported to be sent to prison in order to lure him to death and sentence him to death. At this time, Li Yushi went to Tongzhou for a business trip. This person is a good man. The last time he came to Tongzhou, someone had hired a lot of money to wait on the pillow seat. Li Tongqin had a special liking for this pink, white, plump and tender rabbit, but he was a pity. My family is limited and I can't buy it back to my hometown. I went to Tongzhou this time. I heard that the drama had been arrested. I was suddenly moved with evil thoughts.At this time, he had already taken refuge in Liu Jin, and the officials in Tongzhou were in awe of him. Li Tongqin first went to the prison to see the drama. On the condition of saving him from prison, he asked him to sell himself and get a contract. Li Tongqin put his sleeve in his sleeve and went to find the Shen family. .

     Li Tongqin found out that Shen Changming liked to appreciate weapons. Not only did he hide ancient swords and halberds in his home, he also asked someone to buy a variety of swords that are currently used in the military, and kept them for collection, so he sent a notice to the government and charged the crime of possession of weapons. He was taken into custody, the Shen family begged for help, and they worked up and down. In the end, they knew that Li Yushi was the cause of the trouble. The Shen family's son brought a generous gift to the house to pray. Li Tongqin spoke bluntly and asked the Shen family to withdraw the lawsuit and release the people from prison. , Shen Changming can be released from prison.

     The Shen family had no choice but to withdraw the complaint with anguish, and ended the case with annihilation of pregnancy, and the accidental death of the drug purchased by himself. Shen Changming came out, but because of the crime of ‘false accusation’, he spent a lot of money on top and bottom, all made dowry for Feng Xi’er, and he was put into Li Tongqin’s pocket.

     The in-house factory also runs the cart and horse business, and has long heard about this. As for the personal evidence, it is naturally easy to find, so the first thing to do is take him. Liu Jin was in a panic when he got the letter. Li Tongqin took refuge in Liu Jin, and after he took care of him, he did many bad things. Many of them are related to Liu Jin. It would be bad if Yang Ling was asked to find out and report to the emperor.He is not afraid of Li Tongqin’s confession alone, just like Zhang Zhong’s case, he can evade things. It’s really impossible to be reprimanded by Zhengde at most, but if one is brought down, there will be a second. If this continues, a bunch of officials are caught, and the three are still tigers, let alone ten or dozens? Can the emperor believe it? Moreover, this force that has been planted in Kedao must be uprooted by Yang Ling, so Liu Jin immediately went to see Zhengde Emperor and talked about how rude the children of the aristocratic family were, which made Kedao officials resent and everyone was dissatisfied.

     The Zhengde Emperor, who was not serious, laughed straight at hearing: I'm so out of breath, these bastards have troubled me all day, and this time they can be regarded as sulking. But after he was out of breath, thinking about it, he was afraid that there would be a real mess, Zhengde sent an order to let Yang Ling enter the palace, and wanted him to restrain himself.

     Yang Ling entered the palace and spoke forcefully and with justice in front of Liu Jin: "The emperor, in fact, the ministers have restrained the childe of these princes and nobles, and asked them to act in accordance with the law, not to be arrogant. But these young people are all newborn calves. , Full of sap, jealous like hatred, especially for the emperor. They are very proud of you, figure. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms , So the ministers are not good enough to blow their enthusiasm.Furthermore, this is the first battle of the emperor’s introspection and reorganization of disciplines, so lay down the flag and still the drums, then the next step is not easy. The civil and military officials and the people all over the world are watching the emperor’s With every move, if the minister is afraid of the slander of the pros and cons, and dare not pass like thunder and move like the wind, is it not arrogant to the emperor?

     Moreover, this Li Tongqin is indeed very sinful. If it is not caught, it is not enough to be infuriated by the common people; if it is not caught, it is not enough to be disciplined; if it is not caught, it is not enough to strictly enforce the law, the emperor. "

     Zhengde said without hesitation: "Catch! It's time to catch!"

     In the first round, Liu Jin lost.

     Yang Ling talked about the case under review all the time. Zhengde heard that this person's official authority used for private interests framed the wealthy and gentry people. How can he keep his reason for doing such a thing?

     Liu Jin was a little relieved after hearing this. He hadn’t even heard of the rabbit case that Yang Ling was investigating, and had nothing to do with him. Although Li Tongqin could be protected, the emperor made such a case. , Stop it now, it's really impossible, and it's impossible that there will be no one who missed the horse. As long as he doesn't suffer serious injury, as long as he doesn't dig out other things, it will be easy.It is not that Yang Ling has not caught Li Tongqin's other criminal evidence, but he now intends to lips sealed and not saying anything, and does not check, so as to prevent Liu Jin from fighting back and obstructing the case. His idea was to plow the field for the first time, turn all the ‘fruits’ up, and then walk again and start picking up, which is much faster than ploughing one step and picking one.

     The specific method is to find out the officials of Liu Jin's school and dig out illegal things that have nothing to do with Liu Jin, so that Liu Jin can't come in in the name of his own defense, so that he can be arranged calmly and pull these corrupt officials without interference. Dismount, first clean up the road team.

     After the science and technology team put on fresh blood, they were back in the hands of Li Dongyang and Yang Tinghe, and at the same time they placed some of their own people, and then ordered them to conduct a second combing and thoroughly investigate the crimes of these corrupt officials. At that time, these corrupt officials had already been accused of criminals and had been cleared from the official government. First, the resistance to handling the case was greatly reduced; second, it was possible to prevent internal abuse; third, the will of these officials who had been convicted would change if they resisted. Weak, easy to loosen the tone.Li Tongqin stayed in the Hall of the Kings, saying that he was arrested, but he had no cell and did not commit crimes. He said that he was not arrested but did not let him go. The fatigue tactics were implemented in turns. For a while, the real Neichang Fanzi spoke sharply, approaching the vital part, and he asked him with cold sweat on his forehead. He was thinking nervously here, thinking about what to say, and there was a sound from the cold side, and asked him curiously. Is it true that rabbits are better than women, and how does it feel?

     Li Tongqin’s nerves were hurt for a while and then loosened, and there were always eight ever-bright lights in front of him, which made his eyes hard to see. What he eats can only survive, and what he drinks is guaranteed not to die of thirst. He feels that he will not sleep at all. , This cartilaginous head only lasted two days and two nights before recruiting. The accomplished young masters and childe cheered in unison, threw down Li Tongqin, who was eagerly looking forward to confessing immediately, and went to drink to celebrate. The two real fans smiled bitterly, and when they were gone, they closed the door before giving Li Tongqin to Li. Tong Qin took notes.

     Kedao, a land that has not been touched for hundreds of years, was led by Yang Ling and a group of energetic and trouble-loving princes and grandchildren continued to plow. This sacred land of scholars has been plowed out more ugly.Three days later, just last month from Hubei, he returned from the post of inspector and envoy, and Gu Changting, the current Hanlin bachelor, was also detained. The Hanlin Academy was in an uproar. All the Qingliu stretched their necks and waited to watch Yang Ling fight Liu Jin's good show, but Gu Changting was arrested and even the Qingliu protested.

     Gu Changting is forty years old and has a very good official voice. It is said that what he did during the day would burn incense and be reported to the sky at night in order to open and candid. Such a sincere person who does not deceive the sky, and has been serving as an official outside the country, has just returned to Beijing. It can be said that he has nothing to do with Liu Jin. Why is he arrested?

     Yang Ling's actions were too fast. Before they could make a series of complaints, Gu Changting's crime was publicized, making the Hanlin agape and tongue-tied, speechless. Gu Changting served as the Supervisory Envoy in Hubei, and had an excellent relationship with the officials of the Third Division and the guard eunuchs, and his power was extremely heavy. This person is clean-living and honest on the surface, but it is all angle for fame.

     He is not wealthy, because Gu's family is originally a Jiangnan aristocratic family, and his family is very broad, but this person is lustful and specializes in good family women. If he sees the person who makes him feel tempted, he will use all means, both soft and hard, to get others into his hands. Moreover, this person is narrow-minded, the old saying goes that Jujue must be reported, and this person has really reached the point where it must be reported.When he was appointed in Hubei, he played a leaf card with an official and played a pair that happened to be paired with the next family. This is called'catch' in the leaf card. Gu Changting became sore and asked, "Which one dares my card? catch?"

     Even though the next official is younger than the other official, the senior official who knows how to play cards is so serious, and his heart is so small, so he smiled and replied, "What does it matter if you catch it?"

     Gu Changting laughed and said nothing. After playing cards for two more times, Gu Changting called his attendants to whisper a few times. When the cards were finished and everyone left their hands, a group of officials from the prefect’s yamen rushed to arrest people and shackled his next home. The official was dumbfounded. Qi asked: "What's wrong with me to detain me into the government?"

     Gu Changting sneered on the side: "What does it matter if it is caught?" The officials realized that it was because of a conflict that Gu Changting hated and retaliated. The officer was accused by him and sent to the army.

     Once again, Gu Changting and the officials were watching a play in a theater. A childe of a guard surnamed Hao came to the theater to find his father. The guard was at the same table with Gu Chang so his son saluted Master Gu. Hao Childe pouted at random. His father accused him of being ignorant. The boy said impatiently, "I am not familiar with Master Gu. What does it matter?"Soon, the local government arrested a robber. The robber confessed that Hao Childe was his accomplice. Hao Childe was arrested and imprisoned. Hao Shoubei knew that Gu Changting had a very good relationship with the Hubei guardian. The local officials sold him off. Fortunately, he had a relationship with him. Yes, I took a thousand taels of silver to the door and asked Gu Yushi for help.

     Gu Changting came forward and saved his son. Hao Shoubi brought his son to the door to thank him. The childe knelt and thanked him. Gu Changting asked someone to hold the box of silver back to Hao Shoubi, and smiled at his son: "Hao childe , Do you know Mr. Gu this time?"

     Only then did the Hao family know that it was Gu Changting who had come forward and instructed the thief to frame Hao Childe. Fortunately, he was also a friend of Hao Shoubei. Because of the words of a younger generation, the son of a good friend, he took revenge. The villain did this. For good reason, it can be regarded as unprecedented.

     The two victims were usually in contact with him, and their relationship was fairly friendly, and they also had official positions. Even though he was persecuted in this way, this shows how he was domineering in the local area. As for the problems of his good wife, it is known by everyone locally.There is a well-known master silversmith named Wu You, who is handed down by his ancestors. Because of the exquisite workmanship, a pair of silver jewellery made by hand can be ten times higher than the original price of silver. It is not necessarily to be found. Once Gu Changting went to order silver jewelry, and saw Wu You's wife Zhi Yan bring tea and rice for her husband.

     When Gu Changting saw it, she squinted and praised: "Your wife may be only seven-point pretty, but these eyes are extremely charming. With these eyes, it is twelve-point beauty."

     Wu You heard the soul flies away and scatters, and Gu Changting cried with his wife as soon as he left, but he would definitely touch his hands to any woman Gu Changting liked, and he would be willing to get what he wanted. How does a silversmith of low status fight against others? "

     Mrs. Wu was also staunch, she wanted to commit suicide in a well, so as not to be humiliated because of her family bankrupt and the people dead, but a teacher in the shop came up with a good idea, blinded her, but said to the outside world It was accidentally splashed by lime.

     Gu Changting was really worried about his wife, but before he had time to play with Yin's tempting eyes, he heard that this woman was blind, and felt very regretful. For this reason, he specially wrote a poem "Beauty Eyes", which was recited in public. Listen to friends to express the grief in the heart.Although this man has a lot of crimes, he is good at making a name for himself and hiding evil. In addition, he is extremely sinister. Even his friends are afraid to say no to him. The reputation spread to Beijing, and this person has become a man. A Taoist saint.

     The crimes are detailed and conclusive, and the make people is irrefutable. Gu Changting’s notoriety spread across the capital in an instant. The villain is more susceptible than the wicked. What this person did is even the people of Liu Jin’s sect. Gu Changting's arrest was really what everyone expected.

     This person really has nothing to do with Liu Jin, but he and Cheng Feng, the guard eunuch of Hubei, have a good relationship. Cheng Feng has done many things for him. As the patrol envoy, he also concealed many illegal crimes for Cheng Feng. If you conceal it without reporting it, you will feel disappointed.

     Yang Ling's punishment for his crime is only to confirm his crime first, and to take this personal testimony in his own hands. The real purpose is naturally to lead the guard eunuch Cheng Feng, from Cheng Feng, to Liu. Jin.

     As the Imperial Court, the Imperial Academy, the Six Sections, and the Thirteen Dao imperial envoys continued to fall, Liu Jin could not sit still. This is the period when Yang Ling patrolled the north and south sides of the Yangtze River, and worked so hard to rack one's brains for schemes to put the ears, eyes and mouthpieces in the department!With them making trouble there, Li Dongyang and Yang Tinghe have lost their skinny. They have no way to use science to influence the emperor, leaving their own family to dominate. Now Yang Ling is engaged in a political massacre, slashing down in line. Man, how can one's absolute advantage disappear?

     Liu Jin’s subordinates are all rectification experts, but Yang Ling leads a group of young masters, and there is no one who is an official in the court. There is almost no flaw to attack. What are you going to do with him? After the scourge, the Real Taoist family patted their butt and left. What can you do with others?

     Political achievement? He is not a court official, so talk about political achievements. malfeasance? Now Yang Ling is doing in full swing. Great Ming has less than 300 supervisory officials, half of the place, half of the place in Beijing, and half of the place in Beijing. Yang Ling is about to do half of it. Can you say that others did it? Is bad?

     Liu Jin rubbed and rubbed his chin sadly, almost rubbing his skin. Talented Lu came from the construction site covered in dust. When Lu Shijie came, he gave the fellow villager an idea: "Fight back, copy guys." Go up, he smashed, and we smashed too. Aren’t there still a few of our people left in Kedao? Didn’t Jin Yiwei and Dongchang also have some people recruited by your father-in-law? Let Dongchang collect the faults of the officials , And then let our guys play, play the complaint, and muddy the water."

     Zhang Cai's eyes lit up, and she said, "Cunning, Lu childe, this is to put out the fire with fire."Liu Jin blinked and asked, "What do you mean?"

     Zhang Cai said with a smile: "Lu Childe meant to find Qingliu's fault, then impeach the lawsuit and paralyze the entire department. By then, some visionary officials would worry that the situation would get out of control and the investigation would have become a chaos. If you continue to check, both sides suffer, and the entire science road is completely destroyed, and they will ask the emperor to stop the check."

     Zhang Wenmian looked at Lu Shijie's self-conscious smile, and slowly said, "I'm afraid it's more than that?"

     "Of course not only", Lu Shijie said with a slight smile: "The emperor cares about the world and pursues peace, not the pleasure of hatred and hatred. The emperor who wants to do something wants reform and reform, but if the change has already come To the extent that the situation that affects him is stable, Tianzi would rather kill the person he has always supported, the person who reformed for him, to stabilize the country, quell popular grievances, and balance the political situation.This kind of thing has existed since ancient times, and so is the punishment of corruption. The emperor wouldn’t kill Yang Ling, but if the Superintendent, the Imperial Academy, and the six disciplines and thirteen realms were all caught in a melee, the emperor had to keep the peace and abandon the investigation in order to stabilize the political situation. Later, your father-in-law, you can play, impeach Yang Ling to investigate the private fraud, domineering, and beat his arrogance down. If he is defeated this time, he is a non-political and opposing father-in-law. Become a threat".

     Liu Jin's eyes lit up, and he gnashing one's teeth said authentically: "Okay! It's better to see childe Lu! Yang Ling, Yang Ling! Our family has never wanted to confront you head-on, you are smug, win an inch, want a foot. Now. Now is not the time for you to control the factory and surpass our family. I am full of people. If I don’t make you head and face filthy with grime, my surname will not be Liu!"

     As the corrupt officials fell one by one, the professionalism of the gangsters under his team was extremely high, and they no longer talked about wind, flower, snow and moon, trite poetry subject. Opening their mouths meant government and corruption, all of them became be Fired up, a young scholar who cares about the affairs of the country, his fathers and ancestors repeatedly told them to be low-key and silly. If they don’t be a bird, they were thrown out of the Jiuxiaoyun early, and they came to work early to interrogate the prisoners and organize the materials. If one wants to say that there are still some cultural abilities, once it gets serious, there are really few unusable waste.However, Yang Ling was extremely boring, fighting roundabouts, fighting steadily and steadily. Although it was proper, there was not much passion. So when some of Liu Jin’s remnant officials began to counterattack and make a fuss about the Qing genre, Yang Ling was not aware of the spirit. A shake: The younger brother is out, and the boss will not be far away. Soon Liu Jin will be fighting head-on.

     Jiao Fang sat in his study, frowned slightly, and twisted his beard and said: "The people of Liu Jin impeach the Qi imperial envoy to conceal the funeral examination. The Qi imperial envoy is a clean and honest official. Scientific research, there are bad virtues, if it is true, this official is very difficult."

     Yang Ling smiled and said: "Don't worry about Elder Ge, Liu Jin is exhaust one's limited abilities. This Qi imperial envoy has been an official for thirteen years. Check that he did not take part in the scientific expedition from the funeral 13 years ago? It will be enough for him to check it for a while. Besides, Yang Tinghe is not easy. His people can still spare no effort to protect him. Even if he can’t, Yang Shen, a kid deceitful in many ways, will help his father come up with ideas."

     Jiao Fang shook his head and said: "It's not enough for him. Liu Jin's people are not a few people impeached. Some of them are clumsy, and some are of the Qing genre. The students thought that this was Liu Jin deliberately increasing the momentum. The emperor was uneasy and stopped the investigation."Yang Ling said: "I can't always charge and fight, Yang Tinghe reap where one has not sown. Liu Jin has not many people left in Kedao. He can handle it. Let them fight, leaving a few small fish and shrimps. Leave it to Yang Tinghe to clean up. Elder Ge does not have to worry about these things, but should pay attention to the jinshis of Xinke, and choose those who have both integrity and talent. The chaos in science and Dao must be put down as soon as possible. Then these people need to add Go in."

     He sat up slowly, and slowly said: "From now on, I will no longer search for new officials. I will only concentrate on organizing the files of these arrested officials and preparing all the charges involving Liu Jin. If I expected It's not bad, I'm going to face Liu Jin head-on!"

     Yang Ling hit the mark with a comment, Liu Jin and Yang Tinghe launched a murderous battle on the battlefield where Yang Ling’s soldiers and horses had not yet been evacuated. After throwing three-day memorabilia to Zhengde in the match, the household In the ministry, Huang Jing played the role in the early dynasty. In the battle of millions of soldiers, he took the command of the three services directly. The impeachment of Yang Ling was incompetent and incompetent. He was incapable of impeaching the sacred intentions. No one is available for imperial surveillance.

     The black-faced Huang Jing if thrown on the floor, it will make a sound authentically: "Please quickly dismiss Yang Ling's messenger, and use the Qing government version and Ming code!"Coincidentally, I don’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional. These few things said that the old man Jiao Ge arranged for the station hall to be on duty. Yang Shen has always been on duty. He got up, and as soon as Huang Jing’s voice fell, Yang Shen stepped forward and participated in Liu Jin, saying that more corrupt officials from Kedao were under Liu Jin, and he also took out many Liu Jin from the official appointment book to interfere. Handwriting.

     The two giants were impeached at the same time, and the Manchu civil and military spirits immediately refreshed. At this moment, Li Dongyang entered the city of Yanjing from the south gate and Cheng Qiyun from the east gate.

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