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Chapter Directory 379 Treacherous Brother
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Yang Ling returned to the mansion from Jiao Fang and entered Youniang's room. The child was tired of playing and was sleeping. He had a pair of chubby legs like lotus roots, a thin blanket was placed around his waist, his cheek was flushed, and the tip of his nose was filled with fine beads of sweat.

     The two sat on the bedside, whispering, Han Youniang heard Yang Ling's words and worried: "Msang-gong, that is the model teacher of every age, the descendant of Kong Sheng, who can’t move easily. There is no scholar in this world who is an official. No one knows when I am offended."

     Yang Ling smiled and said: "Don't worry, I won't be arrogant. His kind of thing happened at the right time. I wanted to make good luck and use the influence of his Confucian family to add one to the big ship of reform and innovation Regarding the wind, let him make up for it.

     I won’t go to war against him. Although his power is no bigger than the imperial power, but it’s not a big deal to occupy the land and deceive him. It makes people think that I targeted it intentionally. Besides, to try the knife, I would not find such a hard piece of hob meat.

     Don't attack people too harshly, think about them tolerable; teach people not to overdo good things, and make them feasible. Xianggong understands this truth, haha, don't think of Xianggong as a brat who doesn't understand the world."Han Youniang glanced at him, like a smile yet not a smile, and said: "Oh? Is the Xianggong very familiar with the world, hehe, what made Adeni so unhappy?"

     Yang Ling was startled, and asked, "Why is this? Why is she unhappy?"

     Youniang chuckled softly: "I see that she is depressed. She stayed in the back garden in the afternoon, and she just smiled when she saw me. We can't persuade this matter, except because of you, there is no reason to come. Alas. People’s natal family is thousands of miles away. Since I followed you all my heart, we can’t make mistakes. You say yes?"

     Yang Ling smiled bitterly: "You, it's just that sympathy is overflowing. Is your ancestor like that? Forget it, I'll go and see what's up with her."

     Youniang let out a "um" and gently changed his light robe. Yang Ling Shi Shiran walked towards the back garden.

     Due to the addition of houses, a large area has been expanded here. The place where Youniang practiced martial arts has been moved to the warm cellar. The area next to the fruit forest is still planted with vegetables and ridges of corn, sweet potatoes, potatoes and tomatoes. Passage, the peanuts that have just passed into Middle Earth.

     Adeni was sitting on a rock next to the tomato field, holding a wooden pole in her hand and tapping the ground lightly one after another, her expression lonely and insane.Yang Ling walk quietly on tiptoe to her side, Adeni was shocked, her shoulders shrugged, she saw him, Fang was about to stand up, Yang Ling had already pressed her shoulders and sat down next to her with a smile, Softly said: "What's the matter, what's on your mind?"

     Adeni shook her head and said, "No."

     Yang Ling kept staring at her, and Adeni’s eyes gradually became flustered. Finally, she turned her head slightly and sighed softly: "I found out that what I know is almost useless in Great Ming, except for making murderous weapons. I don’t know Great Ming, so many things can only be taken for granted. I thought it was right, sometimes it’s ridiculous.

     Yang Ling was startled slightly, and then came to his senses: "Dare to love this Spanish genius and beautiful girl since she was a child, and she is not beautiful, but her talents. The knowledge she knows is not limited to Weapons, but now it’s bold. Once she leaves the battlefield and leaves her expertise in weapon manufacturing, her thoughtful thoughts are easily denied, and her self-esteem is a bit unbearable."Yang Ling laughed. Westerners matured quickly. In addition, she had gone through ups and downs, and her surname was stronger and more readable. She ignored that she was still a little girl, and she was still very fragile psychologically. Yun failed in a controversy, and she was eager to meet several important court officials who had neglected her, which made her feel disappointed.

     "Stupid girl, who said you are useless! Haha, only you have this strange idea, our Great Ming woman still believes in a woman's virtue is to have no talent, haha", Yang Ling hugged her affectionately Laughed in his arms.

     Adeni frowned and said seriously: "I'm serious, I don't know how to be a female celebrity, I don't know how to cook, and I can't help you in official career. When I get married, I will be responsible for Yang Family. Making guns and cannons and bombs? As a woman, I'm useless!"

     "Who said you are useless?"

     "What's the use?"

     "Uh, if you don't make guns and cannons, you can also make people. Give me a Yang Family doll first!"

     Adeni was stunned for an instant before reacting. Two red clouds flew to her cheeks. She beat Yang Ling twice in shame, then snuggled into his arms and said quietly, "Yang, don't lie to me, you are Do you really like me?"

     "Strange, we are all like that. If I don't like you, would I want you to be like that?"Adeni’s hot cheeks were hot, she squeezed into his arms again, and said, "No, you men, there are so many things to find a stage, put on a comedy. I and I thought you would like me Yes, but when I arrived at your house, I discovered that not only sister Qiyun is surprisingly beautiful, but also Yu'er, Xue'er and Mrs. Youniang, all of them are delicate and cute, and their skin is so tender and white, and they are long and pretty. I will be a house director, I really feel inferior."

     "Hehe, you also have your strengths. You are smart, self-reliant, and your body is hot, ha! Don't always feel that you must be very helpful to my career to prove your value. Keep your heart simple. Look at Youniang, Yuer, Xue 'er them, aren't they happy?"

     Adeni hugged him tightly and whispered softly: "Yang, I am in the Far East. Only you can love and only you can rely on. Sister Yun'er said, this is a matter of gain and loss. I am always afraid that I am not worthy of your love. In the capital, there are no more ladies everywhere, making me feel that you are with me and you are wasting your life."

     Yang Ling slapped his forehead: "My God, the more you talk about it, the more serious it will not be, right? Uh, are you suffering from depression? What is the waste? Life should be wasted on beautiful people and things. You are in me In his heart, there is a treasure that others cannot replace, so why bother to feel self-pity."Adeni heard this, her jewel-like eyes glowed brightly, and said joyfully: "Yang, are you telling the truth?"

     Yang Ling gently embraced her in her arms and gently sniffed her hair and said, "Of course it is true. You are all treasures in my heart. Youniang is my harbor. No matter how far I drive, I have to go back. I feel at ease by her side; Yun’er is my assistant, and I’m at ease when I sail alongside her; Xue’er is a pistachio, and she always tries everything to make me happy; Yu’er is a hot spring, three If you don’t enjoy her tenderness for two days, you will be itchy."

     Adeni's eyes were dim, and she whispered softly: "Yang, what am I in your heart?"

     "You?" Next to the round and plump buttocks, slender and plump thighs, and the breasts that were swaying in his arms, Yang Ling was moved by his affection. He pressed it to the ear of the hot stunner and gently Authentic: "You, you are one of my aphrodisiacs. When you sit here, even the tomatoes on the shelf immediately become surnamed."The term aphrodisiac, he thought Adni could not understand, but he did not know that Adni was an instructor on a pirate ship. The crew members of the professor would play with women crazily as soon as they got on the ship, and talk about women crazily as soon as they got on the ship. Yes, talking about aphrodisiacs, she has heard so many things, otherwise she is a woman who has never been intimate with others, how can she know how to use that method to satisfy him on the car to Jinan?

     Adeni was so ashamed that she bit her lip and beat him uncomfortably. Thinking of his analogy, she couldn't help but smile. Adeni's face finally regained a happy and confident look.

     She gently wrapped Yang Ling's neck, with a soft voice, sweet tones, and coquettish air, she teased seductively: "Then my dear Yang, when are you going to take my aphrodisiac?"

     Yang Ling hesitated for a moment. If she follows the gift of accepting a concubine, I am afraid she is not used to it. Besides, this girl has a strong self-esteem. Now it is very difficult for her to do this step when you enter a village, follow the local customs. It's impossible to let her go down one by one, at least she won't be comfortable with that.Rather, Yang Ling a bright idea suddenly occurs, saying: "How about a Western-style wedding? It seems to be monogamous. When you enter a village, follow the local customs, he doesn’t change the rules, then Come back in five hundred years. Now, who would like to join his teaching. It should be no problem. These priests can tamper with the map of the world created by God to cater to the people of Great Ming, and change the wedding ceremony. It’s not a big deal.”

     Thinking of this, Yang Ling said: "Well, I'm busy with national affairs these days, so let's go back, I will tell Father Jacobs, seven days later, I will hold a Western wedding for you and me. What do you think?"

     The sunset glows all over the sky, and the birds sing and the cicadas call each other: "Really? Dear Yang"

     "A gentleman?"

     "Get on the horse!"

     This time, Adeni did not understand.

     Leopard Garden, Zhengde Emperor congregate in one hall in a large room that integrates office, play, listening to the scriptures, and enjoying singing and dancing. There are a large number of Dharma kings, living Buddhas, and eminent monks. Robe, wearing a red pointed cap or a protector crown studded with precious stones.

     Zhengde Emperor was also dressed in vestments, cassocks, and a Xia hat, sitting high on the top. The smoke from two expensive and huge Tibetan incense loomed over his body. His precious appearance was solemn, like a living Buddha.He was originally a Buddha, and the Daqing Dharma King Dading Wisdom Buddha, who himself was named Daqing His Holiness, even asked these eminent monks to indoctrinate him. He usually talked with these lamas and monks. He is the outfit. Now of course he has to Dressed neatly.

     It's just that he is not talking about Buddhism, but about politics.

     "Duogan (including Qinghai) area has been our Great Ming territory since Xu Da expelled the remnant Wang Baobao of the Yuan Dynasty. The court established Hezhouwei, Xiningwei, Andingwei, Aduanwei, Qu Xianwei and Han Dongwei and Biliwei, for the convenience of the local people and the trust of the imperial court, the officials of these guards were all heads of local tribes.

     The emperor of my dynasty respected the Dharma kings and living Buddhas of Nyingmapa (Red Sect), Kagyupa (White Sect), Sakaba (Flower Sect), Gruba (Yellow Sect) and other religions handed down by Padmasambhava , The Xining Senggang Division was established in the court of Qutan Temple, and the Senggang Division was also established in Minhe Honghua Temple.

     We respect the local chieftains and monks, that is, to the local people. The court also vigorously develops farming fields, opens a school, and develops the tea-horse trade. The favor is not unreasonable.But now I am very disappointed, very disappointed, too disappointed. I handed Dorgan to the leaders to guard for me, and I gave them the rich Qinghai Lake as a ranch, but they sat and watched Garthbu and Bayan. Invasion. Qinghai Lake was rewarded by me to the tribes who obeyed the Great Ming, not for raising the evil wolf Bayan Mengke.

     Today I invite all the Dharma kings, living Buddhas, and monks to come here to tell you that since the leaders of Dogan cannot resist the attack of the wolves, and Buddhist teachings cannot influence the enemy’s ambitions, then only I will be the only one to be angry. King Kong. I will definitely not sit back and watch Dogan fall into Bayan's hands.

     I sit on an army of two million. Will it be possible for Bayan to seize Qinghai as a pre-existing one? Did he think that Great Ming had a chance to take advantage of the civil war? A joke, I am rich in the world, and the treasury is solid. I am talking about fighting on both sides. How about a few more places? Strike Bayan in the north, Japanese pirates in Dongping, and retreat from the Franco machine in the south. After several battles, they can be accomplished in one go. Triumph in every battle is invincible.

     Will I be held back by a mob of less than 50,000 people in Hebei and Shandong now? Shandong Xiangma Hebei Thief! These places have been in trouble since ancient times, and it's no big deal. If the chieftains and living Buddhas in Qinghai are not capable of expelling the evil wolf Bayan, I will sympathize with your difficulties, and I will send troops to drive him away or destroy him. "Zhengde was awe-inspiring, sweeping around, only to see the living Buddhas and the Lords of the Buddha with a look of anxiety, whispering to each other, the corners of his mouth couldn't help showing a squishy smile.

     There are many tribes in Qinghai, and they do not follow each other. Because of this, they have not been able to form a strong unified government. Therefore, they have been more polite to Great Ming. Since Great Ming was founded, they have been tribute and year-round. In Korea, even though this is a face-saving project, they are actually the ones who benefit, at least they can be said to be respectful.

     The imperial court practiced almost complete autonomy in the Dogan Qinghai area. The generals and soldiers of the guards were mostly local tribes. The sky is high and the emperor is far away, free and easy, how free and easy? In particular, these living Buddha and Dharma kings, who have the unity of politics and religion and respected their status, are well aware of their interests.

     The court dispatched troops? Once the imperial army arrives, what will your home be like in the chaos of war? The most important thing is that since the local tribe’s guards made the Great Ming Emperor and Daqing His Holiness Xitian Jue Dao Yuanming and comfortable, Mr. Dading Huifo was very disappointed and unhappy, then once his army marched into Qinghai, what would happen? Will return?

     These living Buddhas are all human masters cultivated in a social environment where politics and religion are united. They consider issues very carefully. The consequences and long-term effects of the war are immediately thought of by them.In case the emperor Little Buddha thinks that the round-trip fare is too expensive, he only buys a one-way ticket. After the battle, he cancels the commanding position of the heads of the above six tribes and replaces the soldiers with the proud Han Chinese who have just won the battle. It's not impossible to stay there and not leave. The strategy of "borrowing the Dao" is not an exclusive invention of the Han people's 36 strategies.

     If the Emperor Great Ming really cradles and fights rabbits and solves the two issues at once, can he be the only one in Qinghai? Religious leaders have their own thoughts, nervously playing their own little nines, and calculating their own interests.

     Zhengde Emperor turned his eyes and added some information: "As far as I know, after Bayan invaded Qinghai Lake, the Wala tribe and Huosi were deeply disturbed that Bayan would occupy the depths of their abdomen. The countries of the Western Regions were worried that once Bayan became stronger, They will embezzle them, so they are also actively contacting and preparing to send troops to Qinghai Lake. Qinghai Lake will soon become a boiling pot. I love the people, but I can't help it.

     Today, I invite you all the Dharma kings and living Buddhas to come back immediately, restrain your followers and disciples, keep them away from the source of the disaster, avoid the center of the war, and avoid the innocent disaster.At the same time, I will tell you a decision first. In order to prevent the materials transported by the Great Ming from being acquired by Bayan, and to prevent the intelligence mobilized by the Great Ming army from being detected by Bayan’s horses, I will blockade before Bayan can exit Qinghai Lake. Border, stop all mutual markets and tea-horse transactions! "

     What? The countries of the Western Regions want to bring gangs and gangs to kill, and Wala and Huosi will also come to join in the fun. Great Ming is also about to send troops and stop the exchange. Is this all coming to Qinghai Lake?

     When this "Gathering of Heroes" is sung, does Qinghai still have Ning Yue? As the master of the temple and the living Buddha of the King, there are thousands of people directly serving under his staff. Where can I avoid them? The most prosperous areas have been plagued by military disasters, the mutual market has stopped again, and I have led people to drink in remote areas. the northwest wind?

     The living Buddhas were really anxious this time, they whispered to each other, their voices were quick and fast, their voices gradually rose, and they didn't know what they were arguing about.Zhengde Emperor sit upright and still, with a compassionate expression of compassion and compassion. He was compassionate for a long while. Before the Buddhas below had discussed a Ziwu Yinmao, Zhengde sighed, knotted his hands with the "untouched fundamental seal", and entered meditation. After moving, I don’t know how long it took. The discussion in the hall gradually stopped. It seems that the Living Buddhas have reached a consensus on a certain opinion. The Zhengde Emperor is still meditating, and the Living Buddhas dare not disturb him. People are really nothing, so everyone made fingerprints and just cultivated with the emperor.

     The Zhengde Emperor finally received his work, put on an act to accompany him to meditate, but in fact, the living Buddhas who were so anxious in their hearts immediately regained consciousness.

     Several high-ranking Living Buddhas sitting in the front row whispered a few words, and the Living Buddha Wenjia respectfully saluted: "Your Majesty the Great Emperor, we all agree that the expedition and wars are not a blessing for sentient beings. We request. Immediately return to Dorgan and do your best to use the power of my Buddha to expel Bayan from Qinghai Lake. Please your Majesty the Emperor to postpone the dispatch of troops. If we fail, we will not be too late."The Zhengde Emperor lamented: "Soldiers, lethal weapons. I believe in my Buddha, but would I want to kill? But when Bayan enters the green, it will cause no end of trouble. I have to do it. Living Buddhas are willing to do great good deeds. Why would I not allow it? So, I will send someone to escort the living Buddhas back to life. If you can exchange weapons of war for gifts of jade and silk, that would be the best. If you can’t, the living Buddhas have done their best and the rest Let me take care of everything."

     As soon as the living Buddhas heard that they were pleased beyond one's expectations, they were willing to stay longer, and they immediately agreed with their mouths, please resign immediately, and immediately prepare to pack their clothes and go back to life.

     The huge room was suddenly empty, Zhengde Emperor stretched his neck and looked left and right, couldn't help but smile, his face turned straight, turning the sky with one hand, and lifting the ground with one hand, pointing to the sky and the earth. He proclaimed "Om, huh, huh", and immediately formed the seal of the great mighty vajra, which was actually addicted to playing.

     When the corner door opened, two figures flashed in. The first one saw Zhengde's appearance, and Ge Gejiao smiled and said, "Look at you, are you still addicted to pretending? Are your sitting legs numb, get up quickly".

     Tang Yixian smiled and kicked the futon where Zhengde was sitting, and said, "What are you doing, but get up".

     Zhengde look anxious authentically: "Don't touch it, don't touch it. I can't stand this big market for a long time. My legs are numb. Oh, don't touch me."He pulled his leg down with a toothy grin, let go cautious and solemn, and waited for the bloodline to circulate, then smiled and said, "How about it, don't I have a good way of singing and playing?"

     When Yang Ling walked into the hall, it was a ceremony: "The minister sees the emperor, long live my emperor, long live, ten thousand".

     "I said, Brother Wannian, I said that you don’t have to be confined to the courtesy of monarchs and ministers in this place. I will get married soon. From now on, this will be the home of Yixian (an immortal) and I. Here, I have to live an ordinary life. The man’s day. Ouch, don’t be angry with me, I can’t move, it’s not comparable to someone who has been sitting for a lifetime, ho, this hell! Find a place to sit by yourself."

     Tang Yixian smiled and moved a chair. Yang Ling saw that the emperor was sitting on a futon. He was sitting on a chair much higher than him. He pulled a futon and sat on the opposite side of Zhengde. When Tang Yixian saw it, he also took one. When the futon came, he held a plate of grapes from the Long Shumo and placed it among the three.

     Zhengde gently stroked his thigh and said, "Bayan occupied Qinghai Lake, disaster relief and poverty relief in Shandong, and land reclamation by immigrants in Liaodong. The lunatic Zhao recruited soldiers and buy horses in Zhongtiao Mountain in Shanxi, and the white-clothed army in Jiangnan. There is life and death, and there is hope. Disappointment, I also have joys and worries."Yang Ling smiled faintly: "It is precisely for them to go south and sail north. Once they reach Jiangnan, they will find that there is indeed a wealthy place, but their immediate advantage will be over. They will be divided and weakened as much as possible. After four months, the remaining ruined army, defeated general drove north again, cold weather, frozen ground, lack of clothing and food, from the start to the end, they were noisy for only a year, the emperor can rest assured."

     "In Qinghai, it depends on the energy of these living Buddhas. If they can't solve Bayan's problem, then we have also solved the white robber, and we can free our hands. Things in Liaodong are easy to handle, and it is a long-term thing. Wade across the river, feeling for footholds as one goes, if you have any problems, find out and solve them at any time. As long as the court supports more, you can give them a policy assistance.

     As for Zhao Sui in Shanxi, when things come up here, the minister wants to take a trip personally. It is best if he can recruit security. If he can’t, he will never be allowed to sit down. Once the bandits have a stable base, they will be large. tail obstructs action, he must be driven away. "

     Zhengde nodded and looked serious: "That's right. After these things, the shortcomings of the government have been exposed. This is not a good thing. If you solve it in time, you can avoid further intensification of the conflict. I want to political and military. Achievements, I have done something, but I have not solved a bunch of my own problems, I want to open up new territory, that is bite off more than one can chew, and you have to be hard by yourself.Yang Ling was overjoyed and said, "The emperor has seen so much. The ministers, the cabinet, and several adults in the six ministries have discussed and reduced the twelve strategies for restructuring and innovation to ten. They feel that they are already very appropriate. The heavens will send me the memorial first, let out the wind, let everyone prepare in their hearts, and then formally ask the emperor to implement it from the cabinet. The minister will first tell you the results of our deliberations, so that we can know."

     Yang Ling recounted the important things. In terms of tax reform, the officials have tried various new tax laws, such as'Li Jia Yin','Jianping Yin','Gang Yin', and'Shi Duan'. "Jin's selection of the best use of the "whip method", Zhengde heard this, spit out a piece of grape skin, and nodded again and again: "Okay, well, this Great Ming tax fraud should be changed. A whip method is reasonable.

     The great Great Ming Jiangshan, I have no money to use soldiers, I have no money for disasters, and even the inner library is cleaned up. It is so pitiful that the poor people still say that they are out of breath under the pressure of taxes. It is Great Ming. Are you really poor? It's just that the taxes are uneven. The rich people don't pay as much as a cow, while the poor people pay more than half of their annual income.As a result, some of the people raised were fat in their intestines, and they flowed oily fart. I heard that there were wealthy merchants in Jiangnan who wanted to eat a bowl of parrot tongue, so they killed hundreds of parrots. Is that stuff really delicious? Just show off. To eat fish whiskers, I bought a hundred-tailed carp, and only cut the fish whiskers for later use. I don't have that luxury for this luxury. "

     Yang Ling is a bit surprised. The reason is to draw blood on the first prick. It’s just that the emperor now has so many slang words, and he knows a lot about folk affairs. If the factory guard told him, at least these slang words cannot be against the emperor. Say it's disrespectful.

     He glanced at Tang Yixian, and he felt something in his mind: "Shiyou** is that this unobstructed little Nizi is babbling nonsense to the emperor. The emperor even eats her set, and likes to let people treat themselves. Treating each other as ordinary people, these two people, one willing to fight and the other willing to suffer, and they are not Mr. Daoxue, so I don’t bother to be admonished in such trivial matters.

     If these words are heard by Wang Qiong, Liu Jian, and even Yang Tinghe, Liang Chu, etc., I am afraid they will turn pale with fright, and immediately ask the king of a country to be cautious in words and deeds, and even mobilize officials to engage in battle. The court discussed, let the emperor come up for a deep review, and only Yang Ling didn't take it seriously. Zhengde was the most relaxed and comfortable in front of him, and he was not tired. It is no wonder that he has something to say to him.When Yang Ling talked about the reform of the military system, Zhengde, whose bloodline was already fluent, slapped his thigh and said in the same way: "This is good. Lu Wan mentioned it? Well, he has a good idea. Now he recruits regiments to train people and train troops for the court I don’t have to spend money from the court, and when it’s appropriate, I will directly replace the guards. Good idea, to be honest, I don’t have money now, and this military system has to be changed, so I have to think of some tricks.

     Now when I look at the war reports of the Ministry of War, I am angry, saying that I have two million soldiers, but how many of them can only grow land. If it weren't for Aiqing, you led the soldiers to give me a few breaths. Look at the battle, what kind of grandma have been fought? Those who want to be a soldier can't become a soldier, and those who don't want to be a soldier force him to become a soldier. Can they have the mind to fight? Should be changed! "

     Yang Ling gradually talked about his true purpose. He talked about the seriousness and harm of land annexation. Then he glanced at Zhengde. Seeing that he was listening carefully, Yang Ling sighed and said worriedly: "The emperor, there is The emperor supports the reform and reform. The resistance from the DPRK and China will certainly not be too great. The minister is worried about whether these ten policies can really be implemented."Land annexers, either rich or expensive, ask them to spit meat out of their mouths, who is willing? These dignitaries are big and small, and they are bound to compare with each other. Those who are big and noble will not obey the imperial system, and those who are little and noble will learn from each other. When the imperial decree is promulgated, it will be shelved and accepted as a document. Come down, that would waste all one's previous efforts."

     Zhengde rolled his eyes and said with a smile: "Hey, want me to listen to the ten strategies for restructuring? After the memorial Wu came up, can I not see it? I know that you have other ideas. Don't worry, no matter if he is the prince and the uncle, It's the emperor relatives, or the first- and second-rank elders, those who dare not follow the government orders, I will support you and punish them all!"

     Yang Ling shook his head bitterly, and said: "It's no use, this man is too big and powerful. The emperor supports the ministers, and the ministers dare not offend him."

     "Ha!" Zhengde laughed angrily: "Okay, you don't want to betray me anymore, just tell who it is. Let me see who is so powerful."

     "This person is you, the emperor!"

     "Me?" Zhengde Emperor stayed for a while, a little annoyed: "Do I have any annexed land? Under the whole world, is it possible that the king's land, whose land I want to merge? I want to open up the frontier and expand the land and work hard. It’s just not the time right now. You said, why did I become the culprit of the annexation of the land?"Tang Yixian took a look, quickly picked up two bunches of grapes and handed them to the brothers: "Come, eat grapes."

     No one paid her attention, Yang Ling looked directly into Zhengde's eyes and said seriously: "Huangzhuang! Has the emperor forgotten Huangzhuang?"

     "Huangzhuang?" Zhengde Emperor was amazed: "You said Huangzhuang? How do you think Huangzhuang is a land merger?"

     Yang Ling said: "The number of imperial estates in the emperor’s circle has reached 21, with about 2 million acres of land. This is the case for the emperor, and even more so for the local vassals. As long as the vassals of the vassal are designated by the royal family, their respective lands are counted There are more than one million acres, the number is huge, staggering and sensational.

     The Zhengde Emperor’s lungs were about to explode, and he was a little bit sad and indignant for a while. He shouted: "I still have a guilty of terrible crimes! You have taken charge of seven imperial estates for me. I should know the things in them. Why do I own tens of thousands? Hectares of land, how many hectares of land the prince owns, this is purely spread falsehoods, don’t you understand the details?

     Tang Yixian's round eyes glanced at the left and the right. Seeing that the two brothers were about to talk, he quickly picked up two bunches of grapes and persuaded: "Come on, eat grapes".

     The two still ignored her, Tang Yixian bitterly picked a grape and threw it into his mouth.Yang Ling smiled softly and said: "You also knew that when the minister was the emperor in charge of the imperial estate, it was just a cover, but this time the minister has done a detailed investigation for restructuring and innovation, and it is natural to understand it now.

     The royal family and the royal family were originally paid for by the imperial finances. Where did the money come from? Taxes from the common people. Everyone must pay taxes. This is the principle of heaven. The prince is the vassal, and the royal family appoints some royal fields. It is not how many fields the prince owns, but the tax paid on this land is no longer paid to the household department, but is managed by the royal family and used directly by the royal family. The same is true of the emperor's imperial estate.

     The royal family and the royal family originally drew their expenses from the imperial finances. This part of the field was designated as imperial villages, and the household department reduced the supply according to the number. The existence of the imperial house and the royal house only reduced the taxes paid by the people in the middle of the household department. The link is directly handed over to the royal family and royal family who should have enjoyed it.

     If you pay royal tax, you don't need to pay official tax, and it's not double tax collection. So whether this place is called Guandi or Huangzhuang, it's just that the manager is different. For the people, it doesn't make much difference. "

     Zhengde's expression slowly eased, and Yang Ling continued: "Furthermore, the proportion of land rent collected by Huangzhuang and Wangzhuang is three cents tax per acre, which is less than that of ordinary landlords. The burden of tenant farmers in villages is less than that of tenant farmers in ordinary fields,".Zhengde Emperor snorted, and said unhappily: "You know what you said? I was really angry just now."

     Yang Ling smiled slightly and said: "The royal family always needs income to cover the daily expenses. If you don't get it from the imperial village, you will come from the official land. If you don't directly collect it, you have to pay from the household department. Then the name of this place is called Huangzhuang. Or is there any difference between Guandi?

     The annual tax on one million mu of land is about 10,000 taels. Some gentry, salt merchants, and maritime merchants earn far more than this figure each year. The royal family does not seem to be so sensationalize, so let’s not talk about it. The annexation of the land has left the people no way to survive.

     "But" Yang Ling became serious, and said: "Who would the plain-headed people calculate the amount of land produced in a year? How many royal expropriations? They only heard that the royal family owns several million acres of land, and they feel shocked. Moreover, spread falsehoods and falsehoods are the usual surnames of people, and people are willing to talk about them and exaggerate them.

     The gentry were willing to spread this way, and spreading such words created conditions for their true annexation. There are more people who spread the word, so there will be more people who believe, and even spread it to future generations, so that future generations who don’t know the truth will listen. I feel righteous indignation fills one's breast.What the Chen said is only normal. Under normal circumstances, there is no harm to the farmers, and spotting the imperial house and the royal house is extremely detrimental to the reputation of the royal family. So is Huangzhuang exploited? Is it true that the people who cultivate these lands pay less and more affordable than the people who pay taxes to the government? In fact, very few, very few. "

     He met Zhengde’s somewhat stunned gaze and explained: “The reason is very simple. Huangzhuang has its own staff outside the government. Where do their wages come from? The sheep wool comes from the sheep's back, and the final source is still Tian Fu. So with their wages, this imperial village tax is no less than the field that pays taxes to the government.

     In addition, the personal stewards and mentors of these imperial estates are acting on the authority of the government. Above them are the noble relatives and relatives who will never face the tenants. For the tenants who cultivate the imperial estate for the emperor relatives, how much land rent is set and how much is collected? Isn't it a word from them? With such convenient conditions, is it possible for them not to be greedy?

     The emperor thought that he was collecting taxes on the basis of three cents of tax per acre, giving the people seven cents of profits. However, in fact, the people have worked hard for a year, and the real income may not even reach three cents. The stewards, masters, and thugs are greedy. Do the people know who exploited them like this? This account is naturally counted on the emperor."Yang Ling's tone became heavy, and then said: "What the minister said is only your imperial estate. As for the kings everywhere! The minister dare not hide the emperor, you must also know that there are virtuous and stupid among the kings, not Everyone knows that they are compassionate to the people. If the prince himself is greedy for money, desperately squeezing, increasing the tax rate, and adding layers of stewardship from it, the people may only have one cent of profits in the good years and barely survive. Once the disaster owes When they are harvested, how can they survive if they don’t become refugees or rebel?"

     When Zhengde heard this, he gasped, and said in a dazed manner: "There is such a thing?"

     Yang Ling said solemnly: "That's right, so Huangzhuang and Wangzhuang are mergers that do not seize the land ownership, while the gentry and powerful are mergers that even take away the ownership of the land. There seems to be a slight difference, but in fact, the two do not harm the land. two".

     Zhengde bowed his head silently, and looked very depressed.

     Although he likes to play and play, but from the bottom of his heart, he also wants to be a Mingjun and a good emperor. He couldn't think of directly appointing the imperial house to supply the imperial cost. He was exploited in layers, which would harm so many people. This time The refugees rebelled, maybe some people were forced by themselves, so they were very sad.The corner of his mouth suddenly fell cold, and Zhengde, who was in thought, took a quick glance and saw Tang Yixian picking up a grape and sending it to his mouth. He smiled softly at him with comfort and encouragement in his eyes. Zhengde's heart was sweet, no Jiu opened his mouth and put the grape in his mouth.

     Tang Yixian handed Yang Ling a bunch of grapes again, and said, "Brother, if you have a good solution, let's talk about it, don't make the emperor sad."

     Zhengde's eyes lit up and said, "Yang Qing, what are your good ideas?"

     Yang Ling said: "There is no need for good policies, just remove all the staff in charge of the village. The Huangzhuang Wangzhuangtian tax regulations will still be handled by the household department, and the household department will settle and approve the application at the end of the year. The number of hectares, a new book will be created. Changed to the official land, no longer called Huangzhuang's name.

     Zhengde stared, "It's that simple?"

     Yang Ling smiled and said: "It is simple for the emperor, but it is extremely difficult for the person who manages the land on behalf of the emperor. The minister is a way of breaking people and money. I believe it will not take long to appeal to the emperor about how to return the imperial house to the worst. , How to delay the transfer of money from the Ministry of Household to the corruption of ink, it is better to cover your Longshu case as the emperor's own advice."

     Zhengde was dumbfounded and laughed: "It doesn't matter, I see who will come. If I persuade me this way, I must be greedy and ruthless. I asked Chang Wei to check his three generations of his grandparents and four neighbors. If there is no corruption, It's not too late to speak again".Yang Ling said: "There is another difficulty, that is Wangzhuang. In principle, the royal family has not reduced the amount of money given to the royal family. It has only changed from direct collection to government allocation, but those who increase the tax rate privately have made a lot of money from it. The feudal king would definitely object to it, but they couldn't explain the reason.

     The emperor took the lead and set an example. Among them, the virtuous prince would follow his majesty willingly, and the somewhat greedy but well-known prince would obey the emperor's order without a shield. I was afraid that some vassals would be bold enough to resolutely refuse to retreat and obstruct the implementation of the New Deal. If they do not retreat, then the ministers and ministers will not retreat, and the gentry and powerful eunuchs will not retreat. It is difficult to solve the problem of land mergers."

     Zhengde Emperor sneered and said: "I can't help them. The court has approved a tax of 40,000 taels a year for him on 4 million mu of land. Now the land is under the control of the Ministry of Households. The amount of silver allocated to him is still 40 taels a year. What does he have? The reason for not complying with the will? Does he dare to talk to me about those shameful deeds? Don't worry, I will take care of this! I immediately decreed that the imperial house should be removed and returned to the household."

     "Wait, the emperor, wait a minute," Yang Ling said hurriedly: "It's not busy right now. You have to pick a good time to remove the emperor for good results."

     Zhengde said dumbly: "I have to pick a Huang Daojie for this?"Yang Ling looked awkwardly in his ears, and said a few words in a low voice, Zhengde Emperor slapped his legs and laughed, and browsed raised in delight, eyes laughing authentically: "Well, good, good, I like to see their embarrassed German surname, hehe !"

     He smiled and said: "Isn't it just digging holes to make people jump, I like to cheat people, hehehe, I am very good at this matter".

     He stretched his legs and stood up and said, "It's too hot, and the animal cage behind it smells bad. Let's stop fighting today. Let's go."

     "Wait for the emperor, the minister has one more thing to tell the emperor. If the emperor agrees, the minister must ask the emperor for his will."

     Zhengde doubted, "What else is there?"

     Yang Ling told him about Yan Sheng Gong once, Zhengde frowned and said, "There are not a few tyrants and landlords who invade people's land. For this reason, Zhang Heling has been impeached by Li Dongyang more than once, and his identity is quite special. For this small matter, I will reprimand it for fear of making people criticize. The Duke’s assault on the court commander was originally a major overstepping incident, but it’s a pity.Zhengde smiled bitterly: "If Yang Qing, you are not acting as a messenger now, but you voluntarily tortured and assaulted the court ordering officer, that would be a serious crime. However, he can only be the Sage. This is a rule passed down since Song Dynasty. Two halls and three halls are complete, even with cells and private soldiers. I can't understand it. But at most I can blame him for using too much torture. What can I do? If the next decree is just a sentence of reprimand , Isn't it a joke?"

     Yang Ling laughed and said: "The minister knows that this matter is not big or small, and the emperor’s appearance is a bit fussy, and no one dares to care about him if the emperor doesn’t come forward. I don’t care about this. Someone must sway him during the reform It's better to solve it first if you come out to top the cylinder and block the arrows.

     The minister wanted to use this to make him contribute to the restructuring of the imperial court. Shenggong Yan still has some appeal, especially if he is a descendant of Kong Sheng. If he is willing to go up and shout, it will be of little use. Dong Heng Daoxue will be able to shut his mouth so that the emperor’s ears are quiet and less irritable."

     "Oh? So what do you want to do?"

     Yang Ling gave an ear explanation again, Zhengde Emperor nodded repeatedly and said: "Xingxingxing, you want your will, I will write it for you." He punched Yang Ling lightly on the chest, haha laughed: "You are also good , It will cheat people, there are a lot of bad eyes.""Hehehehe", the two were laughing weirdly, Tang Yixian put his hands on his waist, and gave them a bitterly white look: "Look at you, is it a good image? You are an emperor, a country prince, here Discuss how to count people, not ashamed, but proud of it, alas! I really convinced you twins!"

     She snorted, turned and left.

     Zhengde Emperor rubbed his sour cheeks and said, "Go, accompany me to Beihaizi to escape the heat. Let's go boating and go fishing, catch a few fresh fish, and let Yixian (an immortal) stew fish soup. She has a good skill."

     "The emperor won't coax her? The emperor is most afraid of the roar of the lion in Hedong."

     "Hey, she's not really angry, I'm always nervous, she can't be annoying? We are not tired of being together all the time, besides, women, moody, just like that."

     "Yeah, yeah, the emperor is too right to say it. I don’t even think about it. I panic when I see too much. By the way, the emperor will marry his wife and concubine in two days. He must perform Western etiquette. Lively, are you going?"

     "Go, go, how can this kind of excitement make me less? Stop by and take a look at Huang'an, Huang'an is about to be built, and Huangmei is moving over."

     While chatting, a pair of extortion brothers staggered away.

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