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Chapter Directory 428 Three Women
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

"What? The emperor wants to take me to Jiangnan? Isn't this wrong? The emperor leads his troops into battle. It is a national event. My sister will follow it. Once it spreads out, it will be criticized by hundreds of officials."

     Princess Yongfu doesn’t know why the emperor brought her down to the south of the Yangtze River. Although she can go hiking, for a girl who has not yet reached the age of seventeen, it is a happy thing to make people feel a rush of excitement, but the royal family accepted since childhood. Education still made her rationally reject.

     Zhengde smiled dryly: "So, I can't let you go publicly as a princess. Fortunately, few foreign ministers have seen you look like you. You pretend to be my maid, go on board with your emperor's wife, and wait on board. It’s all the people around me, and it doesn’t matter at that time.”

     "Oh, the emperor brother wants me to accompany the emperor's sister-in-law." Yongfu suddenly realized that a smile appeared on Mingyu's face.

     "Stupid! Why do I have your stupid sister!" Zhengde Emperor opened his eyes, stomped his feet, and said gruffly: "I'm going to war, can Yang Ling go, don't you understand? Just go ahead. , Are you going?"

     Yongfu's pretty face turned red suddenly, but her eyes lit up. She pursed her mouth, lowered her head to hide the joy on her face, and replied in shame: "Well, since the emperor's sister is going to follow the emperor's brother Nanzheng, the sister is willing Willing to accompany my sister-in-law."When Zhengde saw the girl's rare daughter's shyness, she couldn't help laughing, making Yongfu blushing with embarrassment. She was so embarrassed and embarrassed that she couldn't help but glance at her brother.

     Zhengde's laughter was not over. Suddenly, the figure flashed, and the fragrant wind rushed into his face. Two pretty little beauties grabbed his robe sleeves from left to right. Zhengde said nervously, "Come on, slow down. One piece torn."

     Yongchun shook his sleeves, and continued to say: "Brother Huang, Sister Huang is going, sister Huang is going, we also want to follow."

     "Ah~~" Zhengde scowled, and pulled his hand, and said very solemnly: "Your emperor's wife is going to take care of me, your emperor's sister is going to accompany you, and there is something important, you two What are you going to do with you? Besides, your emperor sister now lives in the imperial nunnery. As long as you make a concealment, who knows if you can't leave Beijing? You two leave the inner palace, and the mother and the queen can't hide it first."

     "This is easy to handle", Princess Yongchun's excited eyes twinkled like stars: "Brother Emperor, leave this to me. I'll talk to the mother and the queen, saying that the weather is cold. Sister did not want to go back to the city, so Xianger and I went to accompany her for a month."

     Zhengde said helplessly: "The question is what are you two girls going to do with you?"Princess Yongchun clenched her small fist and said with passion: "King Ning's rumor of making the emperor brother, can't the emperor and I be adopted? We are anger against a common enemy! We must stand firmly behind you, then It is the most powerful counterattack against the rumors! The most powerful support for the emperor brother!"

     "Uh," Zhengde said with a dry smile: "Actually, you stay in Beijing in peace and support the emperor brother more effectively."

     Xianger has been in Beijing for a long time, and knows that the emperor is very talkative. In fact, he has no temper at all, so she has no intention of fearing him. She immediately said to the side: "Yes, brother, in fact, we live deeply. In the inner palace, no one pays attention, as long as we conceal the truth from the queen mother and the queen, it will be done. Yongchun and I are also acting as maids, we must be well-behaved along the way, and will never cause trouble to the emperor."

     "Two imperial sisters, one and two I still concealed them. The three princesses went to Nanjing. How could they hide from others? I originally hoped that you two would protect Xian'er and Yongfu in Beijing. If you listen to the emperor, don’t follow, you care about me, and I also accept it. I will surely suppress the rebellion as soon as possible and return in triumph!The little princess Yongchun rolled her eyes: "Brother Emperor, what are you asking your sister to say about you? Who cares whether you are triumphant or not? Isn't that just the scene? I haven't seen the scenery of Jiangnan yet, so I can finally go. Once, not at this time, where can I find such an opportunity? You should be less affectionate!"

     "Uh," Zhengde ate a little, and said angrily: "Okay, go if you want to, but remember, you will be the maids when you go, and let me stay on the boat or in the car properly. Without me, you are not allowed Come out and jump around".

     After Zhengde finished speaking, he flicked his sleeves and left with angrily. As soon as the door was closed, he heard a burst of cheers in the room, and then a girl's voice laughed wildly: "Emperor Sister, there are many opportunities to go along with you. Just now a bright idea suddenly occurs, so I came up with another clever plan, hahaha"

     Two delicate voices, different mouths, same voice exclaimed in surprise: "Ah? You have another clever plan!"

     Zhengde found Yang Ling who was arranging the Southern Expedition and told about the three princesses and Tang Yixian who are going to join the army on the expedition. When Yang Ling heard this, he shook his head like a rattle: "No! No! The emperor, This matter is unthinkable. Although several princesses and imperial concubines are dressed as court ladies, they are not court ladies after all. If one of them accidentally leaked out of his feet, it would inevitably attract criticism if only the imperial concubine was accompanied. , The minister can still arrange properly.""Ah, isn't that what I said," Zhengde Emperor said in a gentle manner: "The reason why I agreed is that I feel ashamed of the emperor sister. It's rare that she wants to go out and relax. It's good to take a walk. Maybe it will be calm when I come back. I'm thinking of being a monk.

     You are the minister of my brachial stock, the confidant of my confidants, the direct line of my family, and my family affairs are also your family affairs, and my sister is also your sister, er, also your family.

     It is said that you are also responsible for the marriage of Yumei, even if you are not responsible, you have to find a way to find responsibility for yourself, right? There is a saying, "The Lord is worried about the humiliation of the minister." I am very worried now. Are you ashamed? "

     Yang Ling not to know whether to laugh or cry: "How is the emperor's incoherent speech today?"

     He reluctantly said: "The minister listened to the emperor's instructions, and I figured out a way to arrange them to board the ship, but if they stabbed out the basket, the emperor would have to act for the minister, and you can't let the minister take the blame."

     Zhengde brows raised in delight, eyes laughing, slapped his chest and said: "Don't worry, when did I let you be wronged? What kind of basket you stabbed, I will give you a bag!"

     Yang Ling was very depressed after hearing this: "I'm worried that the little princess stabbed the basket mischievously, and it wouldn't be me who stabbed the basket. The emperor's tone is so clear that he will play music and let me be the culprit!"

     Zhengde Emperor got his wish, and finally went to the south of the Yangtze River grandly.He promulgated the imperial decree, sent an edict to the world, pointed out Zhu Chenhao's conspiracy to usurp the throne, cut off his knighthood and clan status, and at the same time ordered the army of various provinces in Jiangnan to assemble soldiers and horses to attack Jiangxi in separate routes. He set out from the capital and led 50,000 elite troops of the capital and border troops to the south.

     The Zhengde Emperor was named Nanzheng, and it was actually a southern tour. Yang Ling did not expect him to play any role on the battlefield. Instead, he hoped that the soldiers and horses in the south of the Yangtze River would outflank Jiangxi. Therefore, the emperor’s army had not set off, so the Ministry of War The edict issued an order and issued detailed combat instructions to the generals of the Fourth Army of Bai Chongchan, Li Sen, He Bingwen, and Xu Tai.

     The emperor’s first day was to set off, to pay homage to the Taimiao, to bid farewell to the Queen Mother, and to leave the city for the empress and the hundred officials in Beijing. The series of ceremonies were too cumbersome, so the army went south for a short time. It was dark when they arrived in Zhuozhou. , Had to camp here. Zhuozhou is only sixty miles away from the capital, and it is also a thousand-year-old city. Liu Bei, Emperor Zhaolie of the Han Dynasty, Emperor Zhao Kuangyin of Song Dynasty, Huineng, the sixth ancestor of Zen, Lu Zhaolin, one of the four masters of the early Tang Dynasty, and Jia Dao, the poet of bitter poetry, all came from this place. It can be described as an illustrious hero. spirit of the place.However, although it is close to the capital, neither Zhengde nor Yang Ling have been here. Now I finally came back, but it was getting late, and I was in military affairs, there were many things to deal with, so I didn't want to hang out. Zhengde was actually going to the south of the Yangtze River by water. Because his dragon boat was too large and there were a large number of warships to be mobilized, he would travel by carriage first when he arrived in Texas and then transfer to a boat.

     Therefore, Yang Ling settled down in a car, first sent people to Linqing and Dezhou to report the news, so that the locals would prepare early, and sent people back to Beijing to welcome the three princesses and Tang Yixian. Because there were too many royal families, royal relatives, honors, and officials to see off on the first day, Yang Ling kept three thousand elite soldiers, and the brigade was stationed, and then picked them up at night to meet.

     The Zhengde Emperor received a new military intelligence report just after he moved in. Yang Ling and Zhengde listened to the messenger’s oral report, and also read the autographs by Xu Tai and Wu Wending. For the current situation, it should be said that the battlefield situation a few days ago. Further understanding.

     After King Ning raised his troops, he attacked Nankang and sank Jiujiang like a hot knife through butter. All the local defenders fled, and even all kinds of ships were taken away by the rebels. King Ning was so vigorous and aggressive that he rushed toward Anqing, but unexpectedly hit a hard nail here.The prefect, Wu Wen, was capable of literary and military, and was a good hand in governing and managing the army. He immediately reinforced the city wall, consolidated the city defense, recruited volunteers, and called on the gentry to contribute money and efforts. During his stay in Anqing, Wu Hanchao temporarily led the regiment to practice defensive positions and trained for the training regiment. At that time, he had recruited and trained five thousand people, so he also pulled into the city and joined the ranks of the soldiers.

     King Ning arrived at the city of Anqing, and at first wanted to play the best strategy: a soldier who did not fight. He found out that Wu Wending, the prefect of Anqing, was a Jinshi in the 12th year of Hongzhi. It happened that one of his subordinates was a Jinshi Wang Linghe and Wu Wending. Although the two were not familiar with each other, they had a friendship in the same year. This person is quite eloquent, so King Ning promised Wu Wen a lot of money, riches, and beautiful women, and asked this Nanchang mansion to go to the city to persuade him to surrender.

     Wang Linghe had already boarded the thief ship, and at this time there was no future at all. With his wife and children Nanchang as hostages, he had to go to the city to persuade Wu Wending, who was a jinshi of the same science, to persuade him. Student Wu was very polite, and he was extremely enthusiastic when serving tea. Unexpectedly, he turned his face when he knew what he was coming from and pointed to the pour dog's blood on that he cursed at him.Wang Linghe is also a person who has read sage books for many years, knowing that one is in the wrong, and he had to submit to humiliation, but he could scold him, but when he remembered to go back to pay the errand, Wu Wending didn’t let him go. Tied him up. Wang Linghe complained without stopping, and had to follow the path to one's own doom when he wanted to find a way out of the rule of ‘two countries should fight against each other without stopping.’

     Wu Wending wanted to throw him into prison first, but when he heard of "two countries" he couldn't help but furious: There is only one Great Ming and only one emperor. Where are the two countries? Do people who work so hard to save their lives for the anti-thief to waste food?

     With a sound of make people, he asked people to chop off Wang Tong, and then draped them neatly, and went up to the top of the city with his son Xiaoqiang Lieutenant General Wu Hanchao and Anqing guard Ouyang Hai, threw Wang Tongzhen’s head down the city, and then halved Refers to yelling.

     King Ning Zhu Chenhao was eagerly waiting for his domineering spirit to rise, Wu Wending surrendered in Kaicheng, setting a good example for Nanzhili officials, but he didn't want to wait but was a head and scolded him. , King Ning couldn't help but feel that one Buddha was born and two Buddhas ascended to heaven.King Ning saw that Wu Wending was not eating toast, and immediately drank his life to attack the city. The head of the city immediately greeted him with colors, arrows, fire and wood. Wu Wending is so powerful that he can make four stone bows. He took his own bow and shot it at King Ning. This arrow was so big that the enemy had expected it to fly far into the formation. Staying by King Ning's side, raising the sword in time to frame, this arrow is about to kill King Ning's surname, and King Ning frightens away.

     Now that a few days have passed, Anqing City is still secure as a city protected by a wall of metal and a moat of boiling water. King Ning sends his vassal soldiers, his own three guard soldiers, and the gangsters from the Three Mountains and Five Mountains in turn to attack. The city, and personally put on a shield, held a shield, and stood at a distance to supervise the battle. He ordered the soldiers to fill in the moats and erect the ladder. The hope was that they could not achieve anything. However, they had to find another way.

     Liu Yangzheng and Li Shishi suggested that he abandon Anqing and take a detour to Nanjing. As long as he captures Nanjing and holds the enthronement ceremony at the Emperor Taizu’s Jinluang Palace, he can have a greater advantage in name, enough to deter many officials in Jiangxi and other places. , And make more officials surrender.

     But there are risks in doing so. Anqing is the southern gate of Nanzhili. Now Nanjing is already prepared. Once the attack on Nanjing is not enough, and the imperial army uses Anqing as a stronghold, then it will be dangerous.In addition, if Anqing attacked afterwards when they attacked Nanjing, they would be in danger of falling into the enemy's back. King Ning's heroic adventurism and romantic revolutionary spirit are obviously not as good as these two talents, so do not wait for those generals. We objected, but he refused.

     The thieves Wang Sengyu and Yang Ziqiao suggested that he divide the army into two groups, continue to attack Anqing by land, and take the waterway down the river to take Nanjing. This method is actually feasible, because his army is actually close to 100,000, regardless of whether it is Anqing or Nanjing, there are not so many soldiers and horses at this moment.

     Even if the generals of other prefectures learned that King Ning had rebelled, they did not dare to leave the defense without the emperor's command, think for oneself and act accordingly, and rushed to suppress the bandits. In this way, the more than 100,000 troops cannot be used when attacking the city. Those who are idle can only eat. It is better to send them out to try. In this way, you can use both sides, no matter which way you break the city, you can give it to the other in time. Friendly support.

     King Ning heard the truth, and quickly dispatched Yibin Li Long of the second county lord and the marching deputy governor Dagouzi to lead a team of warships to Nanjing, but unexpectedly, there are already naval garrisons in Nanjing now. Peng Shark is old but vigorous. Once suffocated enough to beat Liu Qi, he only picked up some boat boards and shot a few shots on the Caishiji. This time he could taste the meat.In a water battle, the King Ning eleven warships were sunk. The second king of King Ning became a widow, and the deputy governor Dagouzi became a drowning dog. After a thoroughfare, he was rescued by a general Cangshan ship and led the ruined army, defeated general Pulling the sail and escaping back to Anqing, Peng Shark chased him wildly for dozens of miles, and sank two warships again, retreating without end.

     King Ning heard that the court navy was so intrigued, I couldn’t help but be surprised. They also cast Franch cannons, but a good weapon must have skilled soldiers to seduce it to exert its power. King Ning’s secretly forged war artillery is already considered He has great skills, how can he secretly train artillery? Those sailors are just grind their guns in battle, how can they fight the court navy that has been battle-tested?

     Peng Shark traverses the river and the waterway is blocked; Wu Dabei defends the city, and it is difficult to get in by land. The angry King Ning is furious. Since the Franco cannon is used for water warfare, it is simply unloaded and used to attack the city. Unexpectedly, there was a sound of artillery from his side, and the head of the city also roared like thunder. It turned out that there were heavy artillery in Anqing city, but Wu Wending kept hiding and did not use it until he attacked the city with artillery.

     Anqing City originally had only four cannons, but Yang Ling transferred Wu Wending to guard Anqing. It was originally to deal with King Ning's rebellion. Wouldn't they not give some preferential policies? He had recruited six long-range general cannons from the army, and then squeezed ten Franco machine guns from the Zhejiang Navy and transported them to the city of Anqing.The Franco machine gun has a fast firing speed and a long range of the General Cannon. The combination of the two guns is just like the mandarin duck battle array with long and short weapons invented in the Ming army's suppression war. If King Ning’s Franco machine guns were left aside and would not be able to effectively kill the city, they would become a living target for the six general cannons when they were brought closer under the suppression of the city’s firepower. As a result, empty weapons would still not be available. use.

     When he did not use artillery, Wu Wending might have run out of ammunition, so he stopped shelling. The two sides once again started a melee tug-of-war of siege and defense. King Ning has still not been able to attack half a step so far.

     Zhengde Emperor was overjoyed when he saw the battle report, and immediately delivered an order to reward Wu Wending, and at the same time ordered Xu Tai to send troops to strengthen Anqing to ensure security. The situation in Anqing was like this. A big rock fell in Zhengde's heart. He and Yang Ling walked out happily. Seeing that the army was camping, they would greet the soldiers from time to time.

     His Majesty the Emperor was full of spring breeze and very kind. The behavior of reaching into the masses so touched everyone. A soldier who was nailing a rope pile into the ground hit the ground with a hammer and hit the ground half a foot away, frightened to hold the pile. The soldier who jumped up suddenly. Yang Ling quickly pulled away the little emperor who was constantly waving his hands.It was late at night when three thousand guards escorted Sister Tang and the three little princesses to Zhuozhou. Because they were in the army at the moment and there were so many people, the three princesses all dressed up as servants and entered the barracks during the night.

     It was inconvenient to arrange a generous and comfortable residence for a while, and it really sent the three little princesses into the room where the servants lived. The chase and the kang were hot. It's just that the eunuchs, who had been instructed early, replaced all the mattresses with pieces of silk, and the clusters were completely new, which did not make people disgusted.

     Yang Ling was also worried that the three princesses were not used to it, and hurriedly came to visit the left wing of the front courtyard where they lived, but as soon as he entered the courtyard, he heard a burst of excitement from the room.

     Just as when Zhu Houzhao led Liu Jin and eight tigers to move Yang Ling to the bottom of the scorching pot, everything he saw was fresh, and a wheel by a well could play for half a day, so the three little princesses had never had such a life experience. Life that couldn't be more familiar was novel and interesting for them.

     Especially in the Datong shop, the three princesses actually slept on the same bed. This was a rare life experience. The three little princesses wore soft and snow-white close-fitting clothes, laughing and playing in the room without sleep.Yang Ling listened attentively and then relaxed, he smiled and waved his hand to stop the guards and housekeepers from reporting, and went back to sleep peacefully. The three princesses laughed for a long time and felt hungry. The maids and maids who were close to their bodies hurriedly went to cook supper. They sat on the hot kang with bare feet and ate, and then chatted for a long time, until It was almost dawn before I fell asleep.

     The sky was shining, and the army immediately set off for Linqing. The three princesses didn't have enough sleep. Tiredness surged in the swaying car with the car curtain hanging. They slept in a short while and fell asleep as three kittens. They were naturally well-behaved along the way. Yang Ling finally let go of them, thinking that the mischievous Yongchun and Princess Xianger are actually quite general.

     Linqing is not far from Dezhou. The emperor’s location is the center of the world. Various military reports, situations in various parts of the world, normal important national affairs arrangements, and national policy decisions will continue to be sent to the imperial march if the cabinet cannot decide. , The stagecoach messenger the stream flows without stopping.

     Linqing is located in the northwest of Shandong, across the Wei Canal from Hebei. It is adjacent to Gaotang and Chiping counties across the Majia River in the east, Xiajin County of Dezhou is connected to the north, and Liaocheng City and Guan County are connected to the south. An important gateway for the east from the mountains to the east and the east from the Shanxi and Hebei.The Linqing Canal water transport is also the most prosperous. Dezhou is the most important military town of the Shandong Canal, and Linqing is famous for its commercial transport. It is one of the five major commercial ports in Jiangbei. It has the reputation of "prosperity over the two capitals" and "rich Jiaqi county". It ranks first among the eight banknote passes of the Canal just before the customs clearance.

     There was originally a gathering of merchants and abnormal wealth here, but now the court has reformed, the people have hope, and the refugees and beggars have been greatly reduced. The great streets and small alleys walking in the villages outside Linqing city, walking in the great streets and small alleys in Linqing city, that kind of vitality The vigorous breath can be felt.

     Zhengde sees this kind of folk atmosphere, and he has more confidence in the New Deal. For Yang Ling, he will make a big change, take advantage of the new situation, be pragmatic and unassuming, balance the existing interests of the new and old forces, and reform steadily. The measures also have further insights.

     Crisis is an opportunity. When facing a crisis, a wise man is not frustrated and cursed, but is trying his best to turn the crisis into an opportunity for rise. This truth is worthless, but when faced with the situation, how many people can think of it? It would be good to be able to eliminate the crisis and check the remaining vacancies. Who would think of taking advantage of the crisis and turning harm into profit? But they did it.Two days later, the emperor’s imperial guest arrived in Texas, and then abandoned the car and boarded the ship. Dozens of warships were escorted in front and back. In the middle were all kinds of supply ships, large and small ships, and the huge dragon boat of the emperor. Opened to Jiangnan. There are troops on both sides of the canal patrolling guard along the way, and ordinary merchant ships, caoboats, warships, and post boats avoid the shore early wherever they go, so they move very fast.

     The emperor’s dragon boat is a five-story boat with a glorious golden wall. This huge ship parked outside the Emperor's Palace in Texas has been well repaired and maintained every year. It consumes a lot of silver. Unfortunately, it has always been parked there for backup. It is difficult for the emperor to get back to the Forbidden City. It is always useless. Now it is finally used.

     On the third floor of the dragon boat are the rooms of the emperor, imperial concubines, personal eunuchs and court ladies, as well as the rooms of the masters of guards in Jinyi, as well as the spacious living room, dining room, conference hall and so on. The fourth floor is allocated to the three princesses and their close maids and eunuchs.

     Yang Ling led the three princesses to walk on the smooth and spacious cabin, smiling and saying: "His Royal Highness, I have been wronged along the way. Now when I get on the dragon boat, all the emperor's people are close to me, I don't need to be so careful.This dragon palace is parked in the palace all the year round and cannot be moved. The sun is partially covered by the building where it is parked. Therefore, the dragon boat is relatively humid on the half side. Although it has been urgently repaired, the smell is still not good. Therefore, the houses of the three Highnesses are unified on the left Side.

     He pointed out: "This is the A-shaped room, the room of His Highness Yongfu, the second B-shaped room is the room of His Highness Yongchun, and the third is the C-shaped room, which belongs to Princess Xianger. He finished pointing, smiled slightly, and said: "The three of your Royal Highnesses are struggling, please go back to your room and rest. The emperor has just received a few military reports, I will retreat first."

     He glanced at Princess Yongfu and saw that the girl was looking at him with bright eyes full of tender feelings. She couldn't help but frightened her heart. She looked at her nose and her nose, then took a few steps back and fled away.

     Princess Yongchun snorted disdainfully, Xiao Yao raised her nose and said: "Sister, my sister got on the boat and saw the surrounding environment. A bright idea suddenly occurred in her heart, and suddenly came up with a more appropriate trick."

     When Yong Fu heard that Hua Rong was eclipsed, Yong Chun was already a little confused. The so-called tricks she had said were more terrifying these few times. The last time she came up with a trick was to make her own a big girl wear a nightgown to seduce her. People, how can she think of a good way other than bad ideas?Yong Fu turned around in fright and fled. Yong Chun reluctantly chased in and said: "Ah, sister, don't go, this time is really a clever plan, a very clever plan!"

     Princess Yongchun chased into the room and murmured while lying on her shoulders. The two sisters were talking. Princess Xianger walked in with her little mouth. Yongfu asked at first sight: "What's wrong? Who made you unhappy? ?"

     Xianger said: "My room is not good. Outside the window is the corner of the top floor protruding from the upper floor, which covers the sky. The room is not bright, and it is inconvenient to see the scenery along the way. Yang Ling is eccentric. bully me".

     Yongfu was amused by her teasing. She smiled and said: "Look at you, you are also a big girl, why are you still like a child? Didn't they tell me, the room on the other side is a bit damp. Forget it, go and move your things in. Let's change. Anyway, I'm so quiet and I don't like any scenery."

     "Really?" Xianger's eyes lit up and she hugged her arm and said: "Sister Huang is the best to me, haha, I'm going to move things right now, I haven't opened them yet", and hurriedly ran out. .

     Yongchun continued: "Sister, how's my plan this time? You still take the shot?"

     Yongfu nodded shyly, and said in a low voice, "Well, this time the plan is still good, so let's try it, eh, this time there will be no more mistakes, right?"Yong Chun slapped her chest and said, "Don't worry, if it wasn't for Xianger's stupid girl's mistake last time, you are Mrs. Yang now. Hey, I don't need her this time. Design battle plan in a tent, center scheduling, this princess will do it alone. Take care of it. I Yongchun has a wonderful plan to settle the world, sister, don't worry!"

     Three women are enough for a drama, a great drama is about to be staged on the dragon boat, and a great drama is also being staged in a yurt outside of the Great Wall in Daning City.

     "Is this woman in the second stage?" Cui Ying'er carefully looked at the charming Cheng Qiyun, her eyes gradually becoming colder and colder like a sword: "Will such a windy woman be his subordinate?"

     "Do you often sleep with your subordinates?"

     "Uh, if it's a young and beautiful female subordinate, I don't mind."

     The words that the two people said when they made fun of each other sounded the alarm in her heart. The instinct of the female surname gave her a dangerous feeling of encountering a rival in love.

     Cheng Qiyun be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time, sitting on a chair, pointing her orchid finger up, and looking up and down: a short gray cloth robe, loose trousers with leggings and her hair crossed. A green paja is tied together, and a short sword is inserted between the waist. The facial features are delicate, but the face is a little more gray. This dress looks like a handsome guy of sixteen or seventeen. child.Cheng Qiyun curled her little mouth and thought sourly: "This is also called a woman? The adults don't want to change their tastes, so let her be a prostitute, right?"

     Adeni sat cross-legged on the felt blanket, with her chin in her hand and looked left and right. Suddenly she felt that the scene was a bit familiar, um, it was like the scene she had seen at a noble banquet, two gentlemen for one Lovers are jealous, and then.

     She subconsciously moved her ass back, and then dragged the small square table into her arms, thinking very well: "I will give them a place, then should I draw a sword to a duel?"

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