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Chapter Directory 429 Tricks
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

The atmosphere in the yurt suddenly became tense, and the temperature dropped sharply, about three minutes colder than the weather outside the tent, Jing Fu'er, who murdered without blinking an eye, suddenly keenly felt the existence of danger. , The instinct of the beast, which has gradually disappeared with the evolution of mankind, suddenly recovered in him at this moment, and he immediately made the smartest choice: to watch from the sidelines.

     "I can't stay longer. I have to leave immediately after receiving the armor and tents. Otherwise, once detected by the grassland tribe, it will be very detrimental to my future actions!" Cui Ying'er was a little more impulsive and started to speak.

     At the same time, she had to quietly admit in her heart that the woman moved her eyebrows, her mouth curled, cupped her lips, even sitting casually, there was boundless amorous feelings, the charm of every movement, the tranquility of the scenery, she was indeed a The vixen who charms all beings.

     "If you look well dressed up, you will still be beautiful, but you will not look like a woman if you are lousy. It is no wonder that the woman who grew up in the cottage, how can the big carrot claim that this is the only thing he actively wants to pursue What about women? Hey, men, the best is the one that can't be caught."Cheng Qiyun raised her jade fingers and swept her hair gracefully, and smiled: "It's not in a hurry at this moment, right? Sister, please sit down, outside of this gate, I've already lived here for a while. Son, I know better than you. Everyone works for the grandfather of the country. Your success or failure is of great importance. I am responsible for all matters outside the customs. I should listen to your plan, right?"

     "Oh? Before I exit the Closure, he said to me that I will decide everything outside the customs, without being restrained by anyone, and can decide all actions on my own. Why is the adult sister in charge of everything now?"

     Cui Ying'er stared in surprise. Before Cheng Qiyun could answer, she suddenly smiled and said, "Ah, I'm really confused. Even if I hold thousands of elite iron knights, the criss-crossed grassland desert is Bayan and Huo. Neither Siye nor Varai dared to underestimate my existence. But when I was marching and fighting, someone had to take care of my logistics and adjust supplies. Sister Cheng said that he was in charge of everything. Do you mean these things?She smiled, and the charming moment of the moment made people’s heart-strings "boom", and then she walked forward like a tomboy with a few strides, rudely occupying the main position, and Da Ma’s golden sword Sit, and said, "If you say that, Sister Cheng will be in charge of everything. Well, you have to give me the chief, yeah, it is troublesome. Actually, it is the manager. If you are the manager, I will take care of everything. , I have no fears of trouble in the rear!"

     Cheng Qiyun smiled stiffly, and Adeni uttered a "poof" next to her. When she saw Cheng Qiyun looked at her'viciously', she hurriedly picked up the cup and put it under her nose, only revealing a pair of big black eyes.

     Cheng Qiyun snorted and said, "Don't underestimate a prairie hero like Bayan Huo Si. Brute force is not enough. No matter how sharp a knife is, it won't hurt in the hands of a three-year-old. Whether the knife is cruel or not depends on the hand holding the knife."

     Cui Ying'er raised her eyebrows and smiled slightly: "Then my sister thought, is my red lady a knife, or a hand holding a knife?"

     The two pairs of Zhan Qiu Shui eyes once again confronted each other, like two pairs of sharp swords, neither of them wanted to lose their momentum, and both pairs of beautiful eyes carried arrogance. At this moment, a person opened the curtain and hurried in, cross-handed and said: "Madam!""What's the matter?" Cui Ying'er and Cheng Qiyun demons and gods at work responded in unison, turning their heads to see that the person was Yang Ling's guard Liu Dabangma, their faces flushed.

     Although I had regarded myself as Yang Ling's person long ago, he still had no status. At this time, the fight was fierce, and Liu Dabang slammed, and the two of them subconsciously agreed. Wouldn't they lose face?

     Liu Dabangmaul looked at the two beauties in astonishment. He didn't understand what they had agreed to indiscriminately. But it was Adeni, a foreign girl who has been doing an upside-down view. She is a well-spoken Mrs. Yang, who was stared at by Cheng Qiyun just now. She didn’t dare to make a sound. At this moment, seeing the two beauties with swords drawn and bows bent turned their faces in embarrassment. In the invisible confrontation, she had the upper hand, and Adeni’s vanity was suddenly maximized. Limit satisfaction.

     She put down the tea cup that was covering her face, straightened her waist, cleared her throat, and smiled gracefully with an elegant manner: "What's the matter?"

     Liu Dabangmai's always big nerves finally found it a bit weird. He swallowed and said, "The humble job is to ask Madam, can we exchange a batch of saddles, stirrups, weapons, and armor for us?"

     Adeni asked: "What's the matter, are those dispatched for you not enough to replenish your missing armor?"Liu Dabangma laughed dryly: "No, the quantity is enough, but when we went to order collection, we found that there were still many new ones in the warehouse, and the ones that were distributed to us were all relatively old, messy styles, and different weapons. Feng Lei was very dissatisfied when he saw him, and quarreled with your people."

     "What is he arguing about? I arranged the armor, saddles, and stirrups," Cheng Qiyun said coldly with a pretty face.

     Cui Ying'er became angry when she heard it. She slapped the table and scolded angrily: "What's the truth? There are new armor tents in the warehouse, but they use a variety of ragged pieces to answer us. We You are going to work hard on the battlefield, don't you let the brothers chill by doing this?"

     Cheng Qiyun smiled contemptuously, and said slowly and logically: "He has no brains!"

     "Sweeping" the ground, she was taken aback by Cheng Qiyun. The Red Lady was obviously still sitting after the few cases in the middle. After saying a word, the figure flickered. Somehow she had stood in front of her, with a shining in her palm. His dagger was already on her throat.Cheng Qiyun was startled for a moment, then calmed down, stretched out two lush jade fingers, cautious and solemn down the sword, and said: "Be careful, don't cut my skin. I say so , Don’t you like to listen? I’m asking you, what did you come up to on the grassland? Do you want to directly represent Great Ming and Bayan or go to war? No, on the contrary, to hide your true identity. Balance their power as bandits in white and encourage them to continue their internal fighting."

     Cheng Qiyun's eyes dropped slightly, and she smiled faintly: "Do you think these all kinds of weapons, worn-out armors and stirrups are ready? I will prepare thousands of these armors for you, which consumes more money and time than making Those brand new weapons and armors are even more.

     Do you want new ones? Yes, I will give you, I will give you as much as you want. When you pull your soldiers and horses on the prairie, you will have all the bright armors, uniform weapons, saddles and military tents. As long as Bayan and Huosi are not blind, they will know that you are camouflaged by the Great Ming army. fish in troubled water, still want to run among them to loot a burning house? I'm afraid it's the meat buns hitting the dogs, and never look back! "

     Cheng Qiyun had only been ridiculed as Director Cui by her, and now she finally got back a round with a smug smile on her face.Cui Ying'er blushed. She and Cheng Qiyun were having trouble, so when she heard that she was treating herself badly, she immediately took this reason and questioned her. In fact, when she asked, she realized that there must be something in it. The reason is.

     Even if Cheng Qiyun had seen her uncomfortable for a long time, she didn't dare to do anything about such a major event. The biggest loser was Yang Ling. As a person so trusted by Yang Ling, she could have sarcastic comments on herself, but it was impossible to delay. Yang Ling's hind legs, it is impossible to not take the big picture into consideration like this.

     Now, it turns out that there is a reason for it. It is not difficult to search for tents, armors, and weapons that are still usable and relatively worn out from the tribes on the grassland. The difficulty is to collect thousands of sets at once, and it is a battle on the grassland. Many tribes moved to remote places in order to avoid the war, looking for various tribes in the winter when it is difficult to search and purchase. Presumably, before I had exited the Closure, people would have been working day and night, and I don’t know how long they have been busy.

     "Swipe!" The dagger returned to its sheath. The Red Lady clasped her fist and gave a long bow at the beginning: "Sister Cheng, it is the younger sister who misunderstood, the younger sister will apologize for you!"Hong Niangzi's surname is straightforward, right is right, wrong is wrong, there is no such cowardly trouble, Cheng Qiyun did not expect that she would immediately wipe her face to apologize to herself, she was a little bit astonished and smiled and stood up and said: , Cui’s sister, don’t be polite. In fact, we are together outside the Great Wall and we are doing things for the adults. Danger lurks on every side outside the Great Wall is dangerous. We should work with a common purpose.

     The first time I met, my sister only tried to speak quickly. How offensive I was to you, my sister said so, and my sister will also pay you. Come here, go and invite the captain, I publicly explained to him, and put a table at a banquet, I want to have a few glasses with the Cui sister and the heroes."

     Adeni looked at them in amazement, her mind could not bend for a moment: How could this be? This change is too fast, right? Is this what the Chinese saying is "don't fight, won't make friends"? "

     "Bang! I don't agree." Cheng Qiyun chop the nail and slice the iron.

     "I have discretionary power and I am only responsible to him. If you disagree, take his orders." Cui Ying'er be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time, put a deceitful in many ways Cheng Qiyun's pretty face blushed.

     Cheng Qiyun is the spring water, and the red lady is the flames. Since ancient times, fire and water are incompatible, and the two are naturally at odds. Just after treating each other as an honored guest, they started arguing again.Cheng Qiyun was extremely depressed: "This is really a talented person who meets soldiers. It is unreasonable! In front of this stupid woman who only knows to use violence, I really can't use my skills. If I meet someone who understands, I just have to give it a little. He can understand what I mean, but when he meets the red lady, Cheng Qiyun is full of grief and indignation. Now she finally knows what Liyang Hou Fan Zeng was when he met the stupid Xiang Yu and couldn’t abandon him. Such a mood.

     Adeni looked curiously at the other party who returned'Sister Cui' and'Sister Cui' at the wine table. The two sisters who looked like a human, suddenly looked like with swords drawn and bows bent, really guessing I don’t know why there is such a complicated interpersonal relationship between the Great Ming women. In order to survive in the Yang Family healthy and lively, she chose to remain silent and continue to learn diligent and never slacking "how can this be so?" , I can’t tell this woman with you! How can you pull people there? That’s the junction between Bayan’s regained sphere of influence and Doyan’s three guards. It’s a tense moment that's about to erupt. Go there. Are you crazy? Are you going to start a big war?

     Be smarter, you should go to Huo Si, so that Bayan is worried about the increase of Huo Si's power. If he doesn't want to make enemies on both sides, he can only give up Doyan Sanwei who dare not take the initiative to fight, and turn to Huo Si first to decide the outcome. In this way, we have achieved our goal.But you? I still can't see that little trick? I just want to be caught in the middle of the two forces and play strike water right and left! Master Cui, do you know that the court cannot reveal your details to Duoyan Sanwei? Bayan is also every tree or bush an enemy soldier? You are burning your body! "

     Cui Ying'er loves to watch her get angry. How awkward she looks at this eldest sister's rosy appearance, even if there is no man next to her, her frowns and smiles are so seductive, as if to seductively It looks like a fairy no matter how it looks, and it makes people angry. Now this apricot-eyed, bitter and hateful look is much more normal.

     She smiled happily: "I just want to ignite the fire, why should I come all the way without igniting the fire? As for whose body is burned, it's hard to say. Then I will see the opportunity and act."

     Cheng Qiyun turned the hand patted her forehead and groaned: "My God, I don't make a decision now, I'll talk about it then? You are joking with the surname of tens of thousands of elite soldiers! Maybe one, you! Eight thousand people, even bones and dregs will not be left! I have analyzed it for you for a long time. Why don't you understand the dry mouth and tongue? I really play the lute to a cow."

     Cui Ying'er also sighed regretfully, and said, "Sister Cheng, according to my younger sister, you should be my manager of Chengda University in peace and contentment. You don't understand these things, different trades, worlds apart. Ah, it's true"."Jianghu matter? Jianghu matter!" Cheng Qiyun almost fainted: "God, Yang Ling, where did you find such a treasure, and you want her to take charge of such a big event?"

     Cui Ying'er glanced at her with a smile, and said, "Don’t worry if you become a sister. The younger sister has her own idea. Please keep the staff here often. We are going to pretend to be horse thieves. The male and female slaves are inconvenient to carry, and they will be sent to you for disposal. Come on, you and I will have this glass of wine, and the little girl is about to set off!"

     Cheng Qiyun raised her cup in an angry manner, bumped her "rightly", and then dried her mouthful. She was suffocating a breath in her chest, and she drank anxiously, making her cough.

     Cui Ying'er smiled and curled his eyes, took a sip of the wine, got up, raised his eyebrows and said, "Brothers are all equipped? Let's go! Let's grab Bayan!"

     What does it mean for a wife to suffer from her husband’s life? That's it now.

     Cheng Qiyun's silver teeth clenched, not say a word. If possible, she really wants to perform the Yang family method for Yang Ling right away, take off her shoes and use the soles of the soles to pump the red lady's ass! This idiot is wrong, it is this daring crazy woman, she is going to do the stupid thing of piercing the sky into a big hole again!In the middle of the night, Adeni was lying on the small case table and writing a letter to Yang Ling under the bright butter lamp. She used a homemade quill pen, and the writing was not good-looking, but it was fast: " Dear Yang:

     Let me tell you the good news. The beautiful and legendary green forest hero Hong Lady has safely arrived here. She should be your lover, right? Don't lie to me, the woman's instinct tells me yes. She has vigorous skills and clever swordsmanship, and insists on what she has seen. She is a woman with reading ability and insight. I admire her very much, although I don't know if she is right to insist on what she has seen.

     Now, the most wanted criminal in the Great Ming Empire, the famous bandit leader, has left us after a short dressing and a sumptuous dinner. According to her own statement, she is going to be a horse thief next step. I really envy her. Everything she does is so exciting and adventurous.

     I think if she is exiled to the sea, she will be the best pirate, a pirate queen. Oh, now she is of course the most outstanding horse thief. This is not what she said, but my evaluation, because the first thing she did after being a horse thief was to decide to grab Bayan Mengke, the unbeatable king of the grassland !Unfortunately, your beautiful and shrewd assistant, sister Qiyun, your other lover, seemed to disagree with her. She told me that this decision of the Red Lady told us that she was crazy, and you The heavy responsibility is entrusted to such a lunatic, so you are also mad.

     She told me that the Red Lady would fail, and at least would cause her herself to be in trouble, but I didn't think so because of my instinct. I feel Hong Niangzi must have her own trick to do this. After all, there is no other woman who can make sister Yun so angry that she is about to faint, so she should have her own way.

     But sister Qi Yun is very nervous. In order to cope with the terrible consequences of the failure of the Red Lady, she discussed something with me tonight. After discussing it for a long time, I think this idea is very good and very interesting. I can finally give full play to my strengths. , Do a big thing.

     Considering whether this matter is feasible or not requires further demonstration and practice, I decided to leave a suspense to you for the specific details of this plan. If the facts prove that it is feasible, I will write to you again, and I promise to let you have a surprise.

     Let me talk about my situation. Ever since I came to the Great Wall, sister Qiyun and I have been running almost everywhere for our shipyards, armor factories, leather workshops, to open up fields, to settle immigrants, and to set up pastures in places with beautiful water plants. The entire customs.Dear Yang, outside the Great Wall is really a beautiful place. Perhaps, its wildness in the legend will discourage many people, but once you approach it, you can't help being overwhelmed by its unique charm! As far as the eye can see the grasslands, the lush and dense forests, the high-quality ore, and the countless herds!

     God loves this land so much, and has given it infinite wealth. I am absolutely certain that the abundant resources here will make the ambitious kings in the West go crazy with jealousy! I like it here, but I like you better. It's late at night, I'm going to sleep, dear, thinking of your embrace and caressing, thinking of all the affection between us, I am going crazy now, really want to return to you sooner.

     Love your wife: Adeni".

     When the Red Lady decided to make the first sale after the horse thief, it was to find the bad luck of Bayan, and to send ice to the Bayan tribe that had not yet recovered. The Zhengde Emperor's fleet was also traveling day and night. Rush to the south.

     He would also stop at important places along the way to meet local officials. When the ship arrived in Suqian, Zhengde Emperor got off the dragon boat and met with local officials. The prefect of Suqian, Li Yinji, was also an official who opposed the emperor's southern expedition. He not to accept as correct when he personally led troops to the southern expedition. In order to express his protest, the prefect prepared a table of the simplest meals.When Zhengde stepped into the restaurant and saw that there were only a few cheap and common meals on the table, such as silkworm pupa, bean sprouts, eggs, etc., except for the prefect Li, who stretched his neck, he was willing to slash the emperor and dared to pull the emperor off the horse. The other local officials were all trembling and pale, for fear that the emperor would pull them all out and behead their heads.

     Zhengde Emperor saw this scene and understood why this prefect was like this. With the increase in age, especially the stimulation of Liu Jin's affairs, Zhengde already knew that he was willing to coax himself and agree with the courtiers no matter what. It is a loyal minister who is loyal to him and willing to serve the country and the people, and publicly facing the minister, no matter whether his thoughts are right or not, at least the heart is sincere, and he will definitely live his life, so prepare blood for this Li Zhifu, admonishing the emperor, had a good impression.

     Zhengde Emperor smiled indifferently: "I the emperor leads his troops into battle, why are you so slow to treat me?"Since he went to sit down, he saw that the local officials had forgotten to place the chopsticks for him because of tension, so he got up and grabbed a pair of them on the table next to him. Then he asked the officials to sit down and started drinking with everyone. . Zhengde also retaliated against the prefect Li. At the dinner, the emperor personally persuaded him to drink. How dare the emperor not toast? Cup after cup, after a short time, Li Zhifu was drunk on an empty stomach and was racked up by others. Zhengde Emperor felt a bad mood in his heart, and he was suddenly happy, enjoying the banquet.

     The front of the prefect of Yangzhou Gaozhandao heard all the news and went back to report it to the lord. The Gaozhifu secretly laughed at Li Zhifu's ignorance. He had a big banquet at Qionghualou in Yangzhou. He was extremely generous, waiting for the emperor to come to please him . Unexpectedly, the Zhengde ship arrived in Yangzhou, but he was very unhappy when he heard the report of the incident. He ordered the fleet to move forward without disembarking at all.

     The prefect of Yangzhou touched his nose and was secretly regretting the effort. There was an eunuch who got off the ship and told him that although he would not drink the wine, the courtier, the emperor of filial piety, still received it. Let him estimate the cost of the banquet. The amount of the fat and wealth of the people, accurately calculated, was converted into silver taels and sent to the emperor.As soon as Kochi heard it, he knew that the emperor was reprimanding him in disguise for not knowing the suffering of the people, and he was frightened with cold sweat. After returning home, the more he thought about it, the more worried he was. Before, I left this good place of fat and oily oil and hurried to avoid misfortune.

     The ship is coming to Yizhen, and after crossing the river from Yizhen, Nanjing will arrive. Soon, he will fight directly with King Ning and personally command the army, which makes Zhengde very excited. He and Tang Yixian were standing at the front of the dragon boat, looking at the scenery on both sides of the canal. Although it has entered December, the goose feather snow has already appeared in the north. The mountains and rivers here are still green, but the colors are not as bright as spring and summer. .

     Tang Yixian is still a maid dress. One is that when standing on the bow, he will inevitably be seen by the soldiers on the escorting warship. Secondly, the maid dress is easy to wear and dress up. It is far less complicated than the cumbersome and complicated attire of the imperial concubine. Tang Yixian also looks relaxed. .

     On the green hillside of the shore, there is a girl in red dress singing the folk song Danshuishan, and the green hills on both sides reverberate, like the oriole and the willow. Once the mighty fleet passed, this kind of scene was obviously she had never seen before, especially the dragon-shaped giant ship, so the girl saw it, with a grunting sound it stops.She was holding the water, standing on the hillside and looking back curiously. Although she could not see her eyebrows from a distance, she could still feel the soft breath of her slender figure and the charm between movement and quiet. , Sure enough, it is one side who feeds the other side.

     When Zhengde saw the become exhilarated, he chanted: "I can go out three to five times, and occasionally the village woman sings. The red skirt is high and exposed, carrying the south slope of the water. I stop here, and she has good eyes to steal. Although not as good as me. Gong'e, the wild flowers are so gorgeous, the village is drunk and intoxicating."

     "I love concubine, what do you think of my poem? Ay, remember it, it is rare for me to chant a poem," Zhengde Emperor said to a follower.

     "Fart! I think it's not that alcohol is intoxicating and people are drunk, and people are not charming." Being jealous is also a means of violence. Tang Yixian gave him a look and made a sour look."

     "Hehehe, Xian'er, she is inferior to my Gong'e, and naturally even worse than Aifei you. I want you to comment on this poem. You, you, you, don't remember everything, remove the'fart'!" Zhengde first spoke to Yixian (an immortal) and then to the living officer.

     Yong Chun leaned on the fourth-story dragon boat window with his little butt, watching Zhengde and Tang Yixian at the bow of the ship, and said to Princess Yongfu: "Sister, the emperor is at the bow of the ship, do you want to go and enjoy it? landscape".Princess Yongfu was removing her makeup from the mirror, her long hair dangled, reflecting a small snow-white face, her style is extremely soft and charming. After listening to Yongchun's words, she lazily said: "If you feel bored, go and play, I want to take a shower, so I won't go."

     Shower? Yong Chun looked at Zhengde at the bow, and then at Yang Ling, who was standing on the deck and pointing to some generals. As soon as she turned her eyes, she retracted her head and clapped her hands and smiled: There are not many opportunities to go to Nanjing. It’s better to choose the day. Today the sun shines brightly, it’s just suitable for seduction, let’s start!"

     "Huh?" When Yong Fu heard that, the jade comb in her hand was almost dropped. She stammered: "Now? The blue sky and white said, Lang Lang, I am", her bright jade-like cheeks faintly The red light shook.

     Yongchun squinted his eyes and said, "That's natural. Do you want to pick the moon and the black wind, the desolate place? Just on this boat, it's bright during the day, and the night is as bright as the day, so don't you Think about it!"She pulled her sister up impatiently and said, "Okay, okay, don't think about it, after today, you will love will find a way. Isn’t it worth your courage? I tell you, just Since you are a princess, if you don’t take the initiative, he won’t speak first until your hair turns white and your teeth fall out. So, when it’s time to do it, do it, and treat him and yourself a little bit harder." .

     Princess Yongfu of out of one's wits stood up with a blushing face, and at the mercy of Tok Yongjun, she went down with an order. The screen partition, the bath tub, and the hot water went upstairs. The court ladies and eunuchs were all in a hurry.

     When everything was ready to stop, she stepped back, and the anxious Yong Chun took off her sister's clothes. A curvy, beautiful girl appeared. Princess Yongfu's face seemed to be on fire, her hands tight. Holding her panties, she refused to let her take it off again. Yong Chun was sweating profusely and had to abandon the'full light policy' and let her hurriedly enter the bathtub.

     When things come to a head, Princess Yongfu is scared and nervous again. She put her arms around her chest, looked at her sister pitifully, and pleaded: "My sister is so scared, will we make it another day?"When Yong Chun heard this, his anger suddenly started from his heart, and the evil grew to the guts: This boring person, if it weren't for her sister, would have been dragged out for a fat beating! Yongchun not saying anything further, push her directly into the bucket, and then strode out of the room, standing in the tunnel with his arms akimbo and awe-inspiring in all directions: "President Chang, please take a clean bath and rest. Please go back to your room. When you need to wait. I will ring the bell to summon."

     "Why don't you guys leave?" Yongchun stared at the court ladies on the side. A court lady said timidly: "Return to your Highness, we are waiting for Princess Xianger."

     "Oh!" Yong Chun thought, and Yang Ling came for a while, and the two suddenly met naked. Maybe the hopeless sister would have to scream, if this can't be heard by them, she waved her hand quickly: "Go and go. Well, let’s rest together. I'm going to find Xianger, and I will call you if I have something to do."

     It's rare that you don't need to wait, who can be lazy and who won't be lazy? The palace ladies and eunuchs disperse in confusion, Princess Yongchun saw that everyone was blasted away, so she walked along the long corridor immensely pleased with oneself, and when she reached the entrance of the corridor, she saw two palace ladies and two eunuchs standing at the door. To the two little eunuchs said: "Go to find Wei Guogong, ask him to come upstairs, and say that Princess Yongfu is summoned. Ay, just say that you know the Guogong alone. The matter is confidential. Don't talk about it."Yes, Your Majesty, the slave and maid will go now." The little eunuch gave a salute and walked down the stairs.

     "Oh! My Lord will go to the bow of the ship, you two will accompany me down." Princess Yongchun watched the two eunuchs leave and smiled triumphantly: "Hey, this princess has a trick. Forgive you Yang Ling too. Be obedient!" She waved her hand and left with her two palace daughters.

     But she was so proud that she had forgotten that the three princesses had changed rooms privately. Yang Ling didn't know it. After they settled down, Yang Ling was inconvenient to visit upstairs as a foreign minister, and she never understood the matter.

     Yang Ling felt that the river wind was a bit cold. He tightened his cloak, and was about to go back to the cabin to rest. Two little eunuchs came downstairs and saw him. They greeted him happily, and said with a humble smile: "Princess, Princess Yongfu would like to ask me that there is a confidential matter to discuss with you, please go there immediately."

     Yang Ling heard hurriedly said: "Oh, there are two father-in-laws, I will go now."

     Yang Ling followed the two little eunuchs onto the boat. The two little eunuchs stopped by the door. Because Yang Ling knew where the princess lived, he didn't ask them to lead the way. He walked to the Jia-shaped room and knocked softly. Knocking on the door, before he could speak, a woman's voice inside said displeasedly: "Why is it so late? Come in."Yang Ling was a little surprised. Princess Yongfu has always had a gentle surname. Why is her tone a bit aggressive today? Who made her angry? Yang Ling didn't dare to neglect, hurriedly opened the door and walked in.

     Standing in the water, Xianger took a scoop of water with petals floating in it, and poured it down from her chest, while dissatisfied: "The water is almost cold, you just came to wait, since you left Beijing".

     She turned her head and saw Yang Ling, the boss whose eyes were staring suddenly. His eyes were full of surprise, anger, and embarrassment. The teeth rang so straight that he couldn't say a word.

     Yang Ling entered the door and he was stupid too, a crystal clear, pink makeup jade beauty appeared in front of him, the ** graceful ** was still steaming hot, and a pair of buds had just developed The child is not big, but the milk shape is beautiful, the color of the body is jade white, just like a pair of small jade bowls with fine texture on the chest.

     The jade bowl is adorned with crystal water droplets, and the two small cherries on the top end playfully. The narrow waist is not yet mature and plump, with the youthful greenness, flat and soft under the abdomen, the pelvis is already The beautiful and smooth curve began to tremble with a soft cry, Zhu Xianger suddenly sat in the water, pulled a towel to cover his chest, pointed at him and said: "You, you, you, you watch me! I'm going to kill you! Cut you off! Goug your eyes and pull your tongue."While she was talking, tears of complicity could not help streaming down, her words were fierce, but her voice choked and couldn't continue.

     Yang Ling dumbstruck: It's over! Why is she here at Yongfu? Why don't you take a shower without closing the door? Escape without trace, kneel down to beg for mercy, kill people, kill the wicked, file a complaint first, and Sun Bin pretend to be mad, all the plans have not been turned around in his heart, "click", the big beads of sweat have hit the feet.

     At this moment, Princess Yongchun, who saw Yang Ling go upstairs, estimated that the time was almost up, so she swaggered upstairs to catch her brother-in-law.

     Zhengde Emperor is about to cross the river to Nanjing. This is probably the biggest event for the emperor Great Ming to visit the southern capital after Emperor Yongle moved north to the capital. As long as he comes and oversees the city of Nanjing in person, the military and people's will of the southern half of the Yangtze River must be attached. After all, he is still the orthodox emperor of Great Ming, and his coming to the south represents the support of all the subjects in the northern half of the Yangtze River. His, the rear is stable, otherwise, how can the emperor dare to leave?

     Now Li Sen, He Bingwen, and Liangguang’s troops are marching towards Jiangxi. Bai Chongchan and Min Wenjian have increased their troops to Nanzhili. If they can no longer capture Nanjing and block Zhengde and Jiangbei, the general situation is over. They can only retreat to the decisive battle in Jiangxi. The result is actually self-evident.For King Ning, the final juncture has come. However, Anqing city has remained unmoved despite numerous deaths and injuries. Before that, Xu Tai sent a whole group of officers and soldiers to the city. Under this situation, it will be difficult to conquer Anqing. ,How to do? Do you really want to go around the city to take Nanjing's place sb on field of death? What if you can't be born after?

     It takes a lot of heavy siege equipment to fight Nanjing, otherwise how could it be possible to take down that strong city? But such a huge and important siege tool, in the south of the Yangtze River, where there are three miles, one river, two miles, and a river, it is very difficult to transport from land to a place that is either a small bridge or a mud ditch. Even if it goes around the city, when he arrives, not only the emperor will arrive. Even Zhejiang soldiers arrived. Take the waterway? Who can deal with that shark?

     King Ning finally realized that it was not so easy to rebel. It was not just a matter of having soldiers and money. Rebelling was really a chore, and it was far less relaxing than being a leisurely king. But it's too late to regret. From the day of the incident, there is a road of no return. Foreigners can rebel against the imperial court. There has been no rebellion by oneself since ancient times. There is only a fight to the death.At this moment, his think tanks Liu Yangzheng and Li Shishi couldn't help it. It is said that Li, who can call the wind and summon the rain, can't help it. Those green forest heroes of three mountains and five mountains, lake bandits, water thieves, and underworld heroes can't help it. But a magistrate who surrendered him came up with a good idea.

     King Ning was overjoyed after hearing this. With this trick, he talked about getting rid of the Peng Shark, even when he took Nanjing City, it might be of great use. King Ning immediately ordered people to prepare.

     Early the next morning, the army was divided into two groups. One was led by him, abandoned Anqing city without taking it, and went straight to Nanjing by detour. The people along the way were led by the chief governor Yang Ziqiao, carrying a large number of baggage, grain, grass, and siege equipment down the river from the waterway, and thousands of ships rushed toward Nanjing.

     After hearing the emergency military report, Peng Shark learned that the King Ning rebels were attacking Nanjing in two ways. There were as many as a thousand warships, troop carriers, and heavy ships on the waterway. He couldn't help laughing out loud, and immediately ordered his troops and horses. In addition, the navy has recently supported the warships. If there are thirty large warships with powerful firepower, they will attack the King Ning rebels.

     Although King Ning has a lot of warships, why not be good at artillery, once his 30 warships greet him, it will be a tiger entering the flock, and he will not let him kill? The fleets of both sides once again encountered Caishiji at Cuiluoshan.Shek Pik Qianxun is in danger, and the river is struggling. Sun Ce of the Eastern Wu defeated Liu Yao’s Niuzhu camp here, and laid the foundation for the founding of the Eastern Wu; the general of the Sui Dynasty Han Qinhu crossed the river and pulled the oxen out of the Chen Dynasty; the general of the Northern Song Dynasty Cao Bin overcame quarrying and destroyed the Southern Tang; In the Southern Song Dynasty, Yu Yunwen defeated Jinbing in quarrying; Zhu Yuanzhang and Chang Yuchun defeated Chen Youliang here. Now, East China Sea thief Peng Shark has encountered Dongting thief Yang Ziqiao here, which one wins? Don't lose?

     Seeing the enemy warship approaching, Peng Shark's warship crossed the country, and the black hole guns suddenly entered the attack formation. Peng Shark was about to order an attack and suddenly found that the opponent's ship was a little weird. He was feeling a little strange. The banner officer in charge of artillery command ran over with a pale face and said in a panic: "My lord, we can't fight!"

     "What can't be hit?" Peng Shark said strangely: "What are the King Ning rebels doing? Why is there such a big picture on the sail? Who is this? The beard and stare are quite stylish, what is written next to it Word?"

     The banner officer said bitterly: "My lord said carefully, the portrait above is of the holy god Wenwu Qinming Yingyun Junde successfully reigning the emperor of filial piety!"

     Dumbstruck listened to Peng Shark: "Is this such a long name? Can you fuckin' a little bit, who is it? What does it have to do with us?"The banner officer stomped his feet and said, "My God, how can it have nothing to do with us? The portrait is the Emperor Hongwu of this dynasty!"

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