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Chapter Directory 430 Heavenly
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

"Sister, haven't you washed it yet?" Yongchun deliberately yelled out loud, and then slammed the door open with a smirk. Poor Princess Yongfu was sitting in the tub, like a little bird falling into the water. When she saw her coming in, Princess Yongfu was relieved and said with joy, "I didn't find him, did you?"

     Princess Yongchun's eyes widened in surprise, and said strangely: "He's not here? Where's the man? I'm watching him on the boat".

     "He's coming up?" Princess Yongfu became nervous, and hurriedly pulled a silk scarf over her shoulders and chest: "Sister, I'm scared to death, or let's forget it."

     Princess Yongchun said strangely: "If it counts, let me talk about it. I obviously saw him coming up, how about people?"

     Princess Yongfu was taken aback, after thinking about it, and then suddenly said, "I and Xianger and I changed rooms, did you tell him to come to me in the C-shaped room?"

     "Ah? Oh, I thought he knew, I forgot, he won't break into Xianger's room, right?" Princess Yongchun slapped her forehead and hurriedly walked towards Xianger's room.

     In Xiang'er's room, a couple of men and women were looking at each other awkwardly. Suddenly, Yang Ling closed the door with a crack tightly closed. Xiang'er was startled, and hurriedly hugged his shoulders and asked nervously: "What are you going to do?""Shhh, don't make any noise." Yang Ling didn't dare to step forward, standing behind the door, waving her hand vigorously, and whispered: "Princess Yongchun is here, I'm afraid she will hear it."

     Xianger was anxious and embarrassed when she heard that, she covered her face and said, "If someone sees me, I don't want to live anymore. You go, you go." She just said this, she suddenly remembered the face and chest spring sunshine. emerges to bring the world alive, hurriedly put down his hands and hugged his chest. But in this moment of effort, Yang Ling has seen a small tempting gorge squeezed out by her between a pair of delicate tits, her eyes straightened.

     Xiang'er saw his eyes, and the bones were crisp for a while. She couldn't wait to dig out Yang Ling's nasty pair of eyeballs as fish bubbles, but she didn't dare to speak loudly, and she said something with a begging: " You go, your vital part makes me ashamed to see talents?"

     Yang Ling said furiously: "I don't want to go, how can I go when Yong Chun is outside? If you get hit, you might as well not go. Let the princess get dressed and go first."

     Zhu Xiang'er was also very angry and said: "Even if I leave, you hide in my room, will it be okay? The door can't go, you jump the window."

     "Four stories high, my little princess, I jumped out and became a meatloaf."

     "I don't care if you die or not, you can go into the earth as well, but you should go quickly."A pair of little enemies were talking about you and me. Princess Yongchun opened the door with a "whoop" and walked in hurriedly: "Xiang'er".

     Xianger dumb as a wooden chicken looked at her. No, she was looking at Yang Ling behind her. Yang Ling bit her sour tooth root, clutched her nose and squatted on the ground, looking at her dimly with tears in her eyes. Can't stop flowing down.

     "Ah! You are also taking a bath, eh, no one has been here? I wonder why this person has disappeared? Ah, what is your expression, hasn't anyone seen taking a bath?" Princess Yongchun said to herself, curiously Stepped forward and looked up and down Xianger.

     "Ah? Oh, it's okay, I'm wondering why the maid waiting at the door hasn't been seen, and didn't even notify you when you came, ha ha, ha ha, nothing is wrong," Princess Xianger said with a dry smile.

     Yongchun suddenly said, "Oh, this way, haha, I didn't know you were bathing, and sent them all back to the cabin. You continue, I'll leave first."

     When Xiang'er heard that the first person to bury funerary dolls was this guy again, she gritted her teeth with hatred, but when she saw that Yongchun was about to turn around, Xiang'er couldn't worry about getting angry. She screamed, making Yongchun shudder. , Qidao: "What is your name?"

     "No, no, yes, where have you been, why is your face dusty? Come here, I will wipe it for you," Xianger said with a smile.Yongchun stepped forward dubiously and said, "Is there? I didn't go where."

     "Yes, yes, who said no." Xianger touched the tip of her nose with one hand, and reached behind her with the other hand. She retracted her five fingers and shook like a pipa, and gestured vigorously to Yang Ling, motioning him. Run away quickly. Yang Ling was hit so hard, there was a smell of gunpowder in his nose, and his chest was sore, and it took a lot of perseverance to resist without screaming.

     Seeing Xiang'er making a gesture to him, he quickly walked quietly on tiptoe out of the house. Seeing that there was no one in the cabin, he immediately turned around and fled to the right stairway.

     "Does it take so long to wipe the dust for me? What did the other one reach behind my waist?" Princess Yongchun looked at Xiang'er's flushed cheek, her eyes flickering, and her heart suddenly screamed: "God, last one I thought she had taken the aphrodisiac by mistake. Could it be that she had some weird hobbies?"

     Princess Yongchun's scared hairs stood up, and she didn't care to ask if Yang Ling had been there, but quickly found an excuse and ran away.

     Yang Ling used his sleeve to cover his nose and escaped back to his room. He moved the bronze mirror and took a photo. The nose was red and swollen. It hurt and numb when he touched it. He put down the mirror sadly. Why is it so unlucky today? Encountered such an oolong thing.I want to say, Xianger girl looks sweet and sweet, she was originally a rare little beauty, a man would wish to have this kind of blessing, but she is a princess, this rose has more than one stem. It has thorns, and it is poisonous, it will be fatal if you are not careful.

     Fortunately, Princess Yongchun happened to come to her. The little girl had a thin-skinned face. Not only did she dare not say anything, she had to find a way to cover her departure. Heaven helps the worthy, it’s all right now. For her innocence, she must not dare to mention this matter anymore. Everyone will treat it as a dream. Let’s just expose it. The nose hurts, change it back. Life, this is also worth it.

     Yang Ling comforted himself, and sighed lightly. This sigh moved the muscles of his lips, and his nose was sore again, and he grinned involuntarily. Yang Ling hurriedly asked the guard to call the doctor on the ship, assuming that he was dizzy on the ship and accidentally hit the door frame and was injured.

     He asked the imperial doctor to apply some ointment for relieving stasis and pain, and then cut a piece of white medicinal towel and put it on the nose. When the imperial doctor left, Yang Ling looked in the mirror again. It was just like white on the stage of Beijing opera. The nose wipes out the horns, which makes him not to know whether to laugh or cry.

     Yang Ling asked someone to get a pair of scissors. Looking at the mirror, he was about to cut the white nose to make it look better. A shrill voice outside the door sang: "Princess Xiang is here, Grandpa Weiguo welcomes you~ ~~".The scissors in Yang Ling's hand fell on the table with a sound of "dangling": "It's over, I think it's beautiful, the girl is not to overlook, nor spare, please come to the door to settle the account."

     Yang Ling hurriedly got up to greet her and went out. She saw the princess Xiang'er with a slender face and a powerful phoenix. She stood neatly at the door, her body shape was deep and Yuezhi, quite like a grand master. A powerful aura formed within the chi, which shook the four maids and two small yellow gates trembling.

     The little princess just stood still, and the golden step on her head trembled slightly. Yang Ling trembled when she saw it. He was heart alarmed, trembling in fear, and said: "Yang Ling has seen her Royal Highness, I still pray for forgiveness if I fail to welcome it far!"

     "Huh!" Xiao Yao burst out like an ice bean in her nose, and fell to the ground crunchingly, and a cool breath came up on Yang Ling's back.

     The little princess flashed into the room from his side with a faint scent, leaving only a word in her ear: "Wait here, this princess has something to talk with the public!"

     Yang Ling obediently followed back to the room, deliberately leaving a gap in the door so that he could escape or call for help at any time.

     Xianger glanced at him coldly and hummed from his nose: "Close tight!"Yang Ling turned helplessly, and cast a desperate and pleading look at the two little eunuchs outside, and the two little yellow gates responded to him with the look of "unable to help but much one would like to", and the three men had a brief exchange of ideas. , Yang Ling sighed and slowly pushed the door firmly.

     The moment the door closed, the two little yellow doors also sighed with emotion: "I don't know how the grandfather annoyed his Royal Highness and made the princess so angry. Alas! Being a father-in-law is not easy, and being a father-in-law is also difficult!"

     Yang Ling turned around and was startled. Zhu Xianger, who was still full of frost just now, cried, and the sparkling teardrops on Yingjie's face like freshly peeled egg whites were crackling down, little girl The crying one is called a grievance.

     Yang Ling nervously leaned in front of her, and said mournfully: "My little ancestor, don't cry, doesn't this no one knows? I know you are wrong, but I am wronged too. I heard the story of Xiaohuangmen Purpose, I went to see His Royal Highness Yongfu, how did I know that you are in that room and you are, Yang Ling, at this heart, heaven and earth could witness, but there is a half-word, thunder and thunder in the sky.""I don't care whether you are booming or not, I'll ask you, what should I do?" The little princess Xianger replied with a twitch, wiping her tears with the back of her hand, with a pitiful look. "I think I know you. After eight lifetimes of bad luck, people are a girl, can men touch their feet casually? It was to kill the thieves to survive, okay! I admit it, I pretend to be fine.

     In the Palace of Heavenly Purity, I accidentally fell down to send you a message for your wife, and slammed it firmly into your arms. I kissed you and kissed your face. In the eyes, my face is all lost, okay! I pretended to be a fool, and I recognized it again."

     "It's fine now. People are showing you all over, how can you marry someone? My innocence is gone. Even if others don't know, I don't understand it in my heart? If I find a husband in the future, Am I worthy of others?"

     Zhu Xianger became more sad as she talked, and suddenly threw herself on the table and started crying.

     Yang Ling is speechless, everything she said seems to be right, but what's the reason? Who can blame this? Isn't he innocent? She cried to me, who should I cry with? Yang Ling went round and round Xianger: Heaven! O earth! You tell her to stop crying!Zhu Xianger cried and cried. With tears, she found a pair of sharp scissors on the table. She picked it up and pierced her throat. Yang Ling was terrified, so she threw herself on it and grabbed it fiercely. Got her wrist.

     Zhu Xianger tried desperately to snatch him with both hands, and a pair of scissors waved in front of the two of them. Yang Ling also got really angry. He grabbed the scissors from Xianger's hand and threw them into the bottom of the bed.

     Zhu Xianger drew his legs and chased her. Yang Ling reached out and grabbed her waistline and hugged her up. Zhu Xianger was like an angry little female cat, kicking and kicking in his arms, waving her small fists. No one dared to speak, gritting his teeth and fighting silently.

     Suddenly, Zhu Xianger's elbow was suddenly turned on Yang Ling's nose. This fragile place was hanged down by the two princesses in succession. Fortunately, she couldn't bear it anymore. Yang Ling snorted and her tears were let loose. Hand, seeing Zhu Xianger want to escape, hugged her again, stumbled a few steps, and fell on the bed.Zhu Xianger is petite, being pressed by a big man, scared her the soul flies away and scatters, Zhu Xianger opened her mouth and wanted to shout, and suddenly thought that this appearance must not be seen, she twisted desperately in desperation I set off to break free, and at the same time, my slender fingers clasped Yang Ling's shoulders and necks. The nails seemed to be stuck in the flesh. It felt like a cat who was usually gentle and violent occasionally burst out of wild name and passion. He stretched out his sharp claws and scratched the person fiercely.

     She had just taken a bath, and she carried a quiet fragrance on her body. Her figure was as smooth as spring water, and her faintly jumping muscles exuded unlimited youthful vitality. The immature soft tissues of the body have not been fully developed yet, and they are delicate and pitiful. The two upside-down small jade bowls on the chest are soft as soon as they lie flat, and they can’t stand up. This struggle makes people feel irritated. It feels sweet and soft.

     All kinds of strange feelings are reflected into Yang Ling's brain through physical contact. If he is still alive, he may have a good aftertaste of this unspeakable taste afterwards. In short, I can't take care of it now, Yang Ling Hurriedly and lowly said: "Princess Xianger, as for what, as the saying goes,'There is light as a goose feather and heavier than Mt Tai' in death. You committed suicide for such a baffling?""Taishan? Get up first." When he said Taishan, Xiang'er suddenly felt his weight, and his two cheeks immediately turned red, and it seemed that even the bedding could be dried.

     "You first promise me not to seek death, let's say something well."

     Zhu Xianger bit her lip, ignored his request, stubbornly said: "If you ask you to get up, get up!"

     "I told you not to die, you still don't listen."

     Zhu Xianger's apricot eyes became round again, and he looked at Yang Ling viciously. Although this scene looks so amiable and ambiguous, there are teardrops on their faces, which is a little weird. It took a long time before Yang Ling realized that he had committed another serious offense against the little princess, and he jumped up like he was scalded.

     Zhu Xianger's chest, which was tightly squeezed, suddenly gained freedom. She took a breath of breath, but despite losing the suppression, she still lay there softly with bare fangs and brandish claws, moving timidly. Dare not move.White-nosed Clown Yang sat up, he did not speak, he sat silently beside the bed for a while, suddenly stood up and took off the hanging sword from the bed, Xiang'er stared at him stunnedly with tearful eyes. , Yang Ling very bachelor throws the sword on the couch, with both hands on the back, and said: "Fall! I owe you what Yang Ling owes you, and now I don’t know how to pay it back. I have no other way. If you are unwilling , Just kill me!"

     "Fortunately, my soft armor stays in place for a while. She can't pierce her with a single sword, so she might be able to give up the idea of murder? A woman's cruel neck is easy to wear away, I hope she belongs to that kind of normal woman", Yang Ling Thinking nervously, at the same time, both feet touched the ground, concentrated energy, preparing the little princess to flee for life in case the little princess chopped off thorns.

     The princess Xianger felt anguish after hearing his words: "Look at your stinky surname, and you are just and awe-inspiring, and you are the one who suffers. I am the one who suffers. What is your advantage?"

     Suddenly, she knelt and sat up, and with a "choking" she drew out the sword, held the sword in both hands, and pressed it against Yang Ling's chest. Yang Ling's body trembled, but she didn't take a step back.The room became so quiet and quiet. The sound of the waves on the ship's side and the heartbeats of the two people were clearly heard. After a long time, Princess Xianger suddenly said: "I have no other way. The matter has reached this point. , You have 10,000 reasons to consciously give in, you are also responsible!"

     "I understand! Do it!"

     Yang Ling held up his chest with his hands upright, with a high white nose, and two strings of tears on his face, a brilliant image of heroism.

     Zhu Xianger bit her lip, a curved teeth lined with light red lips, the lips are delicate and attractive like dried apricots. Her cruelty disappeared, and she said sadly: "My body has been seen by you, and my innocence has been ruined in your hands. Kill you, what do you want me to do? My name is Yang, I admit my fate Yes, you marry me!"

     "Huh?" Yang Ling opened his eyes suddenly, looked at her in astonishment, and lost her voice: "This is impossible. You are a princess, and I am married. How could I marry you?"

     Zhu Xianger launched a brutal attack, her cheeks flushed, angrily and arrogantly: "Since ancient times, it has been difficult and only to die. Is it harder to marry me than death? I don't care what you do, you are a man, you solve it!Apart from marrying him, there is really no other way. If the two are not husband and wife, Zhu Xianger has no choice but to die. If he becomes his wife, husband and wife will be absolutely fair and reasonable, even if they are watching every day. , Can you control you?

     "Since ancient times, it has been difficult to die only, but now it is harder than death!"

     Grandpa Peng screamed angrily. The subordinates who were originally affiliated with the Donghai group of thieves also figure. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms: "Boss, do it! How can you be so frustrated? He set up a portrait of the emperor Hongwu, and we have to stop. Can't be beaten?"

     "My lord, you can't fight, you can't fight!" Thousands of Dragons and Earth Tigers kept blowing in their ears: "Master, this is not a child's play. I think that Emperor Yan Jing was difficult back then, but Emperor Taizu personally set it up. Descendants of, King Yan dared to turn against him, so what is there to worry about?

     However, Tie Xuan offered the emperor Taizu’s spiritual master tablet at the head of Jinan. King Yan was stuck in the city for more than a month and did not dare to fire a shot. At that time, once the army was defeated, he would be full of copies. Exposing the world. Can you compare with him? You muddled and completely collapsing the portrait of Taizu and the tablet of the spirit master by going down the chaos. That is the crime of robbing the family and destroying the clan!The adults treat their subordinates with care and love, and treat them as confidants, so they have to say something disrespectful to you. The emperor must be happy in your heart if you go through this shot. But no matter how happy he is, he will eventually have to cut you head. My lord, let's withdraw first. Either think of a proper way out, or report to the emperor before making a decision."

     Peng Shark’s lungs were about to explode, and he yelled: "Are they allowed to attack the city of Nanjing like this? If they put a portrait of Emperor Taizu on their shields and weapons, wouldn’t they be criss-crossed the world? No one can beat it?"

     Long Dihu hurriedly said: "My lord, don't worry, he dared to wrap a portrait of Taizu on a murder weapon. That would be disrespectful. They would not dare to do such a thing. In fact, we still do it now."

     "Boom!" A cannonball set off a huge wave on the side of their ship, and Long Dihu shook the water droplets on his body, and continued: "Actually, we can still fire the cannon, but we can't hit the portrait of Taizu. Can a war be won if the war is tied up?

     In case of losing a few battleships, then the gains do not make up for the losses. We are at a disadvantage if we can sail instead of sailing. They have too many ships. Once they get up, we can't go. Didn't we give them all the warships for nothing? "Peng Shark stomped his feet. Seeing that the opponent's battleship was getting closer, he said: "Come on, lower the muzzle. Be careful not to hit him high. You have to shoot him a few shots. It’s so hard to sink a few ships, grandma’s, the old man is going to be suffocated in this battle."

     "Boom boom boom boom", the imperial navy's artillery began to roar. With the same Franconian machine gun, the navy's artillery fire rate and accuracy were far better than that of the opponent. Yang Ziqiao was startled at first, thinking that the imperial officers and soldiers. Going crazy, he didn't care about Taizu's spirit plates and portraits, and when he found that the opponent had pressed the muzzle very low, many shells were shot directly into the water, and he couldn't help laughing.

     With such a distance and density of artillery fire, if you rush past, although you will still win in the end, you will inevitably be hit by several warships and cause shipwreck losses.

     Yang Ziqiao is a big water thief from Dongting Lake, who is used to dealing with officers, soldiers and ships. He has rich experience in water warfare and is by no means mediocre. He immediately took out his usual tactics, stopped at anchor, stopped all the big ships, and then waved the flag to order the boat to attack.

     For a time, more than one hundred net shuttle boats rushed out like ants. This kind of warship was shaped like a shuttle, with bamboo masts and wooden sails. Each boat had no more than three or four people. It was equipped with fire guns, bows and arrows. When the boat is entangled, it is like a swarm of ants chewing an elephant, very difficult to entangle.In addition, there are two pointed ends that are difficult to distinguish between the head and the tail, and the mobile and flexible eagle boats, as well as dozens of serial boats and mother and daughter boats, are moving forward under the cover of the net shuttle boat. These ships are all small warships that are conducive to fighting in inland rivers and lakes, especially serial ships and mother-and-child ships.

     The serial captain is no more than four feet long. In fact, the two ships are connected by iron rings. The front ship has huge barbed nails. The ship carries fireballs, poisonous smoke balls, and fire and thunder bombs. The rear ship is loaded with firecrackers for soldiers. The bow and arrow cover, once it hits the enemy ship, the nails will be nailed into the enemy ship and then it is difficult to get out. At this time, the iron ring can be untied and various firearms can be lit, and then the ship behind can be quickly driven away, and the ship in front of the ship will be ignited. The explosion exploded the other side's ship.

     The child-mother ship is similar in shape to its function, but is different in appearance. It is a big ship wrapped in a small boat, loaded with igniting and explosive objects on the big ship, and nailed to the enemy ship, the boat leaves, leaving the big ship to ignite the enemy ship.

     Peng Shark and others are all aware of the goods, so many small boats are coming, it is too late to deal with the speed of the Franco cannon, and the opponent’s big ship cannot be hit. If you are unable to deal with these small boats, you have to guard against the artillery on the big ship. Immediately, Peng Shark had to roar: "Withdraw!"The navy of the imperial court had great combat power, but the artillery could not beat the paper portraits, they could only shrink back with hatred. Things that sound unthinkable in modern times were logical at the time. A courtesy, a filial piety, and the imperial family must deify and irreversibly deify the political needs of the first emperor in order to maintain the emperor’s supreme dignity and authority. Such a weird war scene.

     Yang Ziqiao triumphantly ordered the Red Dragon Boat, the Cangshan Boat, and the Wheels to chase them together. Finally, the three-masted gunboat and the lucky ship, who had just chased for a while, "Boom!" A huge water column was raised on the water, a normal medium-sized warship. After shaking, a big hole broke through the side of the ship, and the icy river water poured in.

     After a while, another ship exploded on the side of the ship. Great Ming's navy was retreating, and they didn't see them firing. Yang Ziqiao was shocked. He found that the light ships could sail past safely, and the two bombed ships in front were warships with deep draft.

     He moved in his heart and immediately ordered the fleet to slow down. Then he transferred a few small boats and inspected it. It was found that the explosion site was indeed underwater, the river was flooding rapidly, and the hulls of the two warships were already tilted, so he quickly dispatched several small boats to meet the ship. People come down.He had heard that the Ming Army Navy had developed a new type of weapon called a mine, which could attack enemy ships underwater. Unfortunately, King Ning tried his best. The Fujian Military Bureau has never obtained this weapon as the top secret. , I think it is such a thing.

     This has caused a great psychological threat to the King Ning rebels. If there is an enemy ship ahead, these desperadoes would dare to attack even if they braved artillery fire, but now they are an invisible and intangible enemy. You have to always They are all worried about being hit by him, no one can stand such an enemy even if there are only one or two.

     The robbers on the ship are mostly crowing like a cock and stealing like a dog. Although they are best at crooked ways, they really found a way. They temporarily stopped the boat, ran to the fishermen’s homes on both sides of the strait to grab dozens of fish nets, connected the fish nets, and dropped heavy objects underneath. This is safe, but the speed is like a turtle crawling.

     But other than that, there is no good way. They can only stop and go like a mountain and water, stop from time to time to clean up the broken and occasionally scraped mines, use ropes to make up the broken fishing net, and then move on.Because Peng Shark came to fight in the inland river, he did not put down a few mines at all. Putting this thing down is tantamount to destroying the golden waterway. Once the war is over, it will be too difficult to clean up the entire river. By then, I don’t know if I depend on the river for food. Ten thousand people died of starvation, so he only planted four mines thinking that he was suspicious of Beijing's plan, and then escaped without trace.

     Zhengde has crossed the river, Xu Tai is responsible for guarding Nanjing, and he is visiting Malay newspapers ahead. King Ning has abandoned Anqing City and headed for Nanjing with all his bets, so he dared not come to meet him. Guan Master and Ma Ang, as well as the senior officials of Nanjing Sixth Department, rushed. Come and drive by the river.

     Before the official visits were over, Peng Shark’s warship hurriedly retreated. Even though Zhengde's fleet saw that the opponent was flying the Great Ming flag, it didn't dare to care at all, and sent a ship to greet them early and ordered them to stop the ship. Peng Shark heard that the emperor had arrived, and couldn't help being pleased beyond one's expectations. The old guy rushed to see the emperor and asked him to show a tactic for this kind of rogue fight.

     Yang Ling didn't go to the front cabin. The most famous man in front of the emperor, the prestigious grandfather of the country, hides far behind. His current image is really unsightly. The officialdom pays great attention to image. People with a poor image are not allowed to sit in court even if they are talented. Yang Ling wears a white nose. If she shows her face in front of hundreds of officials, she will inevitably be called a laughing stock.The three princesses changed into the costumes of maidservants and stood with Tang Yixian. Yang Ling occasionally glanced over, and she would see Princess Yongfu's apologetic, concerned and gentle eyes. Because Yang Ling had already explained to her, because the hull of the ship was shaking, she accidentally touched her nose, and the pain was unbearable, so she slipped to find a doctor, so she didn't see her.

     It’s too late for Princess Yongfu to feel distressed. How can she take care of her own tactics, but Yang Ling doesn’t dare to look at it. Once she glances over, she will find two more gazes next to her. It belongs to Princess Xianger. Look. The look in his eyes was like looking at the cat in their house, a fishy cat.

     Yang Ling had to quickly turn his gaze back: Alas, the graceful words, flowery speech finally stabilized her temporarily, but how can you marry her? Isn't that even harder than reaching the sky? Fortunately, Xiang'er is still young. When we get to the mountain, there'll be a way through. Yang Ling is constantly doing psychological counseling to her injured heart, and suddenly she finds Zhengde Emperor in front of the dragon boat. I don’t know if he got angry because of something. The official in front of him fell to his knees and babbled his head again and again. Tang Yixian quickly walked over and whispered, “Big brother, go take a look. He hasn’t got off the ship yet. What's crazy?"Yang Ling nodded, gently touched his uniquely shaped white nose, and walked in strides: "Family affairs, national affairs, world affairs, troubles!" This is the deep feeling of Grandpa Weiguo since his southern tour.

     "How can this be so?" Zhengde yelled, "How can this be so?" Zhengde yelled. "How can this be so?" Zhengde roared.

     Peng Shark’s red face turned a little black: "The emperor, the rebels hung up the portrait and the illusion of Emperor Hongwu, and the ministers dare not do it. There is no eye, in case the Emperor Hongwu’s illusion is injured and the portrait is destroyed, That's a big rebellion. The minister rushed to ask the emperor for an order. However, when the minister retired, he left four mines in the water. Forgive me it can stop their journey, but they have to do it early. Prepared, this suspicion is hard to last."

     Zhengde was furious: "What's the purpose? King Ning has no emperor and no father, and he has rebelled. How can there be Great Ming in his eyes? How can there be Emperor Hongwu, this trick is only used to tie our hands and feet. Leave him alone, give me back immediately Go, fight! Fight hard!"

     "No emperor! We are the teachers of the emperor, the teachers of justice, how can we leave others to handle? In order to win a battle, shelling the ancestors' spiritual position is a great rebellion, is it a behavior that should be done by a ruler and a descendant? I implore the emperor to take it back and let us find two other strategies."The six officials all knelt down, and repeatedly objected, and angrily waited for the Zhengde Emperor to roll up his sleeves, rushed onto the warship, and personally fired at the King Ning rebel who was a dog threatens based on master's power.

     At this moment, Yang Ling hurriedly walked over and said, "Why is the emperor angry?"

     His nasal voice sounded almost like an eunuch. The officers of the Sixth Department of Nanjing looked at him in surprise, wondering how this dear fellow had only been absent in such a short time, and how he became like this.

     Zhengde's face was green, unable to restrain one's anger, brushing his sleeves and saying, "You ask him yourself!"

     Yang Ling hurriedly asked Peng Shark about his passing. Peng Shark vomited bitterness at him. Yang Ling thought for a while, then put on a smile, and said in a nasal voice: "Everyone, get up, King Ning soldiers and horses. This is clearly a trick, but knowing it is a trick, we just can't touch it, otherwise we will be embarrassed morally. The adults are very worried, and I will discuss with the emperor."

     After persuading the officials, Yang Ling arched his hand to Zhengde Emperor and motioned to the side: "The emperor, take a step to speak".The Zhengde Emperor snorted, strode to one side of the ship's side, looking at the undulating waves, his heart was undulating like billows. Yang Ling slowly walked to him and said softly: "The emperor, the emperor Hongwu’s spiritual master tablet and portrait should not be touched easily. Have you ever heard of someone whose family uncle and nephew fight, but the ancestor tablet is a mess. Is it true? If you do that, outsiders will only scold these two people for disobedience and filial piety, will they care about who is reasonable and who is not?"

     Zhengde Emperor said angrily: "Naturally, there was no one who fought in the ancestor's ancestral temple, but there was no one who put the ancestor's tablet on his head when fighting. How can I fight such a rogue battle? What is the situation now? He is rebellious. He is a thief who seeks for the country, he is seeking for my country and society."

     Yang Ling whispered: "The emperor, when Emperor Yongle was the King of Yan in Peking, he used this trick in Jinan Mansion, Shandong Province. Emperor Yongle was a powerful and powerful overlord. Isn't he staring at him?

     why? Just because other things can be done, only this thing cannot be done, otherwise it will be abandoning morality and becoming a person of unfaithfulness, filial piety and unrighteousness, and this crime will never be cleared.If you offend your ancestor as a descendant, if you can do it because the other party is at war with yourself, wouldn't it tell the people of the world that if things are critical, you can stop your ancestors? Didn’t you tell the people of the world that if things are urgent, you can stop the monarch? Master of Heaven and Earth, once Gang Lilun often collapses, wouldn't the world be in chaos? "

     Seeing that the anger on Zhengde's face faded away, Yang Ling said again: "Furthermore, what name did King Ning use for rebellion? He confuses the public with rumors, and pretends that he was under the secret decree of the Queen Dowager to go to Beijing to reorganize the clan, saying that you are not the first emperor. , But an adopted folk baby.

     The emperor, you bombarded the emperor Hongwu unscrupulously. Isn't this a crime of sitting on your own, sending a powerful slogan to the King Ning rebels, making him more famous for his rebellion? He would say everywhere that the emperor did this because you are not a descendant of the Zhu family, so you don't care.

     Once such a rumor spreads, even if King Ning defeated King Ning today, and even all the rebels were wiped out, it will continue to be passed on among the people. As a strong evidence that you are not the emperor's blood and blood, the emperor is always pointed out by others. Point, your children and grandchildren will often be troubled by this.""Well," Zhengde Emperor recollected, he nodded silently, and asked: "Then what do you say? Back then, Emperor Yongle didn't dare to attack the city with a sharp cannon, for fear of accidentally hurting the main tablet of the spirit, he could only trap the city. Hand-to-hand, we are only suffering from this loss now? Huh! That's all, my soldiers and horses are being assembled, even if he doesn't use cannons, he can never think of taking advantage."

     "That's not necessary, since King Ning does this, why don't we use an opponent's own methods to obtain retribution?"

     Zhengde Emperor's eyes lit up, and he asked, "Aiqing has any tricks?"

     Yang Ling came closer and whispered a few words to him, Zhengde Emperor stayed for a while, suddenly raised his head and laughed. After laughing, he punched Yang Ling's chest with a fist, and praised: "You really are there. If you talk about crooked ways, no one in the world can match you, hahaha".

     Zhengde Emperor took two steps forward and waved: "Du Fu, come and come".

     The eunuch Du Fu, who was driving southward, hurriedly ran up to him. Zhengde exhorted a few words and shouted: "Go, prepare now, and hand it to General Peng of the navy in a moment."

     "Slaves follow the order!" Du Fu promised, and led several eunuchs under the supervision of Si Li and Shang Bao hurriedly into the cabin.

     Zhengde Emperor sent it back to the bow and asked solemnly: "The situation on the waterway is like this, how about the landway? You haven't finished talking yet, continue."Ma Ang hurriedly said: "Yes, before the ministers set off, they learned that King Ning's army had been attacking Anqing for a long time, so they bypassed Anqing, divided into two troops, and headed for Nanjing. The two generals Xu Tai and Jiang Bin were in the city. When preparing for battle, depending on the distance, it is much more difficult for them to travel by land than by water, and they will not be able to reach Nanjing until about tomorrow."

     Zhengde Emperor sneered: "Okay! Then I will fight him decisively at the city of Nanjing, and let him know that my nephew, who is not even more troublesome, is so powerful. Retreat!"

     Upon hearing this, the welcoming civil servants hurriedly retired and left the ship. They waited at the pier. Taking this opportunity, Zhengde said to Yang Ling: "I will drive Nanjing City right away. Go and give orders. Half of my escort warship is left. In this station, the other half will follow the Jiangnan navy up the river for a while, deliver a frontal assault King Ning's warship, and hit me fiercely!"

     Peng Shark pulled the sail and went south again. This time not only his warship came, but also half of the fleet escorted by the emperor came. It was vast and mighty, with poles standing like forests and canvas like clouds.

     Yang Ziqiao walked carefully all the way, and as expected, he caught two weird underwater weapons, but there was nothing serious afterwards. When he finally confirmed that there were no such terrible mine weapons in the river, he ordered people to withdraw the block, and the ship was there. Before and behind the boat hall, march in full force.As soon as the fleet entered a fast and steady voyage, the battleship in front came rushing forward, even faster than when it fled. I saw a ship rushing forward on the opposite side of the river, arcing into the shooting track, and the baffles of the gun bays rose one after another, revealing the muzzle of the black hole.

     Yang Ziqiao stood on the bow of the boat, and he was surprised when he saw it: "Can the Peng Shark eat the bear heart and the leopard? He still dares to come, grandma's, I don’t believe in evil, I don’t believe that he is a pirate born old Shark. Fired at Zhu Chongba's spiritual position?"

     "Boom!" With a sound of a cannon, a ship swayed in front, and a large gang of boats was cut off. Yang Ziqiao was shocked and looked around suddenly, only to see a huge black line on the white canvas opposite: "Great Ming, the spiritual position of Emperor Renzuchun!"

     Yang Ziqiao stared at him: "Where is Ren Zuchun?"

     The leader of a water thief who had been in a private school for two years longer than him replied: "Ren Zuchun is Zhu Wusi, Zhu Yuanzhang his father!"

     Zhu Wusi beat Zhu Chongba, Laozi beat his son, absolutely fair and reasonable.

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