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Chapter Directory 431 Eternal Emperor
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

Zhu Wusi vs Zhu Chongba, Zhu Wusi wins!

     As soon as the two sides confronted each other, Yang Ziqiao failed and wiped over the floor.

     The warships of the two sides have their own strengths. The court navy warships have unified specifications, and the firepower is concentrated and intensive. King Ning rebel warships have many sizes and models, and the number of warships is more than ten times more than that of officers and soldiers. It is easy to form a siege and deploy wolves tactics.

     However, no matter how wide the Yangtze River is, it is also a river. The width of the water is limited. Yang Ziqiao's ship is suitable for lake operations and has a large snack. Now when sailing on the Yangtze River, only the front can launch an attack position, and the warships behind can only stare blankly.

     There are only four warships on the opposite side, and the attack surface covers the entire river. How can the firepower of the King Ning army resist? The bandits on the battleship behind couldn't bear the loneliness, and finally fired two cannons. One shot hit the main mast of the battleship ahead and broke it.

     The ‘Zhu Yuanzhang’ hanging on the canvas stared at him, the tiger leaped down like a mountain, and plunged into the river, so angry that Yang Ziqiao yelled at him and ordered the warship behind to squat honestly and no more shots.

     Yang Ziqiao’s wolves tactics are not available, but the enemy’s bullet rain is pouring. The entire fleet is like a plow, rolling over the surging river, while opening the way with cannons, while rushing forward, especially the Peng Shark fleet. I suffered a dumb loss in the last confrontation, and this time I played happily.Yang Ziqiao was commanding the battle shout oneself hoarse on the bow. A solid bullet fired by a heavy artillery slammed into the deck and smashed the deck into a big hole with a radius of one foot. Yang Ziqiao stood near the bullet point and immediately went into the hole. Planted.

     The sturdy deck was smashed with canine teeth, and his neck was stunned like a spear halberd. His neck slid across a sharp hardwood deck. When he was rescued, he was bloody and he was breathless.

     The coach died in battle. The King Ning rebels who were already in the rout had no leader, and they were in chaos. The big dog was originally in the rear, and hurriedly drove a medium-sized warship to replace the command, but his warship just When he arrived, he was sunk by a row of artillery shells, and Da Gouzi used his dog's planing skills again, planing to a Cangshan ship and was rescued by his men.

     Seeing the roar of the Ming army’s artillery, there was no way to fight back. The big dog had to take the lead to escape, taking advantage of the boats and ships to stagger, covering the river surface, and the warships in the back turned and fled. Less than half of them fled, and the rest were suppressed by officers and soldiers. Get or sink.

     When the report of the victory was sent to Nanjing, Zhengde Emperor had just entered the city. The messenger held up the red flag of the victory and shouted and spread the report on the long street.Zhengde Emperor is dressed in military uniform and rides on a majestic horse. Yang Ling appeared in front of the crowd with a clown nose, uncomfortable in his heart, but at this time there was nowhere to hide, so he had to bite the bullet for viewing.

     As a criminal ringleader, main offender, Miss Yongchun didn't know that she pushed the door of the room and knocked the dignified father into this German surname. Standing in the group of court ladies, she was still happy like a little magpie.

     Jiang Bin welcomed the emperor into the city and returned home at night. He had just sat down on the bedside tiredly, and Wang Mantang hurriedly walked in. She held a cup of hot tea and put it on the bedside table before squatting down. Go and take off the heavy army boots for Jiang Bin, and ask softly: "Didn't the emperor enter the city before midday? Why is he so busy until now?"

     Jiang Bin chuckled and said, "I am one of the generals in charge of city defense. Now that the emperor has come up, he can't leave for a while. This is busy and tired."

     He saw Wang Mantang again instructed the maid to fill up hot water to wash his feet personally, hurriedly said: "Don't be busy, I'm passing by our house, I will come back to rest, and I have to go back to the city for a while, King Ning's The army is not far from here, the war is coming."

     Wang Mantang buried his head and washed his feet, and said, "Well, the food is hot, you can take a bite before leaving. The food on the army is not as delicious as the food at home."Jiang Bin hummed, his eyes narrowed slightly, and said: "The emperor has arrived in Nanjing, and the hearts of the people are very settled. Today there is another news that King Ning's navy was defeated, and more than 500 warships were captured and destroyed by the court. , Hecheng laughed. Hey, but you are not surprised, some people look melancholy, as if full of thoughts."

     Wang Mantang paused with his hands, then continued to wash his feet, and whispered, "You mean him, right?"

     Jiang Bin snorted and said, "Isn't he who else? As long as he appears within three hundred feet of me, I don't need to look up to know that he is coming."

     Jiang Bin gritted his teeth and grinned: "I and Qian Ning are friends in the past. Who am I not looking at?"

     Wang Mantang picked up a towel and wiped his feet, his delicate eyebrows frowned slightly, and he was worried: "Master, after all, his official is much older than you, and he belongs to Jin Yiwei, with his hands and eyes reaching the sky, even if you are up to the head Soldiers or commanders, fighting against such a person is not cost-effective. If you are not careful, you will be ruined."

     She lowered her head and said quietly, "Master, the senior officials crush people to death. If you can bear some things, you can bear it. The Nujia Nujia is just a lowly woman, and it is not worthy of the master treating me like this."

     Jiang Bin became annoyed and said crudely, "Okay, don't talk about it."Seeing Wang Mantang’s composer, he calmed down again, his eyes flashing: "Don’t worry, I will not be reckless. I have suffered two losses. I know who his surname Qian is and I know him. Why dare to bully people like this? I'll keep waiting, waiting to take his handle."

     There was a sneer at the corner of Jiang Bin's mouth: "Don't look at the book I haven't read for a few days, hum, I understand the truth in this officialdom. King Ning will spend a lot of money to go to the capital to get on and off the traffic officials. Nanjing City is the mainstay of the Beijing Division. Can he not invest a lot of money to buy officials in this place?

     The one with the most real power in Nanjing City is Guan Shou and Qian Ning. Guan Shou is an honest man who is greedy, but he dare not do illegal things. The kid Qianning was the one who just gave money and asked him to steal the moon.

     Now that the emperor has arrived, the city of Nanjing is stable. As the top official of Nanzhen Fusi who guards Nanjing, he is not happy. Instead, he looks like an out of one's wits, deeply worried and sick at heart. There are no ghosts here. In my opinion, even if he did not take refuge in King Ning, he must have done many things for King Ning secretly, so he was so scared. "Wang Mantang has stood up, Jiang Bin pulled her arm and let her sit in his arms, gently kneading her soft and plump buttocks, and said proudly: "Man Tang, let you tell me, while King Ning Soldiers come, and I am responsible for the convenience of city defense operations. I have already found a few confidantes, and I am ready to find opportunities to be him. But today, after seeing his expression, I don't plan to do it."

     His eyes darkened, and he smiled coldly: "This person and King Ning must be inextricably linked. In this way, I don't have to risk being him. King Ning is here, and my opportunity to make a contribution has arrived; wait for King Ning Ning has fallen, and his invincible money, Da Zhenfu, has fallen."

     "Where is King Ning?"

     "Return to the emperor, King Ning personally led 60,000 soldiers and horses, and will soon arrive in Nanling."

     "Okay! Immediately call on the officers and soldiers, and go with me!" Zhengde heard this, and happily ordered.

     Xu Tai was shocked when he heard this: "The emperor, Nanjing City has laid inescapable net, just waiting for King Ning to come and die. How can the emperor go to war and get involved in dangerous places."

     Zhengde raised his eyebrows and said: "Joke, do I want to wait for him to fight in this Nanjing city? Do I fight the rebellion or hide from the rebellion? What does it mean to stay here? The first mover is the last one. Confined to others, Jiangshan is my own, but do you want him to fight if he wants to fight, or retreat if he wants to retreat?We take the initiative to fight the rebellion! The emperor's personal conquest, we must have the prestige of the emperor's personal conquest! I want Uncle King Ning to know that, except for Zhu Houzhao who is younger than him, there is nothing he can compare to. If you dare to beat my crooked brain, I will beat him up and let the ambitious people feel at ease. Serving a bit".

     Zhengde looked around and said, "Why don't you speak? King Ning gangs of mobs dare to come to Nanjing, don't you generals who veteran of a hundred battles dare to send out to fight?"

     Xu Tai, Jiang Bin, Ma Ang, and all the generals of the Beijing camp, Qi Qi, said: "The ministers and others are willing to fight for our Real Madrid pawns and fight the enemy bravely and never give up!"

     "Okay!" Zhengde was overjoyed. He was accustomed to seeing the civil servants in the surname. Sure enough, the officials of the Sixth Ministry of Nanjing inherited the fine traditions of the Sixth Ministry of Yanjing. Not against ears is not loyalty. Otherwise, we can’t express our belief in life as loyal ministers, so he went out of work eagerly.

     Taking advantage of Liubu Shangshu's age and slow movements, before he had time to leave work, kneel down and hugged his thighs and cry his nose, Zhengde Emperor yelled first: "Then go out immediately and sweep the rebels. At this moment, dare to retreat. Those who are all cowardly attack the thieves who fear death, fornicating and rebellious, follow the law and copy all the way!

     "Portom!" The old men of Jiuqing in the six troupes just fell to their knees and were dumbfounded at Zhengde's words.Zhengde squinted his eyes and asked, "Aiqing, do you have anything to say to me?"

     "Ahhh, the ministers wish my emperor long live win a victory on raising the flag and success!"

     The emperor’s personal conquest was naturally all elite. These soldiers were the elite troops in the two capitals and the armed forces with the most complete firearms in the Great Ming army. The two armies totaled 100,000 people, divided into 20 battalions, each with 5,000 officers and soldiers.

     In the entire battalion, there are 3,600 infantrymen. Except for swords and shields, all are equipped with infantry firecrackers; for cavalry, except for cold weapons such as sabers and spears, half are equipped with multi-tube firecrackers and half are equipped with bows and crossbows. There are also 400 people, each with a short blunderbuss, and at the same time hold one hundred and sixty general cannons and two hundred Dalian bead cannons.

     Such terrible firepower equipment will be a nightmare for opponents during a mid-range fire assault. If such proportions of firearms and equipment were seen by the European monarchs at the time, they would be drooling. If any of them had an army equipped with such a dense firearm, they would sweep across Europe.

     If the next few emperors in Great Ming's history were not those practicing danshi and carpenters, but rather talented and enterprising emperors like Emperor Qin and Hanwu, then New York City on the other side of the Pacific Ocean should be called'New Chang'an'.King Ning split two troops to take Nanjing, and he went back and forth to report the news. "Zhengde Emperor entered the city of Nanjing first, and the navy was carried by the Ming army. He was forgotten by King Ning's old man Zhu Wusi's spirit card." The news came one after another. The news was like two blockbuster bombs. He was dizzy.

     Zhengde Emperor arrived in Nanjing one step ahead of his time. King Ning had already missed the opportunity. He thought that the difficulty in fighting Nanjing would more than double, and the vacillation of the military and the people in Jiangnan would change because of this.

     King Ning fell into despair. His army had just arrived in Wuhu and was forced to station here to study countermeasures: Can he go further? How to attack the stone city that is secure as a city protected by a wall of metal and a moat of boiling water?

     King Ning summoned his subordinates to talk about the current situation. All the civil servants and generals under him became nervous. Even Li Ziran, who advocated King Ning's full march toward Nanjing for revenge, realized the danger at this moment: Xiang There is little hope in the past, and retreat is to sit and wait for death. Where is their way out?Liu Yangzheng pondered for a while, and said: "The emperor, in the opinion of the ministers, we might as well retreat quickly and return a carbine to Anqing, take advantage of the lack of preparation to seize the city, as long as Anqing is defeated, one can use this as a place to stop the army and fight against the North. The army of the imperial court can echo the army stationed in Jiujiang, and then we will try to figure out what the emperor thinks?"

     Liu Yang is King Ning’s “brave”. This person is indeed very courageous. As the saying goes, “The ignorant is fearless”, Liu enumerate man is fearless. He has always praised Guan Zhong, Kong Ming and Liu Bowen. In the untidy world, the power to build the world, which of the kings assisted has not experienced the desperation of failed and wiped over the floor, on all sides, the songs of Chu?

     How similar is the current situation? Therefore, Prime Minister Liu is very confident, and probably only the enumerate man of military tactics on paper in the King Ning army is still blindly optimistic.

     Li naturally calculated for a long time, always feeling that it is difficult to enter at this time, but it is even more difficult to retreat. Tens of thousands of troops gathered temporarily, so bravery all depended on a momentum. Now that they retreat after hearing the wind, the military will disperse. If it attacks, there may still be a chance. Especially when Zhengde arrives in Nanjing, if Nanjing is defeated at all costs and Zhengde is in his hands, then this battle will be completed.Naturally, Li thought of this, and expounded his analysis to King Ning. King Ning walked around the table, unwilling in his heart, now as if walking on thin ice, as if in the abyss, the predicament of no room to advance or to retreat makes his face suddenly seem to be ten years old, with a complexion Some defeats.

     Entering Nanjing is a dead end! Return to Jiangxi and wait for death! Go back to attack Anqing again? Does Zhengde's army eat dry rice? As long as you detect that you have retired, you will be chased immediately. Can you win Anqing before they arrive?

     All the people are waiting for his decision. His Majesty Zhu Chenhao, who has great ambitions but no talents, has not come up with a precise idea. A scouting horse rushed in in panic, and said on his knees: "Reporting to the emperor, important matter No, the emperor of Great Ming leads his troops into battle, and the forward is ten miles away!"

     "What?" King Ning and the civil and military officials were all shocked, King Ning lost one's head out of fear authentically: "Quick! Get out of the battle immediately and fight the Ming army to the death!"

     Where did it come from and what position to set up? The King Ning army has been rushing all the way to this point and just stopped. The army unloaded the camp tents from the cart. He just put the rice out of the pot, but the opponent's soldiers and horses are rushing all the way, how can he be assembled again.King Ning's horse explored the news twenty miles away, and when he found that the Ming army was coming aggressively, and when there was still a Xuanhuang Emperor Dragon Banner in the army, he immediately dialed his horse and left. He, when he arrived at the base camp and threw himself into the King Ning camp, the court officers and soldiers hurriedly chased after him and were ten miles away.

     King Ning, accompanied by his aides, hurriedly climbed up a hillside and looked into the distance. The drum horns roared and the soldiers were sonorous. The flags were flying like clouds, and tens of thousands of court soldiers came slowly like a moving forest, glitter like frost and snow, weapons and guns of various colors, flying high and magnificent as a mountain.

     The war began in a hurry, shouting to kill ear-splitting, the southern army was not good at bows and arrows, the firearms of the court army were able to expand the power, the roar of all kinds of artillery and blunderbuss was endless, intertwined, as if endless. Thunder, low pressure across the sky.

     The stern shouts were endless, and in the billowing smoke, countless soldiers brandished knives and guns, and fell to the ground before they rushed into the Ming army camp.The forward battalion is the most elite Shenji battalion in the Beijing battalion, equipped with all firearms. Although most of the King Ning rebels are bandits, bandits, water thieves, and gangsters, they are all brave men and women, but their flesh and blood can hardly withstand the flood of bullets. They swept through the firecrackers, Dalian Pearl Cannon, and General Cannon. Among the iron bullets that came over, there was a King Ning army, who was brave and fearless of death.

     King Ning's army was also blushing, and they could only move forward without retreating. They walked on the bodies of their companions, and spent countless lives at the expense of the officers and soldiers' ammunition, prompting them to increase the interval between gunpowder and ammunition. The distance between the two sides.

     Many soldiers began to rush out of the imperial army. King Ning's army was overjoyed when they saw it, thinking that they would finally meet with each other. These three-mountain and five-mountain heroes raised what the heart wishes, the hand accomplishes skilled at the job, screaming and rushing up.

     The distance between the two sides is getting closer and closer, fifty feet, forty feet, thirty feet, close, even closer, the Ming army soldiers who rushed over raised one hand in unison, raising them to the rear. Then suddenly he stood up and swung forward. It seemed that a large piece of broken bricks flew in the sky. With the momentum of a throw, the Ming army threw away their swords and guns, fell straight forward and lay there Can't move.The charging pace of the heroes of the King Ning Army has slowed down obviously. What is going on? A fool knows that there must be weirdness, but where is the weirdness?

     "Boom boom boom boom", after a series of explosions, there was a high-frequency tremor, like the sound of a Devil May Cry horn, steel, lead shot, iron nails, and iron pieces screamed through the air, weeping and passing by. sky. There was no place for Mi Mi Zaza to dodge, and various hidden weapons shot from the front, side, and back of the body.

     After a while, countless people fell to the ground and threw away their swords and guns desperately rolling and crying. The screams of these men who were not afraid of death were a little bit penetrating. Some people were holding their be badly mangled or mutilated faces and staring at them. With eyes dripping with blood and unknown liquid, he stumbled and ran, no matter how hard he fell, he couldn't notice the pain.

     That kind of scream made people feel goosebumps. The grenade that the North Army has just equipped has played a big role. It rarely produces fatal damage, but can cause a large number of disability, which is enough to destroy people's resistance to fight. King Ning army camp.

     The soldiers of the Ming Army kept repeating the actions of charging, throwing, and lying down. The cheap grenades swept through the rain, and the flesh and blood was invincible. A battle without formal melee contact immediately turned around, and the cannon behind the Ming army lifted The muzzle was high, and ammunition was still pouring into the King Ning rear formation.Although the sharp firearms still have many flaws, the King Ning army on the opposite side is also a pawn, and the power of bow and arrow is extremely weak. They can neither circle around, fast charge, nor perform fire suppression, melee combat, especially in the terror of grenade. Under the power, the morale of an army that has never experienced this terrible scene is unimaginable.

     The close combat finally started. The King Ning army, which had been guilty of death and wounded everywhere, was no longer able to confront the overwhelming majority and morale of the imperial army, and the one-sided massacre was unfolded in the process of retreat.

     The shadows of swords and guns, the flesh and blood flying, the dead corpses are blocked, and the wailing is like howling, the Ming army shouts and rushes forward, the King Ning army troops in defeat like a landslide caught off guard, more and more corpses on the ground, shouting and roaring Far away.

     "Retreat! Retreat immediately!" King Ning, who was unable to fight back, retreated steadily. King Ning, who was unable to gather the defeated army, had no choice but to ruin the order.

     The King Ning army retreated in panic during the chase of the imperial army. The Ming army was full of vigor and chased after it. The forwards and rear campers on both sides bite tightly until they rushed to the side of a big river with a width of seven or eight feet. King Ning decisively ordered the bridge to be blown up despite the fact that four to five thousand people in the rear army did not cross the river.The gunpowder was brought in by the artillery camp. With a loud noise, the soldiers who had just escaped from the bridge and the gray stone rubble flew up in the air. The King Ning army who had escaped across the river was fortunate that they had escaped. Seeing that King Ning was so heartless. I can't help but feel like if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves.

     Zhengde walked fast enough, but only saw countless dead bodies along the way, because King Ning's army escaped faster. When he rushed to the riverside of the broken bridge, he saw that the army was blocked by the river. The King Ning army had escaped without trace.

     Zhengde was furious and shouted, "Why don't you cross the river to chase?"

     Jiang Bin hurriedly stepped forward and knelt and played: "Reporting to the emperor, the river is so swift and icy. We only sent someone to try it. Even if we just cross the river lightly, the shortest soldiers in the deepest part of the river will be swept away by the water, and we The army is dominated by firearms, wading through the water and its combat power is greatly reduced. It is difficult to fight the enemy. The minister has sent people to cut down trees to build pontoon bridges nearby."

     Zhengde heard this, and Yang Ling galloped up to Zhengde, and smiled: "The emperor leads his troops into battle, it’s like a hot knife through butter, King Ning flee at the mere sight of, it’s impossible to withstand a single blow. Yeah".

     Zhengde triumphantly said: "Where my heavenly soldiers come, sprites naturally don't dare to take the lead lightly. Ah! I regret it now."

     Yang Ling wondered: "What does the emperor regret?"Zhengde said: "When Bayan was about to retreat outside the Great Wall, why did I send Wang Shouren to chase after him? If I personally led the troops, Bayan would be a prisoner of my rank now."

     Yang Ling: "".

     The emperor’s confidence swelled too quickly. In fact, if it weren’t for Yang Ling who had deployed elite troops here, and the navy division to guard the natural dangers of the Yangtze River, at the same time, before dispatching troops, they used a large number of firearms according to the characteristics of the southern soldiers and equipped them with great effects on destroying the soldiers’ will. The grenade, how can this battle be so smooth?

     Of course, the most fundamental reason is: King Ning Zhu Chenhao is too useless.

     After a while, the soldiers who fell trees carried a simple pontoon and rushed to the river. Jiang Bin specially selected tall and sturdy soldiers to go down to the bridge, but it was already December. Even though it was in the south of the Yangtze River, the river was frozen. Clear to the bones, the strong soldiers' lips turned purple when they entered the water, and their faces were pale. They stood in the water and swayed, preventing the soldiers from crossing the river.

     When Zhengde saw it, his head became hot, he jumped off the horse and ran in stride, leaping into the middle of the river and shouting: "Come down a little more, tie the bridge with palms, hold the bridge steadily, catch up with King Ning, and I will have another celebration. Reward the three armies".

     Yang Ling and others were stunned, and cried out: "The emperor, the water is swift and cold, come up quickly"

     "Don't talk nonsense, come down!"Yang Ling was really afraid of any mistakes he might have, so he hurriedly jumped off his horse and hurried into the river, grabbed Zhengde's arm, and put the pontoon on his shoulders, and said: "The emperor, the minister is here to support the bridge, you go ashore."

     "No, I am the emperor of Great Ming. You are not allowed to go into battle with a knife personally. I am here to cheer for my Great Ming officers and soldiers!"

     When Xu Tai, Jiang Bin, and Jingying generals dared to neglect the emperor’s entry into the water, the generals rushed down the river together, firmly supported the pontoon, and shouted to the bank: "The emperor is supporting the bridge for the soldiers of the three armies. Why not cross the river quickly and fight the enemy bravely?"

     Those soldiers who were shivering from the cold were greatly encouraged and went down to the river to support the bridge. In a flash, more than 20 pontoon bridges rose above the river. The soldiers quickly crossed the river with red eyes, like wild animals. Called to chase away.

     Under the feet are the shoulders of the emperor who stepped on them. Don’t look at the characters that most of these soldiers don’t know. They are usually full of scorn, as if they don’t care about anything, but now the emperor is setting up an escalator for him and stepping on the emperor’s shoulders. These big soldiers were full of blood in their chests: it's worth it! It's just fucking worth it in this life.Persevering for a while, when his limbs were getting numb from cold, Zhengde was finally pulled out of the water by Yang Ling. The eunuchs who accompanied the army quickly invited the emperor into the car, changed his clothes, and heated the stove. Zhengde was changing his clothes, Yang Ling came hurriedly, opened the curtain and got in.

     He had just changed into a suit, his face was still pale, his lips were purplish red, and when he saw the emperor, he said, "The emperor, it is difficult to cross heavy objects with only the escalator, and the minister has already gone up and down the river bank to look for fishing boats and build pontoon bridges. I found a local family. It is said that going down the river bank, there is still a bridge ten miles away, but from there, you have to go around a mountain to return to the official road. The minister has asked a general to concentrate the camps. Cavalry, go first from there."

     "Okay! No matter what, I just want to play with majesty, and beat him to the water without breathing." Zhengde didn't even bother to heat up. He lifted the car curtain and stood on the cowl, watching the army cross the river.

     The lieutenant soldiers lined up in more than twenty columns and were crossing the river regularly and thorough. When the emperor appeared under the dragon banner, the two teams of officers and soldiers in the vicinity first shouted: "Hurrah! Long live! Long live!"

     Then the whole army cheered long live, with a sound like topple the mountains and overturn the seas, and the mountains and rivers were magnificent for a while."The emperor’s army is really an army of tigers and wolves. The emperor sets an example and treats soldiers well. The whole army is inspired by this. It is said that our army is worse than the King Ning rebels. Even if it is not as good, the emperor’s current army is one ten. It can be blocked," Yang Ling said with emotion.

     Zhengde was happy when he heard it. He straightened his back and held the flagpole head high, chest out in front of the army, smiling and majestic. After a while, he quietly turned his head to Yang Ling and asked, "Ai Qing, you feel it. Huh?"

     "Eh? What do you feel?" Yang Ling baffling.

     Zhengde was unhappy and said, "Don't you feel that a strong domineering spirit is hitting you hiding the sky and covering the earth?"

     Yang Ling was completely speechless. Zhengde, with a sloppy nose, raised his chest again, raised his head, and faced the bitter cold wind, indulging himself in a real way: "With the pure and sturdy essence of the heaven and the earth, the beauty of Zhonghe Yue's Qingshu, he is only one generation high, and his anger covers the ages. Wisdom is enough to pass the change of the world, and brave enough to win the command of the three armies. There is a statue of Mount Tai on the wall, and the taste of a phoenix flying high. It is like a jade on the top of a peak, and it is like a moon on the surface of the water. There are emperors, what does Qing think?"

     When Yang Ling heard it, his small face became purple with cold, and the Zhengde Emperor who had a big nose begin to stir went down and worshiped: "The emperor is wise, the emperor is indeed an emperor that has never existed in the ages."

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