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Chapter Directory 468 Le Jisheng 6 Sorrows
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

It was already mid-November, and when I saw the capital and there were still dozens of miles away, it was snowing heavily.

     A goose feather snow is fluttering and fluttering. This is the first snow this winter. The first heavy snow, heralded a good year. The air was moist and warm, and the snowflakes melted on the ground, moistened into a wet mark, and gradually fainted into a deep color, until the snowflakes on the upper side no longer melted, and everything was silvery white.

     The bows and knives on the tops of the hats, shoulders, and waists of the soldiers are covered with snowflakes, and their feet are wet, but their steps are very powerful. They are full of spirits against the wind and snow. What a glory it is to return in a big victory. Filled with the joy and excitement of returning home.

     When there were still thirty miles away from the city, Yang Ling sent a horse to listen to the movement ahead, so as to understand the specifications and the ministers sent, and he was mentally prepared early and prepared the corresponding greetings and etiquette. Unexpectedly, the brigade had walked to a place about twenty miles away, but had not yet seen the quick return.

     Although Yang Ling was a little surprised, she didn't think deeply. He lifted the curtain of the car and looked around at random. Snow flakes came in. Although it was not very cold, it suddenly turned into drops of water on his face, penetrate deeply into the heart. Yang Ling hurriedly lowered the curtain, but it was already Take a breath of fresh air full of sweetness.Yang Ling wiped his face lightly: I'm going home soon, and when I get close to home, I feel at ease in my heart. In addition to the familiar and kind figures in her mind, there is also a figure that is only in imagination, that is his little daughter, the little baby born to Xue Limei, she has not seen her father yet.

     Today is to return to Beijing, today is the heavy snow, she was born of Xue'er, so she is called Yang Xue'er! A warm smile appeared at the corner of Yang Ling's mouth. At this moment, someone outside the car exclaimed: "Guo Gong, hurry, hurry, the emperor".

     Yang Ling was dumbfounded, then shocked, hurriedly raised the curtain and rushed out, and asked, "What's wrong with the emperor?"

     A guard immediately in front of the car stammered in front of him and said: "The emperor."

     Yang Ling raised his head, the wind was blowing and the snow drifted, confused, and a group of people were walking towards each other in the bewildered snow. Yang Ling straightened up and squinted his eyes, and saw that the honour guard at the front was like a forest, right in the middle of the yellow canopy. Take a huge imperial guard carried by 64 people. Yang Ling couldn't help being surprised, and lost her voice: "The emperor!"

     The emperor Zhengde was twenty miles away and braved the heavy snow to meet him.

     Yang Ling hurriedly jumped out of the car and ran forward carrying the robe. The imperial guard in front also saw Yang Ling's convoy, and it stopped just now. When Yang Ling arrived, the ceremonial guards left and right, and the pumpkin warriors gave way.Yang Ling hurried to the front of the imperial court, shouting loudly: "Chen, Yang Ling, see the emperor!" After speaking, Yang Ling pulled up his robe and knelt on the white snow.

     On both sides of the guard of honor, there were generals riding horses, and behind them were civil servants sitting on sedan chairs. They all greeted him and looked at him quietly. Snow was still falling silently, and the two Gong Es in front of the imperial court used a golden hook to provoke the Huanglong brocade curtain.

     The Zhengde Emperor, wearing a crown of pterosaurs on his head and a group of dragon robes, walked out from inside with a smile, and quickly got out of the car along the vermilion lacquered wooden steps of the imperial court, and lifted Yang Ling up and down happily.

     The two clasped four hands and were full of joy. The dense snow was right beside them, flying like butterflies in front of them. Zhengde laughed loudly and shook Yang Ling's hand vigorously, only saying: "Go, let's go back".

     After Zhengde finished speaking, he took Yang Ling's hand and turned around and left. Yang Ling was surprised: "The emperor!"

     "Deng Nian!" Zhengde said involuntarily, pulling Yang Ling back to the imperial nun side by side, Huang Long Lian'er just picked it up, waved his hand and said: "Put back to the palace!"

     The brigade turned around at the same place and returned to the capital in a mighty force. The Yu Nian walked steadily towards the capital. Yang Ling and Zhengde were sitting side by side on the bright yellow satin dragon bed. The two men talked with each other, and bursts of laughter were heard from time to time. The generals riding on their horses with their necks on both sides were full of envy, but none of them criticized them.Can anyone be able to achieve the power of opening up the territory? If anyone can take the Hetao Plain from the Tatars back, it is a great feat. What's more, he persuaded Doyan Sanwei to return all the land of Liaodong to Great Ming, obtained the Jinshan Mountains from the Wala people, and opened the Western Regions passage. Is there a second person for such a feat?

     The Manchu civil and military, the emperor's relatives and noble relatives all came out to welcome, the emperor personally greeted the capital for twenty li, and took the prestigious state to return to Beijing with the imperial servants. People can afford such a privilege. The welcoming ceremony was extremely grand, with heavy snowfall, the nine gates of the capital opened, and the people in the city greeted Yang Ling. Yang Ling returned to the capital with beautiful scenery and went straight to the Golden Palace.

     Yang Ling sat down on the chair and glanced at Jiao Fang, Jiao Fang nodded imperceptibly, Yang Ling secretly relieved.

     To open up the northern frontier, an army that is not a king, enjoys the power of arbitrariness, and reads can not do anything. However, it is the emperor’s taboo to hold the soldiers out, so Yang Ling wants to take it step by step. The first step is to rely on merit. The second step is to persuade the emperor.

     There are only two endings for Great Ming’s kings with different surnames. One is to be a free and powerful king in Beijing, such as Xu Da; the other is to be entrusted to the dynasty’s eyes to guard the borders of the eight wastes, which are worthless and worthless. Such as Mu Ying.The problem is that according to the emperor's feelings and reliance on him, he will never be allowed to go to the frontier fortress. If someone else asks for the title, it is like encouraging the emperor to exile him. You must know that most people in the dynasty knew nothing but China. In their eyes, they knew the name Beihai (Lake Baikal) from the story of Suwu Shepherd. They only had the impression of it: extreme cold, desolate, deserted, and barren. place.

     In short, that is the place where savages and sinners should be treated. Random talk about sealing a prince and sealing an emperor without going. Did you go to drink the northwest wind? That kind of emperor might not be as good as Zhao Wanxing, the ‘Emperor of Dashun’, who ruled over a hundred people in Shengfang Town, Banzhou. But what about asking for closure?

     It is precisely because everyone thinks it is a difficult task, who would believe that he would not do it with his descendants and grandchildren who are enjoying the blessing in Beijing, and instead want to be the Savage King? This person must be ill-intentioned, and the intention to collude is quite rebellious. I'm afraid that even the emperor can't help but have such thoughts. This is the difficulty of not being able to gain the understanding and trust of the emperor and the Manchu civilization.

     Before Yang Ling returned to Beijing, Jiao Fang had already secretly told Jiao Fang to use his power to start the action. First, let a small sixth-grade prosecutor write a letter to enumerate Yang Ling's unprecedented achievements in opening up and expanding the territory. reaction. When there was not much opposition, officials with higher titles were dispatched to the top level.Baiguan’s low voice of opposition is because Yang Ling’s merits are indeed the merits of a meritorious minister who has never established the country since the founding of the country, and his original merits are great enough. If he wants to go further, there is really no other way besides entrusting the king Up.

     Of course, the most important thing is that the emperor who can't hide things in his heart has no shrewdness at all. Baiguan hasn't made a statement yet, he jumped out wave flags and shout battle cries first, and applauded. The current court, do you think there is anybody else who is full to care about this nosy?

     Yang Ling knew about this before returning to Beijing, and inquired about Jiao Fang, only worried about any temporary changes. Sure enough, after the emperor praised it, Wang Hua coughed, took a step forward from his sleeve, and recited it loudly.

     The emperor’s virtues and Yang Ling’s merits are listed in the table. Finally, the story of those who have this meritorious service in history is listed as the king, asking Xun Gong to advance to the prestigious state as king. These are all official articles. The Manchu dynasty's civil and military had already understood them, so the hundred officials bowed down and asked to seal them in unison.According to the old example of Great Ming, the emperor's son appointed the prince, and the pro-prince appointed the county king; those with different surnames can only have two merits, one is to open up the territory and the other is to save the country and save the country with the highest merit. Despite this, the six different surnames of King Zhongshan King Xu Da, Kaiping King Chang Yuchun, Qiyang King Li Wenzhong, Ninghe King Deng Yu, Dongou King Tanghe, and Qian King Ning Muying were still the kings of the country. After his death, he was named the prince.

     But this is not a problem, because the emperor decides whether or not he can be a king. The difficulty in conferring a king was not because the courtiers were unwilling, but because the emperor did not want to confer a title. Otherwise, at the beginning of Great Ming’s founding, Baiguanba did not have to appoint a few princes with different surnames. Even if they could not become kings, at least the person who stood in the front would rise by one, and their title would be able to follow the eldest first. Who is there? Will come to obstruct?

     In this generation, the princes of the country are no longer limited to those when the country was founded. Not to mention as many as the hair of the ox, at least they are not very valuable. Yang Ling's current achievements should be made alive. Therefore, the emperor accepted the submission and declared Yang Ling to accept the decree, and the Duke of Weiguo was promoted as the King of Wuwei.In history, Great Ming was awarded the last dynasty of Sun Kewang, Prince of Qin, Prince Li Dingguo of Jin, Prince Liu Wenxiu of Shu, King Feng Shuangli of Qingyang Prefecture, Wang Baiwen of Gongchang Prefecture, King Ma Hanzhong of Hanyang Prefecture, and King Zheng Chenggong of Yanping Prefecture. Now it is because of Yang Ling. The little butterfly turned out to be born. These princes and county princes of different surnames might not have the chance to appear, but Great Ming's first king of different surnames came out ahead of schedule.

     Zhengde smiled and stood up and said: "Yang Aiqing, one of our dynasties, can retrieve the Hetao and Doyan Sanwei, and open up the vast land of Jinshan and Balskuo Mountain. It is an unprecedented achievement. Aiqing was promoted to the king. , It is also expected by everyone.

     I, bestow Princess Yongfu, Princess Xiang, sister of Celestial Master Zhang, Fu Bao, to be your wife, and both are princesses. The Qin Tianjian has chosen the third day of March next year as the day of marriage. Jie Shizhen should personally preside over the marriage and complete the marriage for Aiqing."

     Yang Ling stayed, and the two princesses got married. It was known for a long time, why there was another little character Bao'er? Could it be that she told the emperor that she had kissed her forcibly in the pill room? Yang Ling's heart jumped, she didn't dare to ask more in front of the civil and military courts, and quickly asked for thanks.

     Zhengde smiled again: "After the third day, the horoscopes, marriage letter and makeup of the two princesses and Fubao girl will be sent to the palace. Aiqing will also go back to the palace so that she can prepare three heavy beauties and betrothal gifts. "Yang Ling replied repeatedly, Zhengde said again: "Everyone love Qing, I open up the frontiers and expand the land, and build the unsuccessful achievements of the previous dynasty. I am very happy. I have sacrificed to the Taimiao, and I will not say that I will climb Mount Tai, and I will confess to the sky. The cabinet and the Ministry of Etiquette have agreed on relevant ceremonies and accompanying civil and military officials, domestic and foreign ministers, and envoys from various countries, please!"

     The emperor wants to confer Zen? All the civil and military are staying.

     Since the mid-Tang Dynasty, Zhengde is the first emperor to confer Zen on Mount Tai!

     ************************************************** ************************************************** *****The princess married. For the Ministry of Rites and the House of Internal Affairs, the entire etiquette process is too familiar, but this time it is different, because the princess married a prince and cannot live in the ten palaces as usual. These ceremonial officials have to rack their brains to formulate a big wedding ceremony that is different from the past.

     Moreover, the emperor suddenly hit on sth new and announced that he Feng Chan Tai Shan, which made them no time to deal with it. Since the mid-Tang Dynasty, there has been no way to confer Zen. They have to read a lot of ancient borrowings, study the old things of emperors such as Qinhuang, Hanwu, Tang Xuanzong, and formulate related Zen ceremonies.Officials of the Ministry of Etiquette are busy badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire). The princess marrying the prince is a new thing, and it is the two princesses marrying the husband, and the princess marrying the prince, there are not many ancient cases. . In the Tang Dynasty, although a consort married two princesses, it was a princess who died of illness after passing the house. He continued to marry the second princess and married at the same time. That goes back to ancient times.

     Officials from all walks of life researched and studied, but they couldn't come up with a plan, so they went to ask Wang Hua for advice. Wang Hua didn't have any ideas, so he asked the emperor what he meant. At this time, Tang Yixian was pregnant, Zhengde Emperor brows raised in delight, eyes laughing all day, plus the joy of Great Ming opening up the territory, these days, the mood is very good.

     Before Wang Hua finished speaking, he waved his hand: "My two imperial sisters will of course be different from the past. Besides, they are married to the prince, which is unprecedented. Give me a double share, no matter what. It’s a ceremonial guard and makeup, all in duplicate! Go ahead and do it! Ay, come back, you can’t make him cheaper, and tell Yang Ling that his dowry and dowry money must also be doubled."

     After Zhengde finished speaking, he went for a walk with Tang Guifei. Wang Hua didn't to know whether to laugh or cry, and went back to Shangshufu to think about it. Then he ordered to go down, according to the meaning of Zhengde Emperor, everything double.This was a mess, the two princesses had doubled the ceremonial makeup, and it became four sets. And the Shu Prince's Mansion gave more things, and the Shu King was rich in the world, and just such a sister-in-law was married, how could he accompany him? Besides, the identity of the other party is not an ordinary ritual guest.

     In addition, the sister was recognized as a daughter by the Queen Mother, and the Queen Mother’s biological daughter was married. How could Zhu Rangxu be embarrassed not to follow the men? So he prepared more for Princess Yongfu than Xianger. The makeup alone is the total share of six princesses.

     What is that concept? That's the time for the appointment after the third day. The honor guards are vast, four sets of honor guards, six makeup gifts, and after they are connected, there is no end to the end. The front guards of honor have all arrived at the Wuwei Palace in the western suburbs of the city. The carriages and horses behind are still swaying on Jingshi Street.

     Celestial Master Zhang didn't mix up with the two princesses. It's not good to be bigger than others, and less shabby than others. It's better to do it separately. Therefore, Celestial Master Zhang began to prepare for the royal dowry in the morning. It was noon in the middle of the day that the Zhang family began to send the dowry to the palace. Zhang's family is also very popular, and I won't mention the makeup, just the guests will be enough.

     When the emperor married his sister, he selected some blessed people with complete parents, spouses, and children to accompany the ceremonial ceremony. Celestial Master Zhang issued a "hero sticker", inviting various religious denominations to show their honor.Celestial Master Zhang is now the celebrity in front of the emperor. He did a great job in destroying King Ning. Tang Guifei was pregnant and the Great Ming Emperor was heir. Thanks to Celestial Master magical hands bringing the dying back to life, The emperor is now very fond of him, may I ask who does not give face?

     For a time, the monks, Taoists, nuns, Taoists, lamas, and aunts were all over the street, plus Western priests! Fortunately, they didn't carry the magic weapon. Otherwise, they knew that Celestial Master was married to his sister, and those who didn't know thought who had funeral.

     The city is bustling with excitement outside the city, even more vigorous than the New Year. The study in the Yang Family's backyard is very quiet. At this time, Yang Ling had just accompanied a person slowly walking towards the central hall. The man was wearing a azure riding cotton robe and a cloak, and Kailiang's brass buckle handle was faintly exposed from his waist. He was young and fierce, like a senior guard.

     Wearing an eggplant-colored fox fur coat and a warm hat with sea dragon skin on her head, Yang Ling walked to the veranda of the central hall and stopped her footsteps and said to him: "Okay, after you go back, tell His Royal Highness Shu, don't say anything about it. This king has his own opinions".

     The man leaned forward and said, "Yes, the prince, please stay. The younger one will return to Sichuan." After he said, he bowed his hand, turned and walked down the stone steps, and a servant escorted him to fetch the horse."Master, the dowry of Celestial Master's residence is here, you should go to meet him", Gao Wenxin came from outside with a smile. She wears a black fox fur, wearing deerskin boots, and wearing a stone green silk squirrel cloak. The autumn water is exquisite, the face is beautiful, and the beauty is really pleasant.

     Gao Wenxin is tall and tall, and when he comes from the snow, he is graceful, luxurious and graceful, just like a man in a fairy!

     "Yeah!" Yang Ling smiled and held her warm little hand, and said softly: "Youniang is taking care of it over there? Or send it to the opposite Wuwei Palace. You are more familiar with these red carpets than I am, go, Accompany the master to meet the Celestial Master."

     "Okay", Gao Wenxin smiled sweetly and accompanies her husband to sing Tingting.

     Yang Ling stepped out of the palace, took a long breath, curled his palms, and a secret letter was held into a ball of paper and slipped into his sleeve quietly.

     ************************************************** *************************************** "Xiaojinchuanwusi Tibetan The tusi tuo pull the feather?" The emperor Zhengde's smile disappeared after seeing Yang Ling."Exactly. The seamless heavenly clothes for this thing, Sichuan has spent a lot of manpower and material resources, and can't find the foundation. Fortunately, a herdsman of the Uss has offended the chieftain and has nowhere to live after escaping from Xiaojinchuan. Yu court’s bounty quietly revealed this matter. His Royal Highness Shu has confirmed that he sent people to Beijing."

     Zhengde lowered his face and walked slowly in the hall for a few steps. He raised his sleeve and pointed out: "Du Fu, Su Xuan Jin Yi Wei Mu Bin, and Lu Wan in the Ministry of War."

     "Wait! Your lord, what are you going to do?"

     Zhengde smiled Senran and said, "peaceful measures before using force. Arrest people in jinyiwei, and honestly hand over all the murderers and accept the court's punishment, otherwise, meet on the battlefield!"

     Yang Ling shook his head and said: "Your Majesty, His Royal Highness Shu has found out the murderer. Why didn't he get the official report through the official channel, but quietly sent the news to me, and then I told the emperor secretly? I just don't want to leak the news. Murder The imperial mission is like rebellion, and it involves our dignity. It must be severely punished. Once it is reported to the authorities, it is impossible for the emperor to stop the matter.

     Zhengde wrinkled his brows and said in a strange way: "Yang Qing, what do you mean? Why do you need tolerance?"Yang Ling said: "The emperor, murdering imperial envoys is a serious crime of conspiracy, even if Tuoba Yu starts to know nothing about it, five hundred warriors are ordered to leave the tribe and bring back Tuoba Yanran's body, will he not ask what happened? If he keeps refusing to report, this is deceiving the king. Do you think he is willing to tie his hands?"

     "Of course we are not afraid to fight. We are the only one who can attack and defend them, but the problem is that the situation in Xiaojinchuan is very precarious. Once troops are used, it will take a long time to dispatch an army. If you attack suddenly, let alone say that it is a Uth Tibetan. As soon as the soldiers and horses moved, the news was sent into the mountains long ago, and it was impossible to keep it secret. Moreover, Tuoba Yanran did such a major event. How could Tuobayu be unguarded."

     Zhengde laughed loudly and said: "Aiqing likes to look forward and backward when doing things. This is an extraordinary and trivial matter that despises the authority of the court. No matter the cost, I will let him confess his guilt."

     "The emperor, if there is a way for Tuoba Yu to confess his guilt and accept punishment for a small price, then why bother the people and money?"

     Zhengde's expression moved, and hurriedly asked, "What does Aiqing mean?"Yang Ling said: "In the past, we were all deployed from Shaanxi and Sichuan. We traveled thousands of miles to conquer Hami. When we got there, we couldn't get food and grass. The soldiers and riders were tired and horses weary. The king of Hami was too dangerous. This time, we should change our course and take over Jinshan and Balskuo Mountain as soon as possible to stabilize the north. In the coming year, we will use two routes from Bashu and Balskuo Mountain to launch an offensive against Great Ming Hami, who is occupying me by King Hami. , King Hami was attacked by the enemy, and Hamiwei was at his fingertips. When he returned to the army, he caught Xiao Jinchuan and Tuobayu was sure to be undefended.

     In this way, the price we need to pay is small, one of them. Second, now we have received news from Jinshan and Balsquaw Mountain. It should not have reached the Western Regions. Once the Western Regions receive the news, they will inevitably take into account their own safety. At least King Hami, who took possession of me, took possession of me. The Uz Tibetans in parts of Dorgandus will be uneasy.

     Once we have a war with Xiaojinchuan now, will they take the opportunity to make trouble? Or support Tuobayu, or participate in the rebellion, or take the opportunity to seize the Jinshan and Balsquaw mountains where the Wara people have already withdrawn? The emperor, for a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long, if it is for a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long, if at the cost of losing territory or bringing greater disaster to the people, shouldn’t it save a little only to lose a lot? "Zhengde pondered for a long time, then smiled coldly and said: "Okay! Let him go for another year, and when Great Ming regains Hamiwei, I will bring him this wolf back to me."

     Yang Ling nodded slightly, thinking that there was an opportunity before him, and then be on tenterhooks: "The emperor, the minister has one more thing. I want to submit to the emperor, but consider past cause and future effect. I don't know how to speak."

     "Hey, you and me, you and me, not hiding anything he knows, not stopping before he has said it through. Just say it," Zhengde said with a smile.

     The people of Jingshi just talked about the marriage of kings with different surnames, emperors and Celestial Masters. Not long after, they have new after-dinner talks. The prince Yang Ling, who was the shortest canonized in history, had only been in office for three days, but he was cut off from the king.

     The emperor was furious, and Yongfu and Xianger, who were waiting for their brides with great joy, repeatedly begged to see the emperor's brother and failed. The queen mother was not happy about the two princesses getting married, but the matter has come to an end. The stubborn Zhengde Emperor simply closed himself in the room, and even the queen mother disappeared.Rumors arose in the capital for a time. Various versions of the monarchs and ministers were drunk and the stories were rumored to have noses and eyes. For example, Yang Ling was drunk, but he boasted bravely, and the emperor should give way to the throne; for example, Yang Ling was drunk and even asked the emperor to continue forever. The little princess Chun has married the door together; such as Yang Ling drunk

     In short, the only thing that all versions have in common is that Yang Ling was drunk. This is the basis for the belief and spread of bizarre stories. Because of such feats, the emperor had to stand one's ground against the opinion of the masses. The emperor of the Jin-appointed king favored his neighbors. If he hadn’t been drunk and talked about the treacherous words, how could he have picked up the two princesses? After the marriage book suddenly became a piece of cloth, there is even the possibility of becoming a prisoner?

     It is rumored that Princess Yongchun, the beautiful sister-in-law who was coveted by Yang Satyr, became a busy person. The palace and the leopard room went back and forth, like a carrier pigeon, but it was also busy, and things did not make any progress.

     Yang Ling was under house arrest for two days, and the emperor also said that the government and the public discussed spiritedly. What did the monarch and the minister say? Except for the two parties, there was only Du Fu. Yang Mansion has been surrounded by Jinyi Guards, no one can get in or out. The three scholars no strategy left to try, they tried to buy the inner court guards and invited Du Fu out. Unexpectedly, Du Fu seemed to have taken a dumb medicine, and when he met the three academicians, he was just trying to make a mistake and didn't answer anything.The bachelors, the six ministries and the nine princes gathered together in a long moan and short gasp, but it is unknown why. Seeing what the emperor meant was not so much a rage, but rather a child who was accustomed to being arrogantly indulged. He shut the door of the room. He didn’t see all his grandma, uncle, father, and mother, and hid himself in the room. Vomiting.

     In this way, Yang Ling has no worries about his fate. But what happened between the two people, no one can tell, there is no way to resolve it. But it’s not a way to keep going like this. The emperor can’t do anything if he doesn’t deal with state affairs, and he has made great contributions to the court.

     All the ministers gathered in the court room and were at a loss. Jiao Fang, whose beard was almost gone, suddenly slapped her thigh and exclaimed, "Oh, why have you forgotten her? She has to solve this solution!"

     Upon hearing this, all the civil servants and martial artists gathered around with a huff, and shouted, "Who? Who is it? Elder Ge said quickly, but it can't be dragged on anymore. Who can do it?"

     Elder Jiao Ge rolled his eyes and said, "Who else? Yang Ling's sister, the current imperial concubine Tang Niangniang!"

     Wang Hua slapped his forehead: Isn't it right, the mother of the future, if she doesn't know what happened, who can't resolve the matter, then who else can do?A group of ministers piled up teacups, the whole official hat of the official hat, and the ministers who slipped from the hot kang head each looked for their own official boots, and the anxious one had already ran out and went into the room. This messes up.

     Jiao Fang shouted: "Hi, hi, what are you going to do? The emperor is vomiting now, can you get in the leopard room? Can you see the concubine? What are you busy doing? Hurry up, call the little servant Come here, first send a message to Princess Yongchun, that is, the ministers of the cabinet, the six ministries and nine officials, please see your Royal Highness Princess Yongchun!"

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