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Chapter Directory 469 Not The Great Wall Is Not A Hero
    Chinese Name: 回到明朝当王爷  Author: 月关(Yuè guān, Ma-Jesty)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translation: NineTalesFox.com

"Emperor, you can eat something." Tang Yixian gently opened the door, and quietly walked in with a plate of food. The door was gently closed, and Zhengde Emperor was sitting at the table and not say a word.

     "The emperor, what kind of madness are you doing? Let's eat something first."


     Tang Yixian saw that he hadn't moved a place, he sighed softly, and said, "You want to be a fairy if you don't eat or drink?"


     Tang Yixian breathed: "You can't say anything else except um~um~um~!"

     Zhengde: "Ah~"

     Tang Yixian is extremely angry: "Yongfu and Xianger ask to see each other. If you don’t see it, you don’t have to. You don’t see the queen mother. It’s against common sense. It’s not right to be so stiff. Anyway, the eldest brother’s work is in Sheji, and now you are cutting him off. Jue is under house arrest, and the ruling and opposition parties do not know the truth. They must think that the emperor’s afraid of the consequences is a bad reputation for the emperor. Besides, the emperor has the ambition to become the Emperor of Qin Hanwu. This has chilled the hearts of his courtiers and has too much influence on the court."

     "Oh!" Zhengde sighed heavily, and finally spoke: "Yang Ling, my heart is chilled! I and Yang Qing treat one another with absolute sincerity, we share weal and woe, to Yang Ling, I know people to make good use of. Use without doubt.Since he assisted in government, he has reformed bad governance, performed military preparations, promoted agricultural business, calmed the internal and external chaos, opened up the country and the country, and has made great contributions, unprecedented in history. I originally wanted him to be a man of the world and a monarch and a minister for a hundred officials. Help, a model of stand by (sb)! Unexpectedly, I didn't suspect him, but he felt strange to me! "

     The cabinet, the six ministries and the nine princes, as well as some important officials in the imperial court, were standing outside the door. Hearing the words of the emperor, his expression suddenly changed: "Is it true that, as the rumors say, Yang Ling has an antipathy? God! Now the dynasty is following the Yang Ling faction. He is not a minority. He is the emperor’s most trusted minister. If he has a rebellion, who else can the emperor believe? This is a cleansing, I'm afraid that the massacre will be too extensive, even in Hongwu. Thousands of people have fallen to the ground, and the liquidation has been endless for ten years. Even these ministers, I am afraid that they will be copied by the jealous emperor."

     Some ministers' expressions have changed drastically, but in the cold weather, sweat has already leaked out of their foreheads.

     When Zhengde Emperor beat the table, several ministers shivered outside the door.

     Just listen to Zhengde Emperor roaring: "I will make him a king, and he will seal Shandong as his domain, and guard the border for me. Is it not good for him to be close at hand and keep watch with me? How dare he refuse me? The decree, it is unprecedented to say that a different surname is to be a king, and I dare not accept any more rewards, but I hope to be a happy prince in Beijing from now on.Hey there! He is showing me his thoughts and avoiding misfortune. He thought I was testing his ambitions, lest he was afraid of the consequences. His merits were so powerful that he would be cut off in the future. How sad I am? Not only him, I am Great Ming, a civil and martial artist, but I will reward those who have made great achievements. "

     Zhengde Huo Di stood up and said loudly: "Opening seas and trades, making friends with all countries, opening up my horizons. The world is so big that it is not only China? How far is the land in all directions? I want to work with all the ministers. treat one another with absolute sincerity, to govern Great Ming together, to create the most prosperous Great Ming, and to create a world with endless territory.

     From now on, the vigorous civil and military feats are no longer only the founding generation to stay forever. There are twenty-four sages in the Lingyan Pavilion of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty. I will also build a Lingyan Pavilion in the future. I hope that there will be two hundred and forty, two thousand and four hundred civil servants and generals who will manage our internal affairs and build foreign powers. This is our ambition.

     Hateful, can it be that since ancient times, monarchs and ministers can only be jealous? Could it be that the emperor can only put all the capable men and women who can be fierce tigers and eagles tightly tied around them as watchdogs, so that the country can be stable? Sooner or later they will be taken away by outsiders. But when I trusted him so much, he was worried that I was suspicious!it is good! Are you afraid of boil the hound once it caught the rabbit? I am just as you wish! Cook you Yang Ling first! "

     After listening to the civil and military people outside the door, they knew what had happened. The emperor of sentiment wanted to grant Shandong to Yang Ling as a domain, but Yang Ling was worried that a king with a different surname would rule the domain, which would cause the emperor and the Manchu civil and military suspicions, and eventually cited The curse that came to kill was to stay away from it with a firm remark, but this one hurt the emperor's feelings.

     If so, it would be safe, at least not being washed away. Some ministers hurriedly took out their handkerchiefs and wiped the sweat from their heads, only to feel that their backs were perspired with heavy clothes, and the wind was blowing cool.

     However, they also felt that Yang Ling's concerns were justified. In fact, everyone thought that he would be a king in Beijing and he would be a free and easy king all his life. It is unthinkable to let him just flan, and it is actually sealed in Shandong, Shandong is too close to Beizhili. If you have a different surname here, what if you have a different heart?

     What's more, Shandong still controls Liaodongwei. One north and one south just clamp down the capital. How can such a dangerous place be paid to a foreigner? I thought that Zhu Yuanzhang was awarded a reward to the important minister. Mu Ying was a subordinate who followed him on the battlefield and his adopted son. He was sent to Yunnan from a distance. The emperor's move was too reckless, no wonder Yang Ling refused.But after hearing Zhengde Emperor's words, the officials felt that they were fired up. It turns out that the current emperor has such lofty ambitions. If you are a courtier who doesn't want to break the soil and seal the borders, who doesn't want reputation will go down in history, listening to the emperor say that, doesn't it mean that everyone has a chance as long as he works hard?

     "Oh! The emperor, you worked so hard, but even if you and my elder brother treat one another with absolute sincerity, can't guarantee that all the courtiers in the world think so? I really sealed him to Shandong, rumors hiding the sky and covering How about the earth, loyal to Zhou Gong? When the rumors spread, didn’t everyone believe that he was ambitious? Besides, the emperor had such ambitions, as long as he showed his sincerity and solved my elder brother’s knot, he only I will be even more grateful. If he is so angry that he cannot understand the holy will and punishes him so hastily, what will happen to the hundred officials? Isn't this killing the loyal minister? Who dares to serve the emperor with all his heart? The emperor, think about it."

     Tang Yixian sighed, turned around and walked out of the room, and closed the door. Then he made a silent gesture and led the civil and military walks quietly on tiptoe to the promenade. Then he sighed and said: "My lords , Have you seen it? Alas! The emperor trusts my elder brother the most, and wants to set an example for the ministers by this matter, so that Great Ming can speak up.However, my elder brother had a lot of scruples. The emperor insisted repeatedly, but he repeatedly refused. The emperor’s surname is known to all the adults, so they were so annoyed, and as a result, my elder brother was put under house arrest. . The emperor’s temper, the nine cows surnamed stubbornly couldn’t be pulled back. I also tried to persuade him many times, but the emperor refused to listen."

     The ministers know how to prescribe the right medicine for an illness if they know that the crux is there. It turned out that the two giants fell out. They didn't know what happened. Who knows how deep the pit is here? Who dares to blend in? Now that they know the score, they won't be in a hurry. A group of ministers hurriedly bowed and said: "Thank you for your noble concubine, ministers, etc., for the known reasons, they will find a way to persuade the emperor."

     A group of officials hurriedly said goodbye, and they did not leave after they left the leopard room. One by one, they wrapped their arms around in a circle on the snowy ground, talked about a few words, and then went home to light up the lamp and write the memorial .

     Tang Yixian returned to Zhengde's room with a smile. Zhengde threw a half-eaten duck paw back to the plate and said with a grin, "All gone?"

     "Yeah!" Tang Yixian scratched the bridge of his nose with a finger and smiled: "My good husband, I really play like a dragon or a tiger. Whether he is an emperor or an actor, he is so vivid!""That's natural," Zhengde spit out a small piece of brittle bone, and said proudly: "I used to learn drama when I was in the palace."

     "Well, if you say you are fat, you will breathe. This time you even kept Yongfu, Yongchun and Xiang'er from it. Be careful when they know the truth and ask you to settle the bill.

     "That's none of my business, let Yang Ling take care of it by herself", Zhengde immediately pushed five or six, without any loyalty.

     "Okay, don't worry about it, you are pregnant with my prince now, hurry up and rest a while", Zhengde got up and helped Tang Yixian to sit down.

     Tang Yixian smiled and said: "Why is it so delicate?" After all, Zhengde's caring still makes her feel sweet.

     Zhengde took a long sigh of relief. This bitter trick was performed. Before tomorrow morning, all the civil and military officials from all walks of life would be able to pass it on. When the memorial of a hundred officials' plea comes up, and then take the opportunity to forgive, Yang Qing will dominate. Military power and expedition to Saibei will not have so much resistance. Otherwise, if the soil is cracked and the frontier is sealed, I don't know how many people will be around him all day long.

     Everyone felt that Yang Ling was being punished and exiled. The expedition to Saibei was compared to the enclave of Shandong. Even if his actions there were larger, no one would pick and choose. Maybe someone else took joy in calamity and delight in disaster.

     Zhengde laughed softly.Start by claiming to lay off employees. When the company is panicking, it is announced that the boss will cross a river in the same boat with the employees and no more layoffs, but the wages will be greatly reduced until the company's conditions improve. Employees who would have been turbulent or even strongly dissatisfied because of wage cuts at this time will not only not hold their stomachs, but will be grateful. This is a modern story.

     But this kind of understanding and use of people's surnames is not an invention of modern people.

     This bitter trick comes from Zhengde's handwriting, in order to encourage the spirit of the ministers, in order to encourage civil and military ambitions, and also to draw salaries from the bottom of the tank, to cut off possible slanderous rumors for Yang Ling, so that he can achieve his own retribution with confidence, instead of worrying all the time. The reaction of the ruling and the opposition.

     The ancients have the wisdom of the ancients.

     Zhengde Emperor couldn’t help but recall the conversation between the two people again. He remembered the only time he was bitter and hateful and blatantly blaming him since the "Emperor Tomb Fengshui Case". Come out, the emperor will be furious."

     "I'm furious? I'm more than furious, you bastard!" Zhengde was very angry, and nodded again and again: "Okay, very good, I thought that you and my monarchs are of the same mind, and we can be a lifelong supporter. brothers!You are now an extremely human minister, and you are in power. You are beginning to be afraid, afraid that I will regard you as a thorn in my eye and cannot tolerate you. I can make you king because of your immortal merit. I was trying to flex my muscles and be a promising king, and I needed your support, but you sent yourself to a place in the North Sea where the bitter cold is extremely unpopular to'escape disaster'. Would you let the people of the world pierce my backbone? ? "

     Yang Ling smiled bitterly, and continued: "The emperor, that is an exaggeration by the ignorant history writer. That must be a bit exaggerated in order to show off the suffering that Su Wu has suffered after returning. It may have been like that a long, long time ago. Right. There are not only cities, residents, large fertile black land suitable for farming, forests, grasslands and lakes, and the weather is not that bad. Winter is colder, but in summer it is about the same as Nanjing’s temperature."

     "There is heaven! I don't allow you to go!" Zhengde's fingers were already on Yang Ling's nose, forcing him to lean back.

     Zhengde sneered and said: "Just stay in Yanjing city for me! When my life is about to end, I want you Wuwei King Yang Ling to kneel in front of me and apologize. You misunderstood me, Zhu Houzhao! Yang does not betray Zhu, Zhu does not cut Yang, except for this one, Zhu and Yang will always be one! I want you to see if you are a son of the emperor, and you must be suspicious of a widow and a mean surname!""The emperor!" Yang Ling had a'pain' on his face. He tilted his head and walked around Zhengde's fingers, then bowed down again, and said respectfully: "Will the emperor listen to the minister to finish?"

     "Did I gag your mouth? Just let it go if you have a fart!"


     "Say!" Zhengde finished his anger, and sat down on Jindun, squinting at him, "I think you have to fart!"

     Yang Ling gave a wry smile. He had no intention of concealing Zhengde's worry about telling himself frankly; but Zhengde's anger was due to wrongdoing, and grief that Yang Ling would have such suspicion for him. This recognition moved Yang Ling very much.

     Yang Ling reluctantly said: "The emperor, this worry is superfluous, right? The minister said that, just telling the possibility of giving one's bare heart into sb else's keeping to the emperor. The minister sees the emperor and the emperor. The meaning is heavier than Mt Tai, so I have to be cautious, um, this is melancholy and moody, man of Qǐ fears the sky falling. If the minister really has suspicion against the emperor, do you think the emperor dare to tell the truth? "

     Zhengde looked better, and Yang Ling said again: "It's like listening to a play, the finale is placed behind; the serving is also the main course, there is no reason to put it first. The minister wants to do this, but there is actually The more important reason for having to do this. The emperor, the minister can stand up and talk."

     Zhengde snorted, and said to the other side, "Sit down!""Xie Emperor!"

     "No one is pouring tea for you, what stinking airs, shall I wait for you? I want to drink it myself."

     "Uh, thank the emperor."

     "Okay, bring your main course."

     "The emperor, the ministers first talk to the emperor about our Great Ming situation. First of all, the ministers first talk about the situation of our Great Ming. We will reform the government, taxation, land, army, quell civil strife, develop industry and commerce, open the sea, and borrow The accumulation of this, the prosperity of the opening dynasty, the prosperity of the country, the strong people, and the strong army, can be expected. This is an internal affair.

     Besides, the external situation. In the west, Neenwei also used the Fuan tribes, and foreign countries controlled the Western Regions with economic and trade. In addition, the two important mountain ranges that controlled Hami were obtained from the Wala people. Both economically and militaryly, we are great. The Ming Dynasty will have a strong influence on the 36 countries in the Western Regions, and the Western Regions will not be a problem.

     To the east, the Japanese crown was flattened, and the Great Ming navy sailed from the Neihu to the sea. Within the scope of the Great Ming navy in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, it could be as far as the South and even the West in the next year, gradually radiating and expanding its influence. There is no need to dwell on in the south. There are so many countries that are tumbling over each other, and it is difficult to be a big trouble. Great Ming’s trouble, only the north.In the north, we took back the Hetao grassland and had a treasure land for raising military horses, and using this as a bridgehead, it could form a certain restraint on the grassland tribes. After Doyanwei gave up his territory, the Liaodong all guards formed a line for defense On secure as a city protected by a wall of metal and a moat of boiling water, and then there are immigrants to open up wasteland and integrate with the local Jurchen tribes. After thirty or fifty years, it will be no different from Guanjing.

     But are Wala and Duoyanwei no threats ever since? No, their population is also increasing, and the uncertain surnames of the white and black disasters on the grassland doomed them to live in a stable life on the grassland alone. At that time, in order to survive, their only choice is to start a war again and attack my Great Ming frontier.

     Chen thought, culturally and ideologically, the continuous integration of education and education will make it no different from my Han. Economically, they must at least have clothing and food to eat so that they will not want to rob others. An acre of land can feed a family, but an acre of grassland can’t even feed a horse. It is inevitable to develop from complete nomadic to semi-agricultural development.

     However, the prairie is limited by geography. Except for a few river regions, it is not suitable for conversion to farming, otherwise it will only become a desert. So where does their farmland come from? Great Ming can't give them Liaodong and Guannei, right? The only way to go north is where there are countless fertile fields.The official meaning is that it is better to block than to sparse. Our Great Ming officials and army will guide these nomadic tribes to develop northward, gradually moving from nomadic to nomadic and farming, and in the process strengthen the integration of our two races. Business, alliances, marriages, and gradually, they will be sinicized by us and become part of us. There is no difference between the Chinese and the barbarians. This plan will take a long time, but it is the most secure and once-for-all method.

     The emperor's vassals were kings, but the ministers asked themselves to exit the Closure to go to the northern part of the country. In fact, this has a major bearing on this. Alliance with Mongolian tribes to open up the northern grasslands, without a series of economic, cultural, educational, religious, and political measures to follow up, it is impossible to consolidate the pioneered land and share long-term cooperation with the Mongolians until they are fully integrated.

     However, the establishment of towns and villages, the appointment of officials, the stationing of the army, the development of culture and education, the development of industry and commerce, the emigration of the Han people, and the reclaiming of wasteland, and all aspects involve the coexistence of the two ethnic groups. A vassal prince can do this.

     With the power of the king to make changes in the face of the machine, to subdue it with prestige, to benefit from it, to transform it to text, to promote Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, to spread the eyeliner mouthpiece, Xingzhi agriculture, animal husbandry, and industry. Will be able to expand to eight thousand miles away!The emperor, Qian King Ning Muying is the adopted son of Taizu and a founding general who has outstanding meritorious service. He is inferior to him when it comes to meritorious service; At half a catty, Emperor Taizu allowed him to conquer Yunnan, the border of Yongzhen, and be with Great Ming for generations. Why did the emperor treat his ministers as if they were sent to the army? Is it not good for us to go down? "

     Zhengde Emperor was a little dizzy by him. He didn't figure out why he could not rule the monarchs, ministers, descendants, and grandchildren if he stayed in the capital as the Xiaoyao King. He asked suspiciously: "The far north is really not a barren land with cold seasons?"

     "The emperor, you think, Su Wu, shepherd the sheep, that sheep eat grass, if there is really a year-round, ice and snow, can grass grow? The extreme north is indeed frozen for many years, but the emperor, The size of Siberia is no less than the current land of my celestial dynasty. My Great Ming has four seasons: Changchun to the south, winter and summer to the north, that place has winter and summer to the south, and four seasons to the north in winter. The only places that are not suitable for living are the extreme north. Earth, so the emperor understands?"

     Zhengde Emperor nodded thoughtfully.Yang Ling said again: "The emperor, Queen Sophia of the Western Rus, is a man of great talent. This person has sow dissension to the Siberian khanates, causing the khanates to fight endlessly, and the national strength is gradually declining. It is about to conquer the east, annex one by one, and occupy the ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains.

     Now it is time and tide wait for no man. If the emperor has the ambition to be a martial emperor of the Qin and Han dynasties, why not make his minister a famous general like Mengtian Wang Jian and Wei Qinghuo? Without the mighty talents of the Qin Emperor and Hanwu, how could there be these generals like the god of war? Without these generals who be brave and good at fighting, how to achieve the glorious achievement of the Qin Emperor and Hanwu?

     If the emperor cares for his ministers, he should let his ministers do it, and make a good story between you and me, the monarch and his ministers, instead of letting the ministers be free and at leisure. "

     Yang Ling became more excited as he spoke, and stood up and said: "The emperor, since the First Emperor of Qin built the Great Wall, I, the Great Ming, was the only one who repaired buildings with the most care. There are many passes. Still unpredictable and winning the border troubles, the nine sides are heavily armed, how much does it cost?

     If my Great Ming is strong and the border expands to the north, and the grassland outside the Great Wall is only the garden of the emperor's horses, why should we guard the country with the respect of the emperor? The minister is willing to make this great achievement for my Great Ming in my lifetime, and please the emperor to fulfill it! If you don't demolish the Great Wall, you are not a hero. ""If you don't demolish the Great Wall, you are not a hero. Let Beihai take the lead!" Zhengde Emperor chanted slowly, his eyes gradually lit up.

     "Don't grab, don't grab, you're an older sister. Hey, look at your stupid, why did you get pushed by your brother? Turn around and learn kung fu with your mother, Xue'er, you see how boring brothers and sisters are. The old man held Yang Xue'er, the pink and tender little girl, and talked to her.

     She looked at Yang Ling with a pair of lacquer eyes. The little Yang Xue'er didn't smile at all. She was too young to understand what Yang Ling was talking about.

     On the Luohan bed, there are a few furry tiger leather shoes, tiger leather hats, made of real tiger leather, and large-sized Dongzhu, which is a kind of pearl from Heilongjiang freshwater pearl clam. Compared with Nanzhu, it is crystal clear, translucent, mellow and huge, in addition to jujube, pine nuts and other foods.

     A few children you fight, I snatch, Yang Paner pulled Dongzhu all into his arms, Master Yang threw a tiger and grabbed a few tiger fur hats, Yang Qiqiu was annoyed, although he was young With great strength, he threw his eldest brother upright in one hand, and Master Yang still held the tiger-skin cap tightly in his hand.

     Yang Ling looked angry and funny, and shouted: "Isn't anyone told you the story of Kong Long Rangli? Come, sit down, listen to your father tell you the story."The children didn't give any face at all. Yang Pan'er treated the beads as a glass ball, flicked his fingers, and rolled away from the kang. Master Yang's eyes lit up and he threw away his tiger leather hat and chased him. Yang Qiqiu was wearing open crotch pants, and his two thin butts flashed and flashed, and he threw away his tiger leather boots and ran after him.

     Xue Limei chuckled and said to Yang Ling: "Listening to the guards, Fu Bao went to the gate of the mansion every day, but Jin Yiwei was ordered by the emperor and couldn't come in. It must be not only her, but also the two high priests. I'm worried, so you don't want to tell them to relieve them?"

     "No, the civil and military of the Manchu dynasty are all human beings. If they are not in a hurry, they will inevitably miss the stuffing. Don't worry, the three of them are not fuel-efficient lamps. Now they probably can’t figure out the situation. I want to ask me. I understand, I don’t believe that the emperor is really going to kill me. If I’m too anxious to settle the account, I can still push the emperor on him. I can’t get in here, so the emperor won’t tell me.”

     After Yang Ling finished speaking, he directed the three pouting on the kang, and snorted the child who pulled Songren into his arms: "Look at you guys, look, you are still a little Xue'er. Good, go, daddy. You feel it".Leaving the noisy flower hall with the three children and coming to Xue'er's room, Yang Ling gently sang Yang Xue'er in his arms, humming lowly, and couldn't help thinking of the conversation between him and Zhengde's. When I think about it, Yang Ling can't help but feel a little ashamed. Zhengde Emperor is getting older and longer, but at least for now, he has no suspicion for self-determination, let alone grasping the rights, the fear of the consequences. I still watched too much Gongwei drama, and I was too much thinking about it.

     After all are good brothers who have been together, have been prostitutes together, have gone to the countryside together, have resisted guns together, have been dirty together, Zhengde Emperor did not suspect that he had to support his own soldiers, but was very sensitive to realize that it was him. The power of meritorious service has reached its peak, so the rapids retreat bravely, a plan to avoid disaster, and thus become angry.

     Cheng Qiyun's worries about the future do not know if there will be a day, but please seal the border and keep a proper distance. It is an effort to maintain this kind of intimacy and avoid that day. This effort has now been achieved.

     The child in his arms had closed his eyes and breathed calmly, Yang Ling was still immersed in his own memories.The emperor and his subjects frankly met and confided in each other's hearts. His worry was always whether the officials would slander or the emperor would have suspicions, and he was confident in the joint development of the nomadic tribes. How many ambitions and capable officials were unpaid because of the unstable backyard. Although the emperor was relieved, how could he really let go of his concerns?

     After all, Zhengde heard that his worries were not on the outside, so he thought hard and helped him to make this bitter plan. Imagine an emperor who originally wanted to give Qilu land and occupy Liaodong to him, but refused to accept this. Therefore, he was annoyed by the emperor being demoted to the northern part of the country and ordered him to open up the territory and make meritorious deeds. Who would suspect him? Ambitious and constrained?

     Three men talking makes a tiger Ah, if you hear too much talk and talk, it will always hurt your feelings. I blocked the mouths of the hundred officials in advance, dispelled their doubts, and hooked out their ambitions through a play, so that they would also change their old habits and actively participate in the dominance of internal and external expansion. Who else Make thoughtless remarks against their role models? Isn't that the chance to cut off one's own meritorious service and reputation will go down in history?

     Compared with Yang Ling’s worries about the dynasty, the emperor worries outside the Great Wall. What he worries about is whether this militia armed with no luggage, as long as Nuer Gandusi, has no fief, and the fief is still waiting for him to conquer. The Doyan tribe and the White Army occupy a dominant position in the alliance and cooperation.It wasn't until Yang Ling uneasily talked about his relationship with Cui Ying'er and Yin Qi, Zhengde Emperor, who had been stunned for a long time, shook his hand and shook his face, his face was complicated but he didn't say a word, and he baffling Yang Ling. .

     Well, it's really baffling. Yang Ling is still puzzled after pondering over sth a hundred times. Does the emperor think that one of them is a horse thief who murders without blinking an eye, and the other is a barbarian who is rude and drinking blood?

     Baffling, it is really the first snow of Baffling Great Ming Jingshi has not melted, the snow memorial of the civil and military officials has reappeared.

     The cabinet, six departments, six divisions, and thirteen ways, the memorial to Yang Ling's plea for forgiveness, flew to the leopard room, to the palace, and to the Golden Luang Palace like snowflakes.

     After retiring and staying in the middle of the Zhengde Emperor, the imposing Zhengde Emperor had a cordial talk with the courtiers and re-examined his lifelong great responsibilities, and condemned Yang Ling for his unconsciousness and doubts. The crime of bowing, only then was it tackled a difficult job to announce that Yang Ling was changed to the title of King of Siberia. The fief was located between the Heilongjiang River Basin and the Daxingan Mountains.Since then, the entire Nuer Gandu Division one divides into two sides, and half of the guards and immigrants are divided into the fief of Yang Ling. The commander of Nuer Gandu is the general of the Northern Yuan who surrendered to Great Ming. He is a larger Mongolian tribe leader and hereditary capital commander. In fact, he is no different from a prince. Not only has his territory been reduced by half, but also It has to be under the dominion of Yang Ling.

     What is comforting to talk about is that the emperor probably gave him great autonomy and autonomy out of a mentality of compensation, and within five years, his territory only needs to pay five sea holly and twenty east to the court. Beads, a hundred collar fox fur tax.

     At the same time, due to the numerous alien races and intricate forces there, and the extreme north is far away from the Jingshi Mountains and the inconvenient transportation, he is allowed to launch external offensive, defense, and alliance rights due to time and place, and can be used against Nuergan and Liaodong soldiers. Tune the soldiers.

     However, it is said that the weird name of Siberia is because it goes further north there, which is the extremely cold place where Su Wu shepherd sheep was called this name. Poor Yixue Yang, who is ashamed of Great Ming Tumu Fortress and made immortal achievements in opening up the territory. Ling was sent to such a barren land to lead a group of barbarians, fallen people, and immigrants to build a kingdom from scratch. He is also a king, and he is also a king. Being a lord to do this is really shed tears of sympathy. ,pitiful!Everyone in the world is pitiful, who should be his Wuwei King, who should be enjoying the blessing of great tea by the Great Ming Lake in Jinan, what kind of miserable King of Siberia, who knows that the most pitiful one is carrying him back again Zhengde the emperor in a black pan. However, Zhengde Emperor, who is here to take the blame, don't care. He is the emperor. Who dares to do anything to him? The queen dowager and the three princesses who don’t know the truth still have a few black pots waiting for him to carry them, a dead pig doesn’t fear scalding water.

     There is an unobtrusive thing in Zhengde's edict, that is, Yang Ling has a fief but no palace. The prince should order the clan supervisor and the Ministry of Industry to supervise the construction of a palace before the prince can set off. But now he didn't even mention the amnesty and construction of the palace, and announced that Yang Ling would soon return to preside over Doyan's move to build the city.

     In this case, the royal palace in the western suburbs of the capital is still an authentic palace. What Yang Ling built in his fief itself can only be called the other palace. There are too many interesting things in it. Some interested courtiers noticed this. It's something, faintly felt that I am afraid that King Xiyashibo would not just lose the Sacred Heart, nor would he be demoted outside the Great Wall and never return to Beijing.

     The emperor Zhengde declared Yang Ling to the Golden Palace, reprimanded him ‘without anger’, announced his appointment, and then gave him a painting, a painting that the emperor personally eased. This incident once again became a matter of extreme curiosity for the Manchu civil and military and even the people of the world.Thinking that Yang Ling sought a doctor in the Nine Cities, and blatantly resisted the decree, Emperor Hongzhi punished him for kneeling at the Meridian Gate. After the mercy, he gave a handwritten painting. This painting once saved Yang Ling’s life on the field, so I know There are many people, and even the poems on the Hongzhi Emperor have already been spread.

     "Thinking about it, even though there are many shows, the building used is the best material for the pillars." What kind of praise is that? The emperor is really a golden mouth, and Yang Ling has really become a pillar of the Great Ming Dynasty.

     Now, Yang Ling has resisted the imperial decree and offended the current emperor. What painting did the emperor give him? What poem will be titled?

     No one knows, not only did Jiao Ge, who had been close to him, but later became the right-hand man of the king of Siberia, Yang Shen, Yan Gaocai, Yan Song, Yu Yong, Huang Qiyin, Wu Hanchao, Jiang Bin, He Bingwen, etc. The civil and military officials did not know, not even the Yang Family who later inherited the titles of King Beiying, King Shunming, King of Siberia, etc.

     After reading it, Yang Ling locked the painting in a copper box and sealed it up with wax. From then on, she stayed aloft, leaving only one command: "No opening in five hundred years!"

     It was not until five hundred years later that the descendants of the Yang family and the descendants of the Zhu family, who lived scattered all over the world, gathered at the Yang Family Ancestral Shrine on Lake Baikal. In full view, experts are invited to open this important cultural relic and to the world. Live.With the number of celebrities and influence in the political, business, military, and even art circles of the Yang Family and the Zhu family in several big countries at that time, they gathered together to uncover the secrets of their ancestors, which naturally attracted the attention of the world.

     It is a pity that the opening of this painting only led to a bigger mystery. No one can guess what Zhengde Emperor's autographs meant and why they came from.

     In the painting, there is a handsome and elegant man with a long stature. His appearance is very similar to the ancestor Yang Ling enshrined in the Yang Family Ancestral Temple. I saw only one person and one horse in the painting, dressed in Diaoqiu, standing on the hill with a pipa in his arms, looking back sadly, the Great Wall winding in the distance, vigorous and vigorous! The entire Yang Ling version of Zhaojun leaving the country.

     The six big characters next to it: "Yang Qing, I have suffered you!"

     The Zhengde Emperor’s teasing and teasing good brother paintings and inscriptions, the ‘Yang Ling Out of the Block Picture’ and the ambiguity of ‘I’ve suffered you’, have aroused numerous speculations.

     In history, Emperor Wu Zong, the wise, wise and talented Great Ming emperor, with the long-term vision of standing tall and see far, dispatched Yang Ling, the first minister around him, to expedition to the northern part of Saibei. Since then, he has built a powerful country with the largest territory and the strongest strength. Dian, what is the unknown relationship between these two legendary figures? What is so strange about this painting?I don’t know how many experts and scholars have turned gray hair. Various versions of speculation have been spread everywhere. Experts and scholars from an island country that likes low self-esteem have come to the conclusion that Zhengde the Great and the King of Siberia Yang Ling. Not Han people, but people from their country.

     However, because the reason is too far-fetched and absurd, a ridiculous basis has been written in two thick books and has not yet come back, and no one can understand it. The descendants of Zhu Yang's family finally decided unanimously: They insisted on asking their ancestors to be their ancestors, so let him go, and don't bother to care about them.

     Another island country with a global reputation as its main export product is not resigned to loneliness. Several major film, television, news, publishing, and game industry giants have always concocted a very eye-catching story with their usual nasty psychology. The Emperor and the King are lovers of the same surname who gave up their love between sons and men for the great cause of the country, and claimed to be making an epic blockbuster.

     The legend clamor raises the dust, which caused a disaster. This speculation aroused strong dissatisfaction with the descendants of the Yang family and the descendants of the Zhu family. Under the joint suppression of the two, these commercial giants that produced h movies, h games, and h comics went bankrupt, causing huge losses to the country’s economy.

     From then on, no one publicized such speculations anymore. Everyone only secretly told the story of Zhengde, Fengchan Taishan.In December, gather in Mount Tai. There are hundreds of civil and military officials and guards of honor. The queen leads the wives inside and outside, and rides in the Zen chariot for hundreds of miles, accompanied by envoys and chiefs from Southeast Asia, the Western Regions, and the East.

     A round mound-shaped sacrificial altar was built in the south of the mountain, decorated with five-color earth, named "Feng Sacrifice Altar"; on the top of Mount Tai, another altar was built, five feet wide and nine feet high, with the sign on all sides. Dengfeng altar"; an octagonal square altar was built on Sheshou Mountain, named "Jiangchan altar".

     According to the rituals formulated by the Ministry of Rites, the emperor must first worship the heaven at the "Fengshou Altar" at the foot of the mountain; secondly, he will climb to the top of the mountain and seal the jade at the "Dengfeng Altar"; and thirdly, he will go to the "Changing Zen Altar" at Sheshou Mountain God, after the emperor’s first offering, the queen promoted to the altar. After Feng Chan is over, he must accept the courtesy of the officials.

     Concubine Tang was pregnant and not accompanied, but the three princesses were all present. After Feng Chan, Yang Ling will be out of the fortress, but in the spring next year, he will rush back to the palace and get married, and then take the family back to the new city, and will be together with his sweetheart. Yongfu, Xianger and Fu Bao are all filled with joy. .Yongchun is also very happy, browses raised in delight, eyes laughing like a happy magpie. It is good to have a capable brother-in-law. The emperor has promised that tomorrow when her sister Kaichun gets married, she can accompany her to go out and play outside the gate. It's easy to do it once. Before the princess can't find a good excuse to go out of the palace, in the future, if she wants to go out to play, just one reason for the affection of sisters is enough. Then don't you want to go outside the Great Wall?

     "If it's hot, go out of the congestion, and come back when it's cold. The snow scene here is good, the snow outside must be more beautiful? If I like it, I can go out of the congestion in winter," Yongchun made a wishful thinking.

     Yuhuangding, Dengfeng altar.

     Only the sky is above, and there is no mountain and harmony. He raised his head red and said near, looking back, the white clouds were low. What kind of sign is that?

     "Outside the rituals, the descent of Zen and the beginning of the cloud, the five jade is compiled, and all directions are dependent. The magnificence of the world, the king's pig industry, and the Great Ming Zhengde Emperor. With the vastness of the sky, the thickness of the earth".

     With a loud voice, reciting the book of heaven, all the ceremonies were completed, Zhengde stepped up to the altar, and put the book in the altar. The civil and military officials stood a hundred feet away, looking up at the sky, looking at the clouds horizontally, the wind roaring, the sky and the earth One person, this is the Ninth Five-Year Supreme, somehow, Zhengde has been standing for a long time, but he only feels lonely and cold.

     "Xuan, Yang Ling is here", looking at the jade table on the bottom of the altar, Zhengde suddenly ordered.Du Fu at the bottom of the altar hurriedly declared aloud, Yang Ling, whose nose was red from the cold, stepped out of the queue and approached the altar of Dengfeng.

     There is a long table under the altar. The table is covered with seven-foot yellow silk. There is a jade plate on the table and a pen next to it. If the emperor has any personal wishes to pray to God, he can write it on the jade plate and then Invested in the altar of Dengfeng, sealed together on the top of Mount Tai.

     Zhengde stepped down to the altar of Dengfeng, his nose was also flushed with cold, and his face was a little pale, but his complexion was very good. Zhengde walked to the long table and said, "Yang Qing, come closer."

     Civil and military officials, imperial wives, royal relatives, noble relatives, and guards and eunuchs watched from a distance, but they didn't know what was carved on the jade disc.

     Gently stroked the smooth jade cover with his fingers, Zhengde slowly opened the jade disc tied with the gold thread and smiled: "Yang Qing, come and see."

     "Chen abides by the decree!" Yang Ling shook his hand and looked at the jade dish. The lines on the jade plate were all golden characters:I inherited from my youth, and I am in fear and trepidation, in fear and trepidation. To patrol nine sides, ban the seas, remedy bad governance, promote industry and commerce, renunciation, cultural governance, voluminous, more than a thousand words. At the beginning of the country, the ministers inherited the will of heaven and the people’s sentiments. They were assisted by loyal and virtuous ministers. They destroyed the Japanese in the East China Sea, the Yangyi of the South Xinjiang, the barbarians of the Western Shu, and the Central Plain, the White Clothes and the Wuping Fan. Chaos, Six Jing Saibei Grassland, with the merits of the six wars and the glory of opening up the frontiers, shine in the Taimiao court, and sing the ghosts of heaven and earth!

     I use courtesy for everything, righteousness for standing up, filial piety for relatives, and benevolence for educating people. I only hope that within the four guards, there will be no counties; the four barbarians and the eight barbarians will pay tribute to the sky, and the people will benefit from the sky. Yang Ling, the pillar minister of the country, prepared for the country, bend to a task and spare no effort, patrolled the world on behalf of the emperor, and counted the power of the country to the barbarians. Wencheng martial virtues, the merit is in the community, I and Yang Qing, wish to treat one another with absolute sincerity, and we will share weal and woe, and sing to the heavens sincerely! ".

     "The emperor!" Seeing this, Yang Ling felt hot.

     Zhengde suddenly smiled and said, "This jade disc of mine is the merit of my prayers in heaven and earth. It is also a testimony to the heaven and earth to affirm the friendship between you and me. Then, it will be sealed in the altar of Dengfeng. It will remain here forever. Dian, I want to sign it with you."Yang Ling's heart is surging. Since he met Zhengde, all kinds of things have suddenly appeared before him. Seeing Zhengde Emperor close the jade book and pick up the pen, Yang Ling suddenly said: "The emperor wait a minute, the minister is willing to write for the emperor!"

     The pen was dipped in the special gold powder, and a line of golden characters flashed like moving clouds and flowing water: "Great Ming Zhengde Emperor". After writing this, he suddenly remembered that he had removed the Maitreya guru Li Fuda from Jingjingyi when he returned to Beijing. When the little emperor’s true surname was in the restaurant, he couldn’t help but smile, dipped in gold powder and picked up a pen to continue: "Here for a visit!"

     When Zhengde Emperor saw it, he was stunned, and then he realized that it was internal and external difficulties, and the anger and sorrow at that time came to his heart one by one. He sighed for a long breath, spit out the previous bitterness, and suddenly took the pen. , Brush the flamboyant or bold cursive calligraphy and write a line: "Great Ming King of Siberia Yang Ling, come here!"

     Zhengde laughed after writing and throwing his pen. Gradually, Yang Ling also laughed. The laughter was on the top of Mount Tai, whistling with the wind!

     (season finale)
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