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0 Chapter Directory 5 Third Person
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

After returning to the car, Run An drove the car to the nearby parking lot, and then he turned around and said, "Speak, I hope you give me a reasonable explanation."

     Ren Jing looked straight at the darkness, swayed his lips, and finally said: "Simply put, I have prophetic ability like your brothers and sisters. What I can predict... is the keyword related to that Supernatural Event(s). Thus, you can know what the danger is, and then prevent it. This ability... was started shortly after my mother died three years ago. This is the same as you."

     Although Run An had long expected this woman to know the secret of their ability to foresee, she did not expect her fate to be so similar to their siblings.

     "I know you have a lot of questions. This thing started explaining and it's a long story. Three years ago, I lived in a city far away from here. If there was no car accident, I think maybe I still have it now. I lived an ordinary person's life. However, one night, our family of three drove to the outing and drove on a highway. Suddenly I saw a weird black shadow outside the car window... At that time, the sky was too dark, and I could not see the black shadow. . Almost at that moment, my father and I were surprised to find that my mother was gone! She was sitting on the front passenger seat, but disappeared without trace at this moment!"

      heard until here, Run Li suddenly felt a chill hit, she was very timid, and quickly asked: "You... what happened to your mother later?""She actually appeared in the center of a crossroad directly below our location at that time, and was crushed on the spot by a truck... Later, according to the driver, he did not notice when my mother appeared at the crossroad. Right in the middle, then the tragedy happened..."

     "The next days as you can well imagine. My father has always been immersed in great grief, but he has not been depressed. Because I told him that I saw the shadow. The father seems to be enchanted and crazy. I was caught in the search for the shadow. He kept investigating and researching various highways and crossroads in the city, even ignoring his work. His appearance at that time really made me feel panic. And he also browsed a lot of spiritual websites and found A lot of related data. Soon after, he left me a note and then disappeared."

     "The notes contain a lot of information about my father's research during this period of time. From these materials, I learned that this type of Supernatural Event(s) has occurred in succession all over the world. Although the Chinese government has not Acknowledge the existence of those things, but... there are things beyond human common sense."

     "Yes... I think so too." Rundang nodded said, "Go on.""The note records your siblings. My father gradually had the ability to predict after the car accident. So, he can, to a certain extent and within a range, the supernatural phenomenon that will happen to Foreseeing The Future. He wrote in the note After a part of what will happen in the future, the result is realized as he said. The note says that I need to find you two. Although he only wrote the name, he told me that he will know you as long as he contacts you It’s the person who I need to find. The fact is indeed so. When I watched the horror movie made in Hong Kong, when the screenwriter was actually named Yi Rundang, I had a hunch that you..."

     "But... Miss Ren, what do you want me to do for you? Find the shadow to help your mother get revenge? Or look for the trace of your father?"

     "I have the same premonition as your brothers and sisters. It happened about four or five months after the accident, but it was not as complete as my father."

     "In short...I hope to cooperate with you. My Prophetic Ability is limited, and so are you two. But together, it can form a more complete prediction. You can provide the name and appearance of the character, and your sister provides time for the incident. And I... can provide keywords."

     "So..." Run An asked his doubts: "If you agree to your proposal, can you fulfill my wish?""Yes... I mentioned with your sister that my life will be taken away by those things one day in the future. My father wants me to live, so he is also looking for a way to save me now. In his notes, one has been recorded. That method is... to prevent what happens in the premonition, that is, to try to break this fate. By doing so... all the premonitions will no longer coincide with reality. Then I can survive. This is the only way to get rid of this curse. If you cooperate with me, your wishes can be fulfilled."

     Run An was silent.

     In fact, how has he been better in these seven years? But fear always entangled in his heart, so he had no guts to face it.

     Ren Jing’s proposal does not seem to him to be tempting.

     "Let me...consider..."

     Run Li immediately knocked on Run Dark's head and said, "What are you thinking! Already dead! Two people! I warn you, Yi Run Dark, if you dare to watch with folded arms, I will break your sibling relationship!"

     Then she looked at Ren Jing and said impatiently: "Miss Ren, that's it! The three of us seem to have a lot of fate. Let's work together in the future! Maybe we can find clues about where your father is. Not sure! When I have a hunch, I will call you!"

     "Okay... I'll leave now."

     "I will send you back."

     "No need... there is a bus nearby. Since my mother died, I would feel uncomfortable sitting in the car."

     "Then at least I will take you to the bus stop, Runli, you are waiting for me here."Then, he gave Ren Jing a wink. Ren Jing understand tacitly and replied: "Okay."

     The night breeze was very strong, and the street lights nearby suddenly flickered, making Ren confused. The darkness on the street, he said to Ren Jing what was hidden in his heart.

     "Runli is too naive to know what she is facing."

     "You don't want to pull your sister in?"

     "You have to promise me that she only provides time data, and she will never intervene. It is enough for me and you to perform the work of the other party. Should you see it? I haven't told her about that thing. I asked you . Is everything you say is that true?"

     "What are you referring to?"

     "About... that method of undoing the curse. Did your father tell you in the notes?"

     "Yeah. Your brothers and me, will be killed in the future in the future..."

     "Please don’t tell Runli! I have been suffering this pain alone for the past seven years... I can write so much horror because of nightmares every night. Initially, soon after my parents died, my mind would Many people’s names and looks emerged, including me and my sister. Then, Run Li also told me that she often had a weird hunch. After reading the diary left by her parents, we decided to leave the place where we lived. City. Relying on the life insurance of the parents, they settled in the new city, and even cut off contact with all relatives and friends, because this is all the parents' entrustment in the diary."He hugged his head and continued painfully: "Since then, I have begun to find that the farther away from the city where I originally lived, the closer the time for the hunched person to die, like now it has crossed a province from the original city, From the hunch, it only takes about two or three weeks at most. Our brothers and sisters have moved to three cities in a row! I also want to think that the hunch cannot be realistic, but the people I foresee in each city, their The name will be published in the newspaper at the end. Either it is a bizarre death, or mysteriously missing, does not have one exception! So, my sister and it possible to survive? This is my only...wish."

     Has reached the bus stop.

     Ren Jing looked at Run Di at the moment, but she couldn't see her expression clearly because the nearby lights were too dark.

     "I can't promise you anything now... However, we are all bound by the same fate, and now, we can only rely on each other."

     This is the run of dark brothers and sisters, and Ren Jing... and, the beginning of this story.

     No one knows what it all comes from. However, each person has been unable to escape, just waiting for the turning of the hands on the clock to greet the moment of coldness and death.

     The next day, in the public canteen of the police station.

     Reporter Ou Xueyan threw another cube into the coffee. She narrowed her eyes into a slit, looked at her boyfriend Xia Peng in front of her, and said, "Just... Is it good once? Let me go into the dead man's house?"Xia Peng's expression didn't fluctuate obviously, just with arms folded, he resolutely replied: "No-OK! What the hell do you want? Xue Yan, this is the first few times? Although I am a policeman, I repeat Indulge you in and out of the crime scene, how can I get the boss there? Although Xie Xiaohao's case was overseen by me, I haven't seen the corpse, and it has been taken care of again and again, and no inside information can be disclosed..."

     "Don't say that..." Ou Xueyan grinningly said: "I said... I will not ask you to show me the corpse, of course you are willing to do that better...but at least let me go to the dead man's house to see How? This thing has been so mysterious. Just digging up clues is big news. Whether the boss will give me a bonus depends on whether you are willing to cooperate."

     Xia Peng only had a headache. Did he owe her in his previous life...

     "There was a reporter who wanted to investigate this matter before, and even ran to the director, and it was rejected. Xue Yan, I really can't violate the discipline. When the news is published, you are the scenery. I’m going to be punished. I haven’t promised you before. Once there is the latest survey, will the Press Conference be held?"

     "Please... isn't that not exclusive news? Network information is so developed in this era. The news is half a step late, and the loss is not known how big... Then, I swear, this is last, okay?"

     Xia Peng scratched his forehead, sighed saying, "I'm afraid of you...well, this is last...Ah, really a headache..."Fortunately, although the director strictly restricted any clues to this case, he just asked the reporter to go to the crime scene for an interview. Should be no problem? The corpses were transported away, and there are no people living there now, because the house this was originally so rented, so just say hello to the landlord.

     The scene of the crime scene that had been tightly sealed was now lifted, except that a banner prohibiting entry was hung at the door, and no police was stationed. For the key, just ask the landlord to get it. When the landlord saw the two came, they thought they were renting a house. They didn’t expect to be a policeman or a reporter. sighed saying gave them the keys and said, "It’s really a sin, and it’s the end of a good family. And my house price is also big. Fell, no one is willing to rent..."

     Xue Yan didn't even bother to listen to the landlord's complaint, and immediately took Xia Peng to the incident floor after getting the key. After crossing the banner and opening the door, the interior was gray. It seemed that the window of the living room was not well-made, and the room was facing west, so there was not much sunlight. Xueyan frowned, first came to the living room of the incident and looked around.

     "Huh? Xia Peng, you just have to wait at the door, you don't have to come in with me."

     "How can that be, if you don't stare at you, who knows if you will take what thing. Here we have searched. If you want to find clues, forget it."

     Xue Yan hummed and began to look at all directions. First of all, there was obviously no trace of fighting at the scene, the police shouldn't be possible to change the layout of the scene, and there was no blood on the ground. Alas, the boyfriend refused to say anything, so he had to guess.Forget it...take a few photos first, go back and study it.

     At this time, she was just standing next to a hanger, and a suit was hanging on the hanger, and one sleeve of the suit had to touch her hair. When she was taking out the camera and pressing the shutter, she found that Xia Peng was standing in front of yourself tight staring at oneself and said, "One...only one..."

     "Got it!" Xue Yan accused her boyfriend of being pedantic, and was about to pick up the camera to choose the angle, just then...

     She felt that her hair was caught, and she pulled it back fiercely. She almost fell to the ground. And behind her...just a hanger, where are half of them?

     "Who...who?" Her voice was full of fear, looking all around, Xia Peng asked curiously: "What happened? You almost fell off just now?"

     "Xia, Xia Peng, who was behind me just now?"

     "Huh? No one, I locked the door when I came in... what happened to you, suspicious of gods and ghosts."

     Xue Yan also wanted to remain calm at the moment, saying: "You... did you find someone to make such a joke with me? Want to scare me to make me dare not interview? I, I am not, not afraid... Hey, you Talk, don’t stare at me!"

     " What does it mean, I don't understand?"

     "Just now... someone scratches my hair behind me, really! Someone must scratch my hair!"

     Xia Peng ran behind her and took a closer look. She shook her head and said, "Impossible... Is your hair caught on the hanger?""How could... I, I really felt that I was grabbed by one hand, mine..." spoke until here, her voice was shaking. Is it... is it a ghost?

      At this time, I don’t know why, that suit fell off automatically and fell to the ground. Xia Peng quickly picked it up, and accidentally glanced at the neckline...

     "Wow!" He immediately shook off the suit and shouted: "Then... what is?"

     Just now...he saw it deep in that neckline... a pair of eyes!

     He emboldened and pulled the button of the suit away, inside...of course there was nothing. This is an ordinary suit, it should be the husband's clothes.

     "Xia Peng...I, let's go..." Xue Yan's feet can't help to reach the door.

     "I... I feel the same way..."

     And at the same time, the darkness of reading in the study at home, a picture appeared in my mind, the picture is a young man wearing a police uniform...At the same time, his name also emerged...

     "Xia, Xia Peng? Is he the third person?";