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0 Chapter Directory 7 Scratches
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Brother! There is a result!"

     At noon the next day, Run Li called Run An, saying that she had sensed Xia Peng's death deadline. And that deadline... is tomorrow!

     "Sergeant Xia can only live until tomorrow... This afternoon I have an appointment with Xia Peng. Do you want to tell him about this?" Run An couldn't help but have a headache.

     "If you want to say, I won't stop him, let him know where he is, and it can also be his motivation."

     Ren Jing is still so casual, and at the moment, the two are at her house.

     Ren Jing’s home is a bungalow in the city center, with a small garden on the outside. It has two floors. It is north to south and the road is also very good. The decoration of the home is even more staggering. Whether it is a sofa, a table or a curtain, they are all brands of Unrivaled Grade, and each room is also thoroughly organized, although most of them are not inhabited.

     "Do you live alone? Such a big house?"

     "This house was left to me by my grandfather. My mother is an overseas Chinese in the United States. My grandfather is also considered as an asset abroad. At that time, my mother gave up the Inheritance Legacy of the family and came to China to marry my father. The family members are very opposed... There is no way, because my father only has one ordinary Psychologist."

     In Ren Jing’s room, there are at least four computers, more than ten clocks, and many mirrors. The bookshelves are filled with various books, regardless of astronomy, geography, or historical politics.

     "your room……""It's weird? This is to train my supernatural powers. Because I don't have a natural supernatural power. The mirror is the most important prop. Although it is dangerous for people who encounter ghosts, it is for people like me who have poor supernatural powers. It’s very important.”

     She was standing in front of a mirror at the moment, stroking the mirror.

     Run dark then paid attention to the dozen or so watches. It seems that they were all made in Switzerland. Every clock moves exactly the same, no difference. So you can hear very neat pointer movements in the room without disordered and in a mess.

     "After my mother died, my grandfather, who knew his father was missing, originally wanted me to go abroad to inherit the inheritance, but I categorically refused. He seemed to be guilty of his mother and bought a property in this city on my behalf. There is no refusal, after all, this is what he owes his mother. Only because of that boring self-esteem, the whole family does not have one person to attend the mother’s funeral!"

     Ren Jing's voice seemed somewhat agitated. This was the first time Run An felt she had obvious emotional ups and downs.

     "After all, I need a big house to do a lot of things. There is still one in the basement below, where I conduct some experiments. But at least it doesn't have any research results."

     "So...what is the so-called supernatural ability? And what do you say about supernatural constitution..."

     Run dark is unable to hold back his curiosity. In the past seven years, he has also found ways to collect spiritual rumors from all over China, and even conducted in-depth research on spiritual dysfunction, but all the local sayings are all kinds and sorts, disordered and in a mess, and no systematic theory can be found. Moreover, the overwhelming majority among them is also pure superstition."Like you..." Ren Jing suddenly turned around, pointing at Run An, saying: "You are a person with a natural physique, and your sister is also. This physique will make you very powerful about the existence of ghosts. Ability to feel. Premonition is a characteristic of this ability."

     "But... don't you also have a premonition ability? Why do you say you are not a natural alien constitution?"

     "I am different from your brothers and sisters. Although they all have the ability to foresee after encountering ghosts, my ability is due to the influence of the father's spiritual ability. I by no means can inherit the father's spiritual constitution, otherwise I It’s not just about having this level of hunch."

     Ren Jing spoke until here, seems somewhat depressed. She seemed annoyed that she was unable to inherit her father's complete spiritual constitution.

     "Where do you start when you investigate?"

     Xia Peng and Ou Xueyan came to Ren Jing's house on time in the afternoon and brought related data. After all, one is a policeman and the other is a reporter. It is not difficult to find relevant clues. Xie Xiaohao is an ordinary high school student, he is humble and friendly, and his academic performance is also good, but Zhang Jun and he really have nothing about it in common, don’t say they don’t know at all, their two people’s residences are different from the two urban areas, regardless of study Still in life, the two have no intersection.

     "In the end...Why are you looking for them?" Ou Xueyan was completely confused, and then she suddenly thought of a possibility, and immediately said: "Wait... Are you sure? Xie Xiaohao and Zhang Jun killed, Is it the same person?""Yes. I can be sure of this. And it is 100% certain. The reason is simple," Ren Jing completely refuted Ou Xueyan's assumption: "When their two people died, the keywords I foresee are the same."

     "Keyword?" Xia Peng remembered that Ren Jing had said her foreboding ability, asked hastily: "Then...what is that keyword..."

     "'Twisted.' When the two died, I sensed the keyword. For this, Officer Xia, should you have a deep understanding?"

      spoke until here, Xia Peng immediately recalled Xie Xiaohao's body, and immediately felt disgusted, silently nodded.

     Ou Xueyan was completely confused, distorted? What does it mean?

     "That corpse... is really abnormal..." Xia Peng can only describe it at the moment. Because he really didn't know how to explain to them the horrible body.

     Runli is at Zhang Jun's house at the moment, asking his parents. After Zhang Jun disappeared, his parents were in a hurry, and because Runli was the last person to talk to Zhang Jun (in fact, it should be Ren Jingcai), she naturally accepted her interview.

     Zhang Jun's home looks very simple, the economy does not seem to be affluent, his parents' eyes are swollen like walnuts, and at a glance, they know that it is painful.

     "Miss Yi...I do not understand, what does the death of the high school student named Xie have to do with our army?"

     Although both elders were very polite to Runli, they were still unable to hold back the doubts in her heart. Why didn't she ask about the son's things as soon as she came up, but instead mentioned yet another person's death?"In fact, when I finally talked to Zhang Jun, he and I mentioned the name."

     Runli lied, this lie was taught by Ren Jing. Ordinary people can't believe any hunch, and Zhang Jun is already dead now, even if such a lie, it is the dead cannot testify.

     Sure enough, such a saying, the effect immediately showed, Zhang Jun’s parents not the slightest suspected, first of all his mother opened the dialogue box: "How come? How did he tell you? I don’t remember that he knew the high school student... …"

     "He said to me at that time, "Xie Xiaohao is dead, me, and I will suffer bad luck."

     In fact, Ren Jingjiao gave her the original saying "Xie Xiaohao is already dead, and I will die." But Runli is too kind. Although Zhang Jun is indeed dead, she hopes not to tell him the cruel reality so quickly. parents.

     "This... how can it be? Me, I don't know, his dad, did you know?"

     "I don't know. Miss Yi, are you sure you heard it right?"

     Runli rubbed her hands conspicuously, her voice can't help lowered: "Yes, it should be correct."

     I still can't find any valuable information here. However, Xia Peng will die tomorrow, if he doesn't do anything...

     "Where is the military army..."

      spoke until here, Zhang Jun's mother could not help sobbing again.

     And Run Li also felt emotion at this moment, if not her parents died seven years ago, she can now enjoy such a family...

      Everything Alright seems to happen yesterday."Run Li... What are you doing so fast? You haven't seen dad and mom in a few days, so you are so excited!"

     On the corridor of the corridor, the excited Runli ran to the door of the house and yelled, "It's clearly your brother, you're walking too slowly! I don't care! I'm thinking about eating the roast my mother helped me honey cake!"

     Between the speeches, I had come to the door. The excited Runli took out the key to open the door, and then quickly ran in. Run dark follow closely behind sb or sth, close the door, said: "This crazy Y head! Even the door is forgotten to close!"

     "Dad! Mom!" Run Li seemed to go to the bedroom to find her parents. Run An also followed her. After all, she had been thinking about her parents while staying at school. Unexpectedly, before reaching the door of the bedroom, a scream of extreme distress came from Runli.

     Run An suddenly tightened his mind and hurried into the bedroom, then he couldn't help but covered his mouth and stepped back a few steps!

     "No, don't look! Runli, closes the eyes!"

     Runli only remembered that her brother covered her eyes, and then she was darkness shrouding both in front of her and in her heart. She couldn't accept the horror scenario she saw in front of her. How can... how can it be like this?

     The bloody lingering moments in the room reminded her that this was not a dream.

     When the police arrived, they were stunned by the horror. Because... this couple's body was actually neatly cut into three sections, and on the floor, at the incisions of two bodies, three claw marks were left! The claw marks were also identified afterwards, but basically it was impossible to find out which animal it was, and there were no reports of beasts being lost in the parks in the city.It was only the siblings of high school students who were taken to their aunt’s house for a temporary life. This murder case became the focus of the city, and there were always reporters to interview. Despite the protection of her aunt and uncle, she was not harassed too much, but that scene could not be erased in Runli's heart. For her, the feeling that fills her heart is not so much sadness as fear.

     One night, my brother woke her up in her sleep.

     "Brother... What happened?"

     "Run Li, follow me and leave this city."

     She rubbed her eyes sleepily and looked at the clocks hanging on the wall. The display at this moment was only one in the morning? Aunt and uncle are still sleeping?

     "Brother... what are you saying? Why are you leaving?"

     Run dark face said seriously: "We have to go. Not only for ourselves, but also for the aunt and uncle. From now on, we can't contact any relatives and friends."

     In confusion, Runli put on her clothes, followed her brother to leave her aunt's house, and took a taxi outside. The brother said he was going to the train station. Then, my brother began to explain the whole story to her.

     "Runli, do you believe that this world has ghosts?"

     ", don't scare me...""I'm sorry," Run Dark spoke until here, my eyes filled with tears, and choked with sobs, "Actually, the first thing I should consider is how to avenge my parents...but I can't do it. If it was not that week we lived School, maybe now we are already dead... In the diary left by our parents, they detail the reason for their death. They finally told us clearly,'Quick escape!' So I must leave with you..."

     "Brother, what an important thing, why don't you give it to the police? And, where are we going?"

     "I don’t know. In short, let’s leave here to talk about it. This money is enough for us to settle down temporarily. You can’t go to school anymore, don’t contact any of your classmates. We have to vanish from the face of the earth completely, no Let'that thing' get our whereabouts from any source."

     Runli couldn't help but shudder, ‘that thing’, what is it?

     "Listen...this is the diary, you can also look at it. After reading it, you can understand why I did that..."

     Runli looked at the diary in the dim light of the car."Run dark, run Li... when reading this text, maybe we are already dead. Listen well... If we are really dead, then after seeing the diary, we will immediately run away, away from this city, do not leave you Tell where anyone knows, remember, anyone! Even family members, even the best friends, can’t reveal a word! This is the only way you can be saved. I don’t know if that thing has what impossible is doing to you, but to prevent it, only let you do that... In a red box in the fourth drawer on the left of my desk, there is a bank card, the amount should be enough for you to settle down temporarily, In the days to come, you can consider working part-time and part-time, but it doesn't matter if you don't get into college. The most important thing is to survive. You must not continue to stay in this city!

     About three days ago, when we were sleeping, we were woken up by a strange sound. But then the voice disappeared. We thought it was a dream, so we didn’t care too much, who knows... next morning, we actually found that three claw marks were left on the wall outside the bedroom! The claw marks tore the wallpaper completely, and even the bricks in the wall shattered. Later, people from the property company were invited, but they couldn't draw a conclusion.Could there be any animal that sneaked into our house at night? Although considering whether to call the police, but there's nothing about it at home, think about also just sufficed. But...the next day...we actually found out that the position of the claw mark actually moved! It turned out that the scratched wall was completely restored as before, and the claw mark that moved the position...closer to our bedroom than yesterday! In this brief moment, we are finally clear!

     ‘It’ wants to enter our bedroom! ‘It’ is approaching us! "

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