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0 Chapter Directory 8 Zero Point
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

When I saw this, Runli was almost pointed called over, and the taxi driver in front turned back glanced at.

      "No... impossible..."

     How could she not forget the three claw marks that divided her parents... Originally, she thought, what kind of beast or murderer was that...but, how can it be like this? She never thought it would be...

     "Maybe, you feel hard to believe. At that time we also thought it was too inconceivable. But the position of the claw marks moved by this point is too obvious, because the claw marks on the previous day were at least about ten meters away from the bedroom door, but This time it was only 5 meters at most! The obvious difference can be seen with the naked eye!

     However, although fear, we do not have a way to explain this thing with ghosts and the like. Out of caution, we decided to change to one room and went to the dark room. Fortunately, you stayed in school this time, so you don’t have to be shocked...

     But it's useless! Today the claw marks appeared in the door of the darkened room! The claw marks on the front of our bedroom disappeared completely without trace. Until here, we have to acknowledge that this claw mark is not something left by the creature of this World, it is from yet another world! No matter where we fled, it can also chase it! "

     Seeing this, Runli's tears had wet the diary paper, sobbing and saying to her brother: "How come? dad and mom are good people... we do not have done anything wrong, why should we suffer such a disaster?" ?Why are we running away? Why...""We have to escape, this is the only way. Parents finally realized that they were no match for this horrible claw mark, and chose to accept the fate of death. Because it was useless to escape. It was written in the back of the diary, in order to avoid this terrible claw mark. , They tried to stay at the hotel, but the claw marks would still follow..."

     The Final Page of the diary is written that way.

     "Finally, we decided to use the last method, and we must solve this problem before you come back from school. Although we have also considered finding someone to discuss, but we are worried that more people will be involved. This evening, we stayed outside the bedroom all night. Next to the wall, waiting for the owner of the claw mark. No matter what monster it was, we decided to fight risking one's life.

     Listen well... you will be back tomorrow. I repeat again in the end, if we die...must run away! must! "

     In the end, the two died.

     Strangely, the two who had stayed by the wall outside the bedroom and decided to wait all night waiting for the appearance of the claw mark died in the bedroom. There was no trace of blood in the corridor.

     This is simply not what human beings can imagine.

     Even if the diary is given to the police, the police cannot believe it. Even if they believe it, they cannot protect them. Rather than this, it is better to rely on yourself and leave the city first.

     "Run Li, give me your phone."

     "Huh? Why? Brother?"

     "Give me first."Run Li took out the phone in disbelief, and Run Yin took out his own hand machine. At this time, the taxi drove right to the bridge, and Runang threw two mobile phones out of the window and fell into the river under the bridge.

     "Don'! What are you doing? You have a lot of my friends' numbers on your phone..."

     "This is my purpose. Runli, starting from today, we must say goodbye to our past life. Whether it is a family member or a friend... we will no longer be in contact with us. We must live and we must abandon it. Runli , I can't lose you anymore, from now on, let me take care of you!"

     The elder brother fulfilled his promise. Everything has changed. I came to a new city and changed to a new school. However, I didn’t stay long in each city. About a year or two later, whenever an abnormal murder or disappearance occurred in the city, my brother would Prepare to move to a new city immediately. In the past seven years, Runli has spent so much time in frequent migration.

     The reason why I ended up in this city was mainly because my brother was tired. He also understood that no matter where he fled, supernatural phenomena would occur. Moreover, with great difficulty, she realized that she wanted to become a reporter in this city, and she didn’t want to move anyway. The elder brother's horror also became more and more successful, which made him regret not using the pen name. Thus, the relatives of the original city may find them.But Runli was very happy. At least, it will give relatives a message that the two are living well. She had always hoped that one day she could return to the city where she originally lived to sweep the graves of her parents. Several times. She almost reached the ticket window in front of the train station, but she finally gave up because of the claw marks recorded in her diary. The only thing she can do is to put a bunch of white lilies at home on her parents’ day.

     "Miss Yi...Miss Yi, What happened to you?"

     Zhang Jun’s mother interrupted her contemplation, and she immediately sobered up and said embarrassedly: “I’m sorry, I’m distracted... where did we just say?”

     That night, Xia Peng and Ou Xueyan lived in the hotel. The original home, no matter what the case, dared not go to sleep again. Run An never told them that Xia Peng would die the next day.

     "You said how to handle?"

     It was already 11:30, and Xia Peng and Ou Xueyan were not the slightest tired.

     "We... will we die?"

     At this time, Ou Xueyan can really say that he regrets that his intestines are all green. He can't get it if he doesn't get an exclusive. In order to get more bonuses, now he has gotten so terrible to describe the other party? Can only use "things"?"I'm also thinking of ways... In short, I have covered the mirror in the toilet with cloth. We both walk up and down the stairs. When we sleep, we wait in turns and change every three hours. Rest assured, this room is away from the escape The ladder is very close, and it is on the third floor. I parked the car underneath. If something happened, we immediately ran away. In order to consider the convenience of escape, do not take off your coat. Tomorrow, go to Mr. Yi and they will find another countermeasure. You go to sleep first, I’ll be on the vigil."

     "Xia Peng... I'm sorry, it's all me bad..."

     "It's not your fault... I'm also responsible if I say something wrong. You can sleep peacefully, and I will wake you up immediately if something goes wrong."

     After appeasing Xueyan and letting her fall asleep, Xia Peng walked to the window and lit a cigarette. There was a clock on the wall, but he still lifted his sleeves and looked at his watch. It was almost zero.

     At this moment, Xueyan's ringtone sounded, and the sound came from the bathroom.

     "Ah, I put my phone in the bathroom." She quickly sat up and walked into the bathroom. Thinking of the last thing, Xia Peng was not at ease and wanted to follow up. Who knows that Xueyan feeling somewhat wronged came from the bathroom: "Why... can't we come to the hotel?"

     It was Ren Jing who called.

     "Do you think it's safe to stay in the hotel? Don't be kidding! Tell me the hotel address and room number. I will come over immediately!"

     Xia Peng sighed saying, took another breath, and walked back to the window.

     How to handle in the future?Xueyan's hand wrapped around his neck and pressed against his back. Xia Peng said with emotion: "Don't worry, Xueyan...we can definitely survive...must..."


     Xue Yan's answer came from the restroom:

     "Xia Peng? I accidentally dropped the car key into the gap between the tiles. Can you come in and help me?"

     A chill quickly rose from the bottom of Xia Peng's feet to the top of his head. Only then did Xia Peng feel how cold the hands surrounding his neck...

      A blood-curdling screech cut through the silence of the night, and the hands of the clocks hanging on the wall fell exactly at the zero point.

     Just like Runli's hunch, Xia Peng is ready to usher in his limit on "today" without error.

     Hearing the screaming, Xueyan quickly rushed out of the bathroom, but... the room was already as empty as anything. She only saw a cigarette butt that was falling down beside the bed, still emitting light smoke. It seemed that this was the only way Evidence that Xia Peng was here just now.

     "Wow—help, help!"

     Her first reaction was to run away, but she remembered Ren Jing’s instructions on the phone just now: “Remember, no matter what the matter happens, don’t leave the room as much as possible. According to my experience, if you are attacked by ghosts and run away immediately, you will The probability of death is much higher than stay in place."Recalling carefully, how many of those ghosts in the ghost film survived? After all, Ren Jing is experienced, Ou Xueyan with great difficulty kept calm and jumped onto the bed. Although he was still wearing a coat, he still tightly wrapped a turquoise quilt on the bed and was alert to the room at any time. All around, I prayed that Ren Jing would come here earlier.

      At the same time, Ren Jing and Run An, who were driving to the hotel, began to have controversy over an issue.

     "In fact, I always care about one thing."

     Run dark in the co-pilot seat, raised a question: "Zhang Jun's death is very different from Xie Xiaohao... that is the corpse. Spoke until here, you should understand? Xie Xiaohao's body A very striking gesture appeared, but Zhang Jun disappeared completely in that public toilet. Isn’t that strange? Because you said that it was the same'thing' that caused the two of them to die."

     "Yeah, I said that."

     "If you say is true, then why didn’t Zhang Jun’s body stay? Isn’t that strange? Ah, don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt your meaning. What you said so far, I believe both It's true. I just want to talk about my own assumptions."


     "First of all, my hypothesis needs to be established and needs to be corroborated. Run Li said that you have shown her photos of Xie Xiaohao's body, so can I have a look too?"

     "She didn't describe it to you? No wonder, that kind of scene... I know, I can show it to you, but I will wait until the hotel picks up both of them.""Actually I have is still one question."

     "Well, you have a lot of problems."

     Run dark bit her lip, looked at Ren Jing's face, and asked, "Miss Ren, that day, I called the hotline and asked people who asked a lot of strange questions. Are you right?"

     "Well, it's me."

     She confessed so readily that she was somewhat surprised, but at this time, the hotel was in front of her. It must be said that Ren Jing is driving too fast, and even the traffic police can't beat her, and she can't issue a ticket.

     Coming to the door of the room, Ren Jing immediately knocked on the door and shouted: "It's me, open the door quickly! Miss Ou!"

     Soon after, Ou Xueyan opened the door, and as soon as they saw the two cried and hugged Ren Jing, they said, "Xia Peng, Xia Peng, he is gone... Please help me, I am scared, I am scared... "

     At this time, Run An noticed that Ren Jing opened the door and stared at the room, and then her expression seemed to change obviously, saying, "Come on, leave here immediately."

     Run An began to gradually verify his guess. He remembers when Zhang Jun died, Ren Jing also paid attention to the public toilet. Sure enough... is that right?

     Did she see something he couldn't see, but didn't she say it?Moreover, he also thinks that Ren Jing has not told him the whole truth about the supernatural constitution and supernatural power. She said that she was not born with a psychic constitution, and the only evidence was that she had a less foreseeable ability than her father, which was more or less a bit unnatural. Since her father has a psychic physique, it is heaven's law and earth's principle that her daughter will inherit this physique. Even if the inheritance is not complete, why does she categorically deny that she has such a physique?

     What the woman said should be true, because all she said was a little investigation to know the truth, let alone Runli is a reporter, it is very easy to investigate. But why are some secrets kept? Can't they trust their siblings completely? Or is she using them at all?

     In the past, he endured everything, abandoned his birth and grew up in compliance with his parents’ last orders, and lived like a fugitive for seven years, and endured the threat of death one day in the future. Such a life is naturally unimaginable. of. Despite this, in order to run Li, he always forced himself to support, never fall before her.

     If the curse can really be solved, then he is willing to do whatever he wants, he only hopes that their brothers and sisters can be truly free, and Runli can live like normal people...and Ren Jing is right. Are they the redeemer in terms of their siblings, or yet another demon?First of all, he was most puzzled by what Ren Jing mentioned about her father. Her father’s behavior was completely illogical. As a predictor of The Almighty, she would naturally know the fate of her daughter, but she chose vanish from the face of the earth and asked her to find herself and Runli. Let the daughter emerge and perish on its own. If he was to abandon his daughter completely, why did he leave that note? What's the point of doing this?

     After returning to the car, Ou Xueyan shuddered and sat in the back row, and Ren Jing handed Yun An an envelope bag and said, "This is what you want to see."

     Run dark nodded, dive your hand into the envelope, and get out a stack of photos.

     "How... how could..."

     how could this be!