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0 Chapter Directory 9 Zombie
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
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No wonder Xie Xiaohao's parents are going crazy.

     The pixels of the photo are very high and the photos are extremely clear. In the large living room, a distorted figure is frightening.

     No need to ask, this person is Xie Xiaohao. His limbs and neck were all stretched to about four or five meters, and they were all tied together with the furniture in the room!

     Both his left and right hands looked at least four meters long and twisted. An ornamental plant on his left and left side coiled together and tied a knot. And a lamp protruding from the right hand and the wall on the right is wound around and around about three times. The two legs are hanging on the ground, and they are elongated to four or five meters long. The most terrifying thing is the head, the neck is stretched about two meters, and it is wrapped around the electric fan on the ceiling, but the neck part is wrapped around five times (so the pixel is high, and it is taken a few times to make it absolutely clear), and The head is also twisted, looks like a twist, and even what appearance is impossible to discern.

     The next few photos are photos of corpses taken from several other angles. These photos can no longer be described as shocks the eye, astonishes the heart. No wonder the police do not publish the photos of the corpses and the specific cause of death. No wonder the neighbors said that a large truck came that day to transport the corpses... this is definitely not something humans can do! Human body is not flour, how can it be stretched in such a random way, without breaking limbs and neck? Moreover, a blood drop was not seen at the scene, even the traces of fighting, and the neighbors of the Xie Xiaohao family said that they did not hear any screams at night. Normal people may not emit when their limbs are elongated. Is there a scream?Run An also pulled out the forensic report in the envelope and read it. He was surprised to find that the bones and muscle tissue of the deceased actually elongated accordingly! There are no any abnormalities in all organs and tissues on the body. Everything in the body changes accordingly as the limbs are elongated. It seems that Xie Xiaohao was born with this kind of body, and even the length of the clothes has changed...

     Then... your own guess can be confirmed...

     Run Dark quickly put the photo back in the envelope, and then said to Ren Jing: "It's burnt. If this photo is run out, the consequences will be disastrous."

     He felt his throat dry, no, it was abnormally dry.

     In the end... what kind of thing is he facing? Just like the three claw marks that killed the parents, they are not the existence of this World...

     Ou Xueyan, who was sitting in the back seat, was shaking like a sieve, his head was always hanging down, and he dared not lift it. Thinking of hearing Xia Peng a blood-curdling screech before, he disappeared into the room, which is simply unimaginable!

     "It's my care. I should have watched the two of them at this moment," Ren Jing seemed annoyed at this time: "It is rare to find you two and you can make up a complete prediction... It seems that you have to wait for the fourth person to appear. , And then think about it again. As for the fourth person..."

     She made a jealous look backwards, and the darkening was very clear at this time, Ou Xueyan very possibly might be the fourth person.

     "Will she be okay for now?"

     "Um... the shortest distance your sister foresees the time of death...""In general, it will be sensed at least 24 hours ago. So far, there is no precedent for accurate hunch time to the hour. For seven years, all the same. My words are similar, it is impossible to sense that it will be less than 24 hours. Dead person. With this in mind, Ou Xueyan is temporarily'safe'."

     "I, am I still safe?" Ou Xueyan was a little relaxed at first, but still asked with some palpitations: "Your hunch, really no problem? For example, Xia Peng he..."

     "Actually my sister has sensed that he will die today. Isn't it already passed zero? In other words, within the death date sensed by my sister, there is a threat of death every minute. Miss Ou, you have to do Good mental preparation, maybe you will be the fourth person. If you want to survive... or listen to Miss Ren’s instructions as much as possible, she knows more about it than me. As for the problem of hunch, I can’t guarantee Miss Ren, but at least I My sister’s hunch has always come true in seven don’t need to doubt."

     In fact, Ou Xueyan did not dare to doubt. She has completely believed that there are ghosts in this world, and now...the only reliance is on these two people. She has regarded Run An and Ren Jing as Maoshan Taoist Priests in general, thinking that they have magical powers to exorcise evil spirits. Where to know, in fact, these two people are ordinary people, but their constitutions are slightly different from ordinary people.

     Ren Jing drove back to his own family. She intends to temporarily arrange for Ou Xueyan to live in her home, and try to find some clues before the fourth person's hunch comes into being. Ou Xueyan was extremely tired at the moment. When he arrived at Ren Jing's house, he thought he was a safe place and fell asleep."It's the advantage of having a large room. It doesn't matter if you live alone."

     After helping Ou Xueyan close the door of the room, she returned to the living room, looked at the darkening of her contemplative thoughts, leaned her body against the wall, and asked, "What are you thinking? I guess treat me, my father." If you have any doubts about your destiny, are you full of doubts?"

     Run dark was sitting on the leather sofa in the living room at this time. Ren Jing’s living room was really luxuriously decorated. No matter what kind of furniture was imported, there were many bonsai, sculptures, oil paintings, and an old-style gramophone in the room. The handle of a coffee cup is made of gold.

     "You really look like the eldest lady of a wealthy family... But doesn't the family even have a servant?"

     Ren Jing sat opposite him, his fingers erected on the coffee table meaninglessly, his eyes seemingly melancholy: "Only me alone, not even with neighbors, because everyone feels that I am a weirdo. Family People don’t care about me anymore. I take care of all my life."

     "Economically? Did the family give you some property to live on?""I don't disdain those. My profession is an illustrator, helping some or Encyclopedia to draw some illustrations. Is it a meager job? But my nature is uninterested in financial management and investment, so there is no industry but I feel relaxed. I But it's just a person who looks beautiful, and actually tastes the hardships of life. My only property is this house, and furniture and the like are all helped by my grandfather. I am uninterested in luxury life, and even think that It’s a waste of time. The focus of life is on experience, not pleasure."

     Run An Ding didn't expect her to speak very well, and she didn't know how to interface for a while.

     "Return to the said before that you don’t want your sister to be involved?"

     "Not bad." Run An's attitude said firmly: "This is the biggest premise for me to work with you. She knows nothing, she is a person with no intentions, and her courage is not ordinary, so let her touch those things, it means to be Killed her life."

     "It's really a pity... she has a natural alien constitution, and if you cultivate it well, her ability will not be worse than you..."

     "Regarding the alien constitution...what does it mean to us? In addition to the premonition, what are the characteristics?"After pondering for a while, Ren Jing began to whisper: "As far as I know, there are many kinds of supernatural physiques. Most of the natural physiques will be different from ordinary people in a very childhood, like your brothers and sisters are capable of awakening. It’s relatively late. This ability gradually manages to regain consciousness when it comes into contact with things related to the supernatural. However, even this only has the ability to foresee. People with stronger supernatural powers should be able to see the naked eye. Invisible ghost."

     "Invisible to the naked eye?"

     "Well, there is too little information about ghosts... In fact, ghosts are just a collective term for those things, or this kind of statement is easier for people to understand their existence as soon as possible. Because the legend of ghosts has a long history, general The argument is the soul possessed by the dead. But the legend is not the same as reality. Not all ghosts are originally humans. In fact, most of those things have nothing to do with humans’t have any relationship. They are entirely from the unknown world. There are many such things that cannot be called by ghosts at all. Yes, there are many intangible and exact existences like curses, which make you can't guard against it. If the supernatural power is further improved, it should be right. The curse feels. But it’s just'perception.' If you want to fight, you usually need acquired counseling to do it. Now, you can't do this far."

     curse? unknown?

      Without any means to find out the so-called laws and do not understand their form, everything is purely unknown, so how to defeat them in the future and seek a way to survive? Run Dark was completely lost in confusion.

     Next, he decided to discuss this matter with Ren Jing."Xie Xiaohao's corpse... Well, it is clearly proved that this thing turns the human body into that posture, is this the ability of that thing? Then, why did Zhang Jun and Xia Peng not have a corpse, is a mystery."

     Ren Jing nodded, and further put forward her point of view: "My thoughts are the same as yours. I think their bodies do exist and have not disappeared. But they were not found for a while. In conclusion, it seems to seek objects without aim, The first two victims, completely without common ground, certainly do not deny that there may be a connection that we do not have found. If you consider that, the fourth person may also be yet another unrelated person."

     The top priority is, if the fourth person is Ou Xueyan, how to protect her?

     "First of all, I can assure you that my father’s notes have repeatedly emphasized that the only way to unlock the curse is to make the hunch not to become a reality. The elements of the hunch of the three of us are character, time and keywords. What can be changed , Only the time that your sister can foresee, and the life and death of the character. So... as far as the first point is concerned, you start from today, wear a watch every time, including when sleeping, and Check the watch frequently to determine the time and the error cannot be checked for one minute. If it's possible to confirm that the watch you are wearing is accurate time, then no matter what the occasion, the time of your watch shall prevail."

     At this time, Run An raised a question that had been entrenched in his mind for a long time.

     "If we killed that person before the time of the hunch, does it mean that the hunch hasn't become a reality?"The living room suddenly fell into deathly silence.

     The two looked at each other, and each seemed to have their own ideas.

     "I don't know. Maybe it can be counted. After all, my father didn't write this in the notes. But it's just possible, would you try it? To save lives, kill someone?"

     Ren Jing's questioning made Yun Yun unable to answer for a while. He really can't do it. After all, he is not the kind of cold selfish person. After all, he can't do this kind of thing. Moreover, this is not the only way, and even the method of dispelling the spell is uncertain, so at least for now, he will definitely not do that.

     However, if it is for Runli, if one day it becomes the only way, he cannot guarantee that he will do what happened.

     "This problem doesn't need to think so deeply. In fact, even if you want to kill, you don't have to kill it. This terrible fate is so easy to change. Well, I don't want to discuss such a dark topic with you, and your sister must not Will agree to do that. The next question is... the character's life and death. Just let that person survive, you can change the cursing destiny of us, at least let him live until after the hunch time. Although they have self- The preservation ability is the best, but the person without the supernatural ability, even the World Strongest warrior, can't escape death. Therefore, the ideal consideration is to balance the offensive and defensive. With your current ability, I can only consider the "guard".""Let Ou Xueyan run away like our brothers and sisters?" thought until here Yun An felt very uncomfortable. Is this the only way? Is it only to escape passively? Is there some way to deal with ghosts in some? For example, splashing black dog blood, drawing charms, hanging evil things on the body and the like.

     "In addition...I have to remind you." Seemingly seeing the dark thoughts, Ren Jing added: "The methods of exorcising ghosts in the movie are all made up to deceive people, because the literary works need the right side. To win, only human beings have the power to fight against ghosts. But reality is not so, their existence cannot be understood by our common sense, and it is impossible to find a method of restraint. Only a very small number of people with spiritual constitutions can feel it. It exists. So don’t expect things that are not on the edge."

     So the focus of the next discussion is how to "guard".

     "After the time is determined, we will recuperate first, and then stay with the fourth person on the day of the scheduled death, 24 hours. If that person is not Ou Xueyan, you can also capture the other person in prison. Alas, I really thought about it before. Not thoughtful, although it was because of the first Insufficient experience, but it still caused Xia Peng to be killed."

     "What next? If ‘that thing’ comes out, how do we deal with it?”"This is a map of the city," she seemed to trick out a piece of paper, and then pointed to the points above and said, "Did you see? These are some of the better escape routes I have drawn. If you want to imprison each other, you can consider here. At the time, my grandfather and I mentioned the requirement of the house, that is, I chose a more convenient area. There are many overpasses and subways in the vicinity, and there are also many intersections, so it is not easy to encounter Traffic jams. And because it is a prime location, there are more people, and you can also find many people for help when the time comes... Of course this is for stall for time. If the fourth person is Ou Xueyan, I also chose the location ."

     Then she pointed to a black spot in the city center and took out a red pen to draw a circle and analyzed: "This is a memorial square in the city center. Recently, because of the approaching holidays, there are many more policemen to maintain order. There are many. And we can choose to be near the statue of the mayor, which is not far from the parking lot. And the square is open to the public for 24 hours, even if you stay there overnight, it does not matter. There are three roads to choose from when you leave the square. And the direction of each road is opposite to the area where Xie Xiaohao Apartment is located.""The plan is really detailed..." Run An had to admire Ren Jing, and he knew the terrain completely, taking into account every factor. From the map, it is almost impossible to encounter a remote area with few people. While staying near the mayor statue, many people can also be found for help. Although modern society is indifferent, and few people help to passers-by who do not know, but if there is a policeman, it is impossible to remain indifferent for the purpose of maintaining order and protecting the square. In short, the more people involved, the more chaotic the situation is, and the greater the chance of successfully escaping. "

     Of course, even this is not surefire. After all, the other party is an unknown non-human being, and no one knows what to do. Therefore, planning is with man, accomplishing with heaven, can the fourth person escape this disaster, in fact, the composition of heaven is higher. Moreover, there is still one a big risk, that is, if it fails, the person’s body appears next to them as Xie Xiaohao, just to attract the police’s attention, and they will be treated as murderers. Implementing a strategy in a crowded place has advantages, but it also has drawbacks.

     Now, the problem is hunch. After the darkening senses the fourth person, it is necessary to find out the address of that person as soon as possible before the time limit, and then find the other party. If this person is Ou Xueyan, it’s best, but if not, I’m afraid I will take some time. If I’m a person without a clue, the plan may be delayed again.

     However, at this time, Run An felt that images began to appear in his mind. The figure and name of the fourth person gradually became clear...(Something happened in the morning, a little late. Please also continue to support this book, which will become my biggest motivation!)