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0 Chapter Directory 11 Consternation
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

In front of the dark eyes, it was the public toilet where Zhang Jun had an accident.

      still have three more days time, before that, he there is something he wants to confirm.

     Can Ren Jing see what he can't see?

     She said that with the Ability Promotion, you can see transparent ghosts with naked eyes, or ghosts that can only be seen by normal people through media such as mirrors or photos. If what she said is true, then in terms of her acquired supernatural powers, she would not see that kind of ghost. However, Run An still cannot dispel his doubts. In the final analysis, both ghosts and supernatural abilities are things that human beings cannot understand at present, and it doesn't have any thing at all can be completely confirmed.

     But he did have some concerns. So he opened the door of the public toilet.

     The reason why he dare to come here, he also has enough confidence. He always pays attention to the news from that city, whether it is watching TV or the Internet every day. Although there are always abnormal deaths in that city, according to the hunch, people who should have died before him and Runli can be sure that they are alive. , Because several of them are celebrities. Well, at least until they die, they and Runli will not die. This is the only advantage of the hunch. Before he came to death, even if he wanted to commit suicide, he might not have died. Therefore, even if you enter this public toilet, you will not be caught by that thing like Xia Peng and Ou Xueyan.

     Because after Zhang Jun's accident, the police found him and Runli according to the clues, and learned that Zhang Jun finally talked with Runli in this public toilet, but basically ruled out the possibility of a murder here.There was no one in the public toilet at this time. This feeling of loneliness was uncomfortable. Everything is exactly the same as that day, and even which doors of the single room are open and which are closed, there is no change. To darken (to move or do sth) as softly and quietly as possible, do not want to make any sound.

     At this moment, the sound of pumping suddenly came from a single room with the door closed. This somewhat ran palpitations for Run An, but then calmed down and continued to look around.

     However, after a minute, he began to feel something was wrong. Since all the water was pumped, why didn't the people inside come out yet? Is it very comfortable to stay inside?

     Run An crouched down, looking through the gap under the door...

     That was actually a pair of bare feet! And, completely without Scarlet!

     Run An quickly stood up, gritted his teeth and kicked the door open! However, there is no one inside as empty as anything.

     His spine suddenly became cold, and he stepped back a few steps. This time, he felt what his foot had stepped on. When I looked down, it was a bunch of coiled hoses, which was relaxed.

     But then... he began to feel something wrong again. He remembered that when he entered the public toilet that day, he also saw the pile of coiled water pipes, but he didn't care at the time, but now it is really weird to take a closer look...

     There are two things in the strange place.

     First of all, this water pipe seems to be too long. At a glance, it should have been wrapped at least a few hundred times, and the length has reached half the height of ordinary people. But the water pipes used in the toilet need to be so long?

     Secondly, that is the color of the water pipe!In order to confirm his guess, he picked up the water pipe and squeezed gently.

     how come……

     He still remembers his previous assumptions. Why did Xie Xiaohao's body stay, but Zhang Jun and Xia Peng's body disappeared? And, thought of the keyword that Ren Jing thought of...


     He pulled out the pile of hoses and placed it straight on the ground.

     He saw a scene that made him have one's hair stand on end.

     This is not a rubber hose at all... after pinching it just now, he felt...

      At the same time, Ren Jing was standing in front of the hotel room booked by Xia Peng and Ou Xueyan. She told the waiter that her friend's things were forgotten in the room. Please let her in to get them. The waiter opened the door, and she quickly walked in...

     This is not a water pipe...

     This is Zhang Jun's body!

     When I just pinched it, I obviously felt that this is the touch of human skin!

     Like Xie Xiaohao, Zhang Jun's body was stretched so long that the thickness of the body was like a rubber hose, and then coiled up and placed in this public toilet. Looking at the unfolded "water pipe", Zhang Jun's face, neck, hands, and feet were all twisted and wrapped around his body in this way, and his clothes seemed to have been peeled off. Zhang Jun's face was stretched to about five or six meters, and his appearance was even blurred to see clearly. However, it is still possible to distinguish the completely deformed eyeball and the mouth that has been opened to the maximum...

     "brute!"Fear and anger struck at the same time, and the scene before the death of his parents seven years ago seemed to appear again... He kneels down on the ground, pounding hard on the ground!

     He... will he die in such a horrible future? No, or, worse than him? Will Runli suffer the same fate? Whatever the case he wants to change all this!

     Never let Ou Xueyan die, absolutely not!

     Ren Jing stood beside Ou Xueyan's bed. She sighed saying, picked up an earthy quilt on it, and turned it over completely.

     As expected.

     This is not a quilt, but Xia Peng!

     His body was drawn into a rectangle, the entire head was stretched laterally by several tens of centimeters, and the part below the neck was like Zhang Jun, with his hands and feet twisted with his body...

     Distorted... This keyword is really very relevant.

     Even more terrifying is that Ou Xueyan was actually covering this quilt, waiting for her to pick her up at the hotel!

     She resisted the disgusting feeling and put the bag she brought on the floor, preparing to stuff the quilt into it. If the cleaned person finds out, the police will definitely find Ou Xueyan. If she will be detained in the public security bureau after three days, the plan will not be carried out smoothly. Fortunately, Xia Peng's body has not been found yet... This time, she suddenly heard a scream coming from behind. She looked back immediately and it was... Ou Xueyan!

     "Then... what is that thing? Is it... Xia Peng?"

     Ou Xueyan also couldn't bear the inner fear, yelled escaped.

     "Hey, Ou Xueyan, hello!" She ran into the elevator when Ren Jing chased to the door.After leaving the public toilet, Run An was always in a low mood. He buried Zhang Jun’s body near the toilet, hoping not to be dug out in the future? How many people are going to die? Will each person become that way?

     However, things that make Runan feel horrible still behind.

     His ringtone rang, and the number was from Runli.

     "Hey, Runli, whats the matter?"

     "Brother? That's it, I have a hunch...Tomorrow! Tomorrow Miss Ou...will die."

     Run dark baffling and asked: "Don't you say three days later in the morning? Why is it now tomorrow?"

     "Morning? In the morning, I encouraged my brother to go out and go out immediately. Where did I tell you three days later?"

     "You... didn't you come back once later? Then tell me..."

     At this time, Run An's hand holding the phone was already shaking.

     "No... I haven't come back..."

     "Where are you now? I'll come over immediately!"

     one way or another! First figure out exactly what's going on!

     About an hour later, he already felt Runli’s newspaper office, and it was also time for lunch break. Runli was waiting at the door of the newspaper office for his brother. I saw him running across the road from the opposite road with gasping for air, and then grabbed himself. , Ask: "Run Li, tell me... no, first confirm you whether it is true or false

     "Um... why suddenly ask this? Yes, it's called Harley."

     "Yes, you are Runli."So, who is Runli who came back in the morning? Or, what is it?

     Ou Xueyan ran out of the hotel frantically, and then ran aimlessly on the road! God...what is that thing? Also, why did Ren Jing actually put that thing in a bag? She... Is she also a ghost?

     In short, she dare not believe easily now, only to escape! I ran for about a kilometer on the street, and finally stopped gasping for air, and looked back repeatedly to see if anyone came.

     "What did you say? The exact time of Ou Xueyan's death is tomorrow?"

     After receiving a call from Run An, carrying a bag with Xia Peng's body, Ren Jing was very surprised. How could it look like this?

     She was answering the call at the hotel's parking lot at the moment, and the bag containing the body was placed on the hood of her car, with her back to herself.

     "I called Ou Xueyan's cell phone, and she hung up immediately. Maybe she misunderstood me... In short, she had to find her as soon as possible. She thought that she would die three days later...Before zero tonight, be sure to Find her!"

     Who knows at this moment...

     A hand was actually stretched out of the bag, grabbing Ren Jing's right hand, she suddenly screamed, and then the hand shrank back again. She opened the bag immediately, and it turned out to be as empty as anything.

     "Asshole...what do you want! What do you want!"

     Ren Jing dropped the bag on the ground resentfully, immediately opened the door, and decided to go to the magazine office where Ou Xueyan worked first. Although she is still there, the possibilities are endless close to zero.Must find her! Before Midnight 00:00!

     When she came to the magazine, she just entered the staff office and found that Run An was actually already there. No need to ask, no one knows where she went, and they all said they wouldn't see her after the lunch break. So Ren Jing left Ou Xueyan's friends each with their own hand number, and repeatedly stressed: "I am her friend, Xueyan is very dangerous now, call me as soon as she has news!"

     Ou Xueyan's parents are not in this city, and her friends in this city are in this magazine. Who will she go to?

     "You said she had the possibility to leave the city and go to find her parents in other places?"

     "It's also possible... if that's the trouble."

     After Ren Jing and Run An went downstairs, they decided to look for them separately. This is more efficient. Whoever has the news will call yet another.

     Seeing that she was scared that way in the morning, it is estimated that she probably did not go home. So, where will she go now?

     Run An drove around the city to search, looked at the watch in her hand from time to time, and tried to call Ou Xueyan's mobile phone, but she even turned off. Run angrily threw the phone aside and stepped on the accelerator again. Whatever the case, he didn't want to see another body like that!

     And Ren Jing went to the train station. She knew where the nearest train station was from the hotel. She only used one day period to map the city and remembered it in her mind.

     However, five hours later, the sky gradually darkened, Ou Xueyan still whereabouts unknown.

     Time is getting closer...what should I do?Ou Xueyan walked into a 24-hour restaurant. She really didn't know what to do, and planned to stay here first, whatever the case, where people live in groups, they can always feel at ease. Fortunately, I have a credit card with sufficient amount on my body, so stay here for the time being...

     After ordering some dishes, she felt that her stomach was really hungry, and she wolf down one's food. One of the dishes she ordered was spaghetti. After eating one, it felt a bit weird... where is it?

     It doesn't seem the same as usual...

     She had wanted to call the waiter, but now she wanted to be at dawn, not sure of lasting to evening. Whatever the taste, she could eat it. But after chewing for a few more minutes, it felt too unpalatable. She even spit out all the noodles that had been eaten in her mouth.

     "What's going did this pasta make?"

     Looking down at the plate of spaghetti twisted in front of her eyes, her head suddenly felt dizzy and couldn't help holding her forehead, closes the eyes.

     When she opened her eyes again, the plate... where was the spaghetti, which was twisted into a ball, clearly... the human body! She even saw absolutely clear that one end of Xia Peng's head was stabbed with a fork, and his eyes were staring at oneself...

     "Yes, there are ghosts!"

     She knocked the whole plate to the ground, and the people around her looked with strange eyes. She then yelled: "Help! Who will save me... that, that noodle..."Just as she desperately yelled, several customers came around and looked at each other, however, each person was extremely puzzled because it was ordinary spaghetti.

     "It won't let me go, it won't let me go..."

     Ou Xueyan actually forgot to check out and quickly ran towards the door of the restaurant. The waiter came to stop her, but she was pushed away by her, and then rushed out of the restaurant, which was already dark at night.

     Why is it so dark all of a sudden?

     She raised her wrist and looked at her watch, and the whole person almost froze. She remembered reading the table when she was serving. At that time, it was half past five. It took me at most ten minutes to eat, but now... it is ten 1:50 nine points!

     how come? I closed my eyes just now, and then opened it again, which actually spanned more than six hours?

     Moreover, Still one more minute is Midnight 00:00!