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0 Chapter Directory 12 Box
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

However, she still comforted herself: No, it doesn't matter... Anyway, three days later, I won't have a problem...

     However, her feet still can't help to run, and she didn't know how many streets she ran across. Suddenly she found that the passers-by didn't know why she was getting fewer and fewer. In the end, she found that no one could even see it. Although it is not surprising that there are few people on the street at this time, but... why the lights of the building are all dark. There was less and less light around, and when I raised my head, I could only see a piece of black, and there was no moonlight at all.

     Here... after all...

     The second hand on the watch has gone half a circle, and the time is getting closer and closer to zero.

      unconsciously, she found...

     I can't even see the surroundings! It was completely dark in front of me, and it was no exaggeration to say that pitch-dark! how can it be, this is in a modern metropolis! how can it be will see nothing at Midnight 00:00!

     At this time, a strong breath came from behind! She was startled suddenly, and then heard footsteps behind her.

     "Who? Who is it?"

     She increased the volume as much as possible to be bold, but the footsteps never stopped. At this moment, Midnight 00:00 already passed.

     "Don't... don't chase, please don't come!"

     She immediately let go of her feet and ran desperately. Although her feet were almost exhausted, she knew that once she was caught up, she would die, where would she dare to stop. There was still no light around, and the sound of footsteps behind it also evolved into a running sound, each step was like stepping on the heart of Ou Xueyan.At this moment, she was tripped over what thing, it seemed to be a tough thing. Snow Goose knocked her head on the ground while falling, and sprained her foot heavily. She had to hold the thing stopped/stood. Then, she seemed to feel that the middle of the thing was empty, and in doubt, the surrounding suddenly lit up.

     That tough thing naturally reveals the true face of Lushan.

     Actually... that box again! And it is open at the moment!

     Ou Xueyan had no time to escape, with both hands extended from the box, grabbed Ou Xueyan's arm, and dragged her into the box.

     Then, the box was covered.

     "Ou Xueyan may already be dead."

     Although he hasn't given up searching everywhere, both Runran and Ren Jing have felt very sleepy. Currently already close to noon, the two had eaten until now nothing at all and gathered again at the meeting place-in front of the magazine.

     "When I was at zero, I even went to her apartment to find it," Ren Jing said, leaning against the wall and gasping for air. "Later I went home and slept for four hours and went out again. My phone is still off now. . She may now be ready not in the world."

     Rundang is now also a panda's eye, yawned from time to time, recently the weather has gradually turned cold, looking for Ou Xueyan everywhere at night, so he does not know how many sneezes.

     "Since this is the case, go to the magazine first..."

     Came to the office and asked Ou Xueyan several colleagues, the same result, and her desk is still empty."The boss has got angry and said that she will be fired immediately if she doesn't appear again today." A colleague who seemed to have a good relationship with her said bitterly, "What is the matter about Xue Yan? Did you meet a bad person? If so, call the police as soon as possible. Right! Isn’t her boyfriend the police?"

     Just at this time, suddenly the phone ringing on her desk rang, Ren Jing act without taking time to think and picked up the microphone and asked, "Hello? Who are you looking for?"

     "Is it Miss Ou Xueyan from Kangyue Magazine?"

     Listening to the voice is a man of some age, Ren Jing nodded replied: "I am not, but this is indeed Kangyue magazine. Who are you?"

     "Hurry up and let Miss Ou listen to the phone!"

     "I'm sorry, she's not here, what's the matter, I'll tell you.

     "Really...I am the landlord on the third floor of the Fukang know? The apartment where the murder was committed. She came here with a policeman a few days ago and said that she wanted to see the room where the dead person died. Because she came with the police, I gave them the keys. But who knew they were gone, the keys weren’t even returned to me! I went to the police station to find the policeman, but the person was missing. Now, when I asked the reporter, they told me the name of Miss Ou and the contact number of the work unit. I just called. I have to return the key to me!"

     It turned out that the two of them had an accident because they went to that room.Ren Jing intends to transfer the call to Ou Xueyan’s colleague for them to handle. Who knows that right now a woman’s growl came suddenly on the phone: “Hey, what kind of phone are you still calling? Not coming to help me! The water pipes are blocked. That's it, I have to call the property company quickly. You see, the water in this place! Why is there so much garbage!"

     "What is your name! It’s true, it’s changed like this from the beginning of this morning, and it’s all flooded when draining... Ah, miss, I’m not talking to you, you said to Miss Ou earlier, quickly get the key give me back!"

     Then, the phone hung up.

     "Who called?" Run An asked curiously beside him.

     "Nothing, It doesn’t matter the phone."

     There was a little uneasiness in Run An's heart.

     He felt a strong sense of uneasiness when he sensed that Ou Xueyan would become the fourth victim. In the process of her image emerging and gradually forming in his mind, he felt that something extremely terrible was injected into the body of the Buddha, clearly only a hunch, but every hair on the body of the Buddha stood upright...

     It is definitely not that simple, Ou Xueyan will not be as simple as the previous three...

     "Go eat something first, and you're hungry too. There is a nice western restaurant nearby. Would you like to have lunch together?" After walking out of the magazine, I felt the moistness of stomach rumbling with hunger made this suggestion.

     Ren Jing also felt powerless, and it was time to eat something to mention the spirit, so nodded.This western restaurant is very well decorated, the tables are made of wood, the center is still a touch pool, the ground is paved with pebbles, and there are many leaves hanging on the ceiling. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you feel a strong nature aura.

     After choosing a place to sit down, Run An picked up the menu on the table and turned to Ren Jing, saying, "What do you want to eat? I'm pleased with this meal, I just got the royalties for the new book... You said You have read all my works, so should you read the latest book?"

     "Just do it. Please don't need it? As for the new book, of course I have read it. Your imagination is indeed very rich. No wonder even Hong Kong directors will come to you to make movies. If it is not possible in China, it will not work because of the film review. The system is too strict. In fact, your book can be published as a miracle. After all, it involves too much Monster Power Divine Confusing."

     "Steak or grilled chicken wings how is it? Well, you are right, but writing a book is just to make a living. After all, because I have been moving, I am not in a good mood to study. My education is only junior college. Finding a job is very difficult. , Had to write something online."

     While ordering food and waiting to be served, the two stared at each other, not knowing what to say for a while.

     "You have not thought...the moment when you die in the future?"

     The questioner was Ren Jing.

     Although it was a very unpleasant question, Yun An answered it.

     "Thinking about it. Thinking too many times, it was numb. Finally, I decided not to think about it."

     While he was talking, he played meaninglessly with knives and forks, knocking on the plate, it seemed that this would ease his anxiety slightly."I have not thought once. Maybe...I trust my father very much." When Ren Jing mentioned his father, his eyes were always full of glory.

     "Anyone else besides us?" Run An suddenly asked.


     "I think, since your father is from The Almighty, does he only have a hunch of our siblings? Didn't without other people with spiritual constitutions? In his notes, did he mention more people to find? ?"

     Ren Jing lightly smiled.

     "You really are smart."

      indeed so.

     "He also mentioned that I was asked to find a painter who could see things that ordinary people could not see and painted them, called Ning Luo. But he only gave me this information. There was also a spirit The matchmaker said that this person has strong inspiration and can take out the evil spirits that are boarding the human body. This is already the maximum limit of the spiritual power that humans can possess."

      heard until here, Run An suddenly stood up and said, "Ning Luo? I have seen this person before!"

     "What?" Ren Jing was also at the same time stopped/stood. The people next to him thought they had problems with their brains.

     "At what time? where?"

     "It was about a year ago, when the idea fell into a bottleneck and wanted to find a good place to find materials, so the editor recommended this person, and then told me his address, saying that you can go find him. Because it is a quirk Painter, there are very few people who know him in the industry, he was in contact with him for a period of time..."

     "Then, what happened later?""Remember when he visited him for the first time, his attitude was strange. After seeing me, he first said to drive me away, but then it seemed to feel something, welcomed me into the house, and became very enthusiastic again. Then, he Take me to his studio, then point to his pile of easels, and then ask me, did you see a woman? At that time, I felt very strange, there was nothing there... Now think of it, he should be Stronger alien constitution?"

     "what colour?"


     "What color is his eyes?"

     "Ah, yes, his pupils are dark purple..."

     That's right! This is it! Ren Jing was very excited. He didn't expect to find the third person on his father's list so quickly.

     "Can you take me to him?"

     "Well... of course, after visiting him that time, I got a lot of inspiration, so I was very impressed. I still remember the address of his family. But first solve the problem at hand."

     At this moment, he suddenly realized something, so he asked again: "Wait, why do you ask me the color of his eyes?"

     "The color of the pupil is a manifestation of those with higher spiritual physiques. If the offspring inherit this physique, the eyes will also appear purple. For this type of spiritual physique, the spiritual abilities are unprecedentedly active, but most people have to pass the acquired Only work hard to complete Awakening. If you have a black pupil with alien constitution, if the aura ability can be improved in the future, the pupil will also change color."After ordering the steak and grilled chicken wings, Ren Jing wrapped the napkin and cut the steak carefully with a knife. It seemed to be very skilled and seemed to eat Western food often. Just as she cut a piece and was about to put it in her mouth, the conversation between a pair of men and women at the next table caught her attention.

     "Oh? Is there such a thing?"

     "Looking at the lady who is gentle, under the public place with numerous people, he overturned a plate of pasta on the ground and yelled "There are ghosts", and ran out with no account, and the waiter stopped her Pushing people to dao, I think Bacheng is a bit of a brain problem."

      "Really? That's really troublesome."

     "Also, when I was eating at that restaurant yesterday, when I just sat near the lady, I heard several waiters around me talking, so I asked one of them, guess what's going on? The waiter said that the lady was eating in the restaurant at about five o'clock and half of a plate of pasta was eaten. Suddenly she was sitting motionless like a statue. The whole person was sitting like a fossil. She was sitting until more than eleven o'clock in the evening. The waiter went up several times to ask her if she was uncomfortable, but she didn’t respond. If she probed her nose to see if she was still alive, I’m afraid everyone thought she was dead. She arrived at about twelve before she arrived. When I woke up, I shouted that there was a ghost, and I thought she was like a ghost enough."

     Ren Jing discharged the cow, walked to the next table, and asked the man: "This Mister, the person you just said may be a friend of mine, where are you seeing her?""Oh... do you know her? It's a restaurant in Xiyang Road that is open for 24 hours. The name is'Luyuan'. Alas, miss, it's not my curiosity, your friend..." he pointed. Pointing to his forehead, asking: "Is this place what's the problem?"

     Ren Jing returned to his seat and said, "Let's go... Unfortunately, it's hard to come and eat a Western meal..."

     Arriving in that restaurant, Ren Jing first found a waiter to ask for the details of yesterday, and then told her Ou Xueyan's appearance. The two contrasted and confirmed that it was indeed her. Then he asked, "Since she didn't check out, you naturally chased it out?"

     "Yeah, but after chasing out, I never saw her again. Later we told Lobby Manager that this matter has been reported to the police. Since you know the lady, could you please tell me who she is? "

     At that time, it was close to zero... Could she follow Xia Peng's footsteps, was she killed at zero? But this neighborhood is a prosperous commercial area. If she becomes a twisted corpse, there is no reason not to be discovered...

     Her body... What gesture was distorted into it, and where was it hidden?

     At this moment, she was suddenly excited.

     Could it be that……

     She thinks not to think and said to Run An: "Follow me! Ou Xueyan's body is likely to be there!"

     After getting in the car, Run An closed the door and asked, "Where are you going?"

     "Go to Fukang Apartment."When I came to the Fukang apartment, I found that the ground was actually filled with about fifty centimeters of water, and there was a lot of garbage in the water. The residents gathered together to drain the water into the trash can with a dustpan. each person is cries of complaint fill the roads.

     "What the hell is going on? The water pipe is actually clogged like this, why are the people in the property company not coming!"

     "My house is full of water on the floor now! is there a mistake! I invited a plumber and electrician to come, and I haven’t gotten the drain yet! How do we sleep in this evening like this?"

     "Why is the property so irresponsible! In the end what thing is blocked!"

     Ren Jing looked at this scene, her anxiety continued to increase. Is it...

     Run dark at this time, my heart also vaguely understood a bit. His heart started beating wildly.

     Is it really that right?

     "Go, run dark. I don't want to hear that answer." Ren Jing has buried his head deeply in his knee.

     "Ah, I see..."

     Just when Run An was about to start the engine, there was a sudden exclaim from the upstairs, and then a person's head stretched out the window and shouted: "No...... no way! Just now the electrician wanted to get out the stuff in the drain... ...You, do you know what thing is ticked out? Feet! It’s human feet!"

     The police car quickly gathered in front of the apartment.

     Unlike Xie Xiaohao at that time, this time too many people knew about it.Ou Xueyan's body, a total of 23 meters long, was inserted into the sewer pipe of Fukang Apartment from head to toe. Her body is similar to that of Xie Xiaohao. Although it is elongated into a twisted shape, her bones and muscles have become longer. In this way, she was stuck in the cold and dark sewer with sewage and garbage for several hours.

     Moreover, the police later discovered in horror that on her hand, which had been stretched out to be unusually long, there were traces of scratches on the inside of the drain.

     In other words, her body became like that, staying in the sewer, and actually alive of a period of time? Knowing that your body has changed like this is really ten thousand times more terrifying than death.

     As to what exactly stuffed her into the sewer pipe and how it was stuffed into it, it is already known without any means. This has become an eternal mystery.

     Since then, no twisted corpses have ever appeared. The first terrorist incident faced by Run An and Ren Jing came to an end in this form...

     Trailer: In the second volume of ghost paintings, Run An and Ren Jing decided to look for Ningluo, a painter with a high level of psychic physique, but... Someone broke into Ningluo's house and was cursed. The ghosts lurking in that painting will actually...

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