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    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
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In this World, there are many fields unknown to mankind. There are many places that are restricted areas that humans should not step into.

     Once stepped in, waiting for their ending, only death.

     This story starts from this...

     This is a night with almost no moonlight.

     A villa near the suburbs, standing so alone, looks dilapidated and dilapidated, and doesn't have any vitality.

     "Yuezhen, do you really want to go in?"

     In front of the rusty iron gate outside the villa, four figures stood. One of them was a little dwarf, and he shrunk towards a tall figure beside him: "Listening to people around here, since the owner here has died, it has been abandoned, as if weird noises will be heard inside at night. ...I really don’t want to go in..."

     "Fool, there is nothing to be afraid of, but we have four people!"

     The tall figure said with a smile, and then took out a flashlight and unscrewed the switch.

     These four people are college students, usually the buddies who gather together, and are very interested in some anecdote. The four are three males and one female. The lead person is Duan Yuezhen, and the shorter boy is Gu Jin, and behind him are a man and a woman named Luo Guangming and Zhou Feng, respectively.

     "This lock is really old..." Duan Yuezhen carefully looked at the lock that had been covered in rust and other stains, and said to Luo Guangming behind him: "Guangming, can you open it? We can all look at you .""Well, I'll give it a try." Luo Guangming took out a wire and began to put it in the keyhole. His uncle is a locksmith, so he also learned a little bit of fur. Watching him try to open the lock, Zhou Feng asked anxiously, "Is this alright? Even now this is an abandoned house, we didn't go in like this..."

     "Don't be so chickenpod, Xiaofeng," Luo Guangming opened the lock with the flashlight light on, and said, "Don't everyone say that they are here to explore tonight as a place to try gallbladder games this year? Those places were boring in previous years. Nowadays, cremation is universal and there is no graveyard at all. There are more and more fakes in the murderous house. There are more than one hundred ghost photos. I can’t find a real one. Just come here and see. I heard that The master used to be a painter who could see ghosts. Although he didn't know true or false, it was much fresher than those places before."

     Word spoke until here, just listen to "ge-deng", the lock has been opened, and it is smoother than expected.

     Pushing the iron door open, Duan Yuezhen looked at the villa. It seems to be in the style of a German-style villa, the trees on both sides of the courtyard have withered, and the house itself is very old. When I walked to the door, I found spider webs everywhere and dust.

     "Ok... Go in now."

     The door was unlocked and opened as soon as it was pushed. The entrance is a long corridor, the floor already has cracks, and it makes noises from time to time, it seems that it can be broken with a little force. Many parts of the wall have cracked, the wallpaper has turned yellow, and lime has been oozing out. Although there are lights on the ceiling, there is definitely no electricity. The flashlights carried by four people play a great role here.After walking through several curvy corridors, he finally entered the main hall.

     "Cough...cough..." Zhou Feng couldn't help coughing at this moment, it seemed that too much dust was floating in the air here. In fact, she didn't really want to come by herself. The reason why she came here with the other three people was mainly because Duan Yue really had a relationship. Everyone knows that the two of them are somewhat interesting to each other. For example, because Duan Yuezhen prefers red, Zhou Feng has been wearing a dark red coat.

     Along the staircase where the paint has been removed, walk up slowly one level at a time. The first person is naturally Duan Yuezhen, followed by Luo Guangming and Gu Jin, and the last is to cover the neckline and go around. Zhang Wang's Zhou Feng.

     "This house... seems to be really gloomy," Gu Jin leaned on the handrail of the stairs and took a flashlight around him, as if he did not seem to feel insecure. Luo Guangming's reaction was relatively indifferent, just silently following Duan Yuezhen.

     He quickly reached the corner of the staircase, and had to continue to move forward. At this moment, Gu Jin's flashlight illuminated the front wall. At this moment, he immediately yelled, "Wow! Ghost, Ghost!"

     The three immediately took a flashlight in that direction and saw an oil painting hanging on the wall. In the oil painting, there is a female ghost with blood all over her face. It is really terrifying to see in this environment.

     "What... isn't it just a painting?" Duan Yuezhen even stepped forward to stroke the mo and said, "The painting is...realistic."The background of this painting is a study room. The body of the female ghost is curled up at the desk in the middle of the study room. The body is curled up like a hunchback. The eyes are all white and the pupils are not visible. The blood shed a lot, even It's all on the ground.

     "Gu Jin, you're really shameful," Luo Guangming lifted Gu Jin and said with contempt: "A picture will scare you like this. If a ghost comes out, you're not afraid of peeing pants?"

     "Hey, why is it so unpleasant to say? Luo Guangming, do you think you are so brave? I can guarantee that if this female ghost is true, you will definitely run faster than a rabbit! Do you believe it?"

     "Okay! Both of you will help me become more mature!" Zhou Feng inserted between them, trying to mediate the atmosphere: "We are not here to quarrel, let's just take a picture, let's go quickly."

     "Cut! Don't worry about you!" Luo Guangming raised his head and continued to walk up behind Duan Yuezhen.

     Going to the second floor, it seems that there are more rooms than below. The four chose one room casually and walked in. The floor was covered with paper and discarded paint. Some easels were lying alone in the corner. A Western-style stove was in the room. On the left.

     "Speaking of it, I saw a chimney on the roof just now," Duan Yuezhen walked over to the furnace and looked at it a few times. "It looks like this is the studio of the original easel... It seems that there is still unburnt torn paper in the furnace." Speaking of it, how did the owner here die?"Luo Guangming thought for a while and replied: "This...I am not very clear, but it should not have been killed, but when I asked the neighbors nearby, they didn’t seem to be willing to discuss this matter in detail... Do you feel there's nothing about it about this house? Don't you have a strong sense of supernatural phenomena?"

     "Is there any ghost breath... It seems not obvious. Anyway, let's continue to look at it. Gu Jin, how do you stay at the door, don't you come in?"

     "This room is not big, you can see it absolutely clear when you stand at the door, why do you still come in?"

     Duan Yuezhen picked up the paper on the ground again and covered it with a thick layer of gray. After the photos were taken, the objects painted on it were fuzzy and the colors were chaotic. Could it be an abstract painting? There are also many paints scattered on the ground, which seem to have been unsealed. Of course, the paints inside have already been dried, and there are still many left. Is this painter so wasteful, just throw it on the ground like this?

     "Um... there are easels, paints, and paintings, but two distinct things are missing."

     Luo Guangming asked curiously: "What? Yue Zhen?"

     "Palette and paintbrushes, I don’t know where to place it. I always feel it’s too confusing here...I was thinking, would this painter want to burn these paintings on the ground? But before I could burn it out, just already dead ."

     Zhou Feng also frowned when he heard it and said, "Don't guess it, Yuezhen.""Who said I guessed... The palette and pen were probably thrown away by the original owner, and the paint was all spilled on the ground, even those painters were thrown aside. Why did you say this painter destroyed his own The painting? By the way, I don’t know who painted the painting on the corner of the stairs?"

     "Probably the same painter," Luo Guangming said: "Isn't this painter able to see ghosts and draw them?"

     Suddenly Gu Jin rushed into the room and yelled, "Hey, you, you guys, come and see..."

     "What's wrong with you, make a fuss about nothing." Luo Guangming couldn't stand this nervous guy, he would do so world-shaking if he didn't move, knowing that he would not come with him. Although everyone is working in the same internship unit, Gu Jin is not in the same department as them. Usually, he always looks like fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth. Now it is completely original identity fully revealed.

     Duan Yuezhen walked to Gu Jin and asked, "What happened?"

     "In short, come with me, you know what's going on..."

     The three were suddenly somewhat curious, so he followed him through a corridor to the door of the one room. Then he opened the door and unscrewed the flashlight switch to take a picture inside. The other three were also somewhat astonished.

     This is the study in the painting just now! Apart from the absence of female ghosts, other places are exactly the same. I have to admire the author of the painting, it is like a photo of this study... thought until here, everyone's feet can't help the ground is a little trembling, is there really a female ghost here that has failed?"Cut... here, what is this..." Luo Guangming said with courage: "The female ghost must have been fabricated by the painter. In fact, where will there be ghosts, do you say it is, ah?"

     "I said... let's go back..." Zhou Feng is a girl after all, no matter whether there is a ghost or not, this atmosphere is really uncomfortable, so I hope to go back early.

     Yue Zhen considered and said: "Well, it's not too early, and the house has been seen once, everyone will leave first..."

     Luo Guangming originally wanted to make fun of Yuezhen, but looking at the study, and can't help to have some palpitations, so he pushed the boat along with the current and said, "That, that so be it." As for Gu Jin , Can leave here earlier, naturally seek but fail to get.

     Then, as if they were running away, the four of them accelerated their pace and ran out of the house.

     Just when he walked to the gate, Duan Yue accidentally saw the doorplate hanging at the door.

     "Well, name? I think about it... ah, yes, his name is Ning Luo."

      At the same time, Yi Jia, who was far away in the city, awakened from her sleep. Then, can't help, the image of a person in my mind began to be generated, and some white shadows began to get together, forming a name.

     "Gu, Gu Jin... This man is about to die..."