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0 Chapter Directory 14 Cat's Eye
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Run Li, that person named Gu Jin, you will help you check it. I will go to the suburbs with A Jing to find Mr. Ning."

     This morning, Run Yun got up very early, and she even dressed up and even seldom wore a tie. Run Li thought he was going to attend a formal banquet. But when he heard the original I was going to go out with Ren Jing, and immediately grinningly said: "Brother, didn't you still call Miss Ren? How do you become'A Jing' now?"

     "Talkative... what is love is your brother's freedom! Well, please, please tell me immediately when you have a hunch. Um... yes, to prevent the last situation, let's agree on a secret code? When you say a hunch, you have to say "Black Peak" first, and then the time limit."

     As soon as Runli heard this, he immediately remembered the last thing, and suddenly shrunk, thinking that the thing disguised as himself had entered this house, it was inevitable that shiver all over though not cold. So she hurriedly nodded.

     Before she left her home, Run An also deliberately took care of Run Li: "Remember, Run Li, you are only responsible for providing me with time data. Absolutely, absolutely not to join any specific actions. I am really worried about you, this For seven years, I have been trying my best to protect you."

     Protect you... let you live...

     Runli looked at her brother's extremely determined expression, and seemed to understand what it was, nodded.

     When he came downstairs, Ren Jing's car had been waiting there for a long time."Sorry, A Jing, will you be late for a while?" He opened the door and apologized, but Ren Jing's reaction was not big. Instead, he looked like happy and excited: "It's okay... I can see you today. The third person on my father’s list, I had expected that it would take another year or so to find him. Think about it, it took me three years to find your brother and sister."

     Three years...

     Run An suddenly felt this was a terrible coincidence.

     A Jing’s mother was attacked by ghosts and died three years ago, and he and Runli moved to this city three years ago, and the time coincided so much. Is it really purely accidental? After A Jing's father disappeared, her grandfather helped her buy a house in this city...

     Could it be that everything is manipulated by some kind of power? Isn't his encounter with A Jing not accidental? He couldn't help but recall the experience at her house a few days ago.

     "I'm too naive after all, Ou Xueyan's death proves that we can't fight those injustices and ghosts with such meager supernatural powers, and the mortal body and wisdom will only be fooled by him in the palm of the hand. It will make the hunch unfold as expected. Therefore, improving the supernatural power is the top priority now. I will take you to the basement."Then, Ren Jing came to the basement of her house with her dark, which was so spacious as to be unimaginable, about 3-February football field. There are various rooms in the basement. Some places are filled with weird instruments, while others have many medicines and reagents. The most exaggerated is a room with mirrors on all sides. There, no matter where you look, you can see an infinite number of yourself. According to Ren Jing himself, if one day the supernatural power reaches a considerable peak, you will be able to see something in that infinite self. It sounds really scary.

     "Part of the manufacturing of this basement is based on the content of my father's notes, and part of it is based on the data I collected as a principle. However, most of the research has not yet achieved results, and my spiritual Ability Promotion has not been obvious in the past three years. . But you are different. Your physique is born, so you can play better than me."

     First, I entered the room full of seemingly chemicals, filled with test tubes, beakers, and alcohol lamps, and looked at how it all looked like a chemical laboratory, and there were many chemicals locked in the cabinet on one side."This is the potion I tried to make," she picked up a test tube, and said, "I've already drunk it. It's a medicine that can improve the supernatural power in a short time, but the effect is not obvious. It's on you. I don’t know. The principle is that the underlying genes of the body can be stimulated by drugs, and the undeveloped abilities in the physique are gradually...In fact, it is also based on science. For the existence of extreme mysterious and abstruse It’s really effective to be verified, but there’s nothing about it. Side effects. Would you like to drink it? This is a quick method, and it may reflect side effects on you.”

     Run dark frowns looked at this tube of green liquid, and his disgusting feeling kept rising. Listening to her tone, she wasn’t sure what the medicine would do, and immediately shook the head: “Forget it, quick methods often cost more, or start with the basics.”

     "Okay...but you need mental preparation."

     Then, she walked into the one room with her dark. In that room, there was almost nothing. There were only four corners, and a puppet made of plastic appeared. It also looked rough, completely deadpan, and looked almost the same."I originally wanted to consider the wax figure, but the cost is relatively high, so I replaced it with a doll." She moved a chair and placed it in the center, and then said to Run An: "This method is provided in the father's notes. First you sit On the chair, then I will lock the door. The light switch in this room is outside. Once I turn off the light, you will be in darkness. have to sit here in this attitude, not to eat not to drink ……Until you can hear the sound from the room, once there is a sound, and it is confirmed from the corner, you shout, because I have installed a bug in this room. If I turn on the light, I find out The position of the puppet moves, which proves that your supernatural powers are starting to be activated."

     Run darkly listened, his face almost pale. Isn't this waiting for the hell in disguise?

     "I said... Isn't it better to play Disc Fairy? Isn't it dangerous?"

     "Then take the medicine just now, choose one of two..."

     Runying looked at this room, and didn't know which method was safer for a while. but at this moment, thinking of Ou Xueyan's deformed and distorted body, thinking of himself and his sister in the future Extremely Dangerous, he gritted his teeth, now at this time, how can one think about which method is safer? What if I fear now? He clenched his fists and said, "Well, I'll stay in this room... But will the puppet really move?"

     "I’ve tried it, and after about twenty hours, I heard the sound, and then I took the key to open the door automatically. As a result, the position of the puppet did move... I didn’t lie to you, this it is true."This means that even Ren Jing, who does not have a natural physique, can do it, so it is even more unlikely that there will be problems with darkening? So he decided to accept.

     "Of course, I still have to make it clear to you that there are definitely dangers. I don't guarantee that you will survive at that time. If you are dies here, then it means your supernatural talent is only this."

     Why is this so much like the lines in Japanese anime during the trial and test?

     Either way, Rundang decides to accept it. If he does have supernatural powers, then he can certainly do this.

     Locked in this room with puppets on all sides, the darkened heart really jumped for a while, but after about half an hour in the past, he gradually calmed down.

      left nothing to be afraid... he comforted himself like this. In the past, I only knew blind escape, so I was always fooled by fate. Now, I can only gain a slim chance of survival by heading straight up.

     Yes... only this...

     Because the phone was also taken away, basically unable to know the time around. This room is also very well built, and no light can penetrate through, so even after so long, the surroundings are still dark.

     The dark ears are always watching around, and at this moment he will notice even the sound of a needle falling on the ground. However, the surroundings are simply deathly silent.

     With complete isolation from the outside world, he spent several hours unconsciously, and even started to get sleepy, and he had never eaten or drank water, and was physically fatigued, not to mention the dark environment around him. Fight with enthusiasm."Why, how do you get sleepy... really, can't sleep..."

     Where did he know that it was close to Midnight 00:00 at this time, and it was a ridiculous thing not to be sleepy. Although he tried his best to keep his eyes open and even swing his arms, he wasn't resisted by manpower. Soon, he finally couldn't beat the sleepy rounds offensive and entered the dream completely.

     I don't know how long it took him to rub his eyes and wake up, however...

     He felt something pressing on himself!

     "Really didn't expect you actually fell asleep."

     On the way to Ningluo's house, Ren Jing did not forget to ridicule a few words.

     "But if you wake up a few minutes later, maybe you can't sit beside me now."

     Run Anxin said bitterly, "It's weird... I said that the puppet wouldn't be put on me while I was asleep?"

     "You what a joke, if so, am I not afraid to wake you up? Why should I do that again?"

     Although he knew that Run An was not saying this seriously, Ren Jing still felt angry and amused again. Rundang was more relaxed, looking at the scenery that gradually became verdant and lush outside the window, and said with emotion: "In the city, apart from the tall buildings or tall buildings, I can't see the horizon at all. The air is also very fresh. This city is located in the coastal area and the fishery is also very developed. If it is a farmhouse here, there may be very fresh seafood. Can perhaps consider buying some and going back to try it for Runli."

     "I said to you... there is really no tension..."For A Jing, it was a blessing to find a partner like him... She still remembers that after the experiment of the puppet room ended that day, when she parted, she said to Run An: "There is something, please you."

     "What? You say it."

     "In the future we will not only be a cooperative relationship, but also a partner of life and death. In the future, don't call me'Miss Ren'. It sounds very out of the ordinary, there is no feeling of a partner. You... call me'A Jing' how is it? Since my mother died and my father disappeared, I have never heard anyone call me..."

     "Um... well, then, bye, A Jing!"

     Run dark agreed readily. He now also understands A Jing's personality and is very fond of her, so he is also happy to call her by the tone of his partner. At the same time, I also made an appointment with her to see Ning Luo. I originally planned to call to speak with the other party first, but I couldn't find the paper with the contact number. It turned out that the editor who told him the address of Ningluo was also transferred to a branch in the field. Therefore, only to take the liberty to disturb.

     Ning Luo seems to be very interested in people with supernatural abilities, so he should also welcome A Jing by then?

     Not far away is the house. After getting off the car, he suddenly felt something's wrong. The house looked a bit broken, and the trees in the courtyard were all withered. He remembered that Ning Luo paid great attention to maintaining these plants. An unknown hunch began to rise in his heart.

     Walking to the iron gate, he immediately discovered that the lock had been opened. Is it a thief? But the more shocking thing is still behind. He looked on the ground and found out..."Why, how could it be..." A Jing crouched down and looked at the trace.

     "It should was left yesterday, how could it be..."

     The two quickly opened the door and rushed into the room. There is not a soul in sight, but the trace has been guiding them. Along the trace, they have found its end... No, it should be more appropriate to start.

     "Look, there is an obvious handprint on it, because there is dust on the side, only there is no gathering here. I also found it just now, there are several broken spider webs from the door to the end of the corridor, there are also footprints on the ground, there are people visible Been here, and it should be just recently. But... this trace... this blood stain is what's going on?"

     The two were standing in front of the painting at the corner of the staircase at the moment. There was a study in the painting. At a glance, they recognized this as a room in this house, and on the floor in the center of the study, there was a pool of blood , That blood extends to the edge of the painting.

     Readers should note that somewhere is wrong? That's right, the female ghost that should have been in the painting... it's gone!

     But still more scary still behind!

     The blood stains that extended to the edge of the painting actually spread into reality! The blood stains start from the frame and extend to the outside of the painting, and then follow the stairs to the gate! Moreover, this blood stain vaguely formed the silhouette of a crawling person!


     Suddenly Ah Jing squatted down holding her head, and then she felt her head humming, and then the keywords she had foreseen flashed in her mind.

     "Ghost painting... Is ghost painting the key word this time?"At the same time, Gu Jin was eating instant noodles at home with nothing to do. I went to the weird house yesterday, and now I feel uncomfortable to the extreme. I don’t have to go to the internship unit today, so I stay at home alone. His this was originally so students who came from abroad, and their parents were not in this city. They rented this apartment alone, and their parents would send money every month.

     "Really... I didn't listen to Yue if I knew it, and I urged me to go, and I said what this is the moment to experience the man's style. Who would eat enough to go to that kind of gruesome house, and return to the man's style... come on Well, I don’t want to be cool in front of Xiao Feng, what time is it, so old-fashioned!"

     This instant noodle has been eating for a long time, and the taste has become like chewing wax, but for him living alone in the apartment, this is the most labor-saving and cheapest food, and he also chose a lot of brands of instant noodles.

     After swallowing the last noodle, he threw the instant noodle box on the ground and lay on the bed. This room is as chaotic as a dog kennel, the ground is full of used newspapers and napkins, and the bookshelves are also in a terrible mess, full of comics and DVDs.

     "Alas... It's a rare day to rest, and I don't know what to do. The weather is too cold when I go out, and there are no good movies recently," he sighed from time to time, holding the pile of smelly socks on the bed that had not been washed for three days. ."It's really inconvenient to live alone... I knew that I had to find a roommate when I rented the apartment." Gu Jin thought about it. Is there anyone in the unit who can share with himself? He remembered that a few people came from abroad and could not find a house for the time being. They still live in the dorms of the school, but it was inconvenient to draw water and take a bath in that place, and they also had to line up.

      At this time, the phone rang suddenly. He jumped up immediately, looked around, and found the phone from a pile of yellow pocket books about a minute later.

     "Hello, who?"

     "Gu Jin? This is Luo Guangming."

     "Oh, you, what's the matter? Do you want to ask me to play basketball? Yes..."

     "What kind of basketball do you play? I can't pass it to you. Maybe you won't find you in a bunch of people..."

     Gu Jin immediately scolded into the microphone: "Dead Luo Guangming, I didn't count enough for me last night? If you talk about these nonsense, then I have no time to accompany!"

     "Okay...just kidding you, why are you so excited? That's it, I might have to work overtime the day after tomorrow, but I have already made an appointment with Yuezhen to sing karaoke, why don't you help me do the work? Rest assured, no Let you do it in vain. I will invite you to dinner afterwards."

     Gu Jin heard that the word "generational shift" was already one of the first two, and he would still consider it. He refused: "No, I still like to stay at home.""Oh, are you still angry about the joke just now? Sorry, next time everyone will play basketball and call you okay? When the time comes, please invite you to dinner, you can order whatever you want, and I still save a little salary. After all, Heyue I made an appointment a week ago, and even booked the box, but now I don’t want to go, how disappointing. How is it? ”

     "Cut... I think about it, I will answer you later."

     After speaking, no matter what Luo Guangming said, just hang up the phone.

     Alright...Go sing karaoke and not call me I won't go, see what you do!

     At night, he was awakened by strong urination, rubbed his eyes, stretched his waist, got up and put on a dress and walked towards the toilet. After he came out, because he closed his eyes in a confused way, the person who was supposed to be back to the room actually walked to the entrance, then bumped his head against the gate, and then woke up.

     I don't know if it was a coincidence. This collision, his left eye, just aimed at the cat's eye on the door.

     And at the moment of open eyes, he saw a scene that made him the soul flies away and scatters.

     In front of his door, there is a long corridor with a corner at the end to go down the stairs, because now everyone uses the elevator, and few people walk around there. It is probably around midnight.

     And just around the corner, he actually saw a woman covered with blood and dishevelled hair standing there, facing the door of his house straight! And...and...

     That woman is like the female ghost in that painting!