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0 Chapter Directory 19 Purple Pupil Man
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"We do not have been here, you remember this too."

     After walking out of the room, A Jing locked the door with the master key in her hand, and said to Yue Zhen: "Otherwise, we will have a serious suspicion of murder, and talk to your friends. Sorry, just after all, time is running out. Find a suitable place and we have important things to talk to you about."

     When he went downstairs, Guangming remained in the car because he was very concerned about Gu Jin's current situation.

     "he died?"

     After confirming this from Yue Zhen's mouth, if he encountered thunder from a clear sky, he was almost unbelievable. So, was he also killed by the female ghost?

     "First of all, I want to explain to you the whole story."

     The place of explanation was placed in the old fisherman's house. In the simple farmhouse, a table of eight immortals was placed, and the four sat down and looked at each other in silence. if this is not the case because it is as empty as anything on the table, it looks like playing mahjong.

     "I just took the knife to your neck and I'm really sorry," A Jing completely recovered his kind expression at this moment, and Run An also apologized to their two people, and gradually they also understood that the two should not be bad people.

     "I need you to tell me the reason." Yue Zhen held his chin and looked at the dark side sitting opposite him, to draw blood on the first prick and asked, "Are you a person with Prophetic Ability?"

     clever!"I never told anyone about entering the house, what the hell was going on, the people who knew were limited to just a few of us, but you could predict his time of death, not even one minute and one second Poor, this basically impossible is what ordinary people can do. Although some people with strong inspirations have collected information in the past, they will have premonition information, but it is the first time I have actually seen it."

     "Yes, I do have a premonition ability. Since that is the case, it will be convenient for me to speak...Mr. Ning Luo, like me, is a person with similar abilities. Do you know that he has a purple pupil? A symbol of this ability. Because my ability is still in its initial stage, the color of the pupil is no different from that of normal people."

     Yue Zhen observed the dark expression, and wanted to find some spider's thread and horse track at any time. As for what he said, he also quickly analyzed the authenticity. After listening to his remarks, he immediately asked: "So, do you know that Mr. Ning's death was because of...the ghost in the painting? If so, since he also has a premonition ability, he wouldn't justify painting. Those paintings are right..."

     "Because the relationship is not complete."

     Interrupted is Ah Jing.

     "Although the predictor of the purple pupil can largely predict everything related to the future, but the defect is that it completely depends on the predictive ability of Innate Physique, which is often incomplete. Only with Innate Physique, and after the acquired The ability to stimulate can only reach the real The Almighty. Even us, the ability to foresee is also limited, otherwise you will be able to find you long ago."It is the first time that Run An Ding heard this statement. In other words, did A Jing's father have the hunch of The Almighty because he had Innate Physique and was stimulated by the loss of his wife the day after tomorrow? Even the same person with Innate Physique has different abilities. Even the color of his pupils is not purple, and the gap with these people is probably really big. If you can have a person with a purple pupil as a companion...

     "So, once the death date in the hunch is reached, we will have mortal danger?" Luo Guangming asked anxiously: "But, you must have a way? Can you foresee where the ghost will appear? Or when will it appear? ? Then we can avoid it..."

     "Our premonition cannot reach this level. But for the people of Innate Physique," A Jing went on to say: "The premonition of the danger of ghosts will be stronger than that of ordinary people, and their existence can be felt within a certain range. But it also depends on detailed circumstances. After all, for ghosts, we are almost not knowing anything at all. At this stage, it doesn’t have any way to fight or kill ghosts, at least not with human power. So, if you want to live..."

     Suddenly Yuezhen and Guangming were almost holding the breath, waiting for her answer.

     "Only rely on supernatural powers to avoid ghost attacks... This is the only way!"A Jing's experience value is almost zero for protecting people from ghost attacks. The data collected so far can be said to be pitiful, and no clear judgment can be made at all. Frankly, if she were to be objectively estimated about their life and death, then the probability would never be higher than 1%. The darkened supernatural ability is still in the activated state, and the pupils have not changed color. In this state, the contest with the ghosts does not mean that there is any chance of winning.

     However, she has another consideration. At present, there is too little actual combat experience, so increasing his chances of contact with ghosts can also make him familiar with this situation as soon as possible.

     Moreover, what A Jing fears and worries most about is not such a ghost that will show shape. What is really scary is the curse that has no substance at all and cannot be touched and seen. If you encounter such a situation, no matter how powerful the supernatural power is, it is useless. Once you suffer such a curse, it is absolutely dead. There is no possibility of one thread, one hair survival.

     The biggest horror is nothing more than pure unknown, doesn't have any form of enemy...

     "Next, let me explain..." Run Angang just wanted to explain to the two of them. Suddenly thought of something, he immediately asked: "Wait... Are you and Gu Jin three? There is without other people?"

     Yue Zhen suddenly shivered, nodded.

     "There is still one girl, she has seen the painting too. Is it necessary to see the painting? What is this? It is reasonable! We and the female ghost lacking hatred and enmity, why should we die? No?"Seeing them at the moment, A Jing is like seeing himself three years ago. Do not understand that such a kind and gentle mother, will be killed in such a cruel way, and even unable to understand why even he must be cursed. She once hated the fate that God had given herself, and she didn't know how many times she wanted to know, why is this all this?

     But in the past three years, she has gradually got used to it. Regardless of anyone, no matter what the person has done, it may be given this fate. No one can answer her reason, want to live, only to struggle to survive.

     "In that case, let's wait until people get together and talk about it. First... the meeting place is selected in Luo Guangming, your home, and then after you three gather together, I tell you how to live in the next days. Remember, don’t think for oneself and act accordingly to make any reckless moves, only to obey our arrangements, there is a slim chance of survival. When my sister anticipates your date of death, I will inform you immediately, then Take precautions. Emphasize again...don't give up! No matter what the case must have the faith to live!"

     This sentence can also be said to be a great encouragement to the two in this almost desperate situation. Although I don't know if I can survive, but since there is hope, of course I have to swear to death.

     After the two left, A Jing and Run An left the farmhouse and walked to the nearby coast. At the moment, the sea breeze is strong and the waves are high. In the distance is the horizon of the Darkness Camouflage."I want to test what stage your psychic ability is currently reaching, and then develop countermeasures. I have been difficult to continue to enhance my psychic ability because it is not a natural physique, but you are different. Because your pupils have not changed color, I Don’t dare to expect too much, but at least, you must be able to resist the visible ghosts.”

     Run An asked suspiciously: "So... how to test? Can you still release a ghost?"

     "It's simple. In fact, this beach should be very'crowded' now."

     As soon as this remark came out, Run An's back suddenly became cold. He slowly turned around and asked her, "You... don't you kidding me, okay?"

     "Why should I make such a joke with you? Although my supernatural power is not strong, it is enough to take supernatural photos. Last night I took many photos on this beach. That old fisherman was right, the sea There are many invisible ghosts. Now, maybe there is a ghost behind you..."

     When A Jing spoke, she deliberately made her tone darker. No matter whether it was true or not, Run Dark began to fear.

     "Declare in advance that I absolutely joke with you. This is true. This beach is now packed with ghosts. I am afraid that they are the souls of people who died in shipwrecks. You will immediately release your supernatural powers and then drive them away. If after an hour, I take a picture of you and find that there are no ghosts around you, it proves that your supernatural ability can already resist ghosts."

     Run An understood that it was another trial of gambling.There is only one life, how can you bet like this? Although he already has consciousness, he is always afraid of death. Although according to the hunch, he will never die now, but after all, no experiment has been done, and the possibility that he will dies here cannot be eliminated by 100 percent.

     One hour? Stay on a beach full of invisible ghosts? Even just standing motionless like a statue, is this enough to drive people crazy, and at the same time also release the supernatural power to drive out the ghosts around?

     "I'm also in danger, don't forget this."

     A Jing actually sat leisurely on the beach, watching the dark face with sweat and said: "In these seven years, you should have tasted all the despair? Don't think it's an easy thing to live. Don’t expect Remove Curse without difficulty. In this world, there is no such power. If there is no such consciousness, I suggest you commit suicide now. But if you want to have a future with your sister, then you are now Bear all the dangers. Even if you might die, you have to dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety, without the slightest hesitation to accept all the tests!"

     Run An was shaken by A Jing's words. Is his consciousness really not enough? To survive... is really a very heavy word. For a man like him who is cursed, only by betting his life can he fight fate...

     So he continued to release the supernatural powers in his body. As the process progressed, he also felt more and more clearly that there were indeed many unknown things around him. I also heard many whispers in my ears. Although it was not very clear because of waves, it was indeed very close to him.A large group of ghosts are gathering on this beach now! He can already be sure of this!

     To live...must order to have tomorrow, to protect Runli... he is constantly instilling faith in his heart, and fighting against the constant fear in his heart.

     The surrounding unconsciously became darker and darker, the sea was facing the darkness like a big mouth opened by the demon, and the whispering sound became louder and louder. There are more and more psychic abilities emanating from Run Dark, which even makes him feel as if his body is evacuated, but he still clenches his teeth in place.

     An hour said it wasn’t long, and can't be said it's short. When Ah Jing announced that the time had come, he wanted to escape from the beach immediately, but his legs were almost too soft to walk, and one stumbled on the beach. Then, Jing took a picture of him. She is using a digital camera, and she can immediately see the images she has taken. She took a closer look at the photos. There is indeed no ghost around the darkened area!

     "It's amazing..." A Jing was surprised by the result. In fact, she said that she wanted to drive away the ghosts around her, and the requirements were too high. She initially expected that the ghosts around him would be reduced as long as he passed. After all, his supernatural power has just been activated.

      Thus …the next day, she will have confidence to save the three people who are alive. However, these ghosts on the sea are completely minor magician in the presence of a great one compared to the terrifying wraiths in Ningluo's paintings, so it is impossible for Run Dark to drive them away as they are now.

     "You worked hard, darkened." After lifting him, A Jing showed him the picture."You succeeded! Next, you must save those three people!"

     However, the next who is it?

     In the urban area, Runli, who had just finished her work and left the newspaper, walked alone on the street. I don’t know how my brother and Miss Ren are going. How many people can be saved this time?

     While walking on the crosswalk of the road, she suddenly saw an exceptionally delicate and pretty man walking across. The man looked like he was in his twenties, tall and tall enough to be a model, and under his broad forehead was a pair of... purple pupils?

     At the moment when the two passed by, the handsome man with purple eyes said to Runli.

     "You... haven't awakened yet..."

     Run Li looked back at the man's back in surprise, shouting: "You... What is it mean?"

     "Look forward to the next time you meet, you can grow to that extent."

     When he said this, he also turned back deliberately, and the purple pupils exuded a strange breath, which made people feel very uncomfortable. And his expression was unusually cold. Runli wanted to run over and ask, but by this time the green light had changed to a red light, and she had to leave.

     When the red light turns green and Runli runs to find, where can I see the person's figure?

     Who is that man? What on earth did he know?