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0 Chapter Directory 26 Memories
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Ying Xuan habitually opened the calendar again today.

     It has been 100 days since that day.

     Her current work unit is a large company responsible for advertising planning, and she works in the creative department. This company is also very famous in this city, and many brand-name product advertisements are planned by it.

     But she didn't work here because of this. She left the original company, too. Since that day, she hopes to change the environment. That horrible scene can't be forgotten until now. In the end, not only did he choose to move, he had to change his job.

     She didn't know what she was afraid of, but she felt instinctively dangerous.

     The newly moved apartment is completely incomparable with the previous residence. The location is not good, but the security is quite peaceful. Because apartment prices are very cheap, rich people will not live here. Without high-income people who can be targeted, thieves or robbers will naturally not patronize here.

     However, even so, she was not at ease and locked the door of the house three times.

     When parents abroad called to greet her, she knew that she was too sensitive. But only she knew that it was not oversensitive. In fact, she felt a strong anticipation of danger from an early age. Once when I was a kid, my friend invited myself to watch a movie. It was an American blockbuster she had been looking forward to, but she refused don’t know why, only because of oneself had some unknown hunch. As a result, the cinema was on fire that day, and all her friends were buried in flames, and none survived.There are many similar examples in her growth process. She began to be more and more convinced of her hunch, but this time, she would rather consider herself oversensitive.

     However, the letter in her hand at this moment made her realize that her alertness was not wind from an empty cave.

     The person who sent the letter was Lin Yanchen, a colleague of her past company.

     The letter was not long, just a message to her.

     Zuo Xin is dead.

     The colleague who had the best relationship with her in the past died.

     Moreover, it was killed. The location of her dead body was on the rooftop of the apartment where she lived, and the first person found was the speech. The cause of death was that the larynx was cut off and died of massive bleeding. Zuo Xin's memorial service will be held at 7 o'clock tomorrow. Yan Chen specially wrote to invite her to attend the memorial service.

     Probably, it feels more formal to write a letter, so instead of calling and sending emails. It really looks like Yan Chen's character.

     It might be strange to say this, but Ying Xuan doesn’t want to go.

     This is the second time.

     The sad feeling never happened. All she felt was fear. She crumpled the stationery, clasped her shoulders with both hands, and leaned her head against the wall.

     She has known Zuo Xin for three years. The two of them met when they first applied to the company together. They were originally with swords drawn and bows bent, but after they became colleagues, they were divided into the same department and gradually became good friend. In today's society, she is also very aware of the dangers of the workplace, so it is really not easy to maintain a deep emotion with colleagues. And the relationship between them is always good.

     But she was so dead...The letter also said that although the fatal wound was the cut of the throat, but before then, there have been countless knife wounds all over the body. The murderer's tactics are extremely cruel, make one's hair stand up in anger.

     During these days, she has always deliberately not read newspapers and news, so not knowing anything at all for this case.

     She knew who killed Zuo Xin. Although there was no evidence, she knew who. This matter really will not end.

     The next day, it seemed to coincide with such a sad atmosphere, and even the sky was pouring down.

     In the memorial hall, everyone was dressed in black, and before Xiao Xin's portrait, her parents were already crying. At the corner of the venue, a man was squatting. Pushing the lid open, his hand shivered slightly and lit a cigarette with a lighter.

     His hair looked messy, his eyes full of haggard, the buttons of his clothes weren't buttoned properly, and his tie was twisted.

     "Your image is too bad, righteous?"

     Ying Xuan put down his bag, crouched in front of him and asked, "Tell me. What the hell happened?"

     Yan Chen breathed out a cigarette and replied with confused eyes: "Maybe I could have stopped it. It is exactly one hundred days to this day."

     "Why say that? You said you could have stopped it?"

     "After you resigned, Xiaoxin, Zhu Mian and I still worked in the company as usual. But gradually, I began to find that Xiaoxin's situation was not right."

     "What? Not right? What do you mean?""Her complexion is getting worse, she often screams baffling, and her mother said that she couldn’t eat almost every day before she was killed, even if she asked her, she said nothing. On the day of the accident, I was staying at her house, trying to persuade her, and asking her questions. But suddenly she yelled hysterically, and then rushed out. Then I watched her get on the elevator and reach the top floor. I Worried about her accident, she also ran down the stairs to the top floor... Then, when she heard her screams again, she ran to the rooftop and saw that she had fallen whole body covered in blood...."

     Listening to him such a saying, Ying Xuan's complexion became worse and worse.

     "You... what does it mean?"

     "I think you should understand it too? What does this mean?"

     If you immediately went to the rooftop after hearing the scream, and then found the body, then... there was a huge contradiction.

     Why would Yan Chen not find the murderer?

     "I can’t understand it. At that time, when I arrived on the top floor, I suddenly heard a few screams of terrifying to the extreme. When the lock came from the rooftop and was about to go up, the screams had just stopped. I didn't see anyone in the corridor."

     "When you reach the rooftop, will Xiaoxin already dead?"

     "Yes... when I saw her bleeding, everyone knew that she was definitely dead. It can be said that the murderer must have been stained with blood, and the police could not find a witness around the apartment. See similar people."

     Isn't that... then isn't that very similar to that time?

     The only difference is but...Ying Xuan looked at the center of the meeting room crying and grabbing the earth, Xiaoxin's mother who had almost fainted. She didn't know how to comfort her.

     "I always can't do whats the matter. If I didn't have the motivation to kill Xiaoxin, the police might doubt me. Ying Xuan, you think that the person who killed Xiaoxin is the same as the person who killed Fujiyuki. Personal?"


     "Look at it!"

     Runli threw the newspaper angrily in front of A Jing and shouted at a high decibel volume: "A young girl who is so young just died like this. It's all about saying you don't interfere with the hunch temporarily! Her age Just like me, there is a great future! And, it's so miserable..."

     A Jing picked up the newspaper and scanned it roughly, sighed saying: "This is also impossible. Even if we intervene, she may not survive."

     "But maybe she can survive! At least you and your brother should also inform her! No matter what method is used! Before then the dead woman named Fan Tengyue was killed by ghosts? These two people are People from the same company died on the date I expected. Don’t tell me it’s a coincidence!"

     "I wonder how you know that Zuo Xin's death was not artificial, and I thought Run An told you that it was originally speculated by you."

     "Isn't that the problem... Also, do you and your brother still don't have any clues from that psychicist? If you drag on like this, I don't know how many people will die!"A Jing's slender nails walked lightly on the table, and he answered indifferently: "It doesn't matter. I have my own way to find her. The number of people with that physique will die no more than me. My father was young, since it is enough to filter the criminal case data over the years."

      "Huh?" Run Li does not understand such thing and asks: "Speaking of it, why do people with spiritual physiques continue to die around them?"

     "You don't need to know this."

     At this moment, Runli suddenly realized what she had, and quickly grabbed A Jing's hand and asked: "Is this the real purpose of our parents letting us escape and no longer contact any relatives? Because anyone who has a relationship with us will die ?Is my parents dying because of this? I felt strange at the time. Even if I left a message about the three claw marks in my parents’ diary, my brother’s determination was too firm, and he didn’t miss the city where he was... Could it be that the parents left that part of the content in the diary, but the brother ripped off a page that recorded that part?"

     "You ask your brother, how can I know?"

     "Tell me! Dad and mom will die. Is it related to our spiritual constitution?"

     "Of course it has nothing to do with you."A Jing shook Runli's hand away and rubbed it a few times, saying, "It hurts a lot... I can't think your hand is full. You two haven't even changed the pupils, and the supernatural ability is completely out of latent state, so in adulthood In the past, it would not have caused the death of those around you... It is estimated that the death of your parents is because one of them has a spiritual constitution, but it is also the same as you, because the spiritual ability is at a low level, so the pupils have not changed color. However, even those with unchanging supernatural physiques will gradually wake up in adulthood, stimulated by some external factors. Your parents probably incurred those things soon after their awakening.

     "Incurred? Will the supernatural constitution bring disaster?"

     " don't have to think too deeply... this is also a problem of probability. First of all, I assure you that the death of your parents, It doesn’t matter with you and your brother..."

     However, Runli's expression is still full of pain.

     "But... can it be determined at 100 percent? Although we were still underage when our parents died, we are about to reach adulthood. What if our abilities begin to awaken at that time? We don’t have a hunch soon after our parents die. Ability? Isn’t that right?"

     "What the hell do you want to prove?" A Jing's face gradually became unhappy.


     A Jing folded the newspaper on the table and said, "Your thoughts have no meaning at all. No matter what your parents died for, nothing will change. What matters is the future!"

     The tears of Runli couldn't stop flowing down."I... if so, would I not be able to make friends with anyone anymore? Even in the future, I can't fall in love with anyone, otherwise it will kill each other? Will my supernatural powers cause disaster?"

     "I don't know. The way forward will only depend on your own exploration, and how to do it is up to you. If you have time to consider these issues, it is better to find more information, find Wen Zimei as soon as possible, and enhance your brother's supernatural ability."

     "This is yours new home?"

     "Yeah, because it is second-hand housing, and the location is not good, so the price is not too expensive."

     After Yan Chen drove Ying Xuan back to her house, Ying Xuan insisted on letting him sit up. When entering the living room, simple furniture and a small area made Yan Chen feel a little emotional.

     "What are you afraid of, right?"

     Ying Xuan did not replied, but chose to avoid the topic: "You are the same, right? For that scene, the scene where Fujiyuki died... Until now, I can clearly recall that scene, I can remember The clothes she was wearing at that time, remember the indoor temperature at that time, and even remember..."

     "Enough! Don't say it, okay!"

     Yan Chen hugged his head, and he was obviously extremely uncomfortable with the topic. He shouted hysterically: "That guy. We all know that. You, me, and the bamboo crown. At that time, wouldn't we all see absolutely clear? He would kill us all, and none of them would be left. !"

     Yes... he is right.

     Everything started on that day...