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0 Chapter Directory 27 Disappeared Room
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

that afternoon ......

     "Ah? You two met when you came to apply?"

     The two most attractive women in the planning department of Dongyu media company are Zuo Xin and Tang Yingxuan. At this point, the entire company has reached a consensus. What's interesting is that the characters of these two people are almost entirely opposite, and they are still good friends.

     Zuo Xin is optimistic and enthusiastic, with short, refreshing hair, eyes always bright and piercing, as long as she is in the office, she will be happy laughter and cheerful voices constantly, she will always tell a lot of jokes I don’t know from where, and the tone of the speech is also It seems to be a cross talk, but also comforts others, loves to be unbalanced, so the relationship is very good.

     Tang Yingxuan is different, being introverted and quiet, doing things in a low-key manner, and keeping her duty. Even when everyone gathers together to discuss, she rarely expresses an opinion, and has always adopted a wise man looks after his own hide attitude, and her planning The cases are very good, with serious work, cautious and conscientious, so the superiors appreciate her, and recently I heard that she might be given a salary increase.

     And every office will have gossip time, gathering such two beauties, the topic is naturally impossible.

     Fan Tengyue is also a veteran in the planning department. She worked in the company after graduating from university and has passed for six years. On this day, during the daily gossip time, she started asking all sorts of questions to Zuo Xin again.

     "Well, yeah!" Zuo Xin sat on the swivel chair, his finger turned a ballpoint pen quickly, and said: "Ying Xuan was really nervous at the time, if this is not the case I..."

     "Uh hum..."At this time, a man in his early thirties entered the office and swept left and right. Everyone returned to their homes at a speed that was too fast to cover their ears. The office immediately crow and peacock make no sound.

     "Now it's too late to install the staff again! It's fun to talk, don't do the things explained above? Listen, you several of you have to stay overtime this evening! The planning case will be handed over to review tomorrow, You guys are still lazy for me!"

     His name is Sun Zhumian, and he is the leader of Ying Xuan's planning team.

     In short, everyone in this group was left to work overtime. At that time, Ying Xuan didn't even think that all of those people had fallen into a curse of being unable to escape this night.

     At about eleven o'clock in the middle of the night, there were five people left in the planning department office at the moment, including Sun Zhumian, the team leader, and Fan Tengyue, Tang Yingxuan, Lin Yanchen, and Zuo Xin. Several consecutive hours of work have made several people feel eyelid fights. Although they have poured a few cups of coffee, they have no use at all. They don’t know at all whether they can finish their work before twelve o'clock.

     "Everyone to pull oneself together!" Of course, Team Leader Sun also found everyone's tired face. In fact, he was also very tired himself, but if this planning case cannot be handed in in time tomorrow, he cannot afford this responsibility, so even if it is Stay through the night and you must finish it! "

     "Um...oh, team, team leader..."

     Fujiyuki can now fall asleep just by leaning her head against the wall. At this moment, her mind is confused. Leader Sun looks at her like this, and shook the head, asking, "What happened? Xiaofan?"

     "I want to go to the toilet...""Okay, go back quickly!"


     Looking at her leaving the office without a spirit, Team Leader Sun is also full of ups and downs. Can this plan be completed on time? The time given above is really tight. So, he continued to urge the other three people: "Move as fast as possible. Everyone can rest assured that today's work will be completed. I will report to the above and raise salary for each of you! So come on!"

     Hearing this sentence, it was like injecting a stimulant into everyone's body, especially Zuo Xin. She seemed to be full of horsepower, and she quickly started typing on the keyboard. She looked at the file in a similar pattern and similar manner. The vice-dispirited and listless look, currently already fully resurrected.

     Ying Xuan's mouth twitched slightly, feeling a little cannot help laughing. She is the only one in this office who has no worries, and since she was young, that's it, the mental power can be very easy to focus on.

     However, as time went on, each person began to feel wrong.

     Why hasn't Fujiyuki returned yet?

     The toilet was out of this office. Turn left and then turn right. She has been working in the company for so long, and it is impossible to find it. What the hell is this?

     "Is it because she was too tired to go back?"

     Zuo Xin proposed this possibility, but then was rejected by the team leader: "Impossible! Xiaofan has always been a model employee of the company, not the kind of reckless and impulsive people. Will it be a tummy?"

     I looked at the clock and it was Midnight 00:00 in a few minutes. She seemed to have gone a little longer.Finally, when the zero hour arrived, each person was somewhat concerned. What's the matter? Yingxuan couldn't sit still anymore. She actively proposed: "Team leader, I can't rest assured. Let's go to the women's toilet to see what's going on."

     "Alright... you go and see."

     When Ying Xuan walked out of the office, a dangerous hunch suddenly struck. There was a dark corridor in front of her. Although everything was normal, she couldn't help but retreated several steps.

     What the hell is this?

     Recalling her childhood experience of saving her life because of her premonition of danger, she has remained fresh in one's memory. However, now I can't help but go.

     After hesitating, she moved forward. As she walked through the long dark corridor, her dangerous premonition became stronger and stronger, and she seemed to be telling herself that there was a huge danger ahead. Never pass!

     The women's toilet has finally arrived. Ying Xuan looked around, and didn't have any abnormality around. She took a deep breath and pushed the toilet door open and went in. Then, in front of every single room, he knocked on the door and asked, "Fujitsu, are you there?"

      doesn't have any answer.

     She opened all the doors of the single room, all of which were not a soul in sight.

     she is not here!

     However, the hunch tells her that something terrible has happened here, and...

     It happened about a few ten minutes ago!

     Yingxuan hadn't thought her anticipation of danger could reach such a precise level that she couldn't stay any longer in this dark toilet, ran out quickly, returned to the office and shouted: "No! She's not In the toilet! Fujiyuki must have happened!"Everyone’s face looked so blue, on one hand they were surprised, on the other hand, they were also wondering why Ying Xuan panicked to this point, she rushed in so impatiently just now, and can’t help looking behind him, as if there was someone Chasing her in general. Yan Chen asked with concern: "Are you all right? Fujiyuki is not in the toilet?"

     "Um... yes, she might have an accident... let's go find her together, before terrible things happen!"

     Although the team leader is usually very strict, he still cherishes the subordinates. Upon hearing her saying that, she also frowned and said, "Who has her cellphone number?"

     Zuo Xin immediately said: "Team leader, her mobile phone is still on the table, not carried on the body."

     After pondering for a while, the team leader made a decision: "Well, everyone...Let's go together, anyway, it is lazy to leave who is here, it is better to find Xiao Fan and come back to work together!"

     At this time, the electric gates in the company have been closed, and only the lights in the planning department's office were turned on. The staff with the key to the power supply room have also been off work. And there is no flashlight in the office, so everyone had to search in the darkness.

     "Fujiyue! where are you!"

     Anyway, I'm off work now, the company is basically not a soul in sight, and everyone just shouted in their throats. I turned over the third floor where the planning department was located, and no trace of Fujiyue was found.

     When everyone came to the elevator, the team leader sighed saying, "Ah... It seems that she has to go to other floors. Did she encounter a thief who sneaked into the company? But, on which floor to find?"

     "The seventh floor..."

      "Huh?"Everyone looked at Ying Xuan who said "seventh floor" in surprise. How could she know that Fujiyuki can be found on the seventh floor? It is really strange.

     "Don’t ask me why, I don't know either, I just stood in front of the elevator and I felt that she could be found on the seventh floor... well, there's nothing about it according to..."

     Yan Chen immediately said to the team leader: "Team leader, it is better to give it a try. The company is so big. It takes a lot of time to find aimlessly. Once it is dragged too long, no one knows what will happen."

     The team leader silent for a while said, "Well then..."

     The seventh floor is a conference room, which is mainly used when the company holds large high-level meetings. Most conference halls should be locked, but since it is locked, Fujiyuki cannot enter, so there is no need to go in.

     After the elevator doors opened, the team leader first ran to the floor and looked at the floor plan. After all, he didn't come often on the seventh floor. According to the plan, there are two VIP reception rooms, four conference halls, and toilets near the elevator on this floor. Everyone remembered the location distribution in the plan firmly in their minds. First, Ying Xuan and Zuo Xin went to the toilet and looked at it. Although the possibility is a tiny bit, they still want to find out if Fujiyuki is not there.

     The two came out in less than a minute, shook the head. But this is also within expectation. Then, according to the plan, they first came to the corridor on the right, a VIP room on the left, and one of the conference halls next to them.

     Everyone walked along the corridor to the corner. According to the floor plan, if you turn left, you can see the door of the second VIP room at the end of the corridor, and then turn right to reach the second conference hall.Ying Xuan has always stood in the middle of the team, and her heart is up and down, and the dangerous hunch has been so strong that she almost suffocates. Now every step she takes, her heart must jump violently. She knew what was terribly terrible what awaited her ahead.

     The team leader naturally stood at the front. After coming to the corner, he turned right again. According to the plan, after turning right, the second meeting room was on the left, and there was a third meeting room at the end of the corridor.

     However, when everyone turned right, they saw the scene of hard to believe.

     In front of me, I walked two or three more steps to the end of the corridor, and at the end, there was a magenta door.

      how can it be? Not so marked on the floor plan! Could it be that everyone's memory is wrong?

     "Is it said that the seventh floor has been rebuilt, but the floor plan has not been replaced? Strangely, the company has not done any construction and renovation recently. Isn't it because the performance last year was not very good, so the budget has been tight?"

     Team Leader Sun suddenly felt very strange, and at this time Yanchen stepped forward: "Team leader, there is no sign on the door, there are few rooms... It's really strange."

     At this time, Ying Xuan had shrunk to the corner. She knew what must be behind this door. At this moment, Yan Chen actually twisted the door handle...

     "Stop it! Words, don't open that door!"

     She shouted hysterically, however, had come without enough time.

     He has opened the door.

     "Does this door open? Go in and see!"Then Ying Xuan looked at the three people in front of her and walked in. She just wanted to run away at the moment, but she couldn't suppress the rising curiosity, and actually demons and gods at work went in!

     Behind the door is a very large room. And after everyone went in, the door closed automatically!

     But the shock of this room gave them a greater feeling.

     This looks like a Western-style villa with a dozen steps down the front of the door and guardrails on both sides. Under the steps, there was a cloud of darkness, and there seemed to be more space in the distance.

     How could the company build such a large room on the seventh floor?

     Curiosity made everyone start to have a sense of inquiry, just as they were going down the steps, Ying Xuan called: "No! Don't go down!"

      "Huh?" Everyone looked at Yingxuan strangely. But at this moment, Yan Chen suddenly said: "Hush-do you hear, is there a strange voice?"

     Everyone listened to him and immediately held his breath, holding his ears to catch any wind blowing and grass swaying (slightest sign of trouble) around him.

     Then, there was really a strange sound coming into the ear.

     It was a weird laughter mixed with gasps. Although the sound was not loud, it sounded like I had one's hair stand on end. Immediately afterwards, Zuo Xin gradually adapted to the darkness before him, and suddenly screamed: "You, look!"

     Under the long step in front of them, the four began to see clearly the outlines of the two figures. One of them's body is half-squatted, while another individual's body falls to the ground.

     Gradually, everyone found the scene in front of them more and more clear.The hairy and upright scenes appeared in front of everyone.

     A man dressed in black and with disheveled hair, at least from the back, should be a man. At the moment, his right hand was waving a sharp knife, constantly piercing a woman who falls to the ground. The female's chest has become be badly mangled or mutilated, her whole body is lying motionless like a statue, and her face has completely lost its brilliance and expression, her eyes are wide open, and she seems dead but will not close the eyes.

     That's right, this woman is Fujiyuki!

     This scene made everyone feel very strange, although two men were present, but no one dared to move.

     "Report, alarm... Let's go to the alarm!"

     The team leader turned around first, unscrewed the door, and rushed out. The remaining three people, dared not to stay any longer, also quickly escaped from this strange room.

     It can be said that the four people ran out of the company unconsciously, and then took out the cell phone to call the police. Actually, we have to call the police, not needed at all to escape from the company, but it does not have one person.

     Soon several police cars were parked at the door of the company, so many policemen came, and the courage of the four also became strong. Team leader Sun took more than a dozen policemen to the seventh floor. Because I heard that the gangsters were holding a knife, and everyone did not dare to neglect. They all took out their pistols, and leaned against the wall to move slowly towards the corner of the corridor. When they got there, everyone pulled out their pistols and prepared to rush into that room to arrest the prisoner, but where is the magenta door in front of them? It is exactly the same as the floor plan, with a conference hall in front of you.

     After entering the conference hall, there is nothing unusual in it.The Criminal Investigation Captain, which was originally intended to do a big fight, suddenly felt like being played. He gathered the four witnesses on the seventh floor and asked seriously: "What is it you mean? Where is this Western-style room? Isn't it exactly the same as the plan shows? Don't you know to report false alarms?" Is it criminally responsible?"

     All four looked at the corner with a dumbfounded look, and there was indeed no magenta door.

     "Why, how can it be?" Team Leader Sun is simply unbelievable his eyes, is the scene just a moment ago the illusion produced by his own insanity? But didn't the other three see it? Do four people have the same hallucination at the same time?

     However, no matter what, Fan Tengyue's disappearance is absolutely true. She was not in the company and had never returned home, and no one who knew her had any news of her. All this proves that what the four people saw was not pure illusion.

     The police suspected that the four people jointly killed Fan Tengyue, and then made up a ridiculous story, fabricated a fool's man, and wanted to escape? But even so, don't you make a room that doesn't exist?

     The day after the incident, Ying Xuan submitted his resignation.

     However, this nightmare has just begun.