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0 Chapter Directory 28 That Man's Face
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"After that day, Xiaoxin began Emerging Transformation..."

     The lighter hit several times, and no flames burst out, and Yanchen dropped the smoke that was already in his mouth blankly.

     He suddenly looked at Ying Xuan with a very strange look, and then asked: "Why? Why did you know it was on the seventh floor at that time? I was very puzzled after that, but you resigned and moved after that. , I started to contact me about two weeks later. Now, can you tell me? If you say this is just intuition, is it too bluffing?"

     Ying Xuan's hand clenched on the sofa, his eyes did not look directly at Yan Chen. How should she say it? She couldn't explain how she could foresee danger. Who would believe her statement?

     "Answer me! Already dead, are you still going to be silent? Are you also don't understand the seriousness of the matter?" Yan Chen became more and more excited as he stepped forward and grabbed Ying Xuan's shoulders and shouted. : "Listen! Now, should you understand? We all know that the man must have killed Xiaoxin! She is your best friend, and he may not let us go!"

     Ying Xuan's eyes were already full of tears, and at this moment finally tears bursting out. She shook her hand away and choked with sobs, "Go away...I don't know anything. I can't tell you anything...really, I can't tell you..."Yanchen sighed saying, picked up the smoke that was just thrown on the ground, and said, "At that time, you told us not to open the door, and it also prevented us from going down the stairs... You said you didn't know anything, who would believe it?" But the police think that it is our insanity's babbling nonsense. Now Xiaoxin is also dead. I am afraid that the police may ask you again about Fujiyuki's case. Will you answer them that way? Do you not want to avenge Xiaoxin? She Die so miserably!"

     Ying Xuan covered her eyes, sobbing.

     "You go... I don’t really know anything... I, I don’t know why I stopped you at that time, I just had that feeling... Of course I know that this can’t convince you, but I can’t give you more. Good explanation..."

     Ying Xuan was already so elegant that she looked so sad at this moment, no man could bear the heart to embarrass her anymore. Moreover, Yan Chen has no evidence to prove that Ying Xuan is related to these two cases. He had no choice but to give up on this, and hesitated to leave.

     Before going out, he finally advised: " have something to say, please call my contact number. Or, just come to me directly."

     Listening to the sound of the door closing, Ying Xuan raised head up.

     He will not let the rest of the people... At that time, they opened the taboo door, that is not the door of the human world, that is the passage to another world. Ying Xuan also went in, so she would not be spared.

     This is what Ying Xuan thinks now. The man who killed Fujiyuki is not human!Run Li was sitting in the VIP reception room of Dongyu Media at the moment. After waiting for about a few minutes, a young man with eyes walked in politely said to her: "Miss Yi, hello, I am Fu Teng, the general manager of Dongyu Media. I am very happy to see you..."

     Runli also said he smiled, but the idea in your heart is: You will be happy if you are happy, only to collect as much information as possible. Ah Jing, she can ignore those who are cursed, but this is not her style.

     Seven years of migrating life, Runli living in the shadow of terror, understands the pain of being cursed by ghosts. Although she by no means has been in direct contact with ghosts, she understands how helpless and hopeless it is. No matter how much she can do, she doesn't want to do anything whatever the case.

     "Miss Yi, you want to interview about the disappearance of our company employee Fan Tengyue three months ago and the death of employee Zuo Xin?"

     "Well, yes, Manager Fu. I hope to get some clues from here as far as possible. People in the society are also very concerned about this case. In fact, I have found some information about Miss Fan's disappearance... There are four employees in the planning department of your company who once claimed to see Miss Fan killed by a man in one room on the seventh floor, but the police did not find the room afterwards, let alone the body of Miss Fan..."

     Manager Fu frowned completely at the moment, and it seemed that the leak of the news made him quite annoyed. I want to know that the company of course not hopes to leak such a ridiculous thing, and it can cover up the news with a little effort. However, Runli's ability to collect intelligence is also very strong."Yi, where does Miss Yi start with this? Where is there such a ridiculous thing..."

     Although he still wants to deny, Runli has changed the subject: "Whatever the case, Miss Fan Tengyue disappeared while working overtime in your company, this is a fact. And Miss Zuo was so cruel after three months To kill, both..."

     "Miss Yi..." Manager Fu's face has become difficult to look at: "I hope you don't use these chasing the wind and clutching at shadows messages to hear about our company. Miss Zuo did not die in our company, so Her death has nothing to do with the company, let alone any connection with Miss Fan’s disappearance."

     His expression has convinced Runli that the intelligence is correct, so the next step is to take action.

     "So, I'll leave now, Manager Fu."

     Manager Fu looked surprised, she left without asking anything, but Runli also had her own plans. To find out the Detailed Materials of those employees, there is no what's the problem, only know the name and the work unit, and it is only a matter of time to find out the address. In today's highly developed information technology society, intelligence is the most important resource.

     The reason why Runli became a reporter is because her ability to manipulate intelligence is so outstanding. At present, she has not predicted the date of death, but she is almost there. The death of Fan Tengyue and Zuo Xin was foreseen about a week ago.

     She specifically asked Ah Jing what the key word was, and she had considered several ways to let her speak, but she didn't expect that she told her readily.

     The key word this time is "virtual image".Runli estimates that this virtual image refers to the room that all of those people saw did not exist. After leaving the VIP room, she came to the corner specially.

     However, there is no special feeling. Runli believes that since he is a natural alien, he should feel something special. So to say... Is that ghost already not in here? Maybe it was hidden somewhere else?

     Could it be... In the future, that room will appear in other places, in front of the survivors, and then the ghost will kill them again? Well, it's very possible.

     Then, they must be reminded that they must never enter that kind of door again.

     After the incident, Yan Chen was very upset. One day after the memorial service, a man ran to the bar alone at night to drink. After all, Zuo Xin is a colleague who has worked with him for a long time. She usually brings so much joy to other people that she could have stopped it, but let her die so miserably.

     What is it's going on?

     He drank a sip of wine and coughed suddenly. And at this moment, the scene of Fujitsuki's killing appeared again in his mind. It's been three months, and this scene echoed so clearly, not only did the slightest fade, but also more real than when I saw the real scene.

     After three bottles of wine and half spit and half vomiting, the alcohol started to work, and his brain became very confused, and his hands were unconsciously shaking on the bar. At this time, one hand supported him.

     "How much did he drink? Actually drunk like this?""Drink three bottles, and they are all pure know best," said the bartender in front of the bar. "I'm really scared that he's drunk and starts a wine madness..."

     Yan Chen's eyes began to blur, and then, at his feet, there was no longer the floor of the bar, but the stairs of that strange room that day. Under the steps, the man was stabting Fujiyuki with a knife...

     "Wow! Why, why have you drank so much wine, you can't forget this scene... Come again, come again, the stronger the better!"

     "You this is what, Xiao Lin! Hey, hey!"

     It was Sun Zhumian who supported the speech minister. Of course he is very clear, why Yan Chen should drink wine like this, in fact, he is also very uncomfortable.

     "You must drink, simply I will drink with you... Although I don't usually touch the high-degree wine, but I am in a bad mood today, just drink it!"

     Ying Xuan is now alone in the bed at home, clutching the pillow tightly, surrounded by loneliness. At the moment, she felt like an ice cellar here. Despite turning on all the lights, although it has been confirmed many times that the three locks are all in place, the fear doesn't have any weakened.

     No matter how she wanted to recall some happy experiences, her mind still resembled a movie, reproducing the scene of Fujiyuki being killed. That real and bloody scene, any scene in any Hollywood war movie, taught people to feel trembling.What is it's going on? Why can I anticipate those things? It really makes no sense. She constantly fiddled with her hair and even yelled completely meaninglessly, but still couldn't drive the scene where Fujiyuki was killed out of her brain. The more you don't want to think, the more you will remember.

     At the door of the bar, even Sun Zhumian and Yan Chen who had walked lean unsteadily from side to side, although they supported each other, they were still completely disoriented, hitting the wall several times, and the heavy alcohol emitted from his body made the passerby frown. . Especially Yan Chen, his cheeks are red, and his mouth is still babbling nonsense. Finally, a pungent rush to his throat, he immediately lowered his head and began to vomit, all the dirt was on his and Zhu Mian's shoes...

     "Team leader... where are we going next?"

     "Don't... don't call me the team leader, I was removed three months ago..." Zhu Mian was not drunk, his legs were spinning around at will, and he was able to stand without falling It is already a miracle.

     Finally, the two fell in front of a car in the parking lot next to the bar, Yan Chen was hit by this, his head was even more dizzy, it seems that there is something in the tinnitus, and once the eyes are closed, you will see the vine Yue's body and the murderer in black.

     "Bamboo... Bamboo crown..."

     "What, what's the matter?" Zhu Mian struggled and began to stand up and asked."Do you remember...when Fujiyuki was killed? Haha, it's really funny, we all see absolute clear, but the police all said it was our illusion, and also gave us a spiritual appraisal... Haha, I told You, I can tell you clearly the characteristics of the suit on the man and the appearance of the knife in his hand. I can also describe it to you..."

     "Oh...hehe, so what? I can do it too... The bastard who killed Fujiyue is definitely not my bullshit illusion, where is such a real illusion? I still remember that his hair is messy Yes, the collar on the back of the black suit was not turned well, the trouser legs were not pulled well, even the socks worn on the feet were exposed... That knife, that knife was about twenty centimeters, no, maybe Longer..."

     When Zhu Mian said these words, Yan Chen's wine woke up almost half. Because he recalled that scene in the mind at the moment, and Zhu Mian actually told him what he saw, and it was all right! Could it be that……

     "You... do you remember absolutely clear? Even after so long, can you still show the whole process in your mind?"

     Zhu Mian said, "Yes... I don't know what I can't forget. I think in the morning, at night, even when I go to the toilet! Even now, you see, we all drink With so much wine, still thinking!"

     Ying Xuan dared not fall asleep.She knows that as soon as the eyes are closed, that horrible scene will continue to be staged in front of yourself, whether she likes it or not. God has given mankind the ability to "forget", and she can put some scenes she doesn't want to remember to the deepest part of memory. However, this memory is like the surface layer always floating in the water of memory, no matter what you do, you can't sink it to the bottom. She even started to consider whether to visit a Psychologist and listen to some suggestions.

     But... the one who killed Xiaoxin, is this the black murderer? Why do you have to kill them? In fact, all they saw was his back, from start to finish, even what he looked, doesn't know at all! Also, why is there a room that should not exist on the seventh floor? All this is simply a supernatural phenomenon.

     However, the more you think about these things, the more headache you feel, and your head seems to burst apart. Finally, she gave up thinking. In any case, she always has to live. She decided to prescribe a prescription tomorrow, and then went to prepare a bottle of sleeping pills, can perhaps get rid of this unforgettable cruel memory.

     Yes, entanglement... She used this anthropomorphic word without the slightest hesitation.

     Virtual image... This is just a virtual image...

     When she finally turned off the light and closed the the eyes, the scene still appeared.

     She tried to convince herself in her heart that it was just a virtual image, left nothing to be afraid.

     But is this really just a virtual image?

     Just as she leaned on the pillow, preparing to wait for entering the land of dreams. She suddenly found something's wrong. The murderer of the black suit, of course, this is just a virtual image. but……In the video that emerged in the mind, the murderer actually stopped piercing Fujiyuki with a sharp knife, and then, he had been squatting on the ground, actually... stopped/stood!

      At the same time, he finally returned to his home, the drunken man who fell on the sofa, the virtual image in his mind, the murderer also stood up!

      how can it be ……how can the image in my mind be freely transformed from the manipulation of his mind?

     Then, the virtual image they saw continued to produce the same changes.

     The murderer with a knife turned the head around! Both men saw his face clearly at the same time! What a terrible face it is! The murderer had only white eyes, a long scar from his forehead to his lips, and his entire face was full of blue muscles.

     Then, he fixed his eyes on them... no, to be precise, they looked at the position where they were standing. Then, this horrifying face appeared full of resentment and maliciousness. expression! And that expression... is obviously aimed at the people who were standing on the stairs and watching him!