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0 Chapter Directory 29 Dare To Go Deep
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

At this instant, Ying Xuan suddenly opened his eyes and gasped. Her face at the moment seemed to be flooded with water, and sweat continued to fall on the pillow along her cheek...

      how can it be ... she never saw the murderer's face at all, so how could she appear in the mind in the mind? Is she already insanity?

     However, the murderous and horrifying face in his mind was presented in front of his eyes. No matter what language he used to describe his vicious expression at the moment, it can't be overstated.

     It doesn't look like the expression that humans have...

      next morning.

     Run An looked at the morning table and a note with surprise on the table.

     "Run Li... I can't stand it, so think for oneself and act accordingly." The general idea on the note is that since his brother is watching the dying yet not rescuing them, then she can only save the rest with her own strength. Those few people, if he wants to see his only sister in trouble, then stay at home and drink tea.

     "Nonsense! It's too much! Is she thinking that this is a kid's house? This is a 100 percent Supernatural Event(s)! Damn it, the next dead person, Sun Zhumian...Well, but Runli doesn't know this what……"

     Calling her cell phone turned off.

     There was no choice but to continue to discuss with A Jing.

     "Your sister has been here with me. I also told her keywords."

     Originally he was planning to discuss with Ah Jing to discuss a countermeasure. Who knew that just sitting down, she gave him such a sentence."You..." Run An was almost angry with speechless: "Don't you promise me? Only let Run Li provide time data, not let her participate? Do you know or not such a very dangerous?"

     "I just told her the keywords, she didn't ask her to do anything, and she asked me first, isn't it against the agreement?" Ah Jing was really terrified and calmly right but actually wrong, this Make Run Dark more angry.

     "Aren't you twist words and force logic? You clearly knows Runli's character and let her participate in such dangerous things! In short, you and I have to act this time, after all, I don't want her to have a problem... …"

     According to the information he found, Runli was the first person he found was Lin Yanchen.

     " should be here, room 901..."

     Standing at the door, I didn't know what to say. According to the work schedule of Dongyu media company she found, Lin Yanchen is taking a rest today, so she chose to come now. Of course, because Zuo Xin’s death was so sensational, the boss only let himself go, and said very generously that some expenses were reimbursed during the period, of course, the premise is to have an invoice.

     "It’s good to see him... what do you say? Hello, it’s nice to meet you? Well, or, Mr. Lin, you must have a blood light disaster within a few days... Is that like a river and lake warlock? Again Or that is to say, Mr. Lin, you are actually entangled in ghosts, right... wouldn’t it scare him too much?"

     "What are you doing ne?"This abrupt voice came from behind and shocked Runli. Looking back, a man with messy hair, a white shirt, and a cigarette in his mouth stood behind her.

     Runli looked at this man's appearance. Instinctively, it seemed that the other party was not kind. When he didn't know how to answer, he saw him walking straight here and said anxiously: "You, what are you going to do? Don't come over! I will call people when I come over!"

     "You shout! Give me a break after the shout, you are behind my door."


     Runli stared wide-eyed looked at this man, he was... Lin Yanchen? When he approached, a pungent rush of alcohol rushed in, making him frown. Lin Yanchen's photos I've seen before. How can a white-collar person with a handsome and smart suit be this sloppy face? But carefully distinguished, it seems that he is really... after all, the picture is only glanced at, I have not seen him in the past, and it is normal to not recognize it.

     "That... Mr. Lin..."

     Yan Chen took the cigarette in his hand and asked, "Are you a police officer or a reporter? I have no time to deal with both. Regarding Zuo Xin's death, I have's nothing about it."

     Runli thought angrily: Please... I'm here to save your life, OK... Is this your attitude towards life-saving benefactors? Well, it’s not a benefactor if it’s not saved...

     Just as he was about to close the door, Run Li finally made a firm resolution and shouted: "Don't you want to know how Fan Tengyue died?"

     The door stopped when there was a few millimeters left to close the door completely.

     Then, a slit was opened slightly to reveal Lin Yanchen's eyes."what do you want to say in the end?"

     Then Runli decided to throw another bombshell to test the other party's reaction. She spoke two words in a not very high tone, but as soon as these two words were spoken, Lin Yanchen opened the door completely, and then saw that his face was full of look of fear.

     Those two words are: "virtual image".

     "Who are you? Why would you... come first."

     Yan Chen was actually a neat person, but at the moment Runli stepped into the room is really chaotic, the tableware and chopsticks on the table were left unsteadily from side to side, and there were countless melon seeds on the ground. The shoes were not neatly arranged, and a few quilts were scattered on the sofa. It was estimated that he fell asleep on the sofa last night.

     Not bad, finally remember to cover the quilt...

     "The home is too chaotic, making you laugh." Yan Chen felt embarrassed himself, so he could only say this embarrassingly. The death of Zuo Xin was too much for him.

     "Who are you? Do you know the truth about Fujiyuki's death?" He asked directly as he put the bag on the table.

     The next step is to wait for my brother to come over. I believe he will definitely follow him when he sees the note. With the elder brother's supernatural power, there is a chance to win...

     Then she started the topic. This is the first time she has formally talked to a cursed person. Naturally, she is inexperienced, but she still made a belly draft, so it is quite smooth.

     "Simply put, you have been cursed. The people who killed Fan Tengyue and Zuo Xin are not humans, but ghosts."Runli thought about it, no matter what way to express this sentence, unavoidably will make people feel ridiculous. However, this can only be said without other methods.

     "Ghost?" Lin Yanchen didn't show much surprise when he heard this sentence, and then nodded: "Actually, I thought about it too. After all, everything is too unusual. Well, what is your name..."

     "Yi Runli, I am a person with a spiritual constitution..."

     The reason why she doesn't tell her that she is a reporter is because she is afraid that the other party will not trust her because she hears her profession. However, then the other party was more puzzled.

     "Spiritual constitution? What is it mean? What is spiritual constitution?"

     A Jing is away, no one can help her explain, so she does not know how to answer. However, her thinking is also very agile, anyway, the other party does not know what is a psychic constitution, roughly speaking right.

     "It is a special physique that can foresee the ghosts about to kill. My brother and I have this kind of physique. Mr. Lin, what you saw that day was not ghosts, but ghosts."

      heard until here, Yan Chen also began to think about it, and had to deny that a series of things is really too weird, people have to think so. However, he was also wary of each other after all. Suddenly a person ran over from what he called "spiritual physique" and said that he was entangled with ghosts. His IQ is not so low, and he will completely believe the person in front of him.

     "Miss Yi, can you elaborate on the situation and be more specific?"Runli is nodded, simply starting from the death of her parents seven years ago, and then seven years later, the appearance of A Jing, and what the alien constitution can anticipate that humans are about to be killed by various curses and ghosts, All reveal(ing) everthing.

     Yan Chen was almost dumbfounded, and he had to believe Runli's words. The deaths of those people who were going to save before were all very sensational cases, especially the death of Ou Xueyan. Her body was abnormally twisted into such a posture, and even aliens were experimenting on the Internet. statement. And if the woman is true, it can be explained.

     Since the other party is so frank, there is no need to hide it. So he also told Runli about the changes in the terrible virtual image since he saw the killing of Fujiyuki until the death of Zuo Xin, and yesterday evening...the count by fives and tens.

     This matter is indeed strange, and Runli was also terrified when she listened. But he could not show it in front of Lin Yanchen, so he forced to calm down. I still thought bitterly why my brother didn't come yet... Could it be that this man is not the next target to die? Well, it's also possible, there are still two people, Sun Zhumian and Tang Yingxuan respectively, maybe the elder brother might be there with them.

     After Yan Chen finished speaking, he continued to turn his doubtful eyes to the dazed Runli and asked: "Miss Yi, listen to your tone... we do not have a way to escape this curse? If you foresee me at what time die , I will definitely die? Isn’t that right? There are other methods that can be saved, right?"

     Runli keep silent. She can't always say to him: "I'm sorry, no."First of all, Runli sorted out her ideas. Fan Tengyue was killed by a man wearing a black suit in a room that does not exist on the seventh floor, and her four colleagues witnessed this scene. In the following days, Zuo Xin appeared abnormal conditions first, According to Lin Yanchen, she often yelled baffling, her cheerful character disappeared without trace without trace, but instead became nervous, and was cruelly killed on the roof of her apartment. At the same time, Lin Yanchen was the first discoverer. In the case where the perpetrators should have been found, he has not seen anyone at all.

     Both Fan Tengyue and Zuo Xin were killed by a sharp blade, so both Lin Yanchen and Tang Yingxuan immediately realized that the murderer might be the same person, but unable to explain the mystery of the disappearance of the original room. And then, the scene in which Fan Tengyue was killed had a terrible change in the scene that they had never been able to sway in their minds. The man who just turned their backs against them but turned the head around in the virtual image clearly His face was revealed, and his expression was obviously malicious.

     It sounds very unusual, putting it that way, is this a symbol that the ghost has announced to them that they will commit another act?

     This time it was really special. In the past, ghosts killed people, relying on only one face, or hair, hands, and feet, to make a person die terribly miserably, and no scars could be detected on his body. But this time it actually used a knife to kill people, but it seemed more like human behavior. Of course, the murderer could not be a human being, let alone say that since she, as a psychic physique, can sense it for the murder time, it proves that this is definitely not a man-made murder. She has never foreseen the murders committed by humans in the past. time.Therefore, there is no need to doubt this. That is, the people who killed Fan Tengyue and Zuo Xin are not humans. It does not matter whether it is called a ghost or a ghost.

     However, what Runli cared about was the virtual image of the keyword that A Jing sensed. Since this is the key word for them to die, the changes of ghosts in natural virtual images cannot be ignored. In short, as long as everyone is protected and the ghost is prevented from killing them with a knife, it seems much simpler than the previous two.

     However, the last time my brother and A Jing were actually calculated by a female ghost, they were tied up by their hair on a non-existent floor for so long. Although if the other party wants to start, her brother will be able to foresee, but she remembers that her brother said that the person with lower spiritual ability cannot sense the death of the person with stronger spiritual ability... However, the elder brother's spiritual ability is obviously much stronger than her. ...

     "In this case, let me take you to Ying Xuan. She and Xiaoxin are good friends. She also wants to know the truth about Xiaoxin's death. And if we really all have mortal danger, we must gather together to discuss, Consider a countermeasure!"

     It seems no surprise that Yan Chen is in a hurry... Although he has not been foreseen to die, it will be sooner or later...

     "Do you know her current work address?"

     "Well, yes, she is currently working in the creative department of an Advertising Company, and it should be lunch break soon, but I haven’t been to their company, maybe I will take some time..."

     "Well, there's no time to lose, go away!"Yingxuan felt the change of the virtual image and could not wait for it to be taken lightly. She has made an appointment with a Psychologist. Considering that the time spent in this company is not long, and the probation period has not passed, she does not want to take leave easily, so the time is set on Saturday two days later. Since the change of yesterday evening, now if she recalls that scene, she can no longer change back to the scene where the man who was only a back figure assassinated Fujiyuki, he saw him staring at her on the steps with that expression... and The knife he held in his hand was still bleeding.

     She also deliberately searched many similar situations online, and explained that this was a hysteria caused by her mental anxiety. However, after all, this is just my own guess, and can not dispel her uneasiness. The black man's face could only be imagined by his own fear.

     Yes... purely imagination... otherwise, is there a better explanation? If not, what a terrible conclusion this should be...;