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0 Chapter Directory 30 Summoner
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Ah Jing's thoughts are always so unexpected.

     "I think Zuo Xin's death is a bit strange." She sat at the computer desk and pointed to the relevant report on the webpage, saying: "Look, she has a lot of knife wounds on her body, and the cut of the throat is the last fatal injury. Then, a question arises. Why did Lin Yanchen, who was an eyewitness, only heard a blood-curdling screech?"

     "It makes sense to say what you said..." Run An was only worried about Run Li, but also forgot to pay attention to the incident itself, then A Jing continued to point out the problematic place: "There is also, according to Lin Yanchen's confession, Zuo Xin at that time After screaming suddenly, I ran to the rooftop...Do you think this is normal? Since she screamed, then most of the time she felt threatened to life, why would she run towards the rooftop where there is no escape path at all? Say, no matter whether it is a ghost or a human being who threatens her, this should not be the case. She should run downstairs to be the most natural."

     Run dark frowned, frowning closely, looking at the web page carefully, I also feel that there is a problem...

     "It's useless to help your enthusiastic sister without knowing the problem. You can rest assured that as long as inside your mind does not show her image, it proves that she will never die. Instead of worrying, let's consider the two of us together Consider these doubts?"

     Run dark temporarily calmed down for the moment, and sat down on the sofa in front of the computer desk. This room is really big, the ceiling is close to ten meters high, and the bookshelves are actually eight to nine meters high. Some books can't be taken down without a ladder. The room itself is very wide.According to A Jing himself, this place is a reference room. She also claimed that she had read all the books here at least once. If you look closely, there are hundreds of books densely packed on the shelf. As for the titles of the books, most of them are "historical unsolved mystery", "Explore Demonic Triangle "Continents", "On the possibility of the existence of aliens", etc., mostly study mysterious phenomena.

     "Do you have any ideas?"

     A Jing's fingers continued to walk on the table, seemingly completely meaningless, but Run secretly thought that she must be carefully thinking about the cause and effects of this matter now.

     "If you think carefully... there is a possibility."

      "Huh?" Run secretly listened to her, and immediately came to the spirit, listening.

     "No, don't say anything."

     Run And suddenly angered: "You are there a mistake ah? Just half of the words, want to kill people in a hurry? Since you don't want to say, then simply don't say anything!"

     "Calm down," A Jing stood up and walked to the bookshelf. After a few glances, he said: "It's mainly my possibility, which is difficult for most people to accept, and I can't even convince myself. I have to collect more information before I can To be able to draw this exact conclusion."

     Then she said: "What are you doing staring blankly? Go away! Collect information!"

     As he walked to the garage, A Jing suddenly asked him, headlessly: "The diary left by your parents, you by no means show it to your sister completely?"

     The dark steps stopped immediately, and his eyes became lonely.

     "How do you know?""Your sister has guessed something. Um... At first, your parents left that diary and told you to run away. The biggest reason is still that you two will gradually wake up after their adulthood, and they will cause disaster for those around them. At least. I also want to protect the people around me from being hurt. Of course, I am more afraid that you will continue to live in the place where you were born, and you will continue to encounter danger. You probably realize how terrible this is before you have to leave?"

     Run An knows this and cannot tell Run Li, otherwise she will definitely indulge in flights of fancy, worrying that her parents' death is also related to her. She was too bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind, and her courage was so small, telling her everything but disturbing and distressing her, doesn't have any benefits.

     "You'd better do mental preparation. Maybe one day, you will tell her all the truth. If there is one can't be stubborn about her feelings, you must let her be your own. Fighting for fate! Whether she is willing or not, she must face it. This is without any means. It has nothing to do with fairness or not. It is purely an effort that must be done to survive."

     A Jing's words cast a shadow on Run Yun's heart again. Run Li still does not know her cursed destiny. She always believes that she is currently saving those people only out of a spirit of humanism. She doesn't even know that in fact, he is doing that to save their brothers and sisters!"Runli, she always has to face this problem. She should avoid it or face the challenge. This is her own choice. Even if you are her brother, you can't decide for her. You are now concealing and cheating her and not letting her go Fighting your own destiny, do you think it is really good for her?"

     In A Jing's words, the words and words caused a great impact on his heart. He knew that Ah Jing was telling the truth,

     "At least... at least let me work harder. Run Li did not undertake such a painful reality, she by no means did nothing to miss, so..."

     "At this point, most of the cursed people are the same. In fact, very few people who have really committed serious sins are cursed, because ghosts do not have human views of good and evil, they can't use them to choose curses. Object."

     By this time, the two had walked into the garage. A Jing opened the door and said, "You have to think clearly about the pros and cons of doing so."

     Ying Xuan's head began to hurt more and more.

     She didn't understand, since Xiaoxin had a hunch before she died, why didn't she come to find herself? She told her own new home and contact number, not to mention her QQ has not changed. Why doesn't she talk to herself? No matter what kind of pain and difficulty she encountered, she should not tell herself nothing, just bear it alone until she died...

     Pour some water in front of the water dispenser, swallow the headache medicine in your mouth, and drain the cup in one gulp. Although I don't know if there is any effect, it is better than this. Because this company has a lot of business, it also has a lot of work. Keep this state all the time, the effect of work will not be good. In fact, the Minister has recently been dissatisfied with himself.However, even if you take the medicine, the pain that can split your consciousness doesn't have any less. It seemed as if there was something in his head, and he constantly played the virtual image in front of his eyes. There was a lot of sweat on her forehead, and the computer screen in front of her became more and more blurred. She was full of brains now, all with the face of the murderer. Even, that face even started to change.

     This originally ugly face seems to become more and more distorted, and his expression seems to be more and more stubborn. If in reality this kind of person stands in front of yourself, she even doubts whether she will be scared on the spot. Had to pass out.

     Ying Xuan increasingly regretted saying the seventh floor, and then let everyone go together. That way, although Fujiyuki cannot be saved, at least... Xiaoxin will not die...

     At this time, suddenly, a terrible conjecture came into her mind.

     Could it be...

     This conjecture seems reasonable and fair, but completely unable to explain. What the hell is this?

     At that time, did she say the seventh floor by accident? Her premonition of danger is acting to avoid danger, but isn't she actually enticing every person to that room?

     Although Fujiyue went to the toilet by accident, the person who went to her afterwards was herself. Because her own dangerous hunch made her so nervous that as soon as she returned to the office, she raised the possibility that Fujiyuki might have an accident. And she must have shown extreme fear at the time. This feeling, don't tell me it's not infected other people who stay in the office? As a result, actually each person proposed to find together?Then she actually felt that Fujiyuki was on the "seventh floor." If she didn’t say that, no one would be able to get non-linear thinking so fast. Run from the third floor to the seventh floor to find someone? At that time, the leader of Sun Zhumian actually listened to her, and everyone went up together... And after going up, she found the door, and she was indeed also dangerous, but did she not go in the end? At that time, I told everyone not to go down the stairs. At that time, I felt that I had saved everyone, but in fact they had a total of four people at the time. Why should they be afraid of one person? Even though the other party was holding a murder weapon, everyone ran away in such fear...

     Is it all accidental? no. This is inevitable. Predicting your own danger is the key to accomplishing this inevitable. The room on the seventh floor is calling them! Then, let them each person fall into this inevitable dilemma...

     That's it...these images took root in her mind after that day, so that today, it has begun to change! So, can we think so?

     Will this change continue?

     "Miss Tang, there are two people looking for you."

     A colleague's words interrupted her reverie. It was already entered during the lunch break, but she did not go to dinner because she had no appetite. She followed the eyes of the colleague, and there were two people standing in front of the office, one of them was a speech, and yet another was an unknown young woman.

     Ying Xuan put down her work and came to the two, saying, "What are you, the matter? What is this lady?""Hello! Miss Tang, my name is Yi Runli! I am a reporter from "Moon City Evening News"... well, don't get me wrong, I didn't come here for work..."

     "Are you the Mr. Yirun's sister?"


     Ying Xuan faintly smiled and said, "I am a fan of your brother. In the past, I have heard interviews with him as a guest in "The Voice of the Nether". He mentioned you and said that you are his most cherished relative."

     "Yes... yes, Miss Tang..."

     "But why come to me?"

     Anyway, the three of them did not eat, and simply went to the company cafeteria, chose a seat to sit down, and talked while eating. So Runli once again told Yingxuan about the specific situation.

     Yingxuan was also quite surprised after listening to Runli's account. Although she has faintly felt that in this world there is indeed a science unable to explain, she did not expect it to be so widespread in everyone's life. She remembers writing a sentence in front of each book.

     "The factor of terror is right around everyone."

     At first, she only thought that this was a quotation written by a terrorist to create an atmosphere, but now it seems that this may be his emotion. As long as humans are accidentally, they will enter the restricted area that should not be stepped in, provoking the existence of this world.

     "Miss Yi, am I also a psychic constitution?"

     "Huh? Do you mean your dangerous hunch?"

     "Yeah...Although my pupils are not purple, according to you, the pupils of lower-order abilities are the same as normal ones?"Runli didn't know whether she was really, or when she didn't know how to answer, a voice came.

     "You are not a psychic physique. You don't have the spirit of "ghost", you are a purely synchronized soul. Your hunch of danger should be your soul, more sensitive to ghosts."

     Runli looked up, it was A Jing's face full of scheming and fortress. Moreover, the elder brother stood beside him anxiously.

     ", you are here..."

     "Well, you're a big man!" Run An's lightly ran on Run Li's head, and said, "Leave a note that threatens me and just go away. You are what does it mean! Don't treat yourself as a hero! Look!"

     But A Jing stood in front of Ying Xuan and said, "Hello, Miss Tang. Just now Runli told you everything, right? Since that is the case, then to open the door and see the mountain". You and Mr. Lin, are they bothered by virtual images now?"

     "Yes... who are you?"

     "Ren Jing, I am a supernatural person with physical constitution."

      At the same time, Sun Zhumian was sweating in the company's toilet. He was sitting in a corner of a single room, his hands clasped his head, his pupils kept shrinking, and he talked to oneself from time to time: "No... No... No..."

      Inside his mind also produces a virtual image. But is that really a virtual image?

     Even high-definition screens are not as realistic as everything they see in front of them. No matter how you do it, you can't get rid of this virtual image of yourself, and you can't think of any way to face the horror changes that appear before you.In the virtual image he produced, the murderer's face also turned, and the image was the same as what Ying Xuan and Yan Chen saw! Several hours have passed since this change. Originally, if it were only that's the end of it... But now the situation is starting to be different.

     Why is there such a thing? Obviously it is a virtual image, obviously it is untrue...

     On that day, Zhu Mian was standing on the side of the steps to the right, and at the moment, under the seventeen steps (because this virtual image appeared so many times, he could already count the number of steps), the murder Demon, with a grin, walked up the stairs!

     Although he was motionless like a statue after walking up three steps, his eyes looked straight at Zhu Mian, yes, he was looking at himself!

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