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0 Chapter Directory 32 Ulterior Motive
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

The road ahead can no longer be crossed.

     At the end of the road is a country road. According to the staff member, turn left on this path and go straight to reach the fishing village. However, the road gradually became more and more bumpy, and gradually entered the stone-covered ground, and several bumps caused the people on the car to hit the roof. In desperation, only parked in the nearby woods, then get off and walk.

     When the six people gathered together, Ah Jing whispered Runli's hunch just now, and she told Runli and Yingxuan not to say it. After all, in this situation, it doesn't make sense to let Zhu Mian know that he only has two days left.

     The road is more and more difficult. Many stones are stacked on the side of the road irregularly, and there is almost no flat place. After walking for about half an hour, many people's shoes were worn out. Finally, after about three quarters of an hour, a row of houses finally appeared in view.

     At this point, the road naturally seemed much better. Probably because of the proximity to the beach, the wind seems to make people feel a little damp.

     When I walked into the village, I felt very deserted, and no one was there. Every house is closed, and the whole village is as quiet as a ghost village. In addition to Run An and A Jing, the other four people all felt more or less a bit. Is there no one in this village? It's still daytime! Even at night, there can be no sound at all, right?Some houses are very dilapidated from the outside, holes in the windows and cracks in the doors. Those houses occupy a large proportion in this village. It really looks like an abandoned village.

     Frankly speaking, this fishing village is only on the outskirts of the city, it is not really a closed rural area, not to mention Coastal Zone. Nowadays, many rural areas in China have already gone to a well-off society. The economic level here is obviously very poor, and it is still dark. I noticed that there are still water wells in front of some farmhouses. It seems that there is no running water at all, and there are no telephone poles nearby. Isn’t there any electricity connected here?

     "There is no time, you can't hesitate anymore." A Jing reminded, and Rundang was nodded.

     He opened his throat and shouted: "Anyone? Is anyone here?"

     He yelled about three times, and finally there was some movement in a house about two houses from them. The door opened, and a bearded old man came out. The old man looked very lacking in energy, his face was yellow and skinny, old and decrepit, his eyes were completely without anger, his cheeks were completely sunken in, and at first glance, he even looked a bit ghostly.

     He was wearing a cotton jacket with a lot of patches, his eyes glanced over at them, and his voice said hoarsely: "You guys are who? Looks like it came from the city?"

     While Run An was still organizing language in her head, A Jing had already spoken.

     "This is the village where Wen Zi charm lived?"

     Quite to open the door and see the mountain.For a while, the air seemed to freeze, and the old man's face suddenly became paler, and from his expression, everyone immediately understood. The psychicist did live here. Everyone secretly admired A Jing, efficiently, and did not wading in mud and water at all. Less than ten minutes into this village, this has already been determined.

     However, the old man's next expression can be described as a thunderstorm. He even picked up the stone on the ground and shouted: "Go! Get me! Get me! That monster is not here, you get me back!"

     With that said, he was still holding the stone high, it seemed that if act blindly without thinking, he would really throw the stone over. Run An immediately shouted to him: "Old man, please don't do this. The purpose of our coming here is just to know where is it, Wen Zimei, please tell us that it is our life!"

     This sentence is indeed true. Of course, when Runli and the other three people heard it, they thought that it was only the person who had the virtual image in their mind. In fact, Runlian meant all of them.

     All of them were cursed.

     The old man's reaction was still very fierce, even throwing the stone on the hand, but no one was thrown. Then he continued to shout: "She damn it! She damn long before she was born! That's not human, that's not human..."

     "Because her pupils are blood red, right?"Ah Jing is really silent, amaze the world with a single brilliant feat, every time she says a word, she can create a period of time of silence. While the old man heard this sentence, the trembling of the whole body stopped. He walked over slowly, carefully looked at A Jing, and asked, "You... Who are you? How do you know this? People outside the village" Impossible to know..."

     "That child was not born at full term?" A Jing continued to speak in a steady tone, as if everything had been experienced by her personally: "And, she should be much heavier than the average baby, right? I think , Shouldn’t she ever cry after she was born? The blood red eyes should change to purple later. And from the day she was born, this village is facing disaster?”

     Judging from the old man's expression, she could tell that she was quite right. Sure enough, everything happened here...

     " can it be know this...impossible...that child should die, kill her as soon as she is born...she is a ghost, she is the soul of life and she is definitely not human! "

     After the old man said these words, he calmed down suddenly and made a strange laugh.

     "You... life is in danger? Are you cursed? Ha Ha Ha Ha, interesting, come in, thanks to your skills, find where the monster was born!"

     Walking into the old man's room, the room is very broken, and even the roof there are still two big holes, if the wind and rain are troublesome. There were few furniture and the room was relatively small. Six people came in and filled the space completely, because there were not enough stools, and a few people could only stand.The old man looked at the six people and said, "How do you know about that monster?"

     At this time, Ying Xuan already said a little more than one can bear: "Old gentleman... why do you always call Miss Wen a monster? What did she do? Is it because her pupils are different from ordinary people?"

     "Ha Ha Ha Ha ... What do you know, an outsider! She is the culprit who destroyed this village! You carefully examine what this village is now like! Now there are only us elderly people in the village, all young people I went to a big city, and I will never come back! Originally this village lived by fishing, but now no one dares to go fishing at sea, we are all now on struggle on whilst at death's door… ...But I will not leave the village, even if I die!"

     Then he asked again: "What is your relationship with that monster..."

     "We are looking for her." Run An replied: "We haven't seen her in the past. I heard that she is a very capable psychicist, so you need to find her."

     "Hehe... is it? You guys really want to die? Want to go to her? The psychicist? I don’t know... Since she left this village seven years ago, she will not be dead or alive anymore. Connected with me!"

     Seven years ago?

     Others of course did not respond to this, but Run Dark and Run Li responded very strongly.Is this a coincidence? Or is it an arrangement of mysteriously and inexorably? Immediately afterwards, the old man continued: "Putting it that way, did you provoke something evil? If so, leave me as soon as possible! There are enough people dead here!"

     "No way..." Ah Jing's expression of have no alternative appeared, and then said to Run An: "Run An, you and Mr. Lin hold him down, don't let him move."

      "Ah?" Run Dark and Yan Chen said different mouths, same voice: "Why?"

     "If you want to live, just listen to what I say!"

     The old man does not understand such thing and shouted: "You, what are you going to do? Hey..." The voice didn't fall, both hands were held down, and then I saw that A Jing took out a tube filled with yellow liquid somehow Test tube, and then said to Zhu Mian: "Mr. Sun, you pry open his mouth. This is a potion I made, a potion that can control the nerves of the brain."

     Yun An couldn't help but admire Ah Jing's ability to make medicine. How many kinds of potion does she have?

     "You... you guys are who? Me, I want to call someone..." spoke until here, the old man's mouth has been forcibly opened by Zhu Mian, Zhu Mian already knows that it will be his turn to die next time, naturally very Actively. Then, A Jing dropped the medicine into the old man's mouth.

     "This dose It should be about the same." Then A Jing put the test tube into her body, and no one could see how she put it back, only to see her squeeze her palm, and then when she released it again, her palm便as empty as anything.Then, the old man started to retort and wanted to spit out the potion he had just drank, but it didn't take long for his eyes to start to blur. A Jing stared at his eyes, saying with satisfaction: "Yes, it seems to be a success Now."

     "Successful?" Run asked inexplicably.

     "This is the potion that I just made yesterday. I haven't had time to do human experiments yet. It was used immediately today."

     As soon as this remark came out, everyone immediately felt terrified. A Jing dared to carry out drug experiments on the human body so casually. In case of failure, what happened to this old man, wouldn't he just become an accomplice by holding his own just now?

     Since then, Run An has remembered one thing, and must not drink the medicine made by A Jing.

     "This kind of potion can make people who drink the drug, who see what they see at first glance after the potency takes effect. Because no experiment has been done, the effect is how long can it last still unknown. But I think A two hours should be no problem."

     Then, she stared at the old man in front of her and opened Zhu Zhu lightly, saying, "Tell me. Where is Wen Zimei now?"

     Still to open the door and see the mountain, but it is indeed efficient. The old man replied immediately: "I really don't know."

     It seems that he didn't lie just now. After Wen Zimei left seven years ago, he no longer knew the whereabouts of the other party.

     "She has relatives in the village without other?"

     "No, her father was the first person killed by her, and her mother was already sick."

     Then, Jing continued to ask in depth: "That's fine... mention everything you know about her, and be as detailed as possible."The old man was nodded, and then opened the conversation box.

     "Twenty years ago, a couple in our village was finally pregnant with their children. At that time, they had been married for seven years, and they thought they could not have children, so everyone was very happy at that time. I was also familiar with the couple at that time. My husband's name was Wen Haoshan and my wife's name was Feng Ying. The child's expected birth date should have been in April of that year."

     "But, in February of that year, during the Chinese New Year, Feng Ying's amniotic fluid was actually broken. Everyone flusteredly helped her to find a doctor. That night, everyone stayed at the door of the couple and waited anxiously. At this time, I suddenly noticed that there was a shadow on the ground, dangling into the room suddenly, and that shadow... there was no master at all! At that time, I thought I was wrong, but I couldn’t get in that shadow. Within a minute, the doctor's shout came: "Birth! Born! "

     "However we all feel a little bit strange, why didn't we hear the baby cry? Then, everyone rushed in and wanted to see the baby, but... Everyone found that the expression on her husband's face didn't look like a father. In general, he seemed to be very anxious holding the baby. The baby was always quiet and did not cry at all, which was a bit abnormal. At that time, I took a look at it and found that the pupil of the child was actually It's blood red! And, she looks at my eyes, it seems full of resentment!""That child is Wen Zimei. From that day on, the village's disaster began. The blood-red pupils of her original birth turned purple on the day of her first birthday. This is too weird, a baby's pupil It’s strange that the color is red. Juju came and changed the color. Even her parents felt very wrong. The child had never cried once since birth."

     "On the day her pupils changed color, there was a young man in the village called Wang Cheng who advised the couple to take the child to the hospital to see it, or if the child had any problems, simply give it to someone else. After all, everyone feels that the child has Question. And at that time, he suddenly noticed... that child's eyes actually glared at him, and at this time, her pupil turned red for a moment!"

     "The next day, Wang Chengcheng died, and he drowned when he went fishing. The strange thing is that the day he drowned, the breeze is still, waves are quiet on the sea, and he always swims very well. What do you think? It also feels unreasonable to drown. After the police came to investigate and found no clues, they could only conclude that it was an accidental death."

     "Next, all the people in the village who had talked about him in front of the child, all died strangely, and all were drowned. Some people died like Wang Cheng when they went to the sea, some The person fell into the sea and drowned. There was even a family who would never get close to the sea. The body of the wife of the family was later found drowned in the sea.""So... everyone gradually came to a conclusion. That child is not a person, and the scene I witnessed that day is also a good evidence. She is a dead soul from the sea, and this dead soul is attached to the children of the Wenhaoshan couple. , Is a demon! In the end, even the couple began to fear this child, because of this child, they were even pointing the finger behind every person in the village. Finally, one day, Haoshan actually wanted to take the child Suffocate! Fortunately, Feng Ying was found in time before he was rescued. As a result, her husband was terrified. He knew that the child would not let him go. As expected, his body was washed to the shore the next day!"

     "This child is a evil spirit... She is not a person! As she grows up, the children in the village are reluctant to play with her, and some children of those who died at sea hate her and desperately bully her... However, bully Her people have discovered that her pupils will turn red afterwards...all the children who bullied her, without exception, all died..."