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0 Chapter Directory 33 Underpass
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Sure enough..." A Jing seemed to have expected everything. Wen Zimei is a half-human and half-evil physique. Of course, she cannot be manipulated to stay within her body's evil spirits in her childhood. Then, if she loses control, those who bully her will naturally be killed by evil spirits one by one.

     However, as the evil spirits, they are only killing people who are not good for themselves. It can be seen that Zimei has already restrained the evil spirits as early as childhood, otherwise, all the people in this village will have died. A Jing suddenly understood why his father let himself find her.

     She is really a genius among geniuses.

     "Seven years ago, after her mother died of illness, she left the village in this way. On the day she left, everyone in the village celebrated, thinking that the nightmarish days were finally over. For her existence, there have been constant People from TV stations or newspapers come to conduct interviews, and as many people as there come will die. And we have gradually discovered that even if she is gone, the curse still exists. People in the village will still die as long as they go out to sea... I don't understand, why she left, we still can't escape? When will this curse be eliminated?"

     Run-dark also is unclear, so he turned his gaze to A Jing.

     "Don't ask me, I don't know either."

     She left the village seven years ago... where would she be now? If you can't find her, then the curse is not possible. A Jing bit his finger again and thought about it, and asked the old man in front of him, "Where is her past home?""It's at the east entrance of the village... Turn left after going out from here, and then after seeing a tree, walk back a bit and you're there. The wall is full of words, it's her home."

     Then, the six people left his home and followed his instructions to find Wen Zimei's home.

     It was really easy to find. The wall outside her house was filled with insults and curses, and the door opened as soon as it was pushed in. When I went in, I saw that all the furniture in it was smashed and there were spider webs everywhere. The house was small, and it was finished in two or three steps, and no clue was found.

     Ah Jing didn't give up, he rummaged it carefully, and then gave up. It seems that Wen Zimei did not leave any valuable clues. However, a smile appeared on her lips.

     "I know where to go next."

      "Huh?" Everyone is puzzled. Why does A Jing always think differently from ordinary people?

     She knocked on a floor beneath her feet, and then fumbled again. Suddenly she seemed to have grabbed something, and opened the floor a lid! And below is a stone step!

     "This... this is a secret way?" Ying Xuan looked up, did not think until here there would be such a place?

     "Run dark, you go to the front, after all, you are currently the strongest person here, everyone is following closely, no one knows what is below!"

     Everyone was nodded after listening to Ah Jing's command. Then, one by one began to go down the stairs.

     Just after all of those people walked in, about a minute later, a pale hand that didn't know to extend from somewhere closed the lid!Run An was equipped with a flashlight, and he distributed some to the people behind. Everyone walked for about five minutes and finally reached the bottom. At the bottom is a wide corridor, and I don't know where it will lead.

     "Is this a bomb shelter dug during the War of Resistance Against Japan?" Ying Xuan asked inexplicably. The construction of such an underpass is definitely not achievable with the ability of a person who can smell Zi Mei.

     "Who knows ne ... However, I think there must be some secret under this secret road." A Jing glanced at the front of the promenade with a flashlight, and there seemed to be a door there.

     Ying Xuan their three people now see that the door has been completely avoided, not to mention in such a dark road. But A Jing said: "I'm afraid to go, unless you don't want to live."

     The person who came to the end of the team was Runli. As everyone was preparing to move forward, she suddenly felt someone patted her shoulders behind, and she immediately took a photo with a flashlight, but there was no one behind her.

     "Ghost... There's a ghost here!" She shouted and ran forward, not long before she had already ran to the door.

     The people behind also ran to the door one after another, and asked A Jing quietly, "What's the matter?"

     "Brother... Just now, someone patted me on the back, but nobody was behind..."

     As she said this, the three men were suddenly scared.

     A Jing said exceptionally calm at the moment: "I have expected a ghost here...don't care too much."

     "Please... how can you not care about this kind of thing?"Ignoring Runli's complaint, A Jing unscrewed the door handle and pulled the door open. Everyone came together to take a look, and there was... a few skeletons lying!

     The women except Ah Jing screamed, but when they saw Ah Jing, they said safely: "Well, really so. There are no spider webs around this door, and there is not much dust. At least in the near future, Wen Zimei is absolutely Been here!"

     Along the corridor where the skull was inverted, A Jing actually walked cold-blooded, and everyone had to admire her courage.

     Everyone doesn't understand why these corpses are there. It stands to reason that although many people have died in this village, they were sent to the crematorium for cremation. There is no reason to leave these skeletons...

     Could it be the body of the person who broke into this underpass? Thinking of this, almost every person's footsteps stopped.

     "A Jing... don't you feel that this is too dangerous?" Run An really feels awkward and asks: "How come you seem to be familiar with this place?"

     "Relax. We won't die here, because...we haven't ‘turned’ us yet."

     This sentence thumped Run Yun's heart. Ah Jing's words are indeed true. It is indeed not easy to die before their scheduled death date. Unexpectedly, A Jing was so thoughtful.

     However, in fact, A Jing's hands holding the flashlight are constantly sweating. She is very glad that besides her, she does not have one person found that thing... How long can it last, she has no bottom in her heart.

     The possibility of dies here is as high as 30 percent... Is this gambling too big?Her mind was pondering quickly, but her footsteps did not stop, she could not let Run An see the flaws. Yes, no matter what the case...

     According to A Jing's plan, first of all, he should continue to go deep in this secret road, and then choose an appropriate time to start his action. She must act as Calm demenor, and not fear. If this is not done, I am sorry for my father's expectations.

     Ying Xuan began to anticipate the terrible dangers here, but she could not tell where the dangers were at the moment. It seems that the danger is not in the front... so is it from the rear? Could it be that there is another summoner who uses his dangerous hunch to fall into the trap again?

     As for moistening, he also feels more and more uncomfortable. It feels difficult to describe. It seems to be peeped by what thing. This feeling...what is it's going on?

     He remembers running to that non-existing Room 401, and had such a feeling... The more thought until here, the more he felt that it was inappropriate to move on, so he leaned into A Jing's ear and said, "Hey, I It feels very wrong... Don't go any further?"

     A Jing suddenly accused Run Run of being an idiot in her heart. The time is not yet ripe. In case she stopped, she would be finished... She only continued to walk and said, "Listen... I naturally have my considerations and continue to move towards Just go ahead, I will explain it to you when the time comes. But, I can’t say it now."At this time, her left hand always penetrated into a pocket deep in her clothes, pinching a small medicine bottle. This is the result of three months of research. This medicine has been tested, but she herself wonders whether it will be useful.

     The crisis is approaching, but her pace is still very stable.

     It’s’s almost there...

     She kept meditating and praying in her heart. Only when she went to that place, the possibility of surviving could be raised to more than 50 percent.

     She estimated that there was about fifty meters away from her destination. By this time, the people behind him had begun to become a little impatient, especially Sun Zhumian, who was the most eager: "How long must he go? Is there no end to this corridor?"

     "Yeah... Miss Ren, why don't you go back first? It's not easy to go deeper?" Ying Xuan also made this suggestion.

     If something goes wrong, all six people must be dies here... At this time, a compelling aura in front rushes in, and the darkness has been quickly sensed, but the aura is generally not felt by the average person.

     "There...what is there!" Run An, such a saying, A Jing An's cry is not good, if the people behind run away, the consequences will be disastrous!

     "Don't run! If anyone backs up, I will let him die immediately!" A Jing took out another bottle of potion from his pocket and unscrewed the lid. "This is a kind of once it can evaporate in the air. It forms a highly toxic potion, but I have taken the antidote in advance, and if I want to die, I will continue to run back!"Everyone has seen the medicine that A Jing has made before, where dare to take a step, and the darkening is also terrifying, asking: "You... what is it mean?"

     "I'll explain it after I said... continue to walk forward, back to death!"

     So, without any means, had to continue to move forward.

     A Jing counted down silently: 30 meters, 25 meters, 20 meters... as long as you get there... don't go wrong with this!

     Although the flashlight is shining forward, nothing can be seen. Just when everyone was surprised, someone suddenly noticed something and raised the flashlight and looked up.

     "no, do not want……"

     A Jing hastened to stop him, but has come without enough time!

     I saw a woman in a weird costume hanging above her. Her limbs sucked tightly to the ceiling like a spider. She was coldly looking at the six people below, and her pupils were bright red like blood!