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0 Chapter Directory 35 Different Dimension Room
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Sun Zhumian did not know that his life was only two days left.

     However, no matter how much time is left, one thing is certain, he will definitely die. I just don't know the reason.

     In fact, about Zuo Xin's death, he knew something that no one else knew. In fact, theoretically speaking, Zuo Xin is unlikely to be killed. All the injuries she suffered were from the front. This is always puzzling.

     It was probably a summer from a year ago.

     At that time, Zhu Mian and Zuo Xin went on a business trip, and the task was to discuss cooperation with an entertainment company. Originally the work was very smooth. However, the day before going back, the two were suddenly surrounded by three people on a secluded path.

     Each of them had sharp knives in their hands and asked them to hand over the money. However, just when all these people gathered around and started to work, Zuo Xin knocked down the three people who held the weapon with only one person's power.

     At that time, he completely saw dumbstruck, and even Zuo Xin said afterwards that he should not tell others in the company. Her father seems to be a folk martial artist. She has received a lot of Chinese Martial Arts training since she was a child. Although she hasn't had actual combat for more than three years, it is enough to deal with this group of gangsters.In fact, he felt strange that day. When entering the non-existent room, when he saw the strange man assassinating Fan Tengyue, Zuo Xin actually fled with fear. At the time, he thought Zuo Xin would take action against the man. She was killed by a knife, and it felt strange to think about it, but after only one year, she couldn't suddenly become so weak. What's more, she has no trace of resistance...

     In fact, he once asked Zuo Xin why he saw that murderer that day but was frightened to escape. Her answer at the time made herself unimaginable.

     "I don't know... I just feel that the guy in front of me is not a human, but a monster... At that time, I just broke down even when I continued to watch him, and escape became my only thought..."

     This is really abnormal.

     Run dark alone in this stone house of only 25 square meters, nothing, and then began to release the supernatural power.

     He began to recall what happened an hour ago.

     "Um... I understand roughly."

     After letting the other four people find a hotel nearby and staying in the dark room, only Run An, A Jing and Wen Zi Mei were left behind. A Jing explained in detail the wish to make the darkened pupils change color."Actually... I care about one thing." Zi Mei said to A Jing: "As the daughter of Ren Senbo, you didn't inherit the purple pupil, even the physical physique, it's really unusual. For someone like your father, you might consider marrying a woman with a different physical constitution in order to maintain the purity of the spiritual constitution and blood lineage... Although the number of such people is very small, but your father's kind of person, marrying an ordinary person, does he not know Is this equivalent to killing each other?"

     "Actually..." A Jing appeared a lonely look again at the moment, and said: "Although his father was born with purple pupils, his ability to awaken was born after the death of his mother. He also understood that What does it mean to be innately congenital. I often think about it, if I inherit the purple pupil, then my supernatural ability can be further improved... Physical physique is really inconvenient, even if it has the present For supernatural powers, I take medicine regularly every month to maintain my spirit's activity."

     The dimming of the supernatural knowledge almost doesn't even enter a single aperture, I can only listen to the dialogue between the two, and I can't intervene at all.

     "Drugs? So that's how it is, because you have a supernatural ability, so your wisdom has greatly improved. In fact, I am really surprised. With the supernatural ability of your physical constitution, you can actually use the mirror to let me run away. 'S spirits are restored to their original state."Wen Zimei seemed quite surprised at this. She thought about it and said, "It's a pity, your talent is really strong. If you have a congenital spirit, your ability will never be in your father's. Below. So... for you, this man is the biggest hope?"

     "Yes. This is what my father gave me."

     Run An finally said a sentence: "That... Miss Wen, do you know A Jing's father? It sounds as if you have known each other for many years."

     "What are you saying ah?" Wen Zimei seemed to see Outsider looking at Run Dark generally, and asked: "Are you really a congenital alien constitution? Do you listen well... At least, within the mainland of China, Anyone who has a supernatural ability, or at least someone who has a real study of supernatural power, does not have one person, and has never heard of the name Ren Senbo. That man is by far a superpower of our kind. , The man who is called the'king of purple pupils.'"

     "Purple...King of Purple Pussy?"

     "Well... There are countless unknown horror things in this World, which can't be understood with the common sense of human beings, some are the wronged souls of dead people, some are ghosts who don't know where they come from, and some are baffling. Curse. The very few who can understand the partial existence of those things, only us, half of them belong to humans and half belong to the ghosts of ghosts. According to the testable documents, the spirits have existed for more than a thousand years. The purple pupil, It has always been a symbol of higher spiritual power, and generally only those with spiritual powers will have it."As if a middle school teacher was teaching, Zi Mei gave Run-dark lessons very patiently.

     "Although after more than a thousand years, we have never been able to thoroughly explore the origin of the spirit, nor can we fully understand its nature, characteristics, and even classify it. So, all of us with spirit ability have a consensus. You also listen to this All right."

     Run dark saw that Zi Mei's attitude became so serious that she couldn't help but sit upright and still up.

     "That's... Humans are absolutely invincible to them. I don't know when to start or when to end, as if it was deliberately brought to human despair and fear, terror is constantly spreading in this World, no matter how the human's spiritual ability evolves. No one in history has ever challenged ghosts and curses.

     "How... how could it be?" Run Andun suddenly felt unimaginable. Isn't there a lot of legends about Taoist demon town ghosts in Chinese history? But there have been no successful examples in history? How can it be?

     "This is the real history. Only people with natural innate physiques will inherit the memories from generation to generation, as if they were written in Inheritance Genes. Probably you and your sister are more special cases. Wait until your purple When your pupils wake up, you will naturally understand the history between the supernatural power and the source of terror."

     "Then...what else is there is meaning of what we are doing now?" Run Yun asked indifferently: "Miss Tang, what about them? Couldn't they solve their curse? What can we do? Even if I am liberated With the supernatural power, what can it do?""Yeah... it doesn't make sense. But, you want to live, isn't that so?" Wen Zimei looked at A Jing, and then turned to dark, said: "I can only make your pupils purple, in the future It is up to you to decide what to do."

     Soon after, Wen Zimei led Run Anmei to the yet another secret room of this underpass. This room was very small, with stone walls on all four sides, nothing. Next, she explained the rules that can change the pupils in detail: "The evolutionary rules of pupils and eyes are very simple, that is, to condense the supernatural power and make it unprecedentedly active, can make the pupils change color. This room...Yes I created a channel that communicates with different dimensions. As long as I stay here for a period of time, there will definitely be something invading from that place, as for what those are, I don't know either. This period of At time, your inner psychic abilities will fully condense and evolve in a crisis. This is the method that can turn your pupils into purple in the shortest time. It all depends on your own strength."

     Although Run An knows that his next problem is superfluous, he still asked.

     "If it fails... how is it?"

     "Then you need to ask? By then, you will no longer be in this room. As for where you will go, I don't know either."

     Sure enough, it is a lot of problems.

     This is really a more terrible thing than death. Staying in one room, facing a different dimension intruder who does not know when it will arrive, it may be taken to an unknown world. Too.

     "So..." He asked another question: "Do you know what is from a different dimension...""I don't know. Some villagers who found this secret road trying to catch me stumbled in here, and all of them disappeared in this room. There are also some psychic physiques like you who want to improve their ability and stay in this room, but in the end all disappeared. By the way, I have never entered this room."

     At this time, Run An found that Wen Zimei didn't come in at all, but just stood at the crack of the door.

     "Let me go out--"

     Already comes without enough time.

     When Run An ran to the door, Wen Zimei had closed the door.

     "Mr. Yi...Is there a mirror on your body? After your pupils turn purple, you yell immediately, By the way, this room isolates all radio waves, and the mobile phone is unusable. Don’t try to force open this door, otherwise I don’t guarantee Will you fall into a different Dimensional World."

     Time returns to the present one hour later.

     Run dark quickly calmed down. He knew very well that once he was in a panic, he would fall into yet another world. Although the supernatural power has been released, it doesn't have any movement around. As time went by, his heartbeat continued to accelerate. This is really a kind of torture. To prevent someone from attacking behind him, he is now leaning against the wall.

     What kind of world will it be in different dimensions? He remembered that Ah Jing mentioned that when there is an intersection between different dimensions and this World, there will be unknown things invading this World, so he is now at this intersection.

     The air in the room seems to be getting thinner and the surrounding temperature seems to be rising, but I don't know if this is his illusion.Just to confirm the time, he took out his mobile phone to see the time. However, the strange thing is that time is always fixed at the moment he enters. As if he had entered a crack in time. Or has he already entered a different dimension that cannot be divided in time using human world time units?

     At this time, he suddenly noticed that there seemed to be countless silhouettes on the opposite wall.

     Those contours, large and small, are different, he can't remember whether it was from the beginning or just created. At first, I didn't think anything, but now, those silhouettes feel a little wrong.

     Out of curiosity, he walked to the front wall and took a look. At this time, he noticed that the walls on all four sides, without exception, all had such outlines. Moreover, the number is quite large. Gradually, he began to feel that these outlines became clear.

     "In the end... what is? These outlines..."

     They are like... like...

     Sun Zhumian strolled in a jungle near the hotel they were staying in.

     It was late at night, and the moonlight shone, and his heart calmed down slightly. I don’t know how much progress has been made there.

     At this moment, he found that the murderer continued to walk up the steps!

     Ah... ninth level, tenth level, eleventh level... No, haven't you stopped?

     He couldn't help but take two or three steps backwards, and then ran wildly. However, the killer in the virtual image still didn't stop, and he still walked up quickly.

      already passed Midnight 00:00.Today is the date of death in Runli's hunch. It has been two days since Run Dark entered the room with different dimensions. However, because the Time Elapses in the room are different from the outside world, he feels that he has only stayed in it for several hours, but the outside world has already passed dozens of hours. At about eleven o'clock, he left the hotel without taking his cellphone, so no one can contact him now and tell him the date of his death.

     In fact, Ah Jing's best plan is to make the darkened pupils purple and then go to the hotel immediately to find a way to remove Curse. But it failed.

     Did not have time.

     The murderer has reached the sixteenth level. And Zhu Mian stepped down and fell on the ground, and at this moment in the virtual image, the murderer stood opposite him.

     It was really a terrifying scene, although it was a virtual image, but he felt that it was real.

     Then, the murderous demon grinned and raised the knife in his hand...

     But at the moment in that room with different dimensions, Run Dark finally saw the true face of those silhouettes.

     It's a face! Those silhouettes are human faces!