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0 Chapter Directory 36 Soul Eater Eye
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Run dark looked at the outlines in front of her that resembled human faces, and her heart suddenly became cold.

     It's really strange. If a person recognizes the true face of a shape and then looks at it, it can never be seen as a posture without recognition.

     And all these faces around... all stared at him, some were resentful, some were angry, and some seemed to grin... just looking at these faces is enough to make people crazy, but if you close the the Eyes, and fear where a monster will come from, and he cannot know.

     Gradually, he felt that the outlines became clearer and clearer. In the end, he could see the facial features of those faces as absolutely clear. They were like real people. Their eyes were all focused on the dark body.

     Next, Run An found a similar outline on the ceiling! He even felt that the outlines were somewhat convex. On a wall, there are an average of hundreds of faces! With such a high density, he simply can't avoid this sight!

     However, more terrible things are still behind. Rundang stared at the ground closely at this moment, as expected, similar contours began to appear on the ground! He was surrounded by all eyes! What will happen next?

     In the moment, Run An felt the cold behind!

      how can it be?

     He did lean against the wall just now, but now he is standing in the middle of the room! Why, why did the wall come behind him? Even more frightening is that he found that he couldn't move at all, even if he wanted to wink, he couldn't move his fingers!Then he found that the body under the neck began to numb and lost all feelings.

     He gradually realized what... Could it be that those people disappeared in this room because...

     Darken him, and now it has become a face profile on the wall!

     Impossible... He couldn't kill me...

     Sun Zhumian hoped this only one nightmare in his heart, however, I saw that the murderer stabs his chest with a knife...

      At the same time, Zhu Mian really felt that something had penetrated his chest...

     One, then the second, the third...

     In an instant, his chest was completely red with blood.

     The pain was truly transmitted to his nerves, and it was not until now that he began to scream.

     Obviously, no one is really stabbing him, and there is obviously no one around...

     But he was bleeding, but he really felt severe pain!

     Escape...escape, must escape...

     But it's useless. Wherever he flees, it is impossible to get rid of a virtual image. After all, he was not really in that non-existent room.

      "No... No..."

     This is the last sentence he said in this world.

     Immediately afterwards, Zhu Mian's body fell to the ground.

     In the room of different dimensions, Run An knew that with a little hesitates, he would immediately be fused by this wall and be taken to the world of different dimensions... It seems that the supernatural powers are all sealed in the body.

      This time, the memories of the past, all appear in the mind.In the diary left by his parents, one of the pages was torn by him and burned to ashes before being shown to Run Li, but the content of that page was firmly in his mind by him.

     Contrary to A Jing's situation, it is his mother who has a congenitally alien constitution. Run An's mother is a very gentle, affectionate and kind woman who looks very similar to Run Li.

     She told Run Dark in the diary that all the truth.

     The mother's mother, the grandmother of Rundang and Runli, was pregnant with her when she drove through a crossroad and encountered an extremely serious car accident. The car accident was a series of car crashes. Almost all of the people involved were dead, and the grandmother actually gave birth to her mother while she was dying. This is really a miracle in the history of medicine.

     Because the grandmother’s pelvis was almost broken, and it was almost damaged. Under the situation at the moment, the fetus can still survive, it is unimaginable. Even when the grandmother gave birth to the mother, she didn’t have any consciousness. . Although the mother was born with a very light weight, she doesn't have any problems in survival, and all functions are very healthy.

     Mother that's it A baby who should have died but survived. However, the mother gradually discovered that her physique was unusual, until one day, she met a psychicist and was told the truth.The mother should be the substitute found by a wraith who died in a car accident. In other words Only a part of the mother’s soul belongs to the fetus at that time. Because the mother does not have a purple pupil, she does not have the memory of the supernatural ability. And her children will also have a spiritually different constitution, that is, a constitution in which ghosts and creatures coexist.

     The psychicist told her mother that one day her spiritual powers might awaken. If so, those around her might die one after another, even her favorite husband and child. At that time, Runli was born. The children born may encounter such misfortune, but the mother still hopes that she can stay with her husband and live with her children. However, this led to the subsequent tragedy.

     He felt that his body was gradually merging with the wall, and now only his face was slightly protruding, however, it was also being sealed into the wall. It seems that people who used to be in this room disappeared all the same.

     No... don't die... still want to live... live with Runli...

     Just when his face was almost submerged in the wall, he suddenly felt a shock all over his body. Cracks began to appear in the surrounding walls, and immediately, many face contours began to disappear. And then, the crack began to extend to the whole wall, and Runan felt that his right hand was moving.

     Then his left hand, which had been sealed into the wall, was also extended.

     "Things that hinder you... let me all disappear!"Just as he was about to step out of his legs, a hand stretched out of the wall and grabbed his shoulder. However, almost at the same time, the crack in the wall finally made it completely collapsed. Strangely, no piece of debris hit Run Yun's body.

      At this time, the door opened, and A Jing and Wen Zi Mei watched with surprise on their bodies full of lime, and then Jing shouted, "Run dark, you..."

     I saw his double pupils, now it has become purple!

     The darkened supernatural power is completely awakened!

     And at this moment, a piece of memory poured into his mind. He immediately realized that he had become a real supernatural being, and as a half-ghost half-life spirit constitution, he no longer belongs to humans, but a spiritual creature. And his pupil-eye attribute is the soul-eating pupil. The ability is to use the power of these eyes to pull out evil spirits or unjust souls possessed in the human body, and restore them to their true colors.

     "Soul Eater... Hitomi?"

     "This is your pupil's eye attribute? So that's how it is. In the purple pupil, the soul-eating pupil's eye is considered to be a more advanced ghost eye." Wen Zimei still dare not come in, but began to explain in detail: "And The most powerful of the purple pupils is Ren Senbo’s Yin and Yang pupils, a kind of pupil that can open the Yin Sector Door or send ghosts back to the hell. Not bad..."

     "Then what's next? Is it the red pupil?" Run dark suddenly thought that the grade of the red pupil was above the purple pupil."Yeah. The red pupil is also called ghost ghost eye. If the pupil turns red, then it is a pure evil spirit body. It can only be eliminated by taking a photo with a mirror. This kind of pupil can be used with ghosts. Confrontation, but after all, it still has the maximum ability of physical human beings, so it is impossible to kill ghosts, and this power is a rogue type, which is invincible."

     Runyin touched his eyes with his right hand, and then asked, "What are the main types of purple pupils?"

     "Well, purple pupils are also called ghost eyes. According to the literature, there are seven kinds of eyes. According to the grade, they are divided into perspective pupils, broken pupils, fierce pupils, illusion pupils, and soul eaters. Eyes, split spirit pupil eyes, yin and yang pupil eyes. However, even the strongest yin and yang pupil eyes, at most, can only send ghosts back to the hell, which does not mean to eliminate them. Moreover, the power of soul ghost eyes It’s powerful, but it can only deal with tangible ghosts. For those invisible curses, it doesn’t have any resistance at all... for example, the virtual image curse on those three people this time.”

     When Run An heard the last sentence, those purple pupils were full of shock.

     "You... what did you say?"

     "That is of course. Those who were cursed this was originally so dead." Wen Zimei replied deadpan. But A Jing has an expression as I expected.

     She finally spoke at this time.

     "Sun Zhumian is already dead, today is his date of death. Come on, you have to deal with his body."

     "Do you want me to guess what you think?"On the way to the hotel happened to be in a traffic jam, simply run dark and use this period of time to explore A Jing's tone, to see if he is right.

     "Oh? Then you might as well talk about it."

     Ah Jing looks completely indifferent.

     "I think that should be the case. You said before that Zuo Xin was only screamed when he died. This is unnatural, and I agree, because she has so many knife wounds, only a blood-curdling screech is not be justified. However, that is only under normal conditions. It is very natural for a person to cause people to scream because the body is injured and the nerve receives a signal of pain... But if at the time, it is more than pain The thing itself, does it make her more shocked?"

     "Oh? What do you say?"

     "For example...Stupefied. What will happen to the virtual image in their minds if they let it go? If Zuo Xin suffered the same thing, then I can roughly imagine."

     "Whatever the case is just a scene of memories in her mind, no matter how it changes, she can’t control it, and this virtual image makes her scared because it is too real. Even the closest friends can’t talk, otherwise it will only Considered as a mentally ill. Think carefully, if it is a real person, even a ghost, you can find a way to escape, but now it is different. No matter who the other person is, the murderer cannot be treated as a virtual image Erase, but will continue to Emerging Transformation......""You mean, there will be changes next?" Runli plugged in at this time and asked: "However, no matter how the virtual image changes, how does it affect the people in reality? I don't understand this point ."

     "There is one more thing love, which also makes me care." When Run An said this sentence, he paid attention to A Jing's expression: "That's why Lin Yanchen has not seen the murderer who should be able to see. Is it possible to do What about this kind of assumption? Although if the ghost is killing someone, then he can’t see it and it’s left nothing to be strange, but I think it’s not that he can’t see it, but... it just doesn’t exist. Killed Zuo Xin’s murderer simply does not exist in reality."

     Then, Run An said his conclusion.

     "Yes. Zuo Xin was killed by the virtual image in her mind. That changed constantly, and then began to walk up the stairs, and finally reached the place where she was in that room at that time, and then, was killed by him Now..."

     Runli suddenly felt cold inside the car.

     "This can also explain what you said, why Zuo Xin wants to run to the rooftop. Because the virtual image can't be expelled from the brain no matter whether it's facing up or down. However, the murderer in the virtual image is along the stairs The steps go up, then, if you run down again, you feel as if you are approaching the murderer. Although the two are indistinguishable, they are not psychologically human. She feels running up, How much can dispel a little of my own fear."

     Ah Jing was slightly nodded at this time."The reason why she only issued a blood-curdling screech is because she couldn't think, the murderer in the virtual image attacked herself, and she would actually be injured in reality!"

     That's right, this is what makes this curse terrible. It is impossible for human beings to escape the virtual image in their minds, only to wait for the murderer to keep approaching himself in the virtual image and kill himself!

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