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0 Chapter Directory 42 Psychic
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Mo Yan, do you feel anything special?"

     When the room was allocated, the photographer Shen Ang, who was sitting next to Tong Moyan, joked: "Is there any undead here?"

     "I only feel that there is some subtle breath... Is it the undead, it is not easy to say..." Tong Moyan simply answered, took a look at the floor plan and said, "I live in Ruixin and Zhao Feng In the middle..."

     The floor plan shows the five-pointed star shape of this pavilion of dawn. The two corners will be connected by two rooms, which are separated by walls. In total, there are ten rooms.

     It’s really much bigger than a green house here. Don’t know why Mrs. Fujiju chose to live in a green house? Even if you are afraid of the haunting rumours here, you can live farther. But in fact, from the House of Dawn to the Green House, it is only a few kilometers away. It is also because of the shape of this five-pointed star that the sides of the outer corridor are inclined, so you must be careful when walking so that your head does not touch the wall.

     The layout of each room is similar, with only some basic furniture, and the gender of the original residence is not visible. The dust is indeed a little bit more, but it can still be cleaned by careful cleaning. And because the rooms are all about the same size, they are all in the same room. Basically, no one will have an opinion.

     Shunxuan unscrewed the door of his room and walked in. He soon felt a bit discordant, and after looking around the room, he quickly noticed that the room had no windows at all! this is what's going on? Is this building completely isolated from the outside sun? No matter how weird it is, we have to build windows.Later, it seemed that everyone's room was all the same, and the entire Dawning House could not find a window.

     "Not bad, there is a haunted house atmosphere." Zhao Feng seemed motivated. But Shun Xuan felt a little uneasy.

     He is somewhat uncertain that even if the ceiling is a five-star corner, the walls on both sides will not be completely together. If you want to explain this structure, there must be space left on the wall, but... Why should this Space Seal be sealed?

     It’s’s like hiding someone...

     people? He wondered why he first thought of people in his mind, why didn't he think what was hidden?

     Looking at the floor plan carefully, his brows became tighter and tighter, and the memory seemed to be separated from the picture in front of him and became distorted. The floor plan and the structure inside the museum are indeed the same, but the overall layout is inconsistent with the outside. He seemed to remember that when he looked outside, there was no room connected between the corners.

     Is it entirely inside the building, unable to discern outside? But in this case, the distance is completely different from the label on the floor plan... and he remembers that he walked for a long time in the corridor outside, and it seems not quite the same as the length seen outside...

     How can this inconsistency arise? Inconsistency between internal and external...

     Suddenly a ridiculous thought came into his mind.Is the place they walk into now really the pavilion he just saw outside? don't tell me it's not into a different world? But this idea was quickly driven away by him. Even if it were true, wouldn't Liu's housekeeper not notice?

     Yes, this is the Museum of Dawn, there is nothing wrong with it.

     Where my son wants to come before jumping off the balcony...

     After returning to the room, he decided to sleep for a while, whatever the case. Tonight, he was going to prepare for a spirit-casting meeting. First, I cleaned the room, put the futons I brought, adjusted the alarm clock, and then I was sure to take me with me. I took a picture of a family of three in the past, placed it on the bedside, and looked at my son. That bright smile, this is the time to go to bed.

     Most people in other rooms choose to go to bed after a little preparation, but there are a few exceptions.

     After staying in his own room, Mo Yan did not clean it, so he sat directly on the dusty ground and took out a box of puzzles from his bag.

     Puzzles may be his only hobby. He opened the puzzles, piled a lot of puzzles on the ground, and then started to put them together. When he puzzled, he wouldn't look at the finished picture. The cover he brought this time was another puzzle piece. He only remembers that this puzzle is a character.

     And yet another exception is Shen Ang, who is now fiddling with the digital camera in his hand. In the past, as long as he found the right place, there would probably be ghosts. And this time when he entered this place, he felt that there must be something he could photograph in this museum."That man named Shen Ang, what iconic building is behind him?" A Jing began to discuss with Run An the new hunch.

     Yun An carefully recalled the image just now and said, "Behind dark, there's nothing about it. The obvious impression... Now I have to wait for Run Li to get the time data. I have to find out where this person is. . Do you continue to invade the computer to check the household registration information?" "Well, yeah... but you have to make mental preparation. This time your supernatural ability has been broken because of ghost eyes, so I estimate that you The scope of the second hunch may not only be limited to this city, maybe the surrounding cities will also feel it."


     "Don't show that look, you'll have to find out if it's hard to find isn't that so? You don't want to see someone die in front of you anymore?"

     "Well...I know, everything is for me and Runli..."

     Run dark looked at a mirror next to him, and those deep purple pupils seemed to be floating in their eyes, and it looked like they were not their eyes at all...

     When the alarm awakened Shun Xuan, he sat up with his tired and cold sweat-soaked body sitting around, looking around him, and his consciousness stayed in the dream for a while.

     He had a nightmare just now, and he dreamed of the scene where his son died.

     After turning off the alarm clock, he wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and wanted to look out of the window, but he remembered that there was no window here, basically unable to know the day and night outside. He turned on the light in the room and began to dress. When I hit the door, I saw that the opposite door was also opened, and it was Shen Ang that came out."Stationmaster, wake up? By the way, do you smell the scent? I think the dinner is ready."

     Walking into the giant's living room (this is the name everyone agrees on), a round table has been set up next to the giant hand column, which is already full of food.

      "How is it? Webmaster? Is your spirit okay?" Yue Jie looked at Shun Xuan's somewhat tired expression and asked somewhat worriedly.

     "It doesn’t matter," he chose an empty seat and sat down, only to find that Mo Yan had not yet come.

     "Mo Yan? Hasn't he awake yet?"

     "Ah," Qiu Ye replied immediately: "I asked him in his room. He was puzzled and said that he is not hungry now. I have put a piece of food in his room."

     "Well...well, everybody eats first, and after eating, clean up and prepare for the spiritual meeting. Well, Xiaoqiu, you just joined, do you want me to explain the rules?"

     Qiu Ye heard Shun Xuan say this, asked hastily: "Well... well, I am not very clear indeed."Shun Xuan then began to explain: "Now most of the general spirits are judged to be fraudulent, and our situation is different. The first thing to pay attention to is of course safety measures, which is naturally possible to rest assured, as long as it is specified by Ruixin When the rules are done, there will be absolutely no problem. When the spirits will start, we need to place seven candles on the round table. We must gather all of them in front of the table, and Ruixin will use her mind to concentrate the spirit of this room to Here, if the candle is extinguished or swayed, it means that the ghost may be coming. Well, of course no need to be anxious, not only Ruixin, but also Mo Yan. We have done similar spirits many times, never Nothing happened. Both of them are very capable people. You can rest assured."

     Qiu Ye listened, how nervous. But since Shunxuan seemed so confident, she had to relax. After all, that many people were there, and two of them still had Spiritual Ability.

     "General Lingling will prohibit shooting, but our situation is different. During the Lingling meeting, shooting and video recording are allowed, because we are real. By then, the entire process of the interview , You are responsible for writing by Xiaoqiu, um, so it is best to take notes with you."

      The mood of be on tenterhooks becomes stronger as time approaches.

     By about ten o'clock, the seven people were nervous by agree by chance. Although it is not the first time that the Spirits Meeting will be held, this time it will be in a fully closed space. In case whats the matter really comes out, it will not escape.Mo Yan is still puzzles in the room at this moment. It is reasonable that he should come out to help at this time, but everyone also knows that his past is very tragic, so as long as he does not make too special moves, everyone will not be too blamed. he.

     "It's strange..." Mo Yan grabbed his hair from time to time, looked at the puzzle in front of him, and said doubtfully: "In the past, I could finish it at most three hours... But after an afternoon, why not? To one third?"

     At present, the part of the fight is only the neck of the character, and even the chin is not spelled out, which makes him more or less a bit irritable.

     At this time, the door opened, and Ruixin had put on a black robe at the moment, and said to Mo Yan: "It's almost ready, currently already at eleven, are you still here to solve the puzzle?"

     "I'll be here in a minute, so wait for you first, isn't there is still one hour?"

     "There is still a lot of preparation to be done... Could it be that you are afraid?"

     Mo Yan slightly raised his head and looked at Ruixin, cold smiled, and said, "You're afraid... It's you who is right. It's not a natural alien constitution, you are a recruiter who switches to a job one was not trained for It’s just good luck that I didn’t run into a real vicious ghost."

     Rui Xin asked baffling: "What... what alien constitution? I don't understand."

     "Oh... So what do you still don't know at all..."

     After Mo Yan put a piece of the puzzle together, he raised his head and said, "Then look good... what is a natural alien constitution..." Then, Mo Yan closes the eyes, and after about five seconds, he instantly opens the eyes, and At this moment his pupil is already purple!"This is the symbol of the high-level spirit physique-the purple pupil ghost eyes."

     Ruixin was dumbfounded. His pupil was obviously black. Why did he suddenly change color? And the purple pupil feels very strange...

     "Phantom vision pupil eyes...I really didn't expect you to know about things with alien physique, not knowing anything at all. The so-called alien physique refers to the physique that is possessed by ghosts once born. In general can be inherited. However, my situation is abrupt, and neither of my parents is a person with supernatural constitution. I presumably because of this, so I can freely manipulate ghost eyes and change the pupil color."

     Ruixin quickly calmed down and said, "Then... so what? Although I do not very clear ghost eyes and the like, but this is not important, I am only responsible for making ghosts appear. Since you have ghost eyes, look Do you get ghosts?"

     "Of course, the lowest perspective pupil is the ghost eye that can see the transparent ghost. The X-Ray Ability of the illusion pupil is several times stronger than it."

     Ruixin also ignored him and said, " are the same as ghost eyes or human eyes, just do your class skill...the spirits will start soon, come out quickly."

     Just when Rui Xin walked to the door, Mo Yan picked up a piece of jigsaw again and said, "That's right... Actually this museum has nothing but windows, I don't know if you noticed it?"

     "Wh... what..." She turned around and asked, "what thing?"

     "Phone... No matter which room is good, there is no phone."Rui Xin thought carefully, indeed, in his mind, he could not find any memory of seeing the phone here.

     This is... what is this? It's like deliberately cutting off our connection with the outside world...

     At about 11:30, seven people finally gathered at the round table, and the living room lights had been turned off. The candles were all lit and placed on the top of the round table. Yan Ruixin, who was wearing black robe, was sitting upright, and everyone else was quietly waiting for the arrival of Midnight 00:00.

     At this moment, the very excited Shen Ang has prepared the camera, and Ruixin is also feeling the aura filled in this room. Mo Yan's pupils have returned to normal, he is still a little annoyed, and the puzzle is still too slow. The most nervous of this group of people is actually Shun Xuan. He didn't know what he would encounter here. The most ideal situation, of course, is to see the soul of his son, but... what next? He knew nothing.

     At this time, Yue Jie held his hand tightly, and the warm eyes seemed to comfort him, which made Shunxuan's heart more stable.

     Finally, the bell of Midnight 00:00 sounded, and Ruixin suddenly opened the eyes. The spirits will start!