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0 Chapter Directory 43 Weird Photos
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

When Midnight 00:00 arrives, the person sitting at the round table grasps the opponent's hand with both hands, and then maintains piety in his heart.

     Ruixin began to feel that the soul was being summoned here. This time, the situation and the past call are not quite the same.

     In general folk legends, ghosts mostly play the role of evil. It seems that all ghosts, without exception, are all evil ghosts who want to claim their lives. While studying the supernatural, Shunxuan repeatedly emphasized that since objectively looking at the supernatural phenomenon, he should not be restricted too much by secular ideas, and he should not be too afraid of ghosts.

     In fact, Ruixin is indeed afraid of ghosts there's nothing about it. Because even ghosts should harm people, they should be the ones who harmed them before they died. The ghost baffling in the horror movie is harming people, and they are all made up to scare the audience indiscriminately. scary.

     But today, she felt a heart palpitations. This was a feeling never seen before, and she couldn't help but start shaking. It seemed that the aura she had gathered here would appear as a life-and-death soul at any time.

     Although there was fear in her heart, she couldn't let others see it, but she tried to keep the surface calm. Then, a feeling of tremor suddenly struck her, and that feeling almost made her have the urge to escape.

     It's not wrong... she's pretty sure of this.

     There is what thing, already entered this living room.Although it has been a person who has been studying the spirit for many years, the situation today is really unusual. You can obviously feel the intention of the ghosts and the like attracted by the spirit-sending meeting held at ordinary times. Whether you are benevolent or malicious, you can at least understand the other party. But this time is different, she can't feel anything. She can't feel it coming in...what is it!

     "That... Ruixin, can you shoot?" At the beginning of the Lingling meeting, Zhao Feng had started recording to record any "sound" that occurred during the time, which was not audible by ordinary people, and Shen Ang also had some itchy hands. , So asked anxiously.

     This remark really shocked Ruixin, taking pictures? She doesn't know what to do now, but she is just as scared as an ordinary person. She doesn't look like a spiritualist at all. Obviously... this is not the first time to recruit soul!

     "Ah... again, wait a while..."

     She was just afraid to take a picture at that time, showing a ghost standing behind her... she couldn't figure it out, how could she be so scared this time.

     "Wait still? Well, when the candle goes out, I must shoot it."

     Ruixin couldn't help but feel a bit regretful that she came here with the interview team. When she heard that her life might be closed for a week, she had a bad premonition. But she and Shun Xuan's on good terms, and feel that the Tartaros website is a good platform for her development, so it was only accepted. However, she now felt that she should have refused.

     However, if you think about it, if something happens, you can use the mobile phone to contact the people in the Green House, and you will be able to let them open the door.At this moment, the candle suddenly swayed, and Shen Ang suddenly felt refreshed, and said, "Then I'm going to shoot..." He didn't wait for other people to answer, and began shooting around.

     "Ruixin..." Shun Xuan looked a little abnormal from the moment she just looked, and asked with concern: "Is it too reluctant? Do you want to hold it again at this time tomorrow..."

      "No... I can do it. Don't worry, webmaster."

     Although he said so, Ruixin had a very strong feeling of being peeped. At present, the light source in the room is only these few candles, and the living room is so big. It is also possible if anyone is lurking without being discovered. Ruixin suspected that the thing might be waiting for an opportunity now.

     At this time, she suddenly thought of something, and whispered to Mo Yan near her: " can be used or not your phantom pupil... Go and help me look around? Huh, Does it matter if it is too dark?"

     "Well, not a big problem, but why should I do that?" Mo Yan at this moment is a pair of expressions I don't help you, you can take me what kind of expression.

     Although Ruixin knew that the child had been traumatized, she was still a little annoyed. The danger is not only her one person!

     The feeling of shudder became more and more obvious, and the fire of the candle gradually weakened, and two of them had gone out. This was just a fixed procedure of the Soul Gathering Society, but for Ruixin now, it was a nightmarish sign. Watching Shen Ang continue to shoot indoors, a voice echoed repeatedly in her mind, to stop him!

     She has a hunch, Shen Ang him...what terrible pictures will be taken!"Stop...stop!" She couldn't care much anymore and immediately shouted like she was out of control. Then she broke the rules of the Sorcery Club and ran to Shen Ang to grab the camera and said, "Don't...don't do it anymore." Shot!'It' will come out,'It' will come out and kill everyone!"

     "You... what's your nerve? Ruixin?" Shen Ang was shooting up, and was suddenly robbed of the camera, and he was about to get it back quickly, but Ruixin grabbed the camera violently.

     The other six people also felt that Ruixin's reaction was abnormal. How could there be a spiritualist who ran away halfway through the spirits? It seems that this spirit-falling society will naturally fail. Everyone turned on the lights and looked at Ruixin with a blame. Shen Ang also took the camera, and said strangely: "Really, don't you always have ample experience? How can you be so panicky this time?"

     Instead, Yue Jie rescued Ruixin and said: "Forget it, maybe just coming here, Ruixin and the spirit here are not familiar with them, so they can't exert their best abilities. Let's give her a little bit time, now the time is also It’s late, go to bed."

     Nonetheless, the spirits will be suspended halfway through baffling, undoubtedly casting a shadow on everyone's heart. After all, Ruixin would be so flustered that there was never a precedent. She is usually the most calm and calm person. I remember that once a white shadow appeared in the photo taken at the psychic meeting, and the shadow was very close to Ruixin. She did not take this disregard as a after seeing the photo. matter of any importance. But now... she was so afraid of the soul that was about to be recruited, not like her in the past. case the undead has been recruited, but not sent back...When everyone entered the room, they couldn't fall asleep, indulge in flights of fancy in their minds. Shen Ang is the most difficult person to sleep. He simply turned on the camera and checked the photos he just took to see there's nothing about it. At the time, he didn't remember how many photos he had taken. After playing them one by one, there's nothing about it special, has not seen any ghost figures. He had no choice but to put his camera down and go to bed.

     Because I was so excited in the afternoon, I hardly ever fell asleep. I lay in bed for less than half an hour. But at this time, he suddenly felt a strange feeling. The photos I just looked at are normal, but why does he always feel something's wrong?

     Although he can't remember it for a while, he always feels that it seems that a certain picture shows the scene that should not appear. He wanted to get up and watch again, but at this time his eyelids had started to fight, and it was very difficult to maintain consciousness. Soon, he was completely conquered by sleepers and entered a dream.

     Mo Yan returned to the room and continued to play his puzzle. To be honest, he regretted not using the phantom pupil at the spirit meeting, so that maybe the ghost could be seen. He has now turned his pupils purple, looking around the entire room. To be honest, he found himself a little nervous.The ability of the illusion pupil, at the next level of the dark soul-eating pupil, can create a very realistic illusion, and can see ghosts that ordinary people cannot see. The ghost eyes that Ning Luo had in the past were illusion pupils. However, although it can be seen that ghosts can be seen, no one knows the specific type of ghosts, so it is impossible for him to know whether there are undead with illusion pupils that cannot be seen.

     Of the seven people who are most nervous and scared, of course, Qiu Ye. She had expected to follow these people, even if she met Supernatural Event(s) again, she could get help anytime, and now she was so timid to see their "experts", which made her helpless. . However, this place is completely closed, and you can’t escape if you want to escape. You can return to the room and simply turn on the lights to sleep. But the light was too dazzling and she couldn't sleep. But at two in the morning, she turned off the light again.

     The most difficult person to sleep is Shun Xuan. Today, seeing Rui Xin’s abnormal reaction made him more determined. This is the place where his son let himself come before he died. In fact, he always believed that God's Son, who had his eyes exposed before he died, was afraid that he was taken up by something evil. Because he couldn’t think of it, even such a young son would actually commit suicide, which is radically unimaginable.

     Well, if this inference holds, saying that you want to go to the Museum of Dawn is naturally something attached to your son. But what do you want to do if you want to come here by yourself? He has already come, why doesn't that thing appear in front of him yet? However, there is indeed something in this house, yes... there must be.Next morning, when everyone gathers for breakfast, many people are not very energetic. At first glance, they know that they didn't sleep well last night. And breakfast was made by Yue Jie, everyone put a ham sandwich and a cup of yogurt in front of everyone.

     "Well... yesterday evening, I fell asleep at about five o'clock..." It was Qiu Ye who was talking, and she yawned a few times: "Somehow, I can't fall asleep..."

     Shun Xuan didn’t think everyone was so energetic. He wanted to simply let them sleep well this afternoon. Anyway, there is a week. At this time, he noticed that Shen Ang had finished his meal and was looking at the digital camera.

      "How is it? Aang?" Shun Xuan's heart tightened, and he asked hurriedly, "Have you photographed anything?"

     "Well..." Shen Ang replied: "Ah, I'm watching... well, this, this picture..."

     Shen Ang frowned all of a sudden, then looked at the photo carefully again, and was immediately frightened. He hurried to Shunxuan and said, "Station...master, look at this photo!"

     At first glance, this picture there's nothing about it The strange thing is that seven people are sitting around the round table holding a spiritual meeting...

     Wait... Shun Xuan's thinking suddenly stopped!

     seven people!

      how can it be there will be seven people? It stands to reason that this is a picture taken by Shen Ang, so he cannot be taken in himself! He took a closer look, and Shen Ang was also in the picture. He didn't hold the camera in his hand.

     How... how?This photo... Who helped them take it? Obviously, this photo was taken at the Museum of Dawn, because the background behind it is obviously the man’s pillar, but there are only seven of them here. Is this digital camera set for a selfie? But soon Shen Ang denied that he hadn't set it that way. And even if it is set, the camera has been hanging around his neck, there is no reason to shoot himself!

      this is what's going on?

     All the people suddenly have one's hair stand on end. This is a completely enclosed museum, and there is no sunlight coming in, so even if you know that it is daytime outside, you can't feel it indoors.

      Yesterday evening, after the start of the psychic meeting, something in this house took Shen Ang’s camera, and then took this picture for them... I can only understand it!

     "How... how could it be?" Ruixin was the most responsive person, at the moment in the living room, thinking of yesterday evening being photographed by an unknown person lurking here, she couldn't help it. The soles of the feet trembled.

     It's not wrong! The thing that took them for this this pavilion of dawn!

     "Contact... The person who contacted the Green House... Let's leave here!" At this moment, Ruixin is still like a spiritualist. It's just an ordinary person's reaction to hell, and even let the newly joined Qiuye doubt her. It's a crook.

     "No!" Shun Xuan is also very scared, but this is the key to understanding the cause of his son's death. How can he leave at this time? He also needs the ability of these people to help him explore the mystery of this house of dawn!"Everyone... Don't be too nervous first." Shun Xuan said in earnest: "How could we shrink back as the time for battle approaches when we were originally so studying supernatural phenomenon? Still calm down and discuss it."

     Although it was said that way, everyone was still very nervous. Although they had taken ghost photos in the past, they took ghosts after all, but now they are completely reversed. Moreover, the tangible ghosts can still rely on Ruixin and Mo Yan. After all, they are both Spiritual Ability people, and even the ghosts should respect them three points. But this time... it was completely unknown. Shen Ang thought that yesterday evening was taken by a... someone who didn’t know what took his camera and took a picture for them, so he dared not touch the camera again.

     "Mo Yan, Ruixin," Shun Xuan instructed: "You two are responsible for analyzing the photos. Shen Ang, you have taken so many supernatural photos, and there's nothing about it?"

     "Ah, that..." Shen Ang thought for a while, took out the notebook computer in his hand, and then said: "Actually, I have a fellow who I know, but I met on the Internet. That person has a lot of insights into the spirit, I I want to send her this photo for her analysis."

     "Well... that’s fine, but don’t tell her where she was filming, in case it was rival from other sites, it would be troublesome."

     Therefore, Shen Ang connected the digital camera and the pen notebook computer together. This computer uses a wireless network card, so there is no need to connect a network cable. He went online and started using his Yahoo Mail. In the email, he first explained the situation, and then sent the photo as an attachment to the same good mailbox.A Jing's computer shows that she has a new email.

     A Jing opened the new email, and after reading it, she said to Run Yun behind her, "Hey... Run Dark, you come."

     "Whats the matter?"

     "Is there a man named Shen Ang among the seven people in this photo?"

     Run Anxian came to look at it, and exclaimed suddenly: "Yes, the man on the right... is him! But how did you get this picture?"

     After listening, A Jing immediately began to write back.

     In another aspect, after sending the email, seven people gathered anxiously in front of the computer screen and waited for a reply. When there was a new email, Shen Ang was just about to go, and suddenly the entire computer screen went black!

     " it broken?" Shen Ang started to look in panic, but I didn't know what the problem was, and it didn't help to restart. He had no choice but to take out his mobile phone to go online, but... he found that the mobile phone could not be turned on!

     "Well...who can borrow my phone?"

     However, the remaining six people took out their own hand phones, and the mobile phone that does not have one person could be turned on! Several other people also started to check their pen notebook computer...

     Sure enough, all equipment that can communicate with the outside world fails for unknown reasons.

     It's just... Does anyone want to block them on purpose!