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0 Chapter Directory 45 Last Piece Fight
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

I also found this when I opened the image on the computer screen.

     "It might be Shen Ang already dead," he lamented that he was still one step late. Then he paid attention to a teenager in the picture and said to A Jing: "It's not wrong, it's him. This morning I foresee that the next person who will die is this teenager. Runli just texted me, Explain that someone will die in the sky, and... two people!"

     Ah Jing was just un'ed and continued to look at the young man and said, "It's Tong Moyan... the young man with illusion..."

     "You know him?"

     "I've collected so much information on spiritual aspects anyway. How can it be. I don't even know that famous person. Listen well... Alas, did you read the e-book I gave you yesterday?" Ah Jing It seems to be a headache, and continues to explain in detail: "Tong Moyan is a mutant type of supernatural ability. In fact, some ghost eyes are caused by the original primary pupillary mutation. However, his pupillary eyes are not after mutation. The resulting new kind of ghost eyes, but the ability to freely manipulate the pupil color. Also for this reason, there are no people around him who are constantly dying like ordinary spirits."

     Run dark heard until here, and immediately asked with excitement: "But... can this ability be achieved? Eliminating the side effects of ghost eyes will reduce the disaster? Is it really possible?"

     "It's just that such mutants will appear. Your physique is not allowed to do this. But I am studying drugs that can achieve this effect. I have been studying for about two years."Run dark can't help wondering, how many drugs does A Jing research? And each kind of medicine is so powerful, even the potion that can damage the ghost body is made, but unfortunately A Jing’s financial resources are not enough to buy a private factory, otherwise mass production of this potion becomes the biggest weapon .

     "Then...what time can such a drug be made?" Because of the change in the color of the pupil, Run Yun now explains that he wears a pair of contact lenses every time he meets a person, and he dare not speak more than anyone. In three sentences, I am afraid that the other party will die because of frequent contact with others. Fortunately, Runli is a physique, and he does not need to worry about being reduced to disaster, otherwise he may have to sever ties with her.

     After hearing him say this, A Jing opened a document in the computer, which contained more than two hundred pages, each page had a large number of densely packed chemical equations, as well as a large number of theoretical basis and practical supernatural case reports, which looked very moist. Faint with blurred vision, waved his hand and said: "You can directly say the conclusion, I can't understand the process, I admit that I can't compare with you in science."

     "This is not science... this is parapsychology, it is just combined with chemistry... no, it is not pure chemistry, because part of the basis is contrary to the laws of chemistry..."

     A Jing started her complicated theory again. Run An remembered Wen Zimei said that Ah Jing's wisdom was improved by gaining supernatural powers. Why didn't he feel a big change in his IQ?"Well, in short, there is still no important formula for the preparation of this potion. So I have an idea," A Jing looked at the picture with a fanatical smile: "If, can I get those mutant pupils If you directly analyze the ingredients, maybe my medicine will be made successfully!"

     Crazy... Run An believes that the supernatural power is making people crazy!

     He had asked Ah Jing why she didn't have a natural alien constitution, but she could also obtain the alien ability. A Jing told her that it was because of long-term contact with her father. But Run An always feels that this statement has a huge loophole.

     People with physical physiques may be weirdly dying if they live or contact with ghostly physiques for a long time. A Jing's father caused his parents and friends and family to die one by one, and even his wife suffered bad luck and died, so why is the physical physique of A Jing all right? Instead, he also gained the supernatural power?

     After all, A Jing and his partnership are based on common interests. Although they have also got along with each other for a period of time, they have more trust in both parties, but Run An feels that A Jing always hides from him.

     If Ah Jing is a physical physique, he should not live to the present. Then, a question arises.

     Isn’t she really a congenital alien?Run An believes that this is very doubtful. So far, he said that he is not a congenital alien constitution, but her one person. Although he does not have a purple pupil, it may also be a latent physique like him. Is she still worried about moisturizing, so let's relax vigilance? Or is it the so-called "deceive the enemy, you must deceive your companions" strategy?

     When she met Wen Zimei before, she didn't dispute Runli's self-proclaimed physical constitution, but wouldn't the psychicist think of this loophole? Listening to A Jing's statement, her father seems to know Wen Zimei. Then, will it be the instruction of A Jing's father to hide the fact that A Jing actually possesses a spiritually different constitution? The darker the more I think, the more I feel possible.

     However, he by no means asked A Jing about this vulnerability. After all, the two parties are currently a cooperative relationship and trust is the foundation. Although in doubt, he also has limited understanding of spiritual things, so as long as Ah Jing doesn’t want to say, he doesn’t plan to force it, maybe she has her own hardships.

     "Then I'll go back first, A Jing, and I'll come over again when there is news." Run An looked at it and it was almost noon, so he got up and said goodbye. A Jing nodded, said: "That's good, I still have something, I won't give it away."

     After Yun An left the room, she started to operate the computer again.

     "You can come out, purple charm, three drops of chameleon liquid release liquid."

     As soon as the voice fell, a woman appeared next to the wall. She smiled and looked at A Jing with a calm face, and said, "But it's suffocating me. Anyway, I hope to have a pleasant work experience this time."A Jing put his hand on his chin, looked at the picture, and said, "Ah, to darken the things he can know, there are only so many for now. Ghost eyes exist to devour the soul. If you let the ghost eyes start, He will be closer to the ghost day by day. Because it is the early stage, the "sign" is not obvious. After all, it is necessary to continue to observe him... The physical constitution is very inconvenient, but there is no way to conduct drug experiments."

     "But is this okay? Experimenting with your own body, you should know that this is dangerous?"


     She was cold-smiled, and suddenly grabbed Wen Zimei's neck, her eyes suddenly became extremely cruel, and shouted: "You don't understand anything at all! The despair I have seen in the past three years! In order to live, what am I Anything can be done, but the blood inherited from my mother makes me need to take care of human nature while calculating coldly! I have long been out of everything, even if I will die, I will never die on my own death date!"

     " let go...I..."

     At this time, A Jing's eyes suddenly calmed down, let go of his hand, and became normal again. He quickly apologized to Wen Zimei: "Yes, I'm sorry, just now... I seem to have been invaded by my brain..."

     "Is it a side effect of that medicine? Don't you continue to take that medicine?" Wen Zimei didn't mind at all, even cared about A Jing's body very much, and said to her: "Listen... A Jing, Your father is my life-saving benefactor, and I must give it back to you. In fact, your father will not agree with your approach. You are gambling with your own body...""I said... I must not be dictated by fate, and those things determine my death..." A Jing kneeled down on the ground, leaning his head against the wall, and said, "Give me that medicine, I don’t have much strength now... It’s the date for taking the medicine again... Without that medicine, I can’t maintain the supernatural power..."

     "Your body... can it really be sustained? I'm worried that side effects will hurt the body more and more. After all, your physique is currently physical..."

     "It's okay... I know very well that in a general way, it's basically impossible to break this terrible fate. Only by trying to gamble my life and fate can I create a path to survival." spoke until here At that time, her body actually began to cramp and twitch, and cold sweat also constantly oozed out.

     "And... without that medicine, you know the consequences? I haven't looked back!"

     Wen Zimei knew that A Jing's words were also true, so she had to agree to her.

     Because she knew very well that without that potion, Yi Jing’s current psychic powers in her body might be unable to resist... resisting that thing from invading her body...

     In the Museum of Dawn, no one has yet discovered that Shen Ang had an accident. Everyone is still in the room, doing their own thing. And Tong Moyan continued to complete his puzzle. During this period, he continued to open his phantom pupil. To be honest, he is also afraid that one day he will become a real ghost.The ghost attached to himself is a man who hanged himself because of a love break, it seems to have been dead for about thirty years. Every time he uses ghost eyes, he will have a feeling, it seems that these eyes are not his own, but yet another person is using these eyes to watch everything in front of yourself.

     Especially in front of the mirror, this kind of feeling is particularly profound. It seems that someone is staring at themselves, and the emotion contained in the eyes reflected in the mirror does not belong to themselves at all. He was worried that one day in the future, his body would be completely occupied by ghosts.

     The reason for playing puzzles is to concentrates the mind and exercise your mental strength to prevent the arrival of that day.

     At present, he has put this puzzle close to the chin, and frankly speaking, the progress is too slow. At the moment, while he was continuing to search for suitable puzzles, he suddenly noticed one thing. At present, the part he put together seems to be a state where a person's neck is cut off.

     He himself felt that the idea was too weird, and immediately wanted to get this idea out of his mind, but... he found that the more he looked, the more he was cut off the head of the neck. The edge of the puzzle seems to be like a cross section, and it seems to be bleeding at any time.

      This kind of feeling is becoming more and more real, and even he can't understand why he couldn't get rid of this idea. Even later, he actually felt violent nausea because of this and ran into the toilet to vomit. And as soon as his mind thought of the puzzle, he couldn't stop vomiting. He almost spit out yesterday's supper and today's breakfast. His stomach was empty, and he continued to vomit.Then, as if he were enchanted, he ran out of the toilet and continued the puzzle. As long as he completed the head on his neck, he could dispel this strange feeling. But he still struggled slowly, and it took a long time for his lips to be spelled out by him. He knew that the disgusting feeling would not disappear unless the entire head was finished.

     Finally, after the puzzle task of several hours concentrate one's attention completely, the entire face is basically completed, and only the last piece is left, you can put the eyes of this face in the puzzle together, and the entire puzzle can be completed. Too.

     However, he found that the last piece of the puzzle disappeared.

      this is what's going on? Didn’t you bring it at home? The current puzzle looks as if one eye is missing, and it is quite uncomfortable to watch.

     At this time, he felt the other one eye of this face in the puzzle, and seemed to stare at him deadly, as if to ask him to finish the other one immediately.

     "This... this can't blame me..." Mo Yan almost cried out anxiously, he couldn't understand why he was so eager to put it together.

     However, that eye still turned his gaze to him, as if he would not let him go.

     "Don't...don't look at me! Don't look at me!" He raised his hand and wanted to knock over the puzzle. However, he didn't know what to do, but he couldn't.

     "The last puzzle... where did it go? Where did it go?" He flipped through the entire room and couldn't find the puzzle. In the end, he even ran to other people's rooms and knocked on the door and asked, "Did you see it?" My puzzle?"When he finally reached the door of Shun Xuan's room, Shun Xuan just opened the door, Mo Yan stared at him fiercely and shouted, "Is that you? Is that you hiding my puzzle?"

     Shunxuan didn't understand what it's going on at all and asked, "Puzzle? I haven't been to your room at all, Mo Yan."

     "You lied! You lied!" Mo Yan had completely lost his mind, and it was as if he was getting hit by a devil. He punched Shunxuan with a punch. If Shunxuan was hiding fast, this punch would be vomiting blood. .

     "Are you crazy? Mo Yan? How can it be know where your puzzle is?" Shun Xuan felt that Mo Yan was very abnormal at this time. He used to be a little alien, but he has never been so violent, even Beating people. Mo Yan looked at him with a disgusted look and rushed into his room to find the puzzle.

     "Where? Where is that jigsaw puzzle!" He had only the eyes on the jigsaw puzzle in his mind at the moment, and soon turned Shunxuan's room muddled and completely collapsing. Soon afterwards, he heard the news Several people quickly pulled Mo Yan. Yue Jie was the most surprised one. She asked him softly: "Well, Mo Yan, what happened to the matter? Your puzzle is gone?"

     At this time, Mo Yan's expression can be completely described as madness, even if he wants to kill someone, it is only this.

     "Give me back! Give me my puzzle!"

     He continued to roar hysterically at this time, just as the puzzle was his life. If anyone hid it, he would tear the body to thousands of pieces...