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0 Chapter Directory 47 Bloodthirsty Triangle
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"I don't want to die... I don't want to die..."

     Qiu Ye's eyes continued to smash the door red and red, but the door was really strong, the chair was broken, and there was no even a scar on the door.

     "We do not have a way to go out, Qiu Ye," Yue Jie said in her always gentle tone: "Whatever the case, let's gather together to discuss it... You are like this now, it is not a way at all..."

     "No, I'm going out, I'm going out!" The chair in Qiu Ye's hands had three broken four legs, and the back of the chair was already tattered, but she continued to smash.

     "Even if you can't figure it out, if someone passes by, you might hear this... we can call for help..." Qiu Ye finally broke the last leg of the chair, and then took another chair and started to smash it.

     In fact, it is basically impossible for someone to pass by. The House of Dawn is a haunted house, and the residents living in this area know very well, how can it be come here? Moreover, Yueqing Mountain is not a tourist resort, and the peaks are not particularly high, neither tourists nor mountaineering enthusiasts will choose to come here. No matter how loud Ye Qiu made, it could not be heard. Of course, she is not clear about this, but she has no reason at this moment, just thinking about leaving.

     When everyone came forward to stop her, she would struggle desperately, and even hit her with a chair. Without any choice, everyone simply didn't care about her, just let her smash the door over there, anyway, when she realized that this would not work, she would naturally give up.Everyone in the living room did not dare to go anymore, so simply focused on the room in Shun Xuan. After Shunxuan sat down, he stared at the family portrait, and then turned to three people: "Now, I know everyone is terrified. I'm also the same. Aang is missing, but Mo Yan is digging. Suicide came out of the left eye, um, let’s just assume that Mo Yan committed suicide. Now our question is, is this a man-made event or a supernatural phenomenon?"

     Everyone immediately pondered. Indeed, in the current situation, it is almost impossible to be a human event. Not to mention Mo Yan, Aang's disappearance is really beyond comprehension. Even if a person dies, there should be a body, but he completely disappeared in this closed hall. This can only be understood as...a supernatural phenomenon. Unless there is a secret road in this museum at dawn.

     "So let's take a step back now, now Aangta's life or death unknown, and Mo Yan committed suicide because of unknown reasons. So what do you think?" Shun Xuan asked again: "Well... I will sort out the current The development of the situation. On the first day of our stay here, we held a psychic meeting at 00:00 at Midnight, and then at the breakfast table yesterday, Aang found the strange picture, and then we went back to our rooms because we were panicked. Inside. Immediately around noon, Mo Yan suddenly abnormally searched for a piece of jigsaw, and yelled very fiercely at us. Then, after he was temporarily closed into the room by us, he gradually became quiet. Then we found that Aang was gone, and began to look for him, but failed to find him. An hour ago, we were awakened by the cry in Mo Yan's room, so we went to his room to check..."heard until here, Yue Jie suddenly said: "Wait a minute... don’t you feel weird if you think about it like this? Aang and Mo Yan almost happened at the same time? Carefully when recalling, after returning to the room, we will each There is no way to know the situation of other people. On the floor of Aang’s room, a can of beer dropped. On the carpet of his room, there are two strange black human-shaped shadows. This makes me feel strange, why is it so coincident that there are continuous Two so human-like stains?"

     Everyone is studying supernaturally. Some words don't need to be understood too clearly. A little bit, they all understand tacitly. Suddenly a few people looked at the carpet under their feet and felt uncomfortable all over.

     "Coincidence, coincidence?" Zhao Feng's voice has obviously shaken, even he is still the same, if Qiu Ye is here, still does not know what will be scared.

     "Well... this is of course only my speculation," Yue Jie continued her speculation: "there is Mo Yan's death, he dug his own eyes, and the puzzle, I think there is a connection. According to According to Ruixin, there was no picture he had been fighting in the room. In the morning, he looked at the jigsaw puzzle as a lifeblood, and I don’t think he would throw it away at will, not to mention that after that Locked in the room. So... the puzzle is probably the key to making him dig out his eyes."

      When heard until here, Rui Xin immediately asked: "Then... Do you want to destroy another box of puzzles on him? Maybe what's the problem...""No! Don't do that. Based on my years of experience in studying supernatural, if it is an item or medium with some special evil strength, if it is deliberately destroyed, it will encounter disaster. So it is better to keep it ."

     Ruixin suddenly seemed to think of something and said, "Wait... In Mo Yan's room, we can't find anything but puzzles. That is his right eye. Next I want to You may not accept what you said, but I think it’s better to just search for your health just in case..."

     As soon as this statement came out, everyone immediately understood What does it mean. Zhao Feng said angrily: "You what a joke! You mean some of us have hidden our eyes? Is there a mistake!"

     "It's with no difficulty to hide something as small as an eyeball. After all, it's impossible to rule out the possibility of a man-made murder. Isn't it better to search the body? After all, it may be that we enter his room When someone hides his eyes, he may not."

     Shun Xuan was a bit overdone to do this, but everyone is a colleague. Searching for this behavior not only violates privacy but also hurts feelings, so he immediately rejected it: "No! we do not have any evidence to prove Someone took the eyeball, and I strongly disagree with it! And, the eyeball must be drenched with blood. If you pick it up and put it on your body, there must be blood on your hand. Isn’t that easy to find?"

     "But..." Ruixin still insisted: "It may be wrapped in a handkerchief and put on the body? If you don't search the body, there is no way to know!""I said that, no! Well, who of you go to the door to see if Qiu Ye is still smashing the door?"

     Zhao Feng and Rui Xin immediately said in different mouths, same voice: "Let me go!"

     Qiu Ye has not given up yet. She has smashed all the chairs she moved out, but the door lock is still secure as a city protected by a wall of metal and a moat of boiling water. She had to sit beside the door and panting heavily.

     "I'm so stupid. There are five corners and five doors. I should go over the other four doors... well, go find something that can break the door lock, in my room. All the chairs are out..."

     She then walked forward along the sloping corridor between the two walls.

     But then she began to feel strange, why did this corridor suddenly become so long? She walked for a long time and did not reach the entrance of the room.

     Is it... a supernatural phenomenon? Because she experienced such things from a young age, even if it is a very subtle wind blowing and grass swaying (slightest sign of trouble), she will be like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow, not to mention this abnormal situation . She only hopes that this is her illusion.

     She dared not go any further, and continued to run back to the door, so she turned around and started to run wildly. Who knows... she couldn't even reach the door! Surrounded by two inclined walls, at a 45-degree angle to the ground, and connected together to form a right triangle with the corridor, the top is this right angle.It was early in the morning, of course, there was no light in the corridor, and the switch was only next to the entrance of the room. She can only run in the dark corridor now. Although it is not as exaggerated as pitch-dark, the visibility is also very low. She has been running for about ten minutes, finally clear herself basically impossible to reach the door, but the fear still drove she unceasingly down.

     In the process of running, she has begun to scream uncontrollably, as if someone behind her is chasing her. Just at this time, she suddenly felt... her head seemed to touch the right angle at the top!

     Impossible... This is impossible!

     The height of the corridor and the top, Qiu Ye remembered, should be about three meters, her height could not suddenly become three meters, right? Could it be that the walls became shorter?

     No... it was an illusion, she could only understand it as an illusion.

     But then, her shoulders also seemed to rub against the wall next to it! Could it be said that this right-angled triangular aisle is shrinking by a fixed ratio? No, it's not right. She feels that her front is changing like this. If she backs up, she feels more spacious. this is what's going on? Geometrically speaking, it doesn't make sense ah at all!

     No... it doesn't matter... she seems to be at the tip of honing a bull's horn now, not the honing a bull's horn at the thought, but at the tip of honing a bull's horn in the true sense! The further forward, it seems that the front is narrower and shrinks further inward.

     She thought about it and decided to go back. However, as soon as she had this thought, she heard behind her... footsteps! Although it sounds is very light, but, it is indeed someone walking!"Who? Who? Ruixin? Zhao Feng? Answer me!"

      has not replied, the sound of footsteps continues to move forward.

     She knew that she couldn't look back, so she had to run forward. However, she soon felt that the top and the walls on both sides were shrinking more and more, and even started to squeeze her body. Now she can only squeeze hard to move forward. After about two minutes, she had to lower her head to continue walking.

     There are still footsteps behind him, although it seems to be walking very slowly, but... but it is indeed coming!

     The narrower aisle made her feel extremely difficult to walk. She really wished that a bomb could blow up the surrounding walls. Now it takes ten seconds or more for her to walk two meters.

     "What did you say? Qiu Ye is not at the door?"

     Ruixin and Zhao Feng returned to Shunxuan's room and told him that they did not find the mound leaves at the door, and there were only a bunch of broken chairs on the ground. Listening to them such a saying, Shun Xuan couldn't help getting nervous and asked, "So...has she seen her room?"

     "Well, the door is open and nobody is inside."

     All four are very nervous. Is it true that Qiu Ye is going to have something wrong?

     At this time, A Jing was staying up late to analyze the photo on the computer at home. She first investigated the building where they were based on the huge hand-like pillars in the photo. Then draw the city areas on the map of China that can be sensed by the dark and dark. Based on the legends of those cities and the related data on the Tartaros homepage, the location of the photos should be comprehensively judged."It's still a little bit worse...if it can be further narrowed down..." After all, Jing Jing is still not clear how many times the ghost eye can improve the ability to foresee. There has been no empirical evidence before and lack of theoretical basis. After much consideration, she drew circles in the three cities of City A, City Q, and City Y, saying, "Well... that building is mostly in it. The email mentioned it was in a building that originally belonged to a residential house. , The others are not mentioned. At present, it can only be determined that there are seven people there, who can live in that many people at a time, and it will definitely not be a very small house. Moreover, the pillars are made so exactly like manpower, designed and built. People must have strange tempers... select a few qualified architects, and then select the larger buildings they designed, and they must be in those cities, and there are rumors of haunting..."

     "Well... Ah Jing," Zi Mei persuaded: "No need to be so troublesome? You think, now Shen Ang is definitely already dead, so can you know if you check the relevant online news?"

     "Fool..." Ah Jing was still unable to take one's eyes off, staring at the computer screen, and said, "You think, they took such a picture, sent me an email, but then stopped sending emails to ask me the result, Isn’t this weird? Even if their computer fails, they can still use their mobile phones to access the Internet. Do not seven people have a mobile phone that can access the Internet? Most of their communication equipment has failed and damaged , This is naturally the kind of mysterious power that cuts off the way they can communicate with the outside world."

     "You... what does it mean?""We can be sure that this is Supernatural Event(s), so if an abnormal situation occurs, it is naturally the will of a ghost or a curse. If they can leave where they are, then that cosmic force destroys their communication equipment completely meaningless. Therefore... there are two possibilities. First, the place they live in is closed. Second, the kind of cosmic force is closed there. But no matter what kind, the result is the same. The building they are in now It’s a closed space! Moreover, there is no way to call the police without communication equipment, so it’s useless to check the news."

     "You, you are really amazing..." Zi Mei really admired A Jing's reasoning ability and prostrate oneself in admiration. Sure enough, it was Ren Senbo's daughter.

     "Found!" A Jing opened a webpage at this moment, which is a special building for strange construction.

     "It is the last work of the geek architect Zuo Yi who has passed away-The Museum of Dawn! The place is in city A!"

     Qiu Ye is full of despair at the moment, she knows that she very possibly might dies here. But the survival of Yu Yu still prompted she unceasingly want to push the walls on both sides, but to no avail.

     At this moment, she found that the top seems to have changed from just now, it seems that there's nothing about it has changed.

      what's going on?

     But the footsteps behind her kept approaching, and she had to move on.

     Suddenly, the walls on both sides quickly began to press against her body. She felt that her shoulders were stuck tightly, unable to move forward at all, and the wall still did not stop squeezing. At this time, she was completely in a situation where she could not enter or retreat.She gradually began to understand what...

     This right-angled triangular aisle, the two sides should be close together! Form a straight line!

     She wanted to resist, but the force of the wall squeezing was so great that she couldn't even move her hands. Immediately, the terrible pain that made people prefer death over life passed into the brain, and then she heard the voice of Bone break, and her shoulder bone must have been broken.

     The wall was like a huge clip. Before long, the muscles and bones on both sides of the neck of the mound leaf had been completely submerged in the sea of blood. Only in this hopeless despair, she watched the walls on both sides hit her head...