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0 Chapter Directory 48 Mantra
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

At 6:30 in the morning, Run An and A Jing were already on the bus to City A.

     Run An said a little embarrassedly: "No way, last time my car crashed into... well, anyway, it was taken to the car factory for repairs for that reason, so I had to use your car."

     "It's okay..." Ah Jing doesn't matter at all: "I'm putting that photo on each of your mobile phone now and you can watch the photo at any time. Now... Shen Ang, Tong Moyan, Qiu Ye They all disappeared in the photos... Most of them are dead, and they also agree with your hunch, so I think that everyone who will die today is dead, and I chose this time to start. If there is still one, people will be in I die today, and I will drag you on the road in the early morning. Run dark, you better pray that this time you encounter a ghost with a specific image, because your ghost eyes can only work on such ghosts. "

     "I understand. I have read all the e-books you gave me. You have also given me a document in the email to record the part of the e-book that describes the error, so I now have some understanding of the spirit."

     "Understood? Haha, what are you kidding?" A Jing glanced at Run Nian and said, "Even if I only know a little bit of fur, you have only absorbed this level of knowledge. Extremely ignorant. You remember that the so-called supernatural is a phenomenon that human beings cannot reach and cannot understand. Trying to use subtle knowledge to understand supernatural is a pipe dream."In fact, A Jing even believes that "singularity" is just something recorded by those who survived. Well, what is really scary is actually an anomaly that has not even been recorded and cannot be widely circulated because the parties are dead. So considering it this way, the world's current research on supernatural powers is probably only a very small part of the horror source of this World, and it can even be said to be the least dangerous part.

     Those anomalies that no one knows, are completely covered up, in the end... how terrifying?

     "I understand." Run darkly said: "I will save those people, definitely!"

     "Yu Ye also disappeared..."

     On the breakfast table, the remaining four people took a few bites and could not eat anything.

     "It's my fault..." Shun Xuan took a bite of the sandwich in his hand, and at the moment he couldn't cry: "Why is this? It's our fault... It shouldn't leave her one person there... Because of this, she Only..."

     "Cold, calm down..." Zhao Feng tried to say something calm in order to drive out fear: "Maybe she and Shen Ang are still alive? Isn't it not sure yet? Is there a secret way in this building? In short, let's try to be optimistic. You think, Qiu Ye wants to leave here so much, if she accidentally found something secret last night..."

     "Do you think this is a TV series or something?" Shun Xuan said nothing about "Understood" at all: "Where are there so many understories! Besides, even if there were, they left the understories, why didn't they go to the Green House to inform Mrs. Dong Open the door for us?"Zhao Feng actually knows that this argument is untenable, but he still has to think as best as possible after all. Now only four of them are in this Dawning Pavilion, dangerous... will come at any time!

     "I thought about it..." Shun Xuan made a decision: "If you are alone, it is easy to have an accident. All three of them died or disappeared in the case of an order. So, we happen to have two now. Two men and two women, this is fine. Next, Zhao Feng will live in my room. Ruixin, you will live in Yue Jie's room. I gave up. I just hope that the four of us will be able to spend it safely in the next days. I don’t want new victims to appear!"

     After all, they are companions who have fought together. After all, his son is already dead. No matter what the result is, he is not likely to die and reborn. How can Shun Xuan sacrifice his alive companion for his already dead son? He decided to give up exploring the secrets of the Museum of Dawn.

     Now when carefully recalling, I am afraid everything is a trap.

     At the beginning, an unknown thing manipulated his son's body, then jumped off the building and died after telling his last words in front of yourself. It seems that he deliberately lured him to come here, and sacrificed his son.Before the death of his son, Shun Xuan only one printing plant's general staff only, and his ex-wife was a college student of architecture. He is usually responsible for printing some manuscripts. In his impression, the most printed one is a horror written by a person named Yi Runan. It has been reprinted seven times in less than two years. The popularity and popularity are strong. So when he printed, he also browsed a few chapters, and the results were amazing. Later, he went online to follow all his works. When his son died, it was during his serialization on the Internet, so he didn't even distinguish the reality and immediately connected his son's suicide and spirituality together.

     Is it a bit too coincidental?

     It's like everything has been arranged. Then, a month ago, the post appeared on the forum. In fact, before coming here, he had visited the nearby residents' homes and found that the living standards of the residents near Yueqing Mountain were generally low, and no one was equipped with a computer. So, who is that lost last generation?

     Does this person really exist? After sending that post, lured him here to kill them all?But why do you do that? Did someone offend him in the past and cause the other party to die, and then the ghost wants to avenge himself? Shun Xuan is usually low-key, will not easily grumble with people, let alone kill someone. If considering from the logic of human beings, he has no reason to be hated by anyone to the point where he wants to get rid of it. No, not only that, there are several other people, why do they die? If you just want to kill yourself, is it okay to come directly at yourself?

      Thought until here, he asked the three people in front of him: "Well... this problem I want to ask next may be more rude, please forgive me. In your impression... through childhood, there is not because something wrong, incurred Has someone died? I don’t mean killing, but rather indirectly causing someone to die for some reason?"


     The person who answered was Ruixin.

     "Huh? Ruixin?" Shun Xuan quickly asked: "Who...who? Who caused your death?"

     "Do you remember the success of playing Penxian when I was a kid?"

     "Well," Yue Jie first nodded: "We have verified that matter. You said that it caused death. Is it your friend Luo Yue?""Yes... At that time, I was playing with a few friends. And that time... My wish was that one of my friends, Luo Yue, died, because she had been bullying me back then. I... …I’m too young to understand anything, so I used Penxian to curse her... And she did die later, she fell off the building... It’s for this reason that other people think I really asked Here comes the pen immortal. It is ironic... Although everyone, including myself, considers myself a murderer, but the law cannot sanction, Luo Yue can be said to have been killed by me."

     Shun Xuan immediately recalled that there was indeed such a thing. But that was after all a child's ignorance, not to mention that Luo Yue's death was related to Bixian, and there was no evidence at all. Could it be that Luo Yue got his son's body? It doesn't make sense, why would it be so troublesome to take revenge and need to turn so much? You can go directly to Ruixin's body and kill her...

     No... Shunxuan immediately thought that Ruixin, who is a spiritual teacher, might even let her get away from her body even if she was a ghost. Could it be that it is for Ruixin to step into this pavilion of dawn, block her power, and then kill her? As for killing other people, was it to let her suffer from fear and then die? The use of her son Morpheus is also to let her step into the House of Dawn through another way, so that she can relax vigilance?

     Although this reasoning is a bit far-fetched, it can basically be explained. Of course, everything is built on the premise that Luo Yue does the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed, and wants to come back to claim revenge.

     He looked at Zhao Feng and Yue Jie again and asked, "Then you two..."Both of them deny who they have killed directly or indirectly in the past. So, is there only Ruixin who meets the conditions? Shun Xuan also considered Shen Ang and the three of them. Maybe they had similar situations in the past? Mo Yan's words, his father's death, can be said to be caused by him? No, before Qiu Ye disappeared, Mo Yan was already dead. If it was Mo Yan's father who had revenge, there was no reason to kill Qiu Ye after killing Mo Yan.

     So, he began to think again, assuming that Luo Yue wanted revenge, why did he choose the Museum of Dawn?

     "Rui Xin, Mr. Luo Yue and Dong... there is a connection there's nothing about it? Or, even if they don't know, there is an indirect connection there's nothing about it? No matter how subtle it is, please remember."

     Rui Xin pondered for a while and said, "Actually... you can ask her personally."

     The other three immediately glared at her, and immediately understood what she meant. In this pavilion of dawn, there will be another spiritual meeting, and invite Luo Yue’s ghost?

     "You... you're crazy!" Zhao Feng first rejected this crazy idea: "You still think it's not scary enough yes or no? Would you like to bring that injustice again?"

     "I, I also think that it is not appropriate, Ruixin," Yue Jie also persuaded: "This... this is too dangerous? If it was the natural no problem before, but now this situation..."

     Ruixin had expected them to say that.

     In fact, Luo Yue's death has always been very self-blaming. The reason why he later became a spiritualist was to atone for those who wandered in the world and could not rest in peace, so that he could safely die."Okay...don't talk about it, let's follow my proposal first, and the two will live in one room. Ruixin, I will reject your proposal, absolutely not!"

     Shun Xuan completely rejected Ruixin's bold proposal, which was heavily sighed saying.

     According to Shun Xuan's instructions, Zhao Feng moved the bedding and luggage to Shun Xuan's room. The bed is very large, and sleeping two people has no problem at all. While Zhao Feng spreading the quilt, he said to Shunxuan, who was blank: "Do you... do you really think that the ghost named Luo Yue is doing it? Actually when recalling carefully, don’t you think Mrs. Dong and the female housekeeper Are their attitudes very strange? If this is not the case, the conditions they put forward, we will not be completely closed in this way, and this strange museum seems to be built for the purpose of shutting people... Is it that? The ghost controls everyone to do all this?"

     Shun Xuan listened to him to remind him, and recalled the reaction of the two women before, and also felt a little problem.

     "If you say that... it seems a little weird. Do you remember? Liu Guanjia said that this museum is called the Museum of Dawn, because after the stars are gone, it is when the dawn comes. Then, the so-called stars are gone , What is it? What was Mr. Dong’s dies here before?”

     "Could it be... Mr. Dong's undead? After he died, he lived here alone, feeling too lonely. When seven people came, he simply..."

     After listening to Zhao Feng, Shunxuan felt that it was indeed possible. Could it be that Mr. Dong’s undead controlled his wife and designed everything so that they could enter this death trap?! When his son died, Mr. Dong was still alive and well, and this reasoning basically could not be established!

     "Oh... Actually, the voice I recorded at the Falling Spirit meeting, webmaster, why not listen to it?" Zhao Feng took out his MP3 player and said, "Since Aang's photos will be weird, then I recorded The voice below...maybe the same problem exists."

     "Um... makes sense, let's listen!"

     Then, the two sat down and turned on the player.

     At first, it was basically very quiet, only the hissing sound when the candle burned.

     Immediately afterwards, Sudden Appearance had a very serious murmur, and the sound of people's speech was simply unclear.

      At this time, Shen ang's voice appeared: "Then...I want..."

     This sentence should be: "Then I'm going to shoot!" At that time, the candle started to sway, so he was excited to start shooting.

     The sound in it was covered by the murmur, and I couldn't hear it at all.

     "It's strange, this MP3 player is the latest model's, the performance is very superior, how can there be so much noise? The next sound is completely inaudible.

     "It seems to be broken?" Shun Xuan was a little disappointed, the noise was so powerful, even if he really recorded something, he could not hear it. Wanting to find clues from it, he thought it was impossible.

     Suddenly, a high volume came out of the messy voice, but it was not clear who it was.

     "Is it Ruixin?" Shun Xuan said: "I remember that at that time she suddenly seemed to be evil, grabbed Aang's camera and told him not to continue shooting.""Yeah... that's right!"

     Suddenly, the voice was clear, and the clear part was: "...kill everyone..." Then it changed back to murmur.

     Suddenly, both Shunxuan and Zhao Feng were taken aback, and recalled, at that time Ruixin said: "Don't... stop shooting!'It' will come out,'It' will come out and kill everyone!" "

     At this time, Shun Xuan suddenly felt that he had one's hair stand on end.

     All the words in the clear part, if connected, are...

     "Then I will kill everyone!"

     When this MP3 player was used before, he clearly remembered that the sound was very clear, where could there be such serious noise? And after checking it, it doesn't have any fault, the battery is OK. Well, it can only be explained that, like mobile phones and pen notebook computers, these murmurs are influenced by the evil strength lurking in this dawn museum.

     But... how can it be? At that time, Rui Xin said that it was entirely out of her own consciousness, and it could not be manipulated by ghosts. Rui Xin was a spiritualist. She could not be aware of the ghost upper body afterwards! But why...why did her out-of-consciousness words at that time, after being covered by murmurs, produce such a horrible, oath to kill all of those people?

     This... radically is the sound of curse!