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0 Chapter Directory 49 Pen Fairy
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

After Run An's car entered the city A, Run An took out the map of City A that he downloaded on the Internet and looked at the location of Yueqing Mountain, and roughly determined the direction.

     "Maybe it's my illusion, why do I always feel that you are a little bit tired these days?" Run An noticed that A Jing was driving at the moment, and his face seemed to have no glory. Although he could not talk about tiredness or drowsiness, he always felt peaceful. The usual A Jing is not quite the same. This made him somewhat worried, so he simply suggested: "Shall I drive?"

     "No, I'm not tired." Although A Jing said so on her mouth, she was deeply worried and sick at heart: The rejection reaction was still so big... In this way, my supernatural ability will also be affected by the image, maybe it will be back. My body... Is this experiment too risky?

     But... this is the only way!

     It is about tens of kilometers away from Yueqing Mountain. And Ah Jing's hand holding the steering wheel seemed to be unable to exert any strength at all. She became more nervous, but had no choice but to stop on the side of the road, bury her head directly on the steering wheel, and said: "Run dark... I accept your proposal... Come drive."

     "You what exactly is going on?" Run An felt A Jing's expression was too abnormal, and said: "Anyway, no one will die today, why not go to the hospital to see how is it?"

      "No... No need to go to the hospital."

     "Of course, you need to see a doctor if you are unwell. How can you hide a sickness for fear of treatment? Go to the hospital and take some medicine. Otherwise, if you have no energy, how can it be against ghosts?""It's not a ghost..." A Jing's voice suddenly became lighter and lighter, and Run Dark felt something was wrong, simply not saying anything further, walked off the car and came to the cab, and took A Jing out of it, I saw She couldn't open her eyes at all now, and her hands were shaking. Run An touched her forehead and said, "It doesn't seem to have a fever... Don't say anything. Today, listen to me and go to the hospital first."

     "No... It's useless to go to the hospital..." Her words seemed to squeeze out of her throat with great difficulty.

     "Don't say more! I'll take you to the hospital!" Then Run An puts Jing in the back seat, let her lie down, and then sits in the driver's seat to drive and turn around. He remembers passing a hospital while driving. He still remembers the way.

     At the moment, Ah Jing could hardly continue to maintain consciousness, and only felt dizzy in front of her eyes. This is the most severe episode of rejection in the body. It used to be less severe. She knew that even when she arrived at the hospital, the reaction caused by the drug could not be physically checked, and the doctor could not give any diagnosis. After he knew it, he might have increased his doubts that his body was not purely physical.

     If you let him know about the experiment he carried out without thinking, he will definitely oppose it. This is the only countermeasure that she did not consider independently according to her father's instructions. Of course she also believed that her father would help her, but she did not want to sit and wait for death.When she was born, she did not have purple pupils. So that three years ago, he had a supernatural ability, but it was only because of the influence of his father that he changed his constitution. But then, she gradually discovered that her physique actually belongs to the "mutation class". Just like Tong Moyan, her soul is the product of changes.

     Her physique is not just what she thinks, just physical physique.

     She can feel something lurking within her body's. However, unlike ordinary physiques, it is not a ghost. It is more unknown than the ghost, and even more terrifying to her. Therefore, she does not express her supernatural powers in the form of ghost eyes. At that time, she was certain that there was something more terrifying than ghosts in the world.

     And that thing is always inside her!

     "Please... invite pen fairy?"

     When Ruixin made this suggestion to Yue Jie, the latter immediately exclaimed, and then asked: "Are you...are you serious?"

     "Yeah. Anyway, if we wait like this, we will also mental breakdown. It is better to look for some spiritual sustenance. How about it? Do you want to play?"

     As a supernatural researcher, Yue Jie has of course played both Pen Immortal and Dish Immortal. There is nothing to fear for a long time, but in this environment, it is always somewhat anxious.

     "What are you afraid of? Isn't this the first time you have invited Bixian? Haven't we both played with it in the past? Is there anything to worry about?"What Yue Jie is worried about is, in case something terrible is invited, how to handle? Playing pen fairy in the haunted house, isn't this looking for death? So she is very hesitation and indecision. But Ruixin's subsequent words made her a little moved.

     "We can ask Pen Xian, in the end there is what thing exists in this room, or, we can also ask, can we leave safely. You can rest assured, I will be responsible for leaving Pen Xian, you don’t need to be anything at all worried, do you still don't trust me?"

     Indeed, Yue Jie also believes that without knowing what is lurking in this place, whatever the case can't dispel fear, even if it doesn't die, it might be crazy. Moreover, if you can ask if you can escaped alive from Penxian, then naturally it is the best.

     So they moved to a chair, laid a piece of paper on it, and then wrote down various alternative answers on the paper in advance. Because Ruixin participates in various spiritual gatherings overseas all year round, so out of habit, he writes in English.

     However, when it really started to play, Yue Jie was still very nervous, and could hardly hold the pen. Fortunately, under the encouragement of Ruixin, she and Ruixin crossed their hands together, sandwiching the pen in the middle, and then, against the paper, Ruixin began to say something that she would definitely say when she invited the pen fairy.

     In general, if you play with Ruixin, you will feel the pen move after one minute at most. But today's situation is a bit special. Two people have held the pen and it has been more than five minutes, and they still don't feel it.

     "Can it be... Pen Xian can't understand English? Do you want to write it in Chinese?" Rui Xin asked."How can I... I also played with pen immortals overseas. Pen immortals are usually by our side. Since it works in foreign countries and naturally in China, just wait quietly."

     After a long time, the atmosphere became stalemate for a while. Yue Jie also began to become more and more nervous, both looking forward to the arrival of Pen Xian, but also a little worried about the arrival of Pen Xian. Moreover, what she was most worried about was that if asked whether they could escape from here, Bixian's answer was no, what should she do? Isn't there even a little hope left?

     In the past, after playing with the pen immortal, she discovered that she was indeed very effective, and she became interested in the alien. After meeting Shunxuan, I learned that he wanted to create a spiritual website and sympathized with him, so he actively helped him. But at that time, there were not many funds, and the staff was scarce. At this time, a person suddenly sent an anonymous letter to them, saying that they can sponsor them to start a website, and they will regularly remit enough funds to start a website to their bank account, but the condition is that all over the country must provide the related supernatural All the materials were provided to him one by one after the confirmation of true and false. He also specifically mentioned that no matter how much information is available, it is necessary to distinguish between true and false. If the manpower is not enough, he can send more money and hire as many employees as he can.This person seems to be quite rich, but his identity is very mysterious. At first, Shunxuan was hesitant, but for his son, he couldn’t care much anymore. Besides, the conditions were completely acceptable. The mysterious person was the sponsor of the website and provided funds for the operation of the website. , I don’t need any dividends. As long as the supernatural information is available, it is probably a rich man who has too much money and no place to spend. Is he crazy about the supernatural? But why is hidden status?

     When the memory was here, I was suddenly interrupted by the slightly trembling pen in my hand!

     "Rui... Ruixin! Moved!"

     Ruixin was nodded and asked: "Are you a pen immortal? If yes, circle "Yes", if not, circle "No"."

     Then, the pen started to move by itself, and a circle was drawn on ‘Yes’.

     coming! The pen fairy really came!

     "Rui Xin... Next, do you want to ask me or I?"

     "Let me ask... Pen Immortal Pen Immortal, may I ask, what exactly exists in this House of Dawn?"

     She has written four options of "ghost", "soul", "murderer" and "unknowure" on the paper in advance. Even if the first three are not, at least the last one should be included.

     However, the pen immortal did not move. Don't these four options work? What else should I write? For example, "alien (alien)"? Or "monster"?

     "Ruixin, why not turn it over?""The other way around? What does it mean? Ah, you mean, ask if it’s something hidden in the museum, and then use the right and wrong as the answer, right? Well, forget it, let me ask first About our life and death..."

     Who knew this time, the pen actually moved!

     There are two very simple options below. One is "lived" and yet another is "dead". The pen actually made a circle on "lived"!

     "Yes... can survive! The four of us can survive!"

     The two of them suddenly to get agitated, if they still hold the pen, I really want to hug it. If you are a person who is generally skeptical of Bixian, you might not be so happy, but they are both people who believe in Bixian's experience, so naturally they will not have any doubts about Bixian's answer!

     At this time, Yue Jie suddenly planned to ask another question.

     "Bianxianbixian, may I ask...Will Shunxuan's son, in what form does he now exist?"

     She knew that Shun Xuan's son must have died, no doubt at all. However, everything was too weird, so she decided to ask. After all... Is the son of Shun Xuan wandering in the world as a solitary soul, unbound ghost, or...

     At this time, the pen moved again and actually circled "lived" again!

     "Why...why? Isn't the stationmaster's son dead early? He didn't die?" Rui Xin was surprised, saying, "Then, Yue Jie, let's go to Bixian quickly, burn this piece of paper, and then go Tell the webmaster...""No... No! I know the webmaster too well, I can't tell him!" Yue Jie shook his head desperately: "If you tell him this, even if the green house people come to help us open the door, he will still ask to continue Stay here and find the whereabouts of my son! Alas, I will tell you all, in fact, the stationmaster came here because of his son..."

     "Doctor, what is she's going on?"

     Run An looked at A Jing who was lying unconscious on the hospital bed and asked the doctor beside him.

     The doctor also looked puzzled and answered: "Well... it's really weird. I checked her body, but I couldn't find the cause of her coma...she has a family history of there's nothing about it hereditary?"

     "This...I'm not very clear..."

     "Then she has there's nothing about it allergic constitution?"

     "This... I don't know very much, in fact, we only know for a few months..."

     The doctor shook the head and said, "Then, is there a doctor who has always seen her? You can call and ask, if there is any medical record prescribed by the other party, maybe you can find a clue. Well, you go to her first Go through the hospitalization procedures and see her situation. I am afraid we need to stay in the hospital to observe a period of time. In the afternoon, I plan to do a CT scan of her brain. Well, what are you doing here? Not going through the procedures?"

     ", she must be hospitalized?"

     The doctor suddenly got annoyed and said, "How can you be confused about this person? This lady is in a coma for unknown reasons. Do you still plan to take her home? Do you have no money?""No... No." Run An suddenly felt embarrassed. A Jing actually got sick at this time, what should the four people still alive in the House of Dawn do? Ah Jing’s hospitalization doesn’t know how long it will be. It’s not a way to leave her one person in the hospital. She’s nothing about it. Relatives and friends, it’s barely her and Runli. Is it called Runli to accompany her? But Runli also has to work. She had taken several leave for a period of time before. This time, if she was asked to leave again...

     After considering it, Run An decided to let A Jing be hospitalized first, and then talk about the situation. If there is a hunch that someone will die again, then he will let A Jing stay here first, and his one person will go there to deal with it. After all, there are four lives over there!

     After going through the hospitalization procedure, Run An quietly looked at A Jing lying on the bed, and he was very emotional. Unexpectedly, one day, he will also have companions who need to support and care for each other. Originally, in order not to let himself kill others, he planned to never make friends with anyone again. The appearance of A Jing can be said to be a turning point in his life, right?

     A Jing told him that the key word he sensed this time was the photo. He knows that the photo is absolutely the key. Every time a person dies, a person disappears from the photo.

     A Jing lived in a three-person ward. Her adjacent bed was a man with plaster on his feet. The man was lying on the bed and talking on his cell phone at the moment: "Well, okay, I understand..."Run dark suddenly a bit angry, it is common sense not to use mobile phones in the hospital, this man does not know. After he finished the phone call, Run An went to his bed and said, "Sir... You can't use a mobile phone in the hospital, otherwise the radio waves will affect the operation of precision electronic instruments. Please take care of others and take control. ."

     Run Anben had already prepared the thought that the other party would flies into a rage, but did not expect the other party to say: "Haha, that's right, I'm sorry, I will shut down."

     Seeing the other party's attitude is so good, Run Dark is also relaxed, and is about to go back to A Jing's bed, suddenly the man said: "Um... you seem to be... that horror? What's the name..."

     "Ah, I'm Yirundang."

     "Oh... yes, yes," the man smiled wholeheartedly and handed out a business card, saying: "The scumbag is the deputy director of the development department of Northolland, please treat me kindly..."