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0 Chapter Directory 50 Absolute Day Of Death
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
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(There was something temporary yesterday, so there is only one more change. I apologize to everyone, please continue to support me)


     Run An suddenly remembered, this is not what A Jing mentioned, maybe the company related to that purple pupil Mysterious Man? And is this person in front of him actually the deputy minister of the development department?

     After taking a look at the business card, this person's name was called Lu Shenhuai.

     "Well... Fortunately, fortunately, Mr. Lu, you also like horror?" Run An replied politely. He suddenly wanted to find out what spider's thread and horse track from this deputy minister.

     "Oh, of course, I have to read every one of Mr. Yi's books," he smiled heartily, and began to talk about some of the plots in the dark. It seemed that he was a very talkative and cheerful person, but he did not I know if this is a disguise made by the city government too deep.

     According to A Jing, the development department of Nosoran may be experimenting with artificial ghost eyes, trying to use biotechnology to manipulate ghosts, but this kind of thing is impossible to know, and supernatural is a phenomenon that cannot be explained scientifically. How can science be used to control and dominate? I am afraid that modern people are too confident in technology, thinking that technology can conquer everything, omnipotent, but do not know that the science that humans understand is only a very small part of this world.

     "Um...Mr. Lu," Run An glance looked at the plaster on Lu Shenhuai's feet and asked, "Your injury is..."

     "Ah, this... I have been in the hospital for several months, because the injury is so serious that I still can't remove the's a headache."

     "How did you get hurt?""This is the case. A few months ago, I went to inspect our company's branch in City E. However, a fire broke out in the development department. When I escaped, I was hit by a fallen machine and broke my foot, resulting in a fracture... Um, there are also broadcasts on the news. I don’t know if Mr. Yi remembers it?"

     "Ah, remember, remember..."

     Run An didn't expect that he was admitted to hospital like this! Then, after thinking for a while, I asked, "That... Mr. Lu, please forgive me. Regarding the fire, although the major media have reported it, why... The cause of the fire has not been found after a few months. What result? And now there are few follow-up reports on the fire."

     Of course Run An didn't expect to be able to ask anything. He just wanted to judge whether Lu Jinghua guessed by observing Lu Shenhuai's expression. However, this man did not know whether he was acting silly or really confused, and he laughed and said, "Ah? Really? I didn't pay attention. It seems that the police station is not very efficient..."

     Frankly speaking, if he was pretending, it would be pretending to be too natural, not the slightest performance and pretentious expression, even when I just heard the cause of the fire and did not find out this, the expression was quite naturally revealed at a loss. . If it's acting, it's a pity that this acting is not going to make a movie.

     "Ah... is that pretty lady over there, is it your girlfriend?" Lu Shenhuai suddenly shifted the topic to A Jing's body, and Run An secretly waved his hand and said, "Ah, no, she is just my ordinary My friend, she is sick, so she will be hospitalized here today."

     "Oh? Well, what's wrong with this lady?""This...the doctor hasn't checked it out yet."

     Lu Shenhuai immediately sighed saying, saying: "Ah... people have a blessing, and health is the blessing..."

     "Mr. Lu, I remember the fire occurred in City E. How did you treat it in the hospital in City A?"

     "Ah... I was originally living in a hospital in City E, but I heard that this hospital has a lot of authority in breaking bones, so I moved here later."

     "Then you can be discharged at what time?"

     "Discharge? Haha, early, but this is not very good. I am a work-related injury, and the medical expenses can be reimbursed... Isn't it good? Mr. Yi, when will the new work be released? I look forward to it!"

     "I...may write a period of time."

     "Um... for, why? Mr. Yi, you are a rare genius! If you don't write, wouldn't it be a big loss for the Chinese terrorist community?"

     "I... actually not so powerful..."

     "Where, you are too humble. Your debut novel you wrote when you first debuted was reprinted seven times in less than two years! Could it be that you have encountered a creative bottleneck?"

     Run Ankan could not ask anything from this person, and he would not talk to him any more. If this continues, this person may die because of his own ghost eyes, so keep quiet to Ah Jing. Next, no matter what Lu Shenhuai said, he ignored it.

     At this time, his ringtone rang, just about to connect, and suddenly the image began to appear in his mind. The messy image began to take shape, and he answered the phone at the same time."Brother? I had a hunch just now. Heifeng, this time..."

     "You wait a moment, Runli..."

     The image was formed a little slower this time, and it does not seem very clear now. This situation is very rare, is it related to the ghost eyes generated by yourself?

     "Brother, What happened to you?"

     "It's okay, but images are emerging in my mind, and I soon know who is the next person to die. Forget it, you say first, the next person is a few days later?"

     "Yes... yes... today! Two more people will die today!"

     When Run An heard this sentence, she immediately exclaimed: "What!" Lu Shenhuai, who led the neighboring bed, was also curious.

     This phenomenon has never happened before! Runli generally foresees that day before the death date. For seven years, she has never sensed it before the death date! Moreover, two people have died today, but two people are still dead now?

     At this time, the image was not very clear, but the name that appeared on the head was gradually clear.

     "Yes... Zhao, Zhao what came... The latter word is not very clear, it seems to be, it is a peak! It is the Feng of Mountain Summit (山峰)! But why is the face unclear? Strange, this situation Never before!"

     At this moment, suddenly Zhao Feng's image disappeared in his mind and disappeared without trace. Next, new images began to be generated. Is this the second... ah no, should it be the fourth person to die today?This time the image is still so vague, only the name is still clear. The name is "Yan Ruixin". Both the name and the silhouette of the figure can be judged as a woman. But there are two women still in the picture. Which one is Yan Ruixin?

     "Run Li, help me check Zhao Feng and Yan Ruixin, also... Can you come to Miaoxin Hospital in City A? I can tell you the address."

     "Hospital? Brother, are you injured?"

     "No... if you are injured, there is A Jing's Healing Potion. What are you still afraid of? It's A Jing. She is sick, and she is still in a coma. I've helped her through the admission procedures. You should come as soon as possible... I know let It’s not good for you to ask for leave again and again, but I do have something to deal with now, A Jing and other relatives and please."

     "A Jing... A Jing is comatose? I, I understand, I came as much as possible, you tell me the address... Well, I still have to buy a map of the city A. The car is now sent for repair, I have to sit down The long-distance bus is coming, maybe take some, are you leaving the hospital now?"

     "Well, to brook no delay, those two people may die at any time! And this time it's really weird. I actually can't see their case it is the same in the future."

      After hang up the phone, he helped A Jing put the quilt around his neck and said, "I'm sorry... A Jing, you must go to save those four talent lines, you right here have a good rest, wait Runli will come and take care of you. I'm going first."Zhao Feng put a pair of stereo headphones in his ears and listened carefully to the noise. There was a long murmur behind the sentence "Kill everyone" put in Ruixin.

     "Zhao Feng, did you hear anything?" Shun Xuan asked anxiously on the side: "Is there any response? Or go to lunch first?"

     "No, I have to continue to listen to it. Or do you want to eat it first?"

     "Just now, Yue Jie told me that she and Ruixin invited Bixian, and the answer was that we can live, maybe... no one will die again?"

     But Zhao Feng listened to the murmur wholeheartedly, so he didn't hear Shunxuan's words clearly. Seeing that he insisted, Shunxuan left the room for dinner without any means, and locked the door before going out.

     In the last murmur, he always felt that there seemed to be a sentence that was not spoken by any of them. However, the noise is too loud, so it is impossible to hear clearly.

     "Alas, it would be nice if there were audio analysis equipment. In this sentence, I don't know if there is impossible to make us survive?"

     He now presses the replay button repeatedly for the mysterious part of the sentence, but he can't catch a sentence. In fact, this sentence may indeed be said by one of them. After all, the murmur is so big that even a familiar voice may not be audible. However, Zhao Feng is very proud of his hearing as a sound engineer, not to mention he is also a supernatural researcher. He closes the eyes, listening patiently over and over, listening...

     Suddenly, I don't know how many times, the sound suddenly became clear, and the noise seemed to be reduced.He immediately began to capture that sentence, but only two words were heard, and they were not continuous. Those two words are "one" and "yes".

     One? Yes? A what thing what is? No, it seems not, he had to continue listening patiently.

     In the next replay, he found that he could only capture these two words, but he had determined that the sentence would not exceed eight words. And "one" is also not at all first word. Inferred, could it be "what is that what?" But first word does not sound like "that".

     Even with this pair of headphones, I heard so hard. He had to turn it off temporarily, and the damn murmur lingered beside his ears. Zhao Feng squeezed his temples a few times, took out a piece of paper, and wrote "one" and "yes."

     What is it?

     He considered many possibilities, and then carefully recalled the sound he heard, but he still couldn't write a sentence that he could understand.

     No way, I still have to continue listening.

     Put the interaural in the ear again, although the noise is very harsh, but still have to listen, after all, this is life-threatening.

     Who knows that this time, it was a little clearer than before, and what I heard was: "Next...Yes..."

     What's next? Next what is?

     When replaying again, I can only hear this.

     However, this time the harvest was great. Is it a message? And because I heard three words in succession, I can be sure that this is not the voice of any of the seven people.So...who is it? Hidden in this dawn museum...the eighth person?

     However, this voice can't be heard by men and women, and it doesn't even seem to be made by humans. Zhao Feng can hardly describe this voice in words, because... he feels that the adjectives created by humans can't modify it at all...

     When replayed to the seventh time, he finally... Hear the whole sentence clearly!

     "The next one is you!"

     Moreover, when playing this time, it was completely without murmur and became extremely clear. And this voice... God, what exactly is it voice?

     Although Zhao Feng did not know what the image of hell was, nor had he heard the sound from hell, but he heard this sound and felt that this is the sound that only hell has!

     The following sentence was replayed continuously, becoming more and more clear, and he clearly did not adjust the volume, this sound... actually louder and louder! He couldn't bear to listen to the sound with headphones, and quickly unplugged it, and the sound was still repeated. What makes him feel strange is that even if the headphones are unplugged, the sound is as if it sounded in his ears!

     When Yun An came to the parking lot, he took out his phone and opened the photo. At this time, he found that... the face of a man in the photo began to blur. And the image is also blurred, but it makes him feel very similar to the outline of the first person in the previous image.

     Could this be Zhao Feng?

     "Enough... Enough!" He hit the MP3 player heavily. At this time, the sound developed to the maximum: "The next one is you!"It sounds as if the speaker is in this room!

     But then, there was no more sound. He felt strange. He picked up the MP3 player and saw that he just hit the pause button just now.

     So, where did the sound "The next one is you" come from? The voice seemed to be in the room...

     At this time, he raised his head, and saw on the wall, behind his shadow, actually... there was another shadow!