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0 Chapter Directory 51 Ghost Eye Awakening
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

The already blurred image of Zhao Feng in the photo, currently already completely disappeared.

     "Again... another dead!"

     Where did Runang dare to stay again, ran to A Jing's car quickly, only hating that he had no rabbit legs.

     After A Jing’s investigation, the Museum of Dawn where the rich Dong Gunan lived was indeed a haunted house. It seems that for this reason, Mrs. Teng Ju, the widow of Dong Gunan, who originally lived there, moved away and moved to another green house on Yueqing Mountain. It is estimated that the Tartaros website has heard of this legend. Are you interested in getting some news material in the haunted house?

     Run dark open the door, while starting the car, the brain turns at a rapid speed: It is really strange, living in such a haunted house, actually willing to live in a closed environment? Tartaros is not a website that can make a lot of money, so desperate? Even if it's just indulging in the same kind of supernatural beings, why do you even take in your life? Or do they really think they can psychic, ghosts can't hurt them?

     No... is it really a ghost?

     Moist feels that this time the situation is very special. For the first time, he felt that the person who was going to die would die on that day, and Runli also felt that it was the date of death. So, what does this mean? If your changes can be explained by the side effects of ghost eyes, what about Runli? She has no reason to make such a change.

     Isn't it... a ghost? There is never such a precedent caused by the ghost's condition!At this time, in the ward where A Jing was, the road with crutches looked deeply at the dark and dark car that gradually disappeared in his sight. I found it."

     Then he took out the cell phone and sent a short message to a certain number. Because the last fire had attracted the attention of the police, he was worried that he might be eavesdropped if he called directly.

     "Great! He must be an important clue to find Tie Mu Jing... First arrange for the company’s people to monitor him, if necessary, he can also be used as a new test product... As long as Tie Mu Jing can be recovered, set up With great efforts, BOSS will definitely appreciate me again and appoint me as the Minister of Development again..."

     In fact, the darkening is a bit dull. If you think about it for a long time, he has such an obvious sign of purple pupils. Lu Shenhuai talked to him in such a talkative manner, but he did not touch the topic at all. Didn't he feel strange? If A Jing is still awake, he will surely find this flaw.

     At the moment, at the Museum of Dawn, after having lunch, Shun Xuan returned to the room, opened the door, and found that it was already empty as anything!

     "Why...why? The key to the room is only for me...I am clearly locked..." Shun Xuan suddenly felt cold all over and immediately ran to Yue Jie's room to knock on the door.

     "Whats the matter? Webmaster?" She opened the door, but when she saw Shunxuan's nervous expression, she suddenly understood a few points and asked, "Come out... whats the matter?"

     "It's gone... Zhao Feng, he's gone!"As soon as this remark came out, Rui Xin and Yue Jie, who came to the door when they heard the sound, were all terrified. Especially Rui Xin, her incapable of believing the pen fairy would lie. For a spiritualist, this is like a ridiculous thing that the sun will rise from the west.

     "Impossible... absolutely impossible!" She shook the head said: "Bixian will not lie! At that time, Bixian said clearly that we can live!"

     "But...but Zhao Feng is gone..."

     "But, not without corpse? Maybe he went somewhere else?"

     "Impossible," Shun Xuan took out his key and said, "Look, this is the key that Liu Guanjia gave me. When I went out, I obviously locked the door... he couldn't come out because the keys in each room. There is only one. Then...Where will he go? Is there really a secret way?"

     Ruixin was speechless for a moment.

     "I...impossible, again, take another piece of paper, and I want to invite the pen fairy again! I have to ask again, what must be wrong!"

     "Also please? Are you there a mistake?" Shun Xuan burned with anxiety at the moment and said to Yue Jie: "Yue Jie, come out and help me find it, just in case... or find another room to see After all, there are too many supernatural phenomena in this place, it is possible that he was transferred to another room, and you can come to Ruixin!"Yue Jie was nodded and ran out with Shun Xuan together. Ruixin stamped his feet with resentment, and simply asked Bixian to forget. She closed the door, then locked it, and was ready to get the paper and pen. At this time, the pen notebook computer brought by Yue Jie was put on the table, and the screen suddenly turned on, and actually started to turn on!

     "Okay, okay?" Ruixin is here, if this computer can access the Internet, then you can ask the outside world for help! She immediately sat in a chair excitedly, staring at the screen, and for the first time in her life, how slow was the computer turning on.

     Finally, on the desktop, she quickly opened the browser and the home page appeared.

     Since Yue Jie is the elaborate post of Tartaros, she also set the homepage as the forum's elite area. At this moment, a post appeared in front of her.

     The name of the post is very common, but the user name of the poster made her have a surprise.

     The person who posted it was... a lost last generation!

     There are quite a lot of clicks and replies to this post, so it is pushed to the top. And the title is: "The real ghost! Dare to watch?"

     Frankly speaking, this kind of title is too many to count in Baidu Post Bar and the like. Most of them are entered. It is not a fake photo of PS, or someone who looks a little weird, and people without RP will directly write this: "This post requires a reply to see the picture." But in Ruixin's memory, he hasn't seen a picture after replying once. This is a typical fraudulent reply post.

     However, such a title is still very attractive, after all, people are too curious about mysterious things.Isn’t the name of the person who lost the last descendant who posted them to this house of dawn? She immediately opened the post. The internet speed seems to be unsatisfactory. After a long wait, the picture did not come out.

     At this moment, Run An is biting his teeth and desperately rushing to Yueqing Mountain. A Jing probably knows that he often needs to accelerate crazy, and put three barrels of gasoline in the trunk of the car to prepare for unexpected needs.

     Quickly...quickly...Run dark in my heart keeps crying like this: with great difficulty With ghost eyes and power, you can challenge the curse and change the death fate of me and Run Li, so... I must Go stop it, stop the tragedy!

     He was worried about another point, because that place was blocked. I wonder if the current ability to use Soul Devouring Ghost Eye can open the locked door?

     The picture gradually came out.

     The first thing that appears is the hair, and then the face is revealed little by little.

     The whole person of Ruixin seems to be frozen in front of the computer desk...

     How, why...who is this lost last generation?

     "I hate you! Dead Luoyue, you dare to say that I can psychic is nonsense, and still sprinkle chilli water on me... I won't let you go! Hum, I'm going to invite Penxian to let You know how powerful it is! See if you dare to say that I was a fake!"

     When I was a child, I was very good, and I had a dispute with Luo Yue because of oneself.

     At that time, myself, proud and arrogant, could not listen to anyone saying bad things about him, and Luoyue's attitude was indeed a little worse, and actually let myself have the absurd idea of "curse her with pen fairy".

     "Pixian Penxian asks you to curse the name written on the paper..."She actually did that, even in front of several friends!

     She couldn't figure out how she would do that now. If it were those who were half-trusted and suspicious of Bixian, there was room for forgiveness, but she was different. She has always believed that Bixian is true, and her sin is heavier than most people.

     In the past few days, she met her every day and asked her to stay outside Luo Yue's house to see the situation.

     Finally, that day, she saw Luo Yue drying clothes on the balcony.

     A friend said to her: "Rui Xin, you are radically deceiving. You see Luo Yue still leap and frisk about, we actually believe you stupidly!"

     At that time, I still remember my answer.

     "Oh, you look, Lord Bixian will let her die!"

     Just when she had just finished saying this, she didn’t know what happened, Luo Yue suddenly leaned back, and then she fell off the balcony and dropped heavily on the ground! Everyone immediately ran over and saw that the ground was covered with blood, and how few children had seen such a terrible scene, they were scared green in the face. The child who said that Ruixin deceived people just now pointed at her and said, "You, you, you are the murderer, it's none of our business, you killed her!"

     At this moment, Rui Xin, where else is there is exciting, she only feels fear and deep regret. At that time, Luo Yue's face had not been forgotten. That... deformed, unrecognizable face...

     And now the picture in front of her is what she saw that day, Luo Yue's face!

     For a time, she fell at the table and wept bitterly: "I'm sorry... sorry... Luo Yue, sorry..."She cried for a long time like this, and when she raised her head up again, she moved her body three meters directly back!

     That deformed face was actually smiling at her!

     No... impossible! By the way, this is a CIF picture, someone made it deliberately! Does that person hate himself? Who is related to Luo Yue?

     She then suddenly thought, would that person still reply to netizens after posting? So she quickly pulled the mouse down, however, she hard to believe that no matter which reply, all are the same content.

     "She killed you!"

     "She killed you!"

     "She killed you!"

     Each reply is all these five words!

     Just when Ruixin was about to pull the mouse to the bottom of the page, suddenly, the mouse could not move down baffling, and as she pulled down, the mouse kept moving up, and then quickly returned to the topic post.

     However... what she saw was...

     Luo Yue was actually smiling at her! Immediately afterwards, she...she...she actually put her forehead out of the computer screen!

     "Don't--" She closed the page immediately, but pressing close actually didn't work! She had to immediately continue to pull the mouse down, so the forehead that had just been stretched out immediately blocked back. Now Ruixin can't let go of his hand. Once released, Luo Yue will come out of the computer!Run An has drove the car to the mountain road of Yueqing Mountain. After asking the residents nearby, he has determined where the Dawning Hall is located. At his current speed, as long as he doesn't get lost, he will definitely arrive in ten minutes! However, at this time, he also found that a woman's face began to blur on the phone...

     Runli hasn't heard from her yet, but depending on the situation, she should be Yan Ruixin! Damn it, will you die? Run Dark immediately slammed on the accelerator under his feet and shouted: "Damn it! Hurry up, hurry up!"

     He is racing against Grim Reaper!

     Ten minutes is too slow! If ten minutes pass, then Yan Ruixin has already gone to see the king!

     This mountain road is not easy to walk. Run An now is accelerating like crazy, and it seems very itchy and bumpy. It hits the roof of the car suddenly with his head, his hands are loose, the steering wheel is out of control, and the car actually drives towards the cliff on the side!

     This darkening can really be seen eye sockets want to crack. At this time, the ghost eye suddenly started, the car door next to it was instantly opened, he immediately Conditioned Reflex unfastened the seat belt rushed out! Almost less than a second later, the car rushed directly down the cliff! And the dark body flew into the air at once, and when he fell again, he grasped the tree branch protruding from the cliff tightly, and then barely climbed up.

     "Ok... It's dangerous..." Run-dark was still in shock at the moment, and there was a big explosion under the cliff, so the explosion might be due to the three barrels of gasoline in the trunk of the car. Unexpectedly, such scenes often appear in Hong Kong police gangster films actually happened to themselves.

     "A Jing will probably be mad at me... Ah, no, now is not the time to say this!"Fortunately, the phone is still there. He looked at it. The blurry figure in the photo was already faintly discernible!

     Now that there is no car, can I get there in time? Only a desperate try! He began to fully release his supernatural powers and soul-eating pupils, and suddenly flew out, and the scenery on both sides quickly receded, as if he was sitting in a car! The power of this ghost eye can really improve physical fitness and explosive power. Such a speed can only catch up with the car, no, maybe even faster!

     Run dark begins to calculate in heart: the journey that needs to be completed in ten minutes... two minutes! You should be able to reach the Dawning House in two minutes! Yan Ruixin, you hold on, I'm coming over!