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0 Chapter Directory 52 Escape From Haunted House
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Although Yan Ruixin continued to pull down the page, the mouse seemed to have its own will and moved up continuously. She now feels like she is tug of war with the mouse.

     She tried her best to get the fourth reply.

     "I don't want to die, I don't want dies here!" Although Ruixin felt guilty about Luo Yue's death, she was still not willing to atone for death. She is also unclear until now, why the answer to Bixian is that they can survive, But now it is like this? She didn't believe that Bixian would deceive her!

     Then, the mouse gradually pulled to the second reply post, and Yan Ruixin desperately pulled to the third reply post, and during this period, she was already crying, she yelled: "Royue...I have wronged you …I beg you to forgive me! I don’t burn paper money for you every day during Chinese New Year? I helped you rebuild the tomb several times, and I chose Feng Shui treasured land! I still send money to your parents, guarantee They don’t have to worry about life, of course, I know that these can’t make up for you... But, but I really have done my best! I have tried my best! I have done my best! Do you want me to die before you are satisfied? ?"

      At this time, the content of the post becomes: "Die, die, die, die, die Die, die, die, die, die Die, die, die, die, die Die, die, die, die, die Die, die, die, die, die Die, die, die, die, die Die, die, die, die, die!"

     This is Luo Yue's answer? She the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed, is she not willing to forgive herself?

     "Please let me off, Please let me off..." Tears kept dropping on the computer table, but the mouse was still moving up, and... seemed to move faster than before!The darkening calculation is still a bit biased, two minutes passed, but he still didn't see the dawn. He overlooked one thing. After all, he had never been there before, and now he runs so fast. He has no time to recognize the direction at all.

     "Damn...well, the supernatural power is released to the limit!"

     He doesn't know how powerful it is currently to release the supernatural power, but then he can use his feelings to find the location of the cursed person. At this time, he immediately detected the location of the House of Dawn.

     "Here... there!" He found that he was going in the wrong direction, and he immediately stopped walking. As a result, his feet slipped on the ground and slid for nearly a hundred meters before stopping.

     "Ok... so tired..." He looked back, the ground dragged by himself, and there was actually a light smoke, and the power of ghost eyes was too strong, right? But not when he thought about it, he took the step in the right direction again, rushing towards the destination like an arrow from the string. Unexpectedly, in less than ten seconds, he actually saw a strange building in front of him. The roof of this building is actually... a corner?

     Run-dark can't control this much anymore, he counted silently in his heart: three hundred meters, one hundred meters, fifty meters... Ah, brake!

     When he realized it was time to stop, the whole person ran into the wall. God! If he had to slide 100 meters to stop, the distance of 50 meters is not just...

     Ruixin gradually became desperate because she felt that power grew more and more powerful, and the page returned to the second floor again."No... don't..." When she pulled down again, she was still thinking: why? Can't we all survive the results displayed by Penxian? Why?

     At this time, she suddenly discovered something!

     Could it be... At that time, the method of asking was wrong?

     In a flash, she understood immediately!

     It turned out... The real answer marked by Penxian should be...

     Such a trance, the mouse swooped to the top! When Rui Xin reacted, Luo Yue's face was completely...stretched out!

     Runyin hit the wall hard, and then fell to the ground. However, his physique is far from what he used to be. He could survive the last time he was hit by a car, and he certainly would not be injured now. But this time his physique became stronger than last time. Although he was not injured last time, he immediately lost consciousness, but this time he was not comatose.

     Run An immediately stood up and ran towards the door towards the promenade, releasing the soul-eating pupils to the door. Suddenly, this sturdy door made of special metal was immediately recessed in the middle, and then the bolts fell off one by one. After a few seconds, the whole door was opened and thrown into the corridor more than ten meters away.

     Run An immediately ran in, and according to his feelings, Yan Ruixin was directly in front! He adjusted the speed a little bit, and ran to Yan Ruixin's room, came to the door, found the door locked, and released Soul Eater again. This time it was just an ordinary door, just released, and the door instantly broke a big hole in the middle completely enough for two people to pass through!However, the moment he rushed into the room, he could not feel Yan Ruixin's existence. He was only slightly behind by 0.001 seconds!

     I saw not a soul in sight in the room, there was a pen notebook computer on the table, and the main page of the forum was on the screen. He suddenly felt strange, didn't A Jing infer that their communication equipment was broken? So I went to the screen and looked at it, which was a forum section.

     At the moment on the screen, the post published by the lost last generation has disappeared without trace.

     Almost at the same time, Shunxuan and Yue Jie, who arrived because they heard the sound of the door breaking, saw Run Darkness as soon as they entered the door.

     "You... who are you?" The two of them suddenly saw a stranger appearing, and they were suddenly shocked. Shunxuan even immediately determined that this person was the culprit of all disasters, and immediately said: "Yue Jie, you hide behind me!" "Then he lifted a chair and slammed into Run Yun."

     Who knows, the chair smashed directly on the darkened door!

     "You... who are you? You are not a person!" Shun Xuan quickly took Yue Jie's hand to escape, who knew that Run Dark quickly moved in front of them and said, "You two don't need to be afraid, I'm here Save you! The door has been opened by me, hurry down with me!"

     Shun Xuan asked doubtfully: "Ah? Save us? How do you know Are we in danger?"

     "Stop talking nonsense! Do you still miss this place?" Run An walked out of the door and said, "Yes, I just saw two cars outside, is it yours?""Well, yes... yes." Shun Xuan nodded, and then felt sad, two cars came, but now there are only two people left, and one car can leave.

     "That's good... Did you bring the car key with you?" Yun An asked again.

     "Yes," Shun Xuan was nodded, but he still asked unclearly: "Who are you? Are you really... human?"

     "Let's talk while we walk!" Run An then ran towards the door. At present, the date of death of these two people has not yet arrived, so it is still safe. You can definitely leave Yueqing Mountain within today, then they are safe, and you have successfully reversed the prophecy!

     When I ran to the door and saw that the door was still tattered and fell down the hallway, he was finally relaxed. Originally, he was worried that the door was fitted again and became impossible to open again, so it was troublesome.

     "Wait," Yue Jie quickly stopped and said, "What about Ruixin? We have to leave with Ruixin!"

     "She's dead," Run An replied, "You are only two."

     Hearing this sentence, both men's faces became pale.

     After rushing out of the Museum of Dawn and smelling the fresh air, Shun Xuan suddenly shouted like a released prisoner, and finally came out!

     "Wait..." He suddenly said after he rushed out: "I'm going to burn it! I'm going to burn this house of dawn! It has devoured my five important friends, and it can't continue to survive. Yue Jie, also... This Mister, you also come to help. I still have a barrel of gasoline in my car. By the way, do you have a lighter? I don’t usually smoke, so there is no lighter.""No! Don't burn it!" Run Dark immediately stopped: "It's enough to escape! Do you think that the things hidden in this house of dawn can be burned with fire? Doing so might arouse the inside. The ghost of revenge!"

     "Even... even so, I will destroy it!" Shun Xuan has made up his mind and said: "At least Thus, no one will be killed by this haunted house in the future! Be sure to burn it! Please, sir, Don’t have a lighter? If not, I’ll go in and find it!

     "Are you crazy?" Run An took hold of Shun Xuan and said, "You are awake! If you go in again, you might die..."

     No, Run An immediately thought that today is not the date of his death, so even if he enters this house of dawn again, he will not die. But...but, he was afraid that there might be another blurry image in his mind, and then Runli called to say that two more people would die today... this is not impossible!

     "I don't understand!" Shun Xuan wiped tears and shouted at the Museum of Dawn: "Why? Why should I do that? They are all good people, why do they all have such a painful ending? I don't understand Ah! Son, why are you doing that!"

     "Son? What does your son have to do with this haunted house?"

     "My son... he called me here! But I don't understand! What the hell do I want?"

     In Miaoxin Hospital, Lu Shenhuai received a reply.

     "Haha... That's great... That's great, BOSS, thank you for trusting me again!"He looked at the reply beautifully: "The company has sent someone to install the bugs and cameras in Yirun's home, and will immediately arrange someone to monitor him! This time you have made great efforts, once the iron is recovered Mu Jing, I will immediately let you be the minister again!"

     He looked at A Jing, who was comatose next to him, because with his eyes closed, there was no way to know if she had a purple pupil, would she also be a physique?

     At this time, a pure and beautiful woman ran into the ward and saw A Jing at a glance, sitting worriedly beside her bed, followed by a doctor.

     "Miss Yi, Miss Ren, her current situation is very unstable. We will take her for a CT scan of the brain in an hour, um... sorry to ask, what about Miss Ren's family? Both you and your brother are just hers Friends?"

     "Um... she... has no relatives and friends," the woman replied, "but doctor, what exactly is it sick?"

     "I can't understand, her body doesn't have any symptoms, her heartbeat and blood pressure are normal, but she is unconscious, so we suspect that she may have something in her brain..."

     "Is it a tumor?" The woman jumped as soon as she heard it. It seemed that she was very concerned about the patient. Lu Shenhuai heard the doctor just called her Miss Yi, was it Yirun's sister? When he checked Yirun's interview in the past, he remembered that he mentioned that he had a sister.

     Yirun had ghost eyes, but the woman didn't... he suddenly had a plan.It is better to kidnap her, and threaten Yirun to tell the story of Tie Mujing's whereabouts? He still remembered clearly that Yi Runan mentioned the fire in front of him, and his tone seemed to be testing him. Maybe... he really knows where Tie Mujing is!

     The blazing fire swallowed the house of dawn.

     Run dark looked at the fire borrowing wind's momentum, getting bigger and bigger, and said to Shun Xuan who was still watching it burning, "Mr. Qiu, let's go! whatever the case, you can't find anything here that your son wants to give you Answer."

     "I know... I know..." After covering his eyes and sobbing for a while, he said: "From now on...I have to live well..."

     After getting in the car, Run An was sitting behind the Shun Xuan in the driver’s seat, looking at the House of Dawn licked by the tongue of fire, sighed saying: "After the stars disappear, is the dawn coming? I still do not understand ......"

     The car started.

     "Here, this is not the way down the mountain," Run An suddenly felt the wrong direction, and quickly asked questions, but Shun Xuan replied: "I'm going to the green house, I want to ask a question! This is what's going on! And I burned this house, and Mrs. Dong will come to me to sue in the future...I might as well make a break now!"

     Seeing him as he is now, even if he is going to kill people, Run An believes.

     "Calm down! Please listen to me...Mr. Qiu, this is not anyone's fault, this is destiny! Your death is something I had foreseen..."

     The car immediately braked, and Shunxuan turned around and asked with a surprised expression: "You... what did you say ?"

     "Let me introduce myself first. My name is Yirun An."Hearing this familiar name, Shun Xuan immediately reacted: "It's you! You are the famous horror!"

     Run dark nodded, and then explain to them all the reasons.

     After listening to his explanations, Shun Xuan and Yue Jie were both amazed. Shen Ang and Rui Xin's death... were they doomed before they died? how can it be like this!

     "What about the two of us?" Yue Jie asked anxiously, "Are we going to die too?"

     "This...I don't know...because there is no hunch..."

     Shun Xuan sighed a long time, and said, "Fuck! Since that is the case, what's the use of me to go to Mrs. Dong? She can't revive Ruixin from them! Let's go!"

     Then Shunxuan started the car again.

     "However, there are still many problems that I don't understand." On the way, Yue Jie recalled the horror experience of the past few days, and he was still full of doubts: "Mr. Yi, since you have ghost eyes, you must know more about the spirits than us. Why Before the son of Shunxuan died, would he... would he want his father to come here?"

     "Mr. Qiu...I ask you," Run An didn't directly answer Yue Jie, and instead asked Shun Xuan: "Do you... among the people you know, are there people like me with purple eyes?"

     "This... no."

     "Think carefully! Are there really none?"

     "No... really not."

      don't tell me it's not a catastrophe caused by alien constitution? Without ghost eyes, people around you will not be killed one by one. Unless it is close to Awakened Status, but it is possible that the pupils have not changed color, his mother's condition is similar.And at the moment behind the car, a figure appeared out of thin air. It was Wen Zimei who had been invisible using the chameleon liquid, and she was holding an eyeball in her hand.

     "Fortunately, I moved quickly... I didn't expect this person to burn the house of dawn." She put her eyeballs in the box that A Jing helped her to prepare. This box could ensure that the cornea of the eye was not necrotic as much as possible. This is of course another eyeball of Tong Moyan. He died early this morning. It is estimated that currently already is almost completely dead. I don’t know whether it is useful or not.

     "A Jing, this idiot! I knew she would fall like this now! I really can't stand her, what is that sentence saying... Every father must have a daughter, it's right! "

     In Shun Xuan's car, Yue Jie asked Run Darken another question.

     "Mr. Yi... Bixian, will Bixian be inaccurate?"

     "Well, generally probably not, unless there is a problem with the way to invite Bixian," Run An finally had the opportunity to show off the information given to him by A Jing who stayed up late and night: "Have you ever played with Bixian in this?"

     Then, Yue Jie said that she and Ruixin asked Bixian together, but only concealed the life and death of Shunxuan's son.

     After dark and contemplative, he said, "Wrong."

     "Huh? Wrong? What's wrong?"

     Run An replied: "At that time, did you write English on the paper, right?"

     "Well, that's right."

     "That's right. Bixian's answer is not that you can live, but what you are hiding in the Museum of Dawn."