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0 Chapter Directory 54 Nosoran
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
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     "Brother, let's say... everyone is dead?" Run Li temporarily left the ward and came to the corridor because she wanted to use her mobile phone, and Run An also told her the current situation.

     "Yes... everyone in the picture is already vanished..."

     "Brother, how come... why can't we always save a person?"

     "In addition, I care about another point. According to Mr. Qiu, Tong Moyan only dug out his own eye, but when the local residents found the smoke on the top of the mountain and called the fire brigade, they waited for the fire truck to catch up. When the fire is extinguished and his body is found... his eyes are gone."

      "No... No? It sounds scary."

      "All right, don't think too much, it's almost time to visit now? Come back first."

     At the moment, about ten meters away from Run An, there were several men wearing dark sunglasses hiding in the dark and staring at him. One of the men was holding a mobile phone and talking to a person.

     "BOSS, he doesn't seem to have found a monitor yet. Do I want to recycle it now? After all, his ghost eyes cannot be underestimated. It's hard to guarantee that he won't be discovered."

     A strong voice came from the other end of the phone: "Well, I also mean that, I will immediately transfer the control of the miniature monitor to you, and continue to monitor Yirun Dark after recovery!"

     "understand!"After the person at the end of the phone hung up, he looked up and looked at the monitor screens in front of him. On the screen, it is clearly shown how Rundang jumped out of the car before it fell to the cliff, and then how to rush into the Pavilion of Dawn at the speed of a cheetah, and no matter what, he let such a solid door open.

     "Hehehe... I can't think of the company's newly developed ultra-miniature flight monitor come in handy. Shenhuai is really decisive. The first time I meet with Yirun Dark, I set it up so that the monitor can follow Yirun Dark at any time..." The man called BOSS lit a cigarette and said, "Is the preliminary data collection completed? Hao Lin?"

     A beautiful woman stood behind him, took a stack of information, and bowed: "Yes, BOSS, preliminary judgment Yirun An is a supernatural ability with a soul-eating pupil, and his ghost-eye ability should be already entered close to intermediate At the same time, physical fitness, responsiveness and defense should all be about two to three times that of the average person. The specific data needs to be further observed. Although not sure yet whether he really knows the whereabouts of Tie Mujing, he lives in Miaoxin Hospital 'S woman has been identified as Ren Jing's only daughter, Ren Jing."

     BOSS was nodded with satisfaction, and said: "Really so, really didn't expect it would be so clever, Shenhuai can actually do this step, and still use the small monitor to immediately position it on Yirun dark body...hehe, it is really That's great! Soul Eater's eyes...I really want to get him as a new research material..."He turned back to the woman and said, "Huo Lin, should you know what you are going to do? Keep a close watch on their movements. Once you find Tie Mujing, you must catch the two alive! As for Ren Senbo's daughter, I also Go live! Thus, you can prevent him from continuing to fight against the company!"

     "But..." Hao Lin replied embarrassedly: "Yi Rundang and Tie Mujing are both people with high spiritual powers. Will they catch alive..."

     "It's's impossible to catch it alive, at least you have to bring the body..." BOSS smiled sinisterly and said cruelly: "Actually what I really want... is Ren Senbo's Yin-Yang Eye..."

     After running the phone, Run Li was ready to go back to the ward. Suddenly, two doctors wearing masks passed by, and she had not responded. Suddenly one of the doctors said to her coldly, "Don't move... I'm in my pocket now Hold a pistol and call for help if you want to die!"

     Run Li this was originally so a timid and very small person, listening to him said that he would not dare to move.

     "Okay, let's leave the hospital with us in the most natural posture. If you dare to act blindly without thinking, you will be dead!"

     Runli is really without any means, so I have to follow suit. In this way, she followed these two fake doctors to the underground parking lot and walked to the front of a car. A person just opened the door and pushed her in, and heard an angry cry from behind: "Give me Drive her!"

     The two looked back, it was actually A Jing wearing hospital clothes!

     The two of them have not received relevant instructions and do not know A Jing's identity. One of them had already pulled out his pistol and said, "Come on! Otherwise, the bullets will not be long!"A Jing lightly smiled and said, "Bullet? I'm so scared, I'm really scared... What the hell is this, I really want to see..."

     "You... you are looking for death!" The man was impulsive and shot A Jing! The gun was already equipped with a silencer, so it didn't make much noise. The bullet hits Ah Jing's abdomen!

     "Hello," yet another person quickly scolded: "What are you doing? Our mission is not murder! Forget it, let's go!"

     The two just planned to continue to get on the bus, but heard A Jing's voice again.

     "What happened? I'm not dead yet!"

     I saw no trace of blood on Ah Jing's chest. The bullet did penetrate the clothing, but when it reached the outer layer of the skin, it could not enter.

     "Ah... although it won't die, but still full of pain..." A Jing actually threw the bullet on the ground at random, shrugged the shoulders, and said, "The rejection reaction didn't think it was that long... but it was finally over. Hurry up, let me go!"

     The duo was shocked by dumbstruck, and one person said, "Damn, we were wearing bulletproof vests. We got in the car and killed her directly!" Then he just got on the car, but he saw A Jing sitting in the driver's seat!

     "A guy who doesn't understand people really is a headache..." A Jing then stared at the man, but in a flash, he quickly popped out and hit a pillar! The other person immediately pointed a gun at her head and said, "You die for me!"However, a shot from a close range passed, hitting A Jing's temple and immediately ejected onto the window glass, instantly breaking a large piece of glass into the ceiling.

     "Thank you for choosing a corner where the camera in the parking lot can't be taken, which allows me to fully exert my'abilities'." A Jing then squinted at the man again, and now a lot of broken glass fell on her. But none of them could cut any skin on her body.

     "Strange, monster!"

     The man did not turn round and immediately fled backwards, but A Jing said with a smile: "No way... If you leave, I will have a headache."

     The man ran to a pillar, and suddenly A Jing flashed from behind. The man suddenly fell to the ground as if he had seen a ghost, and said, "Little, Miss... I'm not good, please forgive me..."

     "Relax, I won't kill you... I'm not the same kind of people as you."

     Then she took out a bottle of potion...

     When Runli woke up, she was already in her bed.

     "Um? How...I...A Jing?"

     At the moment, A Jing was beside her. When she saw her waking up, she said with a smile, "Wake up? That's fine, your brother is still cooking soup for you. I heard him say that he has helped you cook for the past seven years. I still don’t quite believe it, but it seems to be true now. The smell of the soup he boils is very greedy. When you get up, you can drink it. I’ll call him.”As he walked into the kitchen, Run-dark was now stirring a pot of broth around his apron. Seeing Ah Jing walked in, he quickly asked, "Is Runli awake?"

     "Well... I'll help you look at the pot. You can comfort her. And, after drinking the soup, prepare it immediately. How far can you move, how far can you move, go to the bank and get some more money out. I I have to move again..."

     "I understand..." When Run An walked out of the kitchen, turned the head around and said, "A Jing... Thank you."

     "Where... Without your sister, who will be responsible for providing data on the date of death in the future." She scooped up a little soup and tasted it, and immediately admired: "It's delicious! Run dark, you might as well consider to be a cook in the future. is it? ”

     About ten minutes later, Runli understood the current situation. A Jing has used the nerve-controlling potion to ask that the other person was sent by Nosoran. At the same time, she hypnotized them with a potion that can make false memories. The real memories of the two were within 24 hours. She wiped it off.

     "You mean...the people of Northoran will arrest us? What should we do?""Of course you have to move away, Runli, aren't you used to it anyway?" A Jing explained to her in detail: "I estimate that the people of that company have noticed the dark purple pupils and started to want to catch Living in the dark. I am afraid the purpose is to threaten the dark by taking you as a hostage. It is estimated... that fire caused them to lose something important, and they think that thing has something to do with dark. In fact, the dark I didn’t know it, so they might take action in a few months, so they have to escape now. Runli, this is the chameleon liquid, you take it. Just in case, I and your siblings separated."

     "But..." Run An again asked: "So many of your experimental materials and medicines are left in your house. If you leave like this...""There's no problem," she pointed to her forehead: "This place has all my research results, and the formulas of the drugs are all in my mind. Of course, I have sprayed a room temperature everywhere in my house. A liquid that spontaneously exceeds a certain limit. I can’t let so many things fall into that company’s hands. After I escape, the company will definitely send someone to my house to search. Once a large number of people gather in the room, causing the room temperature to rise, the liquid It will automatically burn, so that all my research results will be burned. And if the house is burned, my family will pay some attention. Of course, I don’t expect the ruthless grandfather to do it for me and Nosoran. To contend, this company dares to be so arrogant, and the background is naturally very hard. Rest assured, Runli, the chameleon liquid will never fail as long as there is no drop of release liquid, as long as there is no sound, the people who monitor us will not find us Leaving. Never turn off the lights when you leave, try to bring as little luggage as possible!"

     Run Li then asked again: "Then... which city shall we go to?"

     "G City. I chose that city for two reasons. First, there is no branch of Nosoran in that city, and their influence has not penetrated there. Second, that city... It is currently in mainland China, where the supernatural phenomenon is most concentrated Area. I think there might be a lot of psychic abilities hidden there... where we can anticipate supernatural phenomena more frequently and give them..."

     At this time, she suddenly remembered that Runli didn't know the meaning of Remove Curse, and she immediately stopped talking and almost spoke the most important words.Then, Run An and A Jing took the small bottle of chameleon liquid and began to drip on the body.

     Afterwards, their bodies became exactly the same as their surroundings, and they were unable to discern without careful identification.

     After going out, the three of them looked around carefully. At this moment, they couldn't see anyone, and they had to take care of themselves. The dark car is under repair, A Jing's car is blown up, plus they are all transparent people at the moment, so they can only walk to the airport. Runan Brothers and Sister and Ah Jing each took different flights to G City and met at the agreed location. No need to ask, the people at Northolland naturally found them unless they used an infrared scanner to monitor them.

     After they were separated from Run Yun An, A Jing walked to an alleyway and looked around repeatedly, then whispered, "Zi Mei, did something bring?"

     "Well, of course." An equally low voice replied, then tucked a box into A Jing's palm.

     "It's a very precious thing," A Jing gently stroked the box and said, "The mutant ghost eyes, I didn't think I really got it. Speaking of it, Yun An didn't seem to find bugs and cameras everywhere in his house. what."

     Zimei listened with extreme surprise and asked, "Why, how... how did you find out?""It's very simple..." A Jing put the box away and said, "When I went to his house for the first time, I poured a liquid on the ground of their house while they were not paying attention. This liquid was colorless. Odorless, it will dry quickly at room temperature, and then it will be effective. It is not water-soluble and has a boiling point of 3,000 degrees, which is a neutral liquid. The most important thing is that it is manufactured with my blood. So it can It emits the spiritual force that can absorb the radio waves, and is even directly connected to my brain. Once the house is equipped with ultra-precision electronic monitoring equipment such as a bug, the electronic wavelength will be absorbed by this liquid and input directly by my brain With false sounds and images, the monitor cannot know the real situation."

     "A liquid that absorbs radio waves and enters false information with spiritual power? How did you do it...Forget it, anyway you said I also don't understand..."

     In this way, Run Anxie brothers and sisters and A Jing moved to a new city. City G will become their new starting point.

     At noon the next day, in a telephone booth on a street in G city.

     "Well... Is it a house agency company? I want to buy a second-hand house. Well, if the area is enough, it is enough for three people to live..."

     After telling my contact details, I hung up the phone, Run An walked out of the phone booth, and said to A Jing and Run Li: "All right, I will wait for the news now. Considering that buying two houses is too economically burdensome, we three People only have to live together. After all, house prices have risen so much this year."

     Runli feels weird. Although I am used to moving, I have a new roommate this time, and I always feel a little..."Why not renting a house?" Run Li asked, "Isn't it cheaper?"

     "Run Li... you use your brain... Ah Jing, a drug maniac, will definitely transform the room into a chemical laboratory. Will the landlord agree?"

     Runli suddenly realisation, repeatedly nodded, and the next A Jing said with a smile: "Thank you for thinking for me, you gave my car a complete scrap, I will not pursue it..."

     "Ah... thanks a lot..."

     "Speaking of cars, it's impossible for you to get your original car. Would you consider buying another car?"

     "Of course you have to buy a car, it is better to buy a better performance. Well, money this aspect, how do you share it? I not only mean the cost of the car, but also include the usual gasoline fee, parking fee..."

     In this way, the new life of humiliation began.

     At the same time, a more terrifying and crazy future kicked off.