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0 Chapter Directory 55 Horror Collectors
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Today is Halloween on October 31.

     Three years after graduating from university, Gao Fenghui, who has been married and has children in G city, still likes to gather with the original college students on this day. Usually on this day, people like to open Bal Masqué and play as monsters of various sorts and varieties. Children often put on a pumpkin head to knock on the door to get candy. However, in mainland China, the popularity of this Western festival is not as good as Christmas after all, and there is no possibility of supernatural monsters running across the street. What's more, it costs money to open Bal Masqué.

     Moreover, the festival is just an excuse for everyone to gather together, there is no need to think about the form too much, as long as there is this atmosphere. Fenghui's wife is not strict with him, as long as he doesn't come back too late, don't drink too much alcohol. In fact, married people can also go with their wives, but their wives have to take care of their son who is only one year old, so they have to stay at home.

     Halloween is going to be over, and classes are also going to go. Fortunately, Fenghui's units have been off work early. After get off work, several colleagues invited him to go to the bar for a drink for Halloween.

     Now when recalling, because of the relationship between their respective work, the last meeting was two years ago. Last year and the previous year's Halloween, because they were busy, so no one could spare time. Now, it’s not very clear what’s going on. The location of the meeting was discussed on the phone this time at Bingzong's house.Bingzong and Fenghui were the best buddies at the time of the university era, and everyone's ambitions were in line with each other. The two often go to the next pile of scary horror movies online, and then watch the two together in the dark bedroom. Although it is rarely scared, this memory is very nostalgic. After graduating from college, he paid little attention to horror movies, and began to watch more family-friendly movies after marriage.

     Is Bingzong still the same? On the way to his house, he sat on the bus, and began to outline what Bingzong is like now.

     Sitting next to her is an extremely beautiful young woman, and because of her decent clothing, she looks full of temperament and seems to be very connotative. Therefore, it attracted the attention of many people in the bus.

     Even Feng Hui had to admire the woman's beauty and temperament at this moment. Her eyes and manners seemed to inherit the blood of the nobility. Even if she did not speak, it made people feel noble. And the woman was putting a book on her knees at this time, unable to take one's eyes off. She seemed very quiet, and didn't seem to notice her gaze at all.

     And Feng Hui can see the cover of the book from the angle, and the title is "Knowing G City".

     Could she be a foreigner? Although the dress is simple, but it shows a quality, looks like a well-trained person.

     Fenghui couldn't help but guess the identity of the woman, and just then, the woman suddenly closed the book, stopped/stood. At this time, a man sitting behind her also stood up and said, "A Jing, What happened? Haven't arrived yet? There is still a way to go.""Go from this station and go on foot. I want to get familiar with the surrounding environment first."

     She spoke to the man, and Feng Hui also heard that she was called "A Jing" by the man. Paying careful attention to the man, he was surprised to find that the man's eyes were purple. But in general, he should be Asian.

     "Habit? Not sure yet, will you buy the house this time," the man with purple eyes said: "If you want to be familiar, don't worry about it now."

     At this time the car door opened, and the woman had already got out of the car, and the purple-eyed man in the back was helplessly sighed saying, and went down with her.

     After getting off the bus, Ah Jing seemed relaxed after seeing the bus getting away.

     "What happened?" Run secretly asked.

     "Don't you find that many people are looking at me? Although not necessarily from Nosoran, but still be careful."

     "It turns out that way," Run An was understood: "I'm afraid it's because you are very beautiful, but those who look at you are not that kind of perverted eyes, they are full of wonder... because you look It's too elegant and dusty."

     "That's mother is a rich nobleman. My great-grandfather was an earl in a foreign country, and he still has some connections with the royal family. When I was a child, my mother trained me to be noble, and now it has become got used to."

     A Jing is really a calm person. When he said these words, he didn't show off his tone at all, as if her mother's family was an ordinary family."All right, don't say this... let me see ," Run An took out a piece of paper that recorded the address of the house that the agency agency company gave them to be sold. It seems that the owner of the house is in a hurry to emigrate abroad, so he has to sell the domestic house as soon as possible, so the price is not expensive. Today, the two of them are going to discuss the price of the house.

     "That's good, and the cost of decoration can be saved a lot... Speaking of it, it's Halloween today," Run An noticed the pumpkin heads hanging at the door of some stores, and said, "On this day, the ghost door will not open Day?"

     "So... try not to collect the witch's candy..."

     "Hey, I'm talking to you very seriously..."

     Fenghui came to the Bingzong family's apartment, and suddenly remembered that he hadn't bought some gifts. After all, he hadn't seen each other for two years. Although he was a buddy, he couldn't empty his hands. So he went to the fruit shop in front of his house to pick oranges.

     The stall owner gave him a plastic bag. He chose the good oranges and put them inside. One of the oranges looked big. He was about to get them, but he was caught by another hand. Raised the head to look, he suddenly froze.

     The man holding oranges is a woman in a professional attire, looks like a white-collar worker, Feng Hui recognized her at a glance.

     "Yuan Xiu!"

     He immediately whispered and called her name, and the woman didn't respond, looked at Fenghui carefully, and immediately shouted, "Ah, it's you... Gao Fenghui!"Lu Yuanxiu was the school flower of their university at the time, and at the same time was the Vice-Chairman of Student Council's. But Fenghui didn't expect that she would come, after all, she never contacted her again after graduation. Could it be that Bingzong and her are still communicating?

     "I haven't seen you in a long time, I heard that you are married?" Yuan Xiu continued to choose oranges, and asked Feng Hui's recent situation: "Have you any children?"

     "Yes, it's a son, just turned one year old." Feng Hui handed the picked oranges to the stall owner and said, "You are also visiting Bingzong, do you also like Halloween?"

     "Because I'm hooked on horror recently," she spoke out suddenly when she pulled out a book and said, "Have you read this book?"

     The title of the book is "Death from Human Form", and the name of the book is horror, and the author's name is "Yi Run An".

     "Is this a pseudonym?" He took the book, flipped it over slightly, and said, "The printing is good. But, you girl, why would you like to watch horror?"

     "It's really scary..." She spoke until here, it seemed that her hands were shaking slightly, and she didn't know whether she was scared or feeling cold.

     "So why do you hold it in your hands like a baby?"

     Both of them had already paid at this time, and both went to the residence of Bingzong, and Yuan Xiu was still explaining in detail how this book was good... Rarely met, he began to talk about the plot in detail. She is very obsessed with this book recently, otherwise she will not be so excited. Although he could clearly see that the garden show seemed to be afraid of the plot, he still liked the plot.When Run An and A Jing were about to go to the agreed viewing location, suddenly, he began to have a hunch of death. This time is not the same as before, the image is produced very clearly.

     "What happened? Have a hunch?" A Jing's reaction was really quick, and Run-moon immediately noticed a little uncoordinated expression, and asked, "Say the name and look."

     "Long Yue, whose name is Tu Bingzong, looks like a man with thick hair and covering his left eye. The picture is... standing in front of the TV..."

     "TV? Is it related to TV?"

     If you link the TV to the ghost, anyone who knows about Japanese horror movies will come up with the word "Ring".

     "If this is not the case, it can't be easier? It's enough to stay away from the TV set." Run Dark obviously felt that this would not be so simple. From the past experience, any terrorist incident is the final result of killing the cursed person. , So it will not easily produce the situation that allows the cursed person to escape. In other words, there must be other restrictions. Next, let's look at the keyword information that Ah Jing feels.

     "Call Runli," A Jing raised his wrist and looked at his watch. "Time is running, and it's almost time we agreed to see the house. If the same as last time, the date of death is in the hunch. On that day, we must find that person immediately. It was troublesome at that time. It is almost five o'clock now, and today is more than half of it."Nodded and nodded and began to dial cellphone number, but no one answered. Runli should be in a hotel now. Did she go out without taking her mobile phone? This is not a problem.

     Do you want to see the house now? From the conversation yesterday, this house is also not't bad, but the other side is human life is beyond value, but at this point, it is unlikely to find each other within today.

     "That's fine, you go back to the hotel to find Runli. I'll go to see the house and say you can't come because of something temporary," A Jing came up with this method of satisfy rival demands, so Run An also accepted this Proposal, immediately left.

     "Welcome, two people!"

     After Bingzong welcomed Fenghui and Yuanxiu into the house, the two had seen that the door was full of shoes, and it seemed that a lot of people were coming.

     When I walked to the living room, there were quite a few people, all of whom were classmates from college. Some of the fame were not recognized, and the coffee table was filled with seeds, peanuts, and candy.

     "Come here is just gathering, why not buy oranges at all costs!"

     Bingzong remained the same, unchanged at all. After taking the oranges, he said, "Don't do this next time. By the way, are you ready?"

     "Preparation?" Feng Hui asked blankly, "What are you preparing for?"

     "The horror movie is broadcast! It's just that everyone is sitting around and talking, where is the atmosphere of Halloween. In recent years, my home has also collected a lot of horror movies, you can choose to watch it!"

     "Ah... it seems that you mentioned it on the phone yesterday...but," he saw that there were a few girls and said, "Aren't you afraid to scare them?""It doesn't matter, what many people gather together are still afraid of!"

     These words were said by the girls, including the garden show.

     Feng Hui looked at the people present and included him, Yuan Xiu and Bingzong. There were nine people in total. Fortunately, the living room of Bingzong's family was large enough, so he was not worried about being crowded. He greeted several people he still knew, and the most impressive thing was the always-fat Dragon Court, and the very uncommon, not say a word of Zhong Zili.

     "Are you married, right? Envy, we are all bachelors..." Long Ting hugged Fenghui's shoulder and said, "Why don't you bring your wife together today?"

     "Because her son was born shortly, she still needs to take care of it. If not so many friends get together today, I would have stayed at home..."

     Everyone heehee haha got up and talked to each other, until Bingzong took a lot of DVDs out. At first glance, there are also twenty or thirty less! Bingzong really just as in the past like horror movies.

     After stacking the discs, he said: "Let's pick them together, and put it if more than four people agree!"

     Soon after picking it, everyone will play "Death from Humanoid" almost uniformly! This is the part where Run An was made into a movie, and Feng Hui also felt quite coincident. He said to Yuan Xiu: "Isn't this the one you like? Have you seen the movie?"

     "Of course I have seen it!" She was still holding the original work at the moment, staring at the TV screen with excitement, and said: "However, how many times the classics are still classics!"Fenghui also leaned on the sofa and began to watch with everyone's interest. At the beginning of the film, a person was running wildly under the streets of the night, and each person watched with breathless breath. Many people even clasped their thighs with their hands. They haven’t seen any ghosts yet. Ready for a big jump.

     Is it so scary? Fenghui couldn't help but keep looking at it curiously. At the moment, the picture already arrived in the corridor, the man is a middle-aged man, looks very strong, and he still looks back from now on.

     The opening is indeed very attractive, although it is not novel, but it can be good-looking.

     And about three minutes after the start of the film, the man fell down on the ground as if he saw something, and the audience almost stared at the screen without even blinking his eyes.