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0 Chapter Directory 56 Dead Doll
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Nosuolan headquarters, upper conference hall.

     In front of a round table, there were 16 senior executives of the company, including Lu Shenhua, Minister of Development, and Zong Haolin, Minister of Technical Analysis.

     The atmosphere of the meeting has always been very stiff, and each person is dare not to be out of the atmosphere.

     The clues found with great difficulty before, Yi Runxian and Ren Jing, disappeared without trace under the situation of being monitored, and no clues could be seen on the monitor. Those who entered Ren Jing's house and searched actually encountered a baffling fire. As a result, one person was killed and several others were seriously burned.

     "What the hell is it!" The directors all looked very angry: "How did they leave, the monitor couldn't capture the picture! Now we face countenance where to put!"

     Zong Haolin took out a report and began to read: "After analysis by our department, the problem of the image itself has not been found, so it is suspected that the other party may have phantom vision, in other words, what we see may be false image."

     "In short..." The directors all look obstinate: "Find their whereabouts immediately! very probably may be Escape to other cities, use any relationship is also unceasingly willing, dare to play with us like this, absolutely can not let go! Find out where they went?"

     "This...very I'm sorry... I didn't find out..." The reporters all turned down the volume when they spoke.In fact, it is normal to not find it. Using Chameleon liquid, even if you don’t buy a flight ticket, Feixing Si can get on the plane, and you can’t find it on the passenger list. If you look for it in this city, there is simply no clue. Although the chameleon liquid is used to deal with ghosts and the like, it has a very small effect, but to deal with humans, it is enough and to spare, and as long as no release liquid is dropped, it will not lose its effectiveness even if it is dead. And to ensure that the potion will never fail, it even took another year, because she requires perfect for her medicine, and she absolutely cannot tolerate mistakes.

     After the meeting, each person was in a heavy mood. When Hao Lin left the meeting room with a pile of documents, she felt all the same cold eyes cast on her.

     Just when she came to the elevator, she saw two guards as soon as the door opened.

     "Hello Minister Zong..." said one of them: "There is someone outside the company who wants to see you."

     She was slightly surprised, and then asked, "Who is... who?"

     "It's a teenager in a wheelchair, saying it's your brother, but I didn't let him in."

     After hearing this, Hao Lin immediately burned with anxiety and ran into the elevator. She couldn't think that his brother actually came here! Shouldn’t he be looked after at home? She paid her babysitter twice a month's salary than ordinary places. Why did she let her brother come here without doing her duty?When the elevator door opened, she had seen her younger brother in a wheelchair arguing with the guards at the door of the company. She almost burst into tears. The company’s consistent hard work style has developed to the point where even a general guard is act like a snob. They didn't believe his brother's words, still did not know they would say something unpleasant, and immediately ran towards them.

     "Sister!" The sharp-eyed brother saw his figure and immediately became proud, and said, "Look, I will say that my sister works here!"

     Hao Lin stepped forward to hug her brother and said, "Hao Qun, don't I want you to stay at home? How come to the company? Aunt, is she not here?"

     "Sister, I want to come and see where you work..." The younger brother couldn't figure out the situation at all. Hao Lin really wants to tell him that this is definitely not something that he can be proud of. This is a company full of sin and filth!

     "I'll send him back, you still have work." I don't know when Lu Shenhuai actually walked behind him, and said, "It's not bad for the company at the gate. I just want to go out."

     Hao Lin refused: "Thank you, no, Minister Lu, please help me take a leave..."

     Then she wiped her tears and said, "Huanqun, my sister will take you home now, please... Don't come again next time, OK..."

     Watching her go away, Lu Shenhuai, next to the coldly looked at, said: "Did you say anything unpleasant to Minister Zong's brother just now?"Both of them were in fear and trepidation and replied: "This... we don't know, this little devil is going to come in a wheelchair. He came to find his sister, where do I know it is Minister Zong's brother..."

     "You two was fired." He said that he had taken out his mobile phone and said, "I currently have full authority in the company. I immediately called the Minister of Personnel, and you will settle the salary!"

     The plot of "Death from the Humanoid" is getting more and more tense. The man on the camera looks at the front at the moment, his face is frightened, but he does not explain what he saw for a moment, and then the camera suddenly came 180 from the man's face. Turning and moving directly in front of him, I saw in front of him... a body without head, crawling on the ground!

     "What..." Fenghui thinks this is too cliché. It has been used for many years. The old bridge likes to climb on the ground. Most of them are female. Most of them are white clothes, and most of them are red in Hong Kong. Yi, this movie seems to be made by Hong Kong people.

     However, others do not seem to be so. In the past, Nan Rentian, the most daring in the school, claimed that his hands clasped his chest tightly and curled up in the corner of the wall. The other people responded similarly. Is it because he is too brave? He paid attention to the garden show again, and was surprised to find that she was still close to Zhong Zili. What are you afraid of after reading it? Most of them are interested in Zhong Zili.Then, the lens returned to the normal Hong Kong urban scene, and the actor began to appear. At this time, everyone's nervous expression seemed to relax. The following plot is also very compact. Unlike some movie-making plots, the plot is too lengthy and easy to doze off. Here is a direct development of the plot. The male protagonist is a forensic officer. Recently, he often found corpse-breaking cases, but he gradually discovered that some broken limbs that were verified to be the same DNA made him feel that each part has the characteristics of a girl who was responsible for the autopsy many years ago. .

     After the suspense was thrown, Fenghui gradually entered the state and began to appreciate the plot seriously. Unlike somewhat terrifying movies, deliberately mystifying dreams, or indistinct ghosts, the tenth minute of the movie is almost suffocating almost every minute. Because, no one knows what will happen in the next second. The rhythm is not only fast, but the sound effects are also very good. Some scenes let girls call out.

     What surprised Feng Hui the most was that in the 25th minute, the protagonist was led into a room with a hand full of blood. As a result, there was nothing in the room. He felt strange, so he closed the door and went out. However, as soon as the door was closed, a female ghost with a broken neck suddenly appeared behind the door!

     Nine people in the room, almost each person called over! Fatty Longting even rolled from the sofa to the floor and said, "Ok... so scary, so scary!"

     "Cut," Feng Hui suddenly felt ridiculous. The flesh on his body was really white, so it could be so scared!The climax of the development of the plot is repeated, more and more mysteries are thrown out, and the environment where the protagonist is located is also more and more sinister. Each person starts to hold his breath and waits for the end.

     Finally, at the moment of the finale, the protagonist finally killed the ghost that threatened himself. He was trapped in an abandoned factory at the moment. As long as he can escape, he can be rescued, and the movie can be ended with a happy ending. . However, at the moment when the protagonist was about to leave the factory, there was a grimace in the barbed wire under his feet, and the protagonist didn't seem to find it at all... The screen turned black at this time, and then he began to put the cast.

     "Good movie..." Fenghui couldn't help but admire, it is rare to see such a wonderful horror movie, it really gives people a shuddering feeling, if not that many people gather together, if you watch it alone, it is really a nightmare at night.

     "Yuan Xiu," he patted her shoulder and asked, "Can you lend me this book?"

     She suddenly looked up like just like seen a ghost, and then relaxed after seeing clearly that it was Fenghui, saying, "Okay...Okay..."

     "It's so scary? Haven't you read it?"

     "Yes... yeah, but the second time I watched it, I still felt terrified."

     After taking out the disc, Bingzong asked: "Do you still want to watch the new horror movie?"

     Everyone has not replied, so he took another movie called "Shadow Demon" and said, "How is it?"

     Seeing no objection, he put it in the disc player and started playing the disc.Although the content of this movie is also scary, it is much worse than "Departure from Human Form", it is really not what kind of.

     At the beginning of the story, a woman is walking on the street at night, not a soul in sight. At the same time as the screening, the names of several main actors, as well as the names of staff members such as photography and lighting, etc., and finally, after the director's name appeared, the plot gradually unfolded. This time the rhythm was a little slower. The woman walked for a long time, only to suddenly find that the front wall was illuminated by a street lamp, and there was a shadow, but... beside that shadow... there was no one!

     The next plot also guessed that the shadow chased the woman frantically, and the camera has been shooting the back of the woman running away, as the woman continuously moves forward. Fenghui thought at this time, wouldn't he usually arrange for a fall? At this time the woman really fell! At this time, it was time to shoot the shadow. Sure enough, the lens moved to the wall behind, and the shadow began to approach step by step.

     It's boring... people run in front of you and you run, people fall and you start to walk... Feng Hui began to sigh that the general horror movie really can't be compared with "Dead Humanoid".

     The moment the shadow approached the woman, the woman began to yell desperately, and then the shadow held her shadow on the wall, and then began to bite the shadow of the woman. And the real woman also had a wound on her neck.

     Zhong Zili commented coldly: "The plot is really stupid... run to a place without lights then won't it be alright?"Then, as soon as the picture was black, a few drops of blood appeared on the screen, forming the four characters "Shadow Demon". Next, the protagonist was a policeman. He began to find several similar cases this month. The plot was too boring, and he spent a lot of time introducing the protagonist's family problems before finally entering the main plot. It turned out that the people killed were all students from the same high school. At first, a female student was killed because she was bullied, and after she died, she had no shadow!

     The shadow that appeared at the beginning officially appeared in reality (two times before in the protagonist's dream). It was on the 30th minute, this time it was the last two people who bullied suicide girls, and saw the shadow at home . The door is don’t know why, but it’s actually locked! Then, the shadow approached the girl step by step...

     At this moment, Feng Hui accidentally noticed a girl whispering something in Bingzong's ear, and didn't know what she said. After Bingzong answered her, the girl looked angry. Say: "You... don't joke, okay?"

     He asked Long Ting in doubt: "Who? That girl?"

     "You forgot? It's no wonder that you were not very familiar at that time. Her name was Han Ning, which was also in our class at that time."

     Feng Hui couldn't remember the name when he heard such a saying. It's been too long to graduate, and it's easy to forget people who are not particularly hard-working. Then he saw Han Ning sitting silently, his expression looking strange.

     Suddenly the screen turned off, and Bingzong smiled and said to everyone: "Actually, the plot is boring yes or no? "

     "is acceptable……""It seems that it's just bloodier..."

     "Most scenes are too bland, and they are also full of clichés..."

     He quit that disc and took out a new one, saying: ""Evil Eye", this movie is a horror movie that was very praised last year, let's see how?"

     Everyone is nodded, anyway, it's just Halloween, it doesn't matter which one you see.

     At the very beginning of this movie, it was very eye-catching, first a close-up of the eyeball, then expanded and enlarged to the whole person. The sound effects were very good, and a very thrilling plot immediately followed.

     The boy the hero of the story seems to see is not quite the same as others. He can always see many horrible phenomena, which the average person cannot perceive. When the movie was placed at 22nd minutes, the lens showed what was in front of the boy's eyes, giving a strong sense of substitution, and the boy opened his quilt and looked inside and immediately rushed into his eyes...

     Yuan Xiu should have watched this movie for the first time, so she even hugged Zhong Zili around her and buried her head in the other person’s shoulders, but Zhong Zili didn’t seem to react at all. Face?After "Evil Eye" ended, there was a somewhat famous horror movie "Death Bell". All nine people present had heard of it, but five hadn't seen it, including Fenghui. After the screening, the first screen was a telephone, and then the bell rang quickly. It seems that a girl is watching the house by herself. She ran over to answer the phone. However, there was only a strange laughter on the other end of the phone, and the camera was a close-up of the ears and microphone. The laughter also sounded scary. .

     At the beginning, it is easy to think of "Ring". But the next plot is mainly about the phone. After the girl received the call, it seemed that she could not escape the endless harassment of the call. She finally chose to unplug the phone line one night, however, the phone ringing still rang. Such plots are certainly easy to guess, and everyone estimates that some abnormal conditions will appear next. The girl answered the phone, and the other end of the phone finally spoke.

     At this time, the lens is a close-up of the body of the girl holding the phone, and then switched to the close-up of the microphone. The voice of the conversation sounds very hoarse and sharp: ""

     After these three words were finished, the camera turned into a close-up of the girl, but at this time, the camera was slightly turned sideways, and the sentence also completely said the second half of the sentence: "You... Body... After..."Then, a few strands of hair began to appear in the back of the girl, and at this time, Yuan Xiu had lost his voice, called over, and rushed out of the room, saying, "I, I don't want to watch!" And there are several others It was frightened to varying degrees, even Fenghui felt a little too scary. If the few strands of hair appear directly, then nothing else, after that sentence, it feels completely different, because at this time, the far-reaching side of the phone was suddenly pulled so close behind the character Where the audience instantly sensed thrills.

     The next few movies, one was more horrible than the other, everyone seemed to be shocked. When the last farewell, they did not even say hello, and Fenghui himself was not good, even I looked at the night outside and I couldn't take a step.

     But out of politeness, he said goodbye to Bingzong, saying: "You really have collected a lot of fine horror movies, which is really good!"

     Bingzong didn't look very happy, but simply answered the sentence: "You like it." I don't know what Han Ning said to him just now, which made Bingzong so unhappy.

     In the evening, after running all day, when Run An returned to the hotel, he still found nothing. Runli still didn't have a hunch, but Ajing finally called.

     "It didn't work out, although the other party's price was very good, but later I learned that he was willing to sell so cheaply because he didn't know there was a haunted house not long ago, and immigration is just an excuse. There is no way, we have to do another I’ve found it. I can’t find a haunted house even if it’s cheap.”"I also have a headache..." Run An replied: "I still haven't found any clues. Please come back as soon as possible. Soon after you came to this city, can you hack into the network to find out household registration information?"

     "I try my best... I will come back to the hotel in another hour, and I will look for a house tomorrow."

     However, Run An did not expect that, next morning, he was woken up by an unexpected call.

     "Mr. Yi? This is the case. There is an eager to sell his house. The lot and the area of the house will definitely satisfy you, and the price is quite cheap..."

     "Okay..." Run An rubbed his eyes and started to take paper and pen and asked, "Tell me the name and address of the owner..."

     "Okay, that man... named Tu Bingzong..."