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0 Chapter Directory 57 Hell
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"You... what did you say?"

     The dark sleep was immediately thrown beyond the topmost clouds. He quickly recalled the appearance of the Tubingzong that he saw in his mind before, and asked the staff member. The other party also gave a positive answer.

     Is this too coincidental?

     The location of Tu Bingzong's house is really good, and it is a commercial house built in a new round in the past few years. Real Estate Company had a lot of storms when bidding. The people who stayed there should be at least a senior white-collar worker.

     Suddenly, I want to baffling to sell a house, and it doesn't have any reason, or even an ultra-low price, anyone can see that there is a problem. No need to ask, it must be at home what happened Supernatural Event(s).

     "Of course I have to go, the house is naturally impossible to buy, but people must see it," A Jing was also very excited to hear the news: "It is rare to be able to find the cursed person so smoothly, if his family really happened, then You can also use this to convince him that ghosts and supernatural abilities exist in this world."

     "That's fine... Ah Jing, let's go... well, why are you still sitting?"

     "I'm not going."

     Run An carefully recalled the passage she just made, and the word "we" did not appear.

     " want my one person to go?" Run An suddenly felt a little inconceivable. He was used to acting with A Jing."For spirits, ghosts and the like, you and I know almost there, isn't that so?" A Jing then pointed to his eyes and said, "Also, buy a pair of sunglasses when you go out." , I still think these eyes are not eye-catching enough. Yes or no? For this reason, we have to move."

     Run An knew that it was his fault, so she also had nothing to say, only to listen to A Jing's instructions and went alone.

     "Tell me about the development of the situation when I come back. I will contact you when I have a hunch."

     Run An looked at A Jing's face, observed there's nothing about it tired and uncomfortable expression, asked: "Are you...Isn't the previous illness still not good? If it's uncomfortable, go to the hospital as soon as possible."

     "It's okay, it's okay, last time it was just that my body was more tired..." When she spoke until here, her face looked away, and she was not allowed to see her eyes.

      "Really? I understand, then I'm gone."

     After Run An closed the door and went out, A Jing immediately returned to his own room. There, the table was already filled with chemical utensils, and at the moment a beaker was placed on the alcohol lamp, with an eyeball immersed in it.

     "The ingredients can't be analyzed..." A Jing observed the reaction of the eyeball. It is now soaked in a liquid that can completely prevent corneal necrosis and remains active at any time. Of course she also knew it was dangerous, after all, it might hide some ghosts. She could not detect Tong Moyan the Oni within the body. This experiment may happen at any time. However, A Jing is confident in his current physique, and ordinary ghosts should not hurt themselves.

     General ghosts...After Feng Hui returned home yesterday, she always felt a little uneasy. After all, those horror movies were indeed quite tingling sensation. Although he knew that they were all pretended by actors, but because of the successful shaping of sound effects and atmosphere, it is now difficult for him to break away from that atmosphere, and even have nightmares at night. Woke up the next day and went to work without energy.

     However, he was very excited to see many of his college friends. The only thing that made him care is what Han Ning said to Bingzong at that time. This man, he can't recall it, only some hazy impressions.

     During the lunch break today, he took out the book "Death from a Humanoid" borrowed from Yuanxiu. It really turned out to be basically the same as the movie. He reads books very quickly, and he reads the whole book in one breath. The film seems to have adapted a relatively large amount to the original book, especially the ending, and the changes are very large.

     At this time, when he remembered watching the horror movie yesterday, Yuan Xiu had been hiding away from Zhong Zili. Could she always like the man like an iceberg? In fact, Feng Hui still lacks goodwill towards him.

     At the beginning, Zhong Zili was the most excluded person in the class. His father used to be a local official and was double-regulated because of embezzlement of public funds. He and his mother also moved to G city to live. His mother seems to drink alcohol frequently, and his own attitude towards others is often bad. Because of understanding his situation, the people in the class wanted to comfort him as much as possible, but regardless of anyone, they were opposed by him.

     "Don't look at me with that disgusting sympathy, get away!"No matter who he is, he always says so. Fenghui doesn't buy such people's accounts at all. What does his misfortune have to do with them? Is it wrong to care about him? So he also told the people around him that he didn't have to control him. However, even under such circumstances, people still often find Zhong Zili, and only Yuan Xiu is in the class. At that time, Zhong Zili seemed to often stay in the school's concert hall and bored to death to read some difficult books. And Yuan Xiu will always go to him and talk about various topics as much as possible. No matter how many times she was rejected, she did not give up.

     Bingzong and Yuanxiu are more familiar with it. At that time, everything Bingzong told himself. Feng Hui always felt that Yuan Xiu seemed to have a good impression on Zhong Zili, so he deliberately approached him this way. However, Zhong Zili didn't want anyone to open his atrium, and Yuanxiu was no exception. His attitude was naturally disgusted by each person, and even some people frowned when they saw him, and even deliberately sought his stubble, and this time Yuanxiu would come out to help him out. For this reason, Yuan Xiu was teased by many people.

     Zhong Zili's current job is a postman. He currently already sent the last letter and was riding a bicycle to go back to the post office. He just passed a crossroad. The direction he was facing was a green light. When he was about to cross the road, there was a car next to him. The car is coming! Fortunately, he responded quickly and avoided it in time, but because of the excessive movement, he fell to the ground, his knees were broken, and his palms were marked with blood marks.

     He stood up and patted the dust on his trouser legs, and the driver in the car immediately parked the car to the side of the road and got off and asked, "Are you... all right? Zili? Are you?"The driver was actually a garden show.

     "Are you color-blind? Or can't you cross the road at the red light doesn't know at all?" Zhong Zili glanced at her, then lifted the bicycle and said, "I still have something, I have to go back first!"

     "Wait, you..." Yuanxiu seemed to be in a hurry, and said, "My home is nearby. Are you injured? Let me help you deal with the wound, will you?"

     "No need, I have to rush back to the post office." He said that he had pedaled on the bicycle with one foot, but the wound on his knee affected the extension of the joints, making him feel painful and unbearable. He had to get off the car and said, "I Time is running, you move as fast as possible."

     "Okay... I'm really sorry, I was in a trance just now, I didn't notice the red light..."

     Then, Zhong Zili noticed that Yuan Xiu's eyes seemed very confused, and he seemed to have something to worry about.

     "What are you worried about?"

     "Huh? Zili?"

     "Relax, I won't ask you for compensation, you just need to wipe some medicine for me." Zhong Zili is completely indifferent, it seems that he does not hurt himself at all. importance. After locking the bicycle, he walked into Yuanxiu's car. After Yuanxiu sat in the driver's seat, he suddenly said, "Why are you not married yet?"


      This problem is too abrupt, so that Yuan Xiu didn't react, because Zili rarely asks others for the situation.

     "I heard a few of them talk yesterday and said that many excellent men have pursued you in recent years, but they have been rejected by you?"Yuan Xiu bit her lip, started the car, and replied: "I...I thought you would understand...but you really don't understand anything."

     Zili's eyes only looked straight ahead, not looking at Yuan Xiu's face at all.

     "You can't wait for anything. So, stop wasting time."

     Although Yuan Xiu knew this answer, he was still very lost.

     "Look at this." She glanced at the side of the passenger seat, where a box was placed.

     "That what is?" Zhong Zili opened the box, looked at the contents, and asked puzzled, "What does it mean?"

     "I think this is definitely a problem, so if I want to investigate the cause, I always feel something is wrong."

     Yuan Xiu did look nervous, and the reason she didn't see the red light just now was the reason. Her reaction made Zhong Zili ridiculous, put the box back and asked, "What the hell do you want to say?"

     "Listen... what you said next, you might not believe it, but it is indeed very strange. I have called and confirmed with Bingzong."

     Then, Yuan Xiu count by fives and tens said what she was worried about, and at first she didn't disregard as a matter of any importance, but when it came to the back, he also frowned.


     "If don't believe, why not go to my house to see? I also feel this is ridiculous, but Bingzong has no reason to deceive us!"

     "Maybe it's a prank?" Zili always thought that this matter was too unreasonable.But Yuan Xiu said the head and replied: "In fact, there have been too many abnormal deaths in China in recent years, most of which are still pending cases, so maybe this world really has some left that modern science cannot explain. I plan to discuss with Bingzong again and notify others as much as possible."

     At the same time, while Feng Hui was in the office, the phone suddenly rang. At first glance, it was Long Ting's call.

     He answered the phone, and when he was about to speak, he heard Long Ting say in a very strange tone: "Feng, Fenghui... live, live to hell... live to hell..."

     "What the hell? What does it mean?" Feng Hui couldn't help being annoyed, but he was working now, and Long Ting was doing this baffling call.

     "In short... listen to my advice, you better choose a good day, find a temple, donate some incense, or find some priests, practice at home, in short, listen to me!"

      spoke until here, he hung up.

     "Fat fat man, what a baffling, what the fuck did he call..." Fenghui didn't disregard as a matter of any importance at all and continued to work.

     "You mean half a million? Just half a million?"

     Run An came to the house of the Butchery Sect and hadn't had time to mention the date of his death. He just said that he had to discuss with him. He lowered the price to 500,000 at a time. The price he had proposed was 900,000. . Although this house is a second-hand house, but the conditions are good in all aspects, it should be no problem to sell five million, but he only sold 500,000?"Can you... can you tell me the reason?" Run An paid attention to the look of Tu Bingzong, trying to find out something, but he actually knelt on the ground and said, "Sir... I beg you, this You can buy the price, I guarantee that it is definitely a reasonable price!"

     At this time, there was no one beside him, so the dark sky was simply called by the skylight.

     "Have you recently... encountered any supernatural phenomenon?"

     Bingzong was shocked, not knowing what to do, and asked, " would you know?"

     "Can you tell me? In the end...what is the matter?"