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0 Chapter Directory 58 It Came Out
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

The butchers were dead.

     Fenghui received this news one week after Halloween.

     When Yuan Xiu initially told him about the incident on the phone, he thought the other party was joking. However, when he realized that this was a reality, he was shocked and shocked by surpassing by far. After the show, he rushed to his house almost immediately.

     The cause of Bingzong’s death was unknown, and the person who found the body was the building administrator, and his parents did not live with him. His body was lying on the cold floor, and a bunch of flies were flying on his body.

     He didn't have any trauma on his body, nor could he find any toxins in his body, and he could only conclude the case with cardiac paralysis as the cause of death, but this was obviously not acceptable to his parents.

     On the evening of the funeral, five people gathered in Fenghui’s home that day to see the horror movie. What is hiding, not sad. Feng Hui felt that they seemed not totally unpredictable about the death of Bingzong. Because what everyone reveals is more shock than sorrow.

     The five people who came were Yuanxiu, Longting and Zili. There were still two people, one named Nan Rentian and the other Zhao Zhao. When the latter watched the horror movie that day, not the slightest reaction, it seems that the footage is very ridiculous and there is no horror. However, at this moment his face was full of terrified expression. This really made Feng Hui feel unusual, and as soon as the funeral was over, all five said they would find a place to gather.Six people sitting in the living room, not say a word at this time, everyone has thousands of words want to pour, but doesn't know at all where to start. Even Long Ting, who has always been known for his boldness, is now a gloomy face, not like him at all. This made him feel more and more serious. However, it seems that only his one person does not know it.

     "In the end...whats the matter happened in the end?" Fenghui making a firm resolution, whatever the case also asked: "Do you know anything about the death of Bingzong? If so, please answer I!"

     But no one answered.

     "Hurry up! Are you going to rush me to death? What happened? Long Ting, what was it you called me that day?"

     This fat man buried his head very low at this time, and he only responded to him after a long time, and actually replied: "No... Forget it, just when I said nothing..."

     Yuan Xiu looked at Feng Hui with sympathetic eyes and said, "This's better not to say."

     This time angered Feng Hui thoroughly. If his wife was not at home now, he would really like to scold them for a good meal. Bingzong is dead! What are they doing so mysteriously?

     Then he walked to the door and locked the door. Then he said to the five people in the living room: "Don't say yes or no? Well, no one wants to go today! Tell me the truth!"

     Zili stared coldly at him at glanced at, and said in return: "If you don't mind becoming like Bingzong, it's okay to tell you..." As soon as this was spoken, Yuan Xiu blocked his mouth and said : "Don't talk! Zili, don't tell him!"What happened to the matter? Make it so mysterious?

     Then Yuanxiu solemnly said to him: "In short... this matter is not so easy to understand for you. Once you know the inside story, you might possibly if you don’t know, you will It's easier to live. If you don't plan for yourself, should you plan for your wife and son? If you have something, what should they do?"

     Yuan Xiu's words really caught his mind. Although he wanted to find out the cause of his friend's death, he couldn't help but consider his wife and children's feelings. After careful consideration, he asked: "Are you sure? If I understand the inside, I will definitely die? Then you will just..."

     "Yeah, I'm not sure. But I don't know if it will be better after all? I don't know either We will be okay, but at least it's much more dangerous than you. Believe me, Fenghui, if this is not the case It’s too special, we absolutely impossible to conceal such important things... However, in fact, you may find this thing in the future... Listen, if you have something strange happening around you, no matter how small things, you must contact us It will do."

     It's really strange... I don't want to tell myself anything, but I want to tell the strange things around them?

     Fenghui couldn't understand what they were calculating. Yuanxiu doesn't seem to be lying, but the question is, what's going on, what will be so serious?

     After the five had left, he began to think alone in the living room.Why not let yourself know about this matter? Are there any triad forces involved? But completely without reason, why did Bingzong get into the underworld? And he was also concerned about the strange phone call that day.

     What is it mean?

     Fenghui is a pure one who opposes the belief of God. He doesn’t believe that there is a ghost in this world. In the past, horror movies were purely a pursuit of a sense of stimulation, training his guts. But looking at Long Ting's attitude just now, that phone call should be related to the death of Bingzong, otherwise he should answer that was just a joke. Earlier on the phone, he said that he was asked to go to the temple to burn incense or something. It sounds as if he caused something evil? Still really...damn?

     The wife is currently asleep in front of the crib, and the son is also sleeping peacefully at the moment.

     He covered his wife with a blanket, leaned over and kissed his son's forehead.

     After returning to his own room, he turned on the TV and wanted to watch a little show to dispel the depressed mood in his heart. Most of the channels are broadcasting advertisements, and he also feels a little boring. When he plans to change channels, he finds that he has tuned to a channel that has not been seen in the past. And this channel is actually... the movie "Shadow Demon"!

     "Strange... what channel is this?"A scene from the movie that day began to appear on the screen, that is, the woman walked on the dark night road, and finally encountered a shadow of no owner, and then was chased. It happened to be at the Bingzong family that day, and it has not seen the ending, but only half of it was watched, plus other channels are either advertisements or boring soap operas, just simply watch this. So, he put down the remote control and sat upright, unable to take one's eyes off.

     Soon, the scene where the woman was chased by the shadow. The size of Fenghui's TV set is much larger and clearer than that of Bingzong's family, so it seems a lot more horrifying than a first look.

      At this time, he suddenly thought of a thing, why only read half that day? Recalling carefully, it was because Han Ning said to Bingzong, so he suddenly changed a film. Is there a causal relationship between the two? If so, is it related to his death? If you think about it this way, should Haning know the story?

     When thinking in this way, the picture has become the lens of the shadow biting the shadow of the woman crazy. And the woman also kept making tragic chirps. At the moment, the picture is a close-up of two shadows on the wall. Suddenly, everything is frozen, as if the pause button was pressed. Fenghui may have a problem with signal transmission, which has happened in the past. Then, the ghost suddenly moved again, but strangely, it was moving frame by frame... Immediately afterwards, the ghost... actually left the lens!

      this is what's going on?However, what he saw next was far beyond his imagination!

     Just on the wall behind the TV, he actually saw a...big shadow! A shadow resembling a ghost in the movie!


     He dropped on the ground almost immediately from the sofa, looking at the shadow in horror, and then the shadow retracted back to the TV. He looked at the TV again, and the picture had returned to normal. But where did he dare to continue watching, immediately turned off the TV, and even uneasy, unplugged the power supply.

     "That was just...what was that's going on?" He wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and suddenly thought of the "live and see ghost" Long Ting said, is it... is there really a ghost? No, not possible, how can it be!

     Just now, it must have been a moment of nervousness, mistakenly seeing other shadows as human figures...

     Fenghui had to comfort himself like this, otherwise he couldn't calm down. At this time, he was worried about his wife and son coming, and hurried into the bedroom to see that both were fine.

     He looked at his son's quiet sleeping face in the crib again, and he was relieved. Who knew this time, the son suddenly opened eyes, and then wail up. Immediately, the wife next to her was awakened. She quickly picked up her son and saw that he blushed and his hands swayed wildly, seeming to be very painful. The wife touched her forehead and said, " fever. Just let him drink milk before going to bed. The diaper should have changed too. Why did he cry so much?""Shall I... send him to see the doctor?" Feng Hui also had some not knowing what to do, and he didn't know if it was his illusion. He even felt that his son's eyelids were a bit upturned. What the hell's going on? ?

      Fenghui and his wife at this time did not pay attention to the wall. However, if they look at it now, they can find that a shadow is standing next to Mrs. Fenghui's shadow, pinching the neck of the baby shadow she is holding!

     However, in the end, when the child was about to foam up, the shadow did not continue to pinch, but let go of his hand and fell into darkness...

     "In short...we will die next week yes or no? "

     In the face of the question from the garden show and Zili in front of her, Run An had no choice but to nodded helplessly.

     At the moment, the two of them are in the darkened room in the hotel, and A Jing and Run Li are also there. But after knowing that his life was left for such a short period of time, Yuan Xiu was left with an extreme sense of despair, and asked: "Why... why did you foresee Bingzong's death, but failed to save him?"

     A Jing answered this problem.

     "I'm afraid to tell you the details, you will be more desperate than you are now. Want me to tell you how he died?"

     Yuanxiu quickly waved his hand and said, "No... No need..."

     Zili said angrily: "So are we dead? Do you save us without any means?""Of course not without way." A Jing pointed at Run An, and said: "Your greatest star of hope is him. These purple pupils are called soul-eating pupils, and after training and demonstration, their abilities have been determined. It has an initial impact on the ghost body, can pull out the human soul, improve speed and responsiveness, and physique, and has a very powerful physical damage effect. However, I must still remind you that this ability is still very limited, kill You must not expect dead ghosts or anything. This kind of thing can't be done in the past, and it can't be done now. Ghosts will attack and kill you through all kinds of media and channels, so... next week is the date of death At that time, you must follow us at all times to be able to guarantee the maximum survival."

     Zili asked with some disdain: "Why do we believe you? Why do you obey your instructions?"

     Run dark heard until here is also somewhat angry. This person hasn't made a good face from now to now. Who does he think he is? What's the situation, haven't you figured out your life in imminent peril? He immediately replied: "If don't believe, you can go home and sleep and sleep, waiting for the ghost to come to you! You go online and check, how many people have died for unknown reasons in the past few years. ?In the city where I originally lived, there were twisted corpses, cursed haunted houses, etc. I don’t know how many Supernatural Event(s) happened! If you cherish life, just listen to the opinions of others!"Zili also has not replied, but Yuanxiu said with a smile on his face, "Forget it...everyone, don't be angry, he is this temper, and there is no malicious... Then, according to your statement, you can be with you next week. Is it guaranteed to survive? No, how likely is it to survive?"

     In fact, if you answer them objectively, the answer is infinitely close to 0%. But then one word deprives them of their will to survive, so Run An can only lie and say: "Half...should be half."

     Even at this probability, she could see that the garden show was terrified. She even asked: "If... if we go abroad, can the probability increase? Is there any realm of curse invalidation? Would it be better to find a Taoist exorcist? Is it effective to wear a cross?"

     Run An didn’t know how to answer it. When faced with fear, mankind would start to blindly believe in faith, just comfort her, and then replied: "Well, it may be somewhat effective."

      Such a saying, she was more relaxed. But Rundang felt more and more important about his responsibility. Although it is to rescue these people in order to lift the curse on themselves and their sister, it does not mean that they have no responsibility to them. Now that we have promised to protect them, we must do it. For these pure ordinary people, in the face of ghosts, we can only rely on this kind of person.

     How much do these soul-eating pupil eyes play?