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0 Chapter Directory 61 The Second Horror Movie
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

An hour later, the date of her death came.

     Yuan Xiu's death date.

     The key word for A Jing's hunch is "Death Bell". in other words, this movie will gradually kill the garden show. Of course, the problem to be solved is also very simple, that is, do not take your mobile phone away from all phones.

     After a bonfire was raised, a barbecue grill was set up, and a tent was set up, surrounded by a secluded wood, with a full moon in the sky, if this is not the case one hour later will be the beginning of the date of death, this It's a fun picnic.

     "It would be better to stay away from the city. Now that mobile phones are too popular, it is not safe to stay in the city." A Jing has watched the movie five times in advance, summing up various laws, and Zi Lihe The garden show is now in the tent.

     "Are you still used to here in City G?" A Jing flipped the barbecue and asked casually a dark, contemplative look beside him.

     He smiled bitterly and replied: "In the past seven years, all the same, I haven't talked about habit or habit. As long as I can live, it doesn't matter what. Garden show her... Do you have confidence to let her survive? Just She can live tomorrow's Midnight 00:00, then Runli, me, and the curse on you will be lifted together...""Of course I know," A Jing looked at the tent behind him, and sighed: "However, I am always full of uneasiness. We don't have a cell phone now, because the rocks in this mountain have magnetic force, so radio waves can't be transmitted. From a scientific point of view, of course, we will never receive any calls. But... our enemy is a foreign body that science is unable to explain. So I am thinking, if in such a situation, let Yuan Xiu answer the phone, What should I do?"

     Yes, what should I do? Yuanxiu is also very anxious at the moment, looking at the pointer little by little on the watch close to Midnight 00:00, her date of death is coming, so she has to hold the skirt tightly and snuggle up to the child she wants to rely on.

     Zili didn't show that he hated himself at this moment, but also looked at her silently.

      time is running now.

     Zili said softly to her: "I'll be right back." Then, walked out of the tent and came to A Jing, softly said: "Can... let her survive? If possible, I hope Try to..."

     A Jing has taken a barbecue and handed it to him, saying, "Do you really care about her?"

     "I don't want her to die. That's all."

     Time is constantly approaching zero, and the darkness is getting more and more tense. A Jing has told him that when the two pointers merge together, he will immediately release the soul-eating pupil's supernatural powers, but the scope should not be expanded too much to avoid consuming excess abilities. If you need to fight, then expand the power appropriately. freed. In the defensive phase, we must focus on saving power.Now, Run An and A Jing are standing on both sides of the tent, always alert to any wind blowing and grass swaying (slightest sign of trouble) around them. The current time is 11:59, and each person looks at the wrist watch and performs the final countdown. Yuan Xiu held Zili tightly in the tent and buried his head in his chest.

     "time up!"

     Run dark before the word "to" was shouted, immediately released the supernatural power, and the purple pupil became more enchanted under the moonlight, and within a moment, the grass within a radius of five meters, all All withered and died. A Jing shouted into the tent: "Listen, no matter what you hear, you two don't run out without my orders! Zhong Zili, protect her if he is a man!"

     Then, she also began to release her supernatural powers, and her power was released ten meters away at once, so that a tree in front of her was cut off directly by her waist!

     Of course, after entering the death date, it may be killed at the beginning, or it may be killed at the last minute. In short, within 24 hours of the death date, every minute and every second is Extremely Dangerous, absolutely Careless. In order to ensure 24 hours to maintain full energy, she and Yun An both slept in the hotel almost all day yesterday.

     "Actually think about it, probably not a problem?" Although Run An was nervous at first, but after about half an hour, there was still no sound in the tent. He couldn't help but gradually relaxed, saying: "Within 24 hours, absolutely no way to call Yuanxiu, isn't that so? Even if there is a call, Yuanxiu will never answer the phone."The garden show in the tent also hugs Zhong Zi more and more tightly. She knows that her life is already in between.

     "You can rest assured that you won't die..." Zi Li didn't know how to comfort the girl who was shaking in his arms at this moment, but he was gradually shaken.

     Yuan Xiu likes him, this is already an open secret. Of course he himself cannot be unaware. In the college era, because he was unwilling to accept anyone's sympathetic gaze, he simply treated every person with evil words, preferring to let others hate him rather than have anyone pity him.

     When Yuan Xiu first came to contact him, he also thought she was pitying him. Yuan Xiu’s family is very good. Her parents are all high-class people with heads and faces. She is also the school’s school flower, Student Council’s vice chairman, and he is the son of a corrupt criminal, there is still one. Alcoholic mother. He always felt that he could only look up at others, but could not overlook anyone. He only wants to receive the same treatment as others. For him, he can only accept special treatment through his own efforts. Because of his poor life, it is an insult that is more intolerable than discrimination.

     So he also treated Yuanxiu cruelly.

     Although I later realized that Yuan Xiu’s mood was not quite the same as others, it came without enough time. He was unwilling to face the garden show again for the sake of boring so-called dignity. In addition to the inferiority complex, he knew better that Yuanxiu’s parents would not accept themselves.

     Although he admits that he is indeed a bit tempted by Yuanxiu.But now, Yuan Xiu's life has arrived at the last moment. Even if she will die, at least she won't have any regrets.

      thought until here, he wanted to take a good look at Yuan Xiu's face and tell him what he really wanted.

     "Yuan Xiu... look at my eyes... I have something to tell you..."

     The girl in her arms raised her head obediently. however……

     That was actually a face hollowed out in the middle!


     After hearing the screams, Run An and A Jing rushed into the tent, and only saw Zhong Zili yelling inside the tent. A Jing quickly rushed up to grab him by the shoulder and asked, "Where? Yuan Xiu, where is she?"

     "Monster...Monster... Didn't you see?" He just turned his eyes slightly to A Jing, and then looked at the direction of the woman with no face, but there was nothing.

     Yuanxiu...Where is she now?

     The garden show that was originally in Zili's arms, and when the eyes were opened again, it was surrounded by pitch black. She immediately looked around in horror, but she seemed to have touched something. Then, in the darkness, there was a rapid ringtone!

     She wanted to run away, but when she got up she seemed to hit what thing again, and the whole person hit a wall again, as if hitting something, and the surrounding suddenly lit up.

     She just pressed the light switch.


     It was actually at her house!

      At this time, she suddenly felt something was wrong. thought for a while and immediately understood what was wrong!

     The phone ringing is no longer ringing!Looking down, she actually hit...the coffee table with the phone! The microphone is actually landed! A voice immediately resembling the ghost in the movie came from the microphone: ""

     Neither Run An nor A Jing have a mobile phone, because they can completely isolate the method of calling Yuanxiu. However, it also made them unable to get in touch with Yuanxiu.

     "Where will she be now?"

     Zili seems to have been mad, he couldn't think Yuan Xiu was actually stolen by his baffling dragon and phoenix in his arms!

     "Hmm..." A Jing bit her finger and said, "Will she be at her house? But from here to her house, even if you drive fast, it will take half an hour!"

     "I remember there was a phone booth at the foot of the mountain..." A Jing said to Run An: "If you release the greatest supernatural power, from here you will run to the foot of the mountain, how long will it take?"

     "Five minutes..."

     "Two minutes! It can't be any longer! Where do you remember that phone booth? Call the police station and say you are about to be killed. Report the address of the garden show!"

     Ah Jing's move is very smart. The police station received the alarm call and drove to it, which could take the shortest time. Although it may not necessarily save the garden show, it is currently the only way.

     Run An understood the meaning of A Jing, and along the nearest road down the mountain, she released her supernatural powers and rushed down the mountain!

     "Two minutes... wouldn't it be too reluctant?" A Jing looked at the dimness that quickly disappeared in front of his eyes like a gale, but he was still a little worried.Run dark because the speed is too fast, the bones of the whole body seem to start protesting to themselves, and the internal organs seem to be overturning seas and rivers. But he accelerated as much as possible, just to save the garden show!

     I don't want to see someone die again... I don't want to face fate anymore!

     Finally rushed to the foot of the mountain, the phone booth was in sight. Because of the previous experience, Run An began to decelerate at a distance of 200 meters from the phone booth and brake at 100 meters. Finally, he stopped at a distance of ten meters from the phone booth. But the moment he stopped, he fell to the ground, because two or three bones seemed to be broken, and his internal organs also seemed to be hit.

     There are ten meters...the error is ten meters after all...

     He struggled a little to crawl towards the phone booth...

     The sound from the telephone tube kept Yuan Xiu from moving at the moment. She still remembers the plot in the movie. She knows that behind her now... there must be what thing!

     She didn't dare to move even one step. She could only gasp continuously, her tears shed unceasingly, but she dared not cry out loud. Today is her date of death, will she still die?

      At this time, she suddenly recalled that Ah Jing gave her a small bottle before and said, "The liquid contained in it can cause some damage to the ghost body under normal circumstances. You have to keep it well in case it happens. ."

     She suddenly ignited a ray of hope, slowly reaching into her clothes and holding the small bottle.

     There was still no movement behind her, and she quietly took out the bottle...The distance of ten meters can be so far away, and the darkness is really unimaginable. As a result, I have not climbed a few meters, and my mouth has spit out blood! Sure enough, the crazy acceleration just hit the current body too much. He gritted his teeth and continued to crawl forward.

     In the past seven years, there has been only escape... all fear... Now with great difficulty has the supernatural ability, with these ghost eyes, Run Dark is no longer willing to continue to be a negative fate evader... he has always hoped that day , And sister can be bathed in the sun like a normal person, the heart may not have any shadow to pursue ordinary person's happiness.

     He finally climbed up to the phone booth, so he struggled to get up, and with a sudden spit of blood, he opened the door of the phone booth and picked up the microphone.

     However, when he dialed "1", his eyes were black, and the whole person passed out.

     Yuan Xiu finally found the courage, unscrewed the cap of the vial, and poured it backwards! Then, she ran towards the door regardless of the ground. After opening the door, she took out the key to lock the door and quickly ran towards the stairs. Because she heard Ah Jing say that she must never take the elevator on the date of death, which is the same as suicide.

     When she was originally running on the stairs, she was worried that a ghost might come out at any time, but the journey was smooth. After running downstairs, she was relaxed.

     Where to go next?

     Yuan Xiu immediately thought of going back to find Run An and A Jing, after all, they would be safer around them.

     So she ran to the street and wanted to stop a taxi. So late, there are no pedestrians on the street, and only a few cars pass by on the road occasionally.At this time, a taxi passed across the street, and she quickly waved. However, the car did not stop at all, but drove away faster and faster. The same goes for the next few cars.

     The doubtful garden show had to cross a street to another road to wait for the bus. When passing through an alley, there was a section of road ahead full of broken glass. When she crossed the glass cautious and solemn, suddenly the whole person was fixed.

     That's not glass...that's a broken mirror!

     She suddenly when recalling, what the phone said.


     She immediately understood the reason why the taxi just saw her not stopping but driving faster...

     I saw in those broken mirrors, she clearly saw that she was carrying a dark shadow!